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A Hammer Horror film from 1967 made to capatilize on the popularity of the previous year's One Million Years B.C. - both by reusing the costumes and by casting Martine Beswick (i.e. the brunette cave woman who wrestles with Raquel Welch) as the evil Queen Kari. Her performance is one of the few reason this movie is still remembered today. The plot sees Great White Hunter David Marchant captured by hostile natives in modern day Africa after disturbing the spirits of their temple. He winds up touching the statue of their god (a white rhino) and is sent back in time to where the same god is worshiped by a tribe of pale-skinned brunette women, who keep their men as slaves and have also enslaved another tribe of blondes. Marchant falls for Saria, one of the blonde slavegirls. David helps to spark a revolt, which sees Queen Kari dead. Marchant proclaims his love for Saria, but she spurns him, saying that he is not part of her world but assuring him that her love for him will last forever. Marchant suddenly returns to the present, where the statue of the rhino god is destroyed, thus confirming another prophecy which sees David freed. He is uncertain if he dreamed the whole thing until he realizes that he still has the necklace of Queen Kari that Saria refused to accept as a token of his love. He returns home, still confused, until he is introduced to a young woman named Sarah who is the spitting image of Saria.


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