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The Beach Episode is when the cast goes out in the heat and has some wet and splashy fun, but what if you want them to go out in the cold?

That's where the Ski Resort Episode comes in. This trope is often used for adult-aimed, urban-setted works where it wouldn't make sense for the cast to hang outside in the freezing weather, though some kids shows use it as an easy setup for Slapstick humor. Situations often include one of the characters dealing with a Jerk Jock skier, a character failing at going down the Obstacle Ski Course (where most of the slapstick ensues), and the protagonist getting in The Big Race down the hills, usually against said Jerk Jock. Expect one or more characters to get Stuck on a Ski Lift, typically with someone they despise. A Snowball Fight is likely too.

Also see Vacation Episode. Compare to Slippy-Slidey Ice World, for when video game levels go into the cold.



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    Anime & Manga 
  • Chapter 47 of Ojojojo focuses on a class trip to a ski resort. Around half of the chapter has Haru reflecting on her Character Development over the course of the series.
  • The first season of Sailor Moon has en episode where Usagi and the rest of the Sailor Senshi go to a ski resort to try and win the "Moon Princess" skiing competition (really a trap set by the Dark Kingdom).
  • In one arc of Wandering Son, the middle schoolers go on a class trip to a ski resort. The anime skipped this arc.

    Comic Books 
  • The Valley of the Cobras, the last album of the Jo, Zette and Jocko series, starts in a ski resort, where the Legrands and the Maharajah of Ghopal are on vacation.
  • Robin Series: In a crossover with Impulse Tim is investigating a saboteur and finds he's at a ski resort, so he and Bart go there in their civilian identities with Alfred.
  • Sensation Comics: During Charles Moulton's Wonder Woman the Holliday Girls go to a ski resort for some members to compete in a cross country ski race. While there a kidnapper sees them with Wondy and Steve and assumes they're there for her and attacks them, resulting in the capture of the kidnapping ring and the rescue of the little girl they'd taken.
  • Slaloms, an album of The Spiffy Adventures of McConey, is about a ski vacation.
  • Youngblood has an issue where Badrock has to fight an enemy while on vacation in Aspen.

    Fan Works 
  • The Bolt Chronicles: In “The Ski Trip,” Penny, her mom, and the three pets vacation at the title venue. Bolt, Mittens, and Rhino, however, engage in naughty pet behavior by riding up a chairlift without a ticket, snitching a pair of skis, erratically descending down a mountain trail while tearing up its freshly groomed surface, and engaging in a snowball fight. As punishment, they are banished to the hotel room for the last two days of the trip, but luckily find comedy movie marathons featuring the Marx Brothers and the Three Stooges on television to help pass the time.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • French Fried Vacation 2 (Les bronzés font du ski) has the cast of the first film going to the alpine ski resort of Val d'Isère for vacation.

  • In a Mrs Pepperpot story, Mr. Pepperpot goes skiing and when Mrs. Pepperpot shrinks, she can't find him.
    Live-Action TV 
  • One Boy Meets World episode had the gang takes a school winter trip to a ski resort and Cory ends up getting injured and isn't able to ski and snowboard with his friends. He ends up getting inappropriately close to a girl (played by Linda Cardellini) at the lodge.
  • The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air had two.
    • "Christmas Show" which likewise doubles as a Christmas Episode. The Banks family, including Vivian's sisters, their husbands and kids, go to a lodge and rent a cabin to spend the holidays together. Along the way, one of Vivian's sisters reveals herself to be pregnant. The other, who happens to be Will's mom, reveals she's dating again to Will's worry and the cabin ends up robbed by a thief posing as a drifter. Surprisingly, the family doesn't get their stuff back, but still come together in the end and the news of aforementioned pregnancy raises everyone's spirits.
    • "Three's A Crowd": Will and Carlton are set for a ski trip getaway, but things get mucked up when Will invites Lisa along to the chagrin of Carlton who wanted to be only them. After another broken promise, the duo get into a car crash after slipping off the road. They survive but are stranded on a cliff made no better when Will finds out the rental car wasn't insured. But the duo manage to finally talk a bit about their morality and feelings. Eventually they hit upon the idea to use their skis to try and jump the cliff to the snow below, with their hands being forced when they accidentally cause an avalanche trying to hail a passerby. Again they survive with some slight injuries. It's all Played for Laughs of course.
  • Good Luck Charlie: In the two-part special "Snow Show", the Duncan family goes to the Ski-Resort where their parents were married, and where a bunch of drama goes down; Teddy is told she'd find the love of her life there and ends up reconnecting with her ex-boyfriend Spencer, and Bob and Amy find out that their wedding wasn't technically official. Meanwhile, Gabe pays way too much on room-service, and PJ ends up in an ice-skating contest.
  • The It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia episode "The Gang Hits The Slopes", as the title states, has The Gang go on a skiing vacation in the Poconos, where they find Frank's plans to buy the mountain and turn it into an exclusive resort for rich CEOs unless his old rival can beat Dennis in a race. The two subplots have Mac and Dee attempting to relive the resort's '80s glory days and Charlie hitting it off with an European model, parodying raunchy ski films of that decade.
  • Lucy Desi Comedy Hour episode, "Lucy Goes to Sun Valley", in which Lucy and Ethel go to a lodge in Sun Valley in a scheme of Lucy's to make Ricky jealous. Along the way, she gets into shenanigans with celebrity, Fernando Lamas
  • An episode of Sabrina the Teenage Witch has the titular character and her two aunts vacation at a ski resort, on the moon!
  • In the Murder, She Wrote episode "Snow White, Blood Red", Jessica is staying at a ski resort. As per usual, a murder takes place and Jessica tries to figure out the culprit, all while a blizzard hits.
  • Frasier episode "The Ski Lodge" is set at one of these but never actually leaves the titular lodge. Instead a series of miscommunications between Frasier, Niles, Daphne, Daphne's friend Annie and the resort's Straight Gay ski instructor leads to confusion over who's attracted to whom. The result is a Farce of doors slamming as people sneak into the wrong bedrooms.

  • The Adventure Zone: Amnesty: The second between-season interlude has the main characters having fun together at a ski resort, which makes sense as the town they live in used to be a popular tourist destination for skiers. Most time is spent indoors in the cabin, however. This episode also provides the introduction of Jake Coolice, a deliberately Totally Radical snowboarder.

    Video Games 
  • In BanG Dream! Girls Band Party!, the First Time!? Winter Sports event revolves around a few of the girls going to a ski resort to play around in the snow and try out skiing.
  • In Mega Man Star Force 2, Geo and co. visit Grizzly Peak, a ski resort maintained year-round thanks to snow-producing EM technology, while on summer vacation. Hijinks ensue, including getting locked out of their suite, entering an eating competition, meeting a famous athlete, and getting plunged into a deadly storm by Yeti Blizzard.
  • Persona 4 Golden: The Investigation Team goes on a field trip to a ski resort during their 3rd semester, which leads to the introduction of the Hollow Forest arc. During the 2nd day of the trip, you are able to choose who Yu wants to ski with, who will then get lost in a blizzard and get trapped inside of a storage shed. Once the rest of the team finds them, they discover the entrance to the Hollow Forest in a nearby television. There is also an episode dedicated to the ski trip in Persona 4 Golden: The Animation.

    Web Animation 
  • In the Jaiden Animations video "My Horrible, Traumatic Skiing Experience", Jaiden talks about a time when she skied down a scarily-big hill as a child.

    Western Animation 
  • All Grown Up! has "Fear of Falling", where the gang plus Stu go to a ski resort. Tommy gets a crush on a girl there, alienating his friends, while Chuckie tries to overcome his fear of heights.
  • On The All-New Popeye Hour, in the short "Tough Sledding", Popeye helps Olive Oyl's grandmother save her ski resort from her dishonest rival, Bluto.
  • The American Dragon: Jake Long episode "The Ski Trip" involves Jake's class going to a ski resort where Jake hopes to get close to his love interest, Rose. It doubles as a Wham Episode as well when he finds out she's the Huntsgirl.
  • In As Told by Ginger, the episode "Stealing First" has Ginger's class going on a ski trip. Ginger doesn't want to go because she doesn't know how to ski and is worried about looking stupid in front of her peers and tries to bail on going. But her mom forces her to go because she doesn't want Ginger to miss out on what should be a fun experience. During the trip, Courtney bets Miranda that she can hook Ginger up with the foreign-exchange student Jean-Pierre and get them to kiss on the ski lift.
  • Betty Boop: In Thrills and Chills, Betty and Pudgy go on a ski trip and keep encountering a guy demanding a kiss from her.
  • Camp Lazlo: In "Snow Beans", the Bean Scouts go skiing on Mount Whitehead. Lazlo and Scoutmaster Lumpus are assigned to the bunny slope and get stranded on a broken ski lift.
  • One episode of Captain Caveman and the Teen Angels takes place at a ski lodge.
  • Classic Disney Shorts: In The Art of Skiing, Goofy shows us the proper points of skiing (pronounced "shee-ing"). Notable for being the first use of his famous holler ("YAAAAAAH-HOO-HOO-HOO-HOOEY!").
  • The Fairly OddParents episode "Snow Bound" has Timmy, his dad, and Vicky go to a ski resort to save Timmy's mom from the Abominable Snowman rumored to be at the vicinity of the resort. Timmy's mom and her friends happen to be there on vacation, but not without leaving an excuse that she's at the resort for her sick aunt. While Timmy's dad tries to track down the Abominable Snowman, Timmy and Vicky go snowboarding, with Vicky using Timmy as the board. After an avalanche caused by Vicky's antics and a chase with the Abominable Snowman, they manage to go back to the resort, where the Abominable Snowman reveals himself to be a hunky pizza delivery guy. After Vicky calls out Timmy for saving her from a hot guy and causing another avalanche at the resort, Timmy tricks his dad that Vicky was the Snowman and still falling for his wife's "sick aunt" excuse.
  • The Futurama episode "Xmas Story" begins with the Planet Express team vacationing on a ski resort before Xmas. They enjoy some winter sports (skiing, snowboarding and bobsled). There are some accidents and injuries, but they all end up relaxing by the fire and enjoying hot drinks.
  • The Harlem Globetrotters: The 10th episode of the series is "It's Snow Vacation," in which an amiable and honest hotelier is being railroaded out of business by a devious competitor. The Globetrotters decide to play a challenge match to remedy this situation.
  • Josie and the Pussycats visit a ski lodge in "The Midas Mix-Up." They actually do some skiing there: the first go results in bumbling upon the villain's chateau, where they are presumed to be investigators, and are taken prisoner. The second go occurs during their escape, after which they decide to thwart the villain themselves.
  • In an episode of The New Scooby-Doo Movies, Laurel and Hardy help the gang solve the mystery when the ghost of Bigfoot reportedly haunts an abandoned ski lodge.
  • In the Nina Needs to Go! episode "Snow", Nina and her family go skiing.
  • In an episode of Peppa Pig, the titular pig and her family go skiing. Mummy Pig is offended by the fact that the amateur slope is called the "baby slope" and decides to ski all the way down the mountain instead, which results in her going uncontrollably down the slope instead.
  • Rocko's Modern Life: In "Snowballs", Rocko delivers a shipment of comic books past a ski resort, and Heffer convinces him to have a little fun there.
  • In The Simpsons episode "Little Big Mom", the Simpsons and Ned Flanders go skiing and Marge breaks her leg.
  • South Park: "Asspen" has the boys go skiing while their parents are trapped in a timeshare meeting. Stan in particular gets into a fight with a skier who challenges him to a race in a parody of '80s ski films.
  • What's New, Scooby-Doo? premiered with the Gang going to a ski lodge to see a snowboarding competition and, as usual, a monster attacks the competitors, forcing them to investigate the mystery.
  • All Grown Up!: The season 2 episode "Fear of Falling" is set at a Mountain Resort. Skiing is one of the activities the kids participate in while there.
  • Kim Possible: In "Downhill", Kim's class takes a ski trip to Mount Middleton. Ron and Mr. Barkin go looking for a rumored "snow beast", which turns out to be one of DNAmy's creations.
  • The X-Men: The Animated Series episode "Nightcrawler" opens with Rogue, Gambit and Wolverine on a skiing vacation in the German Alps. A ski accident leads to them getting taken in by the monastary where Nightcrawler lives.


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