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"To have such an immoral and lewd plan coming out from you, what a surprise."
Haruna to Nodoka, Negima! Magister Negi Magi

Uncharacteristically suggestive comments and thoughts from a character usually considered pure and innocent. Sometimes this is played straight and shows that a character is mature or smart enough to notice subtle themes their friends don't. Most of the time it's a trait given to a shy character to show they're not quite as mousy and meek as we think. Usually cued by fantasy segues becoming more and more lewd.

This will always be fiercely denied by the character, especially if they're cantankerous and dismissive. The more comedic princess-like types often get this too until it turns into a more overt Running Gag.

Note that the title refers to covertness in the figurative sense, not the literal. This trope is also Truth in Television — you know who you are. Don't say it, otherwise you won't be one anymore. If the Covert Pervert is outed they may be subject to a girl getting set to Pervert Revenge Mode or even an Unprovoked Pervert Payback.

Compare Naughty by Night and Seemingly-Wholesome '50s Girl.



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    Anime and Manga 
  • The 100 Girlfriends Who Really, Really, Really, Really, Really Love You: Shizuka Yoshimoto, being a Shrinking Violet who uses a text-to-speech phone app to communicate, is usually presented as Purity Personified. For example, she was the only one of the (then) six girlfriends to object to trying to peep on Rentarou in the bath. Nevertheless she is shown to occasionally have more adult-oriented thoughts, especially if the circumstances suit her tastes. For example, when Nano is dressed up as a prince, Shizuka's love of Fairytale Motifs causes her to start taking photos while drooling, a response usually reserved for Lovable Sex Maniac Hahari. When all the girls are taking turns giving Rentarou a Lap Pillow, Rentarou has dreams related to the girl he's resting on; his dream with Shizuka is becoming intimate on their honeymoon night and Rentarou's response to immediately wake up and sit bolt upright. He later responds the exact same way to the actively sexy dreams given by Hakari and, again, Hahari.
  • Shino Aizawa of Aizawa-san Multiplies dreams of being rather intimate with her crush, Souta, but she's generally too shy to admit it. However, she develops a Literal Split Personality sprung from her carnal desires, who is most pointedly not afraid to admit it, and the original (as well as duplicates based on other aspects of her personality) doesn't exactly deny what her libido is saying.
  • Mai "Ino" Inose plays the role of the Token Mini-Moe in Asteroid in Love. Consistent to that archetype, she is mostly a nice and wholesome girl, but the fact that her Imagine Spot on the term "exposure correction" involves "'correcting' a Panty Shot by putting a Censor Box over that person's eyes" indicates she has a well-hidden perverted streak.
  • Azumanga Daioh:
    • Minamo is revealed to be this, thanks to too much alcohol and a poorly timed question from Tomo, prompting her to say "Let me tell you about men" and deliver a long speech on the matter. The speech itself is censored with calming music and relaxing scenery, but given the girls' reactions, apparently it was very... educational.
    • Osaka is the only one who doesn't react to the speech with confusion (Chiyo) or embarrassment (everyone else), listening intently and outright telling Chiyo to be quiet when she tries to interrupt.
  • In B Gata H Kei, Yamada is a beautiful, intelligent, refined young girl... who cannot stop thinking about sex for even a second. Her life goal is to have one hundred sex friends.
    Daisuke: Why does she suddenly stop talking and blush sometimes?
  • In the manga version of Battle Royale, Mitsuko suspects that Kazuo Kiriyama is one and tries to seduce him. She's wrong.
  • Berserk:
    • Rare in a series where All Men Are Perverts and All Women Are Lustful, but when it does appear it is not funny. Princess Charlotte, for instance, is so naive that she barely considers the consequences when Griffith sneaks into her bedroom one night. Not that she had much emotional control over the situation and had plenty of time to regret it. Lady Farnese is a different example at first; she's a Church Militant noblewoman who tries to be a Celibate Hero for both religious and practical reasons, but has a severe case of Sex Is Evil, and I Am Horny. Whipping Guts during his Shirtless Scene (and herself in penance later) is pretty much the only sexual release available without breaking her vows. Unfortunately this and other reasons makes her The Corruptible once the Apostles and various other evil spirits enter the scene. She gets better.
    • Guts himself is a case of this underneath his brooding stoicism. Though a horrific sexual assault he received as a child left him hateful of the touch of other people, Casca — the woman he opened his heart to — he loves and lusts over passionately and he claimed to Casca after making love for the first time that he wanted her a thousands more times before he was satisfied. Unfortunately this becomes a severe problem after the Eclipse as Casca has been traumatised into mental regression and Guts has manifested an Enemy Within whom brings out his worst emotions, in this case exploiting Guts’s frustration over not being able to love Casca like he once did — resulting in Guts forcibly kissing Casca, biting her breast and almost ravishing her on the spot before getting control of himself in time. Indeed the main reason why Guts decides to let Isidro, Farnese and Serpico travel with him is because he can’t trust himself to look after Casca alone anymore without the fear of giving into darkness and assaulting her. This side of Guts was foreshadowed back in chapter 93 where while Guts and Casca stay in the cave beneath Godo’s forge, Guts accidentally rips Casca’s top when she spills broth on herself — exposing her breasts which memorises Guts and leads him to try and kiss her and naturally terrified the already mentally scarred from sexual assault Casca and fills Guts with misery and self-hatred. He leaves to go on his Roaring Rampage of Revenge shortly after.
  • Black Butler:
    • Meirin frequently has Imagine Spot fantasies about Sebastian while chiding herself for being a naughty maid. Also, Chapter 93 features Meirin peeking through her fingers when a maid has one of Snake's pet snakes slither in between in her boobs with the maid saying "Not there!" In season 2 of the anime when the sexy maid Hannah sticks her fingers in her mouth to wet them to play an instrument we see Finnian, Baldroy, and Meirin blushing and looking interested at the sight. Meirin and Ran Mao get Ho Yay in the behind-the-scenes OVA where Ran Mao pins a struggling Meirin down to strip her, and the scene is censored before we see they have switched clothes with Meirin blushing as Ran Mao caresses her thigh and grabs her boobs. Meirin calls Angela "beautiful" and nosebleeds at the sight of her getting it on with Pluto.
      • Meirin once again finds herself in this situation when she watches as Heathfield has some downright raunchy sex with one of the recently hired maids.
      • Elizabeth responds very excitedly to seeing the intimate scene between Ran Mao and Meirin and takes pictures.
  • Bleach:
    • Sui-Feng is cold, ruthless, and utterly composed. She's in charge of the assassination squad, and takes great professional pride in being "emotionally unavailable"; it allows her to turn on her own allies should they ever betray Soul Society. However, her former captain and mentor, Yoruichi, only has to appear in her sight for Sui-Feng to fall to pieces. In one omake, she pins a half-naked Ukitake to a tree with kunai just so Ukitake's subordinate can take photographs of him. This is to enlist Kiyone's aid in obtaining photographs of Yoruichi, who is washing naked underneath a waterfall. However, Ukitake managed to warn Yoruichi, who uses herself as bait to trap Sui-Feng... by pinning Sui-Feng to the ground while naked and soaking wet. What occurs next is off-page but it leaves Sui-Feng squealing suggestively while Kiyone turns beet-red and doesn't know which way to look.
    • When Ichigo tells Rangiku she can't stay at his place, she lets her skirt ride up and begins unbuttoning her blouse. Ichigo slaps his hands over his eyes and protests aggressively, telling her off... while all the time peeking at her body through his partially opened fingers.
    • Tobiume frequently scolds Haineko for her shameless behavior in flirting with all the male Zanpakutou. However, when Senbonzakura visits the public baths, she and Haineko spy on the naked man together. They want to see what his face looks like underneath the samurai mask he never seems to take off; he doesn't take the mask off... but they get to see absolutely everything else.
  • Tomoyo Dadiouji in Cardcaptor Sakura is calm, mature and refined in most situations. She also has a passion for dressing Sakura, the perpetually oblivious target of her affections, in a vast array of fetish-tastic outfits while she records her... and watching aforementioned recordings repeatedly... alone...
  • The Dangers in My Heart:
    • Ichikawa holds his male classmates' openly perverted conversations and schemes in silent contempt. While nowhere at their level, he can't help but be somewhat interested. (Specifically when it comes to his crush Yamada.)
    • Ichikawa and Yamada accidentally switch their jerseys after gym class. By the time they meet outside of class to switch back, Yamada is seen making a "swift" motion while holding Ichikawa's jersey the moment he comes into the library. Then Ichikawa notices his jersey's collar has some rice on it. Yamada, who just ate rice during lunch and had rice on her mouth, is looking away blushing red with her hand over her mouth. The anime adaptation is less subtle about what happened and just showed her crime in progress.
  • Darker than Black has an OVA that reveals that resident Yaoi Fangirl Kiko has introduced Yin, of all people, to the world of slash fanfic. Really dirty slash fanfic, at least one of which involved doing something unmentionable with an elephant.
  • Nice dude and introvert Machiya from DEAD Tube claims he never quite filmed what always he wanted to put on Camera. The first thing he does after witnessing a pretty girl bludgeon a guy to death with a bat, is hold his camera tight and get a raging erection.
  • Hio-tan of Denki-gai no Honya-san is a Yaoi Fangirl, but say that to her face and she'll vehemently deny it.
  • Tsuyuri from Doujin Work acts like an emotionless girl most of the time and has a very youthful, sweet appearance. Still, she is one of the most perverted characters around, as evidenced by the extremely sadistic erotic doujinshi she produces. She also projects her fantasies on her friend Najimi, who she firmly believes to be a masochist.
  • Mai, who works for Pilaf in Dragon Ball. When Pilaf said that they needed to find the "balls", Mai simply responded, "Perhaps between that man's legs." Pilaf and Shu didn't take it well.
  • In Eyeshield 21, when Sena, Monta, Mamori, and Suzuna visit a bathhouse in order to talk to Kakei of the Kyoshin Poseidons, Mizumachi's attempts at peeping on the girls' side lead to the normally shy and quiet Sena having a vision of Suzuna, naked except for a towel held against her front.
  • Fairy Tail:
    • Happy has one single and very small, but quite noteworthy example in Chapter 39. While Lucy and the aforementioned Erza defeat most of their opponents in the panel in the middle row with normal attacks, Happy apparently defeats his by ripping off his clothes on the lower body.
    • Natsu switches quite a lot between this and Chaste Hero. He seems to be a chaste hero by default, but when he gets time to think, he isn't all innocent. Firstly, he's the one to suggest that the guys peep on the girls in a hot spring. Later, he is asked how a distressed Lucy is doing. Natsu replies that she is currently showering and asks if he should check up on her again. The others say that he'd better not, and Natsu initially doesn't understand why (completely missing that it's inappropriate to walk in on the opposite sex in the showers). But when he understands their point, he gets excited and tries to run off to see Lucy naked. Also, when a naked Lucy is thrown into him, she desperately asks him to not look at her breasts. Natsu's reaction? He covers her breasts with his hands. It's ambiguous whether he did it on purpose to get a feel or if it was an Innocently Insensitive solution (after all, if he covered her up, he couldn't look at her, and she only asked him to stop looking, not to stop touching). Last but not least, during the final arc everyone gets randomly teleported all over the place and he lands on top of Lucy, his hands grabbing her breasts again (though at least now she's lucky enough to be dressed). Even after she asks to stop groping her, he still remains that way for a bit until she smacks him.
    • In the Sequel Series, Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest, Natsu himself reveals that he enjoys being inflicted Marshmallow Hell by Lucy, when the latter is temporarily transformed into a snake Youkai.
  • Almost the entire cast of Food Wars! fits here. The dishes in this series are literally Orgasmically Delicious and everyone who has this kind of "foodgasm" imagines the taste in a sexual way. This is very blatant because only adults and teenagers have this kind of reaction, but not children.
  • Gintama:
  • Yukinari of Girls Bravo is rather reluctant to be around girls mostly because of how he's been bullied and beat up by girls his whole life. He also gets incredibly nervous when Lisa, who is infatuated with him, constantly tries to abduct and seduce him. However, he got a nosebleed when he saw Miharu in a blouse and panties, and one episode reveals that he keeps porn under his bed.
  • Several characters in Hetalia: Axis Powers.
  • Given it's a series open and proud about its fanservice, High School D×D is actually surprisingly short on these, mostly because the lion's share of the women are Overt Perverts. It does bring an unusual example in Irina, however. It's transparently obvious that Irina would really, really like to bone her childhood friend Issei at the first opportunity, but as a Brave Saint, if she even thinks too lustfully she'll become a Fallen Angel on the spot. Add the fact she's a Hormone-Addled Teenager to the mix and the recurring gag is her fighting to keep her thoughts clean while her wings visibly flicker. When she gets a special room in Volume 19 that lets her indulge in her fantasies without falling, the first thing she does is take Issei to said room and try to have her way with him, with an emphasis on the "try to". She even tells Issei point-blank that anything Rias will try with him in the bedroom, she'll one-up her as much as possible.
  • In the Yuri Genre manga Husky and Medley, Medley is surprised to learn during an after-school encounter in an empty classroom that Husky, who everyone thinks of as the perfect strait-laced schoolgirl, actually has a bit of a dominance kink. After Husky holds Medley up against a wall in an embarrassing position while kissing her, Medley reports to 2ch that "this was the day I became a masochist".
  • The Great Guardians saga of Ikki Tousen shows us just how dirty Kanu Unchou's mind really is.
  • Naoki Irie from Itazura Na Kiss has never seemed to be interested in any girl as far as his family and schoolmates know, (or even displayed emotions) but it's what Kinnosuke assumes about him, fearing that someday he'll try something pervy on Kotoko.
    • He himself exploits this by acting like a Memetic Molester (he pretends to want to have sex with Kotoko) to scare her away as she sneaks into his room to steal his homework.
    • Also occasionally gives teasing or straight-up rude comments on Kotoko's looks and suspiciously appears to know her exact body measures (Kotoko rightly wonders how can he be so accurate). When it's not mere Trolling may very well be a sign of his attraction since he's never seen to do this to any other woman despite being a Chick Magnet.
    • When the two of them are stuck in his flat during a storm and There Is Only One Bed, he teases her about the possibility of having sex to make her uncomfortable. He won't since it's her exactly his mother's plan to have them sleeping together. Mind that he never says it's because he doesn't want to.
    • After proposing to Kotoko they are talking about his feelings before going to sleep and Kotoko express her disbelief and that she would wake up the next day with Naoki still not loving her. Then Naoki suggests they could sleep together, with Kotoko freaking out. He tells her that's OK, they'll save it for another day.
    • Although his behavior with people and Kotoko hasn't changed much, after marriage, he's clearly rather enthusiastic about making love with his wife.
  • Most of the cast in Kaguya-sama: Love Is War has at least a hidden perverted side if they're not completely open with it (which is to be expected given that they're all high schoolers). The most extreme example of this would be Iino, a straitlaced member of the disciplinary committee, who is in deep denial over the fact that she's probably lewder than the rest of the cast put together.
  • Karakuridouji Ultimo has Yaoi Fangirl Kiyose, who blushes when she sees her two friends Yamato and Rune together. In Yamato's case, it's annoying; in Rune's case, she was right.
  • Both main girls of Kase-san are the type to get extremely flustered over even holding hands with one another, but on multiple occasions, it's made very clear that they're attracted to one another, such as when Kase corners Yamada one time and the latter finds herself distracted by Kase's giant boobs.
  • Mirei Shizuoka of Kenko Zenrakei Suieibu Umisho is viewed by her peers as being pure, innocent, and shy. Yet she wears lingerie that's extremely sexy beneath her clothes, has expressed interest in seeing the bodies of her male teammates on the swimming team, once suspected Kaname and Amuro of having sex, and has expressed interest in buying a large phallic antique.
  • The titular Komi in Komi Can't Communicate isn't generally lustful but she certainly isn't as innocent as many of her admirers assume of her.
    • When Tadano dresses as a maid for the school festival, Komi very much wanted to feel his "boobs".
    • She blushes and looks away when she catches a glimpse of Tadano's briefs but immediately sneaks another look by the next page.
    • Komi randomly and enthusiatically started brushing Tadano's face with her hair. While there is no explanation for why she did it (though it happens in response to Tadano saying he likes every part of her), it might be because she is aware that Tadano developed a "fetish" for her hair.
    • She takes some surprisingly provocative photos with the intent to send them to Tadano so she could get a photo of him in return but ended up becoming embarrassed and send a regular photo instead.
    • Her first real kiss with Tadano awakened her thirsty side, prompting her to take the lead with uncharacteristic assertiveness. A later chapter showed Komi trying and failing to deal with a kiss withdrawal and wanting to kiss Tadano again.
  • Shinobu in Love Hina. Too bad people always point the blame to Keitaro whenever she gets a perverted thought in her head. Another character in the finale also develops into this, writing (and very poorly hiding) lurid romance novels about her fantasies about Keitaro - of all people, Motoko.
  • Lyrical Nanoha:
    • Nanoha's older brother Kyouya is hinted to be quite a big one in the first Sound Stage since when he accidentally activates a Jewel Seed, which acts based on the desires of those who come into contact with it, it creates a water monster that tries ripping off girls' swimsuits.
    • Implied with Gil Graham. Why else would an elderly British man have a pair of horny catgirl twins as familiars?
    • Deed is a stoic nun, but her binding spells take the form of Japanese rope bondage.
  • Luca in Macross Frontier looks younger than he really is, so when Sheryl suddenly calls Alto her slave in public, he immediately imagines Alto tied up with Sheryl standing over him in a dominatrix outfit. Of course it doesn't help when Sheryl is always Ms. Fanservice. It also doesn't help when Luca's crush, Nanase, is the most buxom character on the show.
  • Takeo Takakura in Magic User's Club is plagued by his own perverted thoughts, usually directed at his female club members.
  • Lucia Nanami in Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch gets blushy and angry at the more overtly dirty-minded Hanon, but take a look inside her mind...
  • Monthly Girls' Nozaki-kun: To Nozaki and Mikoshiba's horror, the very polite and proper Rei gets unusually excited just by watching boys and girls make casual contact with each other. Seo patting Mikoshiba's shoulder alone leads to Rei having an Imagine Spot of the two of them and Wakamatsu (whom she saw Seo hang out with just then) naked, terrifying Mikoshiba. Kashima goes as far as to ask male members of the drama club to either avoid going near the female members or to dress up as girls, so they can avoid "being made naked".
    • In a Q&A session prior to Rei's first appearance, Tsubaki stated that the biggest closet pervert in the cast is Masayuki Hori. While he usually comes across as the dutiful senpai of the cast and is the most consistent Only Sane Man, he also doesn't hesitate to shut down sleepover talk about girls by admitting he's only interested in women for their legs, and on multiple occasions gets red-faced and starts breathing heavily over Kashima looking down on people.
  • Mousou Telepathy: Toda Hayato is outwardly a nice, wholesome guy, but he's almost constantly having lewd thoughts about his crush, the shy and introverted classmate Nakano. Who's telepathic and has to hear about it all the time.
  • My Dress-Up Darling:
    • Male lead Wakana Gojo is a genuine Nice Guy through and through, but he's still a teenage boy and thus not immune to sexy thoughts. He's always inevitably turned on by the beautiful Ms. Fanservice Marin Kitagawa, not helped by the fact she loves to tease him for fun, not to mention she likes to pick rather sexy and provocative outfits for her cosplays. At one point, when he ended up in a Love Hotel room, he turns on the TV and immediately turns it off when he realizes it's porn, only to wait a few seconds to turn it back on and watch it on mute for a while.
    • Marin is a less "covert" example, since she openly admits to love H-Games despite being underage, but after she falls for Gojo, the thought of doing "indecent" stuff with him doesn't seem to bother her one bit. She also seems to have a bit of a Wardrobe Malfunction fetish, as she was disappointed when a Playboy Bunny outfit was being made for her was fixed so it wouldn't fall off like in the anime series she watched.
  • My-HiME: Various characters in various ways depending whether you're talking the anime or manga versions.
    • Natsuki(anime) has an extensive and varied collection of lingerie. Natsuki(manga) has an Imagine Spot of offering herself to Yuuichin in nothing but a ribbon when she heard it was his birthday.
    • Shizuru will tell "indecent jokes" to get a rise out of Natsuki, but only when it's just her and Natsuki. In the prequel novel she also gleefully suggests helping Natsuki change her clothes in the woods.
    • Haruka(manga) is trapped in a Lotus-Eater Machine where she has a dream of herself surrounded by naked women.
  • My Love Story!!:
    • Rinko Yamato can come off as this, but the trope tends to get played with for her. She frets about not being as "pure" as Takeo thinks she is because she really wants to be able to hold hands with him. She also considers multiple very risque swimsuits when shopping for a trip to the beach. In that case, she is trying to pick something provocative to get Takeo's heart racing, like he so often does to her, but feels like she has the body of a little kid next to him and ends up overcompensating.
    • The straightest example comes in volume ten of the manga when she learns that Takeo, who is often old-fashioned about romance, is avoiding her because he struggling with wanting to be more physically intimate with her. After the initial shock and embarrassment, she gets a gleam in her eye Suna is immediately compelled to question and walks home with a skip in her step and squeeing all the while.
  • Asami of My Wife is a High School Girl constantly feels frustrated by the fact that she can't get it on with her teacher husband, thanks to her father's forcing The Jailbait Wait on the couple.
  • Neji Hyuga in Naruto is constantly implied by the creators to be this, both in the actual series and in the Rock Lee's Springtime of Youth spin-off. In the spin-off, there is a scene where Neji magically turns into Sakura. When he realizes that, he exclaims I'm an actual girl, now?!, before he pauses, looks under his shirt, and drools as his eyes become heart-shaped. Also, in Naruto the Movie: Road to Ninja, he becomes an actual sex maniac.
    • Ebisu always berates Naruto for using his Sexy no Jutsu technique (calling it indecent) but is nonetheless consistently "defeated" by it. Naruto even refers to him as a "closet perv".
    • When Konohamaru showed off how he had learned the Sexy no Jutsu, Sakura got angry and called him out... but then he showed his "counterattack" by creating a Ho Yay Sexy no Jutsu with naked Sasuke and Sai. Sakura promptly had a nosebleed.
  • Negima! Magister Negi Magi:
    • Nodoka Miyazaki is a mousy Shrinking Violet who keeps surprising everyone in the cast with her boldness, and the Love Chart reveals she has the highest level of sexual lust for her 10-year-old teacher. According to Nodoka's mind-reading book, her preferred solution to a Love Triangle is forming a throuple with her crush Negi and her Best Friend Yue, with the accompanying picture even showing the three together in bed. Even Nodoka herself is mortified to find out how perverted her subconscious is.
    • Yue Ayase acts reserved and is one of Negi's most romantically passive admirers, but according to the Love Chart, her sexual lust for Negi is slightly less than Nodoka's. She also wears surprisingly adult underwear (though she maintains it's for practical reasons).
    • Setsuna Sakurazaki's "perfect world", as described by a Lotus-Eater Machine, includes her crush and charge Konoka in a Naked Apron. And then there's her daydream about her ideal future, where she shares a hotel suite with Konoka, who approaches her while clad only in a Modesty Towel and proposes that it's about time they have a True Pactio (read: sex).
      Setsuna: [beating herself up for her overactive imagination] This isn't a future! This is just a delusion! What's wrong with me! This isn't right! I'm bad! I'm perverted!
    • Konoka is quite The Tease towards Setsuna all while playing innocent the whole time.
    • The demure Robot Girl Chachamaru is magically recharged through being winded up. Her reactions when someone does it roughly more than implies she gets sexually aroused from it.
      Someone: Oh ho? Negi-kun's secretary, eh? Sounds nice.
      Chachamaru: (daydreaming) Yes...
      Someone: So... he'll wind you up every day?
      Chachamaru: [still daydreaming] Yeah...
  • Mio in Nichijou has moments of this. Basically, she is a Yaoi Fangirl and a mangaka trying to keep her interests a secret, but usually letting it slip when Yukko (or a local policeman) gets their hands on one of her works. Berserk Button ensues.
    • Throughout the episodes, she has to chase down Yuuko to get back her notebook after belatedly remembering she had drawn a naughty picture of the guy she likes in it, she gets in a drawing competition with Yuuko and ends up getting carried away. Most recently she ends up attacking a police officer, an old man, Yuuko, and a goat when they all catch sight of her drawings in her desperation to get them back.
    • Sakurai Sensei enjoyed one of Mio's drawings, enough that she put it on a test to describe something as "cool".
  • Hadzuki from Ojamajo Doremi gets a moment during the Fathers' Day episode of Dokkan!: While Hadzuki, Aiko, and Momoko are helping out at a bathhouse their classmate's family owns, Kotake comes in and strips down without noticing Hadzuki there helping a toddler. After Aiko bursts in to see what the commotion is all about, Kotake storms out in an embarrassed panic, leading to the following exchange:
    Aiko: Why is he getting so embarrassed? And now he's going home without taking a bath?
    Hadzuki: [grinning] Nothing worth getting embarrassed over. [giggles]
    Aiko and Momoko: [puzzled look] Huh?
  • One Piece:
    • The straightest example in the series is probably Usopp. So far, he's only had one nosebleed in the series (at the end of the Alabasta Arc, although everyone had it (even Luffy and Chopper) so it's not that special anyway.) All the other times he's been showing any sexual interest he usually just blushes and gets over it fast, and he has no problem fighting female villains. It’s more clear after the Time Skip where he showed as much joy as Brook at Sanji showing off Nami’s body and in the anime of Wano arc Usopp was clearly enjoying having the bikini clad Nami and Carrot jammed tight against him in the Brachio.
    • Earlier on (as in before Characterization Marched On a bit), Sanji tries to be this, and based on his interactions with Absalom, he likes to think of himself as a Covert Pervert. However, it's been blatantly obvious to everyone from day one that he's a huge perv, and judging by his behavior as of late, he's at least a little more open about it.
    • Pudding is a rare female example as after revealing her true colours she gives the impression of having no libido like Nami on the surface, but literally whenever Sanji does something badass and manly she gushes blood from her nose.
    • Nami. In spite of her skimpy outfits and her flirting, she is disgusted when people like Sanji blatantly hit on her, and even slaps preverts regularly, while her flirting usually comes when she wants to gain something like money. But, after the timeskip, the first thing she does to Usopp is to shove him in her breasts for free.
    • Robin is another female example who’s decidedly more subtle. Though she hates the idea of “docking” with the crew to form a human mecha, she was more than willingly to grab Franky’s balls with a smile on her face.
  • Penguindrum: One of the few times when this is not Played for Laughs due to the context, mainly attempting to rape someone, is Yuri Tokikago. Before episode 15, no one would have guessed that Yuri would know how to tie someone up in shibari bondage, or have access to what're essentially roofies.
  • Yu Narukami a.k.a. the male protagonist in Persona 4: The Animation. In the original game this was more optional since you, as the player, got to choose whether he was a pervert or not; in the anime, however, Narukami makes this face upon seeing Shadow Yukiko in the Midnight Channel, and then says "I wish I had taped it." And later, when Shadow Kanji and his minions have Yukiko and Chie covered in slime, Yosuke asks him if he does have a camera, and he says "Dammit, no!" Then, when Shadow Rise appears on Midnight Channel, he keeps pressing the record button without diverting his eyes from the screen, then becomes disappointed upon realizing that the channel cannot be recorded.
    • Because Yu is also The Stoic, he almost always gets away with making perverted quips around his female friends, unlike Yosuke who tends to be a lot more energetic and thus much easier to target.
  • Nanami in The Pet Girl of Sakurasou may look relatively normal (if not a bit workaholic), but she owns some rather fancy underwear, and her usual reaction whenever confronted by a strange situation is to assume the most perverted possibility.
  • Pokémon: The Series:
    • Kenji/Tracey has been seen drawing girls he has interest in from time to time. Satoshi/Ash or Kasumi/Misty would usually notice him doing so and tease him, while Tracey reacts nervously.
    • Takeshi/Brock is this, surprisingly. No one from his family were aware of his habit of falling for every pretty women he sees until his return from the Sinnoh region.
  • Chairman Kurihara from Prison School is an elderly man with an always-stern expression who also has a fetish for women's butts. Something he tries to hide from his oldest daughter but can't since he keeps spilling his Porn Stash in front of her.
  • The Quintessential Quintuplets:
    • The normally quiet and shy Miku seems quite innocent in regards to matters of love, but sometimes her thoughts lean in this direction. At one point she outright says she doesn't mind showing a mole to Fuutarou (all but stated to be in an intimate location), and another time she seems to fantasize about Fuutarou being aggressive to her.
    • Nino gets a moment too during the Seven Goodbyes arc. When Fuutarou comes out of the shower wearing nothing but a Modesty Towel, she chides him for being an exhibitionist and covers her eyes, only to open her fingers to take a peek.
  • In Ranma ½, perverts tend to be more obvious than anything — Happosai and Tatewaki Kuno most prominently. However, there are subtler displays of perversion. Ukyo Kuonji is normally the most normal-seeming female of the fiancees, with a record that includes slapping Ranma for flashing her breasts to Ryoga and whacking him for calling her cute/asking if she loved him (admittedly, she had been attacking him just before). However, when Genma (in the manga) reveals he has a nude photo of Ranma, Ukyo begs him to let her have it and is shown practically drooling over what she can see of it.
    • While whether he has perverse intentions or not is endlessly fought over, Ryoga Hibiki is a more literal interpretation of this, in that his P-chan form allows him to be taken to Akane's bed, fed off her plate, held in her lap, cuddled to her breasts and even kissed on the nose by her at least once. All without her having any idea that Ryoga and her pet pig are the same being.
    • Akane, for such a prudish girl who freaks out at the mere sight of a naked man, is also the quickest person of the cast to see the perverted potential in just about any whacky set of hijinks. Especially if it involves Ranma. A first-rate example is when Kuno acquired a wishing sword and used one wish to date Ranma: while she and Ranma discussed it, Akane imagined Kuno asking for female!Ranma to love him, and immediately came up with the Imagine Spot of Kuno taking advantage of this to rape Ranma on the spot. She ends up giving a Big "NO!". There's also her Rescue Romance fantasy from the "incense of spring sleep" story, including Glad-to-Be-Alive Sex and all.
  • The Red Ranger Becomes an Adventurer in Another World: Despite being a bubbly, poised princess, Teltina has a bit of a dirty side. She's amused when it looked like Red and Idola were going to have sex, offers Rosie a Lap Pillow and an Ear Cleaning to bribe him, gropes Idola in the bath, and then is willing to send Red in for an Accidental Pervert moment to get him and Idola closer together.
  • Nori in Rozen Maiden is a gracious, kind older sister to the horribly antisocial protagonist Jun. You'd think she's just patient, but she also talks in her sleep, and says some really odd things.
  • The otherwise motherly and elegant Cherry in Saber Marionette J fell victim to these, with her embellished daydreams about Otaru becoming increasingly lewd over time, sometimes ending in an ecstatic pile of Squee right in front of a very confused and creeped-out Otaru. Hanagata did the same towards Otaru and at least once in Saber Marionette J Again, Luchs did towards Faust.
  • Sailor Moon:
    • Ami Mizuno/Sailor Mercury sometimes has shades of this trope. Despite horrible reactions to love letters, she's worldly enough to assume alien-turned-villain Fiore was actually attracted to Usagi's boyfriend in Sailor Moon R: The Movie. The joke gained more fodder with the introduction of the lesbian couple Haruka and Michiru, where Ami is the only character not completely unfazed by the situation and quite frankly understands the nature of their relationship. Similarly, a much later gag from the Stars anime with a handsome young man and a short towel has all the girls shocked... save Ami, who seems to be peeking between her face-covering hands. There's also an episode in the first anime series in which Usagi and Mamoru are babysitting, and the rest of the Senshi are jokingly asking when they had a baby. Ami's reaction is a smirk and, "What did you and Mamoru do?"
    • Rei Hino/Sailor Mars. In the anime, she's in possession of rather saucy mangas, magazines, and doujinshis involving Crossdressers and is very flustered when Usagi finds them.
  • Haruki Hanai from School Rumble tries his best to be a very moral and strict character, but he is human with his own perverted moments and thoughts.
  • Seitokai Yakuindomo works on Vulgar Humour, so this trait is commonplace—especially given the examples do maintain an exterior of propriety for an efficient student council.
    • Most girls in the cast, bar Suzu, Mutsumi, Kaede, and Toki, are of this nature.
    • Not even Mutsumi's immune to it. In one gag, she's just returned from judo practice and is sweating profusely when Takatoshi asks her for help hanging something on the wall, requiring her to get close to him. When she blushes and says that she can't because she's covered in sweat, Takatoshi says he doesn't mind. Her eyes instantly light up and she excitedly asks "is that your fetish?!"
    • Kaede, for all her prudishness, she immediately mistakes a perfectly innocent discussion on sleeping posture in chapter 120 as proof that the student council knows each other's sleeping postures because they have slept together. Shino and Aria call her out on this.
    • The One Guy Takatoshi also has this but far downplayed. This is evident at the end of Chapter 102, where he says "Hey, you'll get me excited" when Shino asks to spank his butt since she can't clap her hands while holding something. He's also sometimes agreed with or didn't deny when the girls have called him a masochist.
  • Seraph of the End: Mito is a Tsundere who gets violent when Goshi acts perverted towards her but when Goshi tells her Guren wants to see her in a swimsuit (actually Goshi wants to see her in a swimsuit and he knows Guren is indifferent towards perverted things and is more focused on gaining power and fighting vampires) she cries out "How dare you ask for something so lewd!" She then blushes and asks Guren "Do you mean it?" as if considering it.
  • Momoka Nishizawa from Sgt. Frog may be one. When Mois gets "scary story" (kwaidan) mixed up with "dirty story" (waidan) in one chapter, Fuyuki and Natsumi listen to her story red-faced, too embarrassed to comment. Momoka's blushing too, but is also listening intently, and even tells her "Yes, yes, go on!" In another chapter, Momoka tries to get Fuyuki to indulge in some Intimate Healing, much to the delight of her "dark side".
    Dark!Momoka: This isn't just a confession... you're gonna skip straight to @#$%! Go, Momoka!
  • Akina Shinozaki of Shinozaki-san Ki wo Ota Shika ni! is not only highly prone to fantasies about her friend Kaede, she's also far more into yuri doujinshi than she would like to admit.
  • In Snow White with the Red Hair the titular heroine seems very modest and quick to blush when she's not working as a medic but thanks the knight Mitsuhide after she accidentally sees him shirtless and says it was a nice view to the surprise her boyfriend Zen and Mitsuhide's mortification.
  • Star Driver's Wako is one — or at least would be if her imagination wasn't on display for everyone to see.
  • Makise Kurisu of Steins;Gate picks up on Daru's innuendos, which he then points out each time, much to her embarrassment.
  • Yoshika from Strike Witches develops a thing for big breasts, probably because she practically becomes surrounded by an amazon brigade consisting of scantily clad (and mostly buxom) young ladies, her best friend first and foremost. While there is nothing wrong with that in and of itself, Yoshika tends to act on her attraction at the most awkward moments. She also has a Foil in one of her team members, Francesca Lucchini, who is much more open about her love for big breasts (and similarly attracted to her own best friend, who has them).
  • Mafuyu from Student Council's Discretion. She has a shy personality and looks innocent but she is a huge yaoi fangirl who fantasizes about pairing Ken romantically with a boy named Nakameguro. In fact, when it comes to yaoi, Mafuyu can actually be just as perverted, if not worse, than Ken.
  • To Love Ru:
    • Yuuki Rito is one, which is a bit of a surprise considering he is Allergic to Love to a small degree. First it began with the few and far between Imagine Spots centered solely around Haruna, before branching out a bit to include others. By Darkness he seems to be strangely fine with the 'Harem Plan' and dreaming of naked girls in the bath.
    • Yui Kotegawa also qualifies. She protests Rito's Accidental Pervert moments a little too vigorously, and she's the one non-overtly-perverted cast member who's receptive of Rito's attention, much as she loathes to admit it. She also often imagine herself married to him and... pregnant.
    • Haruna. One chapter of Darkness has her fantasizing about Rito bathing her. Except this "bathing" resembles heavy petting with sexual undertones more than anything.
    • Mikan is a Little Sister Heroine and sometimes teases Rito with affection, including one time when she says that they're Not Blood Siblings (and it's not clear if she's lying), and generally shows behaviour that tends to stray beyond just sisterly love. Ironically, even though she's the youngest of the cast, she has the most common sense and generally knows when to stop before making things too obvious.
  • Urusei Yatsura: For all that Lum zaps/smacks Ataru at the slightest hint that he's flirting with other girls, it's made pretty clear that beneath her temperamental and wifely Alien Princess act, she's just as unabashedly perverted and lustful as him. It's not Ataru's endless sexual lust that she disapproves of, or even necessarily him feeling attracted to other women; she just wants some of that lust coming her way before anyone else's. This adds an extra layer to the comedy around Ataru treating Lum like a nuisance, as he could easily get all the sex he could ever need or want if he just returned Lum's affections instead of chasing after girls who can't stand him.
  • Ken Nakajima from You're Under Arrest!. So much that he's nicknamed "Mr. Nosebleed" by one of his co-workers.
  • Yugi from Yu-Gi-Oh! is normally a sweet and innocent kid, but in the very first chapter he fantasizes about getting a look up Anzu's skirt, and in a later chapter he blushes hotly when he sees Anzu in a bikini, and is stunned for the next few panels. He also trades pixilated porn videos with Jonouchi.
  • To someone who didn't know better, Yuria of Yuria 100 Shiki would appear to be a Covert Pervert. In fact, she is a Ridiculously Human Robot specifically programmed to be such and one of her features is she will instantly imagine the indecent side of anything.
  • The Legend of Heroes: Trails from Zero: Elie has a proper By-the-Book Cop personality and often plays Straight Man to others, including the Loveable Sex Maniac party member Randy. But it turns out, according to her Sunday School teacher Sister Marble, Elie knew a lot more about the birds and the bees than her peers...
  • The normally Chaste Hero Link has shades of this in a manga adaptation of Zelda II: The Adventure of Link. When a spirit guide Zelda tells him that he can use magic, his first thought is using it to remove her clothes.

    Comic Books 
  • Despite being The Stoic and known for her cold professionalism, it was implied in an issue of Deadpool that Black Widow has a secret bondage fetish.
    Deadpool: Sorry about tyin' ya up and gagging you but, I dunno... Is it just me, or did you kinda like it?
    Black Widow: A little, yes.
  • Superman: Secret Origin: When people start asking Lois Lane questions about Superman after he saved her, Cat Grant has the audacity to ask about Superman's penis size.
    Cat: How big is he?
    Lois: Next question.
  • The Punisher: Welcome Back, Frank: Benny, a nebbish and a strait-laced Gnucci goon, is on familiar terms with an adult bookshop clerk although he claims he only visits the place to use the phone.
  • Even though he's normally a rather respectful and mild-mannered fellow, a sleep-hazed Spider-Man once more or less admitted to dreaming of threesomes with MJ and Black Cat, with Mary Jane wearing Black Cat's costume to boot. While recovering from a near Career-Ending Injury and partially waking up to find MJ-in Cat's costume- and Felicia standing before his hospital bed, Peter believed he was still sleeping and had the following to say:
    Peter: Oh, okay. It's this dream again. Be gentle, please.
  • Ultimate X Men: Iceman once used his powers to drill a hole in the ceiling above the women's changing room. Storm was understandably pissed to find out.
  • Rogue of X-Men game is tomboyish and on the surface seems professionally dismissive of sensual matters, but it’s painfully clear being unable to touch others has left her with strong desires which she doesn’t bother hiding when able to touch Gambit (without the fear of killing/putting him in a coma). At one point whilst possessing telepathy and recalling all the times she and Gambit could have sex together Rogue inadvertently broadcasts her naughty thoughts to everyone around them — deeply embarrassing her. In Mr. and Mrs. X series Gambit brings up her Casual Kink for bondage whilst fighting mooks and Rogue reminds him that’s a “private” thing between them.

    Fan Works 
  • In Adventurers and Adversaries: Hellmouth Edition, Xander Willow and Buffy get sucked into a Dungeons and Dragons style game. At one point Buffy accidentally uses the last wish on an enchanted sword to gain the power to create underwear with a snap of her fingers. The catch? She has to know the measurements of whoever she creates them for, leading to Buffy groping Willow. Buffy's quite put out that Xander finds pants before she can grope him.
  • Alya and the Harem Reality: While Marinette is still the same sweet Nice Girl as in the old timeline, she's not above having perverted thoughts about her girlfriends. When she finds out that Chloe has a near identical half-sister, her first thought is a Twin Threesome Fantasy with her and Zoe. And when she learns of a designer contest focusing on swimsuits, Tikki has to snap her out of a fantasy where she dresses Alya and Chloe in her custom-design swimsuits.
  • An omake in the Bleach fanfic Chasing the Moon reveals that Yuzu sneaked a peek at Byakuya when they were Hanging Their Clothes To Dry. In her defense, it would be pretty tempting.
  • Child of the Storm:
    • Harry. While generally sweet and gentlemanly, and initially quite innocent, he's a teenage telepath with an active imagination. While not the most pronounced example, he has, ahem, thoughts about most of the women around him. This leads to a few reasonably serious scenes where he's trying to focus and ignore his libido. Also, when he's mulling over a vision of multiple universes and the implications of the fact that his subconscious selected them for him to view and learn a Very Important Lesson from, a large part of his mind is busy on one universe where an older version of him and Carol were about to have a Shower of Love and comparing Naked!AU!Carol to Prime!Carol (who he's seen in sleepwear). This is actually justified - the subconscious, after all, includes the libido.
    • Carol is suggested to have a fairly normal sex drive for a teenager. The 'pervert' part comes in when after she wakes up following a Sleep Cute initiated by an emotional moment involving UST, her immediate assumption is so explicit that when it travels down the mental link to Harry, he falls over in the shower.
  • Corrin Reacts contains a minor example; Flora is apparently a fan of romance novels. Corrin buys her some and uses a tome full of smut as a gift.
  • Dungeon Keeper Ami: From Departure:
    the [...] general asked, crossing his arms in front of his chest. Which remained shirtless for the moment, much to Ami's secret delight.
  • Smurfette in Empath: The Luckiest Smurf, inasmuch as she admits that she likes looking at her fellow male Smurfs in just their hats and pants.
  • Fate/Harem Antics:
  • The Flower Princess and the Alchemist. Surprisingly, Orihime of all people. She insists she wasn't staring at a half-naked Edward standing in the middle of the street.
    • Subverted in the fact that the context of the situation is quite ambiguous. Orihime's reaction could be more out of genuine shock and surprise than outright indecent and suggestive. How would feel would you feel when you suddenly find one of your friends stripped to their underwear as soon as your back is turned?
      • Double subverted as Orihime spends a good portion of the rest of the chapter reimagining a half-naked Ed, even blushing while doing so. And reacting quite panicky and flustered whenever Ed is near.
  • Let's just say when Italy was showing Germany and Japan the David statue in the Galleria dell'Accademia di Firenze in Gankona, Unnachgiebig, Unità, they weren't appreciating the art. They were imagining Italy as the youth.
  • Ginchiyo, of Graduate Meeting of Mutual Killing, was a nice woman who hadn't shown any kind of lewd thoughts of behavior towards anybody. However, when a body search on what is implied to be her love interest (which seems mutual), she instantly jumped into the chance to grope him all over. It reached a point where Akane Ogata, who was restraining the person being searched, reprimanded her to control her lust.
  • Guardians, Wizards, and Kung-Fu Fighters:
    • Will keeps sneaking looks at Matt's butt during their dates.
    • Jade is starting to show some signs of this:
      • When the heroes are hiding out in the Red House brothel to prepare for the attack on Torus Filney, Jade seems a bit too enthusiastic about the idea of dressing up like prostitutes, and when Irma's outfit is adjusted to enhance her bust, Jade stares and wonders if she'll suffer a wardrobe malfunction.
      • When held captive by Tharquin, she gets under his skin by pointing out that he's technically impure, being part Galhot, and admits that she finds Galhot women, who she refers to as "green-skinned babes", attractive, and can't blame his father for being interested in one.
      • At one point, she pulls a Female Gaze on Irma's butt as she's walking away.
      • When she gets a glimpse of a sleeping Irma's cleavage during a Bedmate Reveal moment (Irma cuddled up to share warmth), she can't look away for a minute, and only does so with significant mental effort, and while she doesn't exactly mind the situation, she wants to sleep more, so when the water Guardian proves a stubborn sleeper, Jade decides to wake her up by nipping at her cheek.
    • When they learn that the Oni in the mask Tarakudo put on Viper keeps complimenting her "rack and ass", as she puts it, both Jade and Irma think that he's not exactly wrong about them being nice.
    • Irma greatly enjoys the view of Jade's developing abs provided by her new, midriff-baring summer hoodie. Jade, in turn, appreciates the way Irma's own new outfit shows off her curves.
  • Kingdom Hearts Ψ: The Seeker of Darkness: In Adjustments, Kairi vents to Roxas about the lack of progress in her relationship with Sora, saying that she's starting to wonder if he may be asexual. Roxas, who had spent the last year in Sora's head, tells her this isn't likely, asking her if she's ever noticed him staring at her ass.
    Roxas: I have seen your ass. I have seen Riku’s ass. I have seen Selphie’s ass. I have seen Tidus’s ass. I have seen Wakka’s ass. I have seen Tidus’s dad's ass, not sure what that was all about. Sora has stared at the ass of just about everyone human he’s come across since I got put in his heart. Thankfully, not Axel’s, though I’m pretty sure that was out of consideration for me. You do not understand what I have witnessed. I can say for sure, your boyfriend likes asses. Whether it’s just aesthetic appreciation or sexual, I have no idea, but it is what it is.
  • Nagato and Hanyuu are this in Kyon: Big Damn Hero, spending part of the time when they were watching Kyon 'enjoying the view'.
  • Maria Campbell of the Astral Clocktower:
    • Sophia is a quiet bookworm, but she's also trying to get her brother to marry the woman she's attracted to, with all the implications that involves. Of course, by the time of the fic she's been like this for years, so none of her friends are surprised any more.
    • Katarina largely has the demeanor of a child (Maria thinks she's literally brain-damaged), tends to ignore any implications of romance, and when she does notice it she tends to squeal at hand-holding for being "lewd." Her entire household staff is shocked when she mentions that she'll probably be getting a new sibling since her mother dragged her father away. She's also the first person to notice that Anne and Alice are sleeping together. Chapters from her own perspective indicate that in her previous life, in addition to receiving a normal sexual education at school, she also watched all the Fortune Lover sex CG scenes quite a lot. In this case, it's so covert that people still haven't figured it out, and several people mention they're glad that she doesn't know about Anne and Alice.
  • Tara in Marked is surprised to learn she's actually disappointed when Xander doesn't spank her for performing magic.
  • Downplayed in Married to the Koopa King. Everyone thinks Peach is absurdly innocent and pure, but she does have her hormonal side and likes to read NSFW romance novels.
  • In Meduka Meguca, the stoic, cynical Homura uses her time-freezing powers to take advantage of her Love Interest.
  • In My Huntsman Academia, Pyrrha has a Nosebleed when Izuku is Mistaken for Masturbating while training his use of One For All. Later on, Izuku admits to getting excited at the thought of seeing Yang hot and sweaty in a bikini.
  • Naru-Hina Chronicles: In the Mini-sodes, when Hinata is moving in with Naruto, Shino tells him "You're a brave man, Naruto." before adding "I wouldn't leave my girlfriend alone to clean my room in case she found my Porn Stash. Unless you threw them out?" When Naruto leaves in a hurry immediately after, Kiba expresses how shocked he is to learn that Shino owns porn.
  • In Off the Line while Vincent keeps a straight face and for the most part his affection for Cloud/Rainstorm is kept chaste, but he definitely is affected by always having to be near a Shameless Fanservice Guy. In his own thoughts, he expresses the desire to touch Rainstorm more intimately.
  • Naruto offers Hippolyta a shirt (as she's currently topless) in On the Back of the Turtle, only for her to inform him they don't wear shirts in her culture, Sasuke tells Naruto to be more sensitive of other peoples cultures. Furthermore he asks if Kakashi has any weak wind jutsu that could be used to blow open Raven's cloak.
  • Pokémon Reset Bloodlines:
    • Lana has a fetish for shirtless boys, and one of her classmates hints she's got a porn collection hidden somewhere.
    • Ash's female companions have their moments too. One scene has Misty in the Cinnabar hot springs where she seems to actually feel tempted to peek on Ash on the other side, while another has Anabel not being too bothered by the thought of Ash rubbing lotion on her front and not just her back.
  • Michael in The Prayer Warriors is a fundamentalist Christian who considers men and women so much as getting within a foot of each other out of wedlock to be sinful, but he admits to finding Ginny "pretty hot" while he is infiltrating Hogwarts in Battle With the Witches. He then puts those thoughts out of his head and gets outraged when Ebony puts her hand on him.
  • Queens of Mewni:
    • Skywynne acts the prim and proper queen in public, but one of her secret indulgences is erotic novels, and it's strongly implied her daughter Soupina was conceived when she and her husband ended up Making Love in All the Wrong Places (namely, the kitchen).
    • Skywynne's granddaughter Galaxia also secretly loved erotic novels, and apparently a collar bell was used in her wedding night sex with Condor. She put a stop to it, though, upon finding out her daughter Venus's perversion was not covert.
  • Sunny Breeze in Racer and the Geek behaves like this, although he adamantly denies having any sort of sexual feelings or attraction. It's definitely not the case.
  • The Second Try: Shinji is peacefully watching Asuka breastfeed their child. She sees him looking at her and asks if he's jealous and wants a taste (Character Development, a resolving of their Unresolved Sexual Tension and marriage and a child with Shinji has made her stop being a Tsundere). Shinji said it best:
    "You know, for someone who kept calling me a pervert... you have some very interesting thoughts."
  • The Secret Return of Alex Mack sees a group of high school boys discover a formula that makes them invisible. One of the first things they do with it is spy on the cheerleaders showering. (Grover later steps up and uses it more heroically.)
  • Setting The Bar is- for good reason- the only Steven Universe fic in which Pearl works as a pimp.
    Amethyst: Who knew the little prude had it in her?
  • In A Snowflake In Spring, Elsa's mutism and her Moe-ness around Anna make it easy for the latter - and the audience - to think of her as an innocent child. Elsa, however, is an eighteen-year-old girl who has read some rather "risqué" books and who rarely misses the opportunity to cast... appreciative glances at Anna. The contrast is made especially apparent when the story switches to Elsa's perspective.
  • Spider-Man: Dark Urges (located on AFF)- an AU of Ultimate Spider-Man where the symbiote increased Peter's sex drive- sees the symbiote's influence bring out the darker sexual desires of the girls Peter is with, such as Gwen asking him to subject her to a rape fantasy or Peter using the suit to let Kitty Pryde experience her fantasy of Naughty Tentacles.
  • Glimmer in Sora and the Princess of Power blushes at the thought of Sora being a shirtless merman, and successfully insists on convincing Donald to transform him in a later chapter. She also tries to convince him to transform Bow into a merman too, with no success.
    • It's implied that Adora also likes Sora as a shirtless merman.
  • In Tame, while discussing some of the symptoms of recovering from being infected by the Night Howlers, Mrs. Otterton mentions that it "spices things up in the bedroom".
  • In Thanks Kyubey, Madoka has some interesting thoughts on the side effects of Magical Girl status.
    Madoka: But if you become a magical girl, you can handle rough play and you won't ever get old, right? Isn't that the ideal wife?
  • In This Bites!:
    • Nami and Vivi certainly don't mind Zoro training shirtless.
    • Vivi and her "magazines" about hentai.
  • Much Touhou Project fanon involves Patchouli owning a truly gargantuan collection of erotica in her library. In Touhou: a Glimmer of an Outside World, Koakuma likes to read it, too.
    • Another prevalent idea in fanon is that Koakuma is a succubus. Bound in servitude to Patchouli and made to act as a librarian. The jury's out on which is the bigger pervert.
  • In The Uzumaki Tales: Return Of The Whirlpool, Jiraiya calls the Hyuga clan "the biggest closet perverts in all of Konoha," mainly because of the Byakugan. As he points out, their compound is one kilometer away from the hot springs in Konoha, far enough not to put up any flags, but close enough in order to take advantage of their... gift. It's also shown that Jiraiya is the one who turned the young and still innocent Hiashi into this after teaching him the... advantages of the Byakugan.
  • Voyages of the Wild Sea Horse: After a game of truth-or-dare goes hilariously wrong, leaving Ranma being confronted about his Celibate Hero act by the three girls who all want to bang him, he decides to seek Refuge in Audacity and spells out in detail exactly why he finds them all sexy. And also Nabiki Tendo, just so she gets dragged in as well.
  • In What's in a Hoard?, the Proper Lady Momo admits she really wants to spank Mina after seeing her in a cheongsam.
  • In Xendra, Willow is shown to be surprisingly kinky in the bedroom, particularly once the titular character (Xander changed into a teenage Xena) makes her realize she's bisexual. When checking photographs to see if Xander is the Key (as some pictures have him flickering in and out), Xander's shocked to realize Willow has a picture of them having sex in her wallet.
    • A later chapter has Faith admit to herself that the impromptu threesome she got into with Xander and Willow (with a metric ton of marshmallow filling involved) was by far the kinkiest thing she'd ever gotten up to, despite having been a child prostitute before becoming a Slayer.
  • In Zero no Tsukaima: Saito the Onmyoji, Saito's just as perverted as he is in canon, but he's a lot better at hiding it. This is thanks to learning a lot of self-discipline at the Imperial Academy of Onmyoji.

My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic fanfiction:

  • More than one fanfic has Fluttershy as the author of saucy novels (as being an animal caretaker doesn't pay the bills). One particularly blatant example is Do You Really Want to Know?, in which Twilight Sparkle and Princess Celestia discover a series of miscommunications is due to a draft of one of Fluttershy's stories getting attached to one of Twilight's friendship reports. Celestia immediately wonders why Fluttershy was writing a slashfic involving her and all her friends. With illustrations. Twilight asks if they really want to know, and Celestia replies that no, they really don't. Princess Luna does.
  • Twilight Sparkle is a frequent recipient of this trope in fanfiction too. Romance Reports for example has Twilight take to researching love and sex with gusto, having very little hesitation to the idea of having sex with the first willing ponies she can find For Science! (which isn't even what she was told, just an idea she made up herself), and at one point casually invents the pony version of the Kinsey scale.
  • In Sucker for a Cute Face Rarity and Sonata Dusk have a pretty wild sex life behind closed doors.
  • In The Trials and Tribulations of Trying to Date Twilight Sparkle, Princess Celestia is revealed to have written a book called Princest is Wincest, later bought a book written by someone else with the same theme, and has a photo album roughly half-filled with pictures of Twilight's rump.

Neon Genesis Evangelion fanfiction:

  • Advice and Trust: After hooking up with Shinji and especially after Their First Time Asuka becomes sex-crazed and gets frustrated if she has not sex with Shinji every day... but in public she still pretends she is not interested in sex so that nobody suspects they are together. When someone figures out they are together and finds out what kind of thoughts she has they are shocked because they did not think she could be so lewd.
  • Ghosts of Evangelion: As long as Shinji isn't being too obvious about it, Asuka likes when he looks to her (she feels like a piece of meat on display if someone leers at her openly, though).

RWBY fanfiction:

  • Fates Collide:
    • While shopping for new clothes, Ruby Rose suddenly flashes back to seeing Astolfo naked and blushes.
    • It looks like Pyrrha Nikos was about to suggest looking under Enkidu's robe to determine their gender before stopping herself and blushing.
  • Weiss in Hands-on Education - Extra Credit is more openly opposed to Jaune and Nora's status as amateur porn stars than anyone else at Beacon, calling their actions obscene and uncivilized. However, her inner thoughts reveal that she masturbates to their videos so much that she's not sure she can handle them uploading another one.
  • The NSFW fanfic Love Hurts has Weiss. She believes that it is her duty to maintain proper decorum at all times, but is actually at least as sexually adventurous as Blake and Yang, who keep almost injuring themselves in their various experiments. This causes problems for Weiss's Friends with Benefits Jaune, as he finds it hard to predict what suggestions she'll find sexy, what suggestions she'll find disgusting, and what suggestions she'll find disgusting but still want to try anyway.
    Yang: Damn, girl. Your mind is just in the gutter all the time. You too, Rubes. [sighs] I tell you, Blake, they were once so innocent and naïve. They get a boyfriend and get to have sex for the first time, and now they're worse perverts than you. They're all corrupted.
    Blake: Excuse me, Miss "I'm Going to Have Sex With Your Ice Clone"? Who is a pervert?
  • My Abominable Monster Classmates Can't Be This Cute!: During Jaune and the Grimmified Ruby, Weiss and Yang's infiltration mission at Beacon, Velvet is responsible for introducing Weiss to internet porn after she overheard Weiss publicly inquiring about it, and she isn't exactly disinterested when Weiss suggests Velvet can form a "pack" of her own.
  • White Sheep (RWBY):
    • A lot of women end up Eating the Eye Candy when it comes to Jaune Arc. Besides the likes of Pyrrha and Weiss casually enjoying seeing him shirtless while he's changing, Jaune's adoptive sister Cinder towels him dry after Cardin dumps a bucket of water on him and has to be alerted to the fact she's been rubbing him for several minutes after getting all the water. In the same incident, Emerald was doing something with his wet shirt and Neo was openly staring.
    • Ruby is so covert that even she doesn't realize it at first. She gets weird feelings whenever she's grabbed by a tentacle monster (he wasn't trying to hurt her, but he wasn't trying to do that either), and when she accidentally discovers what tentacle hentai is, she enlists Blake in helping her get more.

Naruto fanfiction:

  • Hinata gets this a lot in fanfiction. The fact that she has the power to see through any object, including people's clothes, certainly helps.
  • Naruto becomes this in Escape From The Hokage's Hat. Due in part to having had a seal placed on him (multiple actually but just explaining this one is important for now) that screwed with his libido and hormones but was removed forcing the 13-year-old to just deal with the overload. Naruto then travels in a group with Hinata, Shizune, and Tsunade. Cue Naruto suddenly thinking about how bad he wants a backrub from Shizune, wants a hug (Marshmallow Hell) from Tsunade, comments on how he wants to "hold Hinata and never let her go" and suddenly be turned on by Hinata's laugh.
  • A Growing Affection: During the Chunin Exams, Hinata was sitting next to Naruto. It turns out she tried looking at his test to check on him, but also because he kept fidgeting and she caught a glimpse of...something else.
  • Kitsune no Ken: Fist of the Fox:
    • Itachi, of all people. On one occasion when Ino gropes Hinata's breasts from behind while demanding to know Hinata's secret, Itachi's response is to start taking pictures with his cell phone. And prior to that, Yugito accuses him of perversion when he wonders aloud and with a little too much interest what Hinata's reaction was to accidentally seeing Yugito naked in a Waterfall Shower, moments after Yugito informs him of the incident.
      Yugito: No, Itachi, she did not take off her clothes and offer to join me. Pervert.
    • There's also Neji, Konoha High School's Student Council President who's a stickler for the rules and for upholding his upper-class status...and who also secretly collects Icha-Icha Paradise books and has secret Girls Behind Bars fantasies. One of the Hyuga family maids even recounts at one point how she once overheard him masturbating while whispering Tenten's name.
    • Hinata herself, big time. During the aforementioned Outdoor Bath Peeping moment, after the initial surprise, she spends several minutes Eating the Eye Candy (something that Yugito, the eye-candy in question, finds quite amusing). Prior to that, there's a scene that indicates that she seems to know the Icha Icha book series is pornographic. The story's twenty-third Gaiden chapter, set a few years later during her twenty-third birthday, shows her out at dinner with Naruto, and while they're waiting for their order, she engages in Footsie Under the Table as a way of teasing him. The same Gaiden reveals her to be into bondage play, specifically as a submissive.
  • In Sekirei? Is that some new species of little sister?, Akitsu is shown to be a huge pervert but doesn't show it much due to being both The Stoic and The Quiet One. When she tells Takami that Naruto and his wife chain her up and spank her, Naruto replies that Akitsu failed to mention she likes both even more than he does.
  • A new world: Story of a lost Shinobi: Naruto natch. Surprisingly Mirajane whenever Naruto is around. Naruto is rather happy about this since the only other girls he's dealt with are a Shrinking Violet (Hinata) and an often-angry Tsundere (Sakura).
    • There's:
      Naruto: So you can get it (Fairy Tail mark) anywhere?
      Mirajane: Yeah. I'd show you mine but that would be a lot of dress to hike up.
      Naruto: [Spit Take]
      Mirajane: I heard some even get it on their butts.
      Naruto: [pictures Fairy Tail mark on Mirajane's butt]
      Mirajane: [playful Dope Slap followed by a smile] You better not be thinking what I think you're thinking or I won't feed you."
    • And then there's:
      Mirajane: You know I'm occasionally the cover girl for Sorcerer Weekly. They have a lot of pictures of me.
      Naruto: [Fascinating Eyebrow] Really? Where can I find these magazines?
      Mirajane: [stretches flirtatiously] Why would you want the magazines when the cover girl is right in front of you?
      Naruto: You got a point. But with the pictures I could stare at them as long as I want without being called a pervert.
      Mirajane: I never said I'd call you that.

    Film — Animated 

    Film — Live-Action 
  • American Pie: Michelle in the first film, who comes off as dorky and awkward until the Wham Line that shows that she most definitely isn't:
    "And this one time, at band camp, I stuck a flute in my pussy."
  • Blood of the Tribades: The vampire priests despise the lesbian vampires but they're visibly aroused by them.
  • In Kingsman: The Secret Service, Eggsy takes cover by the cell of Princess Tilde of Sweden, a hostage. He's planning to save the world anyway, obviously, but jokingly asks if he can have a kiss from her as a reward if he manages to save the world. She not only agrees but immediately and spontaneously tells him that, if he does save the world, then they can have anal sex. At the end, she's about to make good on her offer with him.
  • In the S Club 7 movie Seeing Double the band kidnap their dim-witted clones and tie them up. The Rachel clone wonders if it's part of their training program and asks "Do I tie you up now, Bradley?". Bradley gets quite hot under the collar and says "we'll talk about it later". Later on we find out that the clones are taught to shower together to save water, so the fun starts when Bradley is showering in the garden and the Rachel and Hannah clones climb in with him. He heads for the hills when the Jon clone climbs in too but Tina sneaks a peek at them.

    Let's Play 
  • Outback Wawa has Apocalypt1c Assass1n in the first episode of Glutton For Punishment, who for the vast majority of the episode doesn't say anything remotely dirty, then in the last few minutes, he says you can eat out a woman if you're hungry/thirsty.

  • Mizuki Himeji from Baka and Test: Summon the Beasts certainly qualifies. During an event were the summoned being spoke the characters true feelings, Himeji's confessed to have thought "weird thing" when the other were talking about ecchi things.
    • Also this from volume 7 of the novel:
    Mizuki: I think Minami-chan will use this chance to touch Akihisa-kun's chest and butt...that's too sneaky...
    Minami: Wh, what are you saying, Mizuki! How can I do such a thing—eh, what? What did you just say? Touching... Mizuki, what were you talking about...
    Mizuki: Ah! No, nothing! I'm not talking about touching him sneakily. Th, that...I'm just talking about improving the relationship with Akihisa-kun. I just said it wrongly!
    Minami: Mizuki..what were you planning to do to Aki...
  • In the book Behaving Bradley, a high school boy gets nicknamed "Microdick" after the other boys see him putting his bathing suit on in the locker room. Hopie, a sweet, naive girl, asks the main character what the nickname means, and he tells her it's because the boy wants to be a disc jockey and use a microphone. She responds "Oh, I thought it was something about his penis."
  • In A Brother's Price Cullen Moorland is somewhere between this and a true innocent. He's very interested in the pornographic pictures his cousin Lylia gives him, but when he's sharing them with Jerin, he comments at one point:
    "Why would anyone want to put his mouth there?"
    • Jerin himself has been told about the "paths of pleasure" by his grandfather and could explain a thing or two to Cullen, but as everyone expects him to remain chaste until marriage, he can't tell that he in fact recognizes the depicted scene as something he did and enjoyed. It's a setting that enforces this trope in men.
  • The hyperactive, flustery Cloudcuckoolander Oshiroi from Ben-To. When Satou asks her if she wants to join the Dogs, she thinks he wants to know if she wants to get gangbanged. She doesn't reject the idea outright, just says she'd prefer her first time to be one-on-one.
  • In Campione!, Liliana is depicted as a stoic, no-nonsense warrior, a firm contrast to her rival, the boisterous, shameless Erica. It is revealed that Liliana writes erotic novels in her spare time, and gets wild sexual fantasies about Godou. She's really embarrassed about anybody finding out about this.
  • Discworld:
    • In The Last Continent, things get awkward when the God of Evolution wants an explanation of sexual reproduction from the wizards. The celibate old men are struggling to figure out how to do so when, much to their bafflement, Unseen University's prim and proper head housekeeper Mrs. Whitlow (who accidentally got pulled along on their little adventure) pulls the God aside to give him The Talk... with hand gestures. This leaves Ridcully briefly wondering what happened to the late Mr. Whitlow.
    • In Carpe Jugulum, Dirty Old Woman Nanny Ogg is rendered speechless when the formerly naïve Magrat Garlick caps her with a perfect double entendre.
      "Oh, I don't know, I really don't," said Nanny. "I mean, it's flattering and everything, but I really don't think I could be goin' out with a man with a limp."
      "Limp what?"
    • In the same book, Nanny Ogg mentions a relative of Agnes's who clearly enjoys sex, as evidenced by her sizable brood of children, but who gets very flustered when anything even remotely sexual gets mentioned. Nanny Ogg specifically mentions being able to "cook eggs on her face if you're quick enough" after telling her a dirty joke.
  • Louise of The Familiar of Zero, especially in the light novels. She beats up Saito at the first sign of his pervertedness, yet whenever we are shown her fantasies, it's rather... saucy. At one point she attacks a large crowd for waking her up from a dream of her and Saito that was "just getting to the good part".
  • In Good Luck! Ninomiya-kun the innocent-looking Mayu is actually a Yaoi Fangirl, who writes her own yaoi manga, and Reika can actually be incredibly perverted, which she hides behind a Tsundere facade and hits Shungo if she feels he's acting perverted.
  • Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation: Mo Dao Zu Shi: Lan Wangji of all people. Stoic and reserved he may be, but he's actually the more proactive of the pair when it comes to physical intimacy:
    • He holds Wei Wuxian to his promise of them sleeping together everyday.
    • Wei Wuxian is the one who has read more heterosexual porn, but Lan Wangji is the one who's looked up how to have sex with men.
    • In the "Incense Burner" extra, he and Wei Wuxian are able to see the other's dreams. While Wei Wuxian's dream consists of them having a domestic life after retiring from cultivation, Lan Wangji's dream is much kinkier in nature.
  • Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire:
    • Moaning Myrtle "sometimes" sneaks into the prefects' bathroom to watch them bathe. Harry finds this out while taking a bath himself to figure out a tournament clue that's only comprehensible underwater.
    • In a throwaway line, Mad-Eye Moody seems to be using his magical eye (which, among other things, can be used to see through clothing) to spy on some young girls. This is an early hint that "Moody" isn't at all the good person he's pretending to be.
  • Kyon of the Haruhi Suzumiya series has a...fondness for the main girls. Mostly Mikuru, but Haruhi and Yuki do catch his attention in his Inner Monologue narration as well.
    • Shockingly enough, Yuki in Haruhi-chan has a fondness for erotic visual novels. The covert part only applies because Kyon caught her in the act and gave her the bunny headphones so the other members wouldn't hear what she was playing.
  • Hensuki: Are You Willing to Fall in Love with a Pervert, as Long as She's a Cutie?: The series has a Running Gag of seemingly normal and cute girls turning out to have secret fetishes. Once they reveal their kinks to the protagonist, Keiki Kiryū, they stop hiding it altogether.
    • Sayuki Tokihara, the hardworking president of the Calligraphy Club, is a masochist who secretly wants to be Keiki's pet.
    • Yuika Koga, a seemingly innocent underclasswoman, is actually a sadist who wants to make Keiki her S&M slave.
    • Mao Nanjō is a friend of Keiki and Shōma who acts harsh but cares deeply about them like a tsundere, which makes it all the more surprising when she reveals that she's a Yaoi Fangirl who secretly uses them as material for her boys love manga.
    • Ayano Fujimoto is seen as the diligent student council vice president of the school but is secretly an olfactophile who wants to sniff Keiki's body odor.
    • Mizuha Kiryū is a double subversion. At first, the story leads the viewer to believe that she has incestuous feelings for her brother, Keiki, but then it turns out that they're not blood-related, meaning their relationship wouldn't really be incest. Then she turns out to be an exhibitionist who likes to secretly go out in public with no panties and takes strip tease selfies of herself.
    • Airi Nagase is a strict disciplinarian member of the student council but enjoys yuri to the point of secretly writing a yuri fic of the Calligraphy Club members.
    • Rin Mitani, the cute student council secretary, turns out to be a boy who enjoys cross-dressing.
    • Shiho Takasaki is the student council president, who is secretly turned on the concept of netorare, whether she's on the giving or receiving end of cheating relationships.
  • The central plot of Shimoneta is that sexual concepts have been completely censored by government, so now an entire generation of horny teenagers is struggling to understand exactly what they have actively been prevented from learning, ranging from personal anatomy to consent.
  • Naughty: Nine Tales of Christmas Crime: Santa's Elves may be cheerful embodiments of Christmas joy, but that doesn't mean they can't have wild Christmas parties with drinking and sex, although they are embarrassed to outright admit this in Mrs. Claus's presence and come up with a lot of awkward euphemisms.
    Carol: Yeah, Gumdrop was there for a while. But he and my sister Noël had a little too much eggnog and went off to...ummmm...make some mulled cider.
    Mrs. Claus: Noël?
    Noël: Over here, Mrs. C. When we got to the bedro...I mean the kitchen, Gumdrop realized he didn't have a...well..a..bag of mulling spices. There was one in his wallet, but he'd left in in his jacket at work, I might have had a bit too much 'eggnog', but I'm not stupid-I told him no spice, no cider.

    Live-Action TV 
  • This is the most obvious character trait of Tobias from Arrested Development, who never seems to consciously think or care about sex at all.
  • The Brokenwood Mysteries: Rev. Greene is a kindly Good Shepherd, yet the mystery novel he writes is impressively steamy in nature.
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer
    • Occasional hints are given that Willow is one, like her "everyone's getting spanked but me" comment, and the accidental ogling of Dawn (the Dawn part was the accident, not the ogling) that one time.
      "Oh, right. Me and Oz play 'Mistress of Pain' every night."
      "Did anyone else go to a scary visual place?"
    • Her girlfriend Tara seems to be the same.
    • Buffy's no slouch either. She's the aggressor in each of her relationships, she's into femdom if Spike is anything to go by, in the series finale she said he and Angel might do oil wrestling and the comics...the comics has her missing the sex before her deepest fantasy is revealed. That fantasy is her playing mistress chained to a naked Angel and Spike, wearing a Naughty Nurse Outfit. It's been a slow year. Also, when hit with a love spell she tries stripping for Xander.
  • Kate Beckett from Castle is implied to have some of this in her past. In one episode, Castle was left wondering how she knew so much about hand-made bondage cuffs. Then there's this thing she does with ice cubes...
  • Community: Annie is seen as the young and wholesome member of the group, but there are many instances of her displaying surprising perversion.
  • Doctor Who
    • The Tenth Doctor once remarked that a "solid leather" slave drone rather suggested that "someone's got one hell of a fetish."
    • The episode "Amy's Choice" hints the 11th Doctor might be the darker side of this trope.
      • In "The Angels Take Manhattan", the Doctor is reading a trashy detective novel. He doesn't seem to be entirely aware that he's reading it out loud and saying "yowza!" to the descriptions of the Femme Fatale detective's impressive cleavage. Later in the episode, it's mentioned that he has "the face of a twelve-year-old". Becomes funnier after the reveal that the Femme Fatale is actually River. Who is his wife!
    • On a much lighter note, Rory, if the 2011 Red Nose Day short is anything to go by. He responded quite well to the sight of his wife flirting with herself from the future. Furthermore, the reason everything went wrong in that episode was because Rory was helping the Doctor fix the TARDIS and got distracted by Amy wearing a skirt on the glass floor above him. Rory did apologize, for what it's worth, albeit for dropping whatever he was holding, not for peeking.
    • In Series 8, Strax does an examination of the brain of Clara Oswald and finds a lot of muscular young men (or considering his Running Gag of getting genders confused, could easily be women) doing "sport".
  • Though Firefly has plenty of characters with overt sexuality, the last place one would expect to see such sexual commentary from is the somewhat unhinged yet innocent River; nonetheless she gets in the occasional comment that makes it very clear she's paying attention. In the comic Those Left Behind, Wash and Zoe make love on the bridge, and then suddenly have to call everyone else up to the bridge when they find something important. No one says anything as the two are straightening out their clothes... until River blurts, "It stinks like sex in here." In Serenity at the very end, when Kaylee and Simon are, well, taking the "unresolved" out of their Unresolved Sexual Tension, River is seen spying on them from above with a curious look on her face. For bonus points, Simon's her brother. River doesn't hesitate to bait Jayne into chatting about his "man-parts" - and it doesn't seem to bother her when he does, either. And then there's her "cockney come-on" to Badger.
  • Geoffrey in The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, despite being a stereotypical stuffy English butler, has his moments. For instance, he describes a dream about being tied up by amazon women and tormented with fruit, and in another episode, Uncle Phil wakes up the family when he thinks Vivian is in labour, and when Will complains about being woken up by a naked man running around the house, Geoffrey says, "I'm sorry, I thought you'd all gone to sleep".
  • Phoebe from Friends was initially like this before they used it so much that it became less covert and more just part of her character that she was the kinky, frequently sharp-tongued and kind of mean, one.
  • Rachel and Emma from Glee. "Push it" was Rachel's idea and Emma informs Rachel that someday not having a gag reflex will be a gift. If you know what she means.
  • Dr. Shaun Murphy, the protagonist of The Good Doctor. Shaun is a young autistic doctor with a personality who tends to act too innocent or socially awkward most of the time. Despite this, on one occasion he admits to think that some porn pieces have good stories (to the surprise of some of his colleagues); he read erotic magazines with his brother when he was a child; and when dating Carly and Lea in the middle of the series, he ends up revealing having a surprising and insatiable appetite for sex.
  • Dr Chi Park on House. Comes across as mousey and repressed, 95 percent of the time. The other five percent she's accusing Dr Adams of wanting to masturbate over her, or casually claiming to have had sex with over thirty guys (which she then admits is a lie; whether the true figure is higher or lower remains unknown).
  • Lily in How I Met Your Mother is, if anything, even more perverted than Barney. When he describes something that he claims happened she knows exactly what porno the scene he made up is from. Of course, it's Alyson Hannigan here.
    • Even more impressive considering she and husband Marshall are each others' one-and-onlies. At one point Lily complains of being unable to play "I Never" because "then everyone would know all the weird stuff I let you do to me," and Marshall at one point calls bull on another of Barney's stories because "I've seen that porno. Hell, I've lived that porno." He also refers to Lily as "like twenty slutty chicks all rolled up into one!"
  • Major Margaret "Hotlips" Houlihan is a variant of this Played for Laughs in the early seasons of M*A*S*H; she feigns being a prim, proper woman, but is actually a lustful, passionate woman who has frequent moments of Casual Kink with her steady lover, the already-married Dr. Jerk Major Frank Burns, and is implied to have slept with almost every Major or higher-ranked guest Official who shows up.
  • Mindy from Mork & Mindy. In the pilot, she asks Mork to test his voice by reading from a book she has. Turns out it's a steamy romance novel. And later in the series when it's revealed that Orkan ears unscrew, she says "Gee, I'm afraid of what else comes off!".
  • In The Nanny, Maxwell is generally considered very uptight, especially in contrast to Fran, but sometimes demonstrates a hidden kinky streak. For instance, when he learns Fran has a secret tattoo he is visibly aroused and spends days fantasising about where on her body it could be. At the end of one episode, after they get married, he and Fran head off to bed to roleplay a threesome between Max, "the wife" and "the nanny" with the aid of a blonde wig.
    • Niles is, if anything, even more apparently repressed than Max, but he's shown to be extremely passionate and "creative" if the moment calls for it. After he and C.C. begin their affair, he's shown gathering up various foodstuffs to slather on her, and the two of them have sex in many public locations, including Home Depot and Maxwell's limo.
    • Although Fran has a more overt sexuality than Maxwell and Niles, she is also implied to have some hidden submissive tendencies. When Fran throws an unlicensed singles party in the mansion, costing Maxwell a hefty fine, she suggests he spank her as punishment; when the two of them are stranded on a desert island she's visibly excited by him yelling at her and ordering her around; and after they get married she's shown to occasionally scream "Oh, Mr. Sheffield!" at the point of orgasm.
  • There's a rather startling scene in Pushing Daisies where Chuck, in an attempt to prove that she's not as sheltered as she seems, talks about her aunt's collection of erotica.
  • Jared in Silicon Valley constantly comes off as both socially awkward and painfully social proper, especially compared to all the other guys, and shows no interest in women for the first couple of seasons. Then he reveals he just took a break from dating to focus on the company and proceeds to sleep with at least two women in as many days, and it's implied he has many more in his rotation. He also doesn't hesitate to explain the function of amyl nitrate. And he doesn't seem to understand why everyone is so surprised.
  • Smallville
    • Used in the introductory episode for red kryptonite when Clark uses his X-ray vision to check out Chloe's ass when her back is turned, something he's apparently too nice to do normally.
    • Jimmy Olsen apparently likes BDSM. It seems that Incorruptible Pure Pureness Chloe Sullivan is perfectly fine with that. Combining that to her losing her virginity when she was underage in a very short romance and having a casually sexual relationship with Oliver two episodes after the first hint of attraction, maybe the fans' favourite sweet girl isn't that innocent after all...
      Lois: (finds a pair of fluffy pink handcuffs) Guess the Olsen's not so wholesome.
  • Samantha Carter from Stargate SG-1 has been hinted to be one. In the episode 'Rules of Engagement', SG-1 finds a large group of young men training to infiltrate the SGC. As they walk past a group that are sparring with each other, she's the first one to notice that they don't have symbiote pouches. The group consists of young, agile shirtless men... She also took quite some time to look away from them.
  • Star Trek: Voyager: It may be just scientific curiosity, but when Q is about to get it on with a female member of his species in "The Q and the Grey", Captain Janeway suggests giving them some privacy:
    Q: What's wrong, Kathy? Don't you like to watch?
    [Janeway looks indignant, then when Q turns to Ms. Q, sneaks close with an eager expression. The two Q's touch fingers and shiver in delight]
    Janeway: That was it?!!
    Q: You had your chance. Don't go crying about it now.
  • Alan from Two and a Half Men has a secret pregnancy fetish, as the nine months his ex-wife was pregnant with Jake was the only time she displayed sexual passion for him.
    • And let's not forget that he and Candy dressed up as Catholic Priest and Catholic schoolgirl.

    Myths & Religion 
  • Norse Mythology: Heimdall, of all people, came up with the idea of dressing up Thor in drag so that he could impersonate Freyja in the tale (Thrymskvida) to take back Thor's Mjölnir from Þrymr (Thrymr), The King of the Frost Giants.

    Video Games 
  • Diving deep into the heroines' Cosmos Spheres in the Ar tonelico series reveals their "true" personalities, thoughts, and desires under the masks of being pure, shy, cute, bossy, hotheaded, or whatever in the real world. Given how they present the games, Those heroines have... a lot of unhealthy suggestive things in their minds.
    • The first game gives us Aurica who is normally very soft-spoken and unsure of herself. In the latter half of her Cosmosphere, she kidnaps Lyner, ties him to the bed, straddles him, and electrocutes him when he tries to run, all while wearing nothing more than a towel. Apparently this is so dangerous that an incarnation of the good in Aurica's mind appears to save Lyner and that level of the Cosmosphere is entirely abandoned with dangerous consequences later.
  • Ayane of ANNO: Mutationem is quite friendly and openly affectionate with the protagonist, Ann Flores. Ayane calls Ann "Darling", frequently hugs and showers her in physical affection, and shows much in the way of genuine care and concern for Ann. The relationship is largely quite innocent and PG. However, there are also moments like Ayane gleefully telling Ann that she can take Ayane's new camera-equipped Paipai drone with her into the shower (it's waterproof), one of Ann's most revealing outfits apparently being a gift from Ayane, and Ayane being very interested in watching Ann be forced into a Little Black Dress that Ayane also picked out herself.
  • In Baldur's Gate III, elven Defrosting Ice Queen Shadowheart is shown to be this. While she's normally rather reserved, she takes to Amazonian Beauty Karlach immediately and if romanced she's thrilled by the idea of a threesome with The Big Guy Halsin. You can potentially have a five-way with her, Halsin, and a pair of Drow twin prostitutes, and she states it's something she's "dreamed of many times".
  • BlazBlue:
    • Taokaka is a childish, innocent-seeming Cat Girl who's mostly interested in helping her village and eating — she even sometimes calls characters by cute, childish nicknames, like referring to Nu-13 as the "flappy thing" and Litchi as "Boobie Lady". Except that it later becomes obvious from further dialogue that "Boobie Lady" is not simply a cute nickname based on two of Litchi's distinguishing features, but that she's downright obsessed with breasts in a seemingly fetishistic way... as seen at one point with the poor 'Average' Tsubaki.
    • When Bang is on the end of a mistaken Skinship Grope from Tao, his reaction suggests him to be one of these as well. And then there's that dream he had in "Teach Me, Miss Litchi"...
    • Noel also counts. Even though she's a go-to example for Shrinking Violet, she's demonstrated to be much more knowledgeable about sexual relationships than Jin, and she's much younger than he is. Much, much younger than he is, as it turns out. There's also a scene wherein she (briefly) contemplates second base because she heard from Makoto that her breasts will get bigger if a boy massages them. Come to think of it, hanging around Makoto - a Ms. Fanservice who is absolutely not subtle about her perverted tendencies - is probably where she gets this trait from.
  • Deltarune has a few moments indicating this about the otherwise polite and reserved Noelle:
    • There are several hints Noelle harbors some masochistic tendencies and that's part of why she finds Susie attractive. At the epilogue of Chapter 1 if you tell her that Susie is terrible after she asks Kris what she's like, Noelle suggests asking Alphys if they could switch partners so that Kris wouldn't be the one who gets slammed into the locker (She immediately chides herself for her wording), and in Chapter 2 if you select "Susie wouldn't" in a conversation where she wonders how Susie would respond if she asked her to join for a Ferris wheel ride, she says this.
      Noelle: Y-you're right! Even if I asked her, she'd...Probably just laugh at me. *starts smiling and blushing* And, gosh, push me to the ground, and...L-laugh at me some more, and then...*realizes she's rambling out loud, gets embarrassed and blushes more* (...What were we talking about again?)
    • If you make her click on the Poppup enemies, the Flavor Text will either say that she either mis-clicked on a link to buy "How To Draw Dragons" (the same book Asriel will never return due to the hot dragon girl on the cover) or clicked on a link for "Hot Female Santas In Your Area!", with the narration conspicuously omitting the word "accidentally" here. Both times, she will smile cheekily and say this.
      Noelle: Wh-What!? What did I do wrong??
  • Dragon Age:
    • Dragon Age: Origins:
      • Alistair is a nice young man who was raised as a Templar and thus is a virgin, and he's quite reluctant at the idea of sex (waiting for the moment to do it). If you try to romance both him and Leliana, he'll describe the latter as "hot" and even if you don't harden him, will comment "and here I am, awake and everything..." if your character goes have sex with Pirate Girl Isabela.
      • Leliana is meant to be a cloistered sister, and while genuine it's also to mask that she was a bisexual ninja spy. She gets jealous of Isabela offering herself to the Warden and - depending on the playthrough - chooses to invite herself along, with Isabela commenting on her performance and Leliana explaining just where she picked up what she learned. She can be pretty Aggressive Submissive even if a Warden actively ignores or avoids a romance and drops several-not-so subtle hints that she wants you, race or gender irrelevant.
    • Dragon Age II:
      • Merrill. Normally, her not understanding innuendo is a Running Gag in the game; but if Hawke romances her, Anders eventually catches her digging through his spell books, looking for "dirty spells." She also misses the Qunari because they were "easy on the eyes"...
      • Bethany is a devout Andrastian, and quite innocent and inexperienced in life due to her sheltered upbringing. Nonetheless, she shows interest in Isabela's talk about sex (even if she tries to repress these urges at first), before fully embracing it when she's sent off to the Circle, where she enjoys all the suggestive books Isabela sends her.
        Bethany: So you've... been with women? In bed?
        Isabela: Shocking, isn't it? You see, Sweetness, men are only good for one thing. Women are good for six.
        Bethany: Six? (hesitantly) ... which six?note 
      • Varric, when he first starts telling the story, portrays Bethany (in a non-mage Hawke run) with very exaggerated assets. Cassandra sees right through this and orders him to tell her what happened properly. Varric's not exactly an innocent character, but he's shown to be a fairly chivalrous one who is particularly attached to Bethany; no explanation is ever offered for why, of all the things he might have chosen to dramatize, he went with that one.
    • Dragon Age: Inquisition
      • Josephine, though ironically not if the player is romancing her. When she walks in on the aftermath of The Iron Bull and the player character consummating their relationship, her reaction compared to Cullen (who is desperately trying not to look) and Cassandra (who is obviously startled) is priceless.
      Josephine: Who wouldn't be a little curious?
      (Cullen and Cassandra look at her)
  • Dragon Quest:
    • Dragon Quest: As soon as the Princess meets the Hero, she wastes no time in making a number of passes at him, and when returned to the castle, every other interaction will have her hopefully ask if he's fantasized about her. At least in the original script, she'll be disappointed if he says no and outright ask if she's not sexy enough. Taken further in the GBC port, where staying at an inn with her makes very clear they had a long night of sex. This comes back in Dragon Quest Builders, where a flashback of their first meeting shows her flirting openly, and while later comparing the Builder to the Hero, she begins to ramble and admit to her own fantasizing about him before she corrects herself and gets back to the point.
    • Dragon Quest IV: In the DS remake, having serious, quiet, dutiful Kiryl look into a mirror can result in him making a rather questionable comment. It's not clear whether it's meant to be suggestive or just a very unfortunate turn of phrase, but either way, it's pretty funny.
    • Dragon Quest V:
      • The "perfect lady" Nera Briscoletti sometimes makes an outright sex joke during a party chat.
      • Some characters suspect Monty the Monster Monitor of being secretly a pervert old man due to him keeping an employee dressed as a Playboy Bunny around.
    • Dragon Quest VIII: King Clavius' way to get his son Charmles to agree to attempt the initiation involves mentioning Jessica's... assets. This is the only time he does it (or singles out Jessica in any way) though, so it could also just be seen as an attempt to play to his son's base desires.
    • Hendrik in Dragon Quest XI is implied to be this, judging from his reaction to finding Rab's copy of the Ogler's Digest — he excitedly and easily identifies the dirty magazine as a first edition and in mint condition. This is in stark contrast to his usual nature as a serious and straitlaced knight, even before he joins the Luminary's group to find a way to defeat the Big Bad Mordegon.
  • In the Drakengard manga adaptation 1.3, religious Barrier Maiden Furiae watches a swordsman practicing shirtless for...uh, material. This is early Foreshadowing that Furiae was forced into her role and in fact loathes it.
  • The Duchess in Embric of Wulfhammer's Castle starts off as this, desperately trying to maintain her Proper Lady persona in the face of while all the situations that conspire to rid her of her dress are annoying, some of them are also pretty fun (except for constantly being tied up; she always hates that). Most of the routes have her abandon it though, particularly the ones that have her embrace the "Dark Duchess" persona, while another ending has her get most of the ladies in a Duchess-centric orgy.
  • Final Fantasy VII
    • Cloud Strife of Final Fantasy VII can be this in the 1997 game depending on the player’s choices e.g choosing to take notice of the bikini clad women around Hojo in Costa del Sol or more infamously rifling through Tifa’s underwear in the Nibelhiem flashback — both of which have Tifa calling Cloud out. Even outside the player’s actions, during the Absurdly Long Stairway segment Tifa has to prompt Cloud twice to move ahead of her as her mini-skirt and stairwell was a bad match.
    • Played With in Final Fantasy VII Remake as Cloud is for most part a Celibate Hero — though he still gets obviously flustered around the beautiful girls in his party. If you try and enter Tifa’s room in Sector 7 Cloud will mutter “Wait a minute. That’s Tifa’s room. Don’t be weird” which while meant for the player is Cloud admonishing himself In-Universe. Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is far less subtle about it as the mere sight of Tifa and Aerith in bikinis in Costa del Sol is enough to leave Cloud stammering and bewildered, promoting Tifa to come close to him in concern obvious to fact she’s only flustering him further. There’s also a hilarious exchange where Yuffie jokes about the idea of cloning Tifa, an idea which leaves Cloud speechless, and Yuffie immediately seizes upon it.
    Yuffie: What if we cloned a bunch of Barrets? They’d blast those baddies into oblivion!
    Cloud: And catch us in the crossfire.
    Yuffie: Okay, what about… Tifa?
    Cloud: Uh…
    Yuffie: Thinking naughty thoughts?
    Cloud: Shut up.
    Yuffie: Busted!
    Cloud: I thought ninjas were supposed to be silent.
    Yuffie: Oh forgive me for interrupting your fantasies. I’ll let you get back to being a perv.
    • Surprisingly this trait is hinted at with Aerith, of all people in Remake — during the Honeybee Inn sequence, as Cloud is dancing on-stage and assisted with his disguise, her cheers of support gradually take on a more titillated tone, to the point where she's practically panting by the reveal.
  • Fire Emblem series has quite a number of those.
    • Of all characters in Fire Emblem: Awakening, the very serious and straitlaced Laurent seems to be this. In his and Noire's S support, it looks like he's a masochist, expressing excitement over one of his girlfriend-to-be's Split Personality outbursts. Even said prospect girlfriend is all "what the...?!"
      • In the same game, if Lon'qu and Maribelle's supports are unlocked, Maribelle will learn about Lon'qu's Cannot Talk to Women problem. Her suggested solution is to send him "to an establishment where a pack of lovely ladies wait on you". And then she's offended when Lon'qu asks about how she, of all people, would know of such a place.
      • Sumia. If she builds supports with Frederick enough to get a Love Confession, when he says he doesn't have eyes for anyone but her she giggles and asks "not even Chrom?!" before accepting. And then there's how she tries to rope Sully into a crossdressing pageant in the Harvest Scramble DLC...
      • Morgan is normally a cute Nice Guy, but his S-Support with Kjelle features him accidentally letting it slip that he's been "imagining" her and that she's even more beautiful than he thought after he accidentally walks in on her bathing.
    • Fire Emblem Fates:
      • Nyx is no slouch in this department, either. Despite seeming fairly serious most of the time, she lets it slip to Kaze that she's a big fan of romance novels... and how defensive she gets when he questions her on it makes said "romances" seem like something else entirely. Then there are her supports with Niles, where Nyx complains about his language, only to admit that she actually likes dirty talk should their S-Support be pursued.
      • A Male Corrin. Should he S-support Azura on the Revelation path, he inadvertently walks in on her bathing, and while he does apologize, he admits he hung around longer than he should have because he was enjoying the view.
      • Azura takes time to tease the male Avatar about him wanting to peep on her in that same talk.
    • Fire Emblem: Three Houses:
      • Ashe Ubert enjoys reading about tales of chivalry and is generally shown to be a pure Nice Guy. However, his supports with Hapi reveal that he also enjoys more raunchy tales involving knights.
      • Normally, Bernadetta von Varley is quite shy and modest, but upon finding her manuscript in the library, Sylvain notes that she has a thing for rather explicit romance content. Besides, in the Japanese version of her S-Support with male Byleth, she assumes from the beginning that he invited her to do 'it' with her... not that she really objects to it.
  • King Arthur in Guenevere has elements of this, showing great interest and enthusiasm for his wife's company whenever she's willing and the opportunity presents itself.
  • At one point in Kid Icarus: Uprising, Palutena mentions that she could read Pit's mind, telling him he'd better not be thinking anything naughty. Pit seems rather defensive and quick to react, even giving a Suspiciously Specific Denial when Palutena tells him it was a joke. There is a hot springs scene where (in the Japanese version anyway) she practically begs Pit to take off his clothes.
  • The Handmaiden in Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords is accused of this, but it is left ambiguous how true it is — she is presented as an Innocent Fanservice Girl who asks to spar in underwear simply because that's how Echani training usually is and can be convinced to wear clothing with a practical argument, but this can later come up in conversation with another character with some familiarity with Echani customs. He claims that while the Echani do indeed have semi-nude sparring as training, it's a somewhat intimate thing not done until you have grown familiar with the one you are doing it with. Now why might the Handmaiden have wanted to go directly to that stage...
  • In The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, there is a very shy Sheikah girl named Paya who can't get through a conversation with Link without stammering or getting embarrassed. When you read her diary, you find out why: She's eye-fucking Link any time she looks at him.
  • Mass Effect:
    • Kasumi Goto of Mass Effect 2 uses her cloaking skills to watch Jacob, and hints at watching Shepard with their love interest. During the actual, well, scene, given how accurate her comments are. In the Citadel DLC she is a classier mix of Matriarch Aethyta and Mel the "Infiltrator Tits, imagine the kinkiest thing you can and hang a Hanar off it" marine. She can also be found at one point rummaging around in Shepard's underwear drawer, which occurs with both genders.
    • Also in Mass Effect 2, Shepard's Quarian friend from the first game, Tali'Zorah, is shown in the Shadow Broker's files to have installed a certain nerve-stimulation program into her environment suit several times, eventually settling on the deluxe edition right after downloading an educational video about human courtship and mating. As Tali is a romance option for male Shepard and has a massive crush on him, one can assume that he is the reason for these activities. All those downloads still occur if Shepard is a woman.
    • In Mass Effect 3, there are hints that the shy and socially awkward Samantha Traynor is this, for example when she boldly attempts to seduce a female Shepard when given the chance. The Citadel DLC takes away all doubts, revealing that she fantasizes about EDI (or at least her voice), and she shows interest in EDI's list of extranet sites that basically amount to lesbian organic on synthetic porn.
    • Given that Protheans have empathic abilities allowing them to view others' memories, Javik has some unique dialogue for a Male Shepard romancing Tali, in which he implies that he might have witnessed a few intimate scenes whilst he read their DNA.
    • Kaidan Alenko comes off as prudish at first, even turning down the offer of a threesome with FemShep and Liara, but gives a rather infamous response to the mention of how young men were affected by the sight of Liara's mother in a pinstripe suit. ("It does sound like something that you'd find on an extranet fetish site." (Beat) "What?") This is played up even more in the third game.
    • In the Leviathan DLC, after you get back from the diving expedition, whoever your love interest is (if they're on the ship) will tell you how worried they were about you, and it's all very fuzzy. And then there's Steve, who, after doing the concerned lover bit, will mention that he would've gone with you, but might have been a bit...uncomfortable being in such a tight space with you.
  • Megadimension Neptunia VII reveals that Neptune, as Purple Heart of all people ends up enjoying the erotic magazine that Steamax spread around to distract the party so he can get away with the console that he's looking for.
  • Nanda Ryūō from Namu Amida Butsu! -UTENA- is normally a highly regal and extremely haughty Arrogant Kung-Fu Guy, but frequently lets his masochistic nature slip, especially whenever his idol Shaka Nyorai is concerned, and is prone to fantasizing.
  • Persona:
    • Implied to be the case in Persona with Lonely Rich Kid Kei Nanjo, as his Persona takes the form of the Buddhist god Rāgarāja and resembles an androgynous man in bondage gear representing his suppressed lust and passion.
    • In Persona 3 Portable, if Akihiko becomes the Female Protagonist's Love Interest, he shows some signs of this. Despite being almost completely Oblivious to Love, when you go up to his room a second time, he's quite eager to "let [their] bodies do the talking".
      • Also MOST surprisingly Ken! In the original Japanese version he's not above using the fact that the Female Protagonist is a paedophile against her. But similar to Akihiko's, it's when he goes to your room a second time.
    • From Persona 4, Yukiko Amagi. Normally rather shy and reserved, not to mention the low tolerance she has for what she perceives as, in her somewhat ditzy mindset, lecherous behavior. Once she gets drunk, however, or at least believes she does, her inhibitions fly out of the window. Also, if you are in a relationship with her, she's more than happy to dress up in one of the sexier alternative costumes. She would prefer it to be in private, though, instead of in front of the whole group.
  • Puyo Puyo, despite being the series that infamously houses Schezo, has Amitie filling this role as early as Puyo Puyo Fever 2. Though the novels tried to justify this and Downplayed it by revealing that she's more interested in the Forbidden Fruit nature of things, that still doesn't stop her from having questionable reactions to certain events, such as when she teases Klug for supposedly reading an adult magazine when he was trying to show her an article on his idol Lemres in Fever 2. She even devolves into Symbol Swearing in Puyo Puyo 7 when she mistakes Schezo's poorly-worded threat for a threesome invitation between her and Ringo, and Puyo Puyo!! 20th Anniversary has her become overly excited when she overhears Ringo and Maguro talk about the latter's, well, "that", and became instantly disappointed when "that" turned out to be Maguro's beautiful face.
  • While Dominic of Roommates is normally straitlaced and condemns both Max and Isabella, if Anne chooses to peep on him in the bathroom, it raises his affection for her.
  • Prince Arthur from Rune Factory 4 is normally The Wise Prince—calm, exceedingly polite, very intelligent, and seems mostly interested in running his business. However, before the first day of summer, he cheerfully admits that he's looking forward to ogling all the girls in their swimsuits. "I am a man, after all." If the player decides to romance him, he's also the only bachelor besides openly perverted Leon to be disappointed when the player invites him to their room and reveals it's just to talk.
  • A rare non-comedic example of this trope is James in Silent Hill 2, who initially appears to be a relatively normal (if rather dense and insensitive) individual until it's revealed the majority of the twisted abominations (most of whom are conspicuously feminine and sexualized) that have been attacking him over the course of the game are the personifications of his sexual repression and frustration.
  • Super Robot Wars:
    • If Chitose is chosen as the protagonist of Super Robot Wars V, she is often accused of being a covert pervert by Nine. While not quite as romance-obsessed as her new little sister, Chitose certainly blushes quite easily.
    • Super Robot Wars Z: Despite being a serious-minded individual and The Stoic, Hibiki Kamishiro joins Kurz and Boss's gang as they attempt to peep at the girls hot springs by going up other side of the mountain filled by booby traps.
  • Tales Series:
    • Tales of Destiny: Stahn is usually the innocent Nice Guy of the party, but the first thing he does after accidentally switching bodies with Philia is wonder how soft her breasts are.
    • From Tales of Xillia we have Jude edging ever so slowly to Milla before backing away with a blush saying that she looks like a regular woman. There's also Elize, who's living doll motorboats Milla. Elize's doll has no mind of his own. He just voices and acts on Elize's innermost thoughts.
  • Tora from Xenoblade Chronicles 2 has a maid fetish that he tries his best to keep under wraps.

    Visual Novels 
  • Danganronpa:
    • Touko Fukawa, at least to "Master Byakuya." She often mentions him belittling her with a rather...peculiar facial expression... As the story goes on, however, she gets less and less... covert.
    • The three male protagonists get this in all three games through some bonus scenes. Makoto has the option to peek at the girls in the bathhouse (albeit with the other guys), Hajime can watch Mahiru and Hiyoko shower together, and Shuichi can watch the girls change. Despite their Nice Guy personalities, they certainly express an enjoyment at the scenes in front of them.
  • In Diabolik Lovers, the heroine thinks she may have dodged a bullet by choosing Shu as the vampire she'll allow to feed from her, because he is so aloof and unmotivated that he might never even bother. However, it turns out that there is one thing that Shu always has time for, and that is being a tease. The more sexually charged the teasing, the more he's into it, and blood-drinking is sexualized. His behavior is more vexing than it is cruel; he never lets an opportunity to tease her pass him by, and he has a knack for creating situations where she overextends herself on his behalf so he can tease her about lusting after him.
  • This trope gets played for horror in Doki Doki Literature Club!'s second act. Yuri is introduced as a sweet Shrinking Violet who opens up when talking about subjects she's passionate about like literary critique and world-building heavy horror novels. However, this trope comes into play when Monika starts to put her through Mind Rape and Gas Lighting. As Yuri undergoes Sanity Slippage, she devolves into a Stalker with a Crush with hints of Nightmare Fuel Station Attendant. Much of her dialogue gets increasingly more suggestive, with her telling the player character she'll touch herself to his poem, handing in an unreadable poem covered in suspicious red and yellow stains that she says "is endowed with her scent," and during her confession scene she outright mentions that she does unspeakable things involving a pen she stole from the player character. Monika also implies that Yuri's Self-Harm habit is sexual in nature, but she also has reason to lie since she wants Yuri to look bad.
  • Played for drama in Fate/stay night: Sakura Matou, due to the side effects of some horrific magical body modifications, gets sexually aroused very easily. That would just be mildly embarrassing on its own, specially for a shy and quiet girl like her, but when factoring in that her adoptive brother Shinji has been raping her for years, one can understand why she's dreadfully ashamed.
    • And also Shirou seems to be one too considering he had an Erotic Dream involving Rin, and has a porn stash, not to mention his propensity for extremely lewd and bizarre mental tangents when presented with erotic scenarios.
  • Yumiko in The Fruit of Grisaia at first seems like the most modest and reserved of the girls, but she actually has the most knowledge in the group about sex and spends a lot of nights looking up porn online.
  • Hatoful Boyfriend's darker "Bad Boys Love" route has a scene in which Sakuya attributes Yuuya's hacking skills to pirating porn. Yuuya is the resident Chivalrous Pervert, so no fowl here... until Ryouta, the innocent childhood friend, wonders what porn Yuuya's watching that taught him this, and decides that he needs to get some of that.
    • There's a birdwatching club at St. Pigeonation's, the all-bird high school. Canon left it an amusing unknown, but fanon naturally holds that it's a voyeurism club.
  • Lilly Satou from Katawa Shoujo has a "healthy adolescent sex drive", which involves anything from light bondage to exhibitionism. Who saw that coming?
  • Little Busters!: Multiple:
    • There's Nishizono Mio, who, upon being invited by Riki to be the manager for their baseball team, more than happily fills in the blanks with her mind when Riki fails to mention the "baseball" part quickly enough. Then there's the part where she sees Riki and Kyousuke acting very touchy and mistakes them for gay. Or later when she presses him for information about their childhood together and sighs dreamily... It's not just yaoi, either - one of her sayings after being given a nickname for losing a battle is "Is this some kind of SM thing? You have strange fetishes..."
    • And when the six girls have a Slumber Party and decide to drag Riki over to participate... Yeah.
    • To a lesser extent, Haruka. First we have the famous scene where Haruka invites Riki to fix a bench with her using some very particularly chosen words. Later, when Riki accidentally slips over on a magazine and lands with his hand on her chest, instead of being angry, she murmurs 'It's okay, Riki-kun...' with a blush (Though they are basically dating by that point). And in the anime, when Kurugaya accuses Riki of bringing the girls into the school at night so he can have sex with them, if you look at Haruka she's pulling a pretty serious smirk.
    • Subverted with Riki when Rin recounts a story from their past during the sleepover. From what she recalls, Riki grabbed under her skirt once when they were in junior high. Kurugaya immediately assumes that Riki was excited at the thought of a tomboy like Rin in feminine clothing, and couldn't suppress his desires anymore. When Riki remembers the situation, he recalls that a bug had slipped under Rin's skirt and that he grabbed under to get rid of the bug.
  • Phantom Thief Silver Cat: The older of the maid siblings, who keeps very close track of Ginka's measurements when designing outfits, and who briefly gets a small nosebleed upon first imagining her mistress in a maid outfit as part of the job.
  • Kareha from SHUFFLE!. Only covert in that she doesn't say out loud what she's imagining. However, whenever a situation that could be construed as romantic or perverted presents itself, she will Squee and glow.
  • In True Love Junai Monogatari, the very sweet and naïve Miyuki Tanaka is revealed to be this if the player pursues her route. Specially when she asks the MC to put on a swimsuit when she gets ready to draw him, and is disappointed when he puts on a normal one — she pretty much tells him to put on a speedo instead.
  • Erika from Umineko: When They Cry may appear as an elegant − if slightly insane − miss detective, but she has some very… special fetishes, be it chopsticks, licking her master's empty teapots, or some of her reactions while being punished by said master. Her pervert side is played in a very dark way during her "wedding" with Battler though.
  • Nayuta, the prim, proper, cold Student Council President from Yumina the Ethereal seems to get turned on by the thought of people watching her having sex. She doesn't stop your H-scene with her even after her imagination causes her and Ayumu's sexual act to appear on a big-screen TV in their school gym.

  • In A&H Club, when Eliza babysits Ali, she is horrified that there is "lascivious material" all around the apartment where he could find it, and never mind that he didn't, and she only did because one DVD had fallen down the back of the machine, and after that she went looking for it. She confronts Adrian and Hildegarde and says she should remove it all for Ali's good. After a beat, Hildegarde says that if she wants to borrow it she should just ask, and, blushing crimson, she does. (Note also that Hilde is gay, meaning that the devout and married Eliza is specifically borrowing lesbian porn. A follow-up reveals that she's shared it with her husband, who is also into it.)
  • Enforced and deconstructed in Alfie (2010). In a place like Pickering, where being caught in sex deemed illicit means one is lucky to be merely placed in stocks and pelted with rotten produce rather than flogged, overt perversion is an extremely bad idea. However, the habits Alfie learned there, along with memories of the ostracisation suffered by her mother in part due to the timing of her conception, stay with her when she flees town; this leads her to publicly declare Lydia a liar, creating a rift with most of her few actual friends, wrecking her relationship with Ozge, and sending herself into a spiral of self-loathing... to remain in the good graces of people she holds in quiet contempt.
  • In Bittersweet Candy Bowl, Blur shows some tendencies towards this with Mike and Lucy.
  • Didi from Bomango. It was once revealed that she watched hentai and found tentacles "fascinating" much to her embarrassment. She dressed like a Sexy Catgirl on Halloween which seems normal enough... until you realize that she is holding a whip and not a fake tail and just said she doesn't want a Halloween party hosted at her house because she had "plans".
  • The Shrinking Violet Faen in Drowtales is hinted to have these tendencies, and she was the one who initiated the Relationship Upgrade between her and Ariel after years of UST. Once they're an established couple she wonders aloud if Ariel's shapeshifting abilities could be used for "something fun" and a non-canon version of Faen in a sidestory drops the covert completely and proves to be quite kinky.
  • Justin, of El Goonish Shive, of all the main characters, is the first to wonder if using a Transformation gun on a female results in a male form with parts. He was gender-bent at the time, but it was still unexpected.
  • Far Out There: Jenna, of all people, would seem to qualify.
  • Gaia Online's comic introducing their MMO zOMG! involved seemingly Innocent Flower Girl Rina trying to get her hands on an Alruna's Rose, a limited item which equips your avatar with a succubus lover. When the local conman tries to sell her a knockoff, she pointedly asks if it will also become a sexy succubus.
  • The one-shot character in Girl Genius who is Agatha's first client as a fortune teller. She dresses very primly, looks shy and nervous, and the only thing we hear her say is a very quiet "'kay". The stuff we don't hear her say apparently involves a tea cosy, a spoon and forty-three hours.
    Zeetha: I heard you got a spicy one!
  • From Homestuck, Rose sure seemed excited about Karkat's trashy romance novel, and gleefully grabs it away from him.
    • Likewise, Karkat seems mainly focused on the emotional side of relationships...until Jade begins interacting with Jadesprite, prompting a very distracting (to him) mental image of the two making out.
  • Alex/Murfs of Khaos Komix always blushes around his love interest Tom. In the other characters' stories, the impression is that he's blushing because he's shy and embarrassed about his attraction to Tom. In Alex's own story, however, it's revealed that his constant blushing is due to the incredibly dirty thoughts he has about what exactly he'd like to do with Tom.
  • The Law of Purple: Guess what word makes Danni wake up?
  • Magical 12th Graders: Aran, one of the Magical Girls, insists that her (male) biology teacher continue dressing as a magical girl simply because she thinks it's the hottest thing ever.
  • Toda of Mousou Telepathy is nearly unable to express emotion, so most of his classmates don’t think he’s interested in sex. The telepathic main character, Nakano, knows better, as practically every time she interacts with him, at some point she’ll see images of her about to have sex with him. Except Nakano is wrong about the scope of her powers. Her telepathy can pick up words, but any images accompanying them are supplied by her own brain, meaning those are her fantasies, not his. She’s not amused when she realizes this. Toda is still a pervert though; he does have a lot of sexual fantasies about Nakano, just not as many as she initially thinks.
  • Nevermore: In Episode 28, Lenore helps Annabel Lee sit down on a blanket, and gets an eyeful of her cleavage in the process. The coy smile Annabel gives to Lenore's flustered reaction implies that this was no accident.
  • Questionable Content:
    • Hannelore isn't so much "covert" as she is "severely dysfunctional". Nonetheless, it's played off like this trope when she learns from Marigold what "yaoi" is, getting several gigabytes worth of sexy fireman pictures or gets caught peeking at Dora's collection of..."party favors".
      "AAUGH!" *beat panel* "... how does the purple one work?"
    • Mild-mannered gamer geek Dale tested an AI virtual companion service...which dressed the companion as a skimpy Meido based on his internet history. He also apparently owns the entire series of Magical Love Gentlemen (the aforementioned yaoi series Marigold showed to Hannelore).
    • Roko Basilisk is an uptight By-the-Book Cop — and, a bit later on, the boss for an AI Rights group — who self-identifies as "not very fun"... She also has a fetish for bread, especially sourdough, and is actively looking for someone with whom she can share this love. When she, in an attempt to get a deeper appreciation for her kink, becomes Elliot's baker apprentice, she implies that if she doesn't turn down her sensitivity a bit before they start baking, she'll experience an Immodest Orgasm.
    • Former combat robot Bubbles, of all AI, gets blushy at the prospect of touring a sex toy factory her friend works at.
  • Scandinavia and the World: Sister Japan is everything a proper woman should be in Japanese culture, but as soon as she sees attractive dudes lovin' on each other, she just can't help herself.
  • Sequential Art: Kat frequently fantasizes about Art and once stared at his ass while his back was turned waiting in line for coffee (she admits she does this all the time). She also seems to be very interested in how Art sees her: he once imagined an extremely risque RPG getup for her, and she immediately queued into what sort of thing he was imagining and told him to start drawing so she could see it. When he refused on the grounds that he's "too fond" of her to commit that image to paper, it only made her want to see it more. In a panic, he sketches out a more-tasteful-but-still-sexy design for her which she loves, but she still coyly calls him a coward for not drawing the original thought. She also likes to needle him about his more erotic illustration work and the stash of porn on his computer.
    I like how that folder is labeled "References".
  • Seymour on Sinfest has his moments. Especially when a schoolgirl outfit is mentioned, courtesy of Nique.
  • Sweetheart in Skin Horse is an Uplifted Animal Spitz who, at work, is obsessed with proper filing and completion of all necessary paperwork. When not at work, she's obsessed with goblin erotica. An unmade version of her first date with Unity (the script was revealed in a Sunday strip) would have had her get all Lawful Stupid about the venue probably having leash laws, until Unity asked if she wanted her to put her on a leash and got the reply "Oh, god, yes."
  • Gris in Something*Positive works as a busser at a Hooters-style restaurant, where they're popular with the waitresses because they're Not Distracted by the Sexy and always look them in the eye. Cut to Gris explaining to Rory that developing your peripheral vision is great.
  • Matsumoto in Starward Lovers is very no-nonsense and superfocused. She's also the one with a secret stash of "sexy comics."
  • Ruby of Sticky Dilly Buns is something of a textbook case, except that the truth is made explicit to the readers from early on. She enters the comic as a sort of Sour Prude/ The Ingenue deconstructed but rapidly discovers a new side to her personality (in a comic that is, after all, a Sex Comedy).
  • Tower of God: Yuri Jahad lusts over Bam to the extent that she gets hilarious Nosebleeds even five years after his assumed death.
  • A rare male example: Onii-chan from Tsunami Channel has shown hints of secretly being a little more "hentai" than he usually acts.
  • Yumi's Cells: Yumi is outward a very meek and shy girl, but she has a perverted side emobided by her "Naughty Cell", a Lovable Sex Maniac who has to be kept in check by the other cells.

    Web Original 
  • H. P. Lovecraft, apparently, going by his "appearance" on Ask Lovecraft. When he tries playing D&D for the first time, he asks the DM if the library is "full of comely women."
  • In the Cartoon Hooligans episode "What if Hulk Ripped His Pants #4", a little boy's mum starts blushing and giggling when she sees Hulk naked, complete with heart symbols around her.
  • The Most Popular Girls in School: Shay van Buren just isn't as outwardly lustful as the other girls in this show, but it's still obvious from the evidence gathered; we get hints of bisexuality and one-night stands in Episode 17, and, in Episode 65, a poster on her bedroom wall says "Hot Pussy".
  • RWBY:
    • Blake Belladonna is very much into romance novels. And by the look on her face, she doesn't want anyone to know this. However the title, "Ninjas of Love," seems to imply a much... deeper meaning than one might find for romance novels.
    • Ruby is also shown enjoying it in RWBY Chibi.
    • In Volume 4, Nora Valkyrie has a moment of this. When both she and her Childhood Friend Lie Ren are pinned to the wall by the Nuckelavee Grimm, Ren is pinned down below Nora, the latter of which is wearing a Minidress of Power. Nora looks down to see Ren getting an eyeful:
      Nora: [gasps] Stop looking! [covers herself and looks away smirking]
      Ren: Guh! [averts eyes]
  • "Summoning Sweeties", a Whateley Universe story, reveals that the character of Molly is one of these. Pity her girlfriend.

    Western Animation 
  • Adventure Time:
    • Finn starts the series cheerfully oblivious to romance beyond the very basics of crushes and kissing. However, as the show goes on and he enters the throes of puberty, he has been shown to develop fantasies and thoughts that he doesn't understand or know how to deal with. This is most apparent in "All the Little People", where Finn is given a bunch of little Simish people resembling his friends and the first thing he does is start putting them in all sorts of relationships, including the Little version of himself with the Little version of Lady Rainicorn (his brother's girlfriend), then Little Finn with both Little Bubblegum (his former crush) and Little Flame Princess (his then-girlfriend) and blushes at the ensuing catfight.
    • Jake keeps that aspect of his life very private and seems like a childish goofball most of the time, but his speech to Finn in "Burning Low" makes it clear that he and Lady Rainicorn are sexually intimate, with Rainicorn's Korean dialogue throughout the show implying they get rather kinky in the bedroom (and outside it).
    • Tree Trunks, of all people. She crushed on Finn (fortunately, it never went anywhere) and in "Apple Thief", she slapped one of the Banana Guard's butts.
  • In the Beany and Cecil episode "Beany Blows His Top", Beany asks his uncle the middle-aged Captain Horatio Huffenpuff if he wants to join them in visiting their respective girlfriends, he tells him he'd rather catch up on sleep, as soon as Beany leaves Huffenpuff pulls down a nightshade on his window, replaces the picture of his middle-aged girlfriend with a young pinup model, and takes out a playboy magazine and looks at the centerfold commenting on her body. Dishonest John happened to be spying on Huffenpuff and can't help but remark about it.
    Dishonest John: And they say I'm a dirty guy!
  • Centaurworld: "Ride the Whaletaur Shaman!" reveals that Wammawink has a serious thing for merguys, with Glendale claiming she was forced to help Wammawink publish her merman zine under penalty of starvation. Even when the Merguy they meet isn't up to her standards appearance-wise, she ends up still lusting over him for his personality.
  • The title character of Courage the Cowardly Dog is sometimes hinted to have a perverted side in spite of usually being altruistic and kindhearted. It is implied in "Hard Drive Courage" that he has a collection of porn on his computer, and a flashback in "Remembrances of Courage Past" has Courage as a puppy stumble upon a woman showering while opening doors and looking for his parents and takes a second look with glee before continuing his search.
  • The title character of Danny Phantom, is shown to be a genuinely sweet, awkward kid, though a still shot in "Memory Blank" shows that he has used his ghost powers to secretly go into the girls' locker room (twice).
  • Such a gag turns up in the John R. Dilworth short The Dirdy Birdy. Fergurina is clearly shown to not be amused by Purdy's attempts to court her by mooning her, but in a scene where she returns home with groceries, she pulls out a picture of a muscular man in a speedo from her paper bag and looks at it with a grin.
  • Kaeloo: Kaeloo may project herself as pure and innocent, but the excited way she reacts to presumably seeing Mr. Cat naked in one episode suggests that she may not be so innocent after all. Another episode had her grope Chippendales Dancers at a bachelorette party.
  • The Legend of Vox Machina has the sweet, religious cleric, Pike, distracted and intrigued by a displayed erotic novel ("Tusk Love") while shopping for supplies. A Freeze-Frame Bonus much later reveals that she went back and bought it.
  • Metalocalypse: In one episode, Murderface tries to sound chivalrous and defend women's honor, but his bandmates see it for what it is: a transparent ruse to get women to sleep with him. It doesn't work for him at all.
  • Melissa Chase from Milo Murphy's Law informs Milo that she does find Pep Rallies to be peppy after she watches the school mascot fall out of his costume.
  • In OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes, Dendy shows some signs of this, despite her young age. She watches Radicles work out through his window and writes her name on his chest with a laser pointer in a later episode.
  • The Owl House:
    • Amity Blight's response to Luz asking her to join the grudgby team is to sputter about how she'd be seeing her sweating in a cute uniform, before excusing herself to running off with a bright red Luminescent Blush.
    • Luz Noceda herself isn't much better. Shortly after they start dating, Luz finds herself in a space between dimensions where she can spy on anybody on the Human or Demon realms. The first thing that comes to mind is to use it to see Amity, while having a big blush on her face, though she stops herself before she can actually see anything.
  • South Park:
    • The Broflovskis. Despite Sheila being a poster child Moral Guardian Knight Templar Parent, there have been multiple episodes alluding to their sex life including some very 'interesting' role play.
    • Butters Stotch seems like the closest thing on the show to a kind, innocent child. He's already very crazy about girls, almost to Kenny's level.
  • Teacher's Pet hints at the grouchy canary Pretty Boy being this in the episode "Being Mrs. Leadready", where Spot asks him and Mr. Jolly to help him in having to show up at the Helpermans' house as both his human persona Scott Leadready II and Scott's mother. Pretty Boy and Mr. Jolly insist that they'll only help Spot if he provides them with things they want, with one of Pretty Boy's demands being that his cage be lined with the teeny weenie bikini issue of a sports magazine.
  • The Larry 3000 from Time Squad. He has video of Tuddrussel singing in the bathroom wearing only a towel and reads Jackie Collins novels (which are notorious for being highly sexual and sleazy).


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