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This princess nicely demonstrates the ermine... bikini effect?

Quinn: So you'll do it?
Daria: Right after I change into my fur bikini. (Tom smiles at this)
Quinn: Daria!
(Quinn storms out of the room)
Tom: Hmm, maybe you should make it easy. Give the poor kids a break.
Daria: I lied about the fur bikini.
Tom: Damn!
Daria, "Lucky Strike"

A two piece bikini, or some close variant, that is covered, trimmed, and/or lined with fur (either real or fake), or even feathers. Usually worn for Fanservice.

It's an uncommon, but highly pleasing costume. And unless it's heavily adorned, it's a bit more usable than a typical Impractically Fancy Outfit — at least for running around in warm conditions.

Could count if there is just fur trimming. In this case if the bikini is red, and the fur is white, it overlaps a little with Sexy Santa Dress (or even some Happy Holidays Dresses).

If the bikini is actually used for swimming, the way water acts on fur will be ignored or the fur will somehow be waterproof — though let's face it, a woman wearing one of these is trying to show off her body, not her high dive.

Everyday wear for a Nubile Savage or female Barbarian Hero. If you are a Jungle Princess, this is your Ermine Cape.


This trope even avoids a Double Standard, as men can have Loin Cloths, the favorite impractical outfit for northern barbarians across the realms of fantasy.

There's a notable variant with the more risqué works involving Beast Men (or, even more scandalous, Little Bit Beastly people) — where their actual fur or hair grows in exactly this kind of shape to cover their naughty bits while exposing as much of everything else as possible.

Sometimes the wearer also has a Feather Boa Constrictor.

A Sub-Trope of Pretty in Mink.

A Sister Trope to Seashell Bra, Going Fur a Swim (when the bikini and fur are separate garments), Fur Is Clothing (in which a Funny Animal has removable fur, which might result in this trope).

Compare Bare Your Midriff, An Ice Suit, Sweater Girl, Sexy Santa Dress, Playboy Bunny, Pelts of the Barbarian.


Contrast Happy Holidays Dress, Stylish Protection Gear.


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    Anime & Manga 
  • Urusei Yatsura: Lum's Iconic Outfit, a tiger-striped bikini. It (and just about every tiger-striped outfit with a source in Japan) based from an old myth about Oni wearing tiger skins.
  • In Haré+Guu, which takes place in the Jungle, Weda and several other female characters wear Fur Bikinis with leopard-style prints.
  • Higurashi: When They Cry: Mion wore one in the first OVA, the one that aired a while before Kai.
  • In Samurai Pizza Cats, Polly and Lucille wore fur bikinis as the singing duo The Pointless Sisters.
  • A feather one paired with a feather Showgirl Skirt is worn by a lady in a carnival style celebration in Science Ninja Team Gatchaman.
  • Capri from Animal Land wears this even when she as a child.

    Comic Books 
  • When Giselle of Mystic is trapped in an exotic jungle pocket dimension, she transforms her outfit to a purple fur bikini, despite being low on magic.
  • Tara and Shakira from The Warlord. Although Tara later adopts other outfits, Shakira wears the same fur bikini for the entirety of the run.
  • Shanna the She-Devil, a character from the Marvel Universe, wears one in all her incarnations, even in the X-Men series from the 1990s. It is almost as modest as Jean Grey's outfit.
  • Squirrel Girl wears one on the cover of "Deadpool/GLI — Summer Fun Spectacular". However, it should be noted that the fur in question is fake.
  • Later, in The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl, she wears a fur bikini (whether real or not isn't stated) at the climax of the Savage Land arc, in accordance with the fanservice tradition that any superheroine who visits the Savage Land will end up in a Stripperiffic Jungle Girl variant of her usual costume.
  • Zawadi from the 1950s Monster Hunters team in the Marvel Universe.
  • Cavewoman features Meriem Cooper, the titular character, who wears a bikini made out of a leopard-printed snakeskin blanket and strings of dinosaur teeth. The bikini itself is relatively small for her size, and it often gets torn away when fighting prehistoric monsters.
  • Archie Comics features a healthy supply in the "Archie 1" comics, set in prehistoric times.
  • Empowered: Emp as Schrodinger's Cat Girl (in an Imagine Spot).
  • Sheena, Queen of the Jungle: Sheena is one of the Trope Codifiers, if not the actually Trope Maker.
  • In Domino Lady's Jungle Adventure, Ellen's evening gown is ruined in a plane crash and subsequent trek through the jungle, so she skins a leopard that had tried to kill her and creates a fur bikini from its pelt.
  • Lorn's usual grab in Tragg and the Sky Gods. The other women in the tribe wear more sack-like garments.
  • Rulah, Jungle Goddess wears one made from the hide of the giraffe killed when her plane crashed.

    Comic Strips 
  • Modesty Blaise wears one in the "Eve and Adam" storyline.
    • Modesty spends most of "Guido the Jinx" in a fur bikini after being talked into being the stunt double for an actress in a caveman movie. Naturally things go wrong, and Modesty ends up battling the villains of the piece in the fur bikini because she never gets a chance to change out of it.

     Fan Works 
  • Worn by the sole female member of the “Pizza Warriors” in The Keys Stand Alone: The Soft World.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • One of the most famous is Raquel Welch's Nubile Savage outfit in One Million Years B.C., even though it's more hides than fur. As a side note, the ads for the film even said "Raquel Welch wears MANKIND'S FIRST BIKINI!" Recreated by Heather Graham.
  • One of Jane Fonda's outfits in Barbarella.
  • One of the drawing points of When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth was former playmate Victoria Vetri wearing one of these — the other being dinosaurs.
  • The Ringo Starr comedy Caveman had future wife Barbara Bach in one — "good girl" character Shelley Long was more conservatively dressed.
  • Publicity shots for the film Love Happy shows Marilyn Monroe in an ermine bikini: Full View, Closeup 1, Closeup 2. This wasn't in the actual film, but publicity-exclusive outfits were actually pretty common for films.
  • In WarCraft (2016), Garona starts the film wearing only a fur bra and loincloth, but she's given a more practical (and covering) outfit once she joins Stormwind. Female orcs in general wear only wide fur bands to cover their breasts, but the lower halves of their bodies are covered as much as males' are — and male orcs don't wear shirts anyway, making women actually more covered.
  • Barb wore one during a Dream Sequence in Snow Dogs.
  • Worn by Shandra in Shandra: The Jungle Girl. Also by Ellen when she chooses to join Shandra in the jungle at the end of the film.
  • Worn by Samantha, the adopted human daughter of the eponymous ape man in The Mighty Peking Man.
  • In Jungle Goddess, Greta wears a fetching leopard skin halter top and miniskirt ensemble, with a matching leopard skin cape for those chilly evenings.
  • The Amazons in Frankenstein Island are dressed in what are supposed to be animal skin bikinis (but, due to the lack of a budget, look more like animal print bikinis).
  • In Planet of the Apes (1968), the non-sapient humans wear primitive clothing made from fur or rag. On men it's a simple Loincloth, on women, such as Nova, it's more bikini-like.

  • The Sky People by S.M Stirling. Teesa of the Cloud Mountain People, much to the appreciation of Earth explorers on Venus.
  • In Warrior Wolf Women of the Wasteland, all the women are turning into wolves (for complicated reasons), and their fur tends to develop irregularly. One of them, November, thus has a fur bikini completely incidentally, although she seems to be unique among the named characters in this regard.

    Live-Action TV 

  • "The Itsy Bitsy..." by Joe Bethancourt is about an itsy bitsy teeny weeny little rabbit fur bikini.


    Professional Wrestling 
  • Brooke Adams naturally wore one when she dressed up as 'Jane of the Jungle' for Halloween.
  • Stacy Carter had a couple of ring outfits like this, presumably both for Fanservice and the Animal Motifs (her ring name was The Kat). Her costume on the WWF Smackdown 2: Know Your Role game was one of these in leopard print.
  • Terri Poch as 'Tori' in the WWF favoured a lot of outfits that had bra tops in animal print. She usually wore long pants though.

    Tabletop Games 

  • Actress Terry Moore wore an ermine one-piece suit to a USO show in Korea. She was almost removed from the show, before the soldiers shouted that she should stay.

    Video Games 
  • Felicia from Darkstalkers is born with one.
  • One of the endings of Princess Maker 3 has her in a white fur bikini, as seen in the pic.
  • Ayla from Chrono Trigger. Hardly a surprise, as she's essentially a blonde answer to Raquel Welch. Notably, whatever she skinned for the thing had a tail, and she just left it on.
  • The Pixies in Monster Rancher.
  • The tiger bikini in Secret of Mana.
  • Monica's optional Panther Bikini in Dark Cloud 2. If you walk her into a corner, the camera looks down her cleavage.
  • At least one of the costume sets in The Idolmaster.
  • Resident Evil Sheva gets one of these as an Alternate Costume
  • The new Golden Axe has Tyris Flare dressed this way.
  • The female Selkies in Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles.
  • The Berserker dressphere in Final Fantasy X-2 is like this for Rikku only. Yuna and Paine wear long tights but Rikku's is a proper Fur Bikini.
  • An unlockable outfit for Dino Crisis is a leopard-skin one-piece.
  • The Elder Scrolls
  • Aya's feather-trimmed bikini top in Onechanbara.
  • Rock Band, Dora Sullivan.
  • Dead or Alive 5 has a special pre-order content which grants the girls fur bunny bikinis, which come in either white or black depending on the character. It becomes free in the Updated Re-release in both colors.
  • Conker's Bad Fur Day: Jugga wears a thong-bikini out of fur, which goes with the loincloths worn by her boyfriend Buga the Knut and all his Cavemen mooks in the region they are found in.
  • Lester the Unlikely: Tikka wears one on both the front cover and in the game itself.
  • Portal Runner: Vikki spends the entirety of the prehistoric level in a fur bikini and skirt.
  • League of Legends: Nidalee wears a fur bikini decorated with cougar fangs, befitting her savage huntress theme.

    Web Comics 

    Web Original 
  • In Tales of MU, Mackenzie wears a fur bikini as part of her female barbarian costume for a Halloween-esque party.
  • Spoofed in this DeviantArt picture.

    Western Animation 
  • Occasionally a character will be reduced to one of these in an old Looney Tunes or Tex Avery cartoon.
  • Daffy Duck gets one made of feathers in Along Came Daffy.
  • Happens to Jerry in the Tom and Jerry short Of Feline Bondage.
  • As does Kitty Katswell in episode "Hot Dog" of T.U.F.F. Puppy.
  • Diana from the animated Dungeons & Dragons was stuck with this outfit.
  • Daria's title character once sarcastically claimed she would put one on (which made Tom suddenly perk up). Jane also wears one in one of her alter egos.
  • When asked to provide something "fierce" for Aisha and Bloom to wear to a conference between the royalty of the planets of the Magical Dimension in a Season 5 episode of Winx Club, Stella conjures up a couple of these. She's more than a little disappointed when these outfits get vetoed by the other two.
  • On The Simpsons, one clip of the Fanservice-filled intro to the Eye on Springfield show features a girl in a bear-skin bikini posing in front of the statue of the city's pioneer founder Jebediah Springfield.
  • Lois Griffin on Family Guy, wore one when she starred in the porno film Quest For Fur.
  • The Legend of Tarzan has Queen La sporting one with a Badass Cape, since she rules over an army of leopard men. This is actually more modest than the original novels, where she was fully nude.

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