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The Speed Force and the Metagene are related to Magic: The Gathering's Planeswalker Spark.
See Magic: The Gathering for details.

The speedsters created the Speed Force, not the other way around.
Those with the proper Metagenes pooled their powers into a single extradimensional space, causing it to become increasingly sentient and influential. Their speed comes from themselves and flows into the Speed Force. The original energy comes from the same source as all the other energy-generating metahumans. Possibly The Source is the source.
  • Confirmed by Rebirth #4! And people are already throwing hissy fits!

Alternatively both the speedsters powers created the Speed Force just as simultaneously the Speed Force gave them their own powers

Given that the Speed Force permits Time Travel, this would be a Stable Time Loop.

  • Effectively confirmed. Barry created and is the source of the Speed Force.

That place Mirror Master goes when he jumps through a mirror is Despair's realm from The Sandman.
Despair's realm is "The World Behind the Mirrors". How could it not be the same place? As to why they've never met — notice how we never see the bottom of it in the Flash comics. Despair always hangs around on the floor.
  • Who says they've never met? Maybe McCulloch was terrified into silence by the experience, or maybe he thought it was a cocaine-induced hallucination.
    • Who says that he was silent about it? Maybe he does tell people, we just never see it on panel.
    • Actually, this fits pretty well. Both men started using the mirrors after experiencing great despair: Scudder had recently began a 10 year prison sentence for robbery and McCulloch found out he had shot his biological father and driven his mother to suicide.

All speedsters in every universe gain their power from the Speed Force
Flash, Quicksilver, Sonic the Hedgehog, Synapse, Superman, even the fastest Transformers and race car drivers gain their affinity with speed from it.Alternately, the above theory that speedsters create the Speed Force could also be true in this way.
  • Corollary: All motion in all universes comes from the Speed Force. All motion is relative; To a snail, a turtle has super-speed. Basically, the Speed Force is just the multiversal clearinghouse for kinetic energy.
    • I'm new to the Flash, but in Rebirth it implies the Savitars got their speed by sacrificing people? If they had any connection to the Speed Force other than Savitar being imprisoned within it it forcible then this could be evidence for this WMG.
  • I seem to recall reading somewhere that Superman's speed is simply part of his genetic makeup from the powers he derives from yellow solar energy, and thus is not connected to the Speed Force in any way. Plus, Jay Garrick is a speedster, but didn't lose his speed when the Speed Force temporarily disappeared due to his powers coming from his meta-gene.
    • Jay Garrick is the prime example of not all "speed" feats being from the Speed Force. In Rebirth he states he was never able to run faster than sound on his own. He met Barry and then he could run "faster". The implication being was that he was now hooking into the Speed Force.
  • This theory is jossed by JLA/Avengers. In that series Wally travels to the Marvel Universe and looses his superspeed, because the Speed Force doesn't exist in that universe. Quicksilver also appears in the series, and it's explicitly stated the source of his speed is something else than the Speed Force.

The Darker and Edgier story about Barry's parents is, in canon, a continuity burp.
Consider these following points:
  1. Barry instinctively believes that his father is innocent of the crime of killing his mother.
  2. Geoff Johns is the man who came up with the "Superboy-Prime punch" explanation for hiccups in continuity.
  • Geoff Johns didn't come up with the "Superboy-Prime Punch" that was Judd Winick.
  1. Geoff Johns is also the man who created Hunter Zolomon, a.k.a. Zoom, whose father was a serial killer and killed his mother.
  2. Johns loves the hell out of Zoom; even though he depowered him in Rogues' Revenge, he's not about to give up his favorite Flash villain so easily.

Ergo, there's been some weird reality shifting that has caused Zolomon's history to be ascribed to Barry, and Barry's going to need to figure out how to fix it.

  • It's a different kind of continuity hiccup. Barry died just before the final reset in the first Crisis. Since then, there as a Crisis In Time which altered backstories, Infinite Crisis, which resurrected the Multiverse and, again, altered parts of history (kind of like 52). Look how much Batman and Superman have changed since COIE; the only reason we didn't notice any changes in Barry before was that his personal timeline had ended mid-Crisis before.
    • Not mutually exclusive...

  • Turns out it was the original Professor Zoom retconning Barry's past.

The new Barry Allen will be a villain
This follows naturally from the above guess. We've got two other Flashes for heroics, so...
Flash can fly.
Theoretically, there no reason he can't; he can violate every other law of motion, inertia, and gravity at will. Johnny and Jesse Quick, who also tap the Speed Force, can fly. DC's version of Mercury/Hermes, God of Speed, can also fly, and those who gain "the speed of Mercury" such as Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel also gain flight. The Kingdom Come Future!Flash can fly.
  • It's been implied that Flash can fly by propelling his molecules in a fashion similar to flight. He doesn't because: A) There are all ready several fliers, and several speedster fliers; and B) He's got the whole running thing down to a science, why both with flying?
  • The meta reason is it gets boring if everyone can fly. The in-universe reason seems to be that it would practice to do it and failure will lead to... eh.

Parallax is now able to tap into the Speed Force.
At one point in Brightest Day, Parallax was able to combine Barry Allen's speedster powers with his own Reality Warper fear-mongering abilities through possession. Once a speedster touches the Speed Force, (at least presumably) they can tap into it again. Thus, Parallax, via his short stint with the Flash, has acquired superspeed.
  • Why does it matter? Parallax is the personification of fear, the cause of it, and presumably is fear. That probably qualifies it for being everywhere, to some extent, where there is fear. If you can be in so many places at once, why would superspeed matter?
    • If that is the case, then fear is now capable of striking anywhere, at any time, in the blink of an eye, when it could only come in leaps and bounds before.
In another universe Jay Garrick is FLASH! AHH!AHH!...
and Hawkman is one of the hawk people.Queen.
The Speed force is Barry's Stand
It's fueled by the power of Barry's life energy, though it lacks even a rudimentary-humanoid form. So Stand-like, but not exactly a Stand.
Wally is still Kid Flash
to Jay Garrick on Earth-2.

The various changes to the Status Quo are because Barry didn't know every detail or think to add them in.
Barry actually had to recreate the DCU from scratch when he reset everything during Flashpoint, but as he's not perfect or godlike, he didn't remember every detail perfectly, or because he chose to change them under the belief he was making things better. These include:

Superheroes now wear armoured looking suits, because Barry wanted to ensure they would all be safer.

Barbara Gordon can walk again because Barry hasn't met either of the successive Batgirls, and as such didn't add them in.

The age of heroes is only five years because, thanks to being gone for so long, Barry only knew about fie years worth of info about the world. He tried to put in what he knew and what he was told, but thanks to his gap time, he could only fit in so much.

Iris is gone because Barry was thinking that, without him, she would have a safer life away from super heroes. He didn't realize that this would also remove the reason for him knowing Wally, resulting in Wally never becoming Kid Flash. His time as Flash is gone as well because Barry wasn't present for that.

A number of characters, specifically female ones such as Sarfire, Harley, and Amanda Weller, who were sporting more sexualized designs is because Barry is a Covert Pervert.

...But the ones were are less sexualized are because he's not an outright pervert and wanted to give them more respect.

...nd he changes to Blue Beetle are because, as great a guy as Barry is, he's uninentionally a litle racist against Hispanics.

  • The reason why Green Lantern is the least altered of the bunch is because Barry and Hal are the best of friends, and due to recent events he probably knows the most about the Green Lantern mythos than any other hero.

And Lastly, he included Cyborg in the JL's founders because he wanted to make sure the guy was on the team since he likes him.

Continuing from above, this will be the setup for Batman, Titans, Flash, and others to team up for a miniseries to bring back some of the missing characters and fix the more controversial changes

It will start with Tim Drake, Red Robin, realizing that he feels like there's some people missing; he vaguely remembers Cassandra Cain and Stephanie Brown, Batgirls 2 and 3/Black Bat and Spoiler, but can't name or picture them. Until, when talking to some other heroes, he remembers them more clearly, and begins trying to investigate this. He discovers some other details he vaguely remembers, coming to him in dreams, and ends up tracing them back to events that had Barry Allen involved. He confronts him wih this, and together hey find out what Barry did and, teaming up with Bruce Wayne/Batman, Dick Grayson/Nightwing, and Kid Flash/Bart Allen, they try to find out where the mising heroes are.

Meanwhile, on another world created by this event, Cass, Steph, and Wally are kept prisoner by some evil force, along with the other missing heroes. Together, the three manage to free the others and try to find a way home. Only problem is, they all have no memory of their previous lives. Eventually, both Barry and Wally are able to remember each other when they boh connect with the Speedforce, and communicate. Wally is at first shocked to discover his uncle forgot about his existence, but quickly forgives him when Barry realizes his mistake and feels deeply guilty. Together, they go on to fix some of the damages together, resulting in reuniting Steph, Cass, and the Bat Fam, as well as returning Wally and every other hero to the universe.

The new Reverse-Flash will be Wally West
He will still have memories from his pre Flash Point and New 52 days. And wants revenge against Berry for erasing his entire family, related and extended, from the timeline.
  • That sounds highly plausible, and it could easily work. He'd be a "villain," but he could still go out of his way to save people.
  • In his debut at the end of Flash #17, the new Reverse-Flash certainly seems to imply that he knows Barry. A point towards this theory?
  • This might go to explain the Reverse Flash's apperance, which looks borderline Humanoid Abomination: Wally was never born, and is being sustained in this timeline solely through the negative Speed Force. As for how he survived-when Thawne!Reverse Flash became unstuck in time, he found Wally and used his new abilties to ensure he wouldn't be erased, so that even if he's dead and Barry tries to undo what happened, he can hurt Barry by reminding him of his mistakes.

    • Nope. Jossed.
      • That being said, Daniel West could have similar goals, trying to fix what Barry messed up.
      • Jossed again. His motives stem from his Daddy Issues, and have nothing to do with Barry.

You guys should really give up on things magically coming back from the previous continuity, being aware of it, let alone trying to restore it. DC is clearly acting like a previous continuity never existed, so that's how it is.

  • Until a generation of writers who grew up with the pre-Flashpoint comics take the helm someday.

The Black Flash was working for Nekron.
Those on top of Nekron's hit list are those that escape death. The whole point of the Black Flash is that it prevents speedsters from escaping death by outrunning it-the Black Flash is a servant of Nekron created to hunt them down. He let the Black Flash exit during Final Crisis to deal with Darkseid, and the Black Flash died afterwards because Nekron had set things up to solve the problem of life once and for all.

The new Reverse-Flash is Daniel West, Iris's brother.
He was one of Barry's first arrests as the Flash (and he contained Daniel again as Barry shortly after), Reverse-Flash only started to appear after Daniel was released and arrived at Central City, and he attacked everyone who entered the Speed Force — except Iris.
  • Confirmed.

New 52 Wally will be Black
It has been confirmed that Wally will appear in New 52 in April 2014. Many, many people all over the internet believe he'll be changing ethnicity for whatever reason. This is an internet wide WMG but it wasn't here yet so I thought I'd share.

Wally being Black is simply just an internet rumor that the writer's decided to stay ambiguous on.
The rumor came about when the writers said that “Wally will be different than we know him". It was simply a fan jumping to conclusion and said rumor became wide spread. The writers probably realized that this would cause controversy so they decided to not confirm or deny the rumor. They did this because they thought the controversy would make the book Wally is suppose to appear in sell better.

In the case that Wally is Black he'll go through a “Nick Fury" like situation
Nick was famously changed from a White man to a Black man. While this initially caused an uproar people eventually accepted the change when they realized he was still a cool character. It eventually got to the point that many people actually forgot he was White to begin with. If Wally's personality stays intact and he manages to do badass things on his own people will eventually accept the change just like they did with Nick Fury.
  • Well then, since everything about Wally has been butchered, leaving the only thing that makes him seem like the original Wally is who he shares DNA with, this is Jossed, with no sign of N52-Wally getting any real acceptance from fans anytime soon.

Wally isn't “too white"
Wally appears on Flash Annual #3 and many people think he's the kid spray painting on the wall rather than “The Blue Flash". Those who have heard of and/or support the rumor that he will be black have made it their thing to point out that "Wally's" hands are very white in color. So white that they could be gloves. While it is possible that it is a Black Wally who happens to be wearing gloves it could just as easily be a White Wally wearing gloves.
  • If Wally is still Caucasian he could very easily just be pale skinned. That shade of white isn't impossible after all.

Wally won't be Black because of both the Justice League and Young Justice cartoons.
Both cartoon are somewhat recent and they introduced a white ginger haired Wally to at least two generations of people if not more. This of course may be irrelevant when it comes to the comics but the change will definitely confuse people for a while who start reading comics because of the white Wally's they were introduced to.

Wally will be African American and everyone that isn't racist will be fine with it...
...after a few months of it headlining on the internet. As said above people largely accepted Nick Fury's change in ethnicity. People also shrugged their shoulders and moved on with their lives a few months after one of the Green Lanterns was revealed to be Gay. Given some time the same will happen here.
  • Being upset about a fundamental change to a fundamental character doesn't make people racist. Perhaps DC should have a greater degree of diversity, but should that be accomplished by race-lifting established, iconic characters? The anger isn't about race, but about the seemingly endless contempt that comic book writers hold for established characters and continuity. An adaptation which would experiment with characters' traits and backgrounds would probably go over a lot better than a continuity rewrite. Which will probably be undone eventually anyway, after the writers get tired of the shakeup.
  • Jossed. New 52 version of the character was a total disappointment disliked by everyone and they had to reveal he wasn't the "real" Wally West to calm down fans. Bonus points for Geoff Johns reintroducing the white version of character again.

Professor Zoom went one step further than we knew, prior to Flashpoint
It was not enough to mess with every aspect of Barry's past, from the huge to the miserably petty. Having a unique sense of time, Zoom literally pushed the timeline to just before the breaking point, setting up Barry to explode it when he attempted to save his mother. Zoom knew Barry would eventually have to try this, in effect over-clocking time itself, till one more pull was all that was needed to flatly burn itself out.

Godspeed is Zoom
No, not the CW Zoom, looks nothwistanding. He's Eobard Thawne of New Earth, or, rather, AN Eobard Thawne. While Eobard was separately taken from timeline by Zolomon, and from the Speedforce by the resurrection of Barry Allen, during The Blackest Night Eobard's body, without his soul, was animated by the Black Lanterns in form of the new Black Flash. His reign of death was not for long, and the dead Thawne was nothing without his soul (In the Speedforce? In the prison per Rebirth V1? Or running somewhere with Zolomon? Timeline, man). The thing is, Thawne's body was given a true resurrection by the White Entity, presumably giving him his soul. The resurrected White Lantern Thawne joined other heroes and villains of that team, before ultimately leaving in the end, saying that he is "finally going home". That means that by the end of New Earth run, there were at least two separate Eobards running independently.
  • Finally, here is Godspeed: http: // .jpg
  • And here is White Energy Zoom: http: // .jpg
  • Jossed. Godspeed's real identity is August Heart, a completely original character. New Earth Eobard Thawne returned in Button crossover though.

Hunter Zolomon is the in-universe architect of everything post-Flashpoint
The last we saw of Zolomon in the comics, he was telling the imprisoned Eobard Thawne that they could "make each other better." Now, we all know that Zolomon, during his stint as Zoom, was bent on making heroes better and more effective through tragedy, and we know that at some point Thawne learned Zoom's Badass Fingersnap technique...and making Barry's backstory a traumatic one would be right up Hunter's alley in an effort to make him a "better" hero. Since we haven't seen Zolomon in the New 52 continuity, it could be that perhaps he's sitting somewhere behind the scenes—perhaps in an alternate universe or somewhere else in the time-stream—and is working with Thawne to carry out his overall goal (with the side "bonus" of Thawne getting to screw with Barry all he wants).

Inmate: Crisis is Superboy-Prime.
At the end of Flash War Thawne's prisoner, someone under the code-name "Inmate Crisis" escapes as a Sequel Hook. He ominously quotes the tagline of Crisis on Infinite Earths, and saying the Flashes will pay for what they've done to him. Who could this possibly be, assuming its not a Remember the New Guy? or weird time travel situation involving another/future foe? There is one character who has a serious vendetta against the Flashes and whom would make perfect sense to link it to "Crisis"; Superboy-Prime. Last we saw him pre-New 52 he was bonded to the Source Wall. If anyone's going to survive the reboot/timeline change, it's probably going to be him. And the Source Wall broke in Dark Knights Metal.

Given he's endured multiple reboots and was last seen merged with the Source Wall, he's likely permanently mutated into something worse. Having spent so long in that condition would also allow them to re-tool his character into being less whiny and more of a Knight of Cerebus, along with altering his power set.


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