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Hakann: I'll never understand why we can only use these elemental powers together. Oh, lava spheres are alright, but it just doesn't compare. Think what I could do with the power of pure flame at my command.
Avak: ...I have. It keeps me up at night.

Wonder Twin powers: activate!

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A good leash to amazing powers is the need for two characters to work together to activate them. Sometimes this is a supervillain and superhero, other times it's a superhero duo. Most of the time, the characters even get to be twins because Twins Are Special. Interestingly, their actual powers sometimes have nothing to do with their inherent twinness, unless their powers tap into specific eerieness.

Presumably, their in-built weakness is being ineffective unless they're together. Also presumably, they have at least one way around even that built-in weakness. Not truly related to a certain kind of "Wonder Twins."

Sister Trope to Superior Twin Teamwork, which covers twins working better together than separate and the teamwork between twins being better than the teamwork of non-twin teams and pairs. See also Combination Attack, Synchronization, Fusion Dance, Sibling Team and Bash Brothers. Contrast with All Your Powers Combined.


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    Anime and Manga 
  • Miracle Girls fits the name so well that it might have been the trope namer. Mika and Toni are identical twins (albeit with different hairstyles), who need to be in physical contact to teleport.
  • Naruto:
    • Kinkaku and Ginkaku, with the treasures they use, created by the Sage of Six Paths. Three of the five weapons play a specific role in sealing away an opponent. None of those three weapons can work without the other. When Kinkaku is sealed away with the 5th treasure, the Amber Pot, he still has the rope with him. Darui then comments that the gourd and sword are useless due to the fact, and can no longer seal anyone. The brothers share these weapons, and thus seem to have excellent teamwork.
    • The Jinchuuriki are this in the Killer Bee: Rappuden Filler arc. Alone, they have little power because their tailed beasts' chakra has been stolen before the arc started. When all are together, their tailed beasts are capable of going full-size and firing Tailed Beast Bombs in unison.
    • Naruto and Sasuke are given this by the Sage of the Six Paths in order to defeat Kaguya and undo the Infinite Tsukuyomi. The sealing power only works when they use it together.
  • The original versions of Pretty Cure have individual powers of agility and strength, although nearly all of their magical attacks depended on contact with each other. It wasn't until Yes! Precure 5 that the Magical Girls could even transform by themselves. The concept resurfaced several seasons later in Suite Pretty Cure ♪, disappeared again for a while, then reappeared again several more seasons later in Maho Girls Pretty Cure!. HuGtto! Pretty Cure has this specifically for Cure Amour and Cure Ma Chérie, who can only transform together, unlike the other three in their team.
  • Sailor Moon:
    • The show originally played with this trope by suggesting while Chibi-Usa's powers are mostly useless, using them with Usagi's similar ones results in something powerful. In the fourth season, this was taken further when they couldn't even transform or deliver a finishing attack without being together. Many fans cite this as a detriment to Usagi's role as the show's star, but also a plot device to handwave Chibi-Usa's increased screentime pushing out the main cast. Unlike Futari wa Pretty Cure and Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash★Star, the noticeable age difference in the two made for some acrobatics to make sure the two just happened to be together at the time.
    • Also in Sailor Moon, Cyprine and Ptilol's strongest power requires the two to work together: one of them absorbs any incoming magical attacks, the other reflects them. Naturally, the Senshi defeat them by tricking them into separating.
  • Ho and Ban, the twin Bount from the filler arc in the Bleach anime. Although they can control their more-or-less identical "dolls" separately, their real power comes from the dolls working in tandem. When one twin is knocked out, the other has to control both dolls at once and ends up overwhelmed.
  • Attack on Titan: This is the sole principle of the Yeager brothers' plan: Eren has the Founding Titan but cannot use it because he doesn't have royal blood. His elder brother Zeke has royal blood but if he had the Founding Titan, he won't be able to use it because of King Fritz's vow of renouncing the war. To bypass the limitation, the brothers plan to turn into their Titan forms and have physical contact with each other to fully utilize the Founding Titan's power. This will enable them to control all Titans and Eldians and use that power to literally change the course of history.
  • Digimon:
    • The titular creatures can Digivolve on their own, but this is a slow process (the Japanese names of Baby, Child, and Adult for the earlier Digivolution stages indicate that this is analogous to a living being's maturation). However, with The Power of Friendship from their human partners, they can temporarily Digivolve to forms higher than their current natural state.
    • A more traditional example is Nefertimon and Pegasusmon, who have an attack that requires both of them.
    • Digimon Fusion vacillates between this and Fusion Dance: some DigiXros combinations transform one character into a new form for the other to wield, such as Dorulumon turning into a cannon for Shoutmon to aim and fire.
  • The Goldion Crusher in GaoGaiGar FINAL requires the authorization of the GGG (from the key held by Chief Taiga) and the UN (the key held by Swan White). Plugging them both into a pair of circular consoles causes the consoles to form the kanji for "victory". There's also Symmetrical Docking; an issue in the early series was deploying HyoRyu and EnRyu, as the combiner ChoRyuJin was the only one who could operate the Eraser Head missile.
  • Viola and Cesario from Kiddy Grade. Cesario's ability, "Driver", does nothing by itself, while Viola's power, "Calamity", can manipulate matter at the atomic level, but requires "Driver" as its energy source. (Tweedledee and Tweedledum also have an ability (Windstorm) that they can coordinate with each other, and in the last episode of season 1, Eclair acts as a power source for Lumiere's Puppet ability.
  • Time travelers in Natsu no Arashi! depend on being close to each other to jump through time. As Arashi points out on her second trip, without someone else, she has no way to return to the present.
  • Also reversed in Cyborg 009. Psycho Electro 0010 turns out to be a pair of twins (+ and -) who die when forced to come into contact.
  • The protagonists Black and White and the Dusk and Dawn brothers in Tekkonkinkreet. Although its more of a spiritual connection than anything else.
  • Kikumaru Eiji and Oishi Shuichirou in The Prince of Tennis are Seishun Gakuen's "Golden Pair" and later on in the series are able to perform Synchronization, letting them move as one and basically becoming an unstoppable badass doubles team.
  • Masao and Kazuo Tachibana in Captain Tsubasa with their Skylab combinations and Triangle Shoot. In the series, they are almost useless if they're not playing together.
  • In The Lucifer and Biscuit Hammer, Yuki and Subaru have to hold hands to use their Strongest Spear and Strongest Shield powers.
  • The twins from Heroic Age were two of the strongest human telekinetics but they could only use their powers when together, though not necessarily in contact. Whether the limitation still existed after the departure of the Silver Tribe or due to force of habit they still joined hands to use their powers even after receiving a massive power boost.
  • Campachino and Brindo from a One Piece filler arc. They use an ability called Combination Play, in which they magnetically attract and repel each other and say that they can do it because of their "brotherly love".
  • The Shock and Awe twins No. 11 and No. 12 Hikari and Hibiki from Sekirei, in which implied that one couldn't function without the other while using their abilities, or simply taking advantage of being a team. Even their Limit Break requires the two in order to activate it.
  • Spellbound! Magical Princess Lil'Pri the 3 girls must be together to transform into Lilpri, this forces them to get along.
  • Rika and Satoko's finishing move in the Magical Girl OVA episode of Higurashi: When They Cry.
  • Twin Princess of Wonder Planet has twin princesses Fine and Rein, who can only transform and unleash their most powerful finishing attack when they're together.

    Comic Books 
  • Aurora and Northstar of Alpha Flight have Flight and Super Speed individually, but can emit bursts of light and heat when touching. This was later inverted when Aurora had her powers modified so she could use her light powers without touching her brother. Afterward, touching caused them both to lose their powers for a while.
  • Green Lantern:
    • After being stripped of his Green Lantern status, all-around troublemaker Guy Gardner got his hands on the yellow power ring once worn by the Lanterns' arch-nemesis, Sinestro, and found that it came with a significant drawback: It drew power from other power rings, so to keep it fully charged, he had to periodically seek out and fight other Green Lanterns. Given that Guy is and was the biggest Jerkass in The DCU and lovin' every minute of it, this wasn't a huge problem. (At present, Sinestro's ring and others like it no longer suffer this drawback, instead drawing power from their own power source like the Lanterns'.)
    • There's also a symbiotic relationship between the Green and Blue Lanterns: Blue Lantern energy gives Greens a significant power boost (since hope strengthens willpower), while Blues can only make constructs when around Greens (since hope is kind of weak without the will to act on it). It's later revealed that the Indigo Tribe (which represents compassion) can give a similar boost.
  • In Marvel Comics, Andreas and Andrea von Strucker, the Fenris twins, have to be touching to fire energy bolts. Following Andrea's death, Andreas became the new Swordsman, activating his powers by wielding a sword with her skin covering the hilt. When Andrea was resurrected (it didn't last), Andreas flayed the skin off his arm to give to her. Because they're creepy.
  • One of the main elements governing powers in Quantum and Woody is their gauntlets, one for each of them. Due to the accident that gave them powers, they need to clang them together every 24 hours or they'll simply break up and vanish.
  • Crimson Crusader and Imp of Marvel's ClanDestine: Unlike the rest of their siblings, their powers emerged at puberty, not at adulthood. But that same odd "twin factor" that gave them their powers early, causes their powers (Crusader controls gravity, Imp can generate and control radiant energy) to fail if they're physically too far away from each other. It's still unclear whether they'll be able to use their powers independently once they reach the age when the Destine's powers normally manifest.
  • One of the earliest examples (from the 1940s) of this was DC Comics' superhero duo TNT and Dan the Dyna-Mite, who had to touch their rings together (they had "positive" and "negative" charges) in order to activate their powers (superstrength and energy projection.) In The Young All-Stars, the sequel series of the All-Star Squadron, T.N.T. was killed, and Dyna-Mite thought he wouldn't be able to activate his powers without his partner, but he eventually found out that he could reactivate them by wearing both dyna-rings and pressing them together himself.
  • The comic book series Capes features a duo of Punch Clock Heroes, Ed and Marshall, who can't be more than thirty feet away one one another or they'll weaken. Claire Voyant immediately sees the Power Perversion Potential. In the end, Marshall dies but the power still holds, forcing Ed to carry around Marshall's urn all the time. In the end, to defeat a Big Bad, Ed swallows Marshall's ashes and is transformed into a new superhero who saves the day. (And then promptly leaves the planet.)
  • At least one version of the alien "Blood Brothers" required them to be near each other in order to keep up their massive strength. Iron Man once beat them by getting Daredevil to lure one away, so their individual strength dropped.
  • Superman faces a husband and wife team called Sodom and Gomorrah. While touching, they can fire blasts that turn anything they hit into salt. Superman separates them and captures Sodom, but his wife escapes.
  • Played with in Irredeemable: twins Scylla and Charybdis initially only had powers when they were in close proximity to each other but it was later revealed to be untrue. Charybdis was the one with powers and Scylla was only ever borrowing from him.
  • The Jade Dragons of Astro City are a brother/sister martial arts team who can summon a giant dragon by lining their arms together.
  • The New 52 version of The Ravagers supporting characters Thunder and Lightning, in addition to their respective sonic blast and electric powers, can fly as long as they're touching each other. Interestingly, only one of them has to want to fly for it to work.
  • In the French comic Zorn Et Dirna, a mage captured Death in a mirror so the king could look into it and enjoy eternal life (that is, he doesn't get any older). Unfortunately, with Death no longer available, just-freed souls find themselves forced into the closest living body, usually whoever killed them. The mage brings a pregnant woman in to try and transfer Death into her child, but unfortunately she gives birth to twins- and they while they do inherit the power to let souls pass into the hereafter, both need to be present for it to work.
  • Marvel's Hammer and Anvil are a variation on this theme. They are linked at the wrist by a piece of alien technology that affords them a set of powers. When Hammer was shot and killed by the Scourge of the Underworld, Anvil died moments later.
  • Marvel's Bombshell (Lana Baumgartner) and her mother (Lori Baumgartner, "Momshell") share the same Having a Blast powers, but need to be in each other's company in order to access them. Even after they're no longer connected, their powers are considerably weaker when the other isn't around. This is Lori's favorite way to manipulate her daughter as Lana tries to become a hero.
  • Freshmen: Brady and Renee only have telekinesis when their touching, and Brady can only push objects while Renee can only pull them.

    Fan Works 
  • In the Sailormoon Millennia Trilogy, Sailoraries and Sailorpisces can only use their powers when they are together. In this case, they actually are twins.
  • In The Bridge, Princess Celestia and Princess Luna's powers increases in magnitudes when they are close to each other.
  • A form of this makes an important part of the Jackie Chan Adventures fanfic The Ultimate Evil: the concept of an "Other" (an abbreviation to "Other half of one's self"). When someone touches their Other, they both react as if they're receiving a strong electric shock, and they're filled with raw power as their chis attempt to balance each other out by merging together. The effects last only as long as the Others keep touching each other, but if they undergo a binding ritual (as Shendu and Valerie do), they can draw power from their link and touch one another without a painful exchange of energy. When Shendu touches Valerie while possessing Jade's vacant body, the effect of their touch is distilled because he's not in his own body. The effect's stronger when Valerie touches him while he's a statue, though it's still a fraction of what their touch does when Shendu is in his true form. While he's sharing Valmont's body with the latter, however, his chi cannot combine with that of Valerie because Valmont's chi gets in their way.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • The Double Dragon (1994) movie has this as the only way the two halves of the Dragon Medallion can be used without corrupting the user with its power, with Billy using one half and Jimmy using the second.
  • Reversed in Hancock, where once a pair of superheroes (a man and a woman) that are made for each other are united, they start losing their powers, so they can live normal lives.
  • You Don't Mess with the Zohan: When an Israeli super-soldier and Palestinian super-terrorist learn to put aside their differences and work together, they sing some ancient song to unleash a devastating sonic blast that takes out the villains (and a whole city block).

  • In Dragonlance, the only way to enter the Portal to the Abyss where Takhisis lives is to have both an evil mage and a good cleric activate it. Raistlin takes advantage of a cleric, Crysania and uses her for protection throughout the Abyss. Then, while she is dying, he abandons her, kills the pantheon of Krynn, and ascends to godhood. Caramon ends up going back in time to warn him about the after-effects, though.
  • In Mindstar Rising (the sci-fi mystery novel by Peter F. Hamilton) the psi-boosted protagonist and his pre-cognitive partner are successfully ambushed when twin psychics are used to create a null-zone where their powers won't work.
  • In Son of Spellsinger, Jon-Tom's son and Mudge's kids have to perform together as a band to gain the full benefits of spellsinging magic. They're a trio, not a duo, but same idea. This is because while Jon-Tom's son, Bunkin, is technically able to spellsing on his own, his singing is so terrible that attempting to do so means that his magic will be so uncontrolled that it poses a larger threat to himself than to any enemies. Having Squill and Nena handle the singing adds a limited measure of control.
  • In Xanth, after awhile, it's discovered that some groups thought to lack magic talents, such as Mundanes, goblins and harpies, can sometimes have shared talents that can only be invoked when they're in contact with the person who shares their talent. However, none of these guys are twins. Some examples are Gloha Goblin-Harpy's parents and a pair of Mundanes who have two different syndromes making one unusually short and the other unusually tall.
  • In the young adult fantasy series T*Witches, main characters Camryn and Alex are powerful twin witches separated at birth whose powers become super-strong when they work together.
  • The Morgan Llywelyn / Michael Scott novel Silverhand features a brother/sister villain team dubbed "The Duet", who are able to summon a World-Wrecking Wave. For added squick value, in order to do this they have sex.
  • Middlegame: Invoked by the Big Bad with the Artificial Human protagonists Roger and Dodger. The Doctrine of Ethos is too powerful to be contained in a single host, so he created the twins to embody it, and they need to act in conjuction to unlock its true Reality Warping potential.

    Live-Action TV 
  • Maya and Alejandro Herrera from Heroes are playing with this trope - Maya's uncontrollable deadly poison emission is countered and neutralized by Alejandro's power, making them sort of like the Wonder Twins stuck on "Form of Mass Murder!" "Shape of Retcon!"
    • In Heroes Reborn, a new pair of Wonder Twins get introduced, and their power involves human casualties too, of the tragic-yet-inexplicably-necessary human sacrifice type. Go figure. But at least they save the world.
  • Shotaro Hidari and Phillip from Kamen Rider Double have to transform at the same time to form the titular Rider. The psychic connection powers of their Transformation Trinket let them easily do this even from across town, but if Phillip is unconscious, being chased, or just has something better to do, then Shotaro is screwed. In addition, if it's Phillip who's in trouble, he can't transform unless he contacts Shotaro and has him put on the Double Driver. Other complications include loss of synchronization paralyzing Double, and the fact that the Double Driver can (and has) been disabled by blocking off one of the ports. Shotaro eventually gains the ability to transform solo into Kamen Rider Joker, but as a matter of preference only uses it when it's absolutely impossible to become Double, such as when the original Transformation Trinket has been disabled or Phillip is dead.
  • Smallville:
    • Among the freaks of the week are some Creepy Twins (though adults) who can generate force fields when their hands touch.
    • The actual Wonder Twins have since turned up. Complete with "Powers, activate!"
  • In Charmed (1998), all of the Halliwell sisters have their own powers, but the powers are connected; three of them doing a spell together makes it a "Power of Three" spell, which is necessary to defeat certain demons. There's very little consistency about how magic works throughout the whole show, but sometimes, their powers will weaken or vanish when they have a falling out, use them against each other, etc.
  • Andy and Lauren Strucker of The Gifted (2017) each have powers of their own; he fires force blasts and she's a Barrier Warrior. But when they join hands, they gain the power to perceive and destroy physical objects — at least as large as buildings, possibly larger — at a molecular level. They are great-grandchildren of the X-Men foe Andreas von Strucker, who with his sister Andrea formed the villainous Fenris. The powers of Fenris are stated in-series to have operated the same way.
  • The 4400: In "Gone, Part I", siblings Duncan and Olivia Germaine, who disappeared in 1964, have the ability to manipulate water and create diffusion. However, it only works if they do it together.
  • October Faction: Viv and Geoff each have their own warlock powers, but together, their blood magic is truly exceptional, busting through the Power Nullifier drug like it isn't there.

    Tabletop Games 
  • One Dragon Magazine article introduced the Dvati, a race in which each individual member is actually a pair of twins who share a soul, to Dungeons & Dragons. They have to act in unison to cast any spell, but several spells that would affect only one person can affect them both. They can also use their voices in unison to confuse a foe.
  • In Magic: The Gathering, the Kenrith twins, Will and Rowan, are unusual among planeswalkers in that they share a single Spark, meaning that they're only capable of planeswalking together.
  • Rant and Rave of the Mutants & Masterminds Freedom City supplement, are a brother/sister pair with sonic and visual distortion powers respectively, but can deploy a disintegration attack when physically touching.
  • In Pathfinder, the Art of Magic third-party splat book, there is a spell temporarily binding the minds of the caster and another character. This allows them to both use the best natural roll they make for initiative, and also increase their spellcasting effectiveness if they cast spells at the same target.

    • The two Bahrag individually have all of the powers of the Bohrok, but they also become more powerful the closer they are to each other, and when they are next to each other they are completely invulnerable.
    • The Skakdi race have been granted Elemental Powers, but they can only be used in tandem. This is a safety measure — since the Skakdi are Always Chaotic Evil but all hate each other, the prospect of having to work together is sometimes enough to keep them from tapping into the elements. Unfortunately, they also won the Super Power Lottery, so being unwilling to use elemental powers is hardly a hindrance to them.

    Video Games 
  • In Backyard Baseball, Ashley and Sidney Webber play much better when they are on the same team. They become the best pitchers in the game.
  • Final Fantasy:
    • Final Fantasy IV:
      • Palom and Porom have the ability to cast spells together in order to produce miniature versions of two of the most powerful abilities in the game: Megaflare, Bahamut's ability, and Meteor, the ultimate Black Magic. However, these abilities were toned down in power significantly. Ironically, their high MP cost to both twins and long casting time made them very inefficient, such that given the twins' fast learning rate, they both become more powerful individually than together if you take time to level them up.
      • As an Augment, Twincast allows the final party to raise all their HP caps, buff physical and magic attack power, and cast a devastating White Magic spell. The same flaws still apply, so your mileage may vary, but it's Rosa's only other magic offense besides Holy.
    • Final Fantasy IX has Zorn and Thorn, twin jesters that give each other meteor and flare powers during one mini-boss sequence. The trick is to hit the jester who just received the power before he can use it. Though it turns out they're actually one creature with two bodies.
  • Fire Emblem Engage: Played with for Nel and Nil. As Fell Dragons, they have a Dragonstone that they need in order to transform into dragons. Most Fell Dragons can activate the stone, thus their transformation, on their own. However, Nil doesn’t have a stone. That is why Nel gave her stone to him. This means that, in order for Nel to activate her dragon form, Nil needs use the Dragonstone.
  • Food Fantasy: Some skills can be used when two (or more) Food Souls are in a team together, such as Black Tea and Milk, Coffee and Chocolate, Cloud Tea and Sweet & Sour Fish, Wonton and Tortoise Jelly, and many others. Most of the linked skills between the Food Souls focus on their connected lore with each other. A few cases do involve twins, such as Sweet Tofu and Salty Tofu, who unlock each other's linked skill.
  • Pokémon: Two abilities called Plus and Minus. Each raises the Special Attack stat of a partner with the other by 50% — but ONLY when both are present in a double battle. At first, Plus and Minus were exclusive to Plusle and Minun respectively, but starting with Pokémon Black and White, a handful of other Mons also have access to them.
  • Puyo Puyo Tetris 2 reveals that Jay and Elle have the ability to locate anything they want by being in contact with each other, even if that "something" is on a different world (Tee), or if they don't know the specific details (such as when, trying to find the source of Marle's corrupting powers, they discover someone is controlling her).
  • Tweek and Craig's unlockable ultimate in South Park: The Fractured but Whole involves them holding hands and using the power of yaoi to damage, shock and confuse their foes.
  • In Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage!, in Scorch, the exiting cutscene shows siblings (twins? They don't say) Handel and Greta surrounded by armed soldiers in a castle. As the bad guys approach, Handel and Greta slowly move their hands together and when they join hands, their eyes turn red and they cast some sort of spell that knocks their enemies off the castle.
  • Dual Boss Mona and Lisa in Streets of Rage 3 have several abilities that they can perform if they do it together. When you kill one of the twins, the remaining twin's abilities will weaken due to being alone.
  • Suikoden plays this with characters with look-alikes. Each pair can perform combinations when they're in the same team. Suikoden V has the Prince and Roy. Tierkreis has Marica and Another Marica.

  • In Alice and the Nightmare, it's revealed that Dee and Dum, who both have the same Suit (Heart) can only work as a team (normally Oneironaut teams consist of one of each Suit) because otherwise their powers are cut in half. It's because Dee is secretly a Reversal, whose powers are opposite those of a regular Suit.
  • Ball and Chain is about a married couple whose powers only work when they're together and are triggered by their physical contact. The problem: they were splitting up when they got said powers and have a lot of trouble cooperating. Secondary problem: Neither of them is aware of this caveat for a while, meaning that when Edgar ("Ball") gets ambushed by bad guys, he thinks he is going at them with superpowers that are waning rapidly.
  • Dimitri and Alina Tokamak of Dresden Codak have superpowers activated by contact based around physics.
  • Parley and Smith Of Gunnerkrigg Court: both have powers that work individually (Teleportation and creating order) but when the two are working together, Parley's teleportation is much easier to control.
  • In Jupiter-Men, Quintin and Jackie possess Jupiter-Man's ability to remove the cosmic energy that mutates Star Struck creatures into monsters, but only while they're both touching it. Nathan needs both twins on board with becoming superheroes because of this, as there's no other way to permanently neutralize a Star Struck monster.
  • Killroy And Tina has the two main characters share super powers as long as they're within five kilometers of each other. They also suffer from Synchronization; if one dies, both die. This was actually done as punishment, as a type of Restraining Bolt to keep an evil alien overlord tethered to an ordinary teenage girl, and therefore out of trouble. Although it was also part of a scheme involving a Stable Time Loop, because the superhero who arranged this was actually a future version of Tina.
  • The Nonadventures Of Wonderella parodies this with the Wonder-tweens:
    Dan: Form of matter!
    Daisy: Form of anti-matter!
    Planet Earth: (explodes)
  • In The Order of the Stick book Start of Darkness, it is revealed that the power of the Snarl gates can only be harnessed by a cleric and wizard working together. Though some people, such as Tsukiko, are both.

    Web Original 
  • Torchlight, Billy's character in Fandible's Rotted Capes game. Used to be part of a pair of power twins, until his sister got bitten by zombies. Now, she wants to bite him, so they can both be super zombies, and restore their twin powers. His fire powers are fueled by alcohol. He's got it under control, honestly!
  • Whateley Universe:
    • The supervillains The Twin Terrors get stronger as they get closer together, with energy powers when they are next to each other. At a distance, they seem to be ordinary Exemplars. Next to each other, they out-powered Lancer.
    • Phobos and Deimos, the Fury Twins, have a fear aura. The closer together they get, the worse it grows. When they get too close, they can accidentally merge into a two-headed monstrosity with a fear aura so powerful it warps reality around them. They hate it.

    Western Animation 
  • Parodied on one episode of Camp Lazlo. When Chip and Skip, the dung beetles, join hands and shout "Scum twin powers, activate!" they can call all the grime in camp to the area.
  • In Captain Planet and the Planeteers, the Planeteers all have rings with individual powers but only when all five of them use them together can they summon Captain Planet. Actually the only Planeteer who is absolutely necessary to form Captain Planet is Ma-Ti, with the power of Heart. There's an episode where Linka and Wheeler are abducted by aliens that collect endangered species to house in a sanctuary on their home planet. The remaining Planeteers are still able to create Captain Planet (admittedly he can't fly without Linka's power of Wind but they do manage to create him). In another episode Ma-Ti is knocked unconscious in the middle of the summoning, and Gaia solves the trouble via temporarily handing the Heart Ring to a Native American boy that had helped the Planeteers before.
  • In Drak Pack by Hanna-Barbera, the three main characters can only shift from their human to their monstrous (and super-powered) forms by touching each other... and shouting "Whacko!"
  • Magnokor of Inhumanoids is a borderline case, as he/they get referred to as a singular creature, but actually demonstrate two separate identities that argue with one another, even when merged as a two-headed monster. Only when split into two bodies can he/they trap Metlar in a magnetic field, and hence qualify for this trope.
  • Masters of the Universe;
    • Cringer usually can't turn into Battle-Cat unless he's there when Prince Adam is transforming into He-Man.
    • Played with in He-Man and the Masters of the Universe (2021) where the Masters originally think they can only transform with Adam then later realize they can change on their own though if He-Man loses his sword, they'll all turn back.
  • Despite being sentient themselves, the Humongous Mecha in Robotix could only activate their transforming powers when they had human pilots.
  • In Shazzan, Chuck and Nancy each wore half of the ring. To summon Shazzan, they put the ring together and said "Shazzan!"
  • Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy of SpongeBob SquarePants are a parody of this, with them yelling "Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy Unite!" before activating their powers.
  • The Trope Namers are the shape-shifting Wonder Twins Zan and Jayna from The All-New Superfriends Hour. When they bumped fists to activate their powers, Zan could change into various forms of water/ice, while Jayna could transform into animals. Sadly the writers were either unable or forbidden to come up with actual, useful applications for their powers. Their counterparts from the Superfriends comics of the time were much better with their powers. On the other hand, if a large enough creature passed between them, they needed only to put their fists into that creature's form simultaneously and their weakness was promptly nullified.
  • In Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2003), assassin duo Mr. Touch and Mr. Go need to bump fists in order to (temporarily) access their powers: super-strength for Mr. Touch, super-speed for Mr. Go. Given that these fade in a matter of minutes, they're always together.
  • Más y Menos from Teen Titans (2003) whose powers depend on physical contact with each other, usually by pressing their palms together or holding an electrical conductor between them. They themselves derive from the Tornado Twins of DC Comics (who did not have this limitation).
  • Transformers: Animated: Jetfire and Jetstorm combine to make "Safeguard". In fact all Combining Mecha have a bit of this, in that they're devastating in a Five-Man Band, but nothing to write home about individually. Though, they've got Playing with Fire and Blow You Away going for them, respectively. They're not overly reliant on Safeguard mode.
  • The Twins of Destiny was a French production in which the main characters, Jules and Julie, would hold hands and say "We call upon the (number) Power of the Seven Powers..." and then fill that last part in with whatever they needed the power to do.
  • An episode of Walter Melon and Bitterbug join the Flower Power Rangers who are short two members and need all five to transform.
  • The WooFoo Aura attack from Yin Yang Yo! requires the twins to quit fighting and work together in mutual concentration.

    Real Life 
  • Related to this is the real-life "dual key" system for nuclear weapons- American nuclear weapons require two people (at least) to launch them. This is basically a more extreme version of the ubiquitous safety trigger, in which two buttons must be depressed simultaneously in order to activate something dangerous, such as a taser or circular saw.
  • Valuable assets are sometimes protected by requiring more than one person to open a safe, sign a check, etc, so that any illicit access will require a conspiracy rather than just one person.
  • Neodymium and praseodymium, as the name impliesnote , are two elements often found together, and are difficult to separate. They have a variety of applications, one of them being with each other into a material called "didymium" (which was thought to be a single element before both were separated). It can be used to make safety glasses for blacksmithing.


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