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You only wish real ones were this awesome.

Kevin: All riiight, field trip!... Where we goin'?
Daria: The field.
Kevin: Cool!

Any series that takes place in a school, be it elementary, middle, high, or even kindergarten, will have at least one episode that takes place during a class trip. The destination can vary, but for day trips, it's usually educational and painfully boring (like a museum, a local historical landmark, or a cardboard box factory). Kyoto is one of the most common destinations for these in Japanese Media.

A whole episode Class Trip is a great change of scenery, and gives both an interesting place to cook up wacky hijinks and a watershed moment in romantic relationships between students. It's technically Not a Date, but it gives couples a chance to sneak off and go sightseeing by themselves. The travel itself can be a bit of an adventure, and once the class gets there, there are endless opportunities for Zany Schemes, illicit romance or mistaken assumptions that zany schemes and illicit romance are happening. It's an excellent time for a First Kiss to happen. Or for a lost Monster of the Week to attack.


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    Anime & Manga 
  • One episode of Azumanga Daioh revolves around the third-year class trip to Okinawa, where Osaka discovers saataa andagii and Sakaki meets an Iriomote wild cat.
  • Bloom Into You features an school trip to Kyoto, which only includes the second-years (Touko, Sayaka, Midori and Manaka). It ends up separating Yuu and Touko, thereby forcing them to think through their personal issues, and gives Sayaka the opportunity to confess to Touko.
  • The final volume of Bokura no Hentai, volume 10, has Marika, Satoshi, and Akane visiting both Nara and Kyoto on a field trip in their final year of middle school. Akane has a troubled experience with the deer in Nara.
  • Cardcaptor Sakura had a lot more than one class trip a year. However, to offset this luxury, the card of the week would show up right there.
  • Cromartie High School surprisingly has two, both unwillingly taking advantage of Yutaka Takenouchi's motion sickness. One is on a bus to Nikko and the other is on a bullet train to Kyoto.
  • D.N.Angel has a point in the series where Daisuke's class goes on a school trip to the beach and all sorts of zany things happen. Daisuke manages to steal another art piece (and gain a new ally, Towa), Satoshi attempts to capture Dark, both Risa and Riku get spans at least a volume in the manga and several episodes of the anime. Most notably, this arc in the manga is the first time that Dark's rival, Krad, appears. (The anime had him appear in an earlier episode first.)
  • In Digimon Adventure 02, Miyako goes on a school trip to Kyoto. She doesn't catch a break from fighting Digimon however.
  • In Digimon Tamers Takato and Jenrya's classes go on a school trip together.
  • In Failed Princesses, the main characters' class takes a trip to Kyoto, Nara and Osaka at the end of October.
  • In Fruits Basket Tohru's class goes to Kyoto during their second year. Yuki bonds with his fellow student council members, while Tohru and Kyo get some further Ship Tease.
  • Hidamari Sketch, where the art students visit a zoo to sketch.
    • Sae and Hiro (and Natsume) go on the senior trip to Hokkaido. When their juniors come by while it's still upcoming, it's revealed that previous senior trips went to Okinawa and Korea. Yuno went to Kyoto and Nara in junior high, Nori went to those cities in elementary school and Hiroshima in junior high. Nazuna went... to Destinyland, prompting Nori to question what one learns at a theme park.
  • The iDOLM@STER: Haruka notes that the hotel they are staying in the Beach Episode has this feel.
  • Kaguya-sama: Love Is War, the second year students take their class trip to Kyoto. It also ends up being the site of a major change in the status quo, when Hayasaka finally retires as Kaguya's maid.
  • Parodied in Kill la Kill. The students at Honnuoji Academy go on a class trip to Osaka, Kobe, or Kyoto... in order to conquer other schools there. Even though the trip is dominated by brutal, building-destroying combat, Mako treats the trip to Osaka as an exciting excuse to buy souvenirs and try out the local delicacies, completely ignoring the battle that's going on.
  • Komi Can't Communicate has two so far, one for each academic years. The first year trip has the entire cast goes to Kyoto while the second year's has New York as its destination.
  • The class trip in Lamune is also used quite effectively, being preceeded by Hiromi Sakura confessing her love to Kenji, then revealing that she is about to move soon. Kenji is then asked to help give Sakura some good memories to leave with; however, this puts some stress on childhood friend Nanami as she does not know what is going on, until Kenji explains what happened to her later. Ironically the viewer can obviously see Nanami jealous and it basically jumpstarts the romance into 5th gear
  • Lovely★Complex actually uses this quite effectively, as the school trip to Hokkaido is when Otani rejects Risa.
  • In an anime-only episode of Lucky Star, the girls take a class trip to Kyoto and included a stop at the show's own animation studio.
  • MPD Psycho, true to its Mind Screw nature, has a class of junior-high students taking a class trip to the Philippines.
  • Magic Knight Rayearth starts on a day when three different schools have class trips to Tokyo Tower. Then one girl of each school gets Trapped in Another World...
  • Marmalade Boy: The one to Hokkaido, where Ginta and Arimi start their Operation: Jealousy plan.
  • In Monthly Girls' Nozaki-kun, The second years go on a school trip to Kyoto from Chapters 93-96, with Chapter 92 also acting as a precursor. Shoujo tropes related to their activities on the trip are explored and defied by Nozaki, and Wakamatsu and Hori also get a focus story in Chapter 95 at school without the usual gang.
  • My Bride is a Mermaid has a trip to Kyoto. Naturally, things become weird due to the presence of the mermaids on the trip.
  • A class trip to Kyoto is the backdrop for a three-episode arc in Negima! Magister Negi Magi and a three-volume long one in the manga, which marked the start of the series change toward the seriously epic.
  • In one episode of Neon Genesis Evangelion, Asuka is upset that she can't go on the school trip because she needs to pilot her Eva. This is kinda compensated when, after the mission, she (and Misato, Shinji and Pen-Pen) get to stop by a local hot spring, and we get to learn about Misato's scar and a bit of her past.
  • Pokémon the Series: Sun & Moon is Pokémoon School themed. In celebration of the 20th anniversary of the anime, it featured a two-episode arc where the characters go Kanto. It was the first time Misty and Brock had major appearances in a decade.
  • Pretty Cure:
  • The Quintessential Quintuplets has two of these. The first one is a camping trip to the mountains, where a local legend says that if a couple dance together during the bonfire, they'll stay together forever. The second is a trip to Kyoto, doubling as a Call-Back since flashbacks had revealed that Fuutarou and the quints had already been there when they were kids, and Fuutarou had taken a photo with one of them.
  • Ranma ½: Class trips organized by Principal Kunō tends to be a lot nuttier than any other examples. The "Little Hawaii" fiasco comes to mind....
  • Sailor Moon: The Cherry Blossoms watching episode.
  • In School Rumble, during an unspecified field trip, Harima attempts to sit next to Tenma on the class bus but accidentally gets on the wrong bus during a bathroom break.
  • Strawberry 100%: After the School Festival, Junpei's classroom go to Kyoto (with Chinami infiltrated) where the boy share some moments with her three harem member. He is trapped alone in the bath with Satsuki, has an Almost Kiss with Aya and a date with Nishino after found that also her classroom (of another school) is in Kyoto.
  • The first Tenchi Muyo! movie, Tenchi Muyo in Love, ends its movie with a trip to Tokyo Tower, where the gang end up fighting the Big Bad.
  • To Love Ru has an arc where Rito's class trip to the summer seaside school.
  • Wandering Son featured a middle school field trip to a snow resort however the anime Adapted Out it. Earlier, Yuki's first childhood flashback is to how she had her first Nocturnal Emission at an elementary field trip.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! GX has a school trip in the second season, where everyone goes to Domino City to see the various dueling sights. Oh, and duels happen.

    Asian Animation 
  • Happy Heroes: In Season 3 episode 4, the Superstar School students are taken on a field trip to find one of Planet Xing's ethnic peoples, called the Blue Stars. Only problem is, this is at the request of Smart S., who made them up and goes through the effort of hiring actors to represent the Blue Stars to keep it convincing. It isn't until one of Big M.'s monsters appears and is mistaken for a Blue Star, though, that things really go south.

    Comic Books 
  • Robin (1993): At one point, Tim Drake and a group of friends from school on a elective field trip for extra credit run into Helena Bertinelli accompanying her students on a field trip at a Shakespeare in the park event in Gotham.
  • Wonder Woman Vol 1: Field trips occur in college too, though those seen at Holliday College are not representative of real ones; it's highly unlikely an anthropology professor is going to take students along on a spur of the moment expedition to a newly discovered inhabited island on the other side of the planet.

    Fan Works 
  • Like Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair, Despair's Last Resort takes place on a school trip for the 79th class of Hope's Peak Academy, which quickly becomes a killing game due to Monokuma's interference. Also like SDR2, the trip actually a simulation.
  • Similarly, Where Talent Goes on Vacation involves the students of Talent High School taking a cruise on the Ursa Major, only for Monokuma to hijack the ship and force them into a killing game. It's pointed out that among other things, the school doesn't usually go outside Japan on its trips, generally sticking to destinations such as Okinawa, Kyoto(which the cast of the previous fic visits in a side story) or Hokkaido.
  • The students at Skyhold Academy go on these periodically. Unusually for the trope, the entire school goes; justified because, as explicitly stated in the first story, there are rarely more than a hundred students on the rolls at any one time.
  • In the Ma Fille chapter "Field Trip", a fifth class from Sutton Park Schoolnote  visits the WVBA arena on a field trip. This trip inspires a young boy named Dragon (later revealed to be a young Aran Ryan) to take up boxing.

    Films — Animation 

    Films — Live-Action 
  • Learning Curve has a group of incredibly badly-behaved kids duped into thinking they're going on special dream internships for the summer... when actually they're drugged, kidnapped, and imprisoned by a fed-up substitute teacher who tortures them into model students.
  • Picnic at Hanging Rock: The group prepares for a picnic to a local geological formation known as Hanging Rock, accompanied by the mathematics mistress Miss Greta McCraw and the young and beautiful Mlle. de Poitiers. Mysterious happenings and disappearances ensue.
  • Spider-Man begins with Midtown High students on a class trip to a Columbia University lab, where genetically altered spiders are on display. Of course, one escapes and bites Peter Parker, setting the whole film in motion.
  • Spider-Man: Homecoming takes Peter's Academic Decathlon Team to Washington D.C., where much of the film's second act takes place.
  • Spider-Man: Far From Home sends the Midtown High students on what's intended to be a two-week trip to Italy and France. It quickly turns into a Busman's Holiday for Peter once Mysterio and Nick Fury also show up.
  • In A Boy Called Po, Po's class goes on a trip to the aquarium. Po dawdles while Amelia tells him about sharks until the teacher finds them and scolds him for getting away from the group.

  • In Accel World, near the start of the school year, Kuroyuihime and the other third-years go on a trip to Okinawa, leaving her unable to help Haru and the others for most of the Dusk Taker arc, until she manages to pull a Big Damn Heroes moment at the climax.
  • In book 12 of Animorphs, the plot is kick-started on Rachel and Cassie's class field trip to The Gardens, the local amusement-park-slash-zoo, when Rachel jumps into the crocodile pit to save a small child.
  • Several in The Baby-Sitters Club, most notably the school-wide ski trip.
  • In Battle Royale, a homeroom is taken on what is supposed to be a field trip, but soon after some sleeping gas is released on the bus and they are taken to an Island where they’re supposed to fight to the death. In the film adaptation, one of the students is called out on being an anti-authoritarian slacker but still having the nerve to take advantage of the field trip.
  • The sci-fi juvenile Farmer in the Sky establishes the wonderful world of the future by the protagonist casually mentioning they've just been on a class trip to Antarctica.
  • Full Metal Panic!! did this. Unsurprisingly, the plane got hijacked by terrorists. The school tried to make it up to the students by having a second class trip for them on a cruise ship at Christmas. The cruise ship was hijacked by Mithril.
  • The trip that took Tash and Zak Arranda off of Alderaan before Galaxy of Fear is never described much, but one of the books calls it a field trip - then again, it's also explicitly stated that all their school friends are dead, and Tash is at least a year ahead of her brother.
  • In Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation: Mo Dao Zu Shi, the Yi City Arc involves Wei Wuxian and a bunch of younger-generation disciples of multiple clans going messing about in an empty zombie-filled city, learning about corpse poisoning and how to cure it, how to look at ghosts, a practical use of dark magic, and mundane-people methods of warding against the supernatural threats. It's basically an impromptu class-trip cum internship. This is repeated later in an extra with actual taking notes for future reference.
  • Every book in The Magic School Bus series (as well as every episode of the animated series) revolves around a class trip. And with Miss Frizzle and the eponymous school bus, these trips are educational, but far from boring, taking the kids to prehistoric times, to the center of the Earth, to the depths of space, or into a classmate's body.
  • Mrs. Smith's Spy School For Girls: Power Play: Ms. Duanne and Mr. Lord take Abby's class to Paris for a field trip. During their trip, they end up going to an art museum where the Mona Lisa is being kept. One of the monsters Toby needs to catch is right underneath the Mona Lisa. A blackout happens, during which Toby grabs the monster and ditches the class so he can focus solely on playing Menace's game and rescuing his dad.
  • Not Quite a Mermaid: In Mermaid Friends, Electra's teacher Solon takes her and the other merchildren on a three-day trip to Craggy Island, a small, rocky island some distance from Mermaid Island. They sleep in a network of small underwater caves.
  • The Percy Jackson series starts off with one of these. The trip is somewhat cut short when Percy's math teacher turns into a horrible monster, tries to kill him, is vaporised, and seems to disappear from everyone's memories.
  • Time Scout takes these up to eleven, where a field trip involves going to Victorian London or Ancient Rome. When something goes wrong on those field trips, it's very wrong.
  • The class trip to the ski resort in Toradora! provides many opportunities for hijinks and drama.
  • The Wonderful School: Most of the book has Miss Tillie O'Toole and the children outside the school.

    Live Action TV 
  • The Grand Finale of Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide, "Survival Guide to: Permission Slips, Field Trips, Signs and Weasels".
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer:
    • The episode "Incan Mummy Girl" opens with a class trip to a museum.
    • "The Pack" opens with a class trip — this time to the zoo.
  • An episode of Flash Forward shows the class on a trip to a national forest of some sort, with Tucker and Miles sneaking away.
  • Subverted in The Adventures of Pete & Pete as one of the whole episodes was involved with the characters dealing with others hidden sides while ON the school bus to the destination.
  • An early episode of The Steve Harvey Show subverts this somewhat as Steve's class is at the airport waiting to board a plane to Cleveland to visit The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The flight is delayed because of snow. Hilarity ensues with Bullethead making prank announcements on the courtesy phone among other things. They even meet Jerry Springer.
  • Season 2 of The Inbetweeners opens with one to Swanage.
  • Episodes 33-34 of Kamen Rider Fourze.
  • The Wonder Years had two of these. "Heartbreak" involves Kevin and Winnie's schools going on a trip to the same location, where Kevin wants to spend time with her while she wants to spend more time with her new friends (and eventually reveals she has a new boyfriend and breaks up with Kevin), while "Eclipse" has Winnie being mad at Kevin for, when asked what he would change about her if he could, saying he wouldn't because she's too perfect, and trying to prove she's not so perfect by stealing something. It turns out that he had paid for it after all.
  • The Amazing Extraordinary Friends starts with a class trip during which Ben finds the Captain X insignia. This sets in motion the events of the series, as Ben learns that the insignia grants him superpowers.

  • Our Miss Brooks: In the episode "Heat Wave", Miss Brooks and Mr. Boynton each try to win permission to take their respective classes to Fisher's Farm. Fisher's Farm just happens to be the location of "the ol' swimming hole" (everyone's wearing their bathing suit under their regular clothing). Mr. Boynton gets ultimately permission to take his biology class down; Miss Brooks needs to rely on Loophole Abuse to join the others.

    Tabletop Games 
  • The "Field Trip" adventure for Teenagers from Outer Space is all about a trip to a nearby observatory. As one would expect for TFOS, it devolves into a fight for the fate of the Earth.

    Video Games 
  • Sadly Averted in Bully. That mission would've been sick.
  • The Persona series:
    • Persona 3 features a four-day, three-night trip to Kyoto in the middle of November with both the junior and senior classes. The most notable part of this trip is the Hot Springs Episode Mini-Game, where you and the guys are "accidentally" caught in the spring when it changes over from guys-only to girls-only and have to avoid being caught and "Executed" by Mitsuru. It's stated that the trip was originally intended to be overseas, but the largely unpopular Classic Lit teacher demanded that the trip be in Japan. Also notable is that, despite how easily the game could have used it for an interesting location to fight a boss (simply have the trip scheduled for a full moon), it was avoided, and the trip takes place after all the Full Moon Shadows have been eliminated.
    • Continued in Persona 4. With a trip to Port Island. Which, like the trip above, is also used as a Breather Episode with no fights or conflict, just fun. Notably, KING'S GAAAAAAAME! *hic*
    • Persona 5 has your school class go from Japan to Hawaii, where various Beach Episode hijinks ensue. Unlike the previous games, not all of your party goes to the same school, so Futaba and Morgana stay home while sorting through the data stolen from Sae's laptop, while Yusuke's school(which Hifumi, a Confidant, also attends) was originally going to Los Angeles, but had to go to Hawaii because of a storm. It's also implied that the third-years, such as Makoto and Haru weren't initially supposed to go, but since most of the senior faculty were tied up investigating the Phantom Thieves, they had to take third-years as chaperones.
  • Little Busters! has one as a very prominent plot point. To elaborate, the whole game is set in a virtual world created when the said trip gone horribly wrong.
  • The Romance Game Class Trip Crush takes place during a six-day class trip involving the students of two different schools - the main character's all-girls school, and a neighboring all-boys school.
  • Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair takes place on a Hope's Peak Academy "school trip" to a tropical island where the students must bond with each other and gather hope fragments to leave the island. Unfortunately Monokuma shows up and makes the students kill one another and get away with it to leave the island. Ultimately subverted, as it turns out that the whole game actually takes place in a simulation.
  • The Ensemble Stars! story Autumn Trip revolves around the second year students taking a trip to Kyoto. The plot centers around Yuzuru's worry about being away from his master, Tori, but it's also just an excuse to mash together characters from the two different classes among beautiful autumn backgrounds, wearing yukata in an inn, and of course some good old hot springs Fanservice.

    Visual Novels 
  • Double Homework:
    • The summer school class takes a trip to Barbarossa at the end of the summer.
    • Discussed early on, if the protagonist suggests a change of scenery to Ms. Walsh when she laments that no one likes her classes.
  • In Melody, the title character's outings with the protagonist in the first half of the story are technically this, since he is her music tutor.

    Web Animation 
  • Episode 14 of Lalaloopsy Daycare has the students go on a field trip to a pumpkin patch.

    Web Original 
  • Even LOLCats like to go on field trips.
  • Survival of the Fittest, like Battle Royale, has the classes chosen for the latest SOTF season abducted from their school trips, almost always on June 19th . The exception to this is Bathurst in v2, where the two classes were taken from a sexual education seminar due to the terrorists' mole, Steven Wilson, having spent the year masquerading as the new principal, and then choosing that moment to pump the auditorium full of sleeping gas.

    Western Animation 
  • Bob's Burgers: The episode "Carpe Museum" had Bob chaperoning a class trip and bonding with daughter Louise after she and her trip partner, "Regular-Sized Rudy" Steiblitz, sneak off on an adventure in an unopened wing.
  • Beavis And Butthead take a bus trip to a mountain but never get there, due in part to the two mooning motorists behind the bus.
  • Code Lyoko episode "The Lake". XANA choosing this time to attack is sure to make a class trip less boring and a lot more dangerous.
    • Also, in the episode "Lyoko Minus One", Yumi's science class went on a class trip. Of course, XANA attacked, and Yumi ended up fighting off her entire class, but in the end, the class still got a chance to study plants.
  • Cow and Chicken: In the episode "Field Trip to Folsom Prison", Chicken exchanges identities with an inmate. Considering this is a Prison Episode, you can guess the rest.
  • Danny Phantom has one class trip to the Axiom Lab at the beginning where we're treated to chaos from the Monster of the Week and a super computer that is relevant to the overall plot.
  • Daria goes on field trips thrice, first to the Mall of the Millennium for economics, though it's implied the teacher only wants to go because of the opportunity to find her Beanie Baby-esque collectibles, and in a later season, the students go to play paintball with Mr. DeMartino in order to "learn the effects of warfare on all aspects of society." Following that, the students went mountain climbing with disastrous results.
  • Fillmore! has the episode "Masterstroke of Malevolence", where Fillmore, Ingrid and O'Farrell go on a class trip with an assortment of other one-episode characters. They go to a museum and when a picture is defaced, Fillmore and Ingrid have 20 minutes to find out who the perpetrator is before the ink dries.
  • Hey Arnold! has two:
    • In the episode "Field Trip", the kids visit the aquarium, where Arnold befriends a tortoise named Lockjaw, then he and his grandmother break into the aquarium later that night to free him.
    • "Buses, Bikes and Subways" sees the class going on a trip to a chocolate factory, only for Chocolate Boy to stow away on the bus and ruin it. When Mr. Simmons has to get the class back to school so Chocolate Boy can be punished for crashing the trip, Harold and Helga get left behind due to the former being busy pigging out in the factory's hospitality room, and then the two spend the afternoon trying to get home.
  • In a Home Movies episodes called, well, "Class Trip", the kids go on a field trip to... a hotel.
  • The second half of the Mixels episode "Every Knight Has Its Day" features the students going to the Mixopolis Zoo for a field trip to see how the Mixamals of the wild use Mixing in their own everyday lives. While Camillot continued to stew in regret for screwing up the Murpball game that day, Mixadel ends up taunting the exhibits, leading to him getting revenge by letting the Mixelopters, the most dangerous of the Miximals, escape. In the end, it's Camillot's quick thinking that saves the day.
  • In the Invader Zim episode "A Room with a Moose", Zim uses a fake class trip to send his classmates (especially Dib) to their "moosey fate".
  • Kim Possible: The class went on a senior trip, with the original destination supposed to be the beach for a weekend of fun in the sun. Instead, they wound up in a colonial reenactment town, and were forced to take part. And then they fought pirates. So much for that vacation.
  • Lloyd in Space: "Caution: Wormhole!" sees Lloyd's class goes to "Wormhole National Park", with the main attraction being a wormhole (duh!). Lloyd ends up sucked into it at one point and teleported into a garbage bin, but the others don't know that...
  • As in the books, the entire premise of The Magic School Bus is going on some sort of field trip. The trips usually start out mundane, but Ms Frizzle and the Bus end up making them pretty crazy.
  • My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic: The season 2 premiere "The Return of Harmony" opens with Cheerilee's class on a trip to the royal gardens in Canterlot, where we're introduced to Discord.
  • The Owl House episode "Agony of a Witch" has the students at Hexside taking a trip to the emperor's castle. Things go downhill very quickly when Luz attempts to "borrow" a magical artifact that she thinks could cure Eda's curse.
  • Recess did this a few times. One instance that sticks out is where the Class is headed to an Expy of the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry, and the Bus breaks down. The rest of the Episode is spent with the teacher helping the bus driver grieve while the kids trick out the bus. The Class never actually made it to wherever they were going, as the episode ended on the road. With TJ riding a recliner on the roof of the bus.
  • The Simpsons has several episodes involving class trips:
    • In "Homer's Odyssey", the plot is kicked off when Bart's class takes a trip to the nuclear power plant, and Homer loses his job trying to show-boat for his son.
    • In "Bart the Murderer", the school went to a chocolate factory, a trip Bart missed because he forgot his permission slip.
    • "Bart Gets Famous" begins with Bart's class going on a trip to a box factory. On the way they pass in front of a "Toy Town", a fireworks testing range and a slide factory, all of which have other schools' buses parked outside.
    • In "The Secret War of Lisa Simpson", Bart's class visits the Springfield Police station and he creates a sonic boom by linking up loads of megaphones.
    • "Das Bus" has what was supposed to be a field trip to the Model U.N. Club.
    • In "Sunday, Cruddy Sunday", the class went to the Post Office, where the students are offered undelivered mail as a bribe to keep them quiet about the employees taking money from the letters.
    • "Bart vs. Lisa vs. the Third Grade" has a trip to Capital City where Bart and Lisa are made "buddies", resulting in their missing the bus home because there's nobody to report either of them absent.
  • Star vs. the Forces of Evil: "Interdimensional Field Trip" starts with Star's class going on a trip to the Echo Creek Paperclip Museum. When she realizes her class-mates are bored, Star convinces Miss Skullnick to let her take everyone to an interdimensional Museum of the Strange and Unusual, but learns that being a leader isn't as easy as it looks.
  • X-Men: Evolution had at least two field trip episodes during its run, both of which resulted in near-complete chaos.


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