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Welcome to the wonderful world of Monster Girls, a funky punky utopia of over-saturated colored machinery and magical technology built to allow the utmost convenience to humankind. The problem, of course, stems from a unnerving abundance of Monster Girls, or Monmusu. To combat the growing aptitude and intelligence of the rise of Monster Girls, a city was erected upon the very foundation of insanity. A city where tamed Monsters and Humans live together in designated harmony and principals.'
-The OOC's introduction.

Bay 12's Monster Girls is a roleplay by PrivateNomad based off Bizarre Slime, a suggestion game based off 4chan. It takes place in a semi-futuristic and semi medieval world where the titluar Monster Girls (and some boys) and humans live together in harmony.

It can be found here and the OOC/Signup thread is here.

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