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Girls in Space by James Spence is the story of two girls having space adventures in a converted VW Camper Van, trying to find their way back to Earth.

The Plot: A spacecraft on a delivery mission is forced to make an emergency landing on the backwater planet of Earth, specifically in Edinburgh, Scotland. The crew, two space girl sisters by the names of Zoe and Faye Strider hide out in a local Classic Car Dealership belonging to a down-on-his-luck gambler called Fergus Macrumble. He and his sister Scarlet (better known as Red) help the girls. However, things don't go to plan and instead of using their technical equipment on the spacecraft, Red's VW Camper Van is accidentally upgraded and launches into space carrying Red and Faye away from Zoe and Fergus.

Girls in Space is the story of Red and Faye's adventures trying to return to Earth.

Girls in Space is split up into individual stories of 34 pages:

  1. The Prototype
  2. Push the Button
  3. The Pickled Past
  4. Around the Universe in a Bath Towel
  5. Hell Creek
  6. Colourblind
  7. A Drop in the Ocean

The site also contains amusing classic Star Trek reviews in a weekly feature called Silly Trekker, weekly pin-ups of the characters and the author contributes to the weekly The Webcomics Company podcast.

This series provides examples of: