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We know what you're thinking, but no, those ears don't come off.

"Unleash the bunny squadron!"

Known in Japan as "kemonomimi" (roughly translating as "animal ears", but not so easy to spell), these are the most dramatically anthropomorphized characters, who appear virtually human, but feature the added characteristics of an animal's ears and tail. In fewer words, they resemble regular humans wearing animal accesories.

A Little Bit Beastly is not furry, feathered, slimy, or scaly, and should still have human skin, a human face, a completely human nose, and a human skull and torso structure. Essentially, as said above, they look like what you might look like if you put on a pair of fake rabbit ears. Additional features like claws, horns, Animal Eyes, Cute Little Fangs, or the special abilities and/or instincts of that animal, may also be present. In-universe, they display the same mannerisms (including the need to wear clothes) as humans, but are generally considered a distinct species in their own right (demons being common), due to the general Squick of the alternative. Noticeably, hair tends to cover the sides of their heads where normal human ears would be located at all times, mainly to avoid the dilemma of whether they should have two sets of ears or a potentially odd-looking lack of human ears.

This can overlap with Rubber-Forehead Aliens, depending on the setting; one of the most common (some would argue overused) ways to invent a fictional race or alien species is to take a human and give them some non-human traits by using some Earth animal as "inspiration", resulting in a virtually human character with a few animal traits. This is often Hand Waved as either an "alternate evolutionary path", or descendants of a Servant Race created by infusing humans with the abilities of animals.

In myth, these traits are a common form of Glamour Failure for animalistic shapeshifters trying to disguise themselves as human, most famously Kitsune. In some depictions they will even assume Little Bit Beastly forms on purpose, as a way to have the greater utility and/or beauty of a human body without being mistaken for a "mere human" in the process.

Sometimes referred to as the "ten percent" variety of anthropomorphism, usually to differentiate fans of this type of character from Furry Fandom. See also Cute Monster Girl or Beast Man. Compare Half-Human Hybrid for an actual hybrid between a human and another species.

See the Sliding Scale of Anthropomorphism.

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  • Subverted with Del, one of the mascots of the 2013 rebrand of PBS Kids. He appears to have a raccoon tail, but it's actually an accessory that he wears instead of an actual appendage.

    Comic Books 
  • 2000 AD: Kingdom is about groups of dogs, genetically engineered to have a humanoid shape, fighting Big Creepy-Crawlies. With the exception of Gene the Hackman, all the males are quite clearly dog-men; the females, on the other hand, just look like well-built human women with slight caninesque features.
  • DC Comics:
    • The DCU has the winged Thanagarians, exemplified by Hawkman and Hawkgirl. This is a relatively recent retcon — the original Thanagarians from the 1960s were ordinary-looking humanoids, and their police force wore artificial wings as part of their uniform. A later post-Crisis retcon (in the comic Hawkworld) had the brown-feathered wings replaced by golden metallic ones that were more like bat wings, but were still part of a uniform. Eventually, one incarnation of Hawkman ended up with his own feathered wings. The concept of Thanagarians all having wings originated from Justice League.
    • DC also has Beast Boy, from Doom Patrol and Teen Titans, as mentioned in the cartoon examples below. However, Beast Boy didn't initially satisfy this trope, since the only unusual thing about him when in human form was his green skin and hair. He had no animal characteristics or features until he transformed into an animal shape, when he fully became that animal in physical form — except that the animal would be green. His more animalistic features, such as Pointy Ears and Cute Little Fangs, were only introduced in the comics after the success of Teen Titans (2003).
  • The Demon Mages takes place in a world where magic is still alive. As such, there are still basilisk-people and harpy-people walking around. Protagonist Ziggy is a fine example: she's essentially a woman with a large horn coming out of her forehead, and a scaly tail. Other examples exist, such as Saffron and her wing-like arms and bird-like legs.
  • El Deafo: The characters are depicted as "rabbit people". They are mostly human-like except for their ears and noses.
  • Marvel Comics:
    • Beta Ray Bill (an equine-headed alien) from The Mighty Thor. It is worth noting that his In Name Only appearance in Silver Surfer: The Animated Series had him and his people looking even more horse-like, whereas his species in the comics have no horse features and are instead somewhat human, but with no noses or ears. Bill himself is genetically engineered to be a fearsome guardian for his people.
    • The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl: Squirrel Girl is exactly what she sounds like, a human with pronounced squirrel-like features — an overbite, claws, and a big squirrel tail. The squirrel ears are an Animal-Eared Headband, though. She also happens to be a Killer Rabbit par excellence.
  • In Monstress, the majority of Arcanics, the Half-Human Hybrid progeny and further descendants of the godlike Ancients, look mostly human with some animal-like features, often ears and/or tails. Though some look almost completely human (like the protagonist Maika Halfwolf), and others are closer to Beast Men.
  • X-Men:
    • The Beast, after he gained his blue fur, initially looked just a bit simian. He later took on cat-like features starting in New X-Men.
    • Hepzibah of the Starjammers was originally portrayed with definite skunk coloration — not so surprising, considering that she was based on the skunk Miz Mam'selle Hepzibah from Pogo — but has since been drawn more as a generic felinoid, and now something like an elf.
    • The Shi'ar are supposed to be descended from birds. The only real sign of this is that they have feathers instead of hair and (sometimes) on their forearms. Although there are some "throwbacks" who are Winged Humanoids, with long feathers on their forearms.

    Comic Strips 

    Films — Animation 
  • The main six humans in My Little Pony: Equestria Girls have pony ears (and wings, in the case of Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy and Twilight Sparkle) in promo artwork, and during their Magical Girl transformation at the climax of the movie. In the final battle of My Little Pony: Equestria Girls – Rainbow Rocks, the Dazzlings and Sunset Shimmer also get anthro-pony transformations. The dolls of Rainbow Rocks DJ Pon-3, Trixie, and other minor characters also have pony ears, although in animated form, they have normal human ears and do not undergo a transformation.
  • Even though he is a puppet in the shape of a normal boy throughout most of the movie, Disney's Pinocchio looks like a puppet Little Bit Beastly when he gains donkey ears and a donkey tail while visiting Pleasure Island. He loses the donkey ears and donkey tail when he turns into a real boy.
  • Omar, the hero of Rock and Rule, looks quite a bit like a dog-man, though his actual species and those of his bandmates is somewhat questionable. Some thing Angel is a mousegirl, judging by her very rounded ears. But she also has those trademark ginormous Cat Girl eyes. Some think Omar is a rat. No-one knows what the drummer is.
  • In Turning Red, by the end of the movie, Mei has gained enough control over her panda form that she can shapeshift specific parts of it at will. This is shown through her keeping her panda form's ears and tail in her human form.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • Art of the Dead: As people fall victim to the corruption of one of the Seven Deadly Sins, they start to develop characteristics of the animal which represents that sin. For example, as Louisis consumed by Wrath, he develops lion fangs, and as Dylan is consumed by Greed, he develops the green skin of a toad.
  • Two characters in the Children's Party at the Palace share this. One of them is the White Rabbit, with his animal characteristics being his rabbit ears and painted rabbit nose. Another character, an unnamed cat character who wears an Edwardian outfit and appears in the London Underground scene, has cat ears, a long cat's tail, and a face-painted nose. They pretty much look like real-life kemonomimi.
  • Near the end of Hot Shots! Part Deux, Iraqi President Saddam Hussein and his dog are blasted by fire extinguisher coolant. Once Saddam and his dog are frozen solid, Saddam gets pushed backward, causing his and his dog's bodies to shatter when they hit the floor. Their remains lie directly in front of a fireplace, which causes their icy shards to melt and coalesce like the T-1000 from Terminator 2: Judgment Day. Once all the pieces come together and form Saddam's body, something about him looks a little... off.
  • All American film adaptations of The Island of Doctor Moreau have a Panthera Woman that, unlike the other mutated animals on the island (always akin more to Beast Men), is just a regular woman with some mildly feline traits like little fangs. The tradition started with the first adaptation: 1932's Island of Lost Souls with actress Kathleen Burke credited as "Panther Woman" (albeit other than her feline moves and spotted dress there's no way to tell she's not human until her claws show up), the 1977 adaptation has a twist at the end of the movie, showing Barbara Carrera de-evolving, the 1996 adaptation has Fairuza Balk in the role of a gothic-looking cat girl with only very sharp canine teeth and slightly Pointy Ears to tell, apart from the expository dialogue.
  • Animala from the B-Movie spoof The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra (2004) and its sequel, The Lost Skeleton Returns Again. Part woman, part four different forest animals. And she can dance hypnotically.
  • Barf the Mog (half-man, half-dog) from Spaceballs.
    Barf: I'm my own best friend!
  • The werewolves the Zombies 2 just have glowing eyes, fangs, claws, and pinted ears to demonstrate their wolf side.

  • The canid breeds of Cerberus High are a distinct species of humanoids that have physical canine characteristics.
  • City of Bones by Martha Wells: The Krismen were bio-engineered from Ancient humans to survive in the Waste. They look human except for their distinctive eyes, pointed teeth, and a marsupial pouch, but aren't interfertile with humans. One character with a Race Fetish is a bit disappointed with how similar Khat's "anatomy" is to a human's.
  • Available via human augmentation in John Patrick Lowrie's sci-fi novel Dancing With Eternity. Protagonist Mohandas has lizard scales, sexy sky captain Steel has catlike fur, Steel's assistant is a gorilla (unclear whether he's a human augmented into a gorilla, or a plain old gorilla, though), and one woman they meet is a Peacock Girl with peacock tattoos that fan into an actual peacock tail.
  • Although never given a specific term, the half-dog half-humans of The Dogs are this: furry and canine below the waist with a plantigrade stance, padded feet and tail, sharpened canine teeth, pointed dog-like ears with genitals to match.
  • The kemos of the web-novel Domina vary on the scale, with some being full anthros. The culture documents confirm that "kemo" is short for "kemonomimi"; all three of the founders were Japanese.
  • The Draka create a species known as the Ghouloon which is effectively a human-baboon hybrid with bits of other species thrown in.
  • The I See, I Learn picture books (written by Stuart J. Murphy and illustrated by Tim Jones illustrations} feature characters that have animal ears and in some cases whiskers or a snout, but otherwise look human.
  • The picture book I Wish That I Had Duck Feet.
  • The picture book Imogene's Antlers.
  • In Isekai Battle Royale one of the first characters introduced has fox ears.

    Live-Action TV 
  • Wolf from from the ABC mini series The 10th Kingdom falls under this. While he attempts to hide his traits to blend in, he is shown to have a tail, fangs, claws, and yellow eyes. He also displays canine behaviors when he feels any emotion very strongly.
  • The Groosalugg in Angel is an inversion. He hails from a demonic-looking people but his ancestors crossed with "cows" which is their term for their human slaves. For all intents and purposes, he looks 100% like a human apart from his pupilless bright blue eyes, and one that Cordelia, who had been worrying for the entirety of the episode that she will have to have sex with a horrifying demon, finds incredibly attractive. However, he feels he is a monster for looking like one of the "cows", which of course does not matter to Cordelia who proclaims, "Hey, I'm all cow!"
  • Buck Rogers in the 25th Century season 2 includes Hawk, a man from a race descended from birds. Nothing about him is birdlike except he has feathers instead of hair on the top of his head.
  • The Zyumans in Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger are normally Beast Men, but their Transformation Trinkets grant them human disguises...while leaving their tails completely exposed. Not so bad for elephant-man Tusk, but shark-girl Sela is another matter entirely (and that's before bringing up the occasions where her dorsal fin pops up too)...
  • In Grimm a lot of the Wesen when they woge just have a few animal traits like pointy ears, fangs or fur like Fuchsbaus and Blutbaden.
  • Loquasto, from Kröd Mändoon and the Flaming Sword of Fire is a Grobble, a race with pig ears and tail. He's the only example we've met so far it's unknown whether they are that universe's equivalent of Orcs or not.
  • Red Dwarf has the Cat, whose species has evolved from Felis catus domesticus into a Human Alien form with just vestiges of feline traits, including fangs, a keen sense of smell and (supposedly) six nipples.
  • Jim Breuer's Goat Boy character from Saturday Night Live.
  • When the werewolves of Teen Wolf transform, all they gain appearance-wise are pointed ears, fangs, claws, and thicker sideburns for the guys. The same holds true for the occasional werecoyote. It's subverted by some Alphas, who can take on anthropoporphic or full wolf forms.
  • Uchu Sentai Kyuranger has an example of arachnide Little Bit Beastly in Stinger/Sasori Orange, who would pass for human in both appearance and behavior if he didn't have a scorpion tail. A more than fully functionable scorpion tail. This is normal feature of Scorpius system inhabitants. In relation to the Zyuohger example above, he looks exactly like a scorpion Zyuman would with Transformation Trinket.

    Mythology and Religion 

  • Fox Ears the kitsune from Residents Of Proserpina Park takes the form of a human woman with fox ears and a tail.
  • Serinepth Sinderman of Trials & Trebuchets is human for all intents and purposes, but as a draconic bloodline sorcerer she does have a few patches of blue scales on her face and body that reveal her Dragon Ancestry.

    Puppet Shows 
  • Believe it or not, The Backyardigans (made of an all-Funny Animal cast) had Uniqua as a kemonomimi-ish werewolf on a Halloween special, which only compounded the controversy over her species.
  • Godziban has Miyarabi, the daughter of King Caesar, as essentially a human girl in a furkini with Caesar's ears and tail, while her brother is just a smaller version of his father.

  • Bay 12 Monster Girls and Bay12 Monster Girls v2 feature a lot of these.
  • Fire Emblem On Forums:
    • Fire Emblem on Forums: Chains of Horai: The Misaki, people born with animal traits. They are thought to be blessed by the gods and are seen as omens of good luck. Fittingly, they cannot be born as one of the Cursed.
    • Fire Emblem On Forums Wonderful Blessing: The Beastkin, the Demon Race of Sloth. It's implied to be because their creator got lazy and effectively just slapped beast parts on humans and called it a day.
    • Solrise Academy: The Fera, one of the five races of Parvain, bear animal traits from both real and fictional animals, with Dracis Fera resembling dragons.
    • Tiny Steps: Every character in the setting, as every character in the setting is a miniscule human with insect traits.
  • All of the characters from Ruby Quest are drawn in a very simplistic style (so that Weaver could post images fast enough to keep up with the players) and are told apart via a few animal traits (mostly Unusual Ears) that they have. Ruby has rabbit ears (and her "fluffy white butt" is mentioned), Tom has cat ears (and Cute Little Fangs, but that isn't always apparent), Stitches has bear ears, Filbert has squirrel ears, and Bella has mouse ears.
  • Lust, the personification of the sin itself, from We Are Our Avatars is Part-fox. In fact, she vaguely looks like Ran Yakumo, according to a few visitors from Gensokyo.

    Tabletop Games 
  • Dungeons & Dragons has a plethora of reptilian humanoids, a few of which qualify as this:
    • The snakelike Yuan-ti are just downright demonic. They are (in some versions) the descendants of humans who crossed their genes with those of snakes, and some of them still look almost exactly like humans and infiltrate human society accordingly. In most editions these are known as purebloods.
    • There's the Half-dragon template for applying to almost anything corporeal and living, as well as the Draconic template, which is similar but less powerful.
    • On the non-reptilian side of the spectrum, there's Shifters: People who have lycanthropic blood, but only partially inherited the taint. As such, whilst they can partially shapeshift into a more bestial version of themselves, the resultant Game Face is more human-like with some animalistic traits (in contrast to the more humanoid animal appearance of a lycanthrope in hybrid form), while their normal appearance tends to be mostly human with subtle beastly characteristics, such as fangs or Pointy Ears.
  • Golden Sky Stories, you play as a magical animal that can take various levels of human form, some falling into this category.
  • Hc Svnt Dracones: Hemivectors are descendants of humans who underwent a "guided mutation" process that gave them animal traits as part of a treatment for radiation damage from a nuclear war. 700 years later they're the second-most common "morphism" after Vectors whose ancestors came out of MarsCo's gestation vats. Though there has been some interbreeding between the two.
  • In Nomine: In Nomine: Anime suggests that, if Cherubim manifest as humanoids in celestial form, they should retain some outward animal trait — slit-pupiled eyes, horns, pointed ears, light fur, or the like.
  • Warhammer Fantasy included Ungors: mostly human except for hairy legs, somewhat distorted faces, and small horns. Of course there are larger and less human version such as gors and minotaurs

  • Cirque du Soleil's Amaluna has the tailed Amazon women (although they remove their tails and corsets for the gymnastics act), the anthropomorphic peacocks (not so much the show's actual Peacock Goddess), the mermaids/water fairies, and Miranda's pet lizardman Cali.
  • Rafiki in the theatrical version of The Lion King (1994).
  • The animals in the theatrical version of The Little Mermaid (1989).
  • Tsukiuta features this in several AU settings.
    • Rabbits Kingdom stage play has the characters as bunny-eared royals in an alternate universe. There is also a Wolf Kingdom, and Bird Kingdom, and a Mouse Kingdom, whose monarchs appear in the play.
    • Tsukino Hyakki Yakou (6 plays so far) features the characters as Yōkai, and many of them have fluffy ears — foxes are particularly common (nine-tailed, four-tailed, and one-tailed), and there are also Kamaitachi, Bakeneko and Nekomata, as well as dog, tanuki, and monkey characters.

  • Being a franchise about attractive monster people, Monster High shows varying degrees of this trope. The most notable examples would be the werewolves, who don't seem to be able to transform between human and animal form, but instead look like humans with wolf ears, fangs, and typically dark skin.

    Visual Novels 

    Web Animation 
  • RWBY: The Faunus are a race who are distinguished from humans by each having a single specific animal trait. Velvet Scarlatina has rabbit ears, Sun Wukong has a monkey tail, and Blake Belladonna has cat ears. It should be noted that most Faunus with animal ears have them in addition to human ears, giving them four ears (and good hearing). This trait can vary even within animal breeds; Blake and her parents are all cat Faunus, but while Blake and her mother both have cat ears, her father has cat claws. While mammals seem to be the most common Faunus breeds, more exotic breeds like scorpion Faunus with poison stingers, spider Faunus with webs, and chameleon Faunus with color-changing skin have been seen. In addition to the obvious animal traits, many Faunus have the ability to see in the dark. Racism between humans and Faunus (mostly against Faunus) has existed for as long as anyone can remember, and civil rights play a significant role in the setting. The White Fang Faunus-supremacy group is one of the primary antagonists for most of the series.
  • Sunset Paradise: Whisk, a cat burglar, fits this. She is quite human, however has solid white hair, white cat ears, dilated pupils, and a long white tail.
  • Several demons of Hell in Hazbin Hotel have varying degrees of beastly qualities - Angel Dust has multiple arms to fit his spider theme, Sir Pentious has a serpintine body, fangs, and a cobra's hood, and Alastor has tiny antlers, hair styled in a manner resembling ears, and deer hoof patterns on the soles of his shoes.
  • In Shrapnel, some Fenri look like humans but with animal ears, tails, etc., while others look like Beast Folk.
  • Virtual YouTuber: Many vtubers made their models with such beastly features. Unsurprising, since vtubers originated in japan where this trope is quite popular. Theres also vtubers who don't usually have animal motifs that have later added alternate costumes that are a little bit beastly, usually with cat ears. Frankly, theres too many examples to give a full list.

    Web Original 
  • In Addergoole, a significant portion of fae have a "true form" that is a little bit beastly, or a borderline case of Beast Men.
  • Moezilla, unofficial mascot of the Firefox web browser.
  • Mortasheen, as usual, does an odd version of this with one of its player races, the Sectilians, fusions of human and arthropod that end up looking like humans with insect parts glued on. There's also creatures called Arthropoids which are made via an evolution of the same process, but their human/arthropod fusion looks more... harmonious. Word of God says that they were meant to be based on the difference between the design of the creature from the original The Fly (1958) and the Cronenberg 1986 remake.
  • Cioccolatodorima‘s Plume Parade series turns various breeds of chickens into handsome human men with birdlike features. And then there’s featherless chicken, who’s an exhibitionist.
  • In Savage Divinity Ancestral Beasts, and by extension their half beast children have ears, tails and other features of their heritage.
  • SCP-953. It's of great importance to her that she's Korean, and therefore technically a Kumiho; she has killed people who have called her a kitsune.
  • All "werewolves" (who came about from the crossing of the Scientific world with the Magical world) in the 1 + 1/2 Nekutai doujinshiverse — but only after their first transformation — get assorted wolf parts; anywhere from just the ears/tail/teeth combo (most common) to that plus "Uh-Oh" Eyes, stronger wolfish personality tendencies, and whatever else Tohai wants to throw in there (only if something weird happened; such as they became a werewolf unnaturally or something interrupted their transformation to/from werewolf, etc).
  • Starfish is an Australian strong-man with "starfish powers" of water-breathing, regeneration, and incredible strength.
  • Sooni, the Alpha Bitch/Rich Bitch of Tales of MU.
  • Several characters in the Whateley Universe are like this to varying degrees (with some being closer to Beast Folk), even without counting the several Cat Girl, Werefolk, and Shapeshifting characters. Notable ones include Thuban, whose normal form is a dragonic one (though he can shift to a more conventional human form for brief periods); Lapine, who has rabbit ears and a fluffy tail (and trouble controlling her libido); and Gadget, who appears as a humanoid squirrel.

    Web Videos 

    Western Animation 
  • The crew of the Primate Avengers in Captain Simian and the Space Monkeys, as well as Rhesus-2 in part.
  • Codename: Kids Next Door:
    • A few minor villains have animal body parts; for example, Mr. Wink and Mr. Fibb have buffalo horns and walrus tusks, respectively. The show's creator, Mr. Warburton, later revealed that these features were part of an Aborted Arc.
    • Anti-Villain Professor Triple-Extra-Large has a different animal trait in every appearance; this is even a holdover from his original appearance in Mr Warburton's Kenny and the Chimp short, where he had a crab-claw arm.
  • Meg Griffin from Family Guy is repeatedly given animal traits, showing that she was born with a tail that resembles a lion's, is hinted at having 4 nipples, and had her father even admit that for the first couple of years of her life he thought she was a housecat.
  • Kaeloo: The girls shown in pin-up magazines.
  • Comparatively speaking, creatures like kirins, Flutterbat, and the sphinx are this to the normal ponies in My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. Kirins are basically unicorns with extra fluff, dragon-like features, and breath-taking anger management issues, Flutterbat is Fluttershy with bat-like qualities, and the sphinx has paws, fangs, and a tail like a lion (not to mention about 10 times the size of a regular pony).
  • Steven Universe: Even after they’re cured, the Corrupted Gems retain some animalistic traits from their corrupted forms; Jasper and Biggs have horns, Aventurine has a pincer for a left hand, Watermelon Tourmaline is covered in spikes, etc..
  • Teen Titans (2003): Beast Boy deserves a mention here, between his Unusual Ears and Cute Little Fangs — and the fact that he is Exactly What It Says on the Tin. Though there isn't anything that ties him to any one definite animal, except for the fact that he gained his powers from being bitten by a green monkey.
  • Young Justice (2010) also features Beast Boy, but gives him a more simian appearance with monkey-like sideburns and a tail. This is just his personal preference, though, since at one point we see him shift back to a green version of his pre-empowered appearance, and his older self in the third season has lost the monkey traits.


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