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Rest and Relaxation Tropes

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Of course The Beautiful Elite would relax in only the prettiest and fanciest ways.

Tropes about relaxation and vacations.

Compare Hobby and Pastime Tropes, Seated Tropes, and Sleep and Wakefulness Tropes.

Contrast Nightlife Index and Party at My Index.

  • Beach Episode: An episode that features the characters visiting the beach.
  • Boring Vacation Slideshow: A boring slideshow of a character's vacation photos.
  • Camp Wackyname: A camp with a silly name, sometimes intended to sound vaguely Native American.
  • Camping Episode: An episodes that features the characters going on a camping trip.
  • Class Trip: A class goes on a trip organised by their school, which is sometimes partly for the purposes of relaxation.
  • Cruise Episode: An episode that features the characters going on a cruise.
  • Fancy Camping: Who says camping can't be glamorous?
  • Hawaiian-Shirted Tourist: Tourists who wear brightly-coloured Hawaiian shirts.
  • Hot Springs Episode: An episode where the character take a trip to some hot springs.
  • Long Bus Trip: A character who has been Put on a Bus has been gone for a long time (in-universe and out); often, this is explained as them having retired or gone on a long trip.
  • Love Hotels: Hotels designed specifically so people can meet up and "relax" together.
  • "Rediscovering Roots" Trip: A character - especially one raised in a culture different to the one they were born in - goes on a journey to find out more about their origins.
  • Relax-o-Vision: Censoring graphic scenes by substituting pleasant images.
  • Rental Car Abuse: People on trips often rent cars rather than bring their own and then proceed to trash said car because it's not theirs.
  • Road Trip Plot: The plot centers around the characters going on a road trip.
  • Road Trip Romance: Two people fall in love while on a road trip together.
  • Ski-Resort Episode: An episodes featuring the characters visiting a ski resort.
  • Vacation Crossover: A crossover between two works happens because the characters from one or both works go on vacation and meet up.
  • Vacation, Dear Boy: Cast and/or crew agree to take part in a production mostly so they can visit the filming location.
  • Vacation Episode: An episode features the characters taking a vacation.
  • Vacation Films: Films where the plot revolves around the characters going on vacation.