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Or in this case, beach tournament!
Art: Why does every anime series under the sun have to have a fan-service episode? An episode in which the cast all wander around in swimwear or less for no real reason? It's so low-brow.
Pip: Shall we confirm that by watching it again?
Art: Absolutely.

The Beach Episode or Pool Episode is, simply put, an episode where the cast decided to take a break and go to the beach or a swimming pool for some wet and splashy fun.

Often combined with or immediately following a Recap Episode, in a lot of shows, the Beach Episode generally exists solely for the purpose of getting the cast into bathing suits, either for titillation or just because some people want to see what the characters' bathing suits look like. Sometimes the bathing suits can be Played for Laughs if they look similar to the characters' already-Limited Wardrobe's. For example, if Alice generally wears purple, expect her swimsuit to be purple too. In shows that small children can watch as well as the adults (therefore being child-friendly), they have a beach episode because the beach is typically considered fun. Sadly for the fanboys, beach episodes are usually (except for the romance genre in which it is part of the plot) considered extreme examples of filler and treated accordingly. Sometimes you'll meet the Surfer Dude here, and the Muscle Beach Bum. Also a good spot for a random Beauty Contest. Besides having a dip, characters may also hit the nets for a game of beach volleyball. Japanese works might also show them trying to smash a watermelon or two. And since people usually go barefoot at the beach to feel the sand and surf, shoes and socks are usually the first things to go. Even if the cast isn't changing into bathing suits, they'll probably shed their footwear at the very least to avoid being labeled a tourist like the derided "shoobie", so don't be surprised if this happens, and/or this sets up someone to step on something sharp or jagged while barefoot (often followed by a Green Aesop if that something happens to be a piece of beach litter). Also expect some Beachcombing and someone getting buried in sand.


Naturally, it also acts as a Breather Episode in arc-heavy stories. However, it's not uncommon for the episode to be a fake-out breather and suddenly take a serious turn with a dramatic plot twist, such as if a storm hits, a threat from below the deep decides to emerge, or there's a shark attack.

Common in, but hardly limited to, anime series. Often shows up in Side-Story Bonus Art. In anime and live-action television, a Beach Episode might overlap with the Vacation Episode, usually as a trip to a tropical locale. Expect one of the characters, usually a female, to exclaim "It's the ocean!" when the gang first arrives on the scene.

Cousin to the Hot Springs Episode, which usually takes place in highlands. Often, the actual beach also gets replaced by a swimming pool. Also compare Palmtree Panic, which is when (usually) a single level of a video game takes place on a beach.


Note: It sometimes occurs that the Beach Episode is interrupted by the actual plot of the story. For example, the heroes are taking their well deserved beach trip when the villains decide to show up and cause trouble.


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  • In the series of campaign advertisements of Orangina, they made one which set in the beach... with animal people. Compare it to the older commercials where it was all about people in bottle costumes. This ad then became the basis for the newer commercials of the campaign.
  • Air New Zealand Safety Videos: The video "Safety in Paradise" with Special Guest appearances from the Sports Illustrated swimsuit models on the beaches of Aitutaki, in the Cook Islands.
  • The earlier HBO promos had a woman at a beach house, singing the "HBO" jingle while walking on a beach, having fun.
  • A trailer for Warner Home Video had a short clip from a earlier Tom and Jerry cartoon, "Salt Water Tabby") in which Jerry closes the umbrella on Tom getting him stuck, sticks a crab in Tom's bathing suit which pinches Tom's butt and then the crab to cut a hole in Tom's bathing suit, showing the "Coming Soon from Warner Home Video" bumper layered over Tom's butt. This, however, was a preview for a brand new Tom and Jerry DVD movie (from a recently released Leap Frog educational DVD).
  • One Claude the Cat PSA has Claude at the beach, though not for fanservice naturally, talking about summer safety.
  • A couple of the Monster Cereals commercials exist with this theme for the characters:
    • One has Count Chocula and Frankenberry using the castle's moat as a pool substitute.
    • Another has Count Chocula, Frankenberry, and Boo Berry at the beach in the middle of a thunderstorm (considered good weather for them).

  • In episode 24 of Happy Heroes, the Supermen and their non-biological father Doctor H. all go to the beach, but not to have fun - they're investigating claims that a Sea Monster resides there. Big M. and his assistant Little M. take the opportunity to pretend to be the aquatic beast, leading to a fight between them and the heroes. Ironically, this proves to be less beneficial for the beach than expected - it was getting visitors because they were interested in the supposed monster.
  • Lamput: "Evolution" takes place on the beach, where Lamput tries to mold his body to look more appealing when a boy makes fun of his normal self's walking.
  • Simple Samosa:
    • "Jaa One" has Samosa and his friends go to the beach near Vada's house to have fun. They later get stuck in a pod that sinks underwater and encounter a giant octopus called the Javan.
    • "Bonda Kumari Kabhi Na Haari" takes place during a party on the same beach. Bonda Kumari, a former friend of Vada's, shows up and annoys him with her impeccable skill at the games everyone plays at the party.

    Anime & Manga 
  • Episode 16 of After War Gundam X takes place at the shore, since Tiffa's sensed a Newtype there. (Who just so happens to be a dolphin.) Naturally, the crew takes the opportunity to enjoy sun, swimsuits, and Ship Tease.
  • Another has this type of episode, in which Ms. Mikami brings some of her students outside of Yomiyama in order to talk with an old schoolmate about how to beat the curse plaguing their class, since talking about the curse inside town runs the risk of it killing someone. It starts like a typical one and even has some funny moments... until Junta Nakao falls victim to a Time-Delayed Death version of the class curse, collapses dead in the water, and then his corpse gets gratuitously mauled by a boat propeller.
  • In chapter 43 of Assassination Classroom, Koro-sensei builds a pool for the students so they can find relief from the summer heat. Ties in to the main plot when it leads to them discovering that Koro-sensei can't swim.
  • Asteroid in Love: The fourteenth chapter, animated in the fifth episode, involves Moe, Mira, Ao and Ino visiting the beach at the end of the summer vacation.
  • Downplayed in Attack on Titan season 3 episode 22 for one scene, when the Scout Regiment finally get to see the ocean for the first time. It's a happy moment for everyone, especially Armin, who always dreamed of seeing the ocean, until Eren reminds everyone that on the other side of the ocean, humanity is still alive and is united in hatred of those living on the island.
  • Azumanga Daioh: Chiyo's summer home is beachfront property, which the girls get to visit once a semester, during their summer break. Though the last time was only because Tomo lied about wanting to make it a study trip, when it was really just an excuse for her to spend time at the beach again.
  • Baby Steps: A beach and a pool both serve as backdrops for romance-related plot advancement.
  • Battle Spirits Shonen Toppa Bashin: Episode 44. A very silly filler episode involving the kids going to a beach to train, wherein almost the entirety of it is All Just a Dream.
  • Beach Stars. The sports-manga is mostly a Beach Episode-manga as the sport in question is beach volleyball.
  • Berserk. Guts and his newfound True Companions reach the ocean after leaving Schierke's Doomed Hometown. No swimming happened, but it did offer a break for the crew for a short while and some heartwarming moments occurred, especially when the Child appears for the first time in human form, and Guts and Casca had a very awkward "family" scenario with him.
  • Black Clover has one when the Black Bulls are sent to investigate the Underwater Temple. The thing is, Yami explicitly said they weren't going there for fun, but everyone did anyway. Yami got to scold everyone by burying them in sand up to their necks.
  • Bleach conveniently has a Beach Episode that pops up right in the middle of a major arc. The twist: although the reason for the beach party is expanded into the realms of anime filler, the fact one occurs at all is actually based on a series of omakes Kubo inserted into his manga, so the premise of it is actually Canon. It focuses on the Shinigami Women's Association (accompanied with the boys). Such highlights included skimpy bikinis (including Captain Unohana wearing one of the skimpiest swimsuits), Matsumoto teaching Orihime how to use her breasts as a bucket much to the horror of either Ichigo (manga) or Nanao (anime), a sandcastle-building competition, and a watermelon/tentacle monster hybrid. And Hitsugaya and the ice. Good lad to have around in hot weather.
  • Blue Exorcist has one the anime and one in the manga. The former is pure filler. The latter, however, adds in Character Development for both Rin and Shiemi while dropping hints to Yukio falling apart. Both involve a Kraken.
  • Bodacious Space Pirates:
    • Subverted in episode 6. Marika and Mami are ready to go to the beach... only for Misa and Kane to pike up Marika to fill out a few trees' worth of paperwork.
    • In episode 20, the Yacht Club goes to the beach, but it's for plot purposes - they're training for an upcoming race. The bulk of the fanservice is provided by Kane in a speedo.
  • Bokurano begins with kids playing happily at the beach. It does not stay that pleasant though...
  • A portion of a chapter in Bokura no Hentai has Marika and her friends visiting the beach. Marika bemoans being unable to wear a swimsuit.
  • Boys over Flowers. The anime and manga continuities of have two beach plot arcs, one during a summer break and one on the Domyoji private island.
  • Burst Angel has a beach episode with very skimpy swimsuit. And a tentacled Squid Monster. Made even better once you find the dirty hidden commentary on that DVD.
  • Buso Renkin: The summer break trip around halfway through the series has the main characters relax and mess around at the beachnote  with surfing, flirting and everyone wearing swimming costumes. The episode only serves as a backdrop to set the third arc of the series into motion and becomes a Wham Episode at the end.
  • Zig-Zagged in Cardfight!! Vanguard, with the characters having getup of varying levels of conservativeness.
  • Case Closed has beach trips once in a while. This being Conan, someone in vacation ends up dropping dead...
    • One that begins in chapter 972 of the manga turns out to be vital for the plot... Because it shows the first time Shinichi and Ran met Shuichi Akai and Masumi Sera.
  • Episode 5A of Castle Town Dandelion, which was mainly adapted from the colour extras of Volume 2. Downplayed as it is not really a beach; the Sakuradas found the logistics for having a beach vacation for this very Modest Royalty so they faked one from what is essentially a film set.
  • Chobits anime series: one of the many deviations from the manga is a Beach Episode. Completely useless for the plot and hammered in without fear of splinters....
  • A Certain Magical Index has a Beach Episode right after the Radio Noise arc. It initially appears as a simple family reunion between an amnesiac Touma and his parents he doesn't remember. Unfortunately for Touma, the beach happens to be the beginning of the Angel Fall arc... specifically, everyone but a handful of people gets their physical appearances switched without realizing it. And then one of the arc's good guys turns out to be an angel Touma's father accidentally summoned and which is now hell-bent on killing the summoner in order to get back to Heaven. Hell-bent, as in, ready to unleash the fire and brimstone rain on his head.
  • Then comes A Certain Scientific Railgun which returns the favor somewhat. Mikoto and Kuroko are invited by swim club members to do a photoshoot. Several other prominent female cast also attend. Mikoto initially wants to don a frilly, girlish swimsuit but ultimately settles for a one-piece. Then comes the shocker when Kuroko tries wearing something that would make even adult women blush... only to get one-upped by Kongo appearing with a live snakenote  coiled around her one-piece... only to get one-upped in turn by Konori showing up with a bikini she complains is too small for her. She's not kidding; even the snake is staring at her. The photoshoot happens in a Holodeck type room where one can change the scenery to match the needs of the scene. At first it works for the shoot (Beach, poolside, pleasure boat), but then the shoot has a glitch of sorts (Mountains with blowing snow, Hot Desert, a fishing boat in a storm, and the surface of the moon) which has to be fixed, so the girls are "transported" to a camp site to take a break and decide to make some curry.
  • Of course a show as shameless as Cross Ange has one. Complete with a foot race across the beach in water-soluble bikinis... that they cut away from as soon as the starting gun is fired. Ironically, the episode likely has some of the least sexual content of all the episodes in the show.
  • DARLING in the FRANXX has one in Episode 7, where Squad 13 gets to take a break from fighting klaxosaurs and spend time at the beach.
  • The Daughter of Twenty Faces has a Beach Episode that furthered both plot and character development, and the actual beach scenes were rather short and almost completely devoid of fanservice. Unless you're into conservative 1950's style swimsuits or something.
  • Digimon Frontier has the episode "Beasty Girl", where the protagonists take advantage of the fact that they've arrived on a tropical island resort to try and relax. Unfortunately for them, the mons running the place are part of Ranamon's fan club, eventually leading to everyone but Izumi/Zoe's D-Tector being stolen for a few episodes and a battle against Ranamon and her newly acquired Beast Spirit Calmaramon. Also notably for the series most egregious example of fanservice, in a scene where Izumi/Zoe pictures herself wearing a skimpy bikini with the words "sexy dynamite" in the background.
  • Excel Saga: Lampshaded. The show's creators introduced one episode by saying that they needed better ratings, and as a result there would be no men in the episode, and all the women would be wearing swimsuits.
    • The manga had two Beach Episode chapters as well. One was a Formula-Breaking Episode chapter that turned the manga into a high school drama, and the other was a regular chapter, where the Department of City Security were on break and the ACROSS girls were trying to win a Birdman competition.
  • Eyeshield 21: The Devilbats go to Texas and, while there, visit a beach. Of course Hiruma doesn't do anything without a plan, and it turns out he brought the team there so they could A) participate in the Beach Football tournament, and B) to meet up with Hiruma and Kurita's old coach. Also averts the fanservice aspect by throwing in the "Sexy Queens", a band of gangly, hairy, spandex-clad men.
  • Fairy Tail:
    • Fairy Tail got one, complete with Erza wearing a bikini and a hot dress (they went to a casino after, double win anyone?) and Lucy getting tied up in a rope (bended backwards even).
    • A second in the Welcome To Fairy Hills OVA.
    • And then there's a third in the X791 arc, which includes copious amount of Lucy, Erza, Juvia and Levy fanservice as well.
    • And a fourth after the third day of the Grand Magic Games, the pool variant. Also, it's a flashback episode during the fourth day of the games.
  • The Familiar of Zero may be set in a medieval European fantasy world, but that does not stop it from having a Beach Episode. It helps that Headmaster Osmond is a Dirty Old Man who will make up whatever excuse he can to get the girls into swimsuits that have somehow appeared from our world.
  • Food Wars!:
    • Chapter 52.5 has Erina and Alice going to an outdoor pool together. Additionally, Soma and the rest of the Polaris Dormitory find themselves trying to find a place to cool off from the summer's heat.
    • Chapter 277 has the beginning of a Beach Arc. Unlike the previous one, this one isn't filler, since the second year students are taken to the beach for their end of term exams, where they'll have to run some restaurants and meet a quota of earnings in money to pass.
  • Franken Fran subverts it : In Chapter 41, Fran and some of the cast go to a beach to try and investigate on a mysterious phenomenon that causes many people to drown, but Fran, in true Cloudcuckoolander fashion, still wants to have fun.
    But let's not worry too much about the whole DYING thing. We should think of this as a vacation and have a good time!
  • Free! offers both an inversion and deconstruction in episode 5. Even though Gou is seen wearing a swimsuit one at one point (it's still relatively covered up) it's the guys who are dressed in swimsuits more and they are here for swim training. The deconstruction part comes when the weather turns bad and Rei decides to sneak in to practice at night and he nearly drowns as a result.
  • The Fruits Basket manga has a Beach Arc that lasts two volumes. All's fun and Fanservicey, until Akito shows up. Well, Rin shows up naked after that, but considering that she only transformed in the first place because she was in extreme pain...
  • Full Metal Panic! contains several subversions.
    • Twice, Kaname gets primed and ready for a beach vacation only to end up having Sōsuke drag her somewhere else (once to a submarine, once to a military festival) instead. When Kaname does go to the beach for a vacation in the middle of the series, the episodes focus almost entirely on Sōsuke's mission in the Middle East instead, with only a few brief cuts to Kaname showing her bored and worrying about him.
    • An actual Beach Episode, meanwhile, takes place in Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu.
  • Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet is set in a world without beaches, but still manages the equivalent in episode 5, when the fleet stops for maintenance and the main characters have a barbecue party on a smaller boat. Aside from their own tiny bathing suits, the girls get Ledo down to a pair of shorts and what looks like a Hawaiian shirt. Also a bit of a Breather Episode; the previous one ended on Ledo acquiring some existential angst, with more drama set to emerge by episode 7.
  • Gakuen Babysitters has a beach chapter, but it really has only one scene that can be considered as fanservice. The chapter's actual intended focus is Ryuuichi's insecurities about the trust between him and Kotarou, using the current and past visits to the beach as a device.
  • Genshiken has fun with this type of episode, as most of the cast were otaku and thus not the sort to go to the beach on a regular basis. ("What the hell am I doing in a place like this... Isn't it embarrassing to go to ComiFes with a tan?") Also notable was Cosplay Otaku Girl Ohno, who wears some fairly risque things, being shy enough to cover most of her outfit with a long shirt.
  • Gintama's beach episode actually gives an explanation as to why there are no other people in the same area as the cast: their usual antics pretty much alienated everyone else from coming. Any Fanservice that might have been generated from the games the cast played were ultimately thwarted, and the only person who managed to get their privates shown was the Shogun.
  • Gravion has a Beach Episode that gets interrupted by the Zeravire planning to assault a peace summit, resulting in the hero and the Gran Divas having to do battle in their swimsuits.
  • Great Teacher Onizuka: The double beach episode is an opportunity for two of Onizuka's students to deal with their UST.
  • Guilty Crown has episode 8 which takes place mainly at the beach. However, this was done possibly to get the viewers to lower their guard, as the episode doubles as a Wham Episode, and even marks the beginning of a neverending series of Wham Episodes. Seriously. Starting with episode 8, the rest of the series except the finale consists of nothing but Wham Episodes!
  • GUN×SWORD had a plot episode where they needed to kidnap a character living in the Kingdom of Mizugi Missoghi, a port which only women wearing swimwear could enter. In a solid effort it managed to provide fanservice and plot at the same time. With a nice dose of Fan Disservice in the closing moments.
  • Hajime no Ippo:
    • Hajime No Ippo has one featuring not only humor, but also some degree of plot as the guys went there not just to relax and have a good view of girl booty, but to train. In fact, Ippo realizes one of his early flaws (lack of leg strength) there.
    • Later it's subverted, as the guys assume they will go to the beach to train and end up going... elsewhere.
  • Even Hamtaro had one, with the Ham-Hams exploring the beach for the first time and helping Laura during a storm.
  • Hanaukyō Maid Team. During the second half of episode 7, Taro and his maids go to a beach to relax (the first half is a Hot Springs Episode).
  • Happiness has a Beach Episode for its eighth episode, taking the opportunity to show off the female cast in their swim attire. Later parts of the episode do contain material that is slightly more plot-relevant.
  • Haruhi Suzumiya:
    • A Beach Episode with a twist, a parody of a Locked Room Mystery that has been set up, Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre-style, to keep Haruhi from getting bored and unconsciously using her Reality Warper skills. And since it was taken directly from the novels, it is not filler but canon.
    • And also the Phoenix Wright Parody.
  • Haruka Nogizaka's Secret has a Beach Episode as the prelude to the title character's birthday party. On a island that her father had bought for her especially for the occasion. Is canon, as a VERY important plot character is introduced during this episode: Haruka's grandfather, a man that even when retired, causes industrial giants to cower in fear.
  • Harukana Receive: Much like the Beach Stars example above, this is a beach-set manga about (what else?) female beach volleyball. In fact, around 80% of the manga happens on the beach volleyball courts.
  • Hayate the Combat Butler has its Beach Episode set in an artificial beach constructed inside the Sanzenin property.
  • Hetalia: Axis Powers:
    • Germany, Italy, and Japan get shipwrecked on a tropical island and don't seem to mind too much. They actually enjoy themselves. In another strip, America and England are both stranded together, both being themselves.
    • Also, one of Seychelles's first apparitions has her seeing the others around as she wonders what the Hell are they doing at her islands.
    • Another one has America stranded in a beach with China instead.
  • High School Of The Dead: In the Drifters of the Dead OVA special, the gang finds a seemingly deserted island and decides to take some time off for fun in the sun... until they realize that no-one was on the island in the first place because of hydrangea plants. Fanservice, loads of in-your-face innuendo, and Hilarity Ensues, as even a few bikini-clad zombie girls end up being part of it.
  • Higurashi: When They Cry has a beach arc (one day), which was adapted into a one episode. In the anime, it's a pool arc. Also, the manga has a few swimsuit omakes, and there are quite a few beach/pool official arts.
  • Hitohira has a dramatic beach episode in which Nono and Risaki beat each other up until they collapse.
  • If Her Flag Breaks: In the twelfth chapter of the manga (episode 6 of the anime), a few members of the cast (Souta, Megumu, Nanami, Ruri, and Tsumugi) hang out at the beach.
  • Downplayed in Kaguya-sama: Love Is War. A single panel at the start of the summer vacation arc shows Fujiwara and her sisters at a beach during their family vacation to Hawaii and the possibility of a trip to the beach comes up when the student council are discussing potential plans for a group trip, but there is never a dedicated beach chapter.
  • Kaiju Girl Caramelise has two chapters where Manatsu brings Kuroe and Rairi to a beach on a mysterious island, partly to swim and to enjoy nice food, but mainly to conduct a ceremony to summon Harugon so Manatsu can declare her love to him.
  • Kamisama Kiss has Nanami going on a trip with some school friends to the beach and dragging Tomoe along for the ride. He didn't want to go because he had previously pissed off a ocean demon and was wary of setting foot in the ocean again.
  • Kasei Yakyoku: The third OVA has this, which features a traditional festival Sara and Taka having sex in a small beach town.
  • Kenko Zenrakei Suieibu Umisho has several beach episodes, including the start of the first episode when Amuro's house arrives at the beach. Since the show focuses on a swim team, though, the cast is almost always in swimwear anyway.
  • Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple has a couple of them, during which Kenichi's masters still manage to rope into doing some training:
    • In the first one, the cast goes to an island owned by the Elder, and they try to get Kenichi to jump off a cliff so he loses his fear of water. Shigure finds him when he tries to escape the others and teaches him how to swim.
    • Later, when Ma Renka shows up at the dojo, she tells Kenichi to come with her to learn how to make his own signature Finishing Move. Turns out it was just an excuse to drag him to the local indoor pool to hang out together, but everyone catches on and they go all together.
  • Kimagure Orange Road. The pilot is a Beach Episode. There is another one later heavily based on it. Both of these episodes were based on the same story in the manga, with the second one (set in a skiing resort) being the accurate one. Even more surprising was that during these two episodes, things between Kyōsuke and Madoka progressed somewhat, especially without Hikaru around as much to be a Clingy Jealous Girl.
  • Kimi ni Todoke has a beach chapter; the main characters all go to the beach in chapter 51. It doesn't really have any fanservice, though, considering that Chizu's the only character who turns up in her swimsuit and Ayane accuses her of being childish for wanting to swim.
  • The Different from Usual – Color of Summer chapters of Kitsune no Yomeiri see the main characters and their friends invited to a beach resort run by Kanon the Tanuki who wanted to use the opportunity to continue her rivalry with Kyouka.
  • K-On! managed to impressively fit two into a fourteen-episode season (episode 4 and episode 10), separated by an in-universe year. The second season (K-On!!) only did a single pool-based episode (despite having more episodes to play with). However they compensated by doing a Maid Cafe sequence in another episode.
  • Even Laid-Back Camp, where the cast live in a landlocked region, cannot avoid this. The OVA released for the third BD volume had Nadeshiko and the others stranded on a tropical island, where they make use of the island's resources to survive and have a camping trip of sorts here.
  • Last Period has the heroes go to the beach in episode 8. Instead of being on a quest to fight Spirals like usual, they're working ordinary part-time jobs like lifeguard or food vendor.
  • Linebarrels of Iron (anime) has one, and it plays out like a cross between the Bleach beach episode and a satire of something from a hentai.
  • The anime of Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions has the distinction that the Beach Episode is the first serious episode. They reveal why the main female character is like she is. When her dad died she started acting like this because she doesn't want to accept the reality that he's dead.
  • Lucky Star also features a Beach Episode, complete with characters bemoaning the lack of interest from guys, the protagonist's attempts to be more appealing with an inner tube, and a scene picking apart the trope of vacation food actually being pretty terrible.
  • Lyrical Nanoha:
    • The third Megami Sound Stage, which took place in a beach, parodied the tendency for this trope to be used as an excuse for Fanservice when Hayate cheerfully announced that she, Nanoha, Fate, and Vivio were doing the recording in swimsuits. When everyone else reacted in surprise at her comment, saying that they're all in uniform, Hayate explained that since this is an audio media, she's sure everyone listening was imagining them in swimsuits regardless of what they're wearing.
    • The final ViVid Strike! OVA is a Beach Episode. It's rather notable since it's the first time that the series has had a proper fanservice episode since the original series 12 years earlier (the rest had been relegated to Sound Stages or the manga).
  • Macross 7, never accused of being the most plot-heavy of series early on in its run, has one as well... only an emergency related to an attack by the Varuta caused Basara and Mylene to get trapped in between two emergency bulkheads and nearly freeze to death in a rather ironic subversion.
  • Madlax has this, sort of, in episode 9, unless you count a luxury resort as a beach. It is also one of the few times in the entire series that we get to see Elenore wearing something other than her uniform.
  • Maken-ki!: Minori arranges a group vacation to Okino Island]] for herself, Ms. Aki, and the student council between chapters 28 and 30, which also includes part of chapter 37. The anime loosely follows the same story during episode 13 and the OVA.
  • Mars Daybreak manages to get one despite the fact that there aren't any beaches on Mars: The pirates found a spot on the planet where The Federation's satellite surveillance system was blind for one day out of the year, and so take advantage of the situation to open up a swimming pool on top of their sub.
  • Martian Successor Nadesico has both a bonafide Beach Episode early in the series, and a swimsuit contest onboard of the eponymous spaceship later in the series. And even so, things still occurred that were quite amusing, and didn't end up as something that 'never happened.' Especially with the Admiral's fate in the first of these two.
  • Mazinkaiser OVA has a classic Beach Episode with explicit Fanservice that may have given Kouji's perverted little brother Shirou a permanent... yeah. The Professor's shapely twin assistants need someone to oil them, for starters.
  • Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch. Practically every episode has the beach in it, though as expected for the demographic a lot of Fanservice is male. There are more traditional Beach Episodes, though, such as the "Mermaid Contest" episode, where the girls try to show off talents and compete with the Dark Lovers in a beachside beauty contest. In the manga, Lucia even wins by inadvertently flashing the audience when her bikini top comes undone.
  • Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid has a chapter where Kobayashi takes Tohru and Kanna to the beach, which end up leading to a discussion about family and the nature of growing up. The anime had Shouta and Lucoa come along and added Smashing Watermelons and some fanservice.
  • One episode of Modern Magic Made Simple has the cast going to a water park. Then magic affects the wave-pool, causing a giant wave that they have to stop.
  • My Hero Academia:
    • The anime's third season starts off with a Pool Episode (which also doubles as a Recap Episode). Upon learning that the girls will be using the school swimming pool, Mineta and Kaminari scheme to have a "training session" the same day so that they can ogle them. They invite Izuku along to make it seem more legit to the teachers; Izuku, unaware of their plan, invites all of the other guys, so an actual Shirtless Scene-heavy training session ensues. The girls are there, but they turn out to be wearing School Swimsuits instead of the tiny bikinis that Mineta and Kaminari had been expecting.
    • The fifth season has an anime-exclusive episode in which Selkie teams up with Ryukyu's agency to catch some criminals smuggling Quirk-enhancing drugs on the high seas. While they're waiting for the opportunity to ambush the criminals, Selkie lets Ryukyu's interns Nejire, Uraraka and Tsuyu, as well as his own subordinate Sirius, relax on the beach, swim and eat barbecue. Selkie justifies this decision by saying that this will increase morale by giving the young heroes a taste of what peace feels like and reminding them what they are fighting to protect.
  • My-HiME: Its Beach Episode came right off the heels of the series' first Wham Episode (Kazuya being the first "most important person" to die after Miyu betrays Akane). While Episode 9 did contain the requisite fanservice, there was also a side plot that delved into Natsuki's backstory, with her asking Mai and Mikoto to help her find more information about her Missing Mom.
  • There is a beach episode to My Love Story!! . It is light on female fanservice, however Takeo gets the Female Gaze a lot due to his girlfriend Yamato squealing over his physique. Takeo gets mad at the other boys for wanting to stare at girls swimsuits (they believe the whole point of visiting the beach is to look at the girls), insisting swimsuits are for swimming in and nothing else. The episode ends with Takeo and Yamato almost having their First Kiss, though their friends ruin it.
  • My-Otome: Subverted in Episode 9. Looks like a Beach Episode on the surface, but the beach actually serves as the starting point for a survival test (that later goes horribly wrong).
  • Naruto doesn't have a Beach Episode (or have anything set anywhere near a beach). However, at the end of the third movie, there is a beach scene. And yes, Sakura is the focus of the scene. The series also has two Beach Ending Credits (one pre-timeskip featuring the main girls and one post-timeskip featuring a good number of the cast).
  • Negima! Magister Negi Magi The manga has several chapters taking place at beaches. The original Marshmallow Hell incident occurred at one of them. Also notable that most Beach Chapters do have important or at least notable events occur during them.
  • Toyed with in Neon Genesis Evangelion: the rest of Shinji's class goes to Okinawa for a class trip, leaving the pilots to sit around and wait for something to attack Tokyo-3. In a reversal of the usual pattern, they find something to attack instead, leading indirectly to a Hot Springs Episode of sorts. This being Eva, of course, this doesn't turn out to be overly enjoyable..
  • Nodame Cantabile. In the OVA, the main characters go to the beach, offering Nodame a chance to show herself off in a bikini.
  • While Noir doesn't have a beach episode per se, one early episode has them operating out of a beach house, and includes a scene where Mireille plans the next stage of their current job while lounging on the beach in a bikini.
  • Nyaruko: Crawling with Love! had one per season; the first season's episode marks some of the first real progress in Nyarko and Mahiro's relationship, while the second season's has Nyarko and Cuko wrecking an indoor water park while fighting over takoyaki. The second season's Camping Episode could be seen as a partial example, since the cast spends most of it in their swimsuits.
  • Oku-sama wa Mahou Shoujo episode 7 shows Kagura going on a date to the beach.
  • One Piece has one that doubles as a double Breather Episode, a two-part run at a resort after the Thriller Bark Arc, complete with requisite Fanservice for Nami and Robin, as well as stranger elements, like candy raining from the sky.
  • Ouran High School Host Club:
    • There is a Beach Episode that features guys in bathing suits, but the one main female character is of course in a T-shirt and shorts, as she cannot reveal her gender. This was compensated for by having the club's customers prance about in swimwear. Hilarity Ensues? Well, not really. Instead, Kyouya acts like a creepy sexual offender, and Tamaki teaches Haruhi a vaguely sexist lesson.
    • There is another "beach" episode in which the club is on their own vacation.
  • Outlaw Star has the wonderful Hot Springs of Planet Tenrei in which the crew of the ship visit an entire planet that was turned into a resort. Rather unusually it was canon since Gene collects some rare caster shell bullets from some of the monks that made them in the past. The fact that this episode contained canon information caused a bit of a plothole when CN refused to air it, given that the rare shells Gene receives in this episode are important to the finale.
  • The first part of episode 9 of Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt. Panty and Stocking go to the beach and get into a beach volleyball match with the Demon Sisters. The opening narration even admits that they're condensing the set-up for the benefit of the male audience.
  • Pecola: Most of the episode "Gazelle's Goof" is set on the beach. Much of the male cast such as Pecola, Rudy and Chewy are shown wearing Old-Timey Bathing Suit swimwear. They try to enjoy a day at the beach until Gazelle bothers them with his jet-ski.
  • Pokémon: The Series:
    • Kanto had an episode named "Beauty and the Beach" that was — you guessed it — a Beach Episode with a swimsuit contest. It was originally cut from airing outside of Japan, but later aired as a lost episode with the most questionable part cut out: James entering the contest in a skimpy bikini with inflatable breasts. There was another altered scene during the Beauty Contest; in the dub, Misty makes a point of saying that her participation was "degrading" while she was strutting down the catwalk, while in the original, Kasumi is happily waving to the audience and chirping about how she intends to win (Kasumi also self-describes as an idol when she first appears in the episode, while Misty asks why Ash and Brock weren't meeting her at an ice cream stand).
    • Each Saga has at least one or more Beach episode. Pokémon the Series: Sun & Moon even has one 12 episodes in, choosing not to waste the Alolan setting.
  • The Pretty Cure franchise has one Beach Episode per season, but, notably, it's not for fanservice. The girls never wear swimsuits and they don't swim at all.
    • There is rare case where Karen wears a swimsuit at a swimming pool (still in the Beach Episode), but you don't see much skin. She doesn't swim either.
  • The Prince of Tennis: Inverted when the main characters take a break to play in an unofficial beach volleyball tournament. Male ass is revealed, and the only woman in a swimsuit is pushing 50, resulting in severe nausea when she tries to be seductive. Also a parody, since this episode was an Alternate Continuity version of PoT where the cast played beach volleyball rather than tennis. When Inui realized the truth and tried to tell the others, the word "tennis" was censored out, as if some cosmic force were trying to stop him...
  • Prunus Girl has a beach trip in the second chapter. Kadoyama is eager to see what Aikawa picks out to wear, but it ends up just being shorts and a hoodie.
  • Psychic Academy had a short arc which tool place during a summer training session at the beach. It's actually plot relevant, as it reveals the existence of the Paradream and that the girl that Ai met on the beach all those years before was Mew, not Orina. It was the last story arc to be animated, despite it happening roughly a third of the way through the manga.
  • RahXephon: Subverted in episode 8 is set up as a Beach Episode, with everyone wearing swimsuits, but... it's Christmas, it begins to snow, and the rest of it is played more or less like a typical Christmas episode.
  • Ranma ½ has almost an entire movie as a Beach Episode, as well as a pair of regular ones. An interesting note is the transition from manga to anime actually removes one as the setting was changed from a beach to a ski resort (though it also adds another one as filler). The "Ranma Goes Hawaiian!" chapter in the manga functions also as a beach episode.
  • Reborn! has one, where Tsuna gets a lifeguard job with his friends.
  • Rosario + Vampire gets one in the anime and one in the manga, which are completely unrelated. In the anime, the Witch's Hill arc began with a beach trip, whereas the manga focused a later arc around a beachside hostel. There was fanservice, yes, but both were Darker and Edgier than the typical example.
  • Saber Marionette J does not have a true Beach Episode in its TV run, but it does feature a contest with several of the female characters in swimsuits instead. Also, the manga version has an actual beach chapter, complete with two beach volleyball games.
  • Sailor Moon. The '90s Shōjo anime has at least one Beach Episode per season. Notably, the one for Sailor Moon R was absent not only from the DiC dub, but also from the ADV Films uncut DVD release; the incident is often presented as "the creators didn't like it", however it's possible that DiC simply decided to not even bother with this episode and didn't acquire it (ADV apparently used the same masters; the episode was released as part of the Viz Media dub). The episode is rather silly: it isn't a part of the season's main storyline, and involves Chibi-Usa and what appears to be a baby plesiosaur.
  • Episode 7a of Sakura Trick was aptly titled Swimsuit Fanservice ☆ Accidents Included.
  • Samurai Harem: Asu no Yoichi actually has its beach episode mixed with storyline and one character's development. In the manga, this is when the villains of the arc show up (they weren't even hinted at before this) for the first time as well.
  • Sayonara, Zetsubou-Sensei has a fairly normal episode in which the cast are all at a water park for some reason and Nozomu is mistaken for a pervert due to a trick played on him by Majiru and Kafuka. There's also a rather bizarre episode in which it is revealed that the cast aren't actually at a beach — it's just a fake background —, they are actually just at school. However, it's not the school that they are usually at, it's one on the other side of the country. And everyone is there, including the hikikomori.
  • Episode 0 of Sekirei: Pure Engagement. It pretty much takes what was already a fanservice laden Harem Anime and ramps up the fanservice to eleven.
  • Episode 3 of Seven Mortal Sins takes place in a beach in Miami. Fanservice ensues.
  • School-Live!:
    • The anime manages to have a pool episode despite being set in a Zombie Apocalypse. It's a Breather Episode set right after the girls find out the government was involved with the zombies. It takes place on a water tank on top of the school used as an aquatic environment. The girls clean it up then goof off, complete with a dramatic watergun fight parodying western movies. It also manages to be a Wham Episode. It ends with The Reveal that a zombified Megu-nee 'lives' in the school basement, which the girls need to check out soon.
    • The manga has a chapter similar to a beach episode, except its by a riverside instead.
  • School Rumble: The beach episode had an awkward moment for Eri and a very naked Harima.
  • Sgt. Frog does about one of these a year. The anime tries to balance the fanservice in the first one by throwing in a comedy contest, whereas the original manga was a straight-up swimsuit contest. Involves at least one girl losing her top in front of many geeks, who are there for the Gundam models as much as the swimsuit models. Inverted in the manga with a women's skiing contest during a trip to the mountains, and in an episode of the anime featuring a man-only beefcake contest.
  • SHUFFLE!: The first half of episode 9 involves the whole cast enjoying themselves at the beach, including Asa getting her bikini top washed away by a large wave. The second half takes a slightly more serious turn to get in some character development between Rin and Sia, but it still ends on a silly note.
  • Sk8 the Infinity's alleged Hot Springs Episode turns into one of these instead, with all the boys getting sidetracked once Langa sees the ocean for the first time in his life, spending a big part of the episode messing around and having fun together at the beach. Reki and Langa have a significant boyfriend-girlfriend comedy skit during it that's called back on in significant ways later, including later on in the very episode.
  • Sonic X: Even this has a beach episode with Amy Rose, in a swimsuit, that has a prominent focus in the episode.
  • The second season of Sound! Euphonium has an episode where the girls go to the pool.
  • Spider Riders: Episode 31. Although it only manages to work due to a Lotus-Eater Machine, and the episode isn't a filler like many of the other examples.
  • SSSS.GRIDMAN functionally fulfills this trope with the fifth episode, where the class goes rafting on a field trip. Features everyone in bathing suits (a really skimpy one in Akane's case). Also features actual plot, with Akane deciding that Hibaki really is Gridman and summoning a Kaiju, which the others can't defeat unless they manage to get Junk.
  • Star Driver has one. It does take place on a tropical island, so it's more surprising that there is only one. Not a filler one either, as it introduces two recurring villains, has Vanishing Age take over Glittering Crux and destroy the Electric Biers and sets up the fights/plot for (most) of the rest of the series.
  • Strawberry Marshmallow has Nobue take the girls to the beach one summer break; slightly parodies the trope, as Miu comments that her friends should have "sexy" swimsuits like hers.
  • Strike Witches: First season has a run-of-the mill type of Beach Episode; girls relaxing in bikinis have to scramble when the enemy attacks. As for the second season, there is this quote from Sankaku Complex:
    The 9th episode of Strike Witches 2 is the obligatory beach swimwear service episode — however, fan enthusiasm was muted by the presence of rather more "quality" in the episode than Strike Witches fans have come to expect...
  • Suzuka has a beach episode of sorts (Episode 12 of the anime) where Yamato and the others visit a water park after being offered free tickets. Rather than being shoe-horned in as fanservice, the trip to the pool actually serves as a plot device to develop the love triangle between Yamato, Honoka and Suzuka further.
  • Tamako Market's episode 5 is one, which focuses less on fanservice than a love triangle formed between Tamako, Mochizou, and Midori.
  • Tenchi Universe has a Beach Episode once with the obligatory bikini contest. Funny considering every other episode IS a Hot Springs Episode.
  • Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann plays with this. When the crew arrive at the sea for the first time and the the girls demonstrate the connection between beaches and skimpy outfits, almost everyone turns expectantly to Yoko. After "voicing" her dissatisfaction, she appears in a beach outfit that is rather more conservative than her usual attire. Considering that she normally wears a string bikini and daisy dukes, if it got any skimpier she would just be naked. Even so, the episode is no filler as it features Yoko developing trust in Nia for the first time, as well as the death of a recurring villain.
  • This Ugly Yet Beautiful World has one right after a Hot Springs Episode.
  • Tokyo Mew Mew has a Beach Episode that focused mainly on Lettuce trying to help a little girl learn to swim and learning to swim herself.
  • To Love Ru:
    • Several times that include: a school trip, invited to Saki's private beach or when they go to Okinawa with Lala's teleporter machine and turns out that they are on a separate planet, called Okiwan!.
    • The third OVA. It is so overloaded with fanservice it seemingly forgets to have a plot or dialog and just features the girls posing in swimsuits to ambient music for several minutes at a time. And then there's the comparison of tanlines near the end...
    • The last story-arc is set in a public pool.
  • Tomica Hyper Rescue Drive Head Kidou Kyuukyuu Keisatsu: Episode 16, a complete filler episode where Munakata and Shinmon bring the kids to an island for summer vacation.
  • Toradora!: Episodes 9 & 10 feature the cast having fun at the beach.
  • Urusei Yatsura generally incorporates several Beach Episodes into every summer vacation arc. Interestingly, while most of the Aliens in the cast wear swimsuit-type outfits for daily wear, they usually change over to Earth-style swimsuits to hit the beach. Or the pool as it may turn out.
  • Uta∽Kata takes place in the Japanese town of Kamakura, known for its beautiful beaches, so the occurrence of a Beach Episode is almost inevitable. In fact, there are two of those and both of them are relevant to the plot.
  • Wandering Son has a non-traditional beach chapter. Middle schooler Maho wants to visit the beach with her boyfriend, but her Overprotective Dad won't let her go out alone with him. Much to her annoyance, he makes them take along Maho's younger sibling Nitori. We never see Riku, Maho, or Nitori in swimwear. The chapter barely even takes place on a beach, instead focusing on the train to and from the beach. It features one of the most notable instances of Maho showing that she cares for her little sister. Maho freaks out over the thought someone 'mistook' Nitori for a girl and kidnapped her.
  • Wedding Peach averts the filler part by having the Beach Episode in the first part of the OVA, and it's where their new enemy appears.
  • Welcome to the N.H.K. has the main character join up with the girl he had a crush on in high school and a few of her internet friends to go off to a beach island...where it turns out that everyone there except him is part of a suicide pact that they plan to make good on there. Hilarity Ensues...until it doesn't.
  • Witchblade has one. Perhaps memorable for having possibly the most prominent use of Gainaxing in the series, as Masane runs towards the screen, whilst undressing to a white bikini.
  • ×××HOLiC has one. It exchanges fanservice and being filler for a downright creepy Stinger and a plot about Watanuki needing to trust Doumeki rather than being too headstrong.
  • Yo-Kai Watch has two beach episodes. The first involves the boys wondering about the girls swimsuits, only for Katie to come out wearing a dive suit because she's going snorkeling. The other episode was skipped in the English dub because it involved the boys swimsuits accidentally falling off and them improvising.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! GX episode 47 has Manjyome challenging Asuka to a duel on the beach in an attempt to win her heart.
  • Episode seven of Yuki Yuna is a Hero has the girls celebrating the defeat of the Vertexes by taking a vacation to the beach. They also visit a hot spring afterwards. It's a Breather Episode right before the series hits Cerebus Syndrome with episode eight. The Stinger shows that the Vertexes are back.
  • Chapter 24 of Yuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs, is the start of the Seaside school arc.

    Comic Books 
  • All-New Ultimates had all the female members hit the beach in issue 4.
  • In Cavewoman: It's Not Quite Malibu, Meriem, Carrie and Mona take time off to recover from their recent travails by going to the beach. Much gratuitous Fanservice ensues.
  • The second issue of the first ongoing Gen¹³ comics series is a veritable beach/swimsuit extravaganza, made even more notable by the revelation of a major cast member as a homosexual.
  • Gold Digger, already a fanservice-laden comic, has a "Summer Annual" of pinup beach pictures and short comics drawn by a variety of artists.
  • Hellblazer. Subverted in that it quickly turns terrifying. Luckily it was All Just a Dream.
  • The Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi story "Mermaid Pants" is Exactly What It Says on the Tin. The girls are at the beach where Ami is wearing a pair of pants designed like a mermaid's lower half. She gets a pair for Yumi, and together they dive to the deep where they enter a club populated by actual mermaids and mermen.
  • Les Légendaires:
    • A brief scene where the protagonists are going to swim, including a scene with Jadina stealing Shimy's top swimsuit (which doesn't reveal much, considering they have the bodies of 10-year-old kids). The scene only lasts a few pages at the beginning of the Anathos Cycle, a saga basically put a nightmarish Cerebus Syndrome on the series.
    • Hilariously parodied on a page of Book 13, with a postal card showing the Hellions posing in bathing suits on the beach with "Kiss from Hell" written.
  • Legion of Super-Heroes:
    • The post-Zero Hour comic has a Beach Issue with Legionnaires #77, when most of the Legion takes a vacation on the resort planet Summer World. This was the outgoing creative team's swan song, giving the kids one last nice day of fun times before the incoming creative team would turn everything Darker and Edgier with a story called "Legion of the Damned."
    • Legionnaires #7, in which the kids take a vacation in Atlantis, allowing for much swimsuit fun.
  • Marvel Comics had several Swimsuit Specials in The '90s featuring such exotic locales as Dinosaur Island, Madripoor, and the Dark Side of the Moon.
  • Nintendo Comics System: Mario, the Princess, and Toad end up on a tropical island of surfer Toads in "Beauty and the Beach."
  • The Powerpuff Girls plan a day at the beach until Mojo Jojo creates a snowstorm in the middle of summer, having cornered the market on winter supplies in "No Business Like Snow Business."
  • In Robin (1993), Tim Drake and his classmates from Brentwood Academy take a trip to the beach. Of course that night the hotel is attacked by Kobra ninjas.
  • Scooby-Doo issue #9 from Marvel had "Mystery At Malibu," about a ghost surfer tying in with an oil rig. Scooby and the gang are joined by Captain Caveman and the Teen Angels in solving the mystery.
  • The main characters of Scott Pilgrim go to the beach in Scott Pilgrim Gets It Together. The sequence is the only coloured part of the otherwise black-and-white series.
  • Sensational She-Hulk has one part in issue #50 in which She-Hulk reads an Atlantis Attacks parody, starring herself on a beach trip. The author of the parody claimed the setting would attract male teenage readers — by providing ample opportunities for fanservice shots of Marvel heroines.
  • Star Wars: The Clone Wars: In The Smuggler's Code, Anakin, Ahsoka, and Obi-Wan take a vacation at the beach.
  • A lighter issue of Strangers in Paradise takes place on the beach following a serious story arc. Katchoo is still angsting, though.
  • In one of the later chapters of Superman storyline The Unknown Supergirl, Linda Danvers accompanies her new parents on a beach picnic where she meets Dick Wilson -now Malverne- again and begin their short-lived romance.
  • In the German comic Werner: Usually involves Flachköpper (head dives in shallow water).
  • Wonder Woman Vol 1: In "Spies From Saturn" Diana and the Holliday Girls take a trip to Virginia True's family beach house. While there they go swimming, attend a party, and discover a spy from the planet Saturn has a submarine there from which he is helping his Emperor plan an invasion of Earth.

    Fan Works 
  • The Child of Love: In chapter 6 of the sequel Asuka and Shinji go on a vacation to the beach.
  • Chapter 58 of Dragon Ball Z: Dynasty is even titled "The Beach Episode". Given that it's set after the beginning of the Androids/Cell arc, it also doubles as a Breather Episode as well.
  • Eiga Sentai Scanranger has one that can’t decide if it’s advancing the plot (the Terrible Trio get their Mid-Season Upgrade, and the Scanrangers discover the Arc Villain survived their last encounter) or a Breather Episode (the whole point of the trip is to unwind, most of the antics are silly and the villains’ plan is more low stakes than normal).
  • Equestria Girls: Friendship Souls: Chapter 95 is largely this, featuring Sunset and the girls all enjoying a day a the beach. Eventually even Twilight and the Shadowbolts join in, later remarking how easy it is to put aside the animosity between Soul Reaper and Quincy for the moment. Too bad it doesn't stay that way...
  • Chapter 52 of For the Glory of Irk is actually called "The Mandatory Beach Episode" and features the main cast stopping for a supply run on the resort planet Acrilla and spending some time on the beach.
  • Chapter 80 of FREAKIN GENSOKYO sees Brad and company relaxing in the pool outside the Palace of the Earth Spirits.
  • A Growing Affection has a beach arc, in which a subset of the Konoha 11 go undercover to the beach to protect the Daimyo's daughter. Much later Naruto and Hinata spend a day relaxing at the waterfall lagoon after the Jonin Trials, until things take a turn for the worse.
  • In Heroic Myth, the Hestia Familia heads to Port Melen for a quest, taking the time to enjoy Archer's beachside barbecue as well some volleyball. Both the boys and the girls get a Swimsuit Scene, and the boys in particular get to appreciate the girls' bikinis.
  • In Kyon: Big Damn Hero, the SOS Brigade has one of these arranged for the weekend after Kyon went back in time to create a massive stable time loop and getting 96 on a Math test.
  • Lincoln's Memories: A non-fanservicey one occurs in "The Ultimate Sand Castle", where the Louds go to the beach and an eight-year-old Lincoln and an eleven-year-old Luan build a sandcastle.
  • In the fourth part of Max Wolf Revolutions, there is a chapter named "Obligatory Filler Beach Chapter".
  • In Mega Man: Defender of the Human Race, Episode 13 takes place while the Lights and Bonnes are on vacation, and both Kalinka and Splash Woman act a bit sensually towards Mega Man. The girls are also in swimsuits.
  • There is one of these in More Than Human that actually advances the plot.
  • Episode 15 of The New Adventures of Invader Zim features the school forcing all the students to go on a mandatory field trip to the beach. It results in Dib, Zim, and Tak's groups all having to team up to defeat a demon sea hydra.
  • The Prince's Rebellion Arc in One Piece: Parallel Works starts with the Capricorns going to the beach, but it ends with Yuki-Rin being led to the castle of the Arc Villain.
  • The Radio Still Plays serves as one for The One to Make It Stay, as it follows Marinette and Kitty Section as they head off to the Summer Sesh music festival.
  • Pokémon Reset Bloodlines: The latter part of Chapter 36 has Ash's group enjoying a day off at the beach while making a stop in the Seafoam Islands, and later during the start of Chapter 43 they have another after Ash wins his final Gym Badge. To a lesser extent, the Brock & Lucy Gaiden sidestory also features a scene where the title characters hang out at the local indoor pool.
  • Power Rangers: Oceania acts like this to the entire Power Rangers canon. Justified by taking place in Hawaii, where the Rangers will either enjoy themselves or wind up in a fight on the beach. Bonus points for one of the Rangers being a lifeguard.
  • Used in Seduction to advance the plot.
  • Chapter 17 of Serendipitous Fate, has most of the class hanging out at a beach by a lake. Eventually culminates in Adrien and Marinette Skinny Dipping and Alya stealing their clothes.
  • The Naruto/TMNT crossover fic Teenage Jinchuriki Shinobi has the new team seven (Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura, Himeko, and Kin), Hinata, Kakashi, Kushina, the turtles and Splinter, and Casey Jones' family on one as break, and while the resort was legitimate, it turns out to be a trap set up by Kira and Sakyo.
  • Ultimate Spider-Woman: In between fighting supervillains and trying to juggle everything going on in her personal life, Mary Jane Watson needed a break. She got one at first... but then one of her enemies showed up and she was forced to don her Spider-Woman costume anyway. Go figure.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • The '60s saw a plethora of "beach party movies" about fun-loving teens hanging out on the beach to a soundtrack of pop music, many of them made by American International Pictures and starring Annette Funicello and/or Frankie Avalon. The eponymous Beach Party in 1963 kicked off the trend, and the list includes (but is not limited to) How to Stuff a Wild Bikini, Beach Blanket Bingo, Bikini Beach, and Muscle Beach Party. Not much fanservice by today's standards, with the teens being fairly clean-cut and chaste and never seen smoking or drinking anything, but at the time they were considered passably risqué.
  • During a severe Thunderstorm in Aquamarine (as the girls stayed in one of the beach houses), washing a mermaid away from the ocean and into their swimming pool.
  • This is pretty much the only thing one can say about Blue Crush (and its sequel).
  • A Running Gag in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang is Caractacus Potts attempting to take his two children and Truly Scrumptious to the beach, before it gets interrupted by some plot-relevant action.
  • Club Paradise has an All-Star Cast of 1980's comic legends, and was probably made for this excuse.
  • Gidget and its sequels focus on the eponymous heroine and her adventures around the local beach community.
  • Into the Blue has Jessica Alba and Paul Walker in the Bahamas having a sexy adventure.
  • This trope dates all the way back to 1895 and La Mer, one of the pioneering films shot by the Lumière brothers, which features five guys having fun jumping off a short pier into the water.
  • The beach scene in The Princess Diaries has a beach party setting up the third act conflict. Mia blows off appearing on her friend's cable show to go to the party with the Jerk Jock. When paparazzi swarm the scene, said jock plants a kiss on her to get his fifteen minutes of fame. The Alpha Bitch and her Girl Posse also expose Mia getting undressed in front of the photographers.
  • Summer Lovers is a Beach MOVIE, specifically, the beaches of Greece.

  • In the Fairy Oak series, the beginning of Flox Smiles in Autumn describes what the children of the village do during the summer time, detailing the places they go to and the games and pranks they do with each other.
  • Can a non-visual book have a Beach Episode? Apparently so! In Larry Bond's First Team series, the main character, basically a Cowboy Cop of spies, once refuses to meet his overseer anywhere but on a beach. In a Middle Eastern country where women's swimsuits come in only two sizes: tiny, and microscopic. And she does it! In another scene, one of his female agents is wearing a tiny Wicked Weasel bikini.
  • I'm In Love With the Villainess has one, when the protagonist, Rei, and her love interest, Claire, vacation at a peaceful, idyllic coastal town for the summer. In a bit of meta-humor, Rei explains why exactly the world has skimpy, form-hugging swimsuits in what should be a largely Victorian Era kingdom with magic: fanservice.
  • Roys Bedoys:
    • In “Let’s Go to the Beach, Roys Bedoys!”, the Bedoyses (including Charlie, but excluding Panther) go to the beach. ** Attempted in “We Can’t Go to the Beach, Roys Bedoys!”, where the Bedoyses try to go to the beach, but can’t, because first Joys gets an upset stomach, then it rains.

    Live-Action TV 
  • The Batman (1966) episode "Surf's Up! Joker's Under!" features Batgirl wearing a sexy one-piece bathing suit... and Batman and the Joker wearing swim trunks over their regular suits for a surfing contest.
  • It can be argued that Baywatch was nothing but an endless series of beach episodes. That is largely the source of its high ratings.
  • The Brady Bunch Season 4 opener in Hawaii is both textbook and an extended beach episode. Particularly with the scenes involving Greg surfing (and having his surfing accident), Greg later going girl watching and later the episode-clinching luau. Not much plot, as Barry Williams later pointed out in his autobiography "Growing Up Brady," although it was a great way to get guest star Vincent Price involved.
    • An episode from later in Season 4, "Greg's Triangle," features Greg's babelicious (but conniving) girlfriend Jennifer Nichols (Tannis G. Montgomery) in a 1972-era bikini, in a scene set at the beach.
  • One episode of The Brittas Empire features Brittas whisking the staff off to their regular holiday at the fictional seaside town of Burbage-on-Sea, where Gavin takes Colin's potato-powered lilo for a ride and gets captured by Ruthless Modern Pirates as a result.
  • The Buffy the Vampire Slayer 5th season opener starts out as a beach episode, but mere minutes in, Willow ignites a cookout fire with a spell that causes an elemental imbalance and a sudden storm. End of beach time. Of course, it's also possible that the storm was due to Dracula plonking his castle down outside of town.
  • Burn Notice is set in Miami FL specifically for the purpose of setting up meets either on Miami Beach or a swimming pool or hot tub, with tons of extremely attractive women in teeny-weeny bikinis parading past the camera before we focus on whoever Michael is meeting at the moment. This qualifies because Michael could as easily meet at the park or a deserted alley, but no, it has to be somewhere where swimwear is required. Partially justified because (as Michael says in a voice-over) "The beach and pools are great places to meet if you don't want to have to search people for weapons or microphones". He has never figured a good way to hide a gun in a swimsuit and even hiding a listening device (somehow) tends to get skewed when meetings are held in hot tubs.
  • Charmed: Season 6 premieres at a beach party where Phoebe is there to interview the DJ for her magazine. Features Smash Mouth performing and Alyssa Milano in a bikini.
  • El Chapulín Colorado had an episode with a crew filming an In-Universe movie of the titular hero in Acapulco. El Chapulín has to fill in As Himself when the main actor gets fed up and quits. Naturally, Hilarity Ensues all over the place.
  • El Chavo del ocho also had a two-parter in Acapulco, starting when La Chilindrina buys a ticket for a raffle to get a full-paid vacation for herself and her dad. Everybody else in the vecindad decides to follow suit and coincidentally, they all end up staying at the same hotel. Like the above, Hilarity Ensues.
  • Chuck quite gleefully embraced its use of Fanservice with several episodes a season that put characters in bathing suits (or less, with one episode set partially at a nudist retreat). Especially Sarah, though Ellie and Devon at times got in on the action. Hilariously, one episode in season 5 involved Casey trying to balk at an on-again/off-again lover/rival trying to get him into a banana hammock, with Sarah immediately Lampshading how many skimpy outfits she had been required to wear over the course of the series.
  • Due to location, as many as half of all CSI: Miami episodes qualify.
  • Degrassi: The Next Generation:
    • The show tried hard to avert the filler aspect: Sean leaves in a Beach Episode.
    • There's also another one that introduces Paige's brother Dylan. And Spinner has to choose between Jay's friendship and Darcy's love in yet another.
    • All together it's not quite Once a Season but rather a lot happens at the beach considering the school year and beach season only overlap by a month or so at either end in the Great Lakes region...
    • Most of "Don't Look Back" takes place at the beach.
  • The short-lived Falcon Beach was pretty much nothing but this. How did this show not survive? Oh, right, Screwed by the Network, which gave it a horrible time slot. And no, this wasn't FOX's fault. Actually, FOX would be a logical place for this show...
  • Farscape:
    • The third season episode "Scratch 'N' Sniff" is set on a Pleasure Planet, with brief beach scenes and many other scenes with scantily-clad extras.
    • Portions of the season 4 opener "Crichton Kicks" occur on a beach... in Crichton's head... with Aeryn in a bikini... pregnant.
  • Friends seemed to enjoy subverting this trope.
    • In the third season finale "The One At The Beach" the gang arrive at the beach house but it's pouring rain and everyone has to stay inside. The house is filled with sand due to flood damage, which at least means they're able to bury Joey in a mermaid-shaped pile of sand. Played straight by the fourth season premiere, "The One With The Jellyfish" where the weather clears up and Monica, Chandler and Joey are able to go out...but then Monica gets stung by a jellyfish and Chandler has to pee on her leg to kill the pain.
    • Happens again in season 9's "The One in Barbados" because they arrive there during hurricane season. The storm ends briefly but the gang can't go out because they have to attend a presentation Ross is giving. By the time it ends the hurricane has resumed, forcing them to stay inside again.
  • Gavin & Stacey had pretty much every main character headed over to the beach in Series 3 Episode 5. Bearing in mind, though, that Doris and Bryn were among those getting into their swimsuits, fanservice wasn't really the word for a lot of it. It did move the plot along considerably, though.
  • The third season-opener for Growing Pains, titled "Aloha," was set in Hawaii.
  • H₂O: Just Add Water is set in Australia's sunny Gold Coast, and consequently takes advantage of its beach setting in many episodes. The fact that the protagonists are Mermaids certainly helps.
  • Happy Days had a multi-part beach episode. It involved Fonzie and a shark.
  • Headbanger's Ball did one with Alice in Chains at a water park.
  • The Hercules: The Legendary Journeys episode "The Apple" featured our heroes at a beach. It's heavier in plot than most beach episodes, but the fangirls get to see Hercules and Iolaus almost naked. And Iolaus invents surfing! The series itself is already known for quite a bit of regular fanservice every episode as well.
  • It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia has its Jersey Shore episode where the gang goes to the beach for a relaxing vacation. Dennis and Dee wish to show Charlie how great it is and rekindle their fond childhood memories of vacationing there while Frank and Mac are unenthusiastic. Dennis and Dee wind up having a terrible time, while the other three find it enjoyable.
  • Married... with Children:
    • The episode "Life's a Beach".
    • There was also another episode that initially seemed to be this but ended up being about being stuck in a traffic jam. Peg, Kelly and Bud even occasionally walked their way back and forth between their car and their house.
  • The Monkees. As they live in a shabby house on the beach, scenes from many episodes take place on the beach. Most notable is the episode "Monkees at the Movies".
  • Murdoch Mysteries: "Loch Ness Murdoch" starts with Inspector Brackenreid at the beach during a heatwave, with other characters joining him later.
  • Neighbours episode #417, listed on an Iconic Episodes DVD set as "Charlene on Beach in Bikini." To be fair, it was part of a "Scott and Charlene" disc.
  • Noah's Arc: The last episode of the second season, during the Pride beach party. Though the first half of the episode plays the trope straight (purely fanservice and relatively relaxed), the last half cranks the drama Up to Eleven.
  • The Office has an episode where they went to the beach. Or rather, the side of a lake. Subverted in that hopes of beachy fun and Pam in a two-piece were dashed as Michael used it as an excuse for a Survivor style event to pick his successor, and the episode features some of the best character development to date.
  • Subverted in Person of Interest season 2 when Reese searches for a serial killer on Owen Island. He points out that he's going to the beach, except its hurricane season.
  • Pizza has a Season 5 episode, Beach Pizza Parts 1 & 2. The day explodes into mayhem as pizza deliveries go wrong and Habib and Rocky accidentally start a riot with lifesavers. The media then interview Pauly and he is taken out of context and blamed as the instigator of the Cronulla Beach riot. So it is against the Lebs vs. Aussies.
  • Commonly seen in the first few seasons of Power Rangers, though it got both the males and females into fanservice outfits. Which explains one of the reasons why older fans of either sex may have loved the show so much. While these episodes were almost always filler as usual with the trope, it must be noted that 85% of any given early season of PR is filler anyways. You also see a lot of the beach in Ninja Storm, what with it being New Zealand and everything.
  • S Club 7's TV series had its first two seasons set in Miami and Los Angeles respectively, requiring beach settings in many episodes. However, one specific Miami 7 episode centered around a volleyball game and therefore more time on the beach than normal. An episode of LA 7 also had Hannah and Tina trying to learn how to surf to impress a pair of Surfer Dudes. One of the band's music videos played this straight too (see 'Music' below).
  • Sabrina the Teenage Witch:
    • Parodied in Season 6 when her aunts cast a spell as Sabrina and friends go on their spring break - and they end up living one of the 60s beach party movies having "Good Clean Fun". Frankie Avalon stars As Himself.
    • Earlier in the Season 3 finale, the Spellmans go to a family reunion in Hawaii. There is however the resolution of Sabrina's family secret - that she has an Evil Twin - but they do take advantage of this to put the females into flattering beach wear.
    • One of the TV movie spin-offs was Sabrina Down Under - about Sabrina visiting Australia and meeting the local merpeople.
  • Six episodes of Saved by the Bell's third season featured the main cast working in a beach resort over the summer.
  • Scrubs has The Janitor's and Lady's Wedding set in the Bahamas.
  • Skippy the Bush Kangaroo has at least one beach episode, featuring a surfing contest.
  • In Smallville, "Aqua", in which Clark, Chloe, Lana and Lois goes to the Crater Lake. Aquaman shows up to save Clark being The One Guy.
  • South of Nowhere's "Girl's Guide to Dating" had Spencer and Ashley ditching school for the beach, and end up missing a lock-down. Doubles as a Coming-Out Story.
  • Star Trek:
  • In the commentary for the Stargate Atlantis episode "Sanctuary", Torri Higginson and Rachel Luttrell express a desire for a beach episode... before realizing that Rachel would almost certainly be put in Barely-There Swimwear while Torri would be way overdressed.
  • Step by Step: The Foster-Lambert family travels to Hawaii for the two-parter "Aloha."
  • Actor Jensen Ackles likes to joke that he's been trying to pitch the "Demon Surfer" episode of Supernatural so they can film in Hawaii and have a Beach Episode. Strangely, this tends to happen in a lot of Supernatural fanfics.
  • The Disney Channel original movie Teen Beach Movie, an Affectionate Parody of the aforementioned '60s beach party films in which two modern-day teenagers get sucked into one.
  • Even The Thick of It had a beach episode: the party conference episode in series three, for which the action moved to a hotel in Eastbourne. Being The Thick Of It, this was just as unglamorous as all the other episodes. No swimsuits were seen: the closest we got was Terri in her cagoule on a windswept beach.
  • The Time In Between: One episode during the Morocco arc features Rosalinda, Sira, Felix, and Marcus taking an impromptu trip to the beach to get away from their problems in Tetuoan.
  • Tropical Heat, like Baywatch mentioned above, was basically a beach episode every time, being set in Miami.
  • The Vampire Diaries had "Welcome to Paradise", where Elena arranges a party at a local lake.
  • Victorious has the cast go to a beach, but end up getting trapped in an RV.
  • Wonder Woman: "Skateboard Wiz" is set on a beach complete with Diana Prince sunbathing before being accosted by mooks. She reminds them forcefully that she is a trained amazon before transforming into Wonder Woman and then really working them over.

  • Atomic Kitten's music video for "It's OK" was shot in South Africa, and featured the Kittens on the beach and of course a midnight beach party.
  • The Muppets had one in album form: Muppet Beach Party.
  • Rammstein video "Mein Land" is basically a beach episode for the band.
  • S Club 7's music video for "Natural" showed the band on a desert island, with lots of swimwear shots and Waterfall Showers.

  • Episode 24 of Find Us Alive, aptly named "The Beach Episode". Subverted in that, since the cast is obviously stuck in the building and can't leave to go to a real beach, the site inexplicably floods with two feet of water instead. They take advantage of the end of the cycle to relax and goof off by building makeshift boats, having singalongs, and generally taking a chance to relax and enjoy the Breather Episode. The only shade of drama is Raddagher's paranoia as to what caused the flood, and the final line from Lancaster, who cryptically references something he did that "worked".

    Pro Wrestling 
  • WCW used to hold a yearly pay-per-view called Bash At The Beach, where all the matches would take place at a beach somewhere. The 1996 installment saw the formation of the New World Order.
  • WWE:
    • WWE had a PPV sometime in the mid-90s where they set up an entire beach indoors. Ostensibly it was to give Sunny, Marlena and Sable a chance to prance around in bikinis. It also featured most of the undercard roster playing around like they were at a real beach, Golddust rubbing baby oil all over himself, and TL Hopper the wrestling plumber eating a turdnote 
    • The promotion also used to do summer-themed episodes of Raw and Smackdown as an excuse to give the Divas a swimsuit contest. Sometimes accompanied by a wrestling match in the bikinis.
    • SummerSlam - the summer PPV of the 'Big Four' in WWE[[note]]Royal Rumble, WrestleMania and Survivor Series are the other three - usually has a marketing campaign involving the wrestlers on the beach (as it's often held in Los Angeles).

    Puppet Shows 
  • In Die Liewe Heksie, the Little Witch goes for a beach picnic with the Bloemmieland elves. Alas, while her back is turned, the evil GeleHeks kidnaps a baby elf. Livinia then has to interrupt her day at the beach to get him back.
  • The Oobi short, "Prince Oobi!" has Uma make a sand castle at the beach, she then declares Grampu it's king, Oobi it's prince, and herself as the mighty castle builder.
  • Sesame Street:
    • The "Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes" video takes place on the beach, as do the songs "Hello Happy Happiness", and "Skin".
    • There is also a clip from the mid 90's where a girl and her dog play on the beach set to the Bobby McFerrin song "Simple Pleasures".
    • One Elmo: The Musical segment is entitled "Beach: The Musical", where Elmo visits Happy Crab Beach. On Happy Crab Beach, everyone is happy, except for a little shrimp who is unhappy with her diminutive size. When a wave washes King Crab's crown into a narrow cove, the shrimp is the only one small enough to recover it, and when she does, she realizes there are advantages to her diminutive size.

  • The Space Gypsy Adventures story "The Daytrip to Tower City" could be considered one of these, even though most of the action takes place on the Pleasure Beach/Central Pier hybrid theme park visited by the characters.

    Video Games 
  • Ape Escape has the Crabby Beach stage about a third of the way through that's a beach episode for the monkeys. Your first visit is by far the easiest in the game (even compared to the first level) as the monkeys you are supposed to capture only lounging around building sand castles instead of attacking you. However, there is a UFO pilot and a couple of hard-to-get monkeys that make it a bit harder when you come back to 100% complete the stage.
  • The 18th (19th, technically. beatmania IIDX substream is not part of the numbering scheme) installment of beatmania IIDX, beatmania IIDX 18 Resort Anthem, is primarily themed around tropical resorts and beaches. Naturally, promotional art of it consists of the female DJ characters in bikinis. Many songs introduced in Resort Anthem are themed around summer vacation, such as "Golden Palms", "Everlasting Resort", the Extra Stage Latin-esque song "ANTHEM LANDING", and the One More Extra Stage song "灼熱 Beach Side Bunny note ". Ironically, the game was released on September 15, 2010, right around the end of the summer season.
  • Bikini Karate Babes is an entire video game made of this trope. More specifically, a large group of motion-captured women get stranded on an island and have to wait for a rescue boat to come. So how do they pass the time? By fighting in front of each other. The winner gets to rip off either the top or bottom half of her opponent's bikini. Yes, this is a real game, and no, it's not very good.
  • BioShock Infinite has Battleship Bay, a level that takes place on a Victorian-style Boardwalk and beach in the sky. Given that everyone there is wearing an Old-Timey Bathing Suit at least, there's not much fanservice appeal - although several women (and men) say that they'd like to see Booker in one.
  • BoxxyQuest: The Gathering Storm has one of these as a part of its Playable Epilogue. While you’re free to hang out and enjoy the sand and sun with your party members, the beach also serves as the staging area for six truly maddening Brutal Bonus Levels… which you’ll be doing in your swimsuit, of course.
  • Burnout Paradise manages to do this by including the setting Big Surf Island, which has much more open, ramp-filled streets and generally easier events compared to the main game.
  • The first section of the Charlie's Angels video game has the characters on a beach.
  • Dancing Line of all games has one in the form of the level "The Beach". It even features cubes lounging on beach chairs and partying on the dance floor.
  • The Dead or Alive Xtreme spinoff series are the video game equivalent of this (as the parent series was already notorious for its Fanservice, Xtreme exists to put that front and center instead of making it merely the enticement). Also counts as Go-Karting with Bowser since it's possible to pair characters who don't like each other in the proper canon together.
  • Dawn of the Breakers:
    • The 2018 Summer Event was set on a beach and featured summer-themed (read: swimsuit-clad) variants of some of the playable heroes.
    • For 2019, the fifth and sixth parts of the hololive crossover were released in the summer, and largely focuses on the imposters over at the beach. The game also brought back the Summer Capsule during the first week of the event and added swimsuit alts of the new crossover characters when the sixth part began. Downplayed as the plot mostly focuses on buildings that popped up in the middle of the ocean. It's still on a beach, but set on a dock by shrine or inside a corporate building.
  • Duke Caribbean: Life's a Beach, an expansion for Duke Nukem 3D has Duke kill aliens and inflatable sea monsters with water guns and pineapple grenades for ruining his vacation.
  • If you get a high enough total score in Elite Beat Agents, you can unlock a picture of the agents at the beach with some rather fanservicey material for both genders (J surfing with a dolphin, Spin playing volleyball with Missy, and Chieftain apparently checking out Foxx's body). The tenth stage is also on the beach, essentially, with lots of Gainaxing.
  • Dragalia Lost
    • Two within July and August 2019, A Splash of Adventure and A Crescendo of Courage. The former involves the party looking for buried treasure that gets stolen by the Arc Villain, Barbary, who becomes that episode's raid boss. The latter involves building a stage for the dragon Siren who proceeds to perform a concert for everyone. Each event also gave new Summer alts for characters as well.
    • 2020 also gives two new events for the summer. "Summertime Saviors" which has a beach being defended from the invading Dyrenell Empire. "Doomsday Getaway" is a twist in that it's a murder mystery by way of Danganronpa.
  • EXTRAPOWER: Attack of Darkforce: The gang have one in Hawaii when they have to wait for military transport to continue their journey. With a little bit of downtime, they take a well earned day off and hit the beach.
  • There is a set of "vacation" missions set in Costa Del Sol in Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core, with Fanservice for both the girls (Zack in swimming trunks) and the boys (Cissnei in a bikini). Zack even beats the crap out of giant caterpillars with an umbrella... which does just as much damage as his regular weapon!!
  • Fire Emblem:
    • Awakening has a DLC set on the beach, where the members of the first generation can have conversations, while clearing out bandits who have invaded.
    • Fates has its own beach-set DLC, where the Royal Siblings and their retainers "battle" each other to win a trip there.
    • Every year, Heroes has up to two paralogues taking place on the beach, featuring special units dressed in swimwear. These episodes usually feature Anna trying to make a quick buck by exploiting Sex Sells, but it was deconstructed in Paralogue 35, where Anna gets strained trying to resist her usual summer schemes. Fortunately, she recovers by the very next paralogue. The units featured in these paralogues can also be obtained in limited-time banners during the months of June, July, and August.
  • Get in the Car, Loser!: The DLC chapter "Battle on the Big Boardwalk" takes place on the beach, and playing through it unlocks swimwear outfits for the main cast.
  • Granblue Fantasy has an event story every summer about the cast relaxing at the beach. They usually get caught up in the conflict about fishing for the Monster of the Week.
  • Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards:
    • On the 3rd planet, Aqua Star, the 3rd stage is an actual beach, which, oddly enough, is after a stage featuring a freshwater river, but appropriately enough, the stage after 3-3 takes place underwater.
    • The cutscene that plays after you get a Crystal Shard from Acro, the boss of Aqua Star, shows Kirby and his friends skipping stones on the ocean.
  • Last Cloudia: The main setting for the campaign Mid-Summer Vacation! Maidens on the beach. Theria and Lilebete can earn their swimwear as alternate costume. A swimwear version of Lilah can also be summoned alongside several beach-themed Arks.
  • League of Legends has several champions with a Pool Party alternate skin, which places them in attire appropriate for a swimming pool or a beach (with their splash arts depicting them at such locales). Since 2013, they've become League's resident fanservice skin theme for almost every summer, comprising some of the game's sexiest (or generally most comical) cosmetics in the game.
  • In The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel IV, Musse's final bonding event takes place at Ordis' beach and she and Rean are in their swimsuits. She also ends up kissing Rean in this event which catches Rean off-guard.
  • Mass Effect 3 follows this in a spiritual sense with the Citadel DLC, which has a plot that doesn't have any impact or bearing on the rest of the story, and is simply the cast taking a break, catching up with each other, and blowing off steam. It is noticeably more goofy and self-referential than the rest of the game.
  • Mega Man Star Force: The school trip to Alohaha is an example of a Beach Episode gone horribly wrong. How wrong? Criminal Wizards steal various character belongings, the Evil Duo corrupt the Wizard in charge of the environmental system, said corrupted Wizard starts an earthquake that threatens to sink the island and everyone on it, and it all ends with one villain killing three separate characters, one of which is human! She ends up okay though.
  • Some of Overwatch's 2017 Summer Games skins are essentially this; namely, for Widowmaker, Sombra, and McCree. It's also somewhat of a subversion of the typical purpose of a beach episode: Sombra's swimsuit skin is fairly modest (clearly designed more for snorkeling than lounging around, as evidenced by the rather large flippers hanging off her belt), and Widowmaker's doesn't reveal anything that hasn't already been revealed by one of her many other skins. Instead, it's McCree who has the most fanservice-y skin, with just swim trunks, a towel, and a rather large straw hat.
  • Paladins has a seasonal Summer chest that contains revealing beach skins for Cassie and Lex, along with star-spangled weapon skins for the 4th of July. Cassie's Sun Kissed skin turns her into a Valley Girl with a bikini top, beach skirt, and a cockatoo in place of her pet falcon, Zigs. Lex's Longboard skin turns him into a Surfer Dude clad in swimming trunks, sunglasses, and a towel around his neck.
  • Persona:
  • Plants vs. Zombies 2: It's About Time has Big Wave Beach, based on 1960s American beach movies. Complete with zombies in bikinis.
  • The first level of Pokémon Snap is the Beach, where you can take pictures of unique Pokémon such as a "Surfing" Pikachu and a dancing Meowth.
  • Romancing SaGa 3 has Great Arc, a large tourist spot on the beach, where the heroes can get directions to Pirate Black's Treasure. The Old Man at the port holds the correct map; said old man is Pirate Black
  • Rumble Roses has a beach arena.
  • There is a DLC taking place in Hawaii in Shin Megami Tensei IV: Apocalypse of all places. Unsurprisingly, it's an illusion, laid by Mephisto in an attempt to lure the protagonist into handing over his soul.
  • The second act of Sunrider Mask of Arcadius begins with the crew taking some much-needed shore leave on a beach resort space station, with all the hijinks that entails.
  • Super Mario Sunshine is set on the tropical Isle Delfino. Two of the stages are calm, relaxing beaches (one of which even has a hotel).
  • There's a beach episode in Super Robot Wars Z3: Jigoku-Hen, but all the girls lost their tops. They have to cover themselves and fight. The quotes before battle are hilarious. Asuka, Noriko and Fa slap Kamille for trying to peep. Shinji gets yelled at by Aoi and Youko. Viral doesn't care. Kittan, Andy, and Ozma lose their shit. Basara doesn't care. Sousuke is busy being Bonta-Kun. Amuro makes a remark about how well "fitted" the team is. Lockon and Kurtz are having a blast. Lockon wonders how Tieria would wear a swimsuit. Tieria smacks the shit out of Lockon. Allelujah blushes in response to the naked Marie/Soma and says, "Ma..Marie!" Soma slaps Allelujah. Setsuna doesn't care. Kouji gets slapped by Sayaka for peeping. Ryouma doesn't care. Benkei gets excited. Hayato doesn't care. Amata is a clueless idiot. Chirico doesn't care. Zero has a smirk inside his mask. Suzaku doesn't know where to look. Kallen is annoyed. C.C is having fun being topless. Andy is sad because Mix isn't with them.
  • Tales Series: A staple of the series since Symphonia, where all characters get swimwear costumes.
    • Late in Tales of Symphonia, there is a sidequest that allows you to get some beach-based alternate costumes for some of your characters. It takes a minimum of three plays to get all eight characters' costumes. In the same game, there is not one, but two Hot Springs scenes.
    • A short cutscene in Tales of Graces involves a pickup competition on a beach. It's where you get the swimsuit costumes for your party. Whether you wanted to see Malik in a speedo or not...
  • The Touryst is all about this trope, being a game based around taking a vacation in some tropical islands. Special mention goes out to the island of Hawayy, which contains such things as an ice cream vendor, palm trees, and even a surfing competition.
  • Undertale's in-universe anime Mew Mew Kissy Cutie had at least one, and it's the only one that's specifically mentioned. The dismissive review of the show in Deltarune, meanwhile, suggests that there were others, saying the show "treats the an animal that will die if it goes ten seconds without seeing a beach ball."
  • Valkyria Chronicles has a feature that lets you purchase extra chapters — some are just story, some have missions that can gain you extra cash and XP. The most expensive of all of these? "Squad 7's R&R", where they all head to the beach...
  • The Warframe tactical alert Dog Days saw Kela de Thaym, intoxicated by a gas leak, pitting the Tenno against Rathuum executioners on a Terran tropical island to see which team can soak the other the most using Soaktron pump-action water guns.
  • Averted with Wii Sports Resort. While the game's events take place at an island resort, most of the events take place on land or indoors. The only ocean events are powerboating and wakeboarding, and the only event occurring on a beach is tossing a frisbee to a dog.
  • Wild Arms Million Memories has one of these as a time limited sidequest. Count Pegucci invites your party to his personal tropical island for a brief vacation, which actually turns out to be because he wants them to get rid of a giant fish monster menacing the coast. Of course this means putting some of the female characters into fanservice bikinis and poking a little fun at how JRPG heroes seem to be keen fishermen by having Rudy get a little too enthusiastic about, well, fishing.
  • Xenosaga, being a game of cutscenes, has a beach "episode" around the half-way point of Der Wille zur Macht. Also sprach Zarathustra quickly gets a scene of Shion in a bikini on the beach.

    Visual Novels 
  • Amnesia: Memories does a pool event in Clover World. Most of the employees of the Meido no Hitsuji café, and the heroine's boyfriend Kent, head to an in-door heated pool for some fun and bonding experience between the employees, and the heroine and Kent. They originally planned to head to the beach, but due to the uncommonly cold weather, they opted for the pool.
  • After the protagonist of Daughter for Dessert gets out of jail on bail, Amanda takes him to the beach. She reveals that a time when he saved her from drowning was when she started getting romantic feelings for him. It is also a pivotal scene when the player can choose to stay with Amanda, or to be with one of the other women instead.

    Web Animation 
  • Anon: Tucker and Hunter's sister got married at the beach house and Chelsea and Dani get invited.
    • Season 6 gives us a family vacation to Isla Paradiso (Also to show us the new expansion).
    • Season 8 gives us the music festival episode, where the entire family (minus Candace) end up inviting themselves along on Miranda and Arianna's trip.
    • Season 10 ends up being an entire beach SEASON when the creator moves the entire cast to the beach world of Sunlit Tides.
  • BIONICLE has absolutely No Hugging, No Kissing, all Matoran are Asexual, the creators have never hinted at ''any'' romantic interactions between Macku and Hewkii, and they absolutely, most definitely did not dedicate an entire Beach Episode to them! And even if they did, the two certainly would not have had an Almost Kiss! I don't know where the fangirls get all these silly ideas from...
  • Episode 2 of DSBT InsaniT (Beach Brawl), but unlike most examples, stuff actually happens.
  • Happy Tree Friends has a few of these, most notably Wipe Out, in which Cro-Marmot takes on Lumpy and some of the other characters in a surfing competition.
  • Homestar Runner: In "Somber Vacation", Strong Sad shows off a slideshow from his vacation to the beach.
  • In Issue 5 of Teen Girl Squad, the girls (sans What's Her Face) go to the beach for spring break. The Ugly One gets her head stuck in the sand, Cheerleader's attempt to convince some "olda boys" she's a college student is interrupted by a fatal "boating mishap", and So and So gets to go parasailing with George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and Henry Rollins.
  • The Season 1 crossover episode of Zany To The Max starts out like this. If it wasn't for Jot finding that sign in the beginning, it probably would have remained one (and it wouldn't have been a crossover episode).
    • A Buttons and Mindy segment in Season 1 takes place on a beach.
    • The Season 2 episode "Sikko's Plan" involves Sikko inviting Coach Nurse and the Zarner siblings to the Warners' pool. Don't ask how the Warners can fit a pool in their water tower. They just can.
    • Part of the episode "Wakko Takes the Challenge" takes place on a beach.

    Web Comics 
  • Chapter 3 of Apricot Cookie(s)! has the entire cast going to the beach. It's even titled "Fan Servicing" and the intro points it out as well.
  • Bittersweet Candy Bowl had this during the vacation arc, though ironically the characters are wearing more clothing than usual due to the Barbie Doll Anatomy typically exhibited by the cast. This is played for laughs when one of the characters shows up naked (like normal) and other characters call him on swimming in the nude.
  • Death Clown has this one-shot in which the characters visit the beach where Epper dumped human remains in the first chapter, which goes about as well as expected.
  • Spanish webcomic ¡Eh, tío! has also a story arc in the beach. Here the author explains that this is not to attract readers, but only for pure vice.
  • El Goonish Shive had a sketchbook strip with this as its theme for its 4th anniversary commemoration. It featured the main characters in swimwear but genderswapped.
  • Karin-dou 4koma: Since Tamaryu's horn prevents her from going to the pool or beach, Seren creates a huge beach of their own inside a Pocket Dimension / closet, and several strips afterward take place there.
  • Ménage à 3 only visits an actual beach in a non-canonical guest strip. However, there is a park episode which serves a similar purpose, albeit with a little plot development.
  • Monsterful features a page of the Sexy Topaz with a sexier mermaid friend at the beach. Plus a beach episode has been announced for later.
  • In Moon Crest 24, chapter 5 is one of these. Although, not being quite a filler "episode", it does have plenty of Fanservice, especially coming from the beachgoers and surprisingly not so much from the main cast.
  • One Nerf NOW!! comic showed the aftermath of a beach episode. Alek had fun, Morgan didn't like the fanservice, but loved the part about the pirate curse, Jane learned a valuable lesson about friendship and sportsmanship, and something happened between Anne and Angie that Anne was embarrassed about, but Angie was blase about, saying 'what happens in the beach episode stays in the beach episode'.

    Web Original 
  • Stellar Ranger Dark Star Series One's epilogue chapter has the cast taking a break on a Florida beach. This one is actually plot important- it turns into a Busman's Holiday as a recurring villain, The Puppetrix, returns for one last brawl, and we actually get a look into the villain's past. In addition, a major cast member, Avril, is introduced here, and the chapter contains some foreshadowing for the conflict of the later two series.

    Web Videos 
  • lonelygirl15, "At the Beach". Subverted in an earlier episode, "The Perfect Beach", which has an innocuous sounding description and starts cheerfully enough, only to pull a shock twist ending really severe.

    Western Animation 
  • The 101 Dalmatians: The Series episode "Dalmatian Vacation Part 2: Cross-Country Calamity" partially takes place at the beach.
  • The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius has "Beach Party Mummy" where the gang plays hooky due to a boring lesson on Egypt, deciding to go visit the real deal complete with having a beach party, finding an ancient tomb and giving Libby a permanent make-over, which resembles the Egyptian Queen Howzaboutislapya.
  • The Amazing Chan and the Chan Clan episode 3 featured the kids having a relaxing day at the beach, until it was interrupted by a crook framing their Pop for a string of robberies. Luckily, they got to resume their fun once the case was wrapped up.
  • In The Ant and the Aardvark cartoon "Dune Bug". While the Ant is trying to have a nice time at the beach, the Aardvark shows up and starts trouble. The Aardvark must try to catch the Ant, while trying to stay away from the lifeguard who thinks he is a dog.
  • In Arthur D.W. and family went to the beach where she had to deal with her fear of octopuses in "D.W. All Wet".
    • Years later, the kids would return to the beach to build the ultimate sand castle in "Castles in the Sky".
    • Another episode, "The Shore Thing" revolves around David (Arthur's dad) taking the kids to the beach in an effort to prove to them the beach can be as fun as going to a theme park.
  • Avatar: The Last Airbender
    • One Season 3 episode is titled "The Beach" featuring Azula, Mai, Ty Lee, and Zuko in swimsuits. It climaxed in a very dramatic scene that not only revealed the Freudian Excuses for Mai, Ty Lee and Azula, but also an important part of Zuko's Character Development. The protagonists also hang out on a beach in a hidden cove, but are spotted by Fire Nation soldiers, and have their first encounter with the mysterious hitman known as Combustion Man.
    • The first part of "Sozin's Comet" Grand Finale also had a brief scene the same beach. Sokka tries to get everyone to chill out, only to be derailed by Zuko's attitude and fireballs. It's then that Zuko reveals Ozai's plan is not to conquer the Earth Kingdom but wipe it out entirely.
  • The Backyardigans:
    • There's an episode about surfing, but the surfing was left for the near end, since they were looking for the perfect waves. Bonus points go for Austin and his "Mystery Lifeguard" song.
    • "Legend of the Volcano Sisters" was also a Beach Episode.
  • The Beatles had two:
    • In "Boys," the group's day at a southern California beach is disrupted by a movie studio staging a contest to find Mr. Hollywood.
    Ringo: Would you like to be Mr. Hollywood, George?
    George: Only if I can't be Mr. Liverpool.
    • "From Me to You" pits George against beach bully Surf Wolf in a surfing duel.
  • Being Ian: The Kelly family go to the beach in "Bad Day at White Rock". While the rest of the clan engage in typical beachside shenanigans, Ian gets stranded on a sandbar in a Cast Away parody.
  • Ben 10 does this in both series. In the first, they're children, and it's summer vacation, so there's nothing surprising about them going to the beach (and a water park). In Alien Force, they're teenagers, and it's apparently later in the year (as everyone's normal day clothes have long sleeves, a jacket, etc), but they still find a reason to go to a lake and splash around for five minutes. Suprisingly enough however, it only lasts a few seconds; no episode is entirely about them being at the beach. Con of Rath subverts the trope by having the three protagonists about to go to the beach... then an alien ambassador comes to ask them for a mission. According to Gwen, this situation happens quite often when they try to go to the beach.
  • Black Dynamite has one in the second episode of Season 2, involving Richard Nixon developing various schemes to get the Black Community onto the beach... so he can kill them all.
  • Breadwinners: "Beach Day of Horror".
  • Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kids: "The Pearl Caper" has Merilee and Butch go to the beach and switch into swim wear. "The Super Sub" does the same for Steffy and Wally.
  • Although several Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers episodes involve beaches, the one true beach episode is "Shell Shocked" because Gadget is wearing a swimsuit. A one-piece swimsuit with attached skirt, but a swimsuit.
  • The Classic Disney Shorts had "Hawaiian Holiday", featuring Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Goofy at the beach in Hawaii. It's mostly dominated by Goofy's failed attempt to surf.
  • "Dan Vs. the Beach" has the title character attempting to close down the beach after a crowd of drivers park their cars at his apartment.
  • Daria's first made-for-TV movie has an extended opening with a different theme song, showing the characters dancing (well, except Daria) on a beach. It even opens with a close up on a bikini-clad butt shaking for the camera... which turns out to belong to a speedo-clad Mr. O'Neill. However, the actual film has nothing to do with a beach, despite being set in the summer. Kevin and Brittany do have a Pool Subplot that’s not particularly fanservicey.
  • Dastardly and Muttley in Their Flying Machines: Two Wing Dings blackouts take place at the beach. The first has Dastardly asking Zilly to blow up a beach ball. He putting a lit stick of dynamite in it. The second has Zilly telling Klunk that he can hear the ocean when holding a sea conch to his ear. When Klunk does it, ocean water pours out of his other ear.
  • When the heroes of Dinosaucers are prevented from battling their arch-enemies (the Tyrannos) because of a holiday both factions hold sacred on their homeworld, their human allies decide to take the opportunity to show the dinos how to have fun in the sun. Hilarity ensues when Dinosaucers and Tyrannos end up on the same beach.
  • Ed, Edd n Eddy: "Hot Buttered Eds", though it doesn't take place on a beach. Eddy attempts to get his "spot" at the swimming hole back from Kevin, and Edd freaks out from a lack of sunscreen.
  • Edward has at least one episode set on a beach. In one, his wife catches him staring at a buxom woman in a two-piece zebra-striped bikini. She then reacts accordingly.
  • The Fairly Oddparents had a few, including one where Timmy tries to become the strongest person on the beach to impress his love life, and one where Timmy and his parents come to the beach for a vacation but decide they are lost.
  • The Futurama episode "The Deep South" is primarily a beach episode, and the movie Bender's Big Score features a prominent scene with everyone at a nude beach (also highlighted in the DVD packaging).
  • The Gravedale High episode "Do the Rad Thing" is to be considered as one. It's about Gill missing school and eventually dropping out to practice for a surfing contest with his human idol, Kahuna Bob. Also, the class spends the night at the beach trying to persuade Gill to come back to the school.
  • Even Hey Arnold! has one ("Summer Love", a.k.a. Beach Story). It helped to develop Arnold and Helga's UST and throw some Fanservice by the Girl of the Week, appropriately named Summer.
  • Jean-Luc & Dondoozat has one. In the episode, Jean-Luc steals a kid's ball and makes him cry. When he and Dondoozat are confronted about it by the kid and his big, angry father, Dondoozat tells Jean-Luc to give the ball back. Jean-Luc just throws the ball into the sea, prompting the boys father to beat up Dondoozat.
  • Jimmy Two-Shoes has "Heat Blanket Jimmy", where Jimmy decides to throw a beach party to beat a Heat Wave. However, Miseryville's beaches aren't much better than the town itself, and when Lucius finds out what Jimmy's up to, he tries to ruin it.
  • Episode 80 of Kaeloo has the main four, Pretty and Eugly go to the beach and play beach volleyball, while Stumpy uses steroids to cheat at the game, and Pretty tries various methods to attract Mr. Cat (both with the usual results.
  • King of the Hill: "Hank's on Board" centers around a fishing trip by the ocean. While the A-plot is about Hank and his friends going out at sea and getting stuck in the water without a ladder to get back on their boat, the B-plot involves Peggy and Bobby by the shore looking for things with a metal detector.
  • Unlike its predecessor, The Legend of Korra had no beach themed episodes. In an early episode, however, the characters did swim in an indoor pool. Apparently fashions have become more conservative in the past several decades as the boys wear Old Timey Bathing Suits instead of being shirtless.
  • Littlest Pet Shop (2012): "Pump Up the Panda", Blythe and the pets go to Seal Beach Bay and Blythe tells them to show off their new beachwear and to look good doing it
  • An episode of Mary Kate and Ashley in Action!, unusually set on a beach, had secret agents Misty and Amber relaxing at a beachside resort after a long day of surfing.
  • The Magic School Bus: "Gets Eaten" and "Goes to Mussel Beach".
  • Mamemo: This series' episode was appropriately named "The Beach", co-starring Mamemo's cow friend as her beach towel.
  • Milo had three.
    • In "Milo Goes to the Beach", Milo and his family visit the beach and Milo learns about sun protection and chases a kite.
    • In "Seashells and Sea Creatures", Milo and his class take a school trip to the beach and learn about sea creatures and water safety.
    • In "The Sand Castle", Milo, his father George, and a boy named Luke, build a big sandcastle.
  • Monsuno does this in episode 16 by having the protagonists taking a break going to the beach; surprisingly enough, the fanservice is quite limited for this episode; we only get one scene of them in swimsuits, one of the male protagonists (Beyal) retains his clothes (granted, him being a monk, it's not that surprising), and the only girl of the team wears a rather sober swimsuit. In addition, the episode focus on the beach part only for a few minutes before going back to the plot.
  • The Mr. Men Show has the episodes "Beach," "Seashore," and "Sand & Surf." Since the characters are Accessory-Wearing Living Polyhedrons, the characters are always wearing their normal clothes in these episodes (though the ones who wear shoes sometimes go barefoot instead).
  • Ni Hao, Kai-Lan: In "Beach Day", the gang goes to have some fun at the beach. Tolee gets upset, however, when a wave knocks down his sand castle, causing him to angrily stomp on the sand castle his friends were building.
  • OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes had one such episode, lampshadingly called...Beach Episode. It even featured a one-note Shout-Out to Baywatch.
  • Phineas and Ferb has a few:
    • In "Lawn Gnome Beach Party of Terror", the boys make a beach in their backyard.
    • In "Voyage to the Bottom of Buford", they go to a genuine beach to find a lost goldfish.
    • In "Atlantis", the boys spend a day at the beach searching for the lost city of Atlantis.
  • The Pink Panther: "Come on In, the Water's Pink", where the Pink Panther visits Bicep Beach and makes good use of a whole bag of self-inflating items to upstage the strongest man on the beach.
  • Popeye and Son episode "Surf Movie" is a beach episode alongside filming a movie.
    • Several classic Popeye cartoons take place at a beach, most notably a cartoon where a beefy lifeguard is bored by all the female eye candy and suddenly goes into Something Else Also Rises upon seeing Olive Oyl.
  • The Ready Jet Go! episode "The Tide is High", where the kids try to figure out why the ocean looks different from when they last went there.
  • Rocko's Modern Life: In "Sand in Your Navel", Rocko tries to relax by going to the beach with his dog Spunky.
  • An episode of Rugrats has Tommy's family going to the beach, where Tommy and Chuckie attempt to release a bowl of "Sea Monkeys" back into the sea.
  • Sabrina: The Animated Series subverts this. Fed up with winter, Sabrina and Chloe cast a spell to go to the beach for an hour. They do...but as mermaids!
  • SpongeBob SquarePants has a few episodes that take place at the beach.
    • "Ripped Pants" centered around SpongeBob ripping his pants to amuse the other beach-goers.
    • "Sponge Guard on Duty" had Spongebob trying to be a life guard despite not being a good swimmer.
    • "Sand Castles in the Sand" had a sandcastle-building rivalry between Spongebob and Patrick escalate to a fight with sand castle mecha.
  • Steven Universe is set in the seaside town of Beach City, but it still has an actual beach episode in "Beach Party", where Steven throws a barbecue to patch things up between the Crystal Gems and the owner of the local pizza joint. The Crystal Gems even get beach outfits!
  • The Sylvester and Tweety Mysteries had this in the episode "Hawaii 33-1/3", where Granny, Sylvester, Hector, and Tweety investigated tiki thefts at a Hawaiian beach. There are even some curvaceous women in bikinis.
  • Tom and Jerry had a few of these, most notably Salt Water Tabby and Muscle Beach Tom, as well as the opening of The Cat and the Mermouse.
  • The later series Tom and Jerry Tales had an episode where its Three Shorts were all beach-themed (the three shorts of any given episode usually stayed within a single theme).
  • Done in Trollz, with three of them making up the last story arc.
  • Winx Club has an episode that features the girls in their swimsuits by a lake in season 2. Again in season 5. There's also a 3-D music video called "Mambochiwambo" that filled the role, more or less.
  • The spinoff World of Winx also has a beach episode where the Winx note  are in Santa Monica searching for new talents.
  • W.I.T.C.H. has one in the second season episode "I is for Illusion" where the girls go to the beach to relax on summer vacation, though unlike other examples it's anything but filler as The Chessmaster Nerissa attempted to sow seeds of discontent amongst the girls, and very nearly managed to steal Will's Heart of Kandrakar. In the very next episode, "J is for Jewel," Irma is still at the beach with her family as they decided to stay a few extra days while the other girls leave, which leads to a big problem when she's needed to help fight and is separated from the rest of the girls.
  • The Young Justice (2010) episode "Infiltrator" includes a Beach Opening Scene, complete with loving shots of Miss Martian in a two-piece swimsuit and Aqualad, Robin, and Superboy shirtless.

    Real Life 
  • The U.S. 2008 Presidential Election had one of these. In between serious debates on Energy Policy, Climate Change, Terrorism, and Healthcare Reform, someone leaked a picture of President Barack Obama in a swimsuit and a media storm ensued. All serious discussions were put on hold for the day while every major news network focused on then-Senator Obama's washboard abs. Only in America.
  • And then, a couple of weeks later when Sarah Palin was announced as the Republican Vice Presidential nominee, the media spent another day focused on a clearly faked picture of her in a bikini holding a gun.
  • Pretty much any anime club you'd find on a college campus of a near coastal town could have a themed "Beach Episode" where the group will carpool to the beach.


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