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Clothing Damage

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Risa took 42837 damage!

Kevin Murphy: [as Padmé, when she is slashed by the Nexu] Ow, that just bares my midriff!
Mike Nelson: What a conveniently alluring injury.

A variety of Fanservice provided by damaging a character's clothing in such a way as to provide teasing glimpses of the flesh or lingerie beneath.

Female characters tend to fall victim to this, converting their usual costumes into something more Stripperiffic. Male action heroes might instead simply lose their shirt altogether for a Shirtless Scene, though lately, the Female Gaze element has increased. And both men and women can end up getting their clothes shredded following a transformation into a larger form (usually of the unwilling kind, as characters who can control their transformations tend to take preemptive steps to avoid clothing issues).

Can induce You Must Be Cold or Defeat by Modesty. See also Action Dress Rip, Battle Strip, Final Battle-Induced Shirt Loss, and From Dress to Dressing. For the non-combat version, see Wardrobe Malfunction. A female character who likes Kicking Ass in All Her Finery is not immune to this (but it's not common). If a character becomes upset or angry because they loved those clothes, it's also My Favorite Shirt. See Stripping Snag for cases where the clothing is ripped off accidentally, or Giving Them the Strip when the character opts to shed a garment to avoid injury or entrapment. Can overlap with Doomed New Clothes if the outfit has been just got recently.

The Nudifier is typically a weapon which has no other effect than this. Hat Damage is a non-Fanservice Sub-Trope.

For characters who show a miraculous total immunity to this, see Bullet-Proof Fashion Plate, and the related My Suit Is Also Super, the Stock Superpower version. Magic Pants combines both of these seemingly opposed tropes — no matter how much clothing damage they take, they still have enough threads left over to cover the naughty bits.

The Panty Fighter genre exists for this trope. Wardrobe Wound is a common follow-up if the character overreacts to the clothing damage. See Losing a Shoe in the Struggle for when this is not played for Fanservice, and Body Armor as Hit Points when the clothing doubles as hit point.

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  • A Wilkinson ad in the wake of the release of Assassin's Creed (2016) has a swordfight between an initially fully-clothed man and woman; after a brief cutaway scene, the man is now in only his underpants and the woman in her black slip (which he promptly slashes away to leave her in her underwear too).
  • This O'Charley's advert shows a woman in a shopping mall being stripped naked after her red dress gets caught in an escalator, leaving her to cover her public nudity with her shopping bags.
  • A Radio Contact advert features speakers so powerful they blow a woman's clothes clean off and send her flying naked across the room.

    Comic Books 


  • Downplayed with Death's Head II. Shortly before becoming the new Death's Head, the Minion cyborg has one side of his armoured mask broken by the barbarian Lehdrox, revealing an eye and some teeth. This never actually gets fixed, becoming part of the character's usual look.
  • This used to happen to Luke Cage a lot to show off how indestructible he was.
  • The character Skuzz from The New Universe title DP7 had disintegration powers. Unfortunately, these ran all the time, so an outfit would usually last three days for him even if he wasn't actively using them. And when he does... well, there's usually a scene of him focusing his power to destroy something with a beam attack, only to realize afterwards that he's just gotten nekkid.
  • Sergeant Nick Fury used to have this happen all the time. Lampshaded when a supply sergeant is issuing him replacements, which are the last shirts available in the European Theater of Operations that will fit a man with a 22-inch neck.
    • Also lampshaded by one of his men just before they go on an attack. "Don't you think you oughta rip your shirt first just so people will know it's us?"
  • Near the end of the third volume of Runaways, the older members of the team attempt to hold a prom, which is interrupted by a plane crashing into their current base. Klara freaks out and starts unleashing her plant-based powers uncontrollably, and Nico's top gets completely torn off. She spends the rest of the arc loosely wrapped in Victor's suit jacket.
  • This can happen pretty regularly with She-Hulk; though it's pretty much guaranteed with her cousin the Hulk. Lampshaded in The Sensational She-Hulk where she ends up in a teddy during the fight. When asked afterwards what the hell made the teddy indestructible, she pointed out the "APPROVED BY THE COMICS CODE AUTHORITY" label on them.
  • Spider-Man:
    • Ultimate Spider-Man frequently has to improvise ill-fitting and ridiculous-looking costumes when he is unable to get Mary Jane to fix his Clothing Damage.
    • Speaking of Ultimate Spider-Man, Miles Morales' Spider-Man suit was also damaged at times. Other characters in the series also suffered clothing damage: For example, when Norman Osborn, Harry Osborn, and Mary Jane Watson transform into their "Goblin" forms their clothes end up being damaged, leaving them with ripped clothing or completely naked when they go back to normal. This also happened to the Gwen Stacy clone in her first transformation into Carnage, though not so much in her last transformation.
    • Regular Spider-Man has this problem too. Once patching his clothing with webs kept someone from pulling his mask off.
    • This happens to everyone that mutated into spiders during Spider-Island that they end up all naked when they revert back to normal, Mary Jane also gets ger dress ripped apart during the conflict that Peter ends up giving her his Spider-Man outfit at the end because her "top was hanging by a thread".
    • During the "Acts of Vengeance" crossover, Dragon Man is sent to destroy Spidey, who engulfs him in flame. Fortunately, he was possessed by the power of Captain Universe at the moment, so he's left mostly unharmed, though stark naked due to his outfit being reduced to ashes. He simply uses his new power to make a new outfit instantly appear. This ends up happening to him a second time during the fight as well.
    • In "Coming Home," Morlun mops the floor with Peter during their first battle, and his costume is ripped up more and more during each altercation, to the point that it's almost completely in tatters near the end revealing nasty shots of Peter's broken, bloodied, burned, and bruised body, making it look like this time around he's finally met his match. After he finally figures out a way to defeat Morlun, Peter changes to a new, undamaged costume for their rematch.
    • During one fight with Venom, Eddie nearly rips up most of Spidey's costume during their battle. With Peter hunting for him, he doesn't have the time to switch to a new costume and has to make do with his damaged suit. It ends up being a relief for him one point when he has to switch to his civilian clothes just so he can wear something that isn't torn up for a bit.
  • Giant-Man tends to destroy his clothes every time he grew into giant size at least in the first issues of The Ultimates.
    • Elsewhere in the Ultimate Marvel universe, Hulk frequently ends up nude when he transforms. In one case he was witnessed stealing the pants from a fat guy.
  • This happens to Wolverine a lot, but one time, when his orange and red costume was destroyed after a fight with the Wendigo in Spider-Man's comic, he decided to bring out his old yellow and blue one and wear that instead. (He told Spidey that he wanted to wear something that reminded him of when they didn't know each other; he was probably being sarcastic.) Apparently, this story made him decide to change back to the old costume permanently, even though he did wear the red and orange one in one more story.
    • In his first encounter with the Shi'ar Imperial Guard, Wolverine's costume is completely destroyed. He mugs Fang, his counterpart on the Guard, for his costume off-panel, mainly for the benefit of his fellow X-Men not having to see him fight in the buff.
  • X-Men:
    • The ridiculous outfit Alex Summers wore during the Inferno arc as the Goblin Prince. An over-the-top shredded version of his Havok costume.
    • Happens to Emma on occasion. In her origin comic series, this happens to her when she goes to a school dance, in a scene reminiscent of Cinderella.
    • Whenever the mutant Paul Patterson uses his powers, he ends up destroying all of his clothes.
    • Played for Drama when it happens to Rogue, quite often in her early stint with the team. Her body-covering suit would be damaged, increasing her chances of skin-to-skin contact with an enemy or ally, thus draining them of their powers and psyche. Sometimes it would give Rogue a power boost and allow her to curb-stomp the baddies, other times the baddies' personality would take over and the X-Men would find themselves fighting their regular enemies plus Rogue.
  • Happen to Carol Danvers alias Ms. Marvel during Secret Invasion when a Skrull unleashes an energy blast from his eyes that shreds her costume.
  • Happens to Firestar in the Ultimate Universe, who tends to burn off her civilian clothing when she activates her powers.
  • When Gwenpool suffers this during her appearance in Rocket Raccoon and Groot, her Meta Gal nature makes her lampshade it to hell and back.


  • In Batman #401, Robin tries to grab the villainess Magpie. In doing so he accidentally rips down the top of her costume. With a blush, he hurriedly averts his eyes.
  • Speaking of Robin, Dick Grayson, especially as Nightwing, has an alarming tendency to suffer extensive clothing damage during fights. Given his sex symbol status in and out of universe, it's pretty safe to assume why.
  • In a Blackest Night tie-in, the original Dr. Light came back via the Black Lanterns and challenged Kimiyo "I am now Dr. Light" Hoshi. He not only mentally and verbally attacked her but to add insult to injury, basically blasted her outfit off of her piece by piece until she was naked lying on the ground. No big surprise, since recent Dr. Light stories have established him as a special kind of evil.
  • Happened frequently to Catwoman in her 1990s series. She was also shown to be able to cut a man's clothing off with her whip without leaving a scratch on him.
  • Superman:
    • Played for Drama during The Death of Superman as the battle between Superman and Doomsday rages on, Superman's costume gets worse and worse. By the time Superman dies, his cape is being used as a flag, his shirt is nothing more than a makeshift strap around his shoulder and it's a miracle they gave him Magic Pants.
    • Superman's costume is also almost completely destroyed over the course of the first Alien crossover by various Xenomorphs.
  • Superboy (Kon-El) once ended up in his underwear after a series of battles. (He used to be immune to this trope by using his tactile telekinesis to make his clothes invulnerable, but once he grew into his full powers he began to rely on it less and less, and his clothes suffered as a result.)
  • The bounty hunter Lobo has the ability to near instantly regenerate any damage done to his body, even from being reduced to a puddle. Unfortunately, his clothing doesn't grow back, often leaving him bare naked after, and occasionally during, his fights. Lobo seems to understand how this makes people feel, and takes great pleasure in the discomfort his nudity brings to others.
  • In a variant case, Plastique's first appearance ended rather badly when she tried to blow herself up for a terrorist attack and make herself a martyr with a suit that was laden with bombs. Firestorm responded by changing the fabric of her suit into air, leaving her naked and humiliated while he gathered up the bombs to explode at a safe distance while her political credibility was equally vaporized.
  • Kara Zor-El in Huntress/Power Girl: World's Finest suffered clothing damage, both her civilian clothes and her earliest Power Girl costumes during her first year in that identity on Prime Earth.
  • Wonder Woman:


  • There's rarely an issue of Atomic Robo that goes by where Robo's shirt isn't destroyed entirely (likely for the same reasons as Luke Cage and Savage Dragon). His pants, however, always remain intact.
  • Used for fanservice in Bazooka Jules. Anytime the main character activates her powers she changes from a slender teen into an adult version of herself with massive breasts. So any top she's wearing gets torn to sheds.
  • Several characters in ClanDestine.
    • Samantha, who generates "ectoplasmic armor", tends to shred her clothes completely each time she uses her power. She is never shown dispelling the armor (although she is shown altering and dispelling portions, and dispelling the swords that she occasionally generates instead), and it remains intact even when she's unconscious.
    • Walter's Hulk-like transformations destroy his clothing, except for his underwear. It takes him a while to revert to his human form, so the story tends to end before he does so anyway.
    • Adam, who is Made Of Diamond but wears normal clothing, tends to lose his shirt in combat situations but retain his pants. This can be attributed to censorship or to the genie who gave him his powers, whichever you prefer.
  • You could make a drinking game for how many times this happens in Danger Girl.
  • The title Superheroine of the comic Empowered has a super-suit that literally shreds with a touch, cannot be worn with other clothing (including underwear) and weakens her powers when torn. The suit can repair itself, but only a day later. Needless to say, she's had more than her share of embarrassing moments.
  • Happens all the time to the female protagonists in the Al Rio comic Exposure. They even adopt their trademark uniforms because their clothes were shredded to nothing, and even they don't last long.
  • Genął:
    • Lampshaded by protagonist Caitlin Fairchild after realizing that a raft crash has somehow completely removed her khakis and belt: "For some strange reason, I always seem to lose articles of clothing whenever we get into trouble."
    • In a recent remake, Fairchild managed to get most of her skintight bodysuit ripped nearly to shreds in the space of five minutes. To be fair, she did take out several commandos and jump clear through a roof to do so.
    • The very first time her powers manifested, increasing her muscle mass among other things, she went from petite to Amazonian Beauty and busted out of her clothing.
    • The first issue of Adam Warren's run was a recap disguised as a Behind The Music parody; in the (imaginary) "Where Are They Now?" Epilogue, Caitlin died after defeating a supervillain in sub-zero weather... of exposure.
    • For a male example, Burnout once incinerated his swim trunks while flying up to a plane and ended up having to fight naked.
  • The Astounding Wolf-Man: Being a werewolf, Wolf-Man is very susceptible to this. His costume fits his wolf form. However, with the exception of sweatpants and tank tops, if he has to wolf out in normal clothes they will be shredded.
  • Of The Authority, Apollo seems to suffer from this the most.
  • Typical in Witchblade (the comic, at least), where, in the process of expanding from its dormant bracelet form into Stripperiffic superpowered armor form, the Witchblade tends to tear up whatever Sara Pezzini was already wearing. Justified (and lampshaded!) by a later retcon that revealed that Witchblade was male and he pretty much did the shredding for his own enjoyment. As Sara became more experienced with Witchblade, the instances of shredded clothes decreased (instead, Witchblade simply appeared over whatever she was wearing at the time.) Danielle, the less experienced Witchblade bearer, on the other hand...
  • In the "Sons of Man" arc in Hack/Slash, Cassie's initially revealing costume gets gradually shredded in battles with monsters until she's reduced to, essentially, a bikini.
  • This is a frequent occurrence with Meriem in Cavewoman. In particular, the My Little Dino one-shot is nothing but a full issue of her Fur Bikini being gradually reduced to tinier and tinier proportions.
  • Golden Eyes, the titular ambulance driver of the World War I serial "Golden Eyes" and Her Hero "Bill", gets subjected to this when her ambulance is hit by a German shell. She crawls out of the wreckage in what the author describes as a " tattered uniform" (but given that the work is a product of the 1910s, the damage extends only so far as the knees of her pants and the shoulders + sleeves of her blouse).
  • In X-Wing Rogue Squadron, Plourr and her Love Interest Rial get ambushed by commandos and have to fight them off unarmed. They make it out unscathed, but Rial's shirt is torn and he's showing a nipple.
  • A job requirement for The Spirit. In virtually every strip his suit is shredded, though it's not fanservice. Or is it?
  • Shadoweyes: A non-fanservice take. Every time Scout turns into Shadoweyes or gets in a fight, clothing gets appropriately torn up. That’s probably why the Shadoweyes "costume" is so simple—so it can be easily replaced.
  • Rulah, Jungle Goddess: In her Origin Story, Jane Dodge has her clothing destroyed in a plane crash. She is left butt-naked with her modesty preserved only by Censor Shadows and strategically-placed vegetation until she fashions a Fur Bikini from the hide of the giraffe killed by her crashing plane.
  • This has happened to Red Sonja on occasion:
  • Happens quite often to both the title character and most female characters in Savage Dragon, not that it stops them from fighting. Roughly around issue #220, the Scenery Censor ceases to be involved for female characters...

    Comic Strips 
  • The comic strip Nguyen Charlie ran in the U.S. military's newspaper, Stars and Stripes, during the Vietnam War. At least twice, the defoliant Agent Orange was portrayed as instantly disintegrating not only trees and grass but the clothing of anyone who got caught in the chemical cloud. Definitely NOT Fanservice, though, considering the way these guys were drawn.

    Fan Works 
  • In the Jackie Chan Adventures and Teen Titans (2003) crossover fanfiction A Shadow of the Titans, Jade suffering this has practically become a Running Gag:
    • The first time is when Robin hits one of the three Talismans fused to her body, releasing an energy blast that fries most of her clothes.
    • As a result of the above, when she gets her costume, she makes sure it's flame retardant and durable to avoid this later on. But it still gets shredded by the Talismans tearing out of her body when she intercept Raven's separation spell.
    • Later, the outfit that the Queen/Kagehime was wearing is similarly destroyed by the backlash of the chi transference spell.
    • Her Emergency Transformation causes her to develop razor-sharp feathers that break out through what she's wearing.
    • Her fight with the mutated Kitten ends up completely destroying her clothes in the process.
  • Becoming a True Invader: Kor gets swallowed by the Employer's Kaiju-sized soldier on Irk, resulting in her clothes being utterly destroyed when Zim detonates the bombs he had her carrying to wound it (her Healing Factor saving her from physical harm); fortunately, she's quickly provided with a spare set of Gaz's clothes to compensate. And when those clothes get torn up as collateral during the Final Battle, Dib loans her his jacket for cover until she can get a proper replacement.
  • In Emerald Flight Book One: Union, a fight between the Female Furies and Supergirl turns her pants into a miniskirt and makes her shirt much more revealing.
  • Escape from the Hokage's Hat: Naruto practically begs Tsunade to let their group go to a nearby town to get some new clothes. Tsunade looks over the group and notices that Naruto is dangerously close to a Walking Shirtless Scene and Naruto keeps shooting glances at Hinata since her clothes are torn in all the right places.
  • This is subverted in Fantasy of Utter Ridiculousness. Despite all the damage that Megas has been dealing Yuuka over the course of their fight, her clothes are barely even phased. Jamie is quietly disappointed at this.
  • Fates Collide: During a sparring match, Yang Xiao Long manages to set Bazett Fraga McRemitz's jacket on fire before Bazett beats her.
  • Gaz's Horrible Halloween of Doom: While walking home after escaping Bill's truck, Gaz's fairy princess costume gets torn up when she trips and falls into a thorn bush, preventing her from returning it to the store for a refund.
  • Pretty much the focus of the Jurassic Park fanfic How Dr. Ellie Sattler, lost, her shirt, in whereafter escaping the powerhouse, Ellie Sattler gets her shirt ripped to pieces as she escapes from the Velociraptor that killed Robert Muldoon.
  • Played for Drama and Played for Laughs in Karma in Retrograde. Touya was forced to Dumpster Dive to save money during his time as a U.A. because he only received a tiny stipend from his father, Endeavor, for expenses. These clothes would frequently be destroyed by his fire Quirk. Because of this, he always opts for comfort and convenience over appearance... which also makes him a Rummage Sale Reject until 1-A drags him to the mall to get some actually good-looking clothing.
  • Last Child of Krypton: Shinji loses his cape during the fight of Ramiel, and is stripped from the waist up after his fight with Zeruel, in which he survives a dozen N2 mine detonations.
  • When Leviathan in Manehattan's Lone Guardian first appears in said city, it's with all the battle damage she sustained from Omega, which extends to her clothing. Her auto-repair is able to deal with it over the course of two weeks, but it forces her to wear a coat in the meantime to keep from freaking out the populace.
  • Mortality has Holmes experience this after Cold-Blooded Torture. We all know how well Watson reacts to his friend being nearly tortured to death. Not well. And it's not survivable.
  • My Hostage, Not Yours: During her Superpower Meltdown at the climax of the third story, Gaz's out of control fire powers incinerate her clothes. Fortunately for her modesty, Zim is able to drape her in his fireproof coat before the smoke clears and anyone can see her.
  • RWBY: Epic of Remnant: After her exposure to the Black Mud, Gudako's hairband, sleeves, leggings, and shoes are destroyed, and the rest of her clothes are ragged.
  • In Seung Mina's Treasure Hunt, an odd animated series about Seung Mina performing her opening treasure move on random characters, three of her victims have had their clothes torn off: Gill from Street Fighter III, Amy Rose from Sonic The Hedgehog (not as inappropriate as the others because she is a Half-Dressed Cartoon Animal), and Sodia from Tales of Vesperia.
  • Superwomen of Eva: Emerald Fury: Plenty of examples here. Misato becomes She-Hulk in the wake of the Jet Alone disaster, and if her clothes aren't completely destroyed because of her transformation, they will be in the subsequent battle. And that's before some of the other women there get into the act...
  • Superwomen of Eva 2: Lone Heir of Krypton: In chapter twelveth's omake Asuka shreds her shirt to reveal she is Supergirl. Then Misato rips her clothes off, revealing she is Wonder Woman -of sorts-. Then they realize Shinji's nose is bleeding as he stares. When he is called a pervert, he lampshades he is surrounded by two beautiful women who are tearing their own clothes off.
  • In The Dragon That Will Pierce the Heavens, a Fairy Tail and One Piece fanfiction, protagonist Hikari is prone to this, having lost multiple shirts either from transforming into a winged Draconic Humanoid or tearing them apart into bandages whenever Zoro is injured.
  • Unsexy variant in The First Of Many, since Ponies don't usually wear clothes. Shining Armor and Princess Cadance's borrowed outfits take much abuse over the story before they eventually discard them amid a beach makeout session.
  • It happens to Superman in The Institute Saga, when his suit gets shredded by Squirrel Girl and her Squirrel Avalanche.
  • In The Legend of Total Drama Island, a contestant must treat a campmate for severe hypothermia and has no heat source except her own body, so she rips open her and the patient's pullover dresses note  to allow effective skin-to-skin heat transfer.
  • In The Legend of Zelda: The Light of Courage, Link fires a sword blast at Ganon, burning his robe off. The best part is that nobody cares.
  • The Secret Return of Alex Mack: This happens to Azure Crush several times, because she's a Nigh-Invulnerable melee fighter. First when Victor Cready tries to slow her down, but only manages to burn her clothes off, then later a giant clam eats her new shoes. With her superpowered body giving her new confidence, however, she's not particularly concerned about being fully dressed.
  • There Was Once an Avenger From Krypton:
    • During the Avengers attack on OsCorp, Kara is hit with a unibeam blast from Titanium Man, which burns away the torso of her costume and leaves her with a bared midriff.
    • While fighting Vilgax, Gwen takes a blast which obliterates her clothing. Fortunately for her modesty, the physical damage she takes causes her to revert to her Anodite form, in which she has Barbie Doll Anatomy. Though it does become an issue later when Claire provides her a glamor amulet to disguise her in her human form until it can be properly restored, which fails to restore the lost clothes.
  • In This Bites!, this is implied to be the result of Cross playing with a newly-acquired Flame Dial... with Nami and Vivi being the unfortunate recipients. Su implies the same thing happened to Conis at one time.
  • In Touhou: a Glimmer of an Outside World, Kaguya's clothes have been repeatedly destroyed, and Mokou's been a Walking Shirtless Scene since her shirt was burnt off.
  • In TS!Underswap, this is how you can defeat Aaxel, the leader of a gang of bullies, without attackingnote . If you trick him into Flexing too many times, it rips his jacket off and he's so broken up over the loss of his coolness that he won't have the heart to fight you anymore. You can then bully him back by making him give you his lunch money, if you really want to kick him while he's down.
  • Vow of the King: Exceedingly common in most fights. Yoruichi's training would leave her student's functionally nude if not for Orihime's abilities affecting clothes and Unohana ends up naked after her fight with Ichigo to name two examples.
  • Played straight and subverted in Zero Context: Taking Out the Trash. Marc Maddhouse deliberately tries to inflict this trope on Callista by shooting her in the back with an energy bolt. He succeeds in destroying her dress, but is disappointed to find that the jeans and T-shirt she had been wearing underneath were thoroughly unscathed.

  • The ColSec Trilogy: In Exiles of ColSec, when Cord and Lamprey are fighting (or, more accurately, Cord is getting his ass handed to him despite his Charles Atlas Superpower), Lamprey tries to slam Cord against a jagged metal edge. Cord dodges quickly enough to avoid getting injured, but his shirt is a total loss. (This also reveals that Cord's stocky little bod is a lot trimmer than one might think when he's fully clothed, leading him to lampshade how unlikely it is that he'll be on the receiving end of any further You Are Fat.)
  • In Robert E. Howard's "Gods of the North", The Vamp is wearing a gossamer veil, and nothing else; escaping Conan the Barbarian, the veil tears loose.
  • In Distortionverse, Eliphya, the protagonist of the Show Within a Show La principessa dei petali di luce, suffers this many times during her series. In one special episode, she's even stripped naked by her archenemy Count Sebastien's animated thorns.
  • In the reprints of the Doc Savage novels in the 1960s, artist James Bama painted Doc with his shirt ripped beyond repair from his continual fights, showing off his rippling muscles. There was even a contest run by the publisher called "Doc Savage Needs a New Shirt!" This is used as a Mythology Gag in the 1975 film adaptation, when Doc gets his shirt torn in a similar fashion during hand-to-hand combat with Captain Seas.
  • Doom Valley Prep School: Clothing damage happens so often to Petra, that she actually has a minor tantrum when a giant frog eats her dress while trying to swallow her. So far in a single week, her clothes have been burned, torn, shredded, ripped off, and burst out of.
  • The Dresden Files:
    • Non-humans tend to wear clothes less durable than their semi-immortal selves. Hence, if one is hit by, say, a point-blank concussion grenade, they may outlive their clothes.
    • Certain brands of werewolf suffer this regularly — and the smarter ones have caches of clothes that they try and make their way to in wolf mode. It makes returning to civilization slightly less awkward.
    • Harry's amped-up protective gear in Changes, courtesy of Leah. After her magic dissipates (at noon, thank you very much, she's a Winter Fey), it scales back down to his regular old duster — and had sustained so much damage that one could have made a rather risqué bikini out of the remains.
  • In the Forgotten Realms' Spellfire novels, Shandril frequently incinerates her own clothing during particularly intense battles. This is something of a Running Gag.
  • Male example: In Heart of Steel, Alistair Mechanus' lab coat gets increasingly damaged over the course of the story, leaving him with his collar torn open and one sleeve missing, exposing a number of scars and a well-toned arm.
  • In Innocent Blood by Betty Waltermire, the female detective reminisces on her rookie experience of being in a shootout. She survives but all her clothes are torn to shreds. A news report of her tattered state is shared around.
  • Little House on the Prairie: A non-fanservice example. The sons of a neighbour get lost during a storm. One of them returns, naked but unhurt. No one can explain how the storm disintegrated his clothes and shoes without leaving a mark on him. His brother and the animals they disappeared with turn up dead, also naked.
  • In The Monk, when Ambrosio finds out that his protege Rosario is actually a woman named Matilda who's in love with him, he plans to send her away until she tears open her robes and threatens to stab herself if he doesn't let her stay. The sight of her naked breast underneath her torn robes causes Ambrosio to become inflamed with lust for her and lose his drive to send her away.
  • In The Pillars of the Earth, William Hamleigh rips the clothing of some women, Aliena in particular, as a form of threat or lust.
  • Special Circumstances: In Queen of Wands, Janea does this to her own costume during a sword dance for a competition, albeit intentionally.
  • Sweet Diamond Dust: In the short story "The Gift", Carlotta is expelled from her exclusive girls' school because the nuns fear that she, as carnival queen, will bring shame to the school. Just when Carlotta is about to leave, the director’s Mother Artigas, ambushes her. The nun starts by chopping off Carlotta hair. Then she moves on to attacking her physically and verbally (complete with racial slurs), leaving Carlotta all bruised up, shorn and exposed in her torn uniform.
  • Trident Deception: Christine O'Connor puts herself, and her clothes, through some ordeals. This is usually played straight as she often gets injured or wounded, leaving her clothing bloodied and torn.
    • In Empire Rising, a Chinese guard detains Christine and tries to intimidate her by ripping the top of her blouse to reveal her bra.
    • In Treason, Christine disguises herself as a maid to escape into the woods. Her clothes are torn up as she evades soldiers. At one point she falls off a cliff and is swept down a river. She wakes up to find that she has no shoes, her skirt torn and her shirt shredded enough to reveal half her body.
  • In Twilight: Breaking Dawn, newborn vampire Bella gets mauled by the mountain lion that she's hunting. The mountain lion's claws can't damage her vampire skin, but that fancy dress that Alice put her in doesn't fare so well.
  • In Tanith Lee's Vivia this is all that is achieved by burning the title vampire at the stake. Ah well, at least it made her hide inside the flames for a while.
  • Wearing the Cape: Twice during the events of Small Town Heroes, Hope "Astra" Corrigan gets into a super battle that shreds her light summer clothing, leaving her in the "indestructible underwear" invented by a colleague. Since the bra and panties cover up about as much as a modest bikini or beach volleyball uniform and have her costume's colors and crest, it's not too embarrassing when she has to leave the scene in them.

    Live-Action TV 
  • Enforced at the end of the two-part pilot for Seven Days. When his buddy gets hit, Parker rips his shirt to make a tourniquet. When he closes in on the bad guys, his shirt is tattered enough to show off Parker's impressive muscles.
  • Canada's Worst Driver had a variation with Lance: while his clothes weren't ruined, the quality of what he wore degraded over the show. At the start, he was a Sharp-Dressed Man, or perhaps even The Dandy. By the final episode, he looked like a slob, wearing a torn wifebeater and some facial stubble.
  • Doctor Who:
    • The third and fourth part of "The Deadly Assassin" starts with the Fourth Doctor fully dressed and progressively getting his outfit destroyed as he battles his way through the Virtual Reality. It begins with him losing his scarf over a cliff and his outfit gets more and more picked apart from there. By the end, he's down to a ripped, soaked-through shirt and torn breeches.
    • "Bad Wolf": Jack Harkness loses all his clothes when he is zapped by a "defabricator" ray. He lampshades this later, when he says "Ladies, your viewing figures just went up!"
    • "The Eleventh Hour" features Matt Smith in David Tennant's clothes, looking all tattered from the regeneration and subsequent TARDIS crash-landing.
    • In "The Doctor Falls", the Twelfth Doctor's velvet jacket gets torn up after an explosion that killed hundreds of Cybermen, exposing some of the red lining beneath. He continues to wear it throughout "Twice Upon a Time" until his regeneration into the Thirteenth Doctor. Thirteen wears the torn clothes for most of "The Woman Who Fell to Earth" until she gets a chance to pick a new outfit.
    • "Rosa": The Doctor deliberately rips her coat so she can take it to be repaired by the title character, who works as a seamstress at a department store, in order to give Yaz an excuse to hang around with Rosa at the store in case the antagonist, a time traveller trying to Make Wrong What Once Went Right, tries anything there.
  • In the Season 1 finale of Game of Thrones, Daenerys walks into her husband's funeral pyre. She emerges completely naked and covered in soot, but otherwise unharmed. Which is kind of justified: she's immune to fire, but her clothes aren't, a la Invisible Streaker. This happens again in "Book of the Stranger" when she assassinates all the Khals by burning down a building with them inside.
  • In the Here Come the Brides episode "The Soldier," Jeremy's shirt gets ripped to shreds while he's trying to escape from Sgt. Todd.
  • Heroes:
    • The only time that Elle's electricity powers display any ability to set things on fire is when she shoots lightning at Peter's shirt, prompting him to take it off.
    • In season 3, Elle goes one better, when one of her lightning blasts completely disintegrates Sylar's shirt, and a second blast removes his undershirt too.
  • Spoofed in a sketch on Monty Python's Flying Circus. The female lead in the fictional movie Scott of the Sahara is being chased by a man-eating roll-top desk, and gets her clothes torn off by snagging them on cacti. The thing is, the cacti are spaced so far apart that she has to go out of her way to get her clothes snagged on them. Just as she's about to lose the last of her clothing, John Cleese appears to say, "And now, for something completely different."
  • The MythBusters tried a variation of this, testing the adage "knock your socks off". Turns out, you'd kill the guy several times over long before you could manage to pull it off, and that's including using battering rams and high explosives. Not surprising, given the nature of form-fitting, elastic-banded socks. Regular clothing, however, depending on the fabric and construction, can become shredded or completely torn away at lower, survivable overpressures. Reportedly, people struck by lightning are frequently blown out of their shoes as the electricity instantly vaporizes foot sweat, literally popping them off or splitting them apart.
  • NYPD Blue: In one episode, Det. Connie McDowell gets her shirt almost completely torn off during a struggle to arrest a criminal, revealing her black bra.
  • Power Rangers Lost Galaxy: In the episode "An Evil Game", Leo's shirt gets torn up to the point he just tears it off. For bonus points, not only does he morph immediately afterwards, but all this happens right next to Kirk's Rock.
  • Justified in Smallville, as while Clark Kent is indestructible, the clothes he wears aren't. In one episode some villains throw him into a furnace and lock him in; once they're gone he emerges, clearly without clothes.
  • Star Trek
  • In the Supernatural episode "I Think I'm Gonna Like It Here" (S09, Ep01), Castiel can no longer use angel mojo to repair his bloodied clothing. As he only has one suit of clothing, this necessitates a stripping scene in a laundromat.
  • In Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, when Cameron launches her One-Cyborg Army assault on the LA County Prison lockup. Her clothes are absolutely riddled with bullet holes, but the only result from that is a lot of red stains from her cyborg blood and one half her face being shredded clean off by a shotgun blast.

  • "Banned from Argo": While details aren't given, the captain has to be beamed back to the ship in the middle of an interspecies orgy and returns with the tattered remnants of his clothing.
The Captain's tastes were simple, but his methods were complex.
We found him with five partners, each of a different world and sex.
The Shore Police were on the way — we had no second chance.
We beamed him up in the nick of time — in the remnants of his pants.
  • UK Synth-Pop group Torch Song has the song "Tattered Dress".
  • Weezer's breakthrough hit "Undone" goes "If you want to destroy my sweater..."

    Music Videos 
  • In the music video for Devo's "Whip It", a female character's costume is removed, piece by piece, by a band member wielding a whip. The video ends just as her modesty is about to be violated.
  • Freddie Mercury endures this in the music video for Queen's "Crazy Little Thing Called Love".
  • The male protagonist in the video for Bon Jovi's "Misunderstood" gets his clothes ripped off by dogs, leaving him to run back home fully naked covering his modesty with his hands.
  • In the music video for Camila Cabello's song "Liar", her dress is visibly damaged in the house fire she accidentally causes when attempting to burn the unwanted fragments of paper she wakes up with.

    Pro Wrestling 
  • One word: Jacqueline. The following examples are merely a sampling, as cataloging every single time something like this has happened to her may require its own website:
    • Tended to lose her clothes a lot as Miss Texas in the USWA in Memphis.
    • As Miss Texas, defeated La Tigresa at the WWC (World Wrestling Council in Puerto Rico)'s 22nd Anniversary Show, August 22, 1995 in an Evening Gown Match (where you would expect this kind of thing to happen), though it was billed as a "street fight." In the process of stripping each other, Jacqueline's right breast came out and she actually wrestled part of the match that way. Amazingly, she still managed to win.
    • Nipple slip while executing a Side Russian Legsweep on WCW World Television Champion Disco Inferno in their non-title (due to WCW not wanting to sanction an intergender match for a title) match at WCW Halloween Havoc 97, prompting commentator Bobby "The Brain" Heenan to say, "Replay!"
    • Nipple slip during the Bikini Contest against Sable at WWF Fully Loaded, July 26, 1998.
    • Exposed (both breasts) in the first-ever Evening Gown Match on Raw, September 14, 1998, by Sable.
    • Sable/Christian d. Jacqueline/Marc Mero at WWE's UK-only Capital Carnage PPV on December 6, 1998. After the match, Jackie climbed onto referee Tim White's shoulders and started punching at him and Sable simply pulled Jackie's shirt right off of her body, leaving her topless on camera.
  • Delirious's first mask was cut by Matt Sydal, who turned Delirious's own wooden stake against him. He's also had masks damaged by Jimmy Jacobs, Hang Men 3 and Bryan Danielson. Good thing Daizee Haze likes sewing.
  • In OVW, Jillian Hall went mad and turned on Alexis Laree, beating her down and ripping off her shirt. While Laree was face down on the mat, she then ripped apart Alexis's bra and tried to lift her off the mat to expose her to the crowd, who, being full of Laree fans, heavily booed Hall for this (The referee got a towel to preserve Laree's dignity)
  • Pretty much the point of the Tuxedo Match for men and Evening Gown/Bra & Panties match for women.

    Tabletop Games 
  • There's a card in Munchkin called "Revealing Costume". It gives you a +3 bonus, and then an extra +1 bonus each time you change gender, "due to tearing in inappropriate places".
  • Hoyle's Rules of Dragon Poker: One of the game's conditional modifiers accounts for this.
    160. If any player is wearing clothes with a tear in them, the order of cards inverts from the center (e.g. 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 8, D, U, E, 10, 9).
  • In the digital version of Sentinels of the Multiverse the heroes get new portraits when they go below 10HP and again when they're incapped, with them looking worse and worse for wear each time, including lots of ripped and ruined uniforms. The male characters tend to suffer more extensive clothing damage than the female ones: Chrono-Ranger actually ends up shirtless.

  • Parodied in Evil Dead: The Musical, with lots of "Oh no, now my [X] is torn." by the heroine. Followed by her ripping the offending bit of clothing off.

    Web Animation 
  • DSBT InsaniT: Discussed in 'Store Story'.
    Kayla: But what if our clothes get damaged in the fight?
    Martha: Come on, Kayla, unless you're being knifed, everyone knows clothes are indestructible.
    Portica: Or if it's for fanservice...
    Martha: Don't go there, Portica.
  • Manga Soprano: Erika purposefully does this to Kanade's swimsuit by having Karin cut a part of it so she'll end up completely naked upon entering the pool.
  • No Evil: People who try to touch the Judgement Scythe get wreathed in a firey inferno, if the scythe accepts them as a wielder, it just burns off their clothes and stains their hair (or feathers in Murder's case) with ash. If it doesn't like them... it's not pretty.
  • RWBY doesn't use this trope very often, but it's used both for fanservice and for a reveal in Vol 3 when General Ironwood's shuttle gets shot down and he reappears minus his uniform jacket, with his undershirt ripped to the point where half his torso is exposed, and with several holes in his trousers. The main purpose of the clothing damage is to reveal his status as a Cyborg, but since Ironwood is possessed of a Heroic Build it's also fanservice.

  • In Pet Projects, this happens to Notle the Witch in an arc storyline involving moths that get created and start eating Notle's clothes.
  • Shortpacked!:
    • Subverted when Robin gets in a catfight with Sarah Palin (yes, really) at one of her rallies because she's pissed Palin stole the "ditzy government official" limelight. Once the action starts, the panels focus on Amber in close-up as she gets covered in torn items of clothing, starting with torn-off sleeves and ending in underwear... but then the last panel goes wide focus, showing that Robin and Palin have been trying to strike at each other through a clothes rack.
    • Played straight with the Ethan/Willis fight. Then they get pushed into a tub of pudding.
  • Fire Emblem Heroes: A Day in the Life: Clothing damage is the subject of Chapter 38. After the rest of the party goes down, their clothes in bad condition, the summoner tears his own shirt off in despair.
  • Girl Genius:
    • Gil's attempts to hit Zeetha with a metal-destroying device backfires when he grabs the cloth-destroying one by mistake. Of course, on the next page, we find out that it logically doesn't work on the leather, which — since the "Wacky Weave Destabilizer" is infamous enough — makes up Zeetha's underwear.
    • Anevka and later Prende's electric-touch weapons turn their clothes and wigs to ashes. Of course, they have it in the first place because both of them are sufficiently advanced Clanks, with Anevka's design largely cribbed from one of Prende's sister-Muses.
  • Grrl Power: Has happened to both Maxima and Super Hiro on more than one occasion. In one instance, they were both affected by the same blast, leading to some awkwardness as Hiro tried desperately not to ogle his superior officer - Maxima later admits that she did not. The fact that Anvil took this as an opportunity to prank them both by giving them a group hug, in such a way they were facing (and touching) each other only made it... more difficult for both of them. It did lead to Maxima admitting that she would be interested if he weren't her subordinate.
  • Referenced and riffed in a side strip of El Goonish Shive .
    "Maybe we shouldn't wear fabrics that rip like tissue paper."
  • Happens to Jones fairly often in Gunnerkrigg Court, but always in situations where someone's clothes absolutely would be destroyed, such as when she is stabbed with a spear, when she is right under a bomb blast or when she re-enters the Earth's atmosphere from orbit. That sort of abuse would destroy any normal person inside the clothes also, but does not affect Jones.
  • Exiern: "What's with the clothing? Ever since the change, it's always the clothing."
  • Terinu ends up losing his shirt when Gwen does her best to bandage up the nasty gut wound that tore it up in the first place.
  • Philip M. Jackson's Nurse Sally vs the Mutants, which doesn't take itself seriously in the least, features "mutant fabric-eating piranha" which reduce the heroine's nurse outfit to nothing more than a barely-there top.
  • Happens repeatedly to Spinnerette, including in her first ever actual fight. The most interesting to straight male readers (and possibly Mecha Maid) is having about half of the suit shredded by vampire Cal Warden's fangirls, mainly around the midriff area.
  • Master of Parade Balloon Animals in Samurai Princess gets to show off her balloons! And we ain't talking about the inflatable kind.
    "And there was much rejoice!"
  • Laura in Eerie Cuties has a tendency of accidentally burning her clothes when overexcited.
  • In Girly, the evil sidekicks are physically vulnerable to The Power of Love. Therefore, it's actually an important plot point that Officers Policeguy and Hipbone suffer clothing damage when fighting the sidekick police.
    Sidekick Chief: Dear god... wait, men! STOP! Our attacks are only making them sexier!
  • Frequently seen in Banzai Girl, particularly to the titular character.
  • In Girls in Space, there is a Running Gag that Faye's dress is lost, damaged or left behind in each story.
  • Sandra and Woo has an uncharacteristic venture into this — Woo the raccoon jumps on her and tears her clothes to shreds while play fighting, leaving her in panties with heart motifs. Some fairly uncomfortable comments ensue from readers, given that Sandra is somewhere between 12 and 14 (Comic-Book Time makes thus ambiguous) so thus falls somewhere between Fanservice and Squick...
  • Blue Milk Special: In this Star Wars fan comic, the fight between Leia and Darth Vader from Splinter of the Mind's Eye results in lots of clothing damage for Leia... while the lightsaber leaves no mark whatsoever on her skin. Impressive.
    Vader: The Force tells me that apart of having never seen the original movie, the author was also a pervert.
  • In Satin Steele, Satin's dress gets ripped up at one point.
  • In Iron Violet: The Shy Titan, Violet suffered a very embarrassing instance of this in her first superhero outing.
  • The outfit Prequel's Katia Managan got for entering the dancing contest suffers this after defeating the Imp Murderboss. Only her gloves actually broke, fortunately, but the implication was the rest could follow unless the outfit was soon replaced.
  • Mr. Mighty from Everyday Heroes has fallen victim to this more than once.
  • Unsounded: When his subordinate sets off a gossmar trap Toma's shirt gets burned and torn, and he later rips the whole thing off while chasing the Red Berry boys.

    Web Original 
  • GoodTimesWithScar had his suit burnt for transition to his inital HotGuy outfit (Minus his shirt) in the season 9 of Hermitcraft Server just before he showcases the progress he did for his HQ.
  • Ongoing problem for Person of Mass Destruction Tennyo in the Whateley Universe. She's nearly indestructible, heals faster than Wolverine, and will take on anything. But she's wearing normal clothing. It never survives intact. Eventually, this gets so serious that one of her teammates buys her — at considerable expense — a Chainmail Bikini made of Adamantium to wear under her clothes, as last-resort protection for her modesty.
    • "Sara's Little Purple Book"[1], the in-world guide to the benefits and downsides of Power Perversion Potential, mentions that some supervillains are notorious for attacking their opponents' clothes, either for the sake of Defeat by Modesty or out of sheer sadism. It specifically warns that spandex and similar fabrics are susceptible to such attacks, and even mentions weapons specifically intended to force their victims to remove their clothes in order to stop them, leaving them Capepunked, as it were.

    Web Videos 

    Western Animation 
  • In the Adventure Time episode "Finn the Wizard", an asteroid that Finn has destroyed shatters into pieces, tearing apart Finn's and the other Wizards' clothes, as well as Jake's fur, thus rendering them nude.
  • The Final Battle of Avatar: The Last Airbender has Aang losing his shirt, though the Magic Pants stay firmly in place and unripped. This is actually important though:hitting his scar on a rock ended up unleashing the Avatar State. Zuko also got his shirt torn taking the lightning for Katara.
    • The art book mentions how fun it was for the artists to simulate clothing damage on Aang and Katara's outfits during the climactic Season 2 finale fight.
  • The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes:
    • Happens to The Wasp, Captain America, Black Panther, and several civilians and S.H.I.E.L.D. agents (but not Iron Man) after The Leader unleashes a gamma explosion that turns them into monsters.
    • In an early episode, Captain America's outfit gets torn when a WWII-era pursuit of Red Skull instead results in an explosion causing Cap to drown into the Arctic Ocean and freeze for over 60 years.
    • Every time Bruce Banner becomes the Hulk unless he's half-naked to begin with.
  • From Batman: The Animated Series, two examples in the episode "Harley's Holiday." First, Veronica Vreeland gets her suit torn when she is kidnapped by Harley Quinn, exposing her arms and quite a bit of her legs. Later on, Harley's pet hyenas attack a gangster and rip off about half his clothes, revealing he wears Goofy Print Underwear.
  • Batman/Superman
    • In a crossover episode, Bruce Wayne is kidnapped by Brainiac (not for being Batman, which he doesn't know, but for being filthy rich), so Robin recruits Supes to help him find Bruce. In the meantime, Supes poses as Batman by wearing his suit (over the top of his own) and using his superior muscle control to fake Batman's voice. When they confront Brainiac, he blasts "Batman" with a beam that would've killed a human. Then Superman walks out of the flame, the Batsuit completely burned away, but his own clothes and cape just fine.
    • In the first crossover of the two, Harley Quinn and Mercy Graves, Lex Luthor's bodyguard, have a catfight while Lex and the Joker have a "business discussion" about killing Batman and Superman. When the fight is over, both of the girls' clothing is very ripped, but none of it is very revealing, and it is QUITE clear that the girls are in all kinds of pain.
  • Has begun happening to Kevin from Ben 10: Alien Force in a couple of episodes, sealing his fate as the Mr. Fanservice.
  • The Crumpets
    • In "Ghost In The Attic", Ms. McBrisk's nightshirt gets caught by the thorny rose bushes outside her house. The parts of her shirt covering her breasts, the lower midriff, and around her body in these parts only remain.
    • In "Crumpity Pity", Li'l-One rips his older sister Caprice's shirt to uncover her large fruit Fake Boobs (as she's secretly delivering them to their recently poor neighbors).
    • In "Man Up!", Bother rips his father's pants with a shaving machine to expose his buttocks, which is accidentally seen by Fynartz.
    • In "La capuche mortelle", Marylin and his friends are fed up with their outcast friend Larry supposedly showing up as a hooded ghost in their dreams. During their conversation with Larry outside at nighttime, Marylin and his pet mouse tear off Larry's hood.
  • One particular scene in the Danny Phantom Grand Finale had this happen to Danny no less than three times in a row!
  • Catwoman's suit receives a pretty hefty helping of this by the end of DC Showcase: Catwoman.
  • The Duck Dodgers episode "Samurai Quack" parodies the Samurai Jack example below by having Daffy (in the role of Jack) insist that he and "Achoo" can't have their big fight until he's ripped off his shirt, hakama pants, and hair tie, leaving him near-naked and wild-haired. He then rips his own flesh off leaving him a skeleton.
  • In Family Guy, this happens to Peter every time he fights Ernie the giant chicken.
  • Futurama:
    • Enforced in "I Second That Emotion." When Leela is offered up as a "virgin" sacrifice by the sewer mutants, the mutant leader orders a minion to chain her to a post, then tear her shirt a little.
    • In an Affectionate Parody and Homage to Star Trek, William Shatner in Kirk's uniform simply tears it right before they get into a discussion.
    • In the "A Clockwork Origin" the nanobots, after becoming larger, devour the ship, Farnsworth's new house...and most of the crew's clothes. And Amy and Leela look as Nubile Savage.
  • Snake Eyes in G.I. Joe: Renegades suffers this on a couple of occasions, but never enough that we can see his face.
  • In Harley Quinn (2019), after Poison Ivy drinks the water laced with her blood, she becomes giant sized, her shoes burst, her leather jacket rips off, her pant legs rip off above the knees, and her shirt rips just so it covers her breasts.
  • Invincible (2021): Mark/Invincible's costume at times takes just as much of a beating as he does — and he takes some brutal beatings. The handsomely muscular Titan makes sure to take his non-invincible clothes excluding his pants off when he's on the job.
  • At least a couple of moments in Justice League.
    • One instance that comes to mind is The Flash in "Divided We Fall".
    • Wonder Woman gets her gown torn to shreds in "Maid of Honor."
    • Also, Superman in "Hereafter" and "The Doomsday Sanction."
    • Supergirl and Galatea's fights often had their clothing torn in places (although, it didn't cause it to reveal too much). Justified because their skin is far tougher than their suits. There's even some symbolism to it in "Fearful Symmetry". Their clothing damage makes their outfits more closely resemble each others', reinforcing what The Question believes is the bleeding together of their personalities.
      • Supergirl could be considered the DCAU's poster child for the trope. Her very debut episode had her civilian disguise torn to shreds to reveal her superhero costume (to be fair, the same happened to Supes at some points in the same show, though in his case was less fanservicey since his costume didn't expose any skin), and then the aforementioned fights with Galatea (both of them) had her already Stripperiffic superhero costume shredded.
  • King of the Hill:
    • In the episode "Texas City Twister", when a tornado strikes the trailer park the Hills are at and Hank fails to make it to the shelter, he grabs onto a nearby pole the force of the tornado shreds Hank's clothes bit by bit until he's left in his underwear which eventually blows off too, he covers himself with a cactus so Luanne won't have to see his private parts.
    • This has happened to other characters like Luanne in "Propane Boom part II"; her shirt and jeans get damaged in the explosion but it's minimal and she also loses her hair.
    • Bill got his shirt ripped off his newly adopted Rottweiler in "Dances With Dogs".
    • And Dale got heavy clothing damage when he accidentally blew up a mini propane tank in "Master of Puppets".
  • In the Mickey Mouse cartoon, "Alpine Climbers", Donald Duck tries to save Mickey; who is tied to an eagle's talons, by grabbing onto his foot. This results in Mickey's shoe being pulled off and his sock being torn apart. Donald then tries grabbing onto Mickey's shorts, causing the buttons to pop right off, as Mickey is also wearing suspenders.
  • In the Mighty Max episode "Blood of the Dragon" Norman takes a hit from Skullmasters's dragon's fire breath meant for Max and is presumed dead, later he returns alive but with some burns on his face and arms and torn clothes.
  • During the events of Pixar Shorts "Tokyo Mater", Mater actually gets parts of his new paint job in Japan gradually peeled off by Kabuto, the short's villain, as their race progresses because of Kabuto's tendency to strip his rivals of their own paint if they lost to him. But at the end of the short, Mater wins the race though with almost all of his paint peeled away, and as a result Kabuto ends up losing his own paint job.
  • Samurai Jack loses clothing this way quite frequently. Seriously, just about every other episode, usually in conjunction with his ludicrously long hair coming loose. And it got more prevalent over timenote 
    • In some episodes clothing damage is accompanied with a red line on his skin, representing that he and not just the clothes were cut, though there's never blood. In others, it's not, but he still cries out. And then tears off the damaged garment.
    • Jack's fight with the Guardian in "Jack and the Travelling Creatures" was already going badly by the time his hair got knocked loose and his shirt shredded. It gets even worse when he reduces the Guardian's suit to tatters.
    • In Season 5 this has become a recurring gag. He loses his armor in the second episode, another set of armor scavenged from an insect shell in the fourth episode, and he gets another set of stolen clothes ripped off in the fifth episode. He has spent most of the fifth season clad in nothing but a ragged loincloth.
    • Also in Season 5, someone other than Jack is on the receiving end of this for once: his would-be assassin-turned-love-interest Ashi. Her Garden Garment is completely destroyed by the Monster of the Week in Episode 8, leaving her completely naked while still having to fight. And near the end of the episode, Jack still takes his gi off to give to her, almost entirely so he won't see her naked. He really cannot keep his clothes on, can he?
  • One Treehouse of Horror segment on The Simpsons was based on the film The Fantastic Voyage. It has a sequence where white cells attack Marge (who was given a Stripperiffic outfit and made unusually busty just for this episode) and eat away at her clothing. "But they seemed to know just where to stop".
  • On The Spectacular Spider-Man, Peter's suit suffers this a lot. Not generally Fanservice.
  • Steven Universe: In "Jail Break", after being plowed through the floor of a spaceship by Jasper, Garnet's gloves are torn and her shades are cracked, while the rest of her clothes are mildly damaged. She fixes them shortly after, though, because they're simply a product of her Voluntary Shapeshifting.
  • Teen Titans (2003):
    • Played to its most disturbing in the episode "Birthmark" where Slade actively tears Raven's clothes, showcasing the various demonic birthmarks that show up on her skin. The intense shredding eventually leaves Raven clad in a ragged bikini and is very reminiscent of rape. Are we sure this is a children's show?
    • In a more traditional application of the trope, Robin gets the sleeves of his martial arts tunic ripped off by a guardian in "The Quest".
    • In "Haunted", Robin's costume is heavily damaged following his battle with Slade's projection. He also damages his costume in Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo during his fight with Saico-Tek.
    • And in "The Beast Within", Beast Boy's costume shredded every time he turns into the werebeast. And yet it remains intact when he turns into an elephant, dinosaur, whale or other animal of enormous proportions. It's possible that it has something to do with him being able to control his powers, as the werebeast transformations weren't voluntary. He also suffers no clothing damage when transforming into the werebeast when Slade unleashes Trigon's army on the Titan's tower.
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Fast Forward
    • In an episode, Raphael tears his own (rented) tux to shreds as he draws his laser-sais when a fight breaks out.
    • In another episode April's outfit gets shredded when Raphael pulls her out of some thorns she then proceeds to tear off the loose parts of her clothing.
  • In the Tiny Toon Adventures segment "The Anvil Chorus" Plucky's suit he wore for the performance is torn to shreds while barely avoiding the falling anvils.
  • Totally Spies!:
    • The episode "S.P.I". actually has a minion shoot the girls with a "clothes-shrinking ray".
    • Incurs in a slightly more creative way during "Attack of the 50-Foot Mandy", when a villain hits Clover with a growth ray, causing her to outgrow her clothing.
    • Alex ends up having her outfit torn by the end of the first episode "A Thing for Musicians!".
    • Clover's suit is torn apart after she turns into a cat/human hybrid in the episode "Wild Style", the same happens to the other people that mutated into animal/human hybrids.
  • Wakfu: This happens quite a bit among both the heroes (Yugo, Grougaloragran) and the villains (Qilby, Nox) in battles, often losing their tops and/or armor.
  • X-Men: The Animated Series:
    • In a first-season episode, Rogue confronts Apocalypse. He hits her with an energy blast that blows back, then shreds then vaporizes her jacket. Rogue being '90s Rogue, and this being a) a kid's show and b) the Marvel Universe where pretty much everyone uses Unstable Molecules, there was no other damage done on the surface. Of course, no damage was needed; convenient angles and the fact that Rogue was deprived of her bomber jacket provided all the Fanservice the scene needed.
    • Also sometimes in battle Wolverine would get his shirt ripped or blown off.
  • X-Men: Evolution:
    • Something similar happens in this show but somewhat justified. Rogue is hit head-on by a massive fire blast from Pyro. Having just absorbed Colossus' metal skin power, she comes out of it unharmed. Her clothes, however, are burned off except for the obvious necessary bits and some extra scraps.
    • Happens other times in Evolution, especially with Scott. Whenever he got into a rough situation, his shirt would usually get ripped, exposing half of his chest.
  • Young Justice (2010) tends to be fairly realistic about this, often having clothing damage that doesn't come off like fanservice (for example, the boys at the end of episode 2).
    • However, muscular Superboy has holes blasted in his shirt so often in season one that it might be meant as a Running Gag. He also loses his favorite boots to lava in "Denial." Then in the season 4 episode "Involuntary" when he sacrifices himself. The lava burns his shirt and skin off, leaving only his pants.
    • Neutro is first seen in some kind of armor; it and any clothes he may have been wearing under it are completely destroyed by his powers, though. The Flash Family and the police provide a blanket.
  • No matter what happened to Zeta in The Zeta Project, he never had so much as a rip in his clothes — because they're a holographic projection outside his robotic shell. Ro only has occasional clothing damage, usually to her jeans.

    Real Life 
  • In a rather bizarre case in Real Life, the 20 July 1944 attempt to assassinate Adolf Hitler only resulted in him getting minor injuries and having his trousers blown off. Four others died.
  • Severe clothing damage, including naked victims, is common enough in high-explosive detonations that first responders can usually tell if they're dealing with a criminal bombing or genuine accident. It's also quite common for people in car accidents, either crashes or being run over, to lose their clothes from a severe impact. Many of the graphic images of victims available on the internet show them with their pants or shirts half-gone.
    • Due to the physiology of the legs, shoes are one of the first things to go even in minor accidents, quite literally flying off the feet due to the legs being whipped back from sudden deceleration and other forces. It doesn't exactly help that our like of shoe designs that don't feature much fastening, such as sandals, flip-flops, slip-ons and trainers, are exactly the right shape to come loose at the heel of the foot, making them quite easily discarded even at low speeds such as falling off a skateboard or tripping over.
  • This isn't quite a fanservice example, but it's egregious enough to be worth mentioning. During the Winter War, after the Russians had enough people killed by Simo Häyhä that they just decided to carpet bomb the entire forest he was in, he finally took some damage... to his coat.
  • In many massed melee battles in history, the amount of movement and the proximity of a writhing, stabbing, pulling, punching, slashing, and hooking masses of men can actually cause certain fighters in said battles to come out completely naked and covered in cuts. This is one of the reasons why armor of any kind, despite the numerous amounts of armor-piercing weapons, exists. Ironically enough, this is one of the reasons a number of ancient warriors fought naked or nearly so. The damaged clothing would be carried into the body and cause infections, leading to a long and rather gruesome death, plus the blood (either from you or the enemy) would certainly weigh it down after a while.
  • According to Stuntman and Actor Gui DaSilva-Greene (who was the stunt double for Black Panther in Captain America: Civil War and Black Panther (2018)) when he appeared on Node, pants rip and bits of costumes fall off during stunts.


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