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Nothing like a cute child to make a Happy Ending even happier.

"A woman giving birth to a child has pain because her time has come; but when her baby is born she forgets the anguish because of her joy that a child is born into the world."

Sometimes you have a Happily Ever After situation, but it just isn't heartwarming enough. Maybe the marriage happened earlier in the season; perhaps the couple was already betrothed but weren't able to consummate the union. Perhaps you need some Dénouement to confirm that, yes, really, it really was happy. Maybe the Bittersweet Ending is short on "sweet". Or, maybe, you just want to make things as adorable as possible. The answer? Skip ahead a bit to show the Happily Married couple...and their adorable new baby. Awwwww!

Or, if we cut to the future, show them at home with their growing children. Generally a whole brood, as a mundane equivalent to Fertile Feet, or demonstrating that Mordor has No Ontological Inertia. The older the children, obviously the more years have passed in peace, proving more of the "Ever After" part of the happy ending. Grow Old with Me in an epilogue may feature grandchildren, or even great-grandchildren. (See also Hope Sprouts Eternal.) If the ending is not Cleaning Up Romantic Loose Ends, unmatched friends often appear in the role of Honorary Uncle; conversely, Weddings for Everyone may result in loads of underfoot children. And expect the newborns to be named after dead friends or teammates who had made Heroic Sacrifices during the course of the story, clearing the path for the heroes' victory at the cost of their own lives.


It seems that the Law of Inverse Fertility gets inverted once you get past the climax. Even if one or both were confirmed as sterile — such is The Power of Love. The likelihood of this increases exponentially every time one or both people say they don't want to have a kid, or express reluctance to. (Makes many parents very happy.)

The Bittersweet Ending often shows a Dead Guy Junior in this situation. Her Heart Will Go On may entail the discovery that she is pregnant after the father is dead: he's gone, but he's left her Someone to Remember Him By.

If the couple had a child early in the story, perhaps resulting in a Shotgun Wedding, this may result in a younger brother or sister.

Might involve a Screaming Birth, but this is, of course, optional; the baby itself is what makes this trope run, so the cuter the better.


Sequels to works with these sort of endings often make the kids into major characters.

The rationale for this trope is related to Babies Make Everything Better. Compare Birth/Death Juxtaposition. Not to be confused with Wave of Babies.

Naturally, this is an Ending Trope, so unmarked spoilers ahoy!


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  • A Papa Murphy's commercial for heart-shaped "Heartbaker" pizza (seen here) shows a husband and wife dancing, with a closeup of his face and a closeup of her face. The narrator says, "Remember when you were just dating, and Valentine's Day was all about romance and flowers and fancy dinners out? That was just practice for the really good stuff." The view pulls back to show that the husband is dancing with his daughter and the mom is dancing with her son.

    Anime & Manga 
  • Akame ga Kill! ends with Mine, who awakens from her coma, and Tatsumi having children together, as a nice subversion of the anime where they died.
  • In Amagami SS, the epilogue to Tsukasa's arc. Her Good End in the Visual Novel is what the epilogue was adapted from.
  • In the ending of the manga Aragami Hime, Shirou and Kazuki have a son and a daughter.
  • The Ending of Bannertail: The Adventure of Gray Squirrel, wherein Banner and Sue have lots of adorable squirrel babies in the final episode.
  • Berserk:
    • Griffith, during his Despair Event Horizon, has a vision of he and Casca sharing a quiet life as a couple with a child that is presumably his. There are several speculations as to the nature of this scene, whether it's a hallucination depicting Griffith's possible unrequited feelings for Casca and living a simple life with her, or if it is a hallucination of the sort of life that Griffith doesn't want, since his grander dream of becoming king of his own empire is seemingly at its end and he never wanted to settle for a "normal" life to begin with. Also, some fans go so far as to speculate that the scene is a What Could Have Been-esque vision of Griffith's life after Guts' second impending departure from the Hawks which would heavily imply that the child that Griffith and Casca are raising is Casca's son by Guts, not Griffith's. Needless to say, this vision is not followed by anything happy, especially since it was induced after Griffith witnessed Guts and Casca expressing their feelings for one another.
    • Furthermore, in the manga continuity, this trope is cruelly subverted in the case of Guts and Casca, as Casca was indeed pregnant with Guts' child at the time, but after Griffith crosses the Moral Event Horizon, absolutely nothing ends well for Casca, Guts, or their unborn child.
  • In Black God, Keita and Akane had 2 grandchildren, with Keita dying of old age. In the manga version, it only shows Keita and Akane having a son.
  • Bleach: The epilogue is set ten years into the future and reveals the fates of the characters. Renji and Rukia are together and have a daughter called Ichika while Ichigo and Orihime have a son the same age as Ichika, whose name is Kazui. The epilogue shows Ichika and Kazui meeting for the first time and trying to upstage each other when announcing to each other that they are both Shinigami.
  • The last three pages of Boys Empire are a cavalcade of babies, the paternity of some of which is unclear. The mothers kind of got around. Hitomi's baby is obviously Makoto's.
  • Ceres, Celestial Legend: Subverted, where Aya learns about being pregnant in volume 12 and is in her last month of pregnancy at the end of the series.
    • A side-story in another one of Yuu Watase's works showed on the last page, that Aya gave birth to a daughter. And Toya, who had stated that due to having given up the Mana that he was made of he was slowly dying and might have a year or few more left, is still alive. Retains a bittersweet note as Toya is still slowly dying.
  • In Change 123, the final chapter shows Kosukegawa and Motoko as adults with three daughters, each of them looking very similar to one of Motoko's three personalities that she fused with at the end of the series.
  • Implied in the manga epilogue of Chrono Crusade. Azmaria has a grandchild shown in the Distant Finale, and considering his resemblance to Joshua and the fact that they're shown with their hands clasped with a ring on Az's finger, they likely married and had at least one child together.
  • The Epilogue of Code Geass R2 shows Kaname Ohgi as Prime Minister of Japan, with his wife Viletta (who is visibly pregnant) watching him on TV...from Tamaki's bar.
  • Doctor Slump: In one chapter of the original series, Obotchaman travels to the future with a time machine and discovers that he and Arale will be married with a baby robot built by Dr. Senbei (both Obotchaman and Arale are Ridiculously Human Robots). In the final episode of the remake there is the same scene (with their baby ten years in the future), except that the moment is shown in the epilogue rather than as a result of time travel. Also, the same episode ends with the birth of Turbo, Senbei and Midori's son, and the epilogue shows they will have other children.
  • The last chapter of Digimon Adventure 02. It shows a few couples (Yamato and Sora and Ken and Miyako) that got together and ones that didn't, much to the disappointment of some fans.
  • At the end of Dragon Ball Z there are Gohan and Videl with their daughter Pan, and Bulma and Vegeta with their second child, Bra/Bulla.
    • During the last arc, Krillin and 18 have a daughter named Marron, showing they got a happy ending. Initially there's not much to her, but the latest series is moving her away from this a little.
    • And in one Non-Serial Movie, it shows that Goku and Vegeta's lines are still around (and completely identical to their ancestors some seven generations later.
  • The Electric Tale of Pikachu, a manga adaption of Ash's Kanto journey, shows James and Jessie engaged and Jessie pregnant at the end.
  • In the manga ending of Elfen Lied, Kouta and Yuka had a daughter named Nyu.
  • From the New World ends with Saki pregnant with Satoru's child, both now Happily Married.
  • The end of Fruits Basket has Tohru and Kyo's granddaughter looking for them in all their senior lovey-dovey glory. The sequel series Fruits Basket Another further confirms that they had three children.
  • The ending of Fullmetal Alchemist shows both Winry and Ed holding their children.
  • Fushigi Yuugi. Awwwww, Boushin, Emperor Hotohori's cuuute son. Hikari Sukunami. Mom is Miaka Yuuki, Dad is Tamahome's reincarnation Taka Sukunami.
  • In the finale of Future Boy Conan we see that several members of the Barracuda crew have gotten married at High Harbor and had some babies, and Jimmy’s pet pig Tasty has grown up and had a litter of piglets.
  • Among the ending scenes in Future Diary is one with World 2 Minene living a peaceful life with World 3 Nishijima, and having two young children. Two young floating children, as they seem to have inherited some of her god-powers.
  • In the Distant Finale of Gaiking: Legend of Daiku Maryu, Shizuka is, as always, pulling the massive lever that powers on the firing mechanism of the Daiku Maryu's head, but this time she's doing it while breastfeeding a little baby. Given that Sakon is also carrying a baby on his back, the two hooked up in the end, surprising precisely nobody.
  • The final chapter of GE - Good Ending, true to the manga's namesake, Utsumi and Yuki had a baby boy.
  • In Gundam Build Fighters, Reiji and Aila's daughter is the cause of the Island Wars OVA events.
  • Haibane Renmei ends with twin Haibane cocoons starting to sprout. Haibane are born as children so they're not actual babies, however the effect is the same. This happens not soon after Reki takes her Day of Flight.
  • In the final chapter of Hana to Akuma, Vivi and Hana have a son and a daughter.
  • In the Harukanaru Toki no Naka de - Hachiyou Shou TV series, towards the end Inori's sister Seri is all but outright stated to be pregnant with Iktidaru's child; the series' epilogue (before it goes for the Multiple Endings) shows Sefuru holding their baby.
  • In an interesting variation of the trope, HeartCatch Pretty Cure!'s finale shows that Tsubomi's mother (who had been previously established to be pregnant in episode 43) has given birth to her second child, a baby girl named Futaba, who Tsubomi and Erika are shown interacting with before walking off to school.
  • Hyper Police has an example that can only be called extravagant. In the Distant Finale set 3 years after the last manga chapter, Tomy and Po have gotten married and had nineteen kids. Tomy is a dog-boy, so they had litters.
  • I Can't Understand What My Husband Is Saying ends with Kaoru giving birth to her daughter Sayoko. The first season of anime ends a little bit earlier, with her getting an Unexpected Positive (season 2 is in Anachronic Order and the only ones that take place after this point revolve around her and Hajime dealing with the fact that they're going to be parents).
  • The Inuyasha manga ends with Sango and Miroku have twin girls, and then a baby boy!
  • In the Itazura Na Kiss anime, Naoki, Kotoko, Chris, Kinnosuke, Satomi, and Junko all end up with children.
  • In the end of Jōjū Senjin!! Mushibugyō, Jinbei marries all three of his love interests, Haru, Hibachi & Kuroageha, and has a total of nine children with them (3 with each wife) within seven years
  • In the manga ending of Karin, Karin Maaka and Kenta Usui have a daughter named Kanon, who is actually the reincarnation of Sophia Pistis. Which makes it a tad awkward, because she ends up loving her father a little bit TOO much...and her mother too, since Kanon tries to glomp and kiss her as well.
  • In the final manga chapter of Kanojo ni Naru Hi, Miyoshi & the gender-bent Mamiya had a daughter named Nene.
  • Kouki and Ayumi have 2 daughters, who are the reincarnations of Jindou and Tenshi in Sekai ka Kanojo ka Erabenai.
  • The final chapter of Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple shows a picture of Kenichi and Miu's daughter.
  • In Kenko Zenrakei Suieibu Umisho's manga ending, Amuro and Kaname have a son.
  • Kiki's Delivery Service:
    • Osono, the baker's wife, is pregnant for most of the movie, and the ending shows the baby finally born.
    • An amusing and cute variation also shows up in the ending credits with a shot of Jiji and "Miss Snooty Cat" surrounded by kittens.
  • The final chapter of Kore wa Koi no Hanashi reveals the girl who woke up Shinichi in his sleep to be his daughter. Her mother is obviously Haruka.
  • In Kurogane Communication, Haruka and Kitano return to Earth with their daughter — who looks a lot like Haruka herself.
  • The last time we see Amy on-screen (not counting the movies) is in Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha A's. Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS reveals that she married Chrono and gave birth to fraternal twins during the Time Skip (though dialogue implies that it wasn't necessarily in that order).
  • Maid-Sama!: a bonus chapter set after the epilogue reveals that Usui and Misaki have a boy and a girl. In addition, Suzuna is also revealed to be pregnant with Hinata's child, Sakura is pregnant with hers and Kuuga's second child, and Igarashi has a son.
  • Maison Ikkoku:
    • The last page of the last chapter features a newborn baby. She's Haruka Godai, the daughter of Yusaku and Kyouko.
    • Also towards the end, Mitaka and his heavily pregnant wife Asuna are about to play this troupe straight.
  • Toyed with in Michiko & Hatchin. The last few minutes show a grown-up Hatchin living modestly but well with her baby son. However, the baby's father left her after only three months, so it's not exactly a perfectly happy outcome.
  • Mnemosyne ends with Rin's pregnancy.
  • Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans: The Distant Finale last episode features Atra raising her and Mikazuki's son, Akatsuki with Kudelia's help. Merribet and Nadi are also said to have a child and are expecting a second one.
  • Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water. The title character (Nadia, married to Jean), the narrator (Samson of the Terrible Trio, married to a much younger lady, the now grown-up Marie), and the most "complex" character (Electra). Hanson, the other half of the team, has kids but we don't see them (or his wife for that matter). Grandis (the boss of the trio), notably is still single, and loving it.
  • Done in the epilogue of Naruto. 15 years after the Fourth Shinobi World War, we see Naruto and Hinata's son and daughter, Sasuke and Sakura's daughter, Sai and Ino's son, Shikamaru and Temari's son, and Chouji and Karui's daughter. Rock Lee is shown with his son. Asuma and Kurenai's grown-up daughter makes an appearance. Even Akamaru has several descendants.
  • Both Narutaki twins in the final manga chapter of Negima! Magister Negi Magi gave birth to their respective daughters whom are a splitting image of their younger selves.
    • The prologue of sequel series UQ Holder! reveals that Natsumi and Kotaro also had at least one kid since Natsumi is shown to be visibly pregnant.
    • The finale of UQ Holder! shows that Negi had one kid with each of Asuna, Nodoka, Yue, Chisame, Konoka, and Setsuna.
  • In the final chapter of Nejimaki Kagyu, Negizawa and Kagyu had a son who just transfered to a school.
  • In One Piece. Baroque Works agents Mr. 9 and Miss Monday got married and have a kid after two-year timeskip.
  • In the manga Ore-Tachi No Party Wa Machigatteiru, Chroma was cursed by the demon king to turn into a woman. In the end, she and the monk had a daughter in the final chapter. It's revealed that Chroma being pregnant causes her genderbend curse to remain unbroken when the demon king dies.
  • Parodied in Osananajimi wa Onnanoko ni Naare: The series proper has an open-ended finale, then the last volume has a two-page episode. It shows an older Shiori explaining to her son how she became a women permanently in college after falling in love and marrying Shuichi. This inspires her son to say he wants to grow up to be a girl like his mother did. Then the very last panel shows this was all Sylphie's idea of "the kind of ending we should all strive for". Shuichi was amused, but Shiori and Miyu weren't.
  • Ouran High School Host Club: The author's post-series notes reveal that Haruhi and Tamaki have a child shortly after marriage. They are the first of the Host Club members to do so. Hikaru and Kaoru, on the other hand, get a Sister Ever After; their mother gives birth to a girl named Ageha.
  • Outlanders ends with Tetsuya and Kahm having quintuplets.
  • Played for drama in Penguindrum. Ringo Oginome believes that carrying and giving birth to Tabuki-sensei's child will be the corollary to her dreams of getting her broken family back together; however, the lengths she will reach to be impregnated by him are NOT portrayed as okay, but as a sign of how unstable and desperate the girl is.
  • Phantom Thief Jeanne, manga. To make it even happier ever after, the babies in question are the reincarnations of the angels Access Time and Fin Fish, reborn as Shinji and Natsuki. To avoid incest (the two were a couple), Shinji is the son of Miyako, not Marron and Chiaki.
  • Planetes ends with some baby clothes being hung on a clothesline....
  • Professor Burnet is shown slightly pregnant in the final seconds of Pokémon Sun and Moon. After she and Kukui took in Ash for so long, it makes sense that they'd be ready for a kid of their own.
  • The kitty variation shows up in Princess Tutu. The tomcat teacher who is so desperate to marry is shown as a normal cat now, walking with a white cat and a line of kittens following them.
  • RahXephon: in the new reality resulting from the world's retuning, Ayato and Haruka are Happily Married, with Quon reincarnated as their baby daughter.
  • Rave Master has an interesting twist on this. A recurring omake deals with the wacky misadventures of a boy named Levin. About halfway through the main series, it is revealed that the omake took place in the future of the main story and that Levin is the future son of Haru and Elie.
  • Nakaba was shown pregnant in the ending of Dawn of the Arcana in the final chapter when she and Caesar were together.
  • In Romeo X Juliet, Cordelia and Benvolio are shown with a new baby in the epilogue.
  • The Rurouni Kenshin manga ends with Kenshin and Kaoru happily married with a kid named Kenji.
  • Sailor Moon. Well, Chibi-Usa is the Kid from the Future; and in the last pages of the manga, which show Usagi and Mamoru's wedding, Usagi is very heavily implied to be pregnant with Chibi-Usa.
  • In the end of Sand Chronicles's last chapter (of the main story) in Volume 8, Daigo and Ann are shown with their baby boy.
  • Sayonara, Zetsubou-Sensei's ending shows that Nozomu has married all his love interests (Kinda. It's complicated.) and all of them except the Gay Option have produced children with him. Children that look eerily like Kafuka.
  • Sekirei: Seo has 4 sons (two sets of twins) with Hibiki and Hikari a year after the series ends, all who have the mother's electric powers.
    • The Hero Minato Sahashi doesn't have any upon the epiloque, but Word of God confirms that, in his harem of 6 that he marries much later, Musubi, Matsu, Tsukiumi and Kazehana, will all bear children for him in the future.
  • In the last page of the final chapter 49 of Sekainohate de Aimashou, its revealed that the heroine Yona Ryouma gave birth to Emillio's son, pretty firmly showing Ryouma would decide to remain female for the rest of her life.
  • In the epilogue of Shaman King manga, Yoh and Anna have a son named Hana. Same goes for Tao Ren, who had a son named Tao Men. The mother was implied to be Iron Maiden Jeanne. Hana was conceived because during the series, it was a real possibility that Yoh could die, so the couple decided to have Their First Time.
  • Both the webcomic and manga of Shishunki Bitter Change ends with Yuuta, in Yui's body, becoming a mother, having a son in the webcomic's depressing ending and having a daughter and son in the manga's ending. While the identity of the father remains a mystery in the webcomic, it's obvious that the father in the manga is Yui in Yuuta's body.
  • Morinas and Wapourif have a big family in the Distant Finale of Simoun. Wauf and his Ascended Extra wife have a new baby, too. And Paraietta manages a whole orphanage full of kids, with Rodoreamon's financial backing.
  • The Grand Finale of Soul Eater reveals that Stein and Marie are an Official Couple and Marie is pregnant. Though Stein not surprisingly sees this as the start of a Guinea Pig Family.
  • At the end of Suzuka, the main couple has a baby. Although it raise a big fuss in their family; at least, it's settled down at the last chapter.
  • In Tenchi Muyo!, because it's All There in the Manual, Tenchi will wind up having multiple children by multiple girls of his harem.
  • In The Tibetan Dog, the titular Heroic Dog dies at the end, but his legacy lives on with his revealed offspring.
  • The finale of Tokyo Ghoul gives us several examples of this trope, with characters settling down to raise families. Among the couples shown with children are Kaneki and Touka, Takeomi and Yoriko, and Naki and Miza.
  • Haruto and Yuzuki had a son named Daiki in the manga ending of A Town Where You Live.
  • Trapped in a Dating Sim: The World of Otome Games is Tough for Mobs: The Web Serial Novel version has a Bitter Sweet Ending variant, with Leon having kids with his four wives, and The Lancer Marie having kids with her five husbands. Leon is stuck Resigned to the Call as The Adventure Continues and unable to spend time with his family, and Marie, who's The Chew Toy thanks to the Rich in Dollars, Poor in Sense antics of her husbands, has her burdens only increase living on an island with each of them in turn to avoid a Mama's Baby, Papa's Maybe situation to give them each an undisputed heir.
  • In Urami Koi, Koi, Urami Koi manga, Nekuni Kyouichi & Nekogasaki Natsuho are married with 2 children in the final chapter ending.
  • UFO Baby ends with an episode showing Miyu and Kanata, the protagonists, Happily Married and with a cute little baby of their own (only a normal human one, though).
  • Used at the end of Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust. Earlier in the film, D and Leila discuss their fears of Dying Alone, and agree to visit each other's graves. Sixty years later, D arrives at Leila's grave, and her granddaughter runs up to him. He looks up, and her grave is surrounded by people - she didn't die alone after all, but with her family by her side.
  • Vampire Knight:
    • A more trolling version. After a thousand years have passed in the last chapter, Yuuki is seen with two children: it's left ambiguous whether both of them are Zero's, or one is Kaname's. With the release of a bonus chapter however, the girl is confirmed to be Kaname's.
    • The ending also shows us Yori's grandchildren, who's grandfather is revealed to be Aidou.
  • In the finale of Violinist of Hameln, 10 years after the final battle, Flute and Hamel are revealed to have 9 kids! Since they all seem to be pretty close in age to each other, it means Flute had to be pregnant non-stop or often gave birth to twins or triplets. Her magical royal blood must have contributed a lot for her to be that healthy and youthful even after all that.
    • In the same chapter, Sizer finally gave birth to her and Raiel's daughter Ocarina after 10 years of trying. It took them that long not because they themselves had trouble conceiving but because Raiel kept dying from blood loss even before the baby-making act happened.
  • The last chapter of Wolf Girl and Black Prince is set years into Erika and Kyoya's marriage. It shows them living with their daughter, Yuina.
  • In the manga ending of Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches, Yamada & Shiraishi were married & had 2 children.
  • At the end of Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL, we see both Orbital 7 and Lillybot with well as two smaller, Orbital 7/Lillybot hybrid robots between them. The implication is that they are their children, despite them being robots who have to be built.

    Comic Books 
  • Issue 25 of Adventure Time shows someone in the future finding Princess Bubblegum and Marceline's friendship amulets. Someone with grey skin, sharp teeth and bright pink hair. Wonder how that one happened.
  • Marvel Universe What If?:
    • Sue Storm married Namor and half-way through the story was pregnant. At the end, Reed Richards married another woman — a female Latverian spy who had been forced into that role. The Dénouement shows Sue and Namor cooing over their son while Reed's bride is heavily pregnant, and then scenes of the two children playing together.
    • And in another one, Skrulls invaded the Earth. The Human Torch sacrificed himself to defeat them. Alicia gave birth on the last page, and comments on how she (though blind) could tell how he resembled his father.
  • Spider-Man: Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson have achieved this in a few continuities, the highest-profile of them being the Spider-Girl comic, set in the MC2 Universe. Here Peter and MJ don't just continue to raise their now teenage daughter (named after Peter's Aunt), they also have an infant baby boy named after both Peter's Uncle and Father. In 2015, a series called Renew Your Vows was published, a seperate timeline where Peter and MJ had a child called Annie, named after Mary Jane's Aunt Anna, who becomes the superhero Spiderling and fights crime alongside her parents as a superhero family.
  • Practically every ElfQuest story arc ends with one elf pregnant: Rainsong is pregnant in issue #6, Leetah is pregnant at the end of the first arc, Dewshine and Kahvi at the end of the first Palace war, Nightfall after the elves move to the new continent, Tyleet (Nightfall's daughter) at the end of the arc before the second Palace war, Krim at the end of the second Palace war, Bethia after the little Palace war, Dodia after the Forevergreen quest, Moonshade after The Searcher And The Sword, and Brill after Discovery.
  • The final issue of Love and Capes (or, at the time of writing, what is supposed to be the final issue) ends with a splash page in which Mark and Abby shout together that they're going to have a baby. It's also a Birth/Death Juxtaposition, since the main theme of the issue deals with the death of a member of the Liberty League.
    • Another series came out later, but still ultimately plays into the trope, as it is about their pregnancy, and ends with the birth of their son. It also uses time travel to double up on which parts of the trope it fulfills, having one of the heroes who has been covering for Mark while Abby is in labor turn out to be their son from the future in disguise.
  • In The Order of the Stick's print comic Snips, Snails, and Dragon Tales, Elan tells a Fractured Fairy Tale of Jack and the Beanstalk. The giant has a housekeeper who's trying to rob him. Haley demands she have a role in the Happy Ending; Elan says she marries Jack, and so she's rich too and quits the Thieves' Guild to have children instead. (Haley thinks that ending will do.)
  • Sonic the Hedgehog (Archie Comics) achieved this with his SATAM/Archie Comics love interest Sally Acorn in the "Mobius 25 Years Later" storyline, with the two ruling over Mobius as King and Queen with their children Manic and Sonia. Despite the evil Shadow corrupting the original timeline in the story, Sonic and Sally are able to bounce back and achieve their happy ending all over again in time for the sequel...
  • In the "ten years after" epilogue to the Abrafaxe's Roman arc (Mosaik No. 382) the alpha couple (Titus Julius Prudentio and Selene) and the beta couple (Trauthelm and Thusnelda) are shown with a grand total of twelve children. Nine of them are Trauthelm and Thusnelda's.
  • Shakara: In the epilogue Eva Procopio is last seen after she got married and had a baby.
  • Superman:
    • In Kingdom Come, Superman and Wonder Woman have a child together.
    • In Convergence, the Pre-Flashpoint Superman and Lois Lane have their first baby and name him after Clark's father, Jon. The family eventually return to the regular universe during the New 52 era, and soon after reality is rewritten to establish them as the one true versions, replacing their New 52 counterparts.
    • At the end of The Amazing Story Of Superman Red And Superman Blue, Superman Red and Lois Lane have twins. Likewise, Superman Blue and Lana Lang have two children together.
  • "Golden Eyes" and Her Hero "Bill": The last installment skips ahead a few years to show Golden Eyes, Bill, and their son Little Billy - who is just learning to walk with the aid of the family's Canine Companion "Uncle Sam."
  • In the alternate universe story, X-Men: The End, it's shown that most of the X-Men have had children. The follow-up story, Genext focuses on several of these kids in a time where the X-Men aren't really an active superhero team. They include Megan Summers (daughter of Cyclops and Emma Frost), Olivier & Rae Lebeau (The son and daughter of Gambit and Rogue), Becka Monroe (daughter of Storm), Pavel Rasputin (grandson of Colossus), and Rico Richards (implied to be the grandson of Reed Richards and Sue Storm, so the son of either Franklin or Valeria).
  • Wonder Woman: In the final issue before Crisis reset the multiverse the Silver Age Diana and Steve get married, and while they don't actually have a baby Di has a prophetic dream foretelling that they're going to have a little girl (Lyta), like the Diana and Steve of Earth-Two.
  • In the 20/20 oneshot of Jem and the Holograms (IDW), which takes place 20 years after the events of the main comic, it is mentioned that Shana has two children.
  • A flash forward in the Rat Queens Colossal Magic Nothing arc shows Queens Violet and Betty each with their own families and children. It lulls the audience into a false sense of security before one last job kicks in.
  • Transformers vs. G.I. Joe:
    • It is mentioned at the end that Brawn and Cover Girl will be having a child.
    • Roadblock is revealed in the epilogue to have two young daughters, who are shown getting aboard a schoolbus that quickly turns out to be a Decepticon with the driver being the Dreadnok Buzzer in disguise.
    • A non-heroic example is given with the Baroness, who ends the series pregnant with the deceased Cobra Commander's child, the child heavily implied to be this continuity's version of Serpentor.

    Comic Strips 
  • The final strip of Cathy ended with Cathy telling her mother she was pregnant with a girl. Her mother fell to her knees in jubilation, while Irving offered to show his father-in-law the ultrasound on his iPhone.
  • In For Better or for Worse's "Strip of Destiny" epilogue, it confirmed that the just married Elizabeth and Anthony would eventually have a son named James Allen.

    Fairy Tales 

    Fan Works 
  • Bridge to Terabithia 2: The Last Time: Not only does the writer undo Leslie Burke's supposed death, but ends the story with a Distant Epilogue where Jess and Leslie have two children - a girl and a boy - who seemed like carbon copies of their parents...
  • The Child of Love: Teri Ikari -the eponymous Child of Love- is born in the last chapter. And in the last scene, set two years later Asuka tells Shinji she is pregnant again.
  • HERZ: Shinji and Asuka had a daughter called Akiko after the canon events. And in the last chapter they find out that Asuka got pregnant again. They call their second daughter Sakiko.
  • Last Child of Krypton: In the last chapter of the rewrite Asuka tells Shinji that he has got her pregnant.
  • The One I Love Is...: In the four-years-later epilogue it is revealed that Shinji and Asuka are expecting, and Misato is raising her and Kaji's son, Ryouji.
  • Happens to all the surviving heroes at the end of New Tamaran.
  • The Second Try: Misato is revealed to be pregnant with Kaji's baby in the epilogue.
  • Thousand Shinji: It is revealed in the side-story that Shinji and Asuka had a daughter, Kali, named after the Hindu Goddess of Death and Destruction, after the events of the fic. A line seems to imply that Shinji and his three wives -Asuka, Rei and Misato- had several children, but only Kali is known]
  • At the end of Supergirl fanfic Hellsister Trilogy, Clark and Lois are expecting twins.
  • Subverted in Fullmetal Alchemist: Forever. Granted this fanfiction is a sequel to canon and nearly everyone couple has children at some point, but this isn't a W.A.F.F. at all: Al exclaims that he hates his brother, Ed and Winry consider a divorce, Al has to go back into his suit of armor, and one of the babies in question is knocked up by the other at age twelve. Every heartwarming moment that comes attached to the kids is balanced by something darker.
  • DC Nation has several child characters — both canon (Ceridian, Lian Harper, Offspring) and Original Characters (Sandra Grayson, Luumand'r, Allanah Dibny). Surprisingly for stories set in The DCU, the characters in Nation age in real-time. Some of the kids born "on panel" are now old enough to have their own journals and players. There's a Spin-Off game that depicts the kids (among other characters) in their teens and twenties, becoming yet another generation of costumed fighters.
  • Kyon: Big Damn Hero has this for the Higurashi: When They Cry cast.
  • The freeware Mario game Mario Forever (Not to be confused with the Platform Hell hack known as Super Mario Forever) featured, as part of the ending, Mario and Peach disappearing into a castle, and then, accompanied by the text "Nine Months Later", several baby versions of Mario ran out of the front door.
  • A Growing Affection has a Distant Finale showing two-thirds of the couples have had kids and/or are expecting.
  • Averted in The Adventures of Blinky Bill fanfic Intimate Healing. Shifty Dingo and Nutsy grow up and get married but can't have babies, one being a dingo and the other a koala, so they just adopt a dingo girl instead.
  • The Emiya Clan: The premise originally has Shirou getting Happily Married to no less than 24 women from across the Sekirei and Nasuverse universes (including a couple from alternate continuities). The total number of kids he had caps off at 29, but over a dozen stories later, and some of those kids now have children.
  • In the epilogue of Uplifted, Admiral Zorah, from Uplifted goes on to become the ancestor of Tali Zorah, and Lachlan Shepard is the ancestor of Commander Shepard. Meanwhile, we find out that Martus Xen is ancestor of Admiral Daro Xen, and that Joachim Hoch manages a series of descendents, one of which is the Illusive Man. It's sequel Uplifted Intervention makes this more clear during the first interlude, showing that Hoch and Hanala with a large and extensive family coming together to celebrate the turn of the new Millennium in 1999. Understandable, given that the series focuses on the descendents of these families from 1942 all the way to the events of Mass Effect canon.
  • Played with in this fic aptly called "Giving Birth" — the writer intended it as character bashing, implying that the character in question would sleep with anyone.
  • In the "Where Are They Now?" Epilogue of the Mass Effect/Warhammer 40,000 crossover Angels of the Storm, Samara and Captain Malleus hook up and have a child together.
  • A Taste of the Good Life ends with Ebby pregnant with Main Course's foal, who was later revealed in a blog post to be a colt named Ginger.
  • The Twilight Storm series concludes with the Tenth Doctor going back in time to save Esme Cullen's infant son and bring him into the future to treat his sickness, and he also provides Rosalie and Emmett with the means to have a son, taking samples from them while both were human, so long as they can find a suitable surrogate to carry the baby in the present.
  • Dante and Lucia have children together at the end of Devil May Cry: Revelations, and this carries over into its comedic follow-up, Dante's Night at Freddy's.
  • Here I Go Again: Anakin and Padme have Luke and Leia. Also inverted with Obi Wan and Siri, as they have Jinn and Kira about halfway through the story.
  • A Marriage Of Convenience: The epilogue reveals that, long after the two making peace and bonding, Hans and Elsa have a daughter named Rosie.
  • In the Discworld of A.A. Pessimal, Assassin Johanna Smith-Rhodes leads a full and active life right up until the birth of oldest daughter Rebecka. She effectively retires from the active Profession at this point to lead a generally blameless life as a working mother, focusing on teaching, running the City Zoo and looking for worthwhile investment opportunities. But her three daughters provide more than enough headaches and she remains a key background character while other people are doing the front-line work.
  • At the end of Kara of Rokyn, Lois Lane gets pregnant shortly after her marriage to Clark Kent.
  • The Many Dates of Danny Fenton, a Danny Phantom fanfic:
    • Danny's nightmare after unintentionally running into Katie Kaboom from Animaniacs features them getting married and having 8 daughters that are just like their mother.
    • The epilogue shows Danny and Kara from Supergirl married and with two kids, a little daughter named Allura "Ally" Madeline Fenton and an younger son named Jackie "Clark" Fenton.
    • Alternate endings where Danny chose a different girl:
      • Sabrina from Sabrina: The Animated Series: they have a daughter named Tabitha Samantha "Tabbi" Fenton.
      • Kitty Pryde: they have a son named Peter Charles Fenton and a daughter named Madeline "Madge" Ororo Fenton.
      • Musa from Winx Club: they have a daughter named Matlin.
      • Phantasma from Scooby-Doo and the Ghoul School: they have a son named Eidolonius "Eddie" Phantom.
      • Kim Possible: they have a daughter named Anne "Annie" Madeline Fenton.
      • Makoto/Lita from Sailor Moon: they have a daughter named Mako.
      • Felicia from Marvel's Spider-Man: they have a son named Felix Peter Fenton and a daughter named Felicity Lydia Fenton.
      • With Penny Proud from The Proud Family, it starts with them childless, though she reveals she is pregnant. They decide that if it's a girl then Josephine "Josie" Rhea Fenton, if a boy then Neil Martin Fenton.
      • Danny chooses Alex, the have a son named Oliver "Ollie" Jackson Fenton and a daughter named Daisy Fenton.
      • Katie's fantasy in the alternate ending where Danny is still single has them with twins named Callie and DJ.
  • In the final chapter of X-Men 1970, Jean Grey implies she may be pregnant. The sequel confirms that she and Scott Summers become parents.
  • No One Said Life Was Gonna Be Fair ends several decades in the future. Jasper and Greg are married to one another and their step-children have had their own kids.
  • From Behind Bars ends with Scar and Laila having twin sons, Mufasa and Mheetu.
  • The epilogue of Love Is A Funny Thing mentions that Jerrica and Riot have had kids together. Several of the other characters also have families.
  • White Sheep (RWBY): Quite a few are mentioned in the Distant Finale.
    • Coral and Qrow have six kids and counting. Ozpin says the second oldest should get an automatic pass into Beacon because she calls him uncle.
    • Cinder and Ironwood, of all people, hooked up sometime in the Time Skip. Their son is a student at Beacon, and Ozpin expects him to either take over the school or turn it into a military dictatorship.
    • And of course, Jaune and Yang have plenty of kids. Not counting Yin, their two eldest are twins who are coming to Beacon, and mention is made of a number of younger ones running around. Then Oscar realizes that of the twins, one of them has silver eyes, meaning he's Ruby's son instead of Yang's. Likely some of the other kids are Ruby's as well.
  • A Crossover fic between ER and The Stand concluded with two of the surviving females (Kerry and Randi) pregnant.
    • Another one that follows Doug and Carol's life in Seattle has her discovering that she's pregnant again on the cusp of them celebrating their 15 anniversary.
  • bent or broken, it's the family tree ends a few years later with the birth of Phoebus and Esmeralda's son Zephyr.
  • Green Tea Rescue opens with Izuku and Ochako's children (adopted daughter Eri and biological son Toshi) reading a story of how their parents met.
  • Izukus Pro Hero Harem Life begins with a Flash Forward to Izuku's nearly complete harem a week before their planned mass wedding, with several of the women already pregnant, before the narrative shifts to How We Got Here. In a recent chapter, Izuku mentions his plans to have at least one kid with each member of his polyamorous relationship web, and Izuku and Ochako have already adopted Eri. Though if certain foreshadowing is the be believed, he'll eventually have over ONE HUNDRED CHILDREN!!!
  • Team Rocket Roots ends with the Beta Couple Butch and Cassidy married and expecting.
  • Exaggerated in a Code Geass Alternate Universe Fic in which the Euphinator incident never happened, resulting in Lelouch not instituting the Zero Requiem and just ending the conflict after becoming Emperor, and as such, everybody lives. The fic opens years later, with Suzaku and Euphemia having married and had nine children together, and Euphemia is pregnant again. Suzaku is rather shocked that Euphie is so fertile, meaning they didn't even plan this! The name of the fic? Fertility, appropriately enough.
  • A Diplomatic Visit: The epilogue of the fourth story, The Diplomat's Life, reveals that a few of Twilight's friends have had children in the intervening years - Swift-Pad and Maxilla have had another few litters, Queen Scolopidia and her wives have had foals of their own, the Alpha is expecting a child with Principal Celestia, and Starlight and Sunburst are expecting their first foal.
  • Neon Genesis Evangelion: Genocide: The three-years-later epilogue reveals Shinji and Asuka are expecting a baby.
  • Futures Freak Me Out's the second-to-last scene has Shinji and Asuka discussing the latter's pregnancy and wondering whether they will be able to be good parents.
  • At the final scene of Evangelion fanfic Wake, Asuka is about to break the news to Shinji about her pregnancy.
  • The Law & Order: UK story "Apocalypse Now" ends with Alesha giving birth to her and Matt's daughter Julia, while "Choices" ends with her pregnant with twins.
  • At the end of Dragon Ball fanfiction The Warrior's Daughter, Chi-Chi announces Goku she is pregnant again.
  • At the end of Scar Tissue, Shinji and Asuka agree to repair their relationship and have at least two children together.
  • By Chapter 21 of The Seer and His Butterfly, Mirabel had married her boyfriend Joseph and are expecting, revealing this to the family as a Birthday card to Bruno. When Bruno has a vision of the outcome out of fear that she'll die from it like his wife did, he finds out she was having twins.
  • You Are Not At Fault: In the final scene, Misato hints she is pregnant with Kaji's child.

    Films — Animation 
  • Madame Adelaide Bonfamille comments to Georges during the final scenes of The Aristocats that they'll have to provide for Duchess and O'Malley's "future little ones".
  • The end of Disney's Bambi has Faline giving birth to twin fawns with Bambi looking on.
  • Chicken Run ends with a scene of the chickens in their new home, accompanied by dozens of chicks. Slight subversion as we don't know who the chicks' parents are, they're just chicks, and it's a pretty large colony of birds (though with only two males...)
  • In the final scene of Happy Feet, a baby penguin is seen dancing next to Mumble and Gloria (and is later revealed to be their son Erik in the sequel).
  • In the epilogue to How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World, after Hiccup and Astrid get married, they have a son and a daughter, who they take to see Toothless and the Light Fury, who have three baby dragons of their own.
  • At the end of Klaus, Jesper and Alva are shown with a small son and daughter in the future. In a more subtle take, the ending has the implication that Klaus's work bringing gifts to children every Christmas gave him the family he never had the chance to have.
  • Lady and the Tramp ends with Lady's and the Tramp's litter of puppies. The puppy who takes after his dad - Scamp - was the main character in a series of comics, and later an animated sequel.
  • The ending of The Lion King (1994), with Simba and Nala's cute little cub. In a series of licensed books made not soon after the film came out, the cub is a male named Kopa. In The Lion King II the cub is a female named Kiara. Originally they were supposed to retcon Simba and Nala into having twins but the male was eventually scrapped.
  • Mad Mad Mad Monsters, the prequel to Mad Monster Party?, shows the Monster and his mate with a baby during the end credits when the monsters start chasing Harvey the mailman.
  • Norm of the North ends with Norm and Elizabeth having three cubs together.
  • While not explicitly stated, it's an easy assumption to make in the ending of The Pebble and the Penguin. Hubie and Marina are shown standing in a group of eight baby penguins. It's unclear whether it's meant to be inferred that all of the offspring are theirs; real Adélie penguins bear only one egg at a time.
  • In Rio, Blu and Jewel are seen with three chicks during the end credits. After all, that was the point of them getting together.
  • Discussed in Robin Hood (1973) where Robin proposes to Marian.
    Robin: We'll have six children.
    Marian: Six? Oh, a dozen at least.
    • And after they get married, Skippy tags along, saying, "Robin Hood's going to have kids. Somebody has to keep their eye on things."
  • Although the scene goes by quickly, if you look carefully during the ending for Rock-A-Doodle you can see that Chanticleer and Goldie had chicks that look like them.
  • Rover Dangerfield ends with Rover discovering that he's a father of six little puppies with Daisy.
  • Shrek:
    • We're shown Donkey is having a healthy and stable relationship with his dragon girlfriend, as indicated by the appearance of their many donkey-dragon hybrid kids. Donkey is a very involved and devoted father.
    • Shrek the Third ends with Shrek and Fiona's children being born.
  • Storks is film about Delivery Storks, so it of course ends with a large amount of babies being delivered to a surprisingly diverse variety of parents.
  • Treasure Planet ends with Amelia and Dr. Doppler having four children in the Distant Finale.
  • Pixar's Up ends with many still photos, including one of Dug and another female dog (that looks a lot like him) having many puppies.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • Ashfall: One year after the film's events, Ji-young has given birth to her and In-chang's son, and they've adopted Joon-pyeong's daughter. This happy family unit is introduced alongside announcements of the Korean peninsula beginning to recover after the disaster.
  • A funny spin on this in Charlie Chaplin's A Dog's Life. Scrappy the wonder pup plays a key role in hooking his master, The Tramp, up with a beautiful nightclub singer. In the last scene the Tramp and his wife are working a little farm. They come inside and coo over a cradle—which contains Scrappy, nursing her litter of puppies.
  • Bunni: Paige has survived her ordeal with Chris and his mom, and is living comfortable raising her and Chris' infant son. Then Chris shows up at her front door to take him away from her.
  • Four Weddings and a Funeral ends with a MOS scene of the main couple and their baby-pram. Also at the aborted fourth wedding, the couple who got married in the first is seen in the audience, each holding one of their twins.
  • George of the Jungle ends with first a scene of George and Ursula's baby showing he's inherited his dad's clumsiness by walking into a low hanging bar, and then proceeds to parody The Lion King.
  • Kung Fu Jungle ends with Ma and his protégée Ying, who eventually becomes his love interest, eventually settling down after Ma gets released from prison. A photo of them years later have Ying carrying Ma's infant son.
  • The end of The Mask of Zorro has Antonio Banderas' character telling his new child a story about how he fought as Zorro. This is also an echo of the opening, where the first Zorro tells his daughter a similar story, down the ending: both men see their wives and observe that they never did anything that stupid again.
  • Hellboy II: The Golden Army ends with the title character and Liz looking forward to becoming parents. We never actually see the babies, though. Guillermo del Toro must have felt like an unambiguously heartwarming ending after that other thing he'd just done. Señor Del Toro has always said that he has three Hellboy movies in mind, so we may see them eventually.
  • Used in the film and musical Funny Girl, where, in the number "Sadie, Sadie, Married Lady," Fanny reflects on her married life and on the "beautiful reflection of her love's affection," which is a Shout-Out to an earlier song.
  • Happens at the end of The Happening, as it happens.
  • Twins: Julius (Schwarzenegger) and Vincent (DeVito) got married to their twin love interests and each had twins.
  • At the end of Cold Mountain, we see Ada with a little girl who turns out to be Inman's daughter. Ruby and Georgia also had a baby.
  • Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End ends bittersweetly this way in the final scene after the credits, where we discover that Will and Elizabeth's one day before he has to leave for the next decade produced a son, who will now be meeting his father for the first time. So it's a partial subversion.
  • King Ralph ends with a scene showing the abdicated Ralph with his love interest Miranda and their son.
  • The end of the horror movie Planet Terror shows the female lead with a baby after the main lead has died.
  • Played with in Buster Keaton's Sherlock, Jr. The movie depicts a film projectionist who falls asleep on the job, and dreams of being in the movie he's watching. When he wakes up, his love interest arrives, and he takes the movie within the movie's lead on how to act with her. When the movie within a movie's lead kisses his love interest, Keaton's character kisses his. But then Keaton looks at the movie to see "several years later..."
  • Parenthood ends with every woman of childbearing age either giving birth, holding a new baby, or pregnant.
  • At the end of The Terminator, Sarah Connor is pregnant with her son; preventing or ensuring this was the whole point of the plot.
  • The alternate ending of Terminator-2 shows an elderly Sarah Connor watching as an adult John plays with his daughter.
  • At the end of Raising Arizona Hi has a vision of himself and his (apparently barren) wife Ed as grandparents to a large family.
  • Notting Hill ends with Hugh Grant's and Julia Roberts' characters sitting in a park, Julia very clearly pregnant.
  • At the end of Eat Drink Man Woman, Jin-Rong is shown pregnant with Chu's future daughter.
  • At the end of The Fighting Temptations, Darrin (Cuba Gooding, Jr.) proposes to Lilly (Beyoncé Knowles). The film then skips 18 months into the future, and the two are shown to be married with Lilly cuddling their new baby - who is in fact, her second child.
  • Jerri and Tom in The Girl Can't Help It have five kids.
  • A rather dark, twisted version occurs in Woody Allen's 2005 film Match Point, when married couple Chloe and Chris, who had spent most of the movie trying unsuccessfully for a baby, are finally shown bringing their new-born son home. Only Chloe is unaware that her husband had an affair with another woman, got her pregnant, and then murdered her in cold blood to avoid the potential ramifications.
  • At the end of Prudence And The Pill, everyone has had babies. That's what happens when you replace birth control pills with aspirin!
  • At the end of That Touch of Mink, with Cary Grant and Doris Day, with the added little twist that a psychologist thinks the baby is the product of two men who married.
  • Also at the end of Lover Come Back, with Rock Hudson and Doris Day. That Doris got around.
  • Doc and Clara introduce their two boys, Jules and Verne, at the end of Back to the Future Part III.
  • Look Who's Talking ends with the complaints of the infant protagonist's newborn baby sister.
  • Revenge of the Sith ends with the births of Luke and Leia, and features a Continuity Nod to a famous scene from A New Hope.
  • 127 Hours, of all things: Aron has a vision of himself in the future having survived the ordeal in the canyon and holding his son, which inspires him to fight for his life and, of course, cut his arm off. It comes true in RealLife, as shown at the end of the film.
  • Turner & Hooch. This does not compensate for the Downer Ending which even Tom Hanks has admitted was a mistake.
  • French Kiss ends with Kevin Kline and Meg Ryan romping in the vineyard with their son.
  • Subverted in The Big Lebowski — the Stranger tells us there's a "Little Lebowski" on the way, Maude having successfully gotten herself impregnated by the Dude. But it has already been explained to us that Maude picked the Dude to essentially do no more than donate sperm for her child precisely because the Dude would want nothing to do with raising a kid.
  • In the "Where Are They Now?" Epilogue of Little Nicky, Nicky (Adam Sandler), the son of Satan, is revealed to be raising a bouncing baby hellspawn with his love interest.
  • The epilogue of Big Daddy, another Sandler film, is set over a year later at Sonny's birthday party. Julian is accompanied by his father and stepmother, and Sonny and Layla are married with a new baby.
  • The Animal ends like this.
  • In Idiocracy Joe has the world's three smartest children, and Frito fathers 32 of the world's dumbest.
  • Apparently, the fact that Sandra Bullock's character was pregnant at the end of Premonition was supposed to make us feel better about the grimness of the rest of the film.
  • In the last lines of Hannah and Her Sisters, Holly tells Mickey that she's pregnant. This doubles as an example of the Law of Inverse Fertility, because when Mickey was married to Hannah, he was told he was infertile.
  • In Immortals' ending, true to the Greek mythology, Phaedra gave birth to Theseus's son Acamas.
  • Immortal by Enki Bilal ends with Jill having Horus's baby. Who, even as an infant, can turn into a hawk and hunt Parisian pigeons.
  • Jack the Giant Slayer opens with Jack hearing stores from his mum about the long-ago war with the giants. It ends with Jack and the Princess—now safely married and living in the palace—telling stories of their own adventures to their children.
  • The ending of Minority Report shows Tom Cruise' character and his newly pregnant wife.
  • In No Time to Die, James Bond himself dies at the end, but his young daughter Mathilde will grow up knowing about her father's exploits.
  • Happens in another Tom Cruise film, Oblivion (2013), whereby his character Jack's wife, Julia, gave birth to a daughter in the 3-year time skip.
  • Lady and the Tramp: Subverted. Lady and Tramp don't have their puppies at the end of the movie. But Jock's owner adopts the puppies that made a couple of appearances earlier in the film. This is justified as Lady and Tramp's puppies would have rendered the movie's message about pet adoption a bit of a Broken Aesop.
  • John Woo's Once a Thief spends much of its runtime juggling around the Love Triangle between its three protagonists, Joe, James and Cherie, but eventually ends with James and Cherie having two babies and Joe becoming their Honorary Uncle.
  • The Other Woman (2014) subverts it. The main couple don't have the kids. The ex-wife and her new paramour do.
  • What a Way to Go! depicts a "cursed" woman who keeps marrying and losing husbands. At the end of the film, this trope indicates she's finally broken the curse with husband #5.
  • At the end of The Brass Teapot Alice and John are expecting a baby, as part of the happy ending.
  • The 1987 movie Hello Again ends with a photo album showing the main character marrying her love interest, her sister marrying her love interest, and then the main character's son and wife with a baby, the sister and love interest with a baby, and the main character and her new husband with twins.
  • Near the end of Breaking Away, Dave's middle-aged parents, Ray and Evelyn, tell Dave they're going to have another child, and a little later, we see a pregnant Evelyn waving goodbye to Ray as he leaves work.
    Moocher: Wow. Hey, I didn't think people your age-
    Ray: Uh, the next word may be your last, kid.
  • In Dogma, the Last Scion becomes the Next to Last Scion after God makes her pregnant in return for successfully saving the world.
  • The credits for Natural Born Killers show Mallory (heavily pregnant) and Mickey traveling with a daughter and son, pretending to kill each other with toy weapons.
  • Played for laughs in Pixels. The ending skips to one year later and it's shown that human Ludlow and game character/alien Lady Lisa are married with children...who turn out to be a litter of little QBerts. Believe us, It Makes Sense in Context.
  • Exaggerated in Descendants, where every Disney character who appears in the film is a parent of at least one child, all teenagers.
  • Headhunters: The final scene emphasizes Diana's pregnancy as a symbol of their happy relationship.
  • The Nativity Story: A twist. The film ends with Mary and Joseph having their baby, but the birth isn't an afterthought but whole point of telling the story at all, considering who the baby grows up to be.
  • The Opposite of Sex:
    • Eternally alone Lucia makes a love connection with Carl. The epilogue shows them with children, and Lucia has become much happier.
    • Dede's pregnancy is a plot point but she doesn't give birth until the climax, and this trope is fulfilled for her brother Bill. Dede plans to leave the two of them but the film cuts off before we see if she actually does.
  • Elf ends with Buddy and Jovie having a baby daughter named Susie.
  • The Player uses this ironically.
  • Subverted in The Force Awakens. At the end of Return of the Jedi, Leia Organa and Han Solo got together and The Force Awakens reveals they had a son, Ben Solo. Unfortunately, a series of tragic events led to him falling to the Dark Side and becoming Kylo Ren, one of the main antagonists of the Sequel Trilogy. Han actually ends up being killed by his son just to add salt in the wound.
  • Python: Kristin tells Greg that she's pregnant at the end of the movie.
  • Miss Meadows: In the epilogue, Miss Meadows (or rather Mrs.?) is shown as happily married to Mike, and they have a baby daughter.
  • Legally Blonde: The "Where Are They Now?" Epilogue after the Time Skip reveals that Paulette married the UPS guy and they are expecting their first child, who they're going to name after Elle.
  • Elena Undone: At the end, Peyton and Elena are shown with Elena's baby together in the park, raising it as a couple, having ended up happily together.
  • Love Is Not Perfect: Part of Elena's happy ending with Ettore involves her being pregnant with their baby.
  • Freshman Year: At the end, CJ and Marcella have a baby daughter, Faith, as part of their happy resolution. The pair are a loving couple, going back to school with help from their moms watching Faith while during the week. It's implied they'll get married soon.

    Light Novels 
  • In The Garden of Sinners's final light novel, Shiki and Mikiya have a daughter named Mana in the distant future. Said daughter is a huge Daddy's Girl, and wants to "beat her mother to get her father back." (Though she doesn't hate her mom per se, logically). Personality and appearance-wise, Mana resembles Arima Miyako, the other Shiki's cousin in Tsukihime. Oh and she uses her mother's surname since Shiki is quite the Uptown Girl.
  • Exaggerated in High School D×D. An "EX Novel" set in one possible future of the series shows that Issei had at least one child with every single one of his haremettes.
  • At the end of Spice and Wolf, Holo reveals to Lawrence that she is pregnant after settling down together.

  • The epilogue of The Alice Network features Charlie and Finn’s daughter. Justified: The mother in question was pregnant for the entire book, although it took her some time to decide whether to keep the baby.
  • Fortune and Gossamer have a hatchling by the end of Dragoncharm.
  • The book, Jap Herron ends with Jap's wife Isabel Granger giving birth to a baby boy she names Jasper William.
  • A favored trope of Anne McCaffrey:
    • The original Petaybee trilogy ends with Yana giving birth to twins, who display their father's shapeshifting abilities at birth.
    • Similarly, the Acorna trilogy ends with Acorna finding out she's pregnant. Somewhat sinisterly, we also find out that She was carrying twins, and one of them was stolen by Greymalkin.
    • Of particular note is the Tower and the Hive series, where every major story arc ended with the main female protagonist pregnant. In fact, it went in generations in the series proper: The Rowan was pregnant with Child #2 at the end of The Rowan, Damia (Child #3) was pregnant with her first at the end of Damia and Laria (the child Damia was carrying in the previous mention) was pregnant at the end of The Tower And The Hive (with the implication that her younger brother Thian's lover was pregnant as well)
  • Regardless of how bleak most of the Dragons of Requiem trilogies end, at least one couple in each trilogy will get married and/or have children during the resolution.
  • Subverted in Hawksong. The author, Amelia Atwater-Rhodes, originally intended to end with Danica singing to her baby, but then she (the author) realized that she could not just end it that way because there were still too many consequences and ramifications from actions taken in the first book that needed closure. The next book in the series deals with the consequences of the pregnancy. The book went from a single novel, to a trilogy, to a five-part series called the Kiesha'ra.
  • In Peter S. Beagle's The Last Unicorn, a town is afraid to have children because of the prophecy that their prosperity depended on Haggard, and one of their children would bring him down. At the end, when it has been fulfilled, Prince Lir urges this trope on them; it might help.
  • There's plenty that's dark about the final act of Jane Eyre, but in the last two pages or so nearly all of that is swept aside in favor of W.A.F.F.. Not only is Jane and Rochester's newborn son one of the last images we get, we also get Rochester miraculously regaining his sight in his one remaining eye so he can see the face of his child.
  • There are plenty of new children in the epilogue of Seven Years Awesome Luck, but of particular note is Denneka being pregnant, with the possibility that the baby may inherit cat traits from its father.
  • Wilkie Collins:
    • The Moonstone ends this way, though it's followed by an epilogue with the proper ending.
    • In The Woman in White, Laura, who has been an Ill Girl for most of the last quarter of the novel, marries her love interest and they have a son. The birth of Laura's son isn't just happy for general sentimental reasons, but also represents a final victory over the villains who tried to deprive her of her inheritance; the Fairlie estate was entailed to only be inherited by male relatives, which is why her uncle got it after her father, but now on her uncle's death it comes to Laura in trust for her son.
  • Found frequently in the works of Charles Dickens:
    • In David Copperfield, David is united with Agnes at the end of the book. Cue time lapse and a heartwarming scene of them living with their young children.
    • In A Tale of Two Cities, Sydney Carton's death will be followed Charles and Lucy Darnay having another child, who will be named for him.
      I see the lives for which I lay down my life, peaceful, useful, prosperous and happy, in that England which I shall see no more. I see Her with a child upon her bosom, who bears my name.
    • Hard Times ends with asking whether various events each character imagines will happen to them in their future, then after each paragraph says "such things were to be". Then a fairly typical example is described in Louisa's imagination.
    • George Orwell commented that this is literally the only thing anyone ever does in one of Dickens's happy endings:
      The ideal to be striven after, then, appears to be something like this: a hundred thousand pounds, a quaint old house with plenty of ivy on it, a sweetly womanly wife, a horde of children, and no work.
  • Meyer's Twilight sort of ends on this. Bella and Edward have Renesmee midway through Breaking Dawn after an Express Delivery and the last half of the book is spent cleaning up all the loose ends caused by her existence. Oh, and Renesmee is also imprinted by Jacob, ergo solving the Edward-Bella-Jacob Love Triangle. Notable for many readers having found it incredibly repulsive rather than heartwarming.
  • The Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy ends two years later, where Ana and Christian are playing with their son, Teddy. Ana is six months pregnant with a daughter whom they plan to name Phoebe. It is also mentioned that Kate and Elliot are married and had a daughter, Ava.
  • The Sally Lockhart mystery Shadow in the North has this ending, with the child going on to be extremely important to the plot in the following book (Tiger in the Well).
  • Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows:
    • Tonks and Lupin give birth to Teddy midway through the book. It's not strictly this trope since it is nowhere near the end and there is a war around them, but this serves as a conclusion to their romantic angst, as Lupin originally did not want to marry Tonks because he was afraid his children would become werewolves like him. As it turns out, Teddy is not.
    • In the epilogue, it is revealed that Harry and Ginny had three children (James, Albus, and Lily), Ron and Hermione had two children (Rose and Hugo), and Draco had a son (Scorpius). It is also offhandedly mentioned that Teddy is sending off his girlfriend, Victoire Weasley (Bill and Fleur's daughter) as she boards for Hogwarts, along with James, Albus, Rose, and Scorpius.
    • Word of God further expanded this. Other than the above six, Arthur and Molly Weasley end up with six more grandchildren: Louis and Dominique (Victoire's younger siblings), Fred and Roxanne (George and Angelina's children), and Molly and Lucy (Percy's daughters). Luna marries Rolf, the grandson of Newt Scamander, and has two sons, Lorcan and Lysander. Rather unsettlingly, Voldemort also joins the fun as he is revealed to have had a daughter with Bellatrix shortly before they died. This daughter, Delphini, is the main antagonist of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.
  • At the end of Dracula, Mina and Jonathan Harker talk of their son Quincy.
  • In White's Charlotte's Web this is actually part of a Bittersweet Ending (Charlotte dies, but her babies make it).
  • Anansi Boys plays this straight with Charlie and Daisy's son, but subverts it with Spider and Rosie. Rosie's mother is given to making pointed remarks about her lack of grandchildren and casting aspersions on Spider's virility. It's implied the reason he hasn't had any is because she's so damned insistent, although as mentioned in American Gods, this may just be because it's very difficult for a god and a human to have a child.
  • Will and Eleanor have three daughters in the epilogue to The Road to Wellville.
  • In Philip Reeve's Predator's Gold, Hester is pregnant at the end.
  • Not exactly an ending trope, but in Star Wars Legends just about anyone who has gotten married - be they a main from the movies, an Ascended Extra, or an original - has had children at some point. Almost always one boy, or a set of male-female twins. The exception to that would be Wedge and Iella, who had two non-twin daughters. The only Happily Married couple who didn't have kids would be Winter and Tycho—Winter seems to have considered working as the Solo kids' nanny enough of an experience.
  • Little Women: Although Meg had her twins earlier in the book, the "Where Are They Now?" Epilogue chapter shows Jo now with two young sons (and a school full of surrogate sons) and Amy with a baby daughter. Interestingly, only Meg has any more children in the sequels set after this chapter.
  • Very common theme in the Ender's Game series. The author explicitly and shamelessly inserting long speeches about how saving humanity is nothing compared to extending your line. Even people completely uninterested in sex (i.e. a man with no interest whatsoever) will settle down and get married, satisfied with adopted children but still hoping for a turkey baster miracle.
    • In the Ender's Shadow series, Anton the geneticist settles down, marries, and has a child in addition to his new step-children. He's also unashamedly gay, but can overcome his sexual urges in order to fulfill his social need for progeny. So, he's fine with being gay, and all, but...
      • The protagonist of the same series, Bean, was originally going to subvert this trope, as he was afraid of passing on his genetic condition and his lover, Petra, is fine with this. However, various factors, including the aforementioned Anton, convince him to do his reproductive duty and he and Petra eventually have eight children via in-vitro and the last book of the series has a subplot of them having to retrieve seven of them, which have been implanted in other women by Bean's enemy, Achilles. They manage to find six of them, and the eighth one is eventualy found in Ender in Exile. To really drive the trope home, after Bean and the three children with his genetic condition go into space to await a cure, Petra remarries to Peter Wiggin and has six more kids with him.
    • And in Ender in Exile Graff goes on a long ramble in a letter to Ender telling him to have children, that children are amazing, breed, breed, breed.
      • And the whole reason he did this is because he himself chose to subvert the trope years ago, choosing to symbolically adopt all mankind as his children and focus on colonizing the former Formic worlds, but now, as a retired, lonely old man, regrets his decision.
    • Speaker for the Dead and the subsequent book, Xenocide, has Ender marry the widowed Novinha and become a father-figure to her children. He also eventually has children of his own via interaction with The Outside.
  • Occurs in The Redemption of Althalus to the titular character and Dweia.
  • Joe Haldeman's The Forever War ends with the birth announcement of Mandella and Marygay's son from the local paper.
  • In Poul Anderson's A Midsummer Tempest Dénouement, Jennifer is looking forward to this.
  • If any couple in The Belgariad or Malloreon is married at the end, they'll have children. Relg and Taiba are particularly noteworthy - they marry at the end of the Belgariad and have a small army of offspring by the end of the Malloreon (though it's hinted they're getting divine aid - Taiba was the last Marag, thus her children would be Marags, and Mara wants his people back). Belgarion and Ce'Nedra are noteworthy in another way: at one point in the Malloreon, it is heavily implied that they will be getting children for a long, long time.
  • Lois McMaster Bujold is an explicit subscriber to this trope; she always intended for Aral Vorkosigan and Cordelia Naismith to have a kid, after she came up with them. Of course, given her views on proper Character Development, this is very much not Happily Ever After...
    • A later book in the series to date ends with Miles attending the birth of his son and daughter; after that, Cryoburn reveals that Miles and Ekaterin have added two more daughters to the count while all of the Koudelka sisters except Kareen have had at least one child with their respective partners. And most importantly (as far as Miles, Mark and Ivan are concerned) is that Gregor and Laisa have gotten around to securing the line of succession for the throne. By Gentleman Jole and the Red Queen, Miles and Ekaterin are up to six kids, plus Ivan and Tej (offscreen) have apparently spawned. The kicker, however, would be Cordelia and her late husband Aral's male partner Oliver Jole. Cordelia uses frozen sperm willed to her by Aral to produce six female zygotes, all of which she plans to have brought to term. She also shares some of Aral's sperm, as well as leftover enucleated eggs from her, with Oliver so that he can engage in Homosexual Reproduction and produce sons that will be biologically both his and Aral's. Three of them!
    • The ending of the Sharing Knife series pretty much exemplifies this trope, especially the last line of Horizon.
  • J. R. R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings:
    • Sam and Rosie end up having thirteen children, which is a large family even for hobbits. Word of God explicitly states that Sam embodies the true happy end and reason for their troubles: being able to live a simple honest life with a good family and good work.
    • To a lesser extent, Aragorn and Arwen as well. They have one boy (Eldarion) and several girls (who remain unnamed) before his death 120 years after the end of Return of the King.
  • Lolita. After she finally escapes him, Humbert eventually finds Lolita several years later, married to a man called Schiller and expecting a child. But it's subverted — the introduction of the novel lists Mrs. Schiller as having died in childbirth.
  • Codex Alera ends with Bernard and Amara expecting a child in addition to the several they've already adopted (Including Rook's daughter Masha), not to mention Tavi and Kitai's newborn son Desiderus. Both sets of children are unexpected. In Amara's case, she was infertile until the magic mushroom with healing properties cleared that up. And Tavi and Kitai are an interspecies couple, and as far as we know are the first of their two species to get together.
  • Occurs multiple times in Juliet Marillier's The Sevenwaters Trilogy: at the end of Daughter of the Forest, Sorcha is pregnant, and Child Of The Prophecy includes an epilogue in which the hero and heroine have two children. One is even named after her dead mother.
  • Deltora Quest's third series ended with the Official Couple, Lief and Jasmine, married and having children named after their dead parents. Marilen has given birth to a son, Barda and Lindal have six children, all taller than their parents, and Doom has wandered off to investigate a rumor that dragons can lay eggs without a mate if the need arises, which would be a very happy ending indeed considering each dragon has up until now been the Last of Their Kind.
  • Subverted in Stardust, as Tristran and Yvaine are very happy even though they can't have children, since he's mortal and she's a star. Played straight in the film, though.
  • The Hunger Games: The epilogue of Mockingjay shows that Annie had a child with the late Finnick. Also, it took fifteen years, but Peeta persuaded Katniss. They end up having two children: a girl with her black hair and his blue eyes, and a boy with his blond hair and her gray eyes.
  • Goblin Market: Both Lizzie and Laura have children in later years, but we aren't told anything about the children's fathers. Sisterhood is depicted as more important than marriage, despite the fact that both characters are now married.
  • In L. Jagi Lamplighter's Prospero Regained, Astreus observes at the end that he and Miranda can both fly — perhaps they should raise a flock. When they are about to marry, he prophesies that they will have this trope and about their descendants.
  • The Star Trek novel The Fire and the Rose ends with Spock and his love interest in the story, Alexandra, having a baby girl after they get married. This book is part of a self-contained trilogy separate from both established canon and the Star Trek Novel Verse, known as the Crucible trilogynote .
  • In the Age of Fire books, the first novel ends with the dragon AuRon settling down with Natasatch, lovingly embracing around a clutch of eggs. In the last novel, set decades later, the novel ends with his now-pregnant sister Wistala and her mate DharSii flying off to their home cave.
  • In Hal Clement's Still River, when they plan a return to the planetoid, a woman scientist observes that some of the aliens are coming out of curiosity in her pregnancy.
  • In Anthony Hope's The Prisoner of Zenda, despite Rudolf's unhappy ending, this trope is hit on for another character:
    Last time, his pretty wife Helga came, and a lusty crowing baby with her.
  • Trapped on Draconica: In the epilogue, Ben dreams that Daniar is pregnant during her wedding to Kalak.
  • At the end of A Brother's Price, Jerin Whistler's Mother Eldest has had a son, his Sister Eldest is pregnant, and so is his new wife Halley. (All by different men, don't worry.) This is a setting where childbirth is a risky endeavor in part due to the fact that men in this setting tend to have weak sperm, but the Whistlers are always lucky in that regard.
  • Subverted in The Woman in Black. Arthur Kipps unravels the Woman in Black's mystery, marries his fiancée, and has a son with her. It seems happily ever after, until The Woman in Black murders his wife and son a year later.
  • The end of Redeeming Love reveals that Angel, who was supposedly barren, was able to have four children with her husband Michael after they were finally reunited for good.
  • Of the characters who have their conclusions told in The Tenant of Wildfell Hall, the good ones are happily married with large families and the bad ones are either dead or miserably alone.
  • Simona Ahrnstedt has ended two of her novels, Överenskommelser and "De skandalösa", with the story's female protagonist being pregnant. "Överenskommelser" even has an epilogue, that only has been printed in the paper-back version, which really is about the birth of Beatrice's and Seth's baby. The two beta couples already have babies at that point.
  • In the Left Behind book Kingdom Come, Kenny Williams and Ekaterina Risto become a baby-producing couple for the rest of the Millennium.
  • The ending to We Can't Rewind, though whether one should consider it heartwarming or creepy under the circumstances is left for the reader to decide.
  • In The Widow of Desire, Natalie Stuart marries Russian businessman Wallace Nevsky, but he is killed due to his uncovering of a conspiracy in the USSR. When caught up in the events herself, she finds out she's pregnant with Wallace's son.
  • Love You Forever ends with the boy, now a man, singing to his infant daughter.
  • Subverted in The Pendragon Adventure, as even though Bobby gets to relive his life as a normal human, his Traveler heritage makes it impossible for him and Courtney to have children.
  • The Suicide Shop has Marilyn Tuvache pregnant with the child of her lover Ernest near the end of the book.
  • The Yukon Wolf ends with Arnaaluk having a litter.
  • The Infernal Devices ends with Tessa and Will marrying and having two children, James and Lucie. However, she only stays with the family until Will dies 58 years after they wed. Following that, she goes to a self-imposed exile; as an immortal warlock, she could not bear seeing her children and descendants grow old and die.
  • Tomcat Blue Eyes' Diaries: The book ends with an adorable pair of Siamese cats, Kiki and Blue Eyes, having four kittens.
  • In one of the final chapters of Pride and Prejudice, it's indicated that Elizabeth's best friend Charlotte is pregnant with her first child.
  • Near the end of Emma, Mrs Weston gives birth to a baby girl, Anna.
  • The Summer King Chronicles ends with adorable fluffy gryphon chicks for Kjorn and Thyra, Einarr and Astri, Halvden and Kenna, and most other mated pairs of the Silver Isles pride. The sequel short story collection The Starward Light gives them more characterization and introduces Shard and Brynja's daughter as well.
  • War and Peace features the two surviving couples—Pierre and Natasha, Nikolay and Marya—each with several children in the epilogue. Naturally most of them are named after deceased friends of their parents.
  • Stray is about a stray cat telling his grandson his life's story. The last few chapters end on his grandson's mother being born and becoming a pet.
  • Exaggerated at the conclusion of the Colleen McCullough novel The Touch, where Elizabeth not only introduces her daughter Nell to her new baby brother and sister, her stepfather informs her that she's expecting again.
  • At the end of The Stand, Fran gave birth to a child from a former relationship and ends up pregnant with Stu's child. Also, Lucy is revealed to have given birth to Larry's twins.
  • The end of the first Freckleface Strawberry book shows an adult Freckleface with two children, neither of whom inherited her freckles.

    Live-Action TV 
  • Taken to ridiculous extremes with the original series finale of 7th Heaven, which revealed that Mary, Lucy, and Matt's wife Sarah were all pregnant... with twins. It was ultimately subverted when the show was unexpectedly renewed for another season based on the strength of the intended finale's ratings, with the season premiere revealing that Lucy miscarried her twins. Then it was double subverted when Lucy became pregnant again towards the end of the (actual) final season.
  • During the finale of the TV mini-series The 10th Kingdom, Wolf reveals to Virginia that he knows she's "got a little wolf cub growing inside" of her. Wolf also makes the none-too-subtle comment to Tony of "See you soon, grampa!" before stepping into the traveling mirror.
  • Subverted in Absolutely Fabulous with the strong implication that the reason Saffy isn't happy ever after with her two young children, to the point of an absent father, is entirely because her mother now lives next door.
  • The 33rd season of The Amazing Race had to be paused for almost nineteen months (from February 2020 to September 2021) due to the COVID pandemic. This resulted in four of the teams in this season not being able to return due to other things coming up in life. One of said teams, Connie and Sam Greiner, had a baby in December 2021 and could not come back as a result.
  • The Grand Finale of Amen sees Thelma giving birth to hers and the Reverend's son.
  • The final episode of The Big Bang Theory Penny is revealed to be pregnant (Bernadette and Howard already have two).
  • The series finale of Big Love features the christening of Bill's namesake grandson.
  • The last scene of Castle shows Castle and Beckett with three children who are presumably theirs.
  • Charmed (1998): The epilogue shows that Phoebe and Paige eventually had children with their love interests - each with three, to continue the theme of the series. Piper - who already had two son in the course of the series - is shown with a daughter to give her three children as well. For an added bonus, the last scene shows her grandchildren playing around her.
  • At the conclusion of the Mini Series Children Of The Dust, as the two heroines leave the cemetery where their respective lovers have been buried, one's young son comes running towards her, thus revealing that he left her Someone to Remember Him By.
  • The final minutes of the series finale of Cold Case has Lily Rush rescuing her sister from her abusive boyfriend and discovering that she has an infant daughter.
  • During the series finale of The Cosby Show, the family gets a phone call from Denise congratulating her brother Theo on his college graduation. . . and informing them that she's pregnant.
  • At the end of Coupling, the main couple Steve and Sue have a baby. It's an ending which tends to divide fans — some are dissatisfied, considering the nature of the show's comedy, and some think it's rather sweet (and are glad that Steve finally grew the hell up).
  • Doctor Who:
    • Subverted in "The Family of Blood", when the Doctor has become human temporarily to escape a band of aliens that can follow the TARDIS anywhere. As a human (John Smith), he meets and falls in love with a normal woman, then, due to them both touching a piece of Applied Phlebotinum at the same time, shares a vision with her of them marrying, having children, and of an elderly "John" on his deathbed, secure in the knowledge that his children and grandchildren are happy. Knowing that the Doctor had a wife and at least two children at one point (all dying in as-yet unrevealed circumstances) but has since decided that he can never have "a normal life" means that, while creepy, it seems entirely fitting when the Doctor takes care of the aliens that were responsible, even if indirectly, for him experiencing that life.
    • Subverted in "Amy's Choice", where the Doctor, Amy and Rory wind up in what initially appears to be a flash-forward in Amy and Rory's lives to a time when they're happily married and settled in an idyllic village, with a baby on the way. However, it soon turns out to be a nightmarish dream-world construction specifically designed to torture Amy into making a choice between her life with the Doctor and her potential life with Rory.
    • A strange example in "Hide". The Doctor tells the Companions-of-the-Week that they end up getting married, and the time traveller they helped save during the episode is actually their descendant.
  • Variant in Dollhouse: the Ensemble Dark Horse couple (Priya/Sierra and Tony/Victor) had a son between "The Hollow Men" and "Epitaph One” but Tony and Priya had a falling-out and split, leaving Priya as a single mom. However, they are reunited eventually, and all three survive to the end of the series.
  • The final episode of Elementary starts with the introduction of Joan's young son Arthur. In season 6, she began thinking of adoption, and she ultimately she did in the three year timeskip.
  • The Eternal Love: Played with. Xiao Tan and Lian Cheng have a baby, then are forced to leave him behind when they're sent to the present shortly after his birth.
  • Teased in the penultimate episode of Firefly. After the events of The Movie, Wash and Zoe's son becomes Someone to Remember Him By in the comics and appears as a young adult later. Simon and Kaylee are shown with two kids in the same comic.
  • Flashpoint: Sam and Jules find out they're expecting a baby midway through the final season, which they announce at their wedding in the series finale. The final scene, which takes place a year after the rest of the finale, includes a brief scene of them with their infant daughter.
  • Friends ended with the birth of Chandler and Monica's adopted twins.
  • From Korean drama Goong, it was implied that the main character was pregnant, judging from her and her husband's half-amazed, half-stunned look the two of them shared when another characted suggested it when the main character was feeling sick. A portrait of teddy bears would appear, usually at the end of the episode and highlighting an important scene from the episode. For the last episode, the main character's teddy bear was holding a baby bear.
  • The last scene of Gossip Girl shows Chuck and Blair having a son named Henry.
  • Heroes: Played with — in season three this trope is used (via Isaac Mendez-style paintings) to show Matt Parkman that his "happy ever after" future has been irreparably altered, in that such a future for him and his wife has been knocked out by some event in the present.
  • The whole story of How I Met Your Mother will lead to this ending, seeing as the Framing Device is the memoirs of the male character relating the tale to his kids; the real question is, which woman does he really end up with?
  • In Jack Taylor, this is played for drama in the episode "The Magdalen Martyrs". The episode is interspliced with flashbacks to diary entries of a young woman named Geraldine who spent six years in a Magdalene laundry in Galway, tormented and terrorized by a particularly sadistic nun whom all the girls called Lucifer. Both she and her best friend, Mary Catherine, eventually left St. Monica's, got married, and had children, but their friendship fell apart because Mary Catherine didn't want to acknowledge any reminder of her time in there. Mary Catherine became such an emotionally abusive mother to her son that in the present time they can't look each other in the eye. Meanwhile, Geraldine's marriage fell apart and she, prone to depression and self-mutilation, eventually took her own life, which affected her own son and daughter greatly. Lucifer even strips this trope down to its bones when she gives a Breaking Speech to Mary Catherine.
    "You think you're getting away, don't you? I know your plan. You'll get married, have a house, have children. And you'll make sure there's nothing ever to remind you of me or of your time in here. But you see, I'll always be with you. Because you. Let me. In here." (she taps Mary Catherine's forehead forcefully) "And that's where I'll stay."
  • The series finale of Lois & Clark. They come downstairs to find said baby mysteriously in their living room with no idea of where it came from. Had the promised fifth season gone ahead, Word of God has it that it would have turned out to be one of their descendants, brought to the present by H.G. Wells to avoid it dying in the future.
  • The Mentalist:
    • The happily married Wayne Rigsby and Grace Van Pelt have a baby daughter, Maddie, and a successful consulting business in the sixth-season episode "My Blue Heaven", set two years after the events of earlier in the season. They returned for one plot in season 7 and for a token appearance in the finale, but they're basically ending in the series as happy parents.
    • In the series finale "White Orchids", Lisbon tells Jane that she is pregnant, to his stunned joy.
  • Moon Lovers: Played with. Ha-jin gives birth to Wang So's baby after she marries Wang Jeong. She dies shortly afterwards, leaving Wang Jeong to raise her daughter alone.
  • The Nanny ends with not only Fran and Maxwell having twins, but also C.C. and Niles discovering that C.C.'s pregnant.
  • At the end of Once and Again, Lily finds out she's pregnant.
  • One Tree Hill managed to pull this off three times.
    • Lucas and Peyton find out that they’re expecting their first child during the sixth season, with Peyton giving birth to daughter Sawyer in the opening moments of the season finale. Whilst the show continued for another three seasons, Lucas and Peyton departed the series in this episode.
    • Brooke and Julian have twin boys in the season eight finale, with the episode condensing the bulk of Brooke’s pregnancy into the season finale. The season as a whole was produced under the impression that it was going to be the final season, but The CW renewed the series for a final ninth season after production had wrapped.
    • Mouth and Millicent are shown to be expecting their first child in the final moments of the series, which features a Time Skip to show the main characters a few years later.
  • The series finale of Passions takes this to a ridiculous level, with the female half of every couple of childbearing age—and there are many—revealing that she's pregnant. Ironically, only the signature couple of Ethan and Theresa are exempted from this, probably because they already have several children already.
  • Perfect Strangers ends with Larry and Balki's respective wives, Jennifer and Mary Ann, having given birth to their children.
  • At the end of the Agatha Christie's Poirot adaptation of The Chocolate Box, it is revealed that Poirot's old friend Jean-Louis Ferraud is married to Virginie Mesnard and they have two sons named Henri and Hercule.
  • The Red Green Show: The "Where Are They Now?" Epilogue shows that Harold and Bonnie ended up with fraternal twins.
  • Scrubs's series finale ends this way, although all of what JD sees for this trope are only possibilities and do not actually happen because they are a giant montage video playing in front of him. (If you count the ninth/spinoff season, JD and Elliot did indeed have a baby.)
  • Spaced has an epilogue where Tim and Daisy have a child.
  • The series finale of Star Trek: Voyager ends with the title ship making it back home just as B'Elanna is giving birth.
  • There's a pretty creepy one in the Distant Finale of Tim & Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!. After an elderly Tim and sex-changed Eric reunite fifty years later, there's a montage featuring their wedding and the absurd amount of babies they have together. (followed by Tim's slow death and Eric finding another man, much to the dismay of Tim's ghost.)
  • Timeless: In the Distant Finale, Lucy and Wyatt have had twin girls.
  • Transparent: During Maura Pfefferman's funeral in the Finale Movie Musicale Finale, Maura's son Josh is introduced by his own son Colton to his grandson Bradley.
  • In the series finale of True Blood, the Distant Finale makes it clear that a lot of time has been spent in maternity wards during the intervening years.
  • Although it didn't happen in Ultraman Tiga, in the Sequel Series Ultraman Dyna (set maybe a decade later), we discover that Daigo Madoka, the main character from Tiga, eventually married Reina and had a daughter with her. A further special edition episode reveals the couple had a son, too, who inherits his father's Ultra-powers.
    • Similar example to above, Ultraman Saga features the return of Musashi Haruno from Ultraman Cosmos a decade earlier, who by that time had a son with Ayano Morimoto.
  • In the finale of Will & Grace, both Will and Grace have children with their respective partners. The kids meet in college and a few more years later BAM! they get engaged.
  • At the end of The X-Files Season 8, Mulder and Scully got together with their normal, healthy, (seemingly) one-hundred percent human baby. The producers eventually ditched the baby in the interest of producing more X-Files stories.
    • Done again at the end of season 11, after once more getting rid of the first kid, even though this is unlikely for a woman of Scully's age—particularly one who has struggled with infertility in the past. It was only one of many criticisms about the reboot and Chris Carter's understanding of female characters.
  • The King of Queens ends with Doug and Carrie adjusting to raising their one-year-old adopted daughter, Ming-Mei, and their newborn daughter.

  • Rod Stewart's Young Turks is about a teen couple, Billy and Patti, who run away from home and start anew. To show that everything turns out great, the last line of the song (before a repeat of the chorus) is, "Patti gave birth to a ten pound baby boy! YEAH!"

    Mythology and Religion 
  • Inverted somewhat in some versions of the tragedy Deirdre of the Sorrows. Deirdre has just about reached marriageable age in Gaelic Iron-Age Ireland (15 for women, 18 for men) when she falls in love with Naoise and they flee Ulster to Scotland with Naoise's brothers to escape the wrath of King Conchobhar of Ulster, who wants Deirdre all to himself. In some versions of the tale, Deirdre and Naoise have a son, Gaiar, and a daughter, Aebgreine, during their self-imposed exile. They don't exactly have a happy ending, but for several years they are happy with their little family.

    Tabletop Games 
  • According to the Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Guide 4, Pirika is the daughter of Reeze and Kamui, which means they have survived the events of the Duel Terminal storyline.
  • Slamm-0 and Netcat of Shadowrun, at some point in between the 4th and 5th editions, got hitched and had a son. Slightly subverted as they continue to interact with other runners online and are even implied to be continuing to run.

  • A Midsummer Night's Dream: Oberon sets out to bless the children being conceived on the couples' wedding nights.
    Oberon. Now, until the break of day,
    Through this house each fairy stray.
    To the best bride-bed will we,
    Which by us shall blessed be;
    And the issue there create
    Ever shall be fortunate.
    So shall all the couples three
    Ever true in loving be;
    And the blots of Nature's hand
    Shall not in their issue stand;
    Never mole, hare lip, nor scar,
    Nor mark prodigious, such as are
    Despised in nativity,
    Shall upon their children be.
  • Rock of Ages: Drew and Sherrie leave behind their dreams of rock and roll and motion picture fame to find true happiness together, resulting in them moving to Glendale and having a baby. Cut to Express Delivery in sort of Away in a Manger status in the show's fictional bar, complete with an angel, aka the deceased bar owner.
  • Come From Away has Unga, a pregnant bonobo, who was transferring zoos and ended up stranded along with nearly 7,000 people in Gander, Newfoundland during the attacks of September 11. She is cared for by Bonnie Harris of Gander's SPCA, but the stress causes her to miscarry her baby. When Unga finally arrives at a zoo in Ohio, she goes on to have a baby that the zoo names Gander.
  • During the "Where Are They Now?" Epilogue of Legally Blonde, Paulette reveals that she got married to Kyle and has three kids, plus one more on the way, getting up to show her pregnant belly.

    Video Games 
  • In 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim's Distant Finale, two of the official couples, Shu with Yuki and Nenji with Tomi, end up with children.
  • In Agarest Senki, the true end of Generation 5 has a scene which shows your main love interest with and her (and Rex's) baby. (Including Dyshana).
  • In Aquaria, the protagonist ends up having a child with her love interest, that is then set up as the protagonist for the sequel in the secret ending.
  • In the end of Baldur's Gate II: Throne of Bhaal, Aerie gave birth to CHARNAME's and, later in the epilogue, his daughter. Viconia also give birth to his son in the epilogue and, if you have installed the Ascention mod, so is Jaheira. If you've installed her mod, Saerileth has a LOT of children with CHARNAME, and if you've installed the Ascention mod, a female CHARNAME can have a daughter with Anomen.
  • Bendy and the Ink Machine: Happened for Wally Franks at some point, because a letter on Joey's bulletin board reveals that he has grandchildren.
  • Blaster Master Zero III's Golden Ending has Jason and Eve Happily Married with twins named Roddy and Elfie, after ANDREIA's dead MA pilot and support droid from II.
  • The best ending of Castlevania Legends ends with Trevor Belmont's birth.
  • Fuuko's ending in Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars, in which she teaches her child named after Fuuko's deceased friend how to swim.
  • Miko gave birth to Cece, Mimi and Vivi in the true ending of Cross Edge.
  • Demon Gaze ends with Fran and Oz with a baby girl. There is also a scene that happens before the final dungeon that largely implies that they had sex.
  • Dragon's Lair II begins with numerous children of varying ages, which makes Dragon's Lair qualify.
  • Zoë Castillo's ending in Dreamfall Chapters is this, as we see her pregnant five years after the events of the game. While we're told that she will have a daughter, we're not given any additional context about how the pregnancy came about or how—or with whom, if anyone—she'll be parenting.
  • Happens four times Duel Savior Destiny during different routes, meaning over half of them qualify. However, the first one you'll run across is merely an invocation of the idea. The final route really goes overboard with this.
  • In The Elder Scrolls series' lore, Sai, the Deity of Human Origin God of Luck celebrated in the Iliac Bay region, was tasked after being brought back to life with Walking the Earth to help balance the world by spreading his good luck. He performed this task well but then met and settled down with a Nord woman, with whom he had a daughter. However, as lingering in one place for too long would unbalance the world by giving it too much good luck, he was visited and punished by a procession of other gods which ended with his physical form being taken away. After his physical form faded away entirely, his decedents are said to be able to "feel" his presence once a year.
  • This trope is completely inverted in F.E.A.R. 2. The game ends with Alma pregnant with the rotagonist's baby because she raped him while he was busy fighting the final boss within his mind. Since this sets up the story for the third game, this is not a good thing.
  • Regardless of which ending you get in Fahrenheit, Carla is pregnant with Lucas's child.
    • Difference? The Great/Good Ending has Lucas and Carla's child grow up in a peaceful world, the Good/Normal ending has their child grow up in the world prior to the game's premise, while the Bad/Cliffhanger ending has their child grow up to become the next Prophecy Child to change the world back to normal.
  • Final Fantasy:
    • Implied in the end of Final Fantasy IV, as the ending cutscene includes the wedding of the Official Couple, and confirmed in the sequel, given who a major character in it is. In fact, as said child's age was given as 17 in the original release of The After Years, many thought the scene where Rosa visits Cecil in his personal quarters and there's a Fade to Black was the night their kid was conceived (TAY takes place 17 years after the original game), meaning Rosa was likely in the early stages of her pregnancy throughout the events of IV. The Complete Collection would later bump down the child's age to 15, but -Interlude-, a short interquel chapter bundled in with the compilation, has Rosa outright state she's indeed pregnant.
    • In the ending epilogue of Final Fantasy V shows the eggs of Boko's mate hatched.
    • In "Mog's House," a game-within-the-game in Final Fantasy VII (can be played at Gold Saucer), if Mog manages to impress the female mog with his flying, the ending shows the ridiculously fruitful bounty of their joining.
    • Final Fantasy IX has possibly the most touching subversion in the series: The ending sequence is occasionally interrupted by a letter, with an unknown author. It turns out to be written by Vivi, a main character who was revealed to be a puppet with a very limited lifespan. As the ending sequence proceeds, the letter grows more and more depressing, slowly making it clear that the author is dead or dying — but we see Vivi happily walking around the city of Alexandria just like in the opening sequence. It turns out Vivi did die after all, and the boy we see is his "son" — the first of about a dozen. Vivi ends his letter with a final goodbye to everyone.
    • Final Fantasy X-2: Lulu, who had been pregnant throughout the game, is seen holding a baby at the end. The baby is born in the chapter before the finale (and a major plot point is Wakka getting over himself enough to name the kid).
  • Fire Emblem:
    • This is how Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade ends if some characters are paired up, which also serves to give the protagonists of Binding Blade a cameo role. To note: Eliwood and [Ninian, Lyn or Fiora] (Roy), Hector and [Florina, Farina or Lyn] (Lilina), Nino and [Erk or Jaffar] (Ray and Lugh), Lyn and Rath (Sue), Rebecca and ([either Lowen, Sain or Wil] (Wolt).
    • Some of the paired endings in Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones will mention the married characters's children. These are: Eirika and Saleh (daughter), Innes and Vanessa (not specified), Kyle and Lute (daughter), Lute and Artur (son), Neimi and Colm (daughter and son), Amelia and Franz (daughter), Amelia and Ross (son), Amelia and Ewan (daughter), Kyle and Syrene (daughter).
    • Played with in Fire Emblem Awakening: Save for Lucina, the time traveling Second Generation charas aren't born yet, so they're mentioned to be properly "born" after the end of the game. Notably, as the kids are from a Bad Future that the ending averts, they still hang around in the "present" - one of Cynthia's supports with whoever her father is even has her asking him to still think of her after this timeline's Cynthia is born.
    • This happens in Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia as well: If both Mae and Boey live, they marry and have many kids, whereas Kliff goes Walking the Earth and later his son returns to Valentia and serves the royalty. It's also fair to assume that Clair and Gray have kids if both of them survive, but a child is only specifically mentioned if they both live yet Gray's best friend Tobin dies, since they name their firstborn child after him.
    • In Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn, if you got a A rank support between Leanne and Naesala, the epilogue shows that they have a raven boy and a heron girl.
  • In the epilogue of Front Mission 5 which takes place several years later, the protagonist Walter and Lynn had a daughter who has grown up to a woman and greeted her father Colonel Walter (promoted) in front of Lynn's grave (Never disclose how she died).
  • The main campaign of the final installment of Gardens Inc ends with Jill giving birth, after having been pregnant for the entire game.
  • A very, very twisted use of this trope occurs in Gingiva. If you agree to marry any of the many monsters who propose to you, you'll be treated to a dialogue of "many years passing in domestic bliss", as the screen slowly fills with babies. The game will then ask if you want to sue for divorce; saying yes allows you to continue playing, saying no results in a Non-Standard Game Over.
  • The endings of both Grandia and Grandia III show the children of the two lead characters. One kid in the third game, but five in the first, apparently a pair of twins and a set of triplets.
  • In the Playable Epilogue of Grow Maze you can go back in a room where you left two creatures in love and you'll see that they got a baby.
  • Generally the goal of most Harvest Moon games: Marry your love interest, and have a baby with them. Since plenty have a Playable Epilogue, the baby usually isn't part of an "ending" per se, but it is in at least one game: Harvest Moon 3 on the Game Boy, if you're playing as the female character, will show you and your farming partner under a tree with a baby in the ending.
  • Ending Tu fui ego eris in Haunting Ground: Zigzagged in a terrible and creepy way. Followed by Laughing Mad.
  • One of the final scenes of The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess shows this happening to Rusl and Uli. Granted they were married with a child for the course of the game and Uli's pregnancy is both visually noticeable and plot-related, the fact that they show the baby at the end makes it count.
    • Depending on how you interpret Demise's speech at the end of The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, Link and Zelda get together, as he curses those with "the blood of the goddess and the spirit of the hero". This could be interpreted as two separate bloodlines, but given how heavy the Ship Tease is in this particular instalment, and how Zelda and Link are implied to found Hyrule at the end of the game... let's just say that there's a decidedly non-zero chance of all the later Zeldas being descendants of the original Link and Zelda. Heck, it's not impossible that, at least up to Ocarina, and after in the Child Timeline (the Hero of Twilight is explicitly descended from the Hero of Time), all Links are also descended from them and just ended up as very distant cousins.
  • Zoe and Twinsen's baby is born at the end of Little Big Adventure 2.
  • One of the endings of Mana Khemia: Alchemists of Al-Revis shows Vayne and Nikki years later as the tired parents of three very active little children, noting that they won't have much time alone until the kids grow up.
  • In the Lair of the Shadow Broker DLC for Mass Effect 2, if you romanced Liara in the first game and stayed faithful, you can suggest this as a possibility in the future (presumably after the Reapers are defeated).
    Liara: So, tell me what you want. If this all ends tomorrow, what happens to us?
    Shepard: I don't know. Marriage, old age, and a lot of little blue children?
    • Similarly, in the finale of Mass Effect 3, if Shepard romanced Garrus, one of the things he hopes for if they both survive is to see what a Turian-Human baby would look like. Considering that the two species are biologically incompatible, Shepard notes that they could always adopt.
    • The Extended Cut shows (if the player cured the genophage) krogan babies.
  • The ending of Mega Man Battle Network 6 has a dialogue between Lan, Mayl, and their son Patch.
  • After the final battle in Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, Raiden is recuperating from his injuries when Rose introduces him to their son, who had previously stated she miscarried. Turns out it was all a cover to protect the kid from the Patriots, who would've used them and their mother as leverage against the father.
  • In Momoko 120%, the ending cutscene shows a newborn baby hovering over Momoko and her bridegroom as they clasp hands and hearts float up.
  • Several female characters are pregnant or have already given birth by the ending of Ōkami. Later becomes Spin-Offspring with Ōkamiden.
  • Though not necessarily in relation to the plotline, one of the remaining tasks post-game for Pokémon is breeding competitively.
    • A variant occurs in a post-game sidequest in Pokémon Sun and Moon. If you take your cover legendary (a.k.a. Nebby) back to the Altar of the Sunne/Moone at night/during the day (respectively), you'll discover a portal to an alternate world based on the other version's world. note  If you then take it to the Lake of the Sunne/Moone, there will be a cutscene where the other version's legendary briefly appears and...interacts with Nebby somehow to generate a fresh Cosmog, which will join your party. After everything Nebby went through in the main story, it's kinda heartwarming to not only let it achieve full power, but also have a kid.
  • Several mini-games in Rhythm Heaven involve romance, so the ending screens for getting "Perfects" on them show baby versions of the "characters" from the original game. Up to and including baby Moai.
  • Noh is implied to be pregnant in her ending for Sengoku Basara 2, despite the fact that historically she never bore Oda Nobunaga any children.
  • Juno's ending in Soul Nomad & the World Eaters has the Nereids taking advantage of the restored soul cycle to start having kids again, making it a huge baby boom. If the player character is male, Juno will then proposition him.
  • At the end of Star Control II, the now elderly player character recounts the tale of his adventure to his grandchildren.
  • One of the Multiple Endings of Star Fox Command shows Fox and Krystal with their son and Slippy and his love interest, Amanda with their children. It's even shown that they eventually take over the command team.
  • One of the paired endings of Star Ocean: The Second Story shows Claude having returned to Earth with Rena, with the latter mentioning that she's expecting a baby in about six months.
  • Super Mario World ends with the hatching of the Yoshi eggs that Mario saved.
  • The final scene of Tales of Graces shows a young boy who looks like a mix between Asbel and Cheria (their great-great grandson, according to Lineage and Legacies) playing with Sophie in the familiar flower meadow on Lhant Hill.
  • Tomodachi Life: Occurs with married Miis. When a baby is born, it will have a mixture of their face elements. It grows over the course of six days; when it's fully grown, you'll have the option of either moving it into the apartments or sending it off as a traveler via Streetpass.
  • In Uncharted 4: A Thief's End, after Nathan Drake finishes his adventures in Libertalia, the game skips to 15 years later where Nathan and his wife, Elena Fisher have a teenage daughter named Cassie. During the epilogue, the player plays as Cassie as she explores the Drakes' home and learn about her father's past.
  • Unpacking: The final level is set in 2018 which has the protagonist and her partner with a baby.
  • In the epilogue of Valkyria Chronicles, Welkin and Alicia have a daughter Isara in memory of his sister.
  • The ending of We Love Katamari has an interesting variation of this trope: It ends with the main playable character being born. Made especially heartwarming (even for this trope) by the fact that by this time, we understand the reasons for the King of All Cosmos' treatment of another character and also finally get to see his true feelings towards the other.
  • The Wild ARMs series:

    Visual Novels 
  • In one of Tae's three epilogue endings in Akatsuki no Goei's fandisk, Kaito not only gets her pregnant but also gets her mom pregnant.
  • One of the Bad Ends of The Cradle Of Ruin have Tsuna and Hotarou having a baby together.
  • Another PSP game Haganai Portable have both Yozora and Sena or Rika pregnant in their respective route ending. For Rika's route ending, she will give birth not one, not two, but THREEE kids of Kodaka.
  • A depressing version in Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc happens in the bad ending: the surviving cast members are shown still trapped inside the school as adults, with three children.
  • The Devil on G-String subverts a Bittersweet Ending in the epilogue by having the main character meet his 7 year old daughter after being imprisoned for 8 years.
  • Ever17 technically ends this way. While the kids in question were already teenagers by the ending, it was the first time their father had met them and it had been many years since they were last reunited with their mother, so it still counts.
    • Played very similarly with Yomogi and Utsumi in Remember11, although on much smaller time scale.
  • The ending of both Matsuri and Masumi in Family Project.
  • In multiple endings for The Fruit of Grisaia Yuuji has a daughter with the Yumiko and Amane at the good end of their respective route. This goes further in Amane's good end, when Suzune, Yuuji and Amane's little granddaughter, is introduced.
    • For the final part of the trilogy, The Eden of Grisaia Michiru gets pregnant because she was the only one who didn't think to use birth control. She's actually really upset about it at first until the other girls calm her down.
  • H₂O: Footprints in the Sand. What's unique about this is that one of the "girls" is the father.
  • Sanosuke Harada's route in Hakuouki ends with him and Chizuru holding their son.
  • In the epilogue of Yume's route in Hoshizora no Memoria, Mare was revealed to have been reborn as the daughter of You & Yume.
  • Kissed by the Baddest Bidder: The special side stories "Becoming The Perfect Family" are all set years in the future, with the protagonist married with children.
  • In the epilogue of The Letter, Hannah has children if she survived and either stayed happily married or ended up with another love interest.
  • In Oreimo PSP game, Ayase will be pregnant with Kyosuke's child if you choose to play her route and acquire the true ending.
    • In the sequel game, EVERY single girl's route will have a pregnant ending, including Kirino's.
  • Charlotte Hazelrink and Fujikura Yuu's ending in Princess Lover!.
  • School Days zigzags this around a bit:
    • In the Best Ending, Sekai and Kotonoha discuss what to give Makoto for Christmas, they reveal that they're both pregnant and they've both decided that their "present" is telling him.
    • Played for Laughs in a prospect epilogue, where Setsuna (who's been living abroad) sends a photo of her very pregnant self to Makoto, telling him that she'll return to Japan to have her kiddo. Then, after Makoto gets one Hell of a Spit Take, the doorbell rings...
    • In another ending, there's a picture that has a smiling Hikari holding a baby with a dejected-looking Makoto next to her.
  • Luka's ending in Steins;Gate ends with her and Okabe holding their child. However, it a Bittersweet Ending since Okabe will be tortured and killed by SERN in 2025.
  • In the Toradora! PSP game, Taiga will get pregnant with Ryuji's child if you choose to play her route.
  • In the epilogue of Hikari's route in Wind: A Breath of Heart, Hikari is reborn as the daughter of Minamo & Makoto.
  • Mizuki's Good Ending in Yume Miru Kusuri, though it's subverted in the Bad Ending.

  • Most of the main characters from part 1 of Ennui GO! are starting families in part 2, with the women being visibly pregnant. The exceptions are Tanya (due to Izzy accidentally putting the "applicator" in Darcy instead) and Renee (who has already given birth to her son by the time she reappears). In Len's case, she was hiding her pregnancy through a glamour spell until Max ends up seeing her without it.
  • Errant Story ends on a rather bittersweet note, with Sarine visiting Jon's grave after they had been married for decades. That's the bitter part. The sweet part? Their full-grown daughter shows up to bring her mother back home.

    Web Original 
  • A Jib Jab video, made up a new ending for Romeo and Juliet...specifically, they didn't really die, their families made up, and they had "ten million babies"!
  • All of the protagonists of Ever After High are children of the original fairy tale characters.
  • Deconstructed in the Candy route of The Homestuck Epilogues. Upon John's decision not to kill Lord English, his friends decide to make the best of their lives on Earth C and start families of their own. However, they are ultimately unable to shake the societal views of the worlds they grew up in and most of the characters slowly grow older in loveless marriages. John's decision not to validate a Stable Time Loop by killing Lord English puts the canonical existence of Earth C into jeopardy, and he begins withdrawing from his social circle from regret. Eventually, Terezi dies of starvation trapped in the Furthest Ring and John is left alone becoming more and more disillusioned from the world, with his friends gradually forgetting their adventures in the original seven acts of Homestuck.

    Western Animation 
  • Scooby-Doo:
    • Shaggy fantasizes about this in Scooby-Doo and the Alien Invaders, imagining himself and Crystal with Shaggy Jr. Scooby and Amber, Crystal's golden retriever, likewise have puppies. Averted, because Crystal and Amber turn out to be aliens, and although they're benevolent, they're forced to break-up as the girls need to return home. It's also unknown if they would've been able to produce interspecies children anyway.
    • Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated
      • In the epilogue, Sheriff Stone and Mayor Nettles in the new timeline have been Happily Married for quite some time and have four children.
      • Though the babies aren't their own, the new timeline's versions of Brad and Judy are obstetricians and are quite happy with what they do in their job.
  • She-Ra and the Princesses of Power
    • According to a charity livestream by Noelle, Scorpia and Perfuma end up having a lot of kids.
    • Adora and Catra end up having a non-binary child named Finn. They're of Catra's species, but they dye their hair blonde to connect to Adora's heritage.
  • In one animated short called Monkey Love, you see that a human sailor and his monkey princess are Happily Married, and their kids are Half-Human Hybrids at the end as a result of Interspecies Romance.
  • Wakfu:
    • The season 1 "Where Are They Now?" Epilogue ending reveals that Miranda is pregnant with Kabrok's child.
    • In season 2, it is heavily implied that Eva is pregnant with Salygrove's child.
  • The Distant Finale of Moral Orel shows Orel and Christina happily married with a boy and a baby girl. Also a dog that looks similar to Orel's deceased dog Bartholomew.
  • The last episode of Chowder has Chowder and Panini having a litter of 50 kids.
  • The last episode of Regular Show has the main characters come back to Earth, get married, and have children. Rigby and Eileen have three kids, Starla and Muscle Man have six kids (with the 1st one being born while Muscle Man was in space), High Five Ghost and Celia have three kids, and Mordecai has three kids with a newly introduced female bat character instead of reconnecting his relationship with Margaret or CJ.
  • Kaeloo: Stumpy tries to invoke this trope in one episode by setting Kaeloo and Mr. Cat up on a date so that they could fall in love and have babies, which he could babysit to get money. It fails because Kaeloo and Mr. Cat are so bad at communicating their emotions that just when they're about to have sex, Kaeloo has an emotional outburst and the whole thing ends with Mr. Cat getting pissed off at Kaeloo and not wanting to go through with the plan anymore.
  • As Told by Ginger has a Distant Finale showing Ginger as a successful author, and Darren in the crowd at her book signing - holding a ginger-haired baby.
  • In the Distant Finale of Star Wars Rebels, Hera is revealed to have given birth to Kanan's son, Jacen, after Kanan's death.
  • My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic: "The Last Problem" shows a Distant Finale where Big Macintosh and Sugar Belle have a son and Pinkie Pie and Cheese Sandwich have a kid named Lil' Cheese.
  • In The Fairly OddParents, Timmy frees the town mascot, Chompy the Goat. At the end it's revealed that Chompy met a mate and had two children with her.

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