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About the DC Comic Book series and characters.

  • Author Appeal: Geoff Johns has made it very clear that he hated the Rogues getting powers in the New 52, even mentioning on his Instagram that The Flash 2014's Rogues had weapons "as they should". In a case of Writer on Board, Johns would remove Captain Cold's powers in Forever Evil, and take him from the Flash comics for use in his Justice League run.
  • Creator Backlash:
    • Both Mark Waid (Bart's creator) and Geoff Johns (the guy who wrote the story where it happened) have made it very clear that they hated Bart adopting the Kid Flash codename.
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    • Artist Brett Booth was very vocal about his displeasure with Wally's initial absence from the New 52. In an example of this working out for the best, when DC decided it was time to reintroduce Wally, they approached Booth about taking over art duties on the series.
    • Ironically, Geoff Johns himself was displeased by Wally's treatment in the New 52 and went as far as to make the original Wally the main character of DC Universe: Rebirth, using him as an Author Avatar to rail against the New 52.
    • Mark Waid has made no secret of his disdain for DC's treatment of Wally, the character he helped define.
  • Creator's Favorite:
    • Mark Waid has made it clear that Wally is his favourite Flash, though he never disrespected the other Flashes or anything.
    • Geoff Johns' favourite character overall is Barry Allen, and he's the guy who brought Barry back. Years later, he would also say Wally was his favourite.
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    • Joshua Williamson has said that his favourite has always depended on his age; as a child it was Bart Allen as Impulse, as a young adult he loved Wally's time as the Flash, and as he approaches middle-age it's now Barry Allen.
  • Executive Meddling
    • When Titans and Young Justice was merged to create the 2003 Teen Titans revival, Bart was renamed "Kid Flash" and given a new personality, removing his ADD-driven, humor-based personality to turn him into a brooding teenager who kept wanting to be taken seriously. Geoff Johns has made it very clear that this wasn't his idea and he actually hated it and commiserated with Mark Waid about it. Bart's been acting more like his old self since his resurrection, which was also written by Johns (and by that time, Johns had much more clout at DC).
    • Previously, Wally's Crisis-era depowering fits with the general trend to bring top-level heroics down to less fantastic levels.
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    • Treatment of Wally West and the rest of Flashfamily not named Barry Allen is unfortunately disappointing because of higher ups.
    • Wally's Rebirth suit having an open top for his hair. Brett Booth has said he wanted to have it closed, but the higher-ups wanted it open (probably to help distinguish him from Barry, since eye colour is hard to show in all-but close-ups and Wally's lightning colour is subject to Depending on the Artist).
  • Fan Nickname:
    • Jesse Quick's unpopular third outfit, after the leather jacket and Zettai Ryouiki outfits, is referred to as the 'Q-boob' outfit, for how the 'Q' weirdly circles one of her, well, boobs.
    • Then New 52 Wally West is called "Nu Wally" to distinguish him from the Pre-New 52 version. Notably, this was before the original Wally returned in Rebirth, and the CBR even allowed the two to have different appreciation threads, which they haven't allowed for any other character. After the original Wally's return, it's just necessary, since they both call themselves Wally in-universe, and readers tend to call the Flash characters by their real names anyway, due to the Legacy thing. Post-Rebirth, the two individual Wallys have a couple in order to distinguish them. Together they're occasionally referred to as the "Wallace Cousins." Original Wally is sometimes referred to as either Classic!Wally or Big!Wally (due to being significantly older). Those who use those names label the New 52 Wally NuWally (the most common nickname for him), Small!Wally or, if the person in question is trying to be cutesy, Smol!Wally (which is pretty much the same as the second). Some fans have suggested calling New 52 Wally by the name Ace instead (as in Wallace) but it hasn't picked up much steam. In the end, a large part of fandom even started to call them by ice cream flavors; Strawberry Wally for one and Choco Wally for other, although this hasn't picked up much steam either (due to racist connotations).
    • The Flash: Afterbirth is sometimes used to differentiate between the original miniseries and the 2016 one-shot.
  • Follow the Leader: It's hard to imagine comic books without speedsters. Jay Garrick was the very first.
  • Fountain of Expies: Hunter Zolomon has become this for any version of newly created (or recreated in case of New 52 Eobard Thawne) evil speedsters, including the other adaptations of Reverse-Flash.
    • Daniel West is the first to be inspired by Hunter; he believes his entire life is a big tragedy due to his father's abuse and his greatest desire is to go back in time to fix where everything went wrong for him. He has a connection to the Speed Force, but his powers are also time-based, allowing him to rewind time a few seconds back.
    • The TV show adaptation of Eobard Thawne heavily borrows from Hunter with a few twists; he is an Evil Cripple who becomes an ally to Flash and trains Barry to improve him as a hero albeit with less sadistic ways. The only truly difference is that Thawne (during his impersonation) is revealed to be Evil All Along, and was never truly a friend to the Flash.
    • The aborted movie adaptation of The Flash also features Thawne as a paraplegic scientist.
    • Barry Allen himself can count as an example, his changed origins heavily resemble Hunter's, with his father killing his mother (though in Barry's case, Henry Allen is framed) and Barry using this tragedy as a motivation to join law enforcement and solve his case. The TV show even uses this to draw parallels between the two characters.
    • Eobard Thawne's New 52 version is basically a Composite Character of himself and Hunter; he has Hunter's Time Master powers and his Til Murder Do Us Part origins. This has fortunately been undone by DC Rebirth though.
    • However August Heart as Godspeed takes it to a whole new level by being a Composite Character of Hunter's two versions:
      • Just like Hunter's comic version, he is introduced as part of the police department and a close ally/friend of the Flash. His push to villainy is fuelled by Barry's refusal to contemplate killing his enemies (like Professor Zoom). He also has a tragic failure in his past that motivates him and wants to show the Flash that there is a better way to handle his enemies.
      • And like the TV show version of Zoom, he wears a similar suit (only with reverse colors), uses clones to mislead people on his secret identity and hunts down other speedsters to gain more power and become the greatest speedster.
  • I Knew It!:
    • Wally West being black. It was played as a twist, but many, many fans knew this was going to happen, since the Wests in the planned Flash TV series are black, and the fact that Brett Booth said Wally was on the cover of Flash Annual #3, which many correctly assumed was the graffiti artist who nothing was shown of. The issue has massive Just Here for Godzilla status, so why wouldn't they show Wally's appearance?
    • Wally West's return in Rebirth. The way Geoff Johns giggled like a school girl with Flash writer Joshua Williamson at the Rebirth panel, the foreshadowing in Titans Hunt, leaks, and just the idea that Rebirth was supposed to re-establish legacy made it clear he was coming back.
  • Marth Debuted in "Smash Bros.": The Flash's theatrical debut was in 2014'sThe LEGO Movie.
  • Old Shame: Van Jensen, co-writer of the most divisive run on The Flash, admits that he's extremely disappointed in himself about stories and he's only satisfied with his back up issues featuring Nu Wally.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • In the The Flash: Rebirth collected edition and on Twitter, Geoff Johns' pitch for the 2010 Flash series is included, and features a more substantial role for Wally in the form of a backup story written by Johns and drawn by Scott Kolins. However, as the pitch concludes by noting it would be leading into Flashpoint in 2011, it appears that much of this dropped due to the Schedule Slip the final issues of The Flash: Rebirth suffered from.
      • Ethan Van Sciver also said in a live chat that there were plans for a book called "All Flash" before Flashpoint, which was to focus exclusively on Wally and his kids. However, the editors got scared of that the phrase "All Flash, No Substance" would be used to insult the book. According to Sciver, that phrase alone killed the book.
      • There were also talks about a Kid Flash series focused on Bart, scripted by Sterling Gates (who would later write for the Flash tv series) as part of the post-Flash Rebirth status quo, but it was scrapped by DC in favor of only one Flash book, focusing on Barry.
    • Artist Ethan van Sciver started making commentaries on his comics on his Youtube channel. When talking about Flash: Rebirth, he revealed that he planned to create a family of evil speedsters for Professor Zoom, including a wife, a daughter (called Mara Thawne) and Impulse's nemesis Inertia, as he believed that Thawne wasn't intimidating enough if he had to face the whole Flash family by himself. However, the New 52 ended that idea.
      • Van Sciver, who designed the Black Lanterns for the Blackest Night event, also revealed that before editorial approved Flash: Rebirth, it was "quite possible" that Johns would have brought back Barry as one of the main Black Lanterns. This would also give Wally Barry's place as co-protagonist of the story along with Hal Jordan.
    • Johns planned to make Jai West the new Turtle, and Irey's Evil Counterpart. This never came about thanks to the New 52.
    • Prior to Wally's New 52 reintroduction, Brett Booth posted several ideas for Wally's costume on his personal blog - Whilst mostly resembling the costume Wally had been wearing prior to the reboot, one major difference was the use of black on the hands and the waist down to give Wally a costume that whilst resembling Barry's, would allow the reader to easily distinguish between the two Flashes at a glance; and an alternate color scheme on the same costume, replacing the red and gold other with blue & silver - ultimately, Booth would use different designs when he got to introduce a future version of New 52 Wally as the Flash, and when he got to design Wally's new costume upon his return in DC Rebirth.
    • There were plans for a The Flash game made by BottleRocket and Brash Entertainment. The game was cancelled in 2008 when Brash went belly up. With a story written by Marv Wolfman, it would have starred the Barry Allen Flash and had him deal with his famed Rogue's Gallery. In-game footage from the alpha had very obvious nods to Sonic (beyond the running part, there were dash pads and grinding) and the Spider-Man games. It was also highly possible to play as other speedsters from the Flash Family. According to this video, the game initially started out with the idea of having the Flash help out other legendary DC city locations, like Metropolis and Gotham City, but curtailed it back to just Central and Keystone City. Instead, it would focus on the Wally West Flash during the first twelve months of his superheroic carrer, justifying the need for tutorials and such as Wally would be getting the hang of being the Flash. The Flash would deal with his Rogues Gallery before facing down the ultimate villains of the game, Gorilla Grodd and Professor Zoom. There would also be an online multiplayer mode that would allow players to race against other speedsters with the possibility of even bringing in Superman.
    • Iris West was slated to be killed all the way back in Flash #176 in 1967, six years before Gwen Stacy was killed in The Amazing Spider-Man. The cover proposed for the issue was instead used for #184 with an altered storyline.


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