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"People keep giving me rings — but I think a small death ray might be more practical."

Mad Scientists rule the world. Badly.

Girl Genius is a webcomic (originally a print series) by Phil and Kaja Foglio, which has become one of the classics of the Steampunk (called Gaslamp Fantasy by the creators) genre.

The title character of the story is Miss Agatha Clay, who begins as a young apprentice to a type of Mad Scientist known to the world as a "Spark". Her adventures span 17 published volumes as of 2018, and that number increases by roughly one volume a year.

Can be found at the Studio Foglio website, accessible through this elegant and finely-crafted link. Please note here, "We recommend Girl Genius for an audience of teens and up". Was also the winner of the Graphic Story Hugo Award for three years running (2009-2011).Fun Fact 


There are also novelizations of the comic:

A GURPS adaptation was in the works, but seems to have descended into Development Hell. There is a completed Kickstarter for a mobile game, and one for a tabletop card game crossover between this and Gunnerkrigg Court. It seems like there's also an animation series being developed.

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