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We are brides! We are the brides! Please~! note 

"Our mom often told us, that if one of us screwed up then all five of us would overcome it. If one of us was happy then all five of us would share in it.
Same with Joy, Sadness, Anger, and Love.
All of it would be split into five equal parts among us."

Fuutarou Uesugi is a poor, antisocial ace student, who one day meets rich transfer student Itsuki Nakano. They get on each other's nerves, and part ways on bad terms. But then, Fuutarou gets assigned a tutoring job that pays five times the usual amount, which he eagerly accepts, to provide for his debt-ridden family. Realizing that his student-to-be is Itsuki, he immediately goes about trying to patch things up between them. While undertaking this task, he meets four other girls: Ichika, Nino, Miku and Yotsuba, later revealed to be Itsuki's quintuplet sisters, and learns that his true task is to tutor all five of them and make sure their flunking grades improve and carry them on to graduation, despite their initial discontent with him and complete lack of interest in studying.

Meanwhile, in a Flash Forward to a few years later, Fuutarou is bound to marry one of the Nakano sisters. But with all five sisters falling for him through his tutoring, which one of them will be his bride?

The Quintessential Quintuplets (original Japanese title: Go-Toubun no Hanayome, literally meaning "A Bride in Five Equal Parts") is a manga series by Haruba Negi, serialized in Weekly Shōnen Magazine from 2017 to February 2020 with a total of 122 chapters published in 14 volumes. It was then licensed by Kodansha USA for a North American release, with the first volume coming in June 2018.

The manga received an anime adaptation in the Winter 2019 season, with animation by Tezuka Productions. A second season was announced shortly after the first ended, though now it's been taken over by Bibury Animation studies with Kaori as director. It aired from January 8 to March 25, 2021. A sequel was announced shortly after the end of the second season, later confirmed to be a movie to be released on May 20th, 2022. A TV special was released on July 14, 2023, produced by Studio Shaft.

Characters from the series appeared in a collaboration event in the mobile game Venus 11 Vivid!! from May 25 to May 31, 2019. A mobile game based on the series titled: The Quintessential Quintuplets: The Quintuplets Can’t Divide the Puzzle Into Five Equal Parts was released in 2020. A visual novel titled The Quintessential Quintuplets: Memories of a Quintessential Summer was developed by Mages for the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch consoles, and was released on March 25, 2021 in Japan. Another videogame based on the movie titled The Quintessential Quintuplets: Five Memories Spent With You was released on June 2, 2022. A third game, Gotōbun no Hanayome: Kanojo to Kawasu Itsutsu no Yakusoku, was released in 2023. The first two games are set to release in English by Spike Chunsoft on May 23, 2024.

Compare We Never Learn, a Weekly Shonen Jump manga that started the same year and shares a similar premise, though a major difference is that the five girls aren't sisters.

The Quintessential Quintuplets provides examples of:

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  • Act of True Love: Anyone who can tell the quintuplets apart, even when they disguise as each other, must love them enough to notice even the most subtle differences in their behavior, as stated by their late mother and her father. Fuutarou gradually starts learning to distinguish them, and by the epilogue, can easily identify all five of them while they're dressed as his bride Yotsuba. Their biological father Mudou's inability to see through Miku's disguise as Itsuki is yet another reason why he's deemed unfit to try inserting himself back into their lives.
  • Actually, I Am Him:
    • When Fuutarou finally catches up to Itsuki in the latter's apartment, she tries to blow him off by saying that she has a tutor coming over soon. Cue an Oh, Crap! reaction from her when he points out that he is the tutor.
    • At the end of Chapter 70, students in his class on separate occasions ask Fuutarou to pass a message/item to Miku and Ichika respectively... completely unaware that's she's standing right next to him.
  • Adaptation Dye-Job: As the manga art shows, the sisters share their hair color, albeit with each one having a slightly different shade. The anime adaptation instead gives the girls distinctly different hair colors for the viewer's convenience; in-universe, the girls are meant to have the same hair color.
  • Adaptation-Induced Plot Hole: A minor example of this crops up in Episode 8 of the anime, which reveals that the quintuplets all have e-mail addresses that follow a very predictable pattern, as Ichika, Miku, Yotsuba, and Itsuki's e-mail addresses are "", "", "", and "", respectively. With that in mind, it should not have been too difficult for Fuutarou to figure out Nino's e-mail address, even if she refuses to give it to him. If that happened, however, then Fuutarou would not have inadvertently left his student notebook with Nino and she would ultimately not have seen the old photo of him as a blonde-haired child. The original manga does not have this issue, as Chapter 13, on which that segment of the episode is based, gives a portion of a completely different e-mail address for Nino, and does not show readers any of the other quintuplets' e-mail addresses.
  • All Just a Dream:
    • Fuutarou thinks that this happened in Chapter 108 while he is resting on the bottom of a stairwell and on the verge of falling asleep from exhaustion. Upon finding him and standing at the top of the stairs, Yotsuba apologizes to him for not being able to keep the promise she made with him when they were kids. As his back was turned to her, Fuutarou thinks that he is speaking to Rena and simply tells her not to worry about it, and that it is more important to focus on the present rather than the past. He then falls asleep, and Yotsuba takes the chance to kiss him as a way of distancing herself from her childhood memories of him, in order to find her own purpose for being. Because of his fatigue, Fuutarou wound up thinking that he dreamt the whole thing.
    • The final chapter brings up the possibility that the events of Fuutarou's wedding was simply a dream by him, and that he dozed off while he and the quintuplets were planning a trip to celebrate their high school graduation. Some lines prefacing Flash Forward scenes to the wedding from past chapters also support this by implying that Fuutarou was dreaming up said scenes. However, it is just as likely that Fuutarou simply had a Flashback to his time just after graduation and the wedding will and did happen anyway.
      • This, however, doesn't change the fact that Yotsuba is the one Fuutarou ended up falling in love with: the scene where he is "woken up" by the quintuplets to plan the trip for their graduation is chronologically set somewhere in between the events of Chapter 120, point in which Fuutarou and Yotsuba were already a couple and engaged to one another (which happened in the previous chapter, 119). So even if the wedding scene were confirmed to be a dream, Fuutarou and Yotsuba becoming an item isn't.
      • The 14th and final volume has an extra 2-pages epilogue which has Fuutarou and Yotsuba going to their honeymoon with the rest of the quintuplets after having decided the location, making it more plausible (if not downright confirmed) that Fuutarou just had a flashback during the final chapter and the wedding did happen.
  • All Myths Are True: Two such examples during the series.
    • During the field trip, there is a legend that states that a couple who hold hands and dance together during the closing bonfire will ultimately end up married. During the bonfire itself, Fuutarou falls ill and has to be hospitalized, resulting in all of the quintuplets holding his hand at his bedside. It is also during the field trip where Maeda asks a girl out and dances with her at said bonfire. He ultimately marries her and they are expecting a child by the time Fuutarou gets married.
    • Near the ryokan where the quintuplets' grandfather lives, there is a large bell with a legend that says a couple who ring it together are destined to be eternally bound. At the end of the Scrambled Eggs arc, one of the quintuplets trips while facing Fuutaro and plants The Big Damn Kiss on his lips by accident, causing him to grab the bell's rope and ring it. Which quintuplet kissed him, however, is left ambiguous as they were all dressed as Itsuki at the time, but a Flash Forward in the same chapter confirms that it was the one Fuutarou would ultimately marry, which the final chapter confirms is Yotsuba, the eventual bride.
  • All Periods Are PMS: Subverted. In Chapter 57, when Fuutarou demanded to know why Itsuki was missing from one of their study sessions, her sisters hinted that it was because of this trope. The implied explanation, however, completely flew over his head because the only girl he really interacted with before the Nakanos was his 11-year-old sister. By the time Yotsuba got the nerve to spell it out for him, Nino cut in and told him the actual truth: Itsuki visits their mother's grave once a month on the 14th, the anniversary of her passing.
  • Always in Class One:
    • The story starts out with Fuutarou being in class 2-1, with Itsuki transferring into that class as well.
    • In Chapter 69, Fuutarou and the quintuplets advance to their third year, and are all placed in class 3-1. Chapter 70 introduces Takeda, who is in the same class. Chapter 78 reveals that Maeda was also placed in this class upon reaching his third year.
  • Angry Cheek Puff: Miku Nakano is a Clingy Jealous Girl who tends to puff her cheeks in peeved anger whenever other girls get too close to Fuutaro for her liking. Her other sisters (primarily Itsuki) aren't above doing this either, albeit to a much lesser extent.
  • Animation Bump: Almost all of the animation work for Episode 11 of the anime was outsourced to Shaft, which resulted in an improvement in tone and fluidity compared to Tezuka.
  • Art-Shifted Sequel: The second season of the anime has a completely different art style compared to the first season due to the change in animation studios from Tezuka to Bibury. The characters' hair in particular lost most of its shading, bringing them more in line with the watercolor-inspired designs of director Kaori's previous shows Yuyushiki and Endro~!.
  • Ascended Meme: In the Latin American dub, specifically on the preview for Episode 7, the Nakanos refer to themselves as "Las Quintidiosas que no reprueban" ("The Quintugoddesses who cannot flunk"), referencing as how the Spanish-speaking fandom refers to them.
  • Assumed Win: More like Assumed Nomination. In Chapter 70, after Yotsuba volunteers for the Class Representative position, Takeda (and everyone else in the class) assumes she's gonna nominate him too. He's forced to sit back down when she nominates Fuutarou.
  • Bait-and-Switch:
    • The Festival Arc, which starts with Fuutarou gathering the girls (and his sister Raiha) to the spot where they will see the fireworks in an hour. The plot then switches primarily to Ichika (and Miku) and her aspirations to have a career in the entertainment industry.
    • Chapter 13 seemingly starts off the arc focusing on Yotsuba (who still doesn't have her own arc yet) and her unwillingness to say no when Fuutarou is on a task of getting the girls contacts, and while she has been offered to join the basketball club, Yotsuba actually declined on her own, ending that arc in one chapter.
    • The end of Chapter 17 has Miku sleepwalking to her room, where Fuutarou is sleeping on her bed. Chapter 18? Fuutarou noticed her just in time, and averting that misunderstanding. Later on, he uses another misunderstanding to make amends with Itsuki (with the two of them having had a fight earlier) with both of them pretending that Itsuki is actually Miku.
    • Chapter 39 kicks off with Nino and Miku bickering with one another and Fuutarou trying to prevent a fight from breaking out. However, the one who causes the fight is Itsuki, who steps up to defend Fuutarou and slaps Nino when she crosses the line.
    • Chapter 46 ends with Nino grabbing a pair of scissors and Miku looking at her terrified. The next chapter has another quintuplet stepping in to save Itsuki and pose as Yotsuba to quit from the track club. Fuutarou assumes that it's Miku... until Ichika appears next to him along with Miku, and the fake Yotsuba reveals herself as Nino, who asked Miku to cut her hair short to finally let go of the past.
    • The Second Year Last Exam Arc would have given Yotsuba the most focus due to being the least intelligent of the five (with even their father mentioning about that aspect. Come to that arc, Yotsuba is the second character featured and it ends with her passing. And the bigger twist is that Ichika managed to score the highest of the quintuplets, torpedoing Miku's determination of wanting to confess to Fuutarou.
    • The last chapter of the Second Year Last Exam Arc shattered the previous switch, where the bait is Nino reveals to Fuutarou she passed mid-chapter (whereas everybody else have their test scores shown at the end of the chapter) and the switch is Nino openly states that she's in love with Fuutarou.
  • Balanced Harem: All of the sisters have at least one "advantage" in their relationship with the main character.
    • Ichika reveals that she's an actress to Fuutarou early on, before she told any of her sisters, and her feelings for him grow gradually but visibly. Ichika and Fuutarou are also the older sibling to their respective families and are pretty open with one another.
    • Nino starts out as the most antagonistic towards him but falls for his "cousin" Kintarou and then admits she has fallen for the real Fuutarou, even being the first girl to confess and actively act on her feelings.
    • Miku is the first to admit her feelings for him, as well as one of the only quints whose identity Fuutarou managed to guess in the Scambled Eggs arc.
    • Yotsuba is the least antagonistic towards Fuutarou right from the beginning, and is his strongest supporter throughout the series, especially on his social life often going out of her way to show how he's a good person. She's also the girl from the Kyoto trip that inspired him to change in the first place, and having loved him ever since that day, was the very first quint to fall in love with him.
    • Itsuki is the first quint introduced to the reader and to Fuutarou's sister Raiha, is the only one who spent several days in Fuutarou's house and from time to time acts as Fuutarou's advisor when Fuutarou is in doubt. Of all the quints, Itsuki has the most interactions with Raiha.
  • Beach Episode:
    • Chapter 91 is this, with Fuutarou and Raiha going to the beach during the summer. However it is also somewhat of a subversion as the quints do not show up because they are moving house, so Fuutarou spends time with his classmates instead.
    • Chapter 92 is a Pool Episode which is kicked off after Fuutarou invites the quintuplets to a public pool to hang out.
  • Bedmate Reveal: A somewhat justified example. During Chapter 17, Fuutarou stays the night in the girls apartment and Miku gives him her room so he can sleep comfortably while she sleeps with Ichika. She wakes up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom and, being half-asleep, ends up entering her own room when she goes back.
  • Benevolent Boss: It does not crop up much, but the managers of the bakeries where Fuutarou and Nino, and Miku work at, have been shown to be this.
    • The manager of "Revival", the bakery where Fuutarou and Nino work, has been shown to be rather patient with Fuutarou and Nino as employees. In particular, Fuutarou recounted to Nino that he committed several mistakes and accidents on the job, but was not penalized by the manager for them. The manager also did not blame Nino for messing up a batch of dough on her first day when the store was expecting an renowned food critic. When the quintuplets were celebrating passing their exams, he allowed them to eat on the house and let Fuutarou use his motorcycle to fetch Nino.
    • The manager of "Komugiya", the bakery where Miku works, was willing to hire her despite her lack of culinary skill and trained her in baking until she improved. Despite the fact that Miku's bread was still considered subpar by the bakery's standards and unable to be sold, the manager was still supportive and happy about her progress nonetheless. The manager also allowed Miku the use of the bakery's facilities on the morning of the first day of the Kyoto school trip so that Miku could bake bread for Fuutarou, despite there being no benefit to the business for doing so.
  • The Big Damn Kiss:
    • At the end of the Scrambled Eggs arc, one of the quintuplets trips in front of Fuutarou and plants one of these on his lips by accident. Because all of them were dressed as Itsuki at the time, Fuutarou has no clue which quintuplet kissed him. The final chapter ultimately reveals that it was Yotsuba, the quintuplet that Fuutarou marries.
    • The School Festival arc features all of the quintuplets, bar Itsuki, giving Fuutarou one of these at the end of their respective focus chapters.
      • In Chapter 102, Ichika considers that Fuutarou is going to choose and confess to one of her sisters, and asks a pointed Armor-Piercing Question by wondering if he would be happy with his choice, all the while notably leaving out herself as a viable option. After Ichika pretends to fall asleep on a bench, she catches Fuutarou fixating on her lips, prompting him to comment that he did indeed consider her as someone he could confess to. This leads Ichika to kiss Fuutarou before shyly asking if she was his choice.
      • In Chapter 104, Fuutarou makes Nino realize that Maruo attended the school festival, but had to leave early due to work obligations, despite the latter's belief that he ignored her invitation completely. As a result, Fuutarou takes Nino to the hospital where he works, and ultimately helps to patch up her relationship with her father. This, in combination with all he has done for her in the past, spurs her to kiss him in the hospital's hallway, right when Maruo's back is turned.
      • In Chapter 106, Miku demonstrates the culmination of her Character Development in going from a Shrinking Violet to a person that can confidently and assertively express her views. To wit, on her own, she manages to resolve the conflict between the boys and the girls in her class in running competing food stands during the festival. After Fuutarou notes that she Grew a Spine, and states that she does not have to be reserved around him any more, she responds by planting a Forceful Kiss on his lips.
      • In Chapter 108, after Yotsuba collapsed from overworking herself during the festival, Fuutarou points out that people who she helped in the past, including himself, banded together to cover her share of the work and that it is necessary for her to depend on others at times. This prompts her to decide that she must find something to live for, and leads her to conclude that she has to divest herself of any meaning she obtained from her memories with Fuutarou. Having already decided to not pursue Fuutarou romantically, she kisses him while he is asleep as a way of letting go, and then breaks down in tears over it as the act finally cracks her Stepford Smiler persona.
      • In Chapter 111, this is averted and Played for Laughs. After rejecting the views her biological father, Mudou, tried to foist upon her, Itsuki turns and walks towards Fuutarou, all while thanking him for teaching her that there is value to her mother's views and memory. Having been kissed by all of the other quintuplets, Fuutarou similarly expects that Itsuki will also kiss him, but she instead walks right pass him. As such, Fuutarou chuckles as a way of releasing the stress from this, visibly unnerving Itsuki.
  • Big Fancy House: The Nakanos all live in a high-rise apartment, but theirs has two floors with individual bedrooms for each of the sisters.
  • Bilingual Bonus: Possibly one for Japanese readers. Kintarou is Fuutarou's kin.
  • Bland-Name Product:
    • Episode 1 of the anime has Itsuki paying for Fuutarou's taxi fare with a "Viza" credit card.
    • In Episode 8 of the anime, Fuutarou uses "HeIN2" brand tomato ketchup as fake blood to play along with Yotsuba's ruse that he was deathly sick. The same episode also shows that Fuutarou and the quintuplets have e-mail addresses with the "hardbank" and "socomo" services, respectively, which are parodies of the real life companies "softbank" and "docomo".
    • Chapter 36 has the characters shopping at "Dalce & Cappana."
  • Bonfire Dance: Everyone was preparing for the campfire for the school's camping trip and a legend about how the partners dancing at the campfire would end up fated for life is discussed. As it looks like Miku would be dancing with Fuutarou, he gets locked in a room with Ichika, ends up lighting a small campfire with the wood they have, and Ichika offers to do the dance with him in private. But after she learns about the legend, Ichika decides against it with Miku's feelings taken into consideration. However, the other students all dance together on the last day of camping.
  • Book Ends: In almost every manga volume, there is a connection in the first chapter that is echoed in the last chapter.
    • Volume 1 focuses on Fuutarou's monologue started about his first impression with the Nakanos and ended about how Fuutarou discovers himself in his association with the Nakanos.
    • Volume 2 started with Fuutarou and Nino being photographed by Itsuki with her cellphone and ended up a photo of Fuutarou with one of the Nakanos 5 years ago.
    • Volume 3 started with 3 of the Nakanos telling Fuutarou to help them with their studies, while the end has all the Nakanos waiting for Fuutaou to reach them for their field trip. Both of them have Yotsuba waving at them.
    • Volume 4 started with the Nakanos playing the finger game and ended with the Nakanos each holding a part of Fuutarou's finger in the Legend That Binds Arc.
    • Volume 5 has the young Rena appears to Fuutarou in his dream at the start and ended up Fuutarou meeting up Rena for the first time since 5 years.
    • Volume 6 has Rena saying goodbye to Fuutarou at the start and Fuutarou saying goodbye to Rena at the end.
    • Volume 7 has Fuutarou & his family watch a drama where the heroine confesses to the lead and ended up Nino confessing to Fuutarou in a dramatic way.
    • Volume 8 has Nino & Fuutarou enter the cake shop with a door bell ringing and ended up with a Nakano kissing Fuutarou under the bell.
  • Bros Before Hoes: Chapter 78 has the quintuplets all trying to form a group with Fuutarou for the Kyoto school trip, only for Fuutarou to reveal that he has already formed a group Takeda and Maeda, two male classmates. Fans coined the phrase "bros before quints" in response.

  • Call-Back: Each chapter in the school festival arc where a quintuplet gives Fuutarou The Big Damn Kiss contains contextual cues that harken back to a significant event concerning Fuutarou and that quintuplet.
    • In Chapter 12, after attending Ichika's audition and bringing her to a park to join her sisters, who are holding an improptu fireworks celebration, Fuutarou fell asleep on a bench while watching them. Recognizing his hard work in bringing her sisters together after they were separated during the fireworks festival, Ichika gives him a Lap Pillow as a reward. In Chapter 102, at the same park, Ichika pretended to sleep on a bench while waiting for Fuutarou to buy a drink and ultimately kisses him from said bench. Both chapters were also relevant to Ichika's acting career, with the former chapter depicting one of her first auditions as a budding actress and the latter showing her acting in a drama after attaining more mainstream exposure.
    • In Chapter 60, Fuutarou uses a motorcycle to extricate Nino from a situation with her father after he confronts her about the quintuplets' wilful behavior and their attempts at living independently, comparing it to their lives in poverty as children. In Chapter 104, Fuutarou uses a motorcycle to take Nino to the hospital where her father works, where she is then able to get him to acknowledge the growth that she and her sisters have made through their own effort. The latter chapter is where Nino kisses Fuutarou, in turn also acknowledging the role he played in mending the quintuplets' relationship with their father.
    • Chapter 3 contains Fuutarou's first significant interaction with Miku, when she tells him to meet her on the rooftop of their school so she can answer the first question of the practice test he gave the quintuplets, which she was correct on. This chapter is where he learns that Miku is both a Shrinking Violet and Closet Geek history buff, and to appeal to her, he encourages her not to be ashamed of her interests. Chapter 106 highlights the culmination of her character growth, as she Grew a Spine and assertively repairs the rift that the boys and girls in her class have caused through their competing food stands. She then kisses Fuutarou after he tells her that she does not need to be reserved around him, responding similarly to her past reservations about her interest in history. As a bonus, Miku kisses Fuutarou on the same rooftop where he first solely interacted with her in the former chapter.
    • Chapter 34 reveals that as a child, Fuutarou was at the bottom of a stairwell when he met one of the quintuplets as she descended down the stairs to defend him from a woman's false accusation that he was taking photos of her without permission. That quintuplet would ultimately be revealed as Yotsuba. In Chapter 108, Yotsuba finds Fuutarou sitting at the bottom of a stairwell on the verge of falling asleep from exhaustion, and walks down the stairs to kiss him. She did this upon deciding to no longer rely on her past memories of him and the promise they made as children to find purpose in her life.
  • Camp Straight: Ichika's manager (who jokingly flirted with Fuutarou after Ichika's acting gig is finished), turns out to have a daughter that he raises alone (his wife had an affair and left them).
  • Casting Gag: This isn't the first time Ayana Taketatsu voiced someone with the surname of Nakano.
  • Central Theme:
    • Selfish Desires vs Selfless Wishes and why Selflessness is much more valued when it comes to love.
    • Being someone else's pillar is not so easy and you'll either make great successes, total fails, or both.
    • Romantic Love vs. Familial Love. What lines would you be willing to cross (or not) for the sake of one or the other?
  • Chekhov's Gag: In Chapter 20, while trying to answer the Japanese questions on an exam, Yotsuba figures that "The fourth option has the highest chance of being right in a question with five choices." 101 chapters later, Yotsuba is revealed to be the one marrying Fuutarou.
  • Chekhov's Gun: In one flash-forward, there are five wedding dresses—which seems quite unusual because there is only one bride. Nearly 70 chapters later, it turns out to have been for the sisters to play the quintuplet game with Fuutarou for one last time.
  • Cold Turkeys Are Everywhere: In Chapter 109, Itsuki decides to put off eating in order to concentrate on her studies. Cue numerous students bringing around various festival foods inside of the classroom.
  • Coming of Age Story: While this is mainly a love story, it doubles as this for Fuutarou and the Nakano sisters. For the Quintuplets, they each eventually learn their own wishes and goals in life as they soon branch off from one another. As for Fuutarou, while study is important to him for his own goals, his interactions with the Nakano sisters made him realize how much of his life he's missing out on and how important it is to live life to the fullest as well as supporting others and their goals in life.
  • Continuity Nod:
    • Nino at one point mentions that she always dreamed of getting swept off her feet by a Prince Charming, complete with dances and a horseback ride. She already asked "Kintarou" to dance with her during the school camping trip, and in Volume 7, Fuutarou comes to her on motorbike and chooses to ride with him in a similar way to her fantasies.
    • Chapter 95 has a panel of the girls at a summer festival, each of them eating the same food* they had wanted to get at the same festival a year prior, way back in chapter 8.
    • In Chapter 35, Fuutarou decides to test his skills at identifying the quintuplets by having them all assume the same hairstyle and then calling out their names while they are lined up. He gets all of them wrong. In Chapters 121 and 122, the quintuplets decide to test him by all disguising themselves as the bride. This time, however, he manages to identify them all correctly. Incidentally, the order in which the quintuplets line themselves up in Chapter 122 is the same order in which Fuutarou incorrectly called out their names in Chapter 35.
  • Contrived Coincidence: The start of the Scrambled Eggs arc starts with Fuutarou winning his family a trip to an onsen, then he met with quintuplets and their father, who also won the same trip. The end of the arc reveals that only Fuutarou actually won the contest, the quintuplets' father instead fabricated tickets to create an excuse to let the quintuplets visit their ailing grandfather, who is the innkeeper.
  • Cooking Duel: One takes place between Nino and Miku in Chapter 5, to decide whether they study or not. Nino is certain that she can win easily with her fancy Dutch Baby over Miku's poorly done Omurice. Unfortunately, Fuutarou finds the latter tasty as well, much to Nino's chagrin and Miku's delight.
  • Costume-Test Montage: The beginning of Chapter 23 has Fuutarou trying on various outfits that the girls chose for him for their field trip. Yotsuba's choice is far too childish, Miku's is far too traditional, Itsuki's is far too manly, and only Nino's choice is sensible.
  • Couch Gag: Every chapter intro ends with a sentence that fits with the theme of the episode. For example, Chapter 5 (where Fuutarou fails to get all the girls together for the fireworks, but manages to organize the girls to make some fireworks of their own later, has "All's well that ends well").
  • Date Peepers: More than once, the other four quints will spy on Fuutarou when he has alone time with one of the sisters. For example, they all help support Miku when she's partnered with him on the field trip, and follow and judge on his first proper date with Yotsuba.
  • Description Cut: At the end of the anime's first episode:
    Fuutarou: (I don't need to actually deal with all five of them. I just need to teach the ones that are in danger of failing.)
    (at the Nakano place)
    Miku: I wonder if Fuutarou knows.
    Ichika: I doubt he knows... that we transferred here because all five of us nearly failed.
  • Dick Dastardly Stops to Cheat: Ichika's cheap move of passing off as Miku to confess her love to Fuutarou was not only cruel on her part, but completely unnecessary. Had she been honest from the beginning and told him that they had met before, she could have had a legitimate chance.
  • Diegetic Soundtrack Usage: In Episode 3 of the anime's second season, Nino can be heard briefly humming part of the first season's opening theme while waiting for Kintarou to come to her hotel room.
  • "Do It Yourself" Theme Tune: The opening themes for both seasons of the anime, as well as the ending theme of the second season, are sung by the quintuplets' voice actresses.
  • Early-Installment Weirdness: The differences between the oneshot and the pilot chapter (which are mostly the same except for the major differences noted below):
    • In the pilot, Miku does not have her headphones, and has her hair styled rather differently, sporting Girlish Pigtails instead. Raiha's hair is slightly shorter, whereas Yotsuba introduces herself to Fuutarou by showing off her panties. Fuutarou is also able to catch up with Itsuki when she's coming up the elevator, rather than running up 30 floors to meet her like he does in the pilot.
    • The Fanservice elements, where after the first volume the scenes are now rarely used.
  • Earn Your Happy Ending: Not only does Fuutaro's efforts as the quints' tutor pay off, he ends up marrying one of them — Yotsuba. Her sisters are more than happy to welcome him as a member of their family, and the series ends with them planning Fuutaro and Yotsuba's honeymoon, with them tagging along for the ride.
  • Environmental Symbolism: Chapter 28, when Ichika & Fuutarou are trapped in the storage, her avoidance towards one of the solutions (hitting the sound alarm) is exact to her own heart trying to calm herself when she's with Fuutarou. At the end of the chapter where Ichika got saved by Fuutarou from being hit by a falling log, her heart beats strongly as the sound alarm, signifying that she has fallen for him.
  • Evolving Credits: For Season 2 of the anime, the ending credits show Nino with short hair starting from Episode 6.
  • Ferris Wheel Date Moment: Of sorts. When Fuutarou allows the quints to take a day off by going all together to the amusement park, at one point Yotsuba tries to run and hide at the Ferris Wheel to continue studying on her own. He finds her there and after her insistence, he agrees to give her a lesson right then and there.
  • Festival Episode: The bulk of Volume 2 has the main cast going to the Summer Festival together.
  • First-Name Basis: Justified for Fuutarou when he is addressing the Nakanos, since he's their tutor, and thus hangs out with them closely when studying together; whereas some of the Nakanos (such as Ichika and Miku) call him by his first name after becoming closer to him. When Itsuki substituted Ichika when they went skiing for their last day in the field trip, her calling Fuutarou 'Uesugi' keyed him in that she's not Ichika when telling everybody to find her.
    • In Chapter 62, Nino begins addressing Fuutarou by his first name, something which Miku immediately picks up upon hearing. Given Nino's prior hostility and contempt towards Fuutarou, Miku is naturally flustered at this sudden development and asks what happened between them. Nino replies that they've known each other for more than six months, and would justify being on more cordial terms.
    • In Chapter 70, upon entering their third year and being placed together in the same class, the quintuplets tell their classmates to refer to them by their first names, ostensibly to avoid confusion with each other.
  • Fission Mailed: Fuutarou's quest to gather the girls for the fireworks event actually failed due to Ichika's audition clashing with the event. Though after her audition, Fuutarou is able to reunite her with her sister and had a small firework event by themselves, with even Nino thanking him for his efforts.
  • Five-Second Foreshadowing: A character bio in one of the volumes states that Yotsuba's favorite drink is carbonated juice. In Chapter 113, Fuutarou is shown to order a can of juice from a vending machine; a few panels later, he arrives to the room where Yotsuba had left her phone in and says, "Sorry for the wait."
  • Flash Forward: These are scattered across the story to give readers quick glimpses at Fuutarou's wedding to one of the quintuplets. And in the anime, it's purposely left vague as to which girl he marries, as she doesn't speak in any of those scenes. Her hair color and face are shown in a largely generic fashion, likely done on purpose to allow viewers to imagine whichever girl they wanted to ship Fuutarou with as the one he marries.
  • Foot Focus: Some panels in the manga would focus on a detailed drawing of a person's shoes or feet, done for various storytelling purposes.
  • Foregone Conclusion: In a sense, given that sometime in the future, Fuutarou will eventually end up marrying a Nakano girl. What is left ambiguous, however, is exactly which one of the quintuplets he will marry - even with the girl herself having her face shown to the readers.
  • Foreshadowing: Has its own page.
  • Forgotten First Meeting: Five years ago, during a trip to Kyoto, Fuutarou took a photograph together with one of the quintuplets: Yotsuba. But while she recognizes Fuutarou inmmediately after seeing him in the present, he is unable to. In fact, he conveniently forgot that he had heard her name before, and went all those years admiring a girl whose name he didn't even remember.
  • Formula with a Twist: The premise of the series is that the impoverished protagonist is hired to tutor five identical quintuplets, all of whom hate his guts. From a Call-Forward, we know that one of the five will eventually become his wife, but which one of the five remains a mystery. Slowly, the quintuplets begin to accept his tutelage and begin to fall in love with him, often creating drama and identical-sibling hijinks.
  • Fourth-Date Marriage: While we know that Fuutarou won't marry the bride until years into the future, he panics and proposes to Yotsuba on their very first romantic date. She chides him for how fast it is before accepting, since she's loved him since childhood and already gotten to know him as a friend.
  • Freeze-Frame Bonus: Itsuki's credit card number seen at the end of Episode 1 is ***4 5878 8101 1121.
  • Gecko Ending: Not the series itself, but for the story where Fuutarou talks about how he met the girl in the past, the story ends with aliens from Planet Shogi invading the National Diet, calling out the best shogi players to fight for the Earth.
  • Girly Run: The most prominent case is a frightened Itsuki running away from a disguised Fuutarou during the Kimodameshi, as the scene is featured in Season 1's opening.
  • The Glorious War of Sisterly Rivalry: While there are plenty of arguments between the Nakanos in general, this is especially true of Miku and Nino who are polar opposites in personality and spend much of their screentime constantly sniping at each other. They eventually end up bonding and actually end up the closest of the sisters by the end of the manga, even opening a cafe together.

  • Honest Axe: In Chapter 1, Yotsuba shows Fuutarou a pair of tests - one with a 100 score, and one with a 0 score. He shows her that his test is the one with the 100 on it, and is disappointed to find out that her test was the one with the zero score.
  • Hot Springs Episode:
    • A part of Chapter 24 has the Nakanos going to one. Since nothing out of the ordinary happens, it ends in just a few pages of fanservice.
    • The entire Scrambled Eggs arc is located at a hot spring owned by the quintuplets' grandfather.
  • How We Got Here: The first chapter has Fuutarou meeting all the Nakano quintuplets for the first time, and shows that he is going to end up marrying one of them in the future.
  • Identical Twin Mistake: Given the premise and the Nakano quintuplets having identical faces and figures, this is a given.
    • In chapter 10, Miku gets mistaken for Ichika by the latter's director after she ties up her hair, and is almost dragged away by him to the latter's audition.
    • When Fuutarou and the Nakanos all end up in class 3-1 together, chapter 70 contains a couple of examples of their classmates making this mistake, given that they are even worst at distinguishing the quintuplets than Fuutarou.
  • I Have This Friend: In Chapter 61, Fuutarou and Miku talk gossip when going shopping, they used this excuse on what's going on between them.
  • I Just Want to Be Special: As it turns out, most of the plot happens because of this. Yotsuba, the fourth quintuplet, at some point decided that she wanted to stand out from her sisters, beginning with wearing her signature ribbon and trying to be better in academics than them. However, when the others started catching up and eventually surpassed her, she turned to sports, an area where she could excel easily, but she was unable to keep up with everything and her grades suffered for it, resulting in her being expelled from their school. She dropped this mindset after the others pretended to have cheated in their exams so she wouldn't be transferred alone, and from then on she took to prioritize their happiness, even in detriment of her own.
  • Image Song: Each of the quintuplets have their own image song.
  • Important Haircut:
    • Nino decides to have Miku cut her hair in Chapter 46 after having a heart to heart with the latter and deciding to no longer remain in the past. It is notable as Nino has never cut her hair since she was a child, and kept her hairstyle the same since, due to her insitence on clinging to a past when her and her sisters had more in common.
    • Chpater 89 reveals that Yotsuba cut her hair after being expelled from her old school and shortly before transferring into her new one, after her sisters decided to transfer out with her in order for all of the quintuplets to be together. Cutting her hair also coincides with Yotsuba becoming more selfless and deciding to support her sisters, often at her own expense, in response to the sacrifice they made for her.
  • Incurable Cough of Death: Invoked by Fuutarou during Chapter 21, as a way to try and get Nino and Itsuki to stay home and study. Since Yotsuba had the bright idea of making up that he's got some deadly illness, he does this and even grabs a nearby bottle of ketchup to simulate blood to at least make it somewhat convincing. Surprisingly it works, even if it's just for a moment.
  • I Need to Go Iron My Dog: Itsuki uses the excuse of shopping for some sexy lingerie to escape from Fuutaro so that she can use the changeroom to dress up as Rena.
  • Intimate Lotion Application: While visiting a water park during the "Summer Vacation Arc", Miku shyly asks Fuutarou to apply sunscreen on her, and gets disappointed when Itsuki is the one to do it instead.
  • Judgment of Solomon: Played for Laughs in the Volume 7 omake, where Ichika comments to Fuutarou that the quintuplets won a rabbit plush from a crane game, but couldn't decide who should have it, since all of them wanted it. In the end, the quintuplets decided to cut it into five pieces, with Ichika getting the head.
  • Kimodameshi: During the field trip, where Fuutarou (aided by Yotsuba) eagerly hold one to give the students the fright of their lives. Fuutarou claims to have done this as retaliation to his schoolmates for dumping the responsibility on him of organizing it while he was self-studying in class.
  • Late for School: Chapter 19 has Fuutarou and the Nakanos late for school.This ordinarily wouldn't be that bad, if it wasn't the day of the mid-term examinations. When they (except for Yotsuba) ended up being late for school, the girls managed to enter without getting into trouble by some strategic thinking. Fuutarou is not so lucky.
  • Lap Pillow: Fuutarou ends up this way a few times, such as when he falls asleep the end of Chapter 13, Ichika has him rest his head on her lap. He also has it briefly with Yotsuba in Chapter 21 after he gets sick from Miku's food and she tells him that she likes him.
  • Last-Name Basis: While Ichika and Miku call Fuutarou by his given name (the former adding "-kun"), Nino, Yotsuba, and Itsuki address him as "Uesugi" (the latter two adding "-san" and "-kun", respectively). Nino switches to "Fuu-kun" after falling for him, and Yotsuba chose to address him formally to act like she wasn't already acquainted with him.
  • Last Episode Theme Reprise: Season 2 of the anime ends with "Go-Toubun no Kimochi", the opening song of Season 1.
  • Leaning on the Fourth Wall:
    • In Chapter 101, the little boy who Fuutarou helps at the Autumn Festival comments that he once watched a drama where a boy had to choose between a group of sisters to date. The boy also made sure to comment on how much he hated the fact that the other sisters were ignored with none of their problems resolved once the male lead picked a heroine, letting you know that Negi hopes he can avoid that drama's fate with this story.
    • During the final arc, Itsuki ends up talking to her teacher about her situation with Fuutarou and her sisters (ie. He's chosen somebody but she doesn't know how to feel about it). The teacher compares the situation to a television drama she watched and gets excited, telling her that these situations always end with the matchmaker swooping in and getting their crush while Itsuki protests the idea. The scene straddles the line between this and Breaking the Fourth Wall, given that the teacher is faced towards the viewer the whole time she's gushing and only gets closer while she justifies the cliche.
  • Least Is First: Of the quintuplets, Yotsuba, the sister with the worst grades by far, is the first to support Fuutarou as their tutor. This is revealed to be because Yotsuba has the most drive to improve her grades, guilt-ridden after her poor grades forced the girls to move schools in the first place.
  • "L" Is for "Dyslexia": At least two cases are apparent with the Nakano sisters, Yotsuba and Itsuki (which bothers the latter, since she actually tries to study).
  • Loophole Abuse: When Miku asks Fuutarou what kind of girl he likes, he turns that into a game where he'll reveal hints if they can answer his tutoring questions. In the end his hints all suggest his sister Raiha, allowing him to sidestep the question while simultaneously giving the girls more lessons.
  • Love at First Sight:
    • Nino for Kintarou, who is actually Fuutarou when he's forced to find her and Itsuki who went to the wrong side of the Kimodameshi path. Moreover, after he saved her from falling from a cliff, Nino decided to invite him to dance with her at the bonfire.
    • Flashbacks reveal that Yotsuba has had feelings for Fuutarou ever since their brief meeting as children, when they both promised to get good grades in school to help their families escape poverty.
  • Love Confession: Fuutarou gives one to Yotsuba in Chapter 114. He tells her that he loves all of her sisters and that he was proud to have been their tutor, but he also admits that he would have stumbled somewhere along the line without her, and that she's the one he wants by his side. When confronted about her feelings, Yotsuba tearfully admits she's in love with him, too. In Chapter 119, during their first date, Fuutarou directly confesses that he loves Yotsuba and even proposes to her.
  • Love Hurts: As the quintuplets' feelings for Fuutarou continue to grow, so does their inner conflict about whether pursuing him or giving the others a chance. It comes to a head when Ichika decides to intentionally sabotage the others' chances to confess to Fuutarou, even at the expense of the bond she has with her sisters.
  • Magic Skirt: In Chapter 59, Nino gets a ride from Fuutarou on a motorcycle while she's wearing a pleated skirt. Although the wind is so intense that her hair is whipping all over the place, her skirt never even twitches. More justified in the anime, where Fuutarou is riding within the speed limit.
  • Master of Disguise: All of the Quintuplets can mimic the others, although it is stated that Miku is best at it.
  • Matchmaker Crush: After the Summer Festival arc is over, Ichika deduces that Miku has feelings for Fuutarou, and so tries to set them up together. However, later interactions with Fuutarou then cause Ichika to start falling for him as well.
  • Meaningful Titles:
    • Seven Goodbyes focuses on the goodbyes in this arc. Starting with Rena to Fuutarou, Nino to her past, Nino to Kintarou, Yotsuba to the track team, Fuutarou to his job, Fuutarou to Rena and the quintuplets to their home.
    • Scrambled Eggs focused on Fuutarou's mental state and the plot, given that at the start he's still affected by Nino's confession, seeing the quintuplets again during the Family Trip, the quintuplets suddenly having some reservations with him, Itsuki appearing everywhere at Fuutarou's hotel, Itsuki suddenly wanted to break off their partnership to Fuutarou and the caretaker of the hotel is Itsuki's grandfather.
  • Metaphorically True: In Chapter 20, when talking to her father about the midterm exam results, in which all the sisters failed to gain a passing grade, Nino states she and her sisters passed all five subjects. This isn't technically wrong, but not entirely true, either. What actually entailed was, that all of the sisters each passed one of five subjects - maths for Ichika, English for Nino, social studies for Miku, Japanese for Yotsuba, science for Itsuki. Their father believes this, which saves Fuutarou from being fired as their tutor.
  • Minimalist Cast: While there are some side characters that Fuutarou interacts with, most of the time the series only gives the attention of Fuutarou & the Nakanos, with Raiha appearing now and there (even then she has started to appear less often if the plot doesn't need her existence).
  • Missing Mom: Both Fuutarou and the Nakano sisters' mothers are stated to have died before the start of the series. Fuutarou told Miku that he was six when his mother died.
  • Mythology Gag: The bonus store illustrations for Volume 14 make reference to a character poll whose results were released in Chapter 59. Namely, each quint is dressed up in the illustrations as the quint whose birth order position matches the position she attained in that poll. For example, Miku, the quint who attained first place in the poll, is dressed up as Ichika, the first quint in the birth order, and so on.

  • Nosebleed: Subverted. Fuutaro gets one and Ichika calls him out for being aroused. He actually has a chocolate allergy and Miku won't stop making him try some she made.
  • Not Drawn to Scale: The map at Mt. Inari depicting the route to its summit via the two paths branching out from the Yotsutsuji intersection is not drawn realistically, as it emphasizes the shrines located along the right route, making it look longer than the less scenic left route. In actuality, the right route is the shorter of the two, being 500 m in comparison to the left route being 850 m. In Chapter 80, Yotsuba exploits this by sending Ichika, Nino, and Itsuki up the left route, while she and Miku went up the right route for a better chance of meeting Fuutarou on the way up the summit before the other quintuplets. The way the map is drawn also confuses Ichika, as she believed the left route was the shorter one, and found herself having to run up it to reach the summit before Yotsuba, Miku, or Fuutarou did.
  • Not What It Looks Like: Zigzagged. In Chapter 104, while leaving the hospital where Maruo works, Nino trips, prompting Fuutarou to reach out and catch her before she falls. However, the manner in which he does so brings his face close to hers, giving off the impression that they are almost going to kiss, which is exactly the sight that Maruo sees when he steps into the corridor to return Nino her forgotten spatula. While Fuutarou quickly clears up this misunderstanding, Nino still gives him The Big Damn Kiss once Maruo's back is turned, turning the situation into exactly what it looked like.
  • Numerical Theme Naming: The quintuplets are named after the order in which they were born: Ichika (first), Nino (second), Miku (third), Yotsuba (fourth), and Itsuki (fifth).
  • Odd Couple: The poor, book-smart Fuutarou with the rich, academically-challenged Nakanos.
  • Old Fashioned Row Boat Date: Fuutarou has one with a girl who identifies herself as Rena and claims to be the girl he met from five years before. Its actually one of the Quintuplets, later revealed to be Itsuki.
  • Once More, with Clarity:
    • Chapter 85 presents the events of Fuutarou and Miku's date in the previous chapter from the perspective of the other quintuplets, and their involvement in said date.
    • Chapter 90 revisits several previous events in the series from Yotsuba's perspective.
  • One Cast Member per Cover: The first and last volumes of the manga bookend the series with cover images of all five sisters together, but all of the covers in-between exclusively feature individual characters. Volumes 2-6 have each of the five sisters in their normal clothes, volumes 7-11 show each of them in a bridal gown, and volumes 12 and 13 spotlight Futaro and The Bride, respectively.
  • O.O.C. Is Serious Business:
    • Fuutarou being rather hyper on the first day of the Field Trip, seeing as he hardly went to one.
    • In-Universe example with Nino when Fuutarou is Kintarou, where just minutes after meeting each other Nino is charmed by Kintarou to the point of inviting him to dance the Bon Festival with him.
    • During her first appearance, "Rena" claimed to appear before Fuutarou because she wanted him to move on from their promise and look at the present, putting her behind. The second time she appears, however, she tries to do the exact opposite: she wants Fuutarou to treasure the memories they spend together and remember as much as he can from that time. The inconsistency on her agenda is pointed out by Fuutarou himself. This was foreshadowing as to hint that there was more than one person involved in the "Rena" reappearance. Chapter 86 and 90 revealed that Itsuki initally worked under Yotsuba's request the first time, but acted on her own the second time.
  • Out-of-Character Moment: In Chapter 72, when Fuutarou and Yotsuba get teased by fellow classmates about the nature of their relationship, he denies the possibility of it ever becoming romantic. This comes right after he told Yotsuba that he was starting to take love and relationships seriously (and by this point in the story, it was established he was already feeling something different for one of the sisters), so his denial and blunt response comes as odd. The reveal that Yotsuba was the one he fell in love with makes this scene even weirder... but considering Fuutarou's struggle to confess and his unawareness of Yotsuba's true feelings, it does give us a possible explaination: Yotsuba was uncomfortable by the rumors of them dating (because she secretly liked him) but he thought she was upset because she was teased with someone she only viewed as a friend, so his response comes as a way of, in his eyes, calming her down (actually did the opposite) but also as a sad personal note to himself that his feelings for her, if they were indeed romantic, may never be returned.
  • Perpetual Poverty: Fuutarou, his younger sister Raiha, and their father live in destitute conditions. Their father drinks milk a week past its expiry date, and Fuutarou makes an offhand comment about anyone how knocking at their door is presumably a debt collector. Then there's his Establishing Character Moment; which has the series begin with Fuutarou explaining in great detail how he can get the best deal on school lunch for the cheapest possible price, showing just how economically-minded he is in everyday life. Flash forward to Fuutarou's wedding, their economic situation hasn't really improved much even with Fuutarou having a job.
    • The epilogue explains how this came to be in the first place: Fuutarou's mother had purchased a small restaurant just before she died, and the rest of the family had to close it and pay off the debt. After the timeskip, Fuutarou's father let Miku and Nino re-open the restaurant together.
  • Potty Emergency: In Chapter 54, at the grocery store, Yotsuba suddenly runs off to go to the bathroom, prompting Nino to ask her if she had been holding it in again.
  • The Power of Love: Revealed to originate from their grandfather, and later their mother, the quintuplets explain the only way to differentiate them is through love and the time and care it takes to build that.
  • Pragmatic Adaptation: In the manga's Flash Forward scenes, Fuutarou's bride has a couple of lines of spoken dialogue. However, because the quintuplets all have distinctive voices in the anime adaptation, these scenes are rendered in animation with the bride's voice unheard by the audience and her lines being shown as subtitles instead. This was done in order to preserve the mystery of her identity and prevent the audience from identifying her via her voice.
  • Rash Equilibrium: As Fuutarou's birthday coincides with the period right before exams, all the quintuplets agree not to give him presents and celebrate his birthday till a later date so as to not put undue stress on him. Every one of the girls (save for Itsuki) initially intends to break the agreement and give him their present on his actual birthday so that their individual gifts will have more of an impact. They all agree to postpone their gifts till later after their individual plans are revealed.
  • Real-Place Background: Chapter 80 features the Fushimi Inari-taisha shrine in Kyoto, lovingly replicated by Negi Haruba's art from the actual location.
  • Red Herring:
    • In a Flash Forward, Fuutarou mentions that his wife held his hand when he was sick. Time comes to show him sick following the festival, and who holds his hand? All the quintuplets.
    • Fuutarou accidentally injures one of the quintuplets disguised as Itsuki by the leg during the Scrambled Eggs arc, serving as his biggest clue to finding out the identity of the Fake Itsuki he spoke to on that night. A chapter later, Ichika is shown having an injured leg during their stay in the inn, making readers believe she's the Fake Itsuki, especially given her suspicious actions for most of the arc. But later, it turns out that the leg injury Ichika had was from a completely separate occasion. The real culprit and Fake Itsuki of the arc was actually Miku.
    • At the start of the Scrambled Eggs arc, a legend holds that a couple who rings the "Bell of Vows" will be bound together for eternity. In a Flash Forward at the end of the arc, Fuutarou recalls that he did ring the bell with his wife. Indeed, one of the quintuplets pushed him to the ground and gave him The Big Damn Kiss by accident, causing him to grab the bell's rope and inadvertently ring it. Which quintuplet kissed Fuutarou is left ambiguous, as all of them were dressed as Itsuki at the time.
    • Itsuki and her association with the girl from Fuutarou's photo was this for a good part of the story: Itsuki is the first one who reminded him of said girl, then later on she (unknown to Fuutarou and the readers) ends up appearing before him as the girl from the photo calling herself "Rena", then Fuutarou learns that "Rena" was just a fake name used by one of the quintuplets (name which would point to Itsuki the most), then confirming to the readers that "Rena" was indeed Itsuki in disguise...only for then be revealed in Chapter 86 that she disguised both times to help Yotsuba, the true girl of the photo.
  • Resort to Pouting: While all five sisters can pout from time to time, it is particularly common of Miku Nakano as a part of her Clingy Jealous Girl traits. She is especially prone to pouting when other girls, especially her sisters, get too close to Fuutaro for her liking.
  • Rewatch Bonus: If you go back and re-read the manga after reading from Chapter 86 and onward, you'll notice that many events involving Yotsuba have become this.

  • Sarcastic Confession: In Chapter 21, Yotsuba tells Fuutarou that the reason why she takes his side is not because she wants to get better grades, but because she likes him. Then immediately tries to pass it off as a joke to prove that she can lie. Come Chapter 90, turns out she wasn't lying at all, and she's been in love with him since their first meeting.
  • She Is Not My Girlfriend: There have been at least three occasions where Fuutarou or one of the Quints had to tell other people that they weren't a couple, twice with Yotsuba and once with Miku.
  • Senior Year Struggles: The second half of the story covers mostly the third year of high school, with Fuutarou's main goal ensuring that all five of the Nakanos graduate together with a smile, while balancing their jobs and love issues at the same time.
  • Sexophone: A brief one plays in Episode 1 of the anime, when Fuutarou enters Ichika's room for the first time and she reveals to him that she Sleeps in the Nude.
  • Shipper on Deck: Yotsuba says she will support Miku and her pursuit of Fuutarou.
  • Shockingly Expensive Bill: Implied in Chapter 57 when Shimoda decides to treat Itsuki to all the cake she wants to eat.
  • Shout-Out:
    • At the start of Chapter 22, Yotsuba gets frightened by Fuutarou wearing a scary clown mask in preparation for the upcoming Test of Courage. His get-up, in general, is a homage to Hirose Shun and Kouta Sannomiya's 3 volume series Seishun Soukanzu (The mangaka worked with the former on their first serialized series, Rengoku no Karma).
    • In the Latin Spanish dub of Episode 8, when Fuutarou offers Raiha's mail along with his, Itsuki's response is "I'll take it, but I'm highly offended by it".
  • Sick Episode: Chapter 33 (Season 2 Episode 1 in the anime) focuses on Fuutarou recovering from a fever he got from a sick Raiha and the quintuplets visiting him in the hospital.
  • Sleep Cute: Towards the end of Chapter 86, Fuutarou takes a picture of the quintuplets as they sleep during the return trip in the bus.
  • Spiritual Antithesis: Compared with Osomatsu-san, both sets of siblings are unmistakably unmotivated, but their ways of handling it are remarkably different. Whereas in -San the overly cartoony Matsuno sextuplets had a relatively normal high school life until they burned out in their 20s for whatever reason, the more realistic Nakano quintuplets of Go-Toubun are in their high school years and struggling to pass, with the goal of the series explicitly being preventing them from becoming burnouts in adulthood. Whereas the brothers rely too much on their dependence on others (both to their parents and to each other) and would forcibly maintain the status quo to keep that dependence, the sisters are independent from the get go, with only one (Nino) having the same reasoning as Osomatsu but even she gets over with it. Also keep in mind that Totoko (their reluctant Childhood Friend) only fell for the sextuplets when they were in their F6 forms, whom all are much more like the Nakanos in concept: friendly, attractive, distinct, and talented, but with their own little problems on the side. Also keep in mind that their love interest, Fuutarou, is willing to take an active interest in getting them to be respectable or at the very least pass high school, while Totoko would rather let them wallow in the same misery she's in.
  • Starving Student: Fuutarou is frugal to the extreme when it comes to his meals due to their money situation, and is stunned at how much Itsuki spends on her school lunch.
    "BBQ Plate, hold the BBQ."
  • Story Arc: The series runs on this convention, which actually helps keep engagement while reading.
  • Suspiciously Specific Denial: Fuutarou all but admits he knows about the Quintuplets' feelings towards him (in particular, Miku since it was about her) when he is riding a bus with Yotsuba, who immediately calls him on it.

  • Tastes Better Than It Looks: Making an effort to sabotage Fuutarou's attempts to tutor her sisters, Nino proposes a Cooking Duel between herself and Miku after Miku is the last sister still willing to study, stating that the study session will end if she wins. Nino makes a delectable dish that shows she clearly knows her way around a kitchen, while Miku makes a very haphazard and ugly dish made from cooked rice, ketchup, and some kind of sauce. However, when Fuutarou tries both of them, he says that they're both equally good. Ultimately played with though, since he had been previously established as someone too poor to be picky about his tastes, so how good Miko's dish actually was is left in question. Still, Miku swoons when Fuutarou compliments her cooking and later makes an effort to improve in order to win him over.
  • Tan Lines: Yotsuba doesn't put on sunscreen and gets them at the pool. Fuutarou got one as well, on his hand after holding hands with Itsuki so much.
  • There Are No Adults: The Quintuplets' father is mostly absent through most of the series. With the exception of the Scrambled Eggs arc, he has very little interaction with the girls. He does try to assert some control and subvert the trope after all of the girls pass their final exams, but they flat out reject him through Nino, who then rides off with her knight (Fuutarou) on his noble steed (his manager's motorcycle).
  • Time Skip: Chapter 121 takes place five years after the previous chapter.
  • Tongue-Out Insult: While completely ignoring his attempt at trying to understand her feelings about him, Nino Nakano declares directly to Fuutarou's face that she refuses to accept him as anything more than an interloper, fearing that he would disrupt the bond between her and her sisters, regardless of what her sisters think, and makes good on that by forcefully dragging Miku back into their home who came out to tell Fuutarou something important and spitefully sticks her tongue out at him while leaving.
  • Too Good to Be True: Fuutarou's initial suspicion of the tutoring gig his little sister tells him his dad got for him. The Client will pay at five times the going rate. It later turns out it's because Fuutarou got hired to tutor all five Nakano sisters.
  • Too Much Alike: Zigzagged with Nino and Itsuki, who have the most similarities between any of the sisters. While this means that usually they're the two that get along with each other the best, one of these similarities is that they're also the two most stubborn and prideful of the quintuplets and being the last two who accepted Fuutarou as their tutor, resulting in the two of them arguing with each other the most as well. The entire Seven Goodbyes Arc is kicked off by a massive clash between the two, and Itsuki's comments through the arc imply that they've had similarly fierce arguments in the past.
  • Tsundere: While Itsuki starts off as one (more so because of Fuutarou's harsh attitude towards her), she is utterly overshadowed by Nino, who sports even stronger characteristics of this attitude towards Fuutarou in comparison into the point of being unfair. Readers/viewers who are attentive enough to know the attitude differences between Nino and Itsuki (the former is more than willing to incite conflicts while the latter is reluctant to do the same and will maintain harmony whenever she can) will know that the two have different spins of this trope.
    • Harsh (Tsun) type = Nino. While she has her own moments of civility towards Fuutarou, she is still abrasive most of the time when dealing with him. Subverted when she falls in love with him, in which she becomes considerably nicer to him onwards. Even Fuutarou acknowledges both sides of this trope within her as a sign of her good character and her determination to keep her family from falling apart.
    • Sweet (Dere) type = Itsuki. Unlike with Nino, she's civil most of the time when dealing with Fuutarou, but if he does anything to anger her like making fun of her Big Eater tendencies, then the fuse is off.
  • Twin Switch: As the Nakanos sisters are quintuplets, this is a given.
    • Chapter 4 had Miku disguise herself as Yotsuba to confuse Fuutarou for a while.
    • Chapter 16 shows Nino disguising herself as Itsuki to trick Fuutarou into confessing that he would be fired as the Nakanos' tutor if any of them fail the next exam.
    • Chapter 18, Itsuki tried to disguised herself as Miku to resolve the tension between her and Fuutarou, but Fuutarou saw through it since he found Miku slept in the same bed as him. Later, Fuutarou decided to pretend Itsuki is Miku and resolve their issues.
    • Chapter 19 has Fuutarou even devise a tactic based on this - when all of them (excluding Yotsuba) are going to be late for the exam - by having the girls disguise themselves as Yotsuba in order to get into class without rousing the anger of their student counselor for being late.
    • Chapter 22, Miku disguised as Ichika to help her dissuade Maeda from inviting her to dance with him.
    • Chapter 27, though not really as switch but just Ichika impersonating her sisters in front of Fuutarou.
    • Chapter 29, Itsuki disguised as Ichika to learn more about Fuutarou.
    • In Chapter 40, Miku impersonates Nino to trick the receptionist at the hotel the latter is staying at into letting the former and Fuutarou into the latter's room. Notably, Miku did not even bother to disguise herself and simply told the receptionist that she forgot the key to her (Nino's) room. She does it again in Chapter 45, this time while wearing Nino's ribbons.
    • Chapter 41 features one of the quintuplets disguising herself as a teenaged version of the girl in Fuutarou's old photo. Calling herself "Rena", she did so in order to break him out of his shell. Chapter 77 reveals that the quintuplet who disguised herself as "Rena" was Itsuki.
    • Chapter 46 shows Fuutarou hatching a plan to have Itsuki, disguised as Yotsuba, quit the track team in the her stead so she can focus on her studies. Despite this, the next chapter reveals that this plan failed to trick the team captain due to Itsuki's much longer hair. However, having Miku give her an Important Haircut, Nino arrives in the nick of time, also disguised as Yotsuba, and manages to intimidate the team captain into backing off.
    • The Scrambled Eggs arc features all of the quintuplets dressed up as Itsuki in order to appease their grandfather. Miku uses this opportunity to tell Fuutarou that she wished to break off their relationship as mentor and student, but did not have the guts to also tell him that she was doing so because she wanted to elevate herself in his eyes as a potential girlfriend. This leads Fuutarou to spend the entirety of the arc trying to figure out which quintuplet spoke to him and what her motivations were. He only manages to figure out the former by the end of the arc.
    • Chapter 74 features Ichika disguising herself as Miku to avoid starstruck classmates after word gets out that she is an actress. She also uses the disguise to tell Fuutarou that she is in love with him, as she doesn't have the courage to do so directly.
    • In Chapter 80, Ichika once again disguises herself as Miku and runs to the summit of Mt. Inari, the mountain where the Fushimi Inari-taisha is located, intending to ruin Miku's plan of gaining Fuutarou's affections. However, she did not count on Yotsuba and Miku reaching the summit right after her. This causes Yotsuba to reveal that Ichika plans on sabotaging Miku's attempts to get closer to Fuutarou, just as Fuutarou himself reaches the summit.
    • Chapter 101 has Ichika once again disgusing herself to avoid starstruck classmates during the school festival. This time as Nino. However, she was unaware of Nino's popularity due to her performance as an Idol Singer, causing her to ditch the disguise.
  • Twin Test: In one of the series' recurring themes, the quints tell Fuutarou several times that if he loves them he'll be able to tell them apart. This leads to them giving Fuutarou many twin tests over the course of the series, with Fuutarou even invoking the trope himself by asking them to test him. Naturally, Fuutarou fails each test in spectacular fashion. By the end of the series he's engaged to one of the sisters and as a final test of Fuutarou's love for her, the sisters pose as identical brides and ask Fuutarou to identify his fiancee. He goes a step further and correctly identifies all five, showing he has learned to love all of them.
  • Twitchy Eye: Itsuki gets this when Nino calls her a "domestic violence meat monster" for slapping her. She later gets this while offering one of her snacks to Fuutarou, restraining the urge to eat it herself.

  • We Want Our Jerk Back!: At the end of the Seven Goodbyes arc, Fuutarou quits his tutoring job, and the Nakanos' father quickly replaces him. They don't want anybody else to be their tutor and decide to seek him out. In Chapter 50, Nino tells Fuutarou upfront that his little attempt to act as a humble person doesn't suit him, and wants him to take responsibility and be the selfish jerk he is to the very end.
  • Wham Episode:
    • In-Universe for Itsuki where after spending a night together at the inn on the Field Trip, the next morning she saw one of her sisters nearing in Fuutarou while he was sleeping.
    • Chapter 32 for the fans, where it cuts off to Fuutarou's wedding in the future and stating that the chapter is at the finale. Though here it is an April Fool joke that connects the wedding to the current story.
    • Chapter 41, where the girl Fuutarou met 5 years ago appeared before him again.
    • Chapter 60, where Nino confesses her love to Fuutarou in front of him... and Ichika overhears.
    • Chapter 66, where the "Itsuki" who told Fuutarou she wanted to break off their relationship as teacher and student is revealed to be Miku.
    • Chapter 74 has Ichika disguise herself as Miku and deliver her Love Confession to him, while also falsely claiming that Miku supported the idea of Ichika hooking up with Fuutarou.
    • Chapter 77 is quite a doozy, with a number of plot-pertinent revelations. To start, Fuutarou apparently believed what Ichika said about Miku supporting their relationship, and conveys this to Itsuki. It also reveals that Itsuki was the quintuplet who disguised herself as Rena and took Fuutarou's old photo. On top of that, Ichika now has possession of the photo after Itsuki accidentally drops it, and seems to recognize Fuutarou in it.
    • Chapter 80 ends with Yotsuba openly accusing Ichika of preventing Miku from confessing to Fuutarou, just as Fuutarou himself enters the scene behind Yotsuba.
    • Chapter 85 establishes that Ichika was and wasn't lying when she said Fuutarou that she was the girl of his memories. One of her sisters met Fuutarou years ago and told the others about him. Ichika got curious and went to see him and they played cards, meaning that he interacted with two of the Nakano sisters while thinking they were the same person.
    • Chapter 86 reveals that Yotsuba is the original "Lolikano" and that Itsuki has been pretending to be the girl of Fuutarou's memories in the present (as "Rena") at her request.
    • Chapter 109 has Mudou revealing to Itsuki that Rena is his ex-wife, therefore making him the quintuplets' biological father.
    • Chapter 113 when asked by the Quintuplets to choose between the five of them by going to one of the rooms they're waiting for him at, Fuutarou goes to meet up with Yotsuba.
  • Wham Line:
    • At the end of Chapter 86:
      Itsuki: Sorry for going off on my own, pretending to be you. But... I think it's about time we reveal the truth. That five years ago... it was you he met.
      Yotsuba: No. It's fine like this.
    • At the end of Chapter 113; it's more of a wham because of who he says the following to:
      Fuutarou: [to Yotsuba] Hey. Sorry for the wait.
    • Near the end of Chapter 115:
      Nino: I don't want to hear about you being concerned for me now.
      Yotsuba: Of course I'm concerned! You're part of my precious family!
      Nino: If that's the case, then this is as far as we go. If our relationship is going to continue like this, I rather sever our ties as sisters.
  • What Happened to the Mouse?: During the flash forward scenes, Ichika's manager (and his daughter Kiku), Yuusuke Takeda (Fuutarou's friend and self-proclaimed rival) and Takebayashi (Fuutarou's childhood friend) are not seen during the wedding.
  • World of Technicolor Hair: The quintuplets themselves have unusual hair colors that nobody comments on (and In-Universe, they're all supposed to have the same hair color); Ichika, Nino and Itsuki have different shades of pink hair, while Miku's hair is dark red and Yotsuba's is orange. Raiha also has blue-purple hair.

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