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The family that kicks ass together, stays together.

"Holy crap that family is awesome."

Awesomeness seems to be either inherited, instilled at an early age, or both. There is at least one Wall of Weapons somewhere in the household. Nearly every member of the family could kick ungodly amounts of ass. They may be Super Heroes or Badass Normals in a Super Family Team. Even the cute little 5-year-old child could do things that would net most professional soldiers a Medal Of Honor or similar medal — and they do this kind of stuff daily. But the real magic of this family? Their indestructibility as a team. As strong as any member may be individually, when fighting together, their strengths balance their weaknesses and they support each other to the bitter end — and meanwhile will remind each other to pick up the groceries.

Needless to say, take on this family, or threaten one of its members, at your own peril — and don't be surprised when you lose badly to them.

On account of their (usually) unspoken reliance on The Power of Love, the Badass Family tends to be good guys, though maybe more Chaotic than Lawful. The matriarch is likely to be an Action Mom. Even if she's not, she'll surely be a Mama Bear. Likewise for the Action Dad. Expect the grandparents to be retired badasses who, if necessary, can show that they Still Got It.

Any kids they might have will be in distinct age groups — only one baby, or one "kid", or one teenager, unless there's a twin, in which case watch out. Harming the children of a Badass Family is generally a very bad idea.

Compare: The Family That Slays Together.

A Badass Family minus the family equals the Badass Crew. A Badass Family minus the children is a Battle Couple. A Badass Family plus superpowers is a Super Family Team. A Badass Family that stays badass over many years through descendants is called a Heroic Lineage. Some Master Apprentice Chains can also be depicted like this. See Wrestling Family for the Professional Wrestling equivalent.

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    Fan Works 


  • In SilfofinaDragon's Sengoku Basara fanfics, Date Masamune and Sanada Yukimura have two children Yuki and Masa, with Yukimura being the mother. Eventually, Masa's former split personality Sei separates due to Kyogoku Maria's magic, thus becoming their third.
  • In the Discworld of A.A. Pessimal, there is the Smith-Rhodes clan. Descendants of an imperial adventurer from the Sto Plains who carved out a new colony in Howondaland — which with superb self-effacing modesty, he named Smith-Rhodesia after himself, one side of the family remained Morporkian-speaking and carved out its own empire in gold and diamonds. Which they are determined to keep, by any means necessary. The other branch, currently ruled (or so he thinks) by its patriarch Andreas "Barbarossa" Smith-Rhodes, became farmers and landowners in the Vondalaans-speaking Boer half of the nation. His daughters Johanna and Mariella are trained Assassins. Two grand-daughters, one adoptive, are also Assassins. Any member of the family is guaranteed to give you a hard fight if you try to spoil their day. Johanna's daughters are respectively a witch, a trainee Assassin, and a youngest who combines aspects of both in a deceptively mild package. The sons of both family lines can be almost as lethal, too.

Specific Examples

  • Age Of Dragons has the Amells, and by extension the Hawkes. Ruya pointing out one of her great grandparents was an Amell is enough to scare Jerath and Anders, both of whom are extremely powerful abominations.
  • Aloha: This being set after after the four movies and television show, the entire ʻohana qualifies as this. Family members include Stitch, Jumba, Pleakley, over six hundred twenty other experiments, the (reinstated) Captain Gantu of the Galactic Armada and Galley Officer Reuben, and Lilo. Nani is about the most normal member and even she's got Big Sister Instinct on her side.
  • Blossoming Hearts upgrades the Cerise family into this, turning the parents into Keyblade Masters, Chloe a Keyblade wielder and Princess of Heart, and Parker into a Child Mage.
  • The Bridge: The story features several examples.
    • The Godzilla "dynasty" is an unofficial example. The start was the original Godzilla now reborn as Kiryu being the grandfather, then his even more powerful son, Godzilla Senior. Senior then, by two cases of outside forces using his cells and then by adoption, "fathered" Biollante, Xenilla, and Godzilla Junior.
    • The Sentry family line contains some of the most decorated and legendary stallions and mares in the history of Equestria's guards and law enforcement. Played straight with Stalwart Sentry, but subverted with his son Flash Sentry. Flash clearly has the heart for heroics, just not the opportunity yet.
    • The Royal Sisters' family and family-by-choice. Princess Celestia and Luna are the most powerful of the ponies, and Celestia's honorary niece Cadance is no slouch either. Starswirl the Bearded served as the two's adoptive father and they were also raised by Equestria's original founders.
  • A Brief History of Equestria has Commander Hurricane, his wife Wind Whistler and their child Pansy.
  • Cheating Death has Baron Overwhill, Runa Peace, and their son Rhyder Overwhill. How badass are they? Baron and Runa are the first and second Victors of District 2 respectively, with Baron being the first Career and Runa's win making District 2 the first District to have more than one winner. As for Rhyder, he won his Games at 14 (his parents won theirs at 18), and did so despite plenty of rigging designed to stack the odds against him.
  • A Crown of Stars: Daniel and his family are the rulers of Avalon. Daniel and his wife Rayana are humans who ascended to godhood several millennia ago, and their numerous descendants are Physical Gods or humans with divine blood. All of them have reality-warping, magical and/or psychic powers, have military training and lead their army from the frontlines.
  • For the Glory of Irk: When the Membrane family get a chance to fight together in Chapter 59, they prove to be an example of this. Dib has developed pretty good combat skills from his years fighting Zim, Gaz has grown from a Little Miss Badass to a fully grown Action Girl, Professor Membrane has access to all kinds of awesome technology (including a Mini-Mecha), and his wife Moira has plenty of Mad Scientist gadgets left over from her supervillain days.
  • Forum of Thrones:
    • Admittedly, it only consists of two members by the time the story is set, but both Durrandons are noted for their fighting skills. This trope runs in the family, as the Storm Kings of House Durrandon are expected to be warrior kings and, save for some shameful exceptions, have lived up to these expectations.
    • House Targaryen does not have to hide from House Durrandon in terms of badassery. Aegon, Visenya and Rhaenys are dragon riders and set to conquer an entire continent. Their half-brother Orys is one of the most skilled swordsmen in all Westeros and their cousin Raenna has been trained as a Professional Killer to perfection.
  • In The Games We Play, The Arc family is this. Everyone is a badass in some way. Even Juane, who managed to gain Gamer powers and went From Nobody to Nightmare.
  • Hellsister Trilogy has the Kryptonian main character, her — as of the third story arc — likewise Kryptonian husband, her counterpart, her cousin, her cousin's descendant, and their whole extended family... comprising the world's greatest heroes.
  • JoJo New Universe: As is the case in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, there are several prominent families in the fanfic series that kick ass.
    • The Joestar Family is one of the most prominent family lineages in the setting, starting with Phantom Blood's Jonathon Joestar and his adoptive sister Lydia "Twilight Sparkle" Twilight. While Jonathon Joestar starts out normal like his canon counterpart, he eventually becomes a prodigious Hamon and Stand user, whereas Twilight from the get-go is a prodigy in both academics and Hamon, and introduced the concept of Stands way earlier than canon did by virtue of being a Stand user herself. Jonathon Joestar eventually marries and settles down with his wife, Erina Joestar (nee Pendleton), creating multiple generations of Joestars who went on to help save the world from multiple threats, including vampires, Pillar Men, Serial Killers, etc.
    • The Zeppeli Family has served as allies and/or mentors of the Joestars, starting with Phantom Blood's William Zeppeli. Unlike canon, where the Zeppelis tend to be very short-lived and often die to give incentive for the Joestars to fight on, the changed setting means the Zeppelis get to establish more generations, leading to the birth of the likes of Stardust Crusaders' Hol Horse, Spirit Tracks' Gyro Zeppeli, and Golden Wind's Rarita "Rarity" Zeppeli. The Zeppelis also contain powerful Hamon and Stand users. And while Hol Horse starts off as a hired mercenary and assassin for DIO, a series of events leads to him joining the heroes and playing a important role in DIO's death upon realizing how bad his boss truly is.
    • The Speedwagon Family, thanks to Robert E. O. Speedwagon falling in love and marrying Twilight, also has multiple generations to its name. In addition to heading one of the biggest organizations in the setting, the Speedwagon Family has a few heroic members like the twins Iro "Rainbow Dash" Dashell and Rusty "Shining Armor" Dashell, as well as Shining Armor's wife, Cadence Dashell. Like the Zeppeli Family, the Speedwagon Family is a prominent ally of the Joestars, though they often assist by providing vital information and other resources needed to save the day.
  • A Kingdom Divided has Cloudchaser, her sister Flitter, and their cousin Cloud Kicker.
  • Legacy Series: As various villains find out over the course of the series, it is an absolutely terrible idea to go up against the Queens. Oliver and Felicity's teenage son has a hard time believing this.
    "The whole family was vigilantes? Like, everybody? Jesus Christ."
  • Not the intended use (Zantetsuken Reverse) has quite a few of them.
    • The Belmont family has produced powerful monster hunters for almost a millennia.
    • And branching from them are several other badass families, like the Morris and Belnades clans.
    • Whatever weird mess is happening with Dracula's family, Soma, and the Lecarde clanExplanation , they are all undoubtedly badass. Vampiric and magic powers, experienced in intense combat, and easily able to keep up with the Belmonts.
    • The Suou family. The Tatsuya from the Other Side is one of the strongest Persona users in the world, the Katsuya from This Side is not far behind him, and the remaining Tatsuya and Katsuya have picked a few tricks from them. Then there's their cousin Kazuya who is the most powerful Devil Summoner in the world, and his wife Aoi is a powerful Magic Knight and former rebel leader.
  • Peter Parker Needs A Hug: The Bat family. Enough said.
  • Crossover fanfiction Point Me at the Skyrim has New Wave, Antares' old superhero team. Consisting of her Father (Flashbang), Mother (Brandish), Uncle (Manpower), Aunt (Lady Photon), older Cousin (Laserdream), younger cousin (Shielder), and adopted Sister (Panacea).
  • Pony POV Series:
    • The Apple Family certainly counts, particularly since it's shown Big Macintosh is a potential Bearer of Honesty and Apple Bloom certainly has her Badass Adorable moments.
    • The Apple Pie clan from Dark World, in part due to growing up in a World of Chaos. Their average reaction to a rampaging monster attacking their farm is to blow it up... then eat it.
  • RealityCheck's Nyxverse: The entire Sparkle Clan is this — in addition to Twilight, Shining Armor, and Cadence, Twilight and Shining's parents get their own moments of badassitude as well in different fics (in Nyx's Family, Night Light gives a combination of a Badass Boast and "The Reason You Suck" Speech to some tabloid reporters, while in Alicornundrum, Velvet goes full Mama Bear on some nobles badmouthing Twilight). Additionally, even Nyx gets Badass Adorable moments, while Spike (officially adopted in this series) eventually takes a few levels (especially when he learns to sizeshift). Ink Spot, Twilight's Love Interest and eventual husband, gets in on this a few, mostly when he's being a Papa Wolf for Nyx.
  • Remnant Inferis: DOOM:
    • The Blazkowicz family is pure badassery. First there's the Doom Slayer, who's been mowing through demonkind for eons and has left them scared shitless. Then there's his father, the original Doom Marine who killed the Icon of Sin. And then you have their ancestors, who tore through the Nazis and left the Reich terrified. That's not even getting into his mother's side of the family, who descends from the bloodline of King Ormero, aka the first king of Argent D'Nur.
    • The Rose/Xiao Long/Branwen family is another one considering that the two daughters are two highly skilled Huntresses-in-training who've built up a massive demon body count, their father has been protecting his home from berserk Grimm attacks alongside their pet dog, and Qrow mentored Ruby in wielding one of the most dangerous types of weapons on Remnant.
  • A number show up in the RWBY/The Hobbit/The Lord of the Rings Fusion Fic Rise of a Star Knight (and its sequel, Knights of Remnant: The Ring of Darkness):
    • The Arcs look to be one of these, being one of the four families that make up the titular Star Knights, who are the Spear Counterparts to the Maidens, though their powers are instead passed from father to eldest(surviving) son (or brother, if they have no son). As well, Jaune's older sister, Carolina, is a highly skilled warrior, teaching Jaune to fight and use his new powers, and she's the General of the Sky Knights of Vale, the personal army of the Star Knight of Vale. And yes, that does mean Jaune has his own army.
      • By extension, the other three families that act as the Star Knights for their respective kingdoms, the Smith family of Vacuo, the Nikos' of Mistral, and the Numenors of Atlasnote .
    • Nora's extended family, the Valkyrie Clan (or House Valkyrie), who take the place of the dwarves in this story, including creating Moria and other feats of stoneworking, and creating stuff from Mithril. Unlike in the books, it's revealed that some of the Valkyries survived Moria, fleeing while Nora's grandma Sif, the Lady of Moria, made a LastStand.
    • The Royal Family of Rohan, who are the Nikos family and the Royal Family of Mistral in this story, with Pyrrha being the niece of Théodan, and cousin of Éomer, Éowyn, and Théodred. As well, Éomer is the Star Knight of Mistral.
  • A Small Crime: Siv is the leader of an assassin's guild (or at least in very high authority). Her little sister, Kit, is one of her best-trained members.
  • By the end of Young Justice: Darkness Falls, we have 2 official badass families. On one side, we have the arrow/speedster family, united through Wally West and Artemis Crock's marriage, which has the flash family on one side with Super-Speed, and the Badass Normal family of Sportsmaster, Cheshire and Tigress on the other. The other family through marriage is the SuperMartian family, which has Superman, Supergirl and Superboy on one side, while Martian Manhunter, Mrs. Martian and Beast boy are on the other. And even better, both families now have a grandkid as well.
  • Son of the Sannin: Unlike in canon, Naruto grows up with a large adoptive family, and every one of them (except his infant niece and nephew) are powerful ninja in their own right. Considering the fact that both aforementioned infants are Uchiha, the deck is heavily stacked in their favor.
  • In Superman of 2499: The Great Confrontation, the House of El may be a big, screwed family, torn by inner strife, but they still are a whole family of Kryptonians.
  • Things Involving Shipgirls That Are No Longer Allowed: The Yamaprise family: Yamato, Enterprise (the best known, beloved and toughest ships of their respective navies) and their daughters Yoshino and Hope. Messing with one tends to get the others on your butt such as Taffy-3 stealing Yamato's clothes as payback for Samar and replacing them with a towel. Yoshino finds their hiding spot and delivers a "Hey, You!" Haymaker and beats Taffy-3 up for messing with her mother.
  • TRON: Endgame Scenario: Alan and Lora-Ma3a are Squishy Wizard types, but are still a God Couple with the User powers to back it up. Jet is decidedly uncomfortable with the whole User idea, but can still hold his own in a straight fight. The Bradleys consider Sam Flynn and Quorra part of the family, and they're no strangers to combat. Then you have Alan and Lora's Program children; Yori is still the weakest fighter (though she leveled up a bit there) and designs weaponry while Tron hasn't lost a bit of his skills and Alan's continued updates mean he's still defending cyberspace as Alan's champion.
  • Vapors: The Uzumaki clan is this. They have four members, the minimum allowed to qualify as a ninja clan, one of whom was adopted in, but three of those members studied under a tannin or sannin's student while the Clan Head was apprenticed under the Fourth Hokage's apprentice and became an S-rank threat before turning 17.
  • With This Ring: In addition to the Bat Family (Batman, Robin, etc.), we also have a burgeoning Wonder Woman family, consisting of Cassie Sandsmark (future Wonder Girl), Donna Troy (Troia), Kon-El/Conner Kent (Superboy), and Orange Lantern.

    Films — Animation 
  • Generations upon generations of Sanchez bullfighters (and would-be musicians) right on down to Carlos, Carmen, Manolo and Maria in The Book of Life.
  • Brave: Merida is a peerless archer, Fergus a seasoned warrior and leader, and the boys are a team of cunning ninjas. Elinor seems to be the odd one out as her strength is in communication, then you see her Strolling Through the Chaos.
  • The Croods are a family of cavemen who are, from baby Sandy to elderly Gran, capable of defending themselves from and outwitting or outfighting nearly everything they come across.
  • Despicable Me 2: By the end of the movie, the Gru Family which includes — Gru himself, the girls, Dr. Nefario, the minions, Marlena Gru, and Lucy Wilde after she marries Gru count. In fact, they rank right there with the Incredibles; and the Grus don't even have superpowers! Despicable Me 3 adds Gru's father, Robert, and twin brother (Dru).
  • The Incredibles. Action Mom, Papa Wolf, baby, kid, teen: check, check, check, check, and check.
  • Disney's The Little Mermaid franchise has the royal family — The titular protagonist, Ariel, is a tough, determined mermaid whose not afraid to attack a sea witch who now wields the triton to save her love interest. Speaking of love interest, Eric (Ariel's love interest/husband) is a skilled mariner who killed the same sea witch with a boat. Ariel's father, Triton, is the true wielder of the trident and is not afraid to use it to protect his loved one. Ariel's older sisters may not have a lot of action-packed moments, but the TV series shows that when danger comes, anyone of them is prepared themselves and others. The sequel movie The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea adds Ariel and Eric's daughter, Melody, who is as much as a hero as her mother. And the prequel finally introduced Ariel's mother, Athena, who went Mama Bear for one of her children to protect the child from dangerous pirates.
  • The titular family from Meet the Robinsons is this. This is best displayed in their battle against the Bowler Hat Guy-controlled dinosaur.
  • The Mitchells vs. the Machines
    • The titular Mitchells are a dysfunctional family on a road trip who manage to go from barely surviving a Robot War to saving humanity while learning to bond.
    • The trope is spoofed with the Mitchells' neighboring family, the Poseys. Not only are the Poseys perfect in every way the dysfunctional Mitchells aren't, they've also apparently been training for dangerous situations and are easily able to make it to their car with some fancy acrobatic moves once the robot uprising begins, with Jim Posey even saying "Family first!" as he kicks a robot's head off. However, they still end up getting captured offscreen.
  • In Turning Red, all of the Lee family women are capable of being formidable fighters once they are in their giant red panda forms.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • Bad Black: Ssali says that everyone in his family—his father, mother, brother, and even his dog—are all commandos except for him.
  • Then there are the Mc Candles in Big Jake. Led by guess who?
  • The McManuses of The Boondock Saints, include a pair of brothers who kill dozens of mobsters after finding their calling as vigilantes, and their father, an infamous killer, fresh out of serving a twenty five years sentence, that joins his sons by the end of the first movie.
  • Brothers Five: The titular brothers of this kung-fu movie are separated decades ago as babies when their enemies massacred their family. Years later, each of the five brother are capable fighters and martial artists on their own, where after they're reunited by a righteous swordswoman, they then team up to take down the villains to avenge their family. The five of them easily defeat entire armies throughout the film.
  • The Fast and the Furious:
    • The Torreto gang of carjackers may be surrogate and multi-racial, but their love and loyalty towards each other is stronger than most Real Life blood-families. In fact, they explicitly refer to each other as family rather than just "friends", particularly at gatherings and when saying grace at meals.
    • The Shaw family are a more traditional example. Magdalene, the matriarch, sits at the head of a vast, powerful criminal empire. Her three children are all members of British Special Forces branches — Owen in the SAS, Deckard in UKSF, and Hattie in SIS; Owen and Deckard have also gone rogue and embarked on successful careers in terrorism.
  • How To Train Our Dragon has the Li siblings, comprised of a scary eldest sister with possible superpowers, an elegant and domineering second oldest sister, a middle sister who's an otaku and expert hacker, a second-youngest sister who's an improbably good shot with a bow, a cutesy youngest sister who's good at seducing guys, and their baby brother, who the five sisters are all dedicated to protecting and making sure he never gets a girlfriend.
  • The Host (2006): The Parks. True, for most of the movie they're shown as bumbling idiots... until they meet up with the giant mutant that killed their youngest member. Cue the slow-motion and the classical music as they take turns stabbing, burning, shooting, and impaling it...while standing unprotected in a cloud of toxic gasses.
  • House of Fury is Exactly What It Says on the Tin. The father is a retired martial artist and ex-secret agent, and when enemies from his past catches up on him, his children — both whom have inherited their dad's ass-kicking skills — embarks on a daring rescue mission to save him.
  • The Indiana Jones film take "keeping up with the Joneses" to a whole new level. The family that the Fuhrer declared war on? Not including friends of the family which include (but may not be limited to) a Determinator kid, John Rhys-Davies, and a few Oxford professors and federal agents, just to recap...
    • Dr. Henry Jones Sr. a Badass Bookworm who takes out Nazis with fake Ming vases, ballpoint pens, an umbrella and a knowledge of Charlemagne's writings.
    • Dr. Henry "Indiana" Jones Jr. also known as Mr. "Hey let's take a poll on who here has survived an atomic bomb. Oh wait, that would be me, Superman and the Hulk". Let the record show that this man has bested a tank and three Nazi trucks in one sitting, a Dragon in every film, aliens, supernatural forces, light sensitive rocks, angry natives and once stood face to face with Hitler, and got his autograph. BAD. ASS.
    • Henry "Mutt" Jones the Third. a Badass Biker who fences against highly trained psychic Russian spymasters, swings around in trees with monkeys and carries a comb with him wherever he goes.
    • And then Marion Ravenwood who is the best drinker this side of the Himalayas and was willing to put on a pretty dress just to have the opportunity to knife her friendly captor and escape. She also survives snakes, Nazis, and oh yeah, the wrath of God. She also drove a car through the jungle to rescue herself, Indy, and Mutt from their Communist captors. And ultimately rescued them all by driving off of a cliff and into a river with nary a scratch on any of them. A maneuver which freaked out Indy. Oh, and since she and Indy get married by the end of the fourth movie, it's safe to say she's in the family.
  • Byron Williams and his two sons did their own separate but heroic acts in Mars Attacks!
  • Many Jaeger pilot teams in Pacific Rim are this. Raleigh and Yancy Becket are brothers. Cheung, Jin, and Hu Wei are identical triplets. Hercules and Chuck Hansen are father and son. Aleksis and Sasha Kaidonovsky are married. Some other (deceased or retired) Jaeger teams were identical twins (Romeo Blue), male-female cousins (Chrome Brutus), and married couples (Tacit Ronin, Brawler Yukon).
  • Tackleberry has founded one in the later Police Academy films. They all sleep with a weapon under their pillow, and woe the burglar that picks their house as a target.
    Father: Should we call for backup?
    Son: No. We can handle it.
    • His wife's family was the same way. Her father was a retired cop, she and her brother were cops and Mom was just as tough. They used to punch each other as a sign of affection.
  • The Shafts. Given that in a mid 90's movie adaptation the titular Shaft is the nephew of the original and played by Samuel L. Jackson, being badass is a given.
  • The Racers in Speed Racer and extended family all apparently know how to deal out some awesome whoopass. Except Sparky. Who still tries and manages to help out in his own way.
  • The Cortez family from the Spy Kids franchise, who provide the page image above. A family of secret agents working for the OSS. It started with their parents being secret agents, now Carmen and Juni are carrying on the tradition after the events of the first film.
  • Star Wars has the Skywalker family and the Solo family, who are united by marriage. We've got two badass Action Moms — a Princess and a Queen — two badass Jedi warriors, one smuggler pilot-turned Rebel hero, and two feared Dark Jedi, once we meet Han's son Kylo Ren.
    • The Tarkin family provides a very dark example, as family tradition requires that the kids are brought in the wilderness every dry season to learn survival and be toughened up, making them formidable enough that Wilhuff (the most famous member of the family) can brag to be one of the few people to have beaten Darth Vader (Vader having asked Tarkin to lead a crew and hunt him down — and Tarkin eventually tricking him into being hit by lightning)... But also worsening the sociopathic tendencies caused by the rest of their traditions.
  • The Earp brothers in Tombstone. Wyatt is already a legendary former lawman by the start of the film and Virgil and Morgan are quick to volunteer as new marshals after the previous one is murdered and the town is falling into lawlessness.
  • The Marshall family from Up, Up and Away!, though some of them were old enough to be past their badass prime.
  • We Can Be Heroes (2020) has the Morenos span at least three generations of skilled, moral fighters; from Anita Moreno, who trains would-be superheroes in combat, to Anita's son Marcus, the Retired Badass leader of the Heroics, to Marcus' daughter Missy, who forms her own team along with the other Heroics' children.

  • The O'Brien family in The New Albion Radio Hour, all of whom play a pivotal role in ending New Albion's generations-long civil war. John joined the city government's super soldier program after losing his wife to Bomb-Throwing Anarchists, and was the only one to survive the process that turned him into an unstoppable rebel-killing Cyborg. His sister Jacqueline's girlfriend was taken away and lobotomized when the government became increasingly authoritarian, leading Jackie to take over the main resistance group. John's daughter Constance, after her mother died and her father left, ended up becoming a very skilled (if naive) thief who stole on behalf of women who had been victimized by New Albion's unfair divorce laws. Each is badass on their own, but when they band together over the course of the album, they end up saving the city.

    Mythology & Religion 
  • Greek Gods — all of them badass, almost all related in one way or another. All children of Zeus were badasses, including several demigod heroes like Heracles, Perseus or brothers Castor and Polidekus. There's also Typhon's family — dad is Eldritch Abomination that make gods flee from Olympus, mom, Echnida, is a giant multiple-headed snake and their children are several well-known monsters, including Cerberus, Hydra and Chimera. Incidentally, Typhon is related to the Greek Gods by way of their grandmother, Typhon's mother, Gaea.
  • The Tuatha de Danaan of Celtic Mythology are a tribe of related deities, mortals, and demigods.
    • Pretty much any man blood related to Cathbad the druid grew up to be a total badass from Conchobar mac Nessa, warrior king of Ulster, to Conall Cernach, the number one cause of death among men of Connacht, to Cu Chulainn, the greatest hero in all of Ireland.
  • The Aesir, as befitting a warrior race of immortals worshiped by the goddamn VIKINGS define badass. Odin, Allfather, the Allwise and supreme king of all Asgardians has fathered and or adopted numerous children who definitely qualify as experts in asskickerey: Loki, Balder, and Hermod, with the primary example being his firstborn son Thor, God of Thunder. God of War, wielder of Mjolnir and Undisputed Ruler for Life of the Kingdom of YOU'RE FUCKED.

  • The Rivendorn family from the Critical Hit, with both parents being spellcasters of The Archmage level of power, just as the generations before them are alleged to be. This is the reason why Rivendown name carries some weight, and it sets young Orem a tough act to follow. He manages.
  • The Calloway family from Gays in Capes is a classic example. Pretty much any member of all three generations can and has put a boss in the ground single-handedly.

    Professional Wrestling 
  • The Harts. Stu Hart had 12 kids, 8 boys and 4 girls. Seven of the boys became wrestlers (most famously Bret and Owen) and the only one who didn't wrestle became a referee. The four girls all married wrestlers (including Jim Neidhart and Davey Boy Smith). Stu's grandchildren include Teddy Hart, David Hart Smith and Natalya Neidhart.
  • The Windhams. Blackjack Mulligan (Robert Windham) had two sons who wrestled: Barry and Kendall. His daughter married Barry's former tag team partner, Mike Rotunda, and their sons Bo and Windham are currently in WWE. Windham is Bray Wyatt and Bo is Bo Dallas.
  • The Funks: Dory Sr. and his two boys, Dory Jr. and Terry. The sons are the only brothers to be NWA World Champion.
  • Almost all of the Samoan wrestlers are interrelated. Peter Maivia, Afa, Sika, Samu, Fatu/Rikishi, Jamal/Umaga, Rosie, The Rock, Yokozuna, Roman Reigns, The Usos, Solo Sikoa and others.
  • The Vachons: brothers Maurice "Mad Dog" and Paul "The Butcher", their sister Vivian and Paul's daughter Luna.
  • The Guerreros: Gory Guerrero, his four sons (Chavo Sr., Hector, Mando and Eddie) and his grandson, Chavo Guerrero Jr.
  • The Armstrongs: "Bullet" Bob Armstrong had four sons who wrestled: Brad, Scott, Steve and Brian (Road Dogg in WWE).
  • The McMahons: Vince McMahon (60something billionaire who takes chair shots and beatings for fun and profit), his wife Linda, son Shane McMahon (PWI's Rookie of the Year, known widely for surprising amounts of wrestling ability), daughter Stephanie McMahon (head of creative and wrestler), and Stephanie's husband, thirteen-time champion Triple H.
  • Professional wrestler El Chico Ilegal Chicano is better known among boxing circles as Carlos Cotto(Carlos Omar Cotto Cruz), mainly for his low key amateur boxing career that was put to an end by Puerto Rico's athletic commission, which discovered he was a professional wrestler and decided he would have to box professionally too if he wanted to keep fighting. Carlos thrived in both sports, and his daughter Dorris has also dipped her feet in boxing in wrestling. Other boxers in the Cotto family include national featherweight champion Abner Cotto, the first Puerto Rican to be a world champion in four wieght divisions "Junito" Miguel Cotto (who in turn is the son of another boxer Miguel Cotto Sr and trained in boxing by another family member, Evangelista Cotto), and Pan American silver medalist Jose Cotto.
  • While only Randy Savage was the only one of his family to be World Champion, he was also from a family of wrestlers who included his brother The Genius "Leaping" Lanny Poffo, and his father, Angelo Poffo, who in addition to being a hall of fame wrestler in his own right, also holds the record for number of sit-ups in a row at 6,033.
  • Chicano's manager Black Rose is the niece of three boxers, one of which is the world batamweight champion Julian Solís, who wanted her to become a boxer before her mom cut her boxing career short. Her mom and sister themselves did taekwodo, while her dad and daughter did track and field.
  • The Steiner: Rick and Scott Steiner. Rick has a son current NXT Champion Bron Breakker.
  • The Laurinaitis: Joseph "Animal" Laurinaitis of The Road Warriors, John Laurinaitis aka Johnny Ace and Marc Laurinaitis also known as Fury of the Wrecking Crew and The Terminator.
  • The Flair: 16-times World Champion Ric Flair with his son David Flair has won title at any promotion he wrestled, a daughter 15-times Women's Champion Charlotte Flair and son in law former NXT Champion & former United States Champion Andrade "Cien" Almas or El Idolo.
  • The Misterio/Mysterio: WWE Grand Slam Champion Rey Mysterio with his son Dominik Mysterio has won SmackDown Tag Team Champions. Rey's uncle Rey Misterio Sr has won many title at any promotion he wrestled also they both won WWA Tag Team Champions. Rey's cousin El Hijo del Rey Misterio also won title at promotion he wrestled.

    Tabletop Games 
  • In the BattleTech games's Feudal Future, a half-dozen families and their descendants were so epically badass in both giant mecha fighting and dominating people through sheer testicular fortitude that each family spawned an entire interstellar civilization.
  • In the Cartoon Network Crisis Crossover Deck-Building Game, The Wattersons count as a Super Hero.
  • Most of the great Viking clans in Fate of the Norns: Ragnarok go out of their way to out-badass each other, notably in the "murder" department. The other have sired great heroes, such as Sigurd (Fafnir's slayer), Beowulf, etc.
  • The "Action Family" ensemble from the Feng Shui supplement Friends Of The Dragon is essentially this — a Player Character ensemble that kicks ass as a family.
  • Games Workshop games:
    • Ostlander Mercenary warbands from Mordheim are made up of an entire extended family that has left their home village to make their fortune in the City of the Damned. Hardy and self-sufficient, these Ostlanders are talented hunters who enjoy a good drunken brawl and possess an intense hatred of Chaos.
    • In Warhammer 40,000, The Emperor and his sons. A godlike saviour of humanity, and twenty sons survived being scattered by Chaos across the galaxy, all growing up to be the progenitors of armies of super-soldiers. Shame about the whole Horus Heresy deal.
  • Magic: The Gathering gives us The Abzan Houses of Tarkir, a massive clan of desert warriors with emphasis on clan. Adoptive members alone include Aven vultures, dog-like Ainok, and several Orcs. Every member, living or dead, is ready to march into battle, and they do it with all the comforts of home mounted on War Elephants. To top it all off, their signature mechanics are based on family bonds and allow them to gradually strengthen each other.
  • The Ortegas of Malifaux are a family of monster-hunting gunslingers. They are tremendously successful in a job whose life expectancy is normally measured in days.
  • The Oberlindes Family in Traveller. They are a dynasty of frontier Merchant Princes who rose from being a band of Free Traders to almost Mega-Corp status. In the process they had more than one Moment of Awesome. The most notable was when they bought a war surplus ship, fitted it out with weapons by convoluted and extralegal means and sent it to trade through Vargr space scareing off every corsair with their firepower.

    Visual Novels 
  • Ace Attorney
    • Unconventional example in the dysfunctional Fey clan, a group of otherwise staid women who are frequently locked in bloody conflict. Badasses for good include Iron Woobie Maya, Badass Teacher Mia, Yamato Nadeshiko Iris, and Mama Bear Misty. Badasses for evil include Manipulative Bastard Morgan and Dahlia. It's really a disproportionate amount of badass to be spread over two generations of the same family, and may explain why they're always trying to murder one another. The final case of the third game is something of a master class in badass, culminating in Mia giving a Reason You Suck Speech to Dahlia so hardcore it sends her back to Hell. Child Prodigy Pearl is nine in her first appearance but is reputedly more powerful in terms of spiritual power than Maya — according to Maya herself, too!
    • And an evil(ish) example in the von Karmas. Manfred von Karma, his daughter Franziska von Karma, and his adopted son Miles Edgeworth are all prosecutors so perfect and amazing that the only person to ever defeat them in court is the protagonist Phoenix Wright. Manfred's flawless record stretches out for decades, Miles is so ruthless and effective that he's been called The Demon Prosecutor and Franziska passed the bar at thirteen.
    • In the Apollo Justice arc, the Gavin brothers. You have the older brother Kristoph Gavin, defense attorney extraordinaire. Always a calm, cool and collected person who is not afraid to own your ass in court while being very courteous. That is, unless you happen to reject him as a lawyer over a game of cards. And then you have rocker Klavier Gavin. Has his own band and has a very good reputation. Always willing to help Apollo secure a conviction for a detective and bandmate, even helping Apollo own Kristoph in court with the Jurist system.
  • The Ushiromiya Family of Umineko: When They Cry also qualifies as a Big, Screwed-Up Family, oddly enough. Grandfather Kinzo has no talent for magic, but through several years of research and determination, managed to become a master summoner. He may not be able to use magic to even heat water to brew tea, but can summon a demon able to boil an ocean. Eva is very skilled at martial arts, and Eva-Beatrice may be a sadist who likes to kill people in gruesome ways, but is pretty badass herself. Rosa managed to put a fight with a army of goatmen with only a gun, a purse, a pen and a gold bar. Jessica and George are Normal Badasses able to channel Supernatural Martial Arts with sheer willpower. And there's Battler aka, the Endless Sorcerer.
  • In the Zero Escape series, specifically in Virtue's Last Reward and Zero Time Dilemma, we have the family of Sigma and Diana, who both have the power of Mental Time Travel as a result of the events of both games, and their twin children: Delta, a man gifted with the ability to Mind Hack and uses this to become Zero in Zero Time Dilemma, and Phi, who also gains the ability of Mental Time Travel. Sigma, Phi, and Diana also end up becoming the D-Team of Zero Time Dilemma, though they don't learn their relationship until later in the game.

    Web Animation 
  • The clan of fruit ninjas in Banana-nana-Ninja!.
  • RWBY:
    • Ruby Rose is a nice little girl, but she'll ruin your day if you mess with her. Of course, do that and you'll be in the firing line of her older half-sister Yang Xiao Long too. Oh, and Ruby's cool uncle Qrow, who will protect them no matter who you are or what you are. And then there's the matter of Yang's Missing Mom, who stepped in to save her daughter from a tight spot and caused her daughter's attacker to flee in terror at the mere sight of her. And their dad, who we haven't seen much of yet but is implied to be just as dangerous, being on a Grimm hunting team with them. Also the family dog. Yep, not a family to be messed with.
    • Jaune's family is implied to be this as well, having generations of warriors, heroes and hunters as his legacy. Jaune himself? Not so much.
    • The Belladonna family are more than capable of taking care of business when things go straight to hell, as revealed in Volume 5. Just ask the White Fang and the two brothers that Adam fielded to get rid of them.
    • The Schnee family, though known more for their business empire, have a legacy of producing powerful warriors. This is partially thanks to having a rare, heritary Semblance that allows them to create Glyphs capable of channeling Dust for magic-like effects or Summoning the "spirits" of defeated Grimm. Family Patriarch Nicholas used his experience as a soldier to start the company, personally helming expeditions and earning a reputation as a bold adventuer and honest business partner. His granddaughters, Weiss and Winter, chose to follow in his footsteps by becoming Huntresses. Winter became an elite member of the Atlas military, while Weiss excels as one of the members of the titular Team RWBY. When the manor is attacked, Willow proves to be a Mama Bear capable of summoning a massive Grimm to defend her son from the Hound. Even Whitley, the youngest child that was openly disdainful of his sisters for becoming Huntresses, proves to be an incredibly brave Guile Hero during the invasion of Atlas.

  • The McNinja family of The Adventures of Dr. McNinja is one of the most badass families out there. On top of being four of the deadliest ninjas in the world, one of them is also a doctor of EVERYTHING, one designs technology so advanced as to be indistinguishable from magic in his spare-time, the mom is a complete psycho, and the dad assumed the leadership role of all American ninjas by virtue of the authority in his mustache (he also sets himself on fire for fun sometimes). On top of that you've got the Doc's sidekick, the sharpshooting-acrobat raptor-riding-bandito mustachioed-12-year-old Gordito along with loyal receptionist Judy the GORILLA.
  • Yoosoman and his sons in American Barbarian.
  • The Andersons (though that's not their real surname...) kind of count. We have Bob and George themselves, who are both Physical Gods with Elemental Powers (Playing with Fire and Shock and Awe respectively), Mom, and her father, who according to Word Of God, is Satan.
  • A villainous (or possibly Anti Villainous) example is the Kappel family from Collar 6, with Michael Kappel and his wife Evita aka Butterfly as insanely powerful doms, and their slaves possess their own superpowers. Sixx even refers to them as "A whole family of super powered assholes."
  • Dominic Deegan's Deegan family. Mother Miranda, retired head of the Quiral School of the Arcane Arts and as an arch-mage, a powerful wizard in her own right; father Donovan, a master swordsman, renowned duelist and bard trained by elves; Jacob, the first son, a powerful necromancer trained by one of the oldest known necromancers in the series history; main protagonist and second son Dominic, who is a master at second sight magic and has a keen knack for planning numerous steps ahead (and also gets visions); and youngest son Greg, who is a perennially cheerful white mage and skilled musician in his own right. Also, there is Dominic's fiancée, Luna, who has a knack for illusion magic and once humiliated an old enemy of the Deegan family in combat.
  • In El Goonish Shive, the Verres could count; Mr. Verres is a Papa Wolf, his son Tedd is a Mad Scientist who's been glowing lately so something's bound to happen. His cousin Nanase is a Magical Martial Artist. And the Shape Shifting Half-Squirrel Girl Grace lives with them and is Tedd's girlfriend. And his mother is apparently a legendary monster hunter. And his Aunt, Nanase's mother, is as involved in the weirdness as her brother-in-law is, but is better about hiding it from her children.
  • The Cannon family in The Fancy Adventures of Jack Cannon. The father takes down Hackers with his bare hands while wearing a pink Kiss The Cook apron. The mother throws knives with devastating accuracy, and may or may not be a ninja. And the son? Among other moments of extreme badassery, took down a Hacker combat expert WITH HIS OWN KNIFE, punched his way back up to the surface when a Hacker had buried him deep underground, and is perhaps the only person in the world who can "bro-pound" with Max Facepuncher without shattering his hand. That last part is especially badass when you read the 24 hour comic "So Now I Hate The Moon", and realize that Max Facepuncher can punch people into the sun, and once killed the moon with a double facepunch. So Now I Hate The Moon starts here:
  • Girl Genius:
    • Heterodynes are a family of powerful Sparks, who were feared and hated even among others of their own kind, to say nothing about the rest of the continent. They created Castle Heterodyne –- an omnipotent sentient Supervillain Lair with a dark sense of humor and Jägermonsters -– scientifically modified Super Soldiers, chosen among those completely loyal to the house Heterodyne. Then Bill and Barry happened. They redeemed their family’s name by travelling across Europa and defeating monsters and evil Sparks, and were considered the greatest heroes of their generation. There is also Agatha –- a powerful Spark in her own right.
    • Klaus and Gilgamesh Wulfenbach. Klaus returned to Europa only with his infant son in tow and still managed to conquer a good chunk of the continent by himself, apparently for its own good. He is single-handedly keeping peace in his Empire by keeping rampaging madboys and arrogant nobles in check. He and Gilgamesh are both powerful Sparks and very potent fighters, to the point Jägers are scared of them. If rumors are true then there is also Baron's long lost Badass Normal daughter — princess Zeetha.
    • Valois/Sturmvoraus/von Blitzengaard family. Their ancestor was one of the greatest kings of all time — Andronicus Valois, the Storm King. Currently family consists mainly of Manipulative Bastards, backstabbers and McNinjas. Most prominent members are Tarvek — once again a powerful Spark, exellent shamer and a good fighter and Violetta — a Smoke Knight.
  • Homestuck has all of the Strider family. All of them.
    • Bro Strider (really Ectobiological-Paradox-Clone-Stable-Time-Loop-Father Strider — It Makes Sense in Context) is a master of the ironic arts, can Flash Step fast enough to use stop motion animation as a fighting technique, and is the only character in the comic powerful enough to fight Jack Noir to a standstill in single combat.
    • Dave is probably the strongest of the kids pre-God Tier and kicks a ridiculous amount of ass while in the Medium, not to mention the antics he gets up to as Davesprite.
    • Finally, we have Dirk Strider, the Alpha Universe incarnation of Bro who is arguably the most Badass of all. Born in a Bad Future, he had to raise himself from birth with nothing but a Demonic Dummy for company. He dabbles in robotics — if by dabbling you mean creating fully sentient A.I.s and combat robots that can slay giant seadragon-lusii easily. (Dirk can beat these combatbots effortlessly, for comparison.) He maintains a group consciousness by keeping his dream self awake permanently, and uses it to slay enemy agents in single hits and to stage rebellions just by showing up.
    • We can't skip over Alpha-universe Dave, who has no trouble assassinating a pair of juggalo presidents in one swing.
    • Since the Lalondes are biologically related to the Striders, it's probably safe to count them all as one big immensely badass family. To say nothing of the Egberts / Crockers and the Harleys / Englishes...
    • In the Egbert / Crocker family we have Dad Egbert who repeatedly escaped from Dersite prisons and Dad Crocker who took over derse simply by being dapper.
  • The River family from Irregular Elis. A family of "Super Heroes" with Hanna-Barbera influence.
  • The Walkertons in It's Walky! boast Linda Walkerton, one of the first and arguably most successful alien hunters in that world (Though her claim that she singlehandedly killed all the Martians on Earth turned out to be an... exaggeration), as well as David "Walky" Walkerton and his Separated at Birth twin sister Sal Walters, who are all but said to be the two most powerful Abductees in existence. Honorable mention goes to Stephen "Beef" Walkerton, who is not actually related to Walky but was raised as his brother (He was Switched at Birth with Sal).
  • Kitty's family from Kokoart. Her father is a big guy with big muscles and lots of scars. Yet, he gets beaten by his wife with a single punch (here). Then, later in the comic, it's revealed that the whole family can bend iron bars in their hands and Kitty learns martial arts as her mother advised her, because people don't lose body pieces while she defends herself and it's easier to clean after the fight.
  • Latchkey Kingdom has a couple:
    • The Dragonfly Family features protagonist Willa, who regularly raids dungeons five times her level or higher, and her grandfather "Old Man" Dragonfly, who is one of the Kingdom of Hilla's greatest heroes and has saved it dozens of times.
    • There's also Joselyn D'arc and her daughter Jane, both accomplished henchwomen to the snake cult. Joselyn is one of the more involved parents in the series, in fact.
  • The Bloodrage tribe in Looking for Group lives up to their name. The chief and his sons are particularly fearsome; DO NOT ask them to surrender. Even the adopted unknown race granddaughter/niece/daughter is a Badass.
  • The Thundershield family in The Order of the Stick is very, very large, and full of badassery. They provide some invaluable support in several battles while the Order is trying to stop Hel's clergy, complete with friendly bickering like it's a family outing.
  • The Andreyasn from Schlock Mercenary are an interesting case. We've only seen Kevyn and Breya, but they can both fight ("I have four brothers", "I'm one of her brothers"), and their mother doled out some interesting childhood advice.
    Kevyn: Well, you know what mom always said...
    Breya: If you swing first, swing hard, and connect.
  • King Jahad's family from Tower of God. Technically it consists of a group of adopted female warriors, the Princesses of Jahad, who received a part of his power through his blood. This makes them so strong that they are forbidden to have any relationships, lest they spread that power uncontrolled.
  • The family from Part Time dragons, being a family of actual dragons, is pretty badass

    Web Original 
  • Almost all members of the Dage family in Blood and the Stars are Star Twisters, excluding Thea Dage, although to compensate, she is smart enough to work alongside Rassie Shins and Orelius Zhang.
  • The Cthoniques in Castle Terribel, are a rather goofy version of this. Four Dark Lords, one of whom is undead, and all of them seem more enthusiastic about their hobbies and home life than causing trouble.
  • The Harper Family in DC Nation. Let's see...Badass Normal Roy Harper and Action Mom Troia. Then, there's Lian, who's twelve and becoming Little Miss Badass. Aiden is too young to manifest anything at this point, but that's probably going to change. Then you factor in the extended family of Arrows, Amazons, and Titans, some of the most fanatically family-oriented groups in Nationverse...
  • In The Gamer's Alliance, Clan d'Zarnagon, House Aurelac and House Ardyn definitely count. Their members have proven their mettle many times in fields of battle as well as in political scheming.
  • The Freemans in Half-Life: Full Life Consequences. We have Gordon Freeman, who's already badass, his brother John Freeman, who when he "has to kill fast and bullets too slow", starts killing Combines with his "bear hands", and shrugs off being hit by a rocket, his son Henry Freeman, who gives the humens "hop", and rallies an army against the Combines. The only exception in the family might be Mom/Wife, who gets "shot in head", setting off the events of Hero Beggining.
  • The Shardiks. Start something with them, and you may find an interstellar war coming at you. Start an interstellar war with their friends, and you may find your species extinct.
  • In Touch, we have the Toranagas, a family of the strongest mages in the eastern United States, including Peter, a doting father who also happens to work as a director for The Men in Black, Hideyoshi and Tsuru, a pair of immortal, monster hunting grandparents, and James, a twelve year old boy with levitation and mass-scale aerokinesis. His younger sister, Bex, is implied to be just as powerful.
    • The only exception to the badassery is the mom, Sarah, who, while she might not be a powerful mage, still manages to pull off some moments of awesomeness herself.
  • The Wilson family of the Whateley Universe. Daughter Billie is Tennyo, one of the most powerful mutants on earth. As a teenager. Parents? Oh, they happen to be Flashlight (laser powers) and Weasel (strength, agility, second-storyman too), superheroes who secretly work for the CIA. Older brother and younger brother? Still teenagers and already working for the CIA too, since they have superpowers as well.

    Western Animation 
  • Amphibia has the Plantars, each of whom display impressive skills throughout the series. Anne is shown to be quite athletic, and shows quite a lot of skill with a sword; Sprig is very fast and can use a slingshot with ease; Polly, despite only being a pollywog, can handle herself and is quite capable with weapons; and Hop Pop is surprisingly strong and can take on many opponents with just his bare hands. Even Bessie, the Plantars' pet snail, is shown to always be there to protect her family when they need it.
  • Atomic Betty and her family. Betty and her maternal grandparents are galactic guardians; her uncle from "Rodeo Robots" is a cowboy; and her parents, while almost never seen fighting, have shown Greenbeard's gang what they're made of. And they thought they were fighting against actors.
  • In Avatar: The Last Airbender, the Ursa/Ozai and Hakoda/Kya families. Which are related, spiritually, considering that Aang marries Katara. Aang's the reincarnation of Roku, who is Zuko's maternal great-grandfather. We should also count Uncle Iroh as Zuko's Parental Substitute. Toph isn't technically related either, but she is part of Team Avatar.
    • However, in The Legend of Korra, Toph's two daughters are met. Lin, the tough, gruff, no nonsense Chief of Republic City Police, and Suyin the level-headed leader of the Metal Clan in Zaofu. Both are incredibly accomplished Earth and metalbenders, taking on the Red Lotus and the Earth Empire right alongside the New Team Avatar, Lin also faced the Equalists and nearly destroyed two of their airships. Suyin also has three badass children: A daughter who gained airbending and became a master, and twin metalbending boys who serve alongside their mother as her teammates.
    • Also Aang's and Katara's children and Tenzin with his kids, who eventually go on to revive the Air Nation.
  • The Royal Flush Gang from Batman Beyond: A family of burglars pulling heists based on playing-cards. .. their daughter's relationship with Terry McGuiness was strangely deja vu.
  • Ben 10: The Tennysons. Even Ben's muggle dad turns out to be a badass in the episode "Goodbye And Good Riddance".
  • The Bennets from Bionic Six. Patriarch Jack was already a top-notch secret agent, but when his family got caught in an accident and had to undergo Emergency Transformation? Well, they took to their new abilities and joined dad in kicking butt.
  • Code Lyoko: The Hopper/Schaeffer family is full of people brilliant in brains and brawn:
    • The mother and least impressive member of the family, Anthéa Hopper, was still a scientist good enough to work on Project Carthage. With the Code Lyoko Chronicles novels in mind, she also helped the Lyoko-warriors and XANA defeat Hannibal Mago.
    • The father, Franz Hopper (born Waldo Schaeffer), not only worked on Project Carthage, but also successfully evaded the Men in Black with his daughter Aelita, created an entire virtual world known as Lyoko, created XANA, provided vital information and help to his daughter and her friends to ensure the rebellious XANA's defeat, and did it while stuck in the Digital Sea for most of the time.
    • The first child, Aelita Schaeffer, is, even prior to her graduation to Action Girl status in Season 3, a Teen Genius and Action Survivor, as well as the 2nd most powerful Lyoko-warrior and 2nd smartest Lyoko-warrior, with only William and Jeremie surpassing her power and brains respectively.
    • The second "child", XANA, an AI who gained sentience, is an insanely brilliant mastermind who pulled a two-season long Xanatos Gambit on the Lyoko-warriors, stalemated or defeated them at the end of every season barring the 4th one, nearly killed them a lot of times and even at the cost of its life, succeeded in killing Franz Hopper.
  • The Fentons from Danny Phantom (though Jack is one only under pressure). Following the events of the Grand Finale, some stories like to take this trope up a notch.
  • Do the Mallards from Darkwing Duck count? Only two members, but...
  • In Dexter's Laboratory, Dexter's family counts, especially in the episode where they have to use Dexter's robots to destroy an ancient evil Dexter accidentally released. Somewhat parodied/lampshaded by the background music that plays. "Go, Dexter Family go!"
  • DuckTales (2017): The McDuck-Duck Clan is established as one. Great-Uncle Scrooge is the patriarchal trillionaire adventurer. His niece Della and his nephew Donald were his proteges and sidekicks in his adventuring days. Della's children, Huey, Dewey and Louie are a trio of Badass Adorable 10-year-olds.
    • To a lesser extent, the Beakley-Vanderquack family is this as well, with Bentina and her granddaughter Webby, who was later revealed to be Scrooge's daughter through experimentation.
    • On the villains' side, there is the De Spell family, with Magica and her niece Lena.
  • El Tigre: The Riveras. In this family, being a super hero/villain is literally in the genes. Nearly every Rivera male known has been one.
  • Gargoyles:
    • The Wyvern Clan themselves consider their entire clan to be family, and they certainly live up to the trope. They're a clan of winged reptilian warriors who regularly tangle with gangsters, mercenaries, cyborgs, demons and Fae spirits.
    • As of Fox and Xanatos' marriage, the Xanatos-Renard family counts. It includes a former Femme Fatale mercenary, an immortal Fae Queen, and not one but two ridiculously wealthy corporate industrialists with legions of cyberpunk tech at their disposal — including a personal hit-squad of winged cyborg warriors and a goddamn airship. If you value your life, don't fuck with them.
  • In a two-part episode of G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero, Cobra really sank to a new low, kidnapping the parents and/or siblings or several prominent Joes and using Mind Control to turn them against the heroes. But once the crisis was resolved and they were rescued, the Baroness tried to spite them by attacking Gung Ho's house. Very bad idea. By the time he and the other Joes even got there, his parents and siblings had trounced the bad guys. (And were laughing in the Baroness' face.)
  • Gravity Falls has the Pines family, who have each displayed their own badass moments throughout the series. There's Badass Bookworm Dipper who regularly takes on supernatural menaces and emerges the victor, with his twin sister Mabel right by his side. The twins' Great Uncle Stan was a boxer in his youth, and can still punch out a Pterodactyl, or a horde of zombies, or three bald eagles (while hanging from an electric tower), or an interdimentional demon (not to mention scale a construction frame and climb a mountain bare-handed to rescue his great niece and nephew) in his sixties. Handyman Soos (who is more or less one of the family) has great strength and surprising athleticism. And as of the second half of Season 2, we also have Stan's long lost twin brother, the Author of the Journals and a literal genius who not only creates devices that shouldn't theoretically be possible (like a perpetual motion machine), but managed to survive being trapped inside nightmare dimensions for thirty years.
    • The fact that the Pines are all twins is keeping them together.
  • The Chans in Jackie Chan Adventures. There's an Adventurer Archaeologist version of Jackie Chan who fights dragons when not on digs; his niece, Jade, who can pull off Stealth-hi-byes in outer space and grows up to be the leader of Section 13; and Uncle, a Witch Doctor whose magic gets more impressive with every season and also taught Jackie everything he knows about martial arts. There's also a criminal enforcer turned Gentle Giant who isn't related to them but is still considered part of the family (and who has a mother you don't want to mess with). To top it off, they have equally badass ancestors dating as far back as the Old West.
  • Kim Possible:
    • The Possibles. Kim herself is a world-renowned heroine who fights supervillains on a weekly basis, her grandmother is a former Navy SEAL and master martial artist, and though the rest of the family including her uncle and cousin are more on the Science Hero side they have shown to be more than capable to help Kim in various missions.
    • The Gos are a family of superhero siblings who for years have kept their home city of Go City safe. Even without Shego they were a fairly formidable, if uncoordinated fighting force, but with their more grounded sister by their side they take out a supervillainess who could hold her own against an alignment-swapped Ron in seconds.
    • The Stoppables have Ron, who is the Mystical Monkey Master, and his adopted sister Hana. Even Ron's father, an actuary, stepped up in one episode, using his superior knowledge of mathematics to defeat a math-themed supervillain trying to "subtract" his son.
  • An extended family example in the Pelekai ʻohana from the Lilo & Stitch franchise (primarily the 2002 original film and Lilo & Stitch: The Series). You've got a Badass Pacifist little girl who, despite losing her parents, managed to reform over 600 artificial alien lifeforms who were designed to be evil into using their abilities for good and seeing one another as family (Lilo Pelekai), her older sister who will do anything to protect her (Nani Pelekai), the "Evil Genius" creator of the lifeforms who is a biogeneticist and engineer with Stout Strength serving as their "uncle" (Jumba Jookiba), a Nervous Wreck serving as their "aunt" who nonetheless has actually helped with reforming the lifeforms and had some Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass moments (Wendy Pleakley), and finally the alien lifeforms themselves (the experiments), all of them with unique powers and abilities who see each other as "cousins" to one another, with their youngest being their strongest and smartest who managed to pull everyone together while serving as the little girl's pet "dog" and brotherly best friend (Stitch).
  • My Life as a Teenage Robot. The Wakemans. Nora Wakeman is a Mad Scientist and a decorated Skyway Patrol veteran. Jenny/XJ-9 is a ridiculously strong, state-of-the-art robot who was literally designed to be Earth's protector. Jenny's robot sisters, XJ-1 through 8, are single-function prototypes, but they kick major ass when they join forces. Aunt Wisteria can create almost anything out of plants (including sentient life), and Cousin Glenn is a Boisterous Bruiser. And since Armageddroid was the first sentient robot created by Dr. Wakeman, you could arguably include him in the family roster as well.
  • My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic:
    • The Apple family is fairly close to this. Applejack is the incarnation of the Element of Honesty, Big Macintosh is capable of pulling a house off of its foundations (while bouncing), Apple Bloom has performed dozens of death-defying stunts with her friends in their quest to earn their Cutie Marks, and Granny Smith was one of the founders of Ponyville who, in her youth, braved (literal) timber wolves in order to get the magically-charged apples that helped kick-start her family farm.
    • Not to mention that the rest of the mane 6 (each one of them a badass in their own way) are officially considered "honorary" family members.
    • Celestia and Luna, being sisters, also qualify.
      • Their niece Cadence turns out be powerful as well. And since she married Twilight's brother, Twilight and her captain of the Royal Guard brother are now added to the list.
      • Spike the Dragon, Twilight and Shining's adoptive brother, is well, a Dragon, and an increasingly powerful one as he grows up. If we take his likeliest marriage prospect, that would be Rarity, the Element of Generosity and a deadly precision telekinetic and martial artist.
  • The Watterson Family The Amazing World of Gumball become this in the later seasons, with more episodes involving them teaming up to deal with huge catastrophes together.
  • The Powerpuff Girls:
    • The Utoniums themselves qualify: Supergenius dad, and three superhero daughters, and that's when Professor Utonium is just his normal self. This guy has the skill to create nearly any weapon he could imagine and has, on some occasions, donned a Powered Armor suit of his own and helped out. He can get carried away, but still.
    • The Smith family from "Supper Villain" and "Just Desserts" become a villanous but parodied version of this trope. In the former episode, Harold Smith aspires to become a villain out of boredom with his everyday life, but ends up getting harmless results. By the latter episode, in anger out of their dinner in the previous episode getting ruined, the rest of his family join him and they get more competent in their revenge for the Utoniums, but are ultimately defeated.
  • The Saturday family. The father is a Genius Bruiser with a power glove, the mother is a martial artist Action Mom with a Flaming Sword, one of the 'kids' is a super strong Gorillacat and the guardian of an ancient doomsday beast, and the son is able to control cryptids, the most powerful animals on earth, and is the reincarnation of the God of the Cryptids. Even the family pets are badass. And the Sixth Ranger of the team is mom's long-lost brother, a trained mercenary with all sorts of badass gear, including a jetpack.
  • The Simpsons. But only a couple at a time are allowed to be badass together.
  • Street Sharks. Four brothers who are all now shark mutants, plus their dad, who is apparently a genius and is doing really helpful stuff on the sidelines (even if he's kind of vanished).
  • A recurring theme in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, starting in 2003, the Turtles and Splinter are a family, and they sometimes extend it with April, and Casey.
  • The Tracy family in Thunderbirds certainly qualify — flying the fastest planes and rockets in the world to save lives and fight villains (with help from a few extended family members).
  • The Venture Family, from The Venture Brothers Jonas Venture, Jonas Jr, and the possible mother of Rusty's children Myra Brandish are all certifiable badasses. Helper the family robot at least looks badass in its battle mode too.
  • The X's are a family that is in incompetent in normal situations, but will always pull through in the end.


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