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The Flash is a character appearing in various DC Comics media. You may be looking for:

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    Comic Book Series 


    Notable Comic Book Stories 

    Other Versions 
  • Tangent Comics Flash was a young girl called Lia Nelson who was composed of light.
  • A re-imagining of the Flash exists in the Just Imagine... series. This version of the Flash is a college girl called Mary Maxwell who gains super speed after her father attempts to save her from a life-threatening disease that slowly drained her energy, by injecting her with hummingbird DNA.
  • DC even has two Funny Animal versions of the Flash:
    • The first was the Terrific Whatzit, a Golden Age comics character who's a turtle. TW had a power set similar to Johnny Quick's (super-speed, some flying ability) plus super-strength; he wore a costume similar to Jay Garrick's. Later stories showed he lived on the parallel world of Earth-C, and was the uncle of the Zoo Crew's speedster Fastback.
    • The second was the Crash, a member of the JLA (Just'a Lotta Animals) of Earth-C-Minus. The Crash was his world's version of the Flash (the Silver Age version), and thus had the same costume and powers as the Flash. In a variation on Barry Allen's backstory as well as the story "The Flash of Two Worlds," it's revealed that the Crash as a child had read his world's "fictional" comics about (Earth-C's) Terrific Whatzit.

    Other Non-Comicbook Media