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Chewbacca's evil twin.

"Even a man who is pure in heart
and says his prayers by night,
may become a wolf when the wolfbane blooms,
and the autumn moon is bright."

Note: While commonly associated with them design-wise, these are not to be confused with werewolves. This is for characters that look like anthropomorphic wolves.

A Beast Man that has canine features, usually featuring the typical fur, muzzle, and pointy ears. They also have tend to have fearsome claws, despite real wolves having blunt toenails instead. Depending on the adaptation, he may or may not have nards.

When they are the good guys, Wolf Men tend to be noble, loyal, and strong essentially being The Big Guy, although what sets them apart is that they tend to be quite intelligent as well. If they are villains, chances are Wolf Men are Always Chaotic Evil with sadistic, bloodthirsty and murderous tendencies. As a result of this, a Wolf Man will usually fight using melee weapons or even bare-handed. And just like their real life counterparts, they also tend to be quite speedy, running either on two legs or four.

The Wolf Man is an Archetypal Character that appears in some form in nearly, if not every culture that has ever existed. This is likely because humans and wolves evolved alongside one another, having a symbiotic relationship from the earliest days of both our species, and thus like all archetypes speaks to the human psyche on a very (no pun intended) primal level.

An often overlapping sister trope is the werewolf or lycanthrope, a person that can turn into a wolf or a wolflike creature. In older horror films (Universal era up into The '70s), werewolf transformations usually took the form of getting hair and fangs, but otherwise remaining something closer to an ape with vaguely canine features. (The "classic" Wolf Man appearance is not entirely dissimilar to the symptoms of a rare genetic disorder, hypertrichosis.) More recently, sophisticated makeup, prosthetics, and other visual effects allow more wolflike features on humanoids, such as giving a character a wolf's muzzle and ears. Phlegmings are popular for modern versions.

Sub-Trope of Monstrous Humanoid and Beast Man. See also Fox Folk and Dogfaces.


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  • A 2011 theatrical AT&T commercial features various characters including a wolf man that get transported into various universes.
  • In a teaser for the Bloody Roar 2 video game, a man wolfs out as part of a scare tactics demonstration.
  • One of the campers featured on the Bones Coffee flavor "S'morey Time" is a werewolf relaxing against the campfire.
  • In a Victoria's Secret commercial, a woman clad in silver lingerie tames a wolf man in the forest.

    Anime and Manga 
  • Beastars has Legosi and Juno as far as main characters go, as well as Legosi's late mother Leano, his grandmother Toki, and several unnamed wolf men sprinkled throughout the story.
  • BNA: Brand New Animal's Shirou is one, of the "actual anthropomorphic wolf" variety. Like the other beastpeople, he can shapeshift voluntarily into a human being. On top of his natural beastman strength and less natural immortality, he has a supernatural sense of smell that helps him track criminals.
  • Digimon: The franchise features many anthropomorphic animal monsters, including wolves.
    • WereGarurumon are bipedal Garurumon, which causes them to lose speed and many are depicted to shrink in size after evolution, but they are stronger than their pre-evolutions. WereGarurumon wear jeans, accessories, a belt around their chest, etc.
    • ShadowWereGarurumon's only differences from the regular WereGarurumon are its darker color scheme and virus attribute.
    • AncientGarurumon appears to be a giant, bipedal version of Garmmon/KendoGarurumon, which also means, it's a humanoid robot wolf with two BFS.
    • Beowolfmon is the combined form of Wolfmon/Lobomon and Garmmon. While the body is dominantly Garmmon's, its humanoid shape comes from Wolfmon (who is not a wolf-man, but sort of a heavily-armored jedi with a wolf helmet) and it has Wolfmon's head on its body. Its right arm is very human-like, but its left arm is just Garmmon's leg. Like AncientGarurumon, Beowolfmon is closer to a cyborg than an actual wolf.
    • MagnaGarurumon has the appearance of a robotic, anthropomorphic wolf, but with a more slender body build.
    • MachGaogamon is a bipedal Gaogamon in a fighting suit and is equipped with Power Fists and a jetpack. Unlike WereGarurumon, MachGaogamon isn't shown to shrink.
    • MirageGaogamon is an anthropomorphic wolf in a blue full-armor. It's also much larger than MachGaogamon. Its Burst Mode has it grow long, white hair (although, it could be just decoration of its helmet) and wield an Epic Flail Sinister Scythe weapon.
    • JägerDorulumon in an anthropomorphic wolf wearing plate armor and wielding a spear with a drill on the end instead of a regular blade.
    • Shutmon is a purple anthropomorphic wolf dressed in black and wielding a pair of wrist-mounted blades that cause anything they cut to stop working.
    • Strabimon is a tall, thin anthropomorphic wolf and is the pre-evolution to Wolfmon/Lobomon. Its fur and clothing have the same color scheme as its evolution's armor.
    • CresGarurumon is a humanoid alternate evolution of WereGarurumon, being a knightly wolf-man decked out in golden armor whose design takes more after AncientGarurumon than MetalGarurumon.
  • Dragon Ball: The 22nd Tenkaichi Budokai introduces a humanoid wolf who is simply called Man-Wolf. He's first mistaken for being a werewolf, but he's a wolf who transforms into a human at full moon. Why he has humanoid features isn't surprising since many anthropomorphic animal people exist on Earth.
  • Dragon Ball Super: Universe 9's Trio de Danger has a trio of three brothers who have the appearance of humanoid wolfs in different colors.
  • Heterogenia Linguistico: The first community Hakaba visits, and the one whose language he's most proficient in, is a village of "werewolves" who look like wolf men but are apparently close enough to humans that they can interbreed — Hakaba's guide Susuki is an adorable Little Bit Beastly half-werewolf girl.
  • Interspecies Reviewers: Brooz is a dog man, with all the physical traits that come with it, such as a strong sense of smell, and the inability to enjoy minotaur milk because he can't stomach it. When he can't handle the other undead girls, he settles for the skeleton as he could at least lick her bones.
  • Inuyasha: The wolf youkai are mainly depicted as humans with Pointy Ears and wolf tails, although they are still dangerous to humans and some other yokai. It is implied several times that their human form isn't the real one, as seen when their sacred graveyard has several skeletons with humanoid posture, weapons and armors coupled with feral, wolf-like skulls.
  • Wolf familiars Arf and Zafira of Lyrical Nanoha, who are shown as capable of shifting from giant wolves, to this, to full human (i.e., no wolf ears or tails), to Fun Size versions of the first two forms. And just to punctuate the Wolf Man image, Arf's first on-screen transformation into a wolf was accompanied with a full moon in the background.
  • Liru from Magical Pokaan turns into a cute little puppy with anything round, strangely enough, except for the full moon.
  • Monster Musume: Though the canine-featured Polt initially appears to just be a Little Bit Beastly, her character profile reveals that she's actually completely covered in fur, head to toe. It just grows thicker on her head, wrists and ankles.
  • One Piece: Like all Zoan Fruit users can turn between human, animal or human-animal-hybrid forms, Jabra is capable of transforming into a wolf-man, thanks to the Dog-Dog-Fruit: Model Wolf he has eaten. The hybrid forms are generally the most powerful forms among Zoan users (there are exceptions like Chopper, though), so Jabra's wolf-man form is his usual combat form when he goes serious.
  • Free in Soul Eater is a legendary Werewolf, a race which is considered immortal by many and infact Free himself has Complete Immortality. He usually appears as a massive human, but can assume a monstrous wolf-like humanoid form who can use kung fu and Ice magic. A game based on the manga also introduces Alone, another Werewolf who broke a taboo and thus lost part of his immortality, appearing as a grotesque, skeletal wolfman with claws.
  • Ushio and Tora: Wolf Men are used by H.A.M.M.R. (an american scientific organization studying monsters) as mooks to test Tora's powers: they have been experimented upon and turned into Monstrum, mindless half-monster, half-machine horrors who can be replaced easily. Much to H.A.M.M.R.'s surprise, Tora disposes of them easily.
  • The Vision of Escaflowne: Ruhm and his clan; more wolf-people can be seen in Palas' market. At one point, Ruhm even mentions that his people once used to travel between Gaea and the Mystic Moon.

    Comic Books 
  • Age of the Wolf: At first werewolves are just feral quadrupedal beasts, but with every passing moon they become more humanlike as they start standing upright, wearing clothes, and building their own civilization.
  • Creature Commandos: Pvt. Warren Griffith suffered from a hallucinatory belief that he at times was transformed into a wolf. He was later experimented on and artificially turned into an almost-actual werewolf. However, unlike a genuine werewolf, Griffith's transformations were completely independent of the phases of the Moon.
  • Dragon's Claws: One of the villainous rivals is the wolf man Feral.
  • Fables: Bigby Wolf is a wolfwere, a wolf that can transform into a human. In addition to his true form of The Big Bad Wolf, Bigby can also take the form of a Wolf Man when he needs to fight Fables that are more powerful than his human and half-wolf forms can handle.
  • Grendel: Argent is a permanent, non-shifting, Wolf Man.
  • New Mutants: Wolfsbane (Rahne Sinclair) has an interim form of a bipedal wolfgirl/woman (often wearing a leather jacket and some form of trousers). This has become the default 'combat form' for her recent outings. Her fully-wolf 'sensitive senses' form is almost never seen these days.
    • One of Rahne's lovers is the Asgardian Wolf God, Hrimhari, who is descended from the Great Wolf Fenris.
  • Red Sonja:
    • Annual 4 has Lykaanus, who sought immortality from the beast god Jhebbal Sag. Jhebbal Sag granted him this but because Lykaanus had insulted Jhebbal Sag by killing animals that were sacred to him, Lykaanus was cursed age in dog years and transform into a wolf creature during the night of a full moon. He bites Sonja, passing the curse onto her but she is able to undo it by killing him.
    • In Red Sonja: Blue, Sonja's signature Chainmail Bikini is damaged in a fight with a wolf-like demon named Bhamothes requiring her to make a new outfit out of the demon's fur after she kills him. Unfortunately, the demon's essence remains even in his fur and in the follow up series Red Sonja: Unchained, Sonja is not only unable to remove it, but it turns her into a wolf creature when it comes into contact with blood.

    Fan Fiction 

    Film — Animated 
  • Alvin and the Chipmunks Meet the Wolfman not only has a character named Lawrence Talbot, but Theodore becomes a weremunk as well.
  • Hotel Transylvania's werewolves are permanently anthropomorphic wolves, fitting this trope very well.
  • One of the three main monsters in Monster Mash (2000) is Wolf, who is an interpretation of the Wolfman.
  • Wolf Children is about an Interspecies Romance between Hana and an unnamed Wolf Man, whose death leaves her to struggle with raising their children (who, as the title indicates, have inherited their father's Wolf Man traits).

    Film — Live Action 

  • The Blood War Trilogy uses the Savage Wolves Grol as the primary enemy of the protagonists. They appear as nothing so much as a combination of orcs and werewolves with the Wolf Man form as their appearance. Interestingly, the Grol are simply the 'evil' faction of a much larger and more diverse race.
  • In The Book of Lost Things, Leroi and his army of Loups are the Half-Human Hybrid offspring of a deranged Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf. Some have ambitions of becoming more human-like and even wear clothes, but most are too driven by animalistic savagery to be anything more.
  • The Bordertown series has Wolfboy, a human who was targeted by an offended elf, and found himself permanently transformed into this. (She was actually meaning to transform him into a dog, but magic doesn't work so well in Bordertown.)
  • The Canim of Codex Alera are a whole species of wolfmen — specifically, nine-foot tall wolfmen with enormous physical power and durability and who can live for hundreds and hundreds of years. And they are extremely competent warriors and fighters, as well as having a class of deadly blood magic users. They control a much larger continent with a much more expansive civilization than the Alerans. The only reason Alera remained unconquered by the Canim was because the individual canim nations are too busy fighting amongst themselves to worry about the distant Alera, except the nation of Narash, which would occasionally launch raids at Alera.
  • The wolfmen of The Girl from the Miracles District are people who's been hit with black magic surge that's tried to turn them into full werewolves, but failed to. As a result, they look like they're stuck in mid-transformation — with humanoid form, but wolf features and fur. In contrast to "true werewolves", they aren't sapient and feel an ever-present need for violence.
  • Ulf Turesson differs from most wolfmen in that he is about ten — but then, he appears in a Swedish children's novel titled Jag är en varulvsunge — "I am a werewolf cub". (Also, his condition is probably just a child-friendly version of a psychosis, not a true metamorphosis.)
  • The poorly-named "beagles" of The Long Earth are another race of wolfmen, who evolved from canids on an alternate version of Earth. They can shift their musculature to optimize for either two- or four-legged locomotion, but lack opposable thumbs, which limits their technological development. They make up for this in cunning and viciousness, and thanks to large litter sizes, suffer huge population booms every generation, which they keep in check through frequent, continent-spanning wars.
  • The Lone Lowf in Play Places, who is only slightly less savage than a rabid wolf.
  • The "Wolf and Raven" stories, which are part of Shadowrun's Expanded Universe, feature a man who is possessed by Wolf, one of the many animal totems of the world, which grants him powers and mannerisms similar to the classic Wolf Man (as well as a Split Personality, of sorts).
  • Somewhither: The Kynokephalai (dog-headed people of ancient tall tales) in this setting are basically anthropomorphic wolves, which furthermore are invulnerable where their fur covers them. While intelligent, they still have wolfish instincts.

    Live-Action TV 
  • Parodied in 30 Rock: "Werewolf bar mitzvah/Spooky, scary/Boys becoming men/Men becoming wolves..."
  • The canid-based wesen from Grimm: Blutbaden (wolves), Schakal (jackals), Hundjaegers (dogs), Fuchsbaus (foxes), Coyotl (coyotes), etc.
  • The Wolfman from The Hilarious House Of Frightenstein is a Wolfman Jack Expy, playing music on the show, as well as dancing against a psychedelic background, along with the character Igor.
  • Gou from Juken Sentai Gekiranger had this issue when he first appeared. His counterpart RJ in Power Rangers Jungle Fury had a similar affliction, though it didn't show up until later, and culminated with him gaining control and becoming the Wolf Ranger.
  • The Munsters:
    • Eddie Munster from The Munsters is the werewolf child of a Frankenstein's Monster and Countess Dracula. You really have to question the genetics of that.
      Apu: If your mother was a vampire and your father was a Frankenstein, how come you are a werewolf?
      Butch Patrick: Huh, I never thought of that. Doesn't make sense, does it? But what does make sense is putting your children in the hands of Mr. Kidkill here.
    • Eddie Munster from Mockingbird Lane turns into a bona-fide werewolf in the pilot's teaser, prompting the family's move to Mockingbird Heights.
  • In Cirque du Soleil's production Solstrom, the gentle horror pastiche "Howling Wind" has a dreary hotel turned into a Gothic Hell Hotel. The puzzled, elderly owner decides he will just conduct business as usual, but as the episode progresses, it becomes clear that his hair permanently frizzing out when the transformation occurred was just the first stage of his slowly turning into this. The Stinger reveals his final, classic Hollywood wolfman form. At least he's a Reluctant Monster — as he's preoccupied with being a good host, he never loses his pleasant-at-heart nature.


    Tabletop Games 
  • In The Chronicles of Aeres, Ulvir are a race of lupine-featured Wilderkind who are most known for serving as the bulwark of the Gruncrist forces alongside the Ulvir during the last great war.
  • Exalted: Wolfmen are a common type of beastman in the forests and mountains of the frozen North. They're savage and aggressive raiders, and feared and hated by their neighbors. Like their animals of origin, they're highly social and tend to live in larger tribes, and larger confederations and alliances thereof, than other beastman types.
  • Mystara: Lupins fit most of the tropes, but have largely been described as just generically "dog-like" for their history. In Dragon #237, they were explicitly divided into multiple breeds resembling different canids, including an explictly wolf-based subrace called the Wolvenfolk. In Dragon #325, which updated them to 3rd edition, they were presented with text calling them "canine humanoids", and art that presented them as humanoid wolves.
  • Pathfinder: Rougarous are grey-furred, wolf-headed humanoids with the ability to transform into wolves. Contrary to in-universe perception and their names (the rougarou is essentially the version of the werewolf legend present in American francophone communities), rougarous are not werewolves, and in fact hate true lycanthropes and go to great lengths to hunt them down when they find them.
  • Werewolves can take this form in the Rolemaster campaign setting Shadow World.
  • Rym: The Skole are a Proud Warrior Race of humanoid wolves noted largely for being Bully Hunters, disinclined to speech, alarmingly earthy in their cultural habits, and prone to Brutal Honesty.
  • Shadowrun:
    • There's a virus which turns people into "Loups Garous", increasing their hair growth and receding their gums, making their teeth look like fangs. Their murderous activities and rise in strength and aggression aren't linked to the full moon, but follow an even 28-days-cycle. However, they don't gain animal traits, beyond the extra hair. What Shadowrun does have are Shapeshifters, as in normal animals of all varieties spontaneously giving birth to magically active stock able to take on human form. Plus all the dragons who've learned the ability...
    • Michael Stackpole's Wolf and Raven short story "If as Beast You Don't Succeed" in Ka•Ge magazine Volume 1 Issue 12. Wolfgang Kies can turn into a half-man half-wolf form.
  • Starfinder: Vlaka are a race of humanoid wolves who evolved on an arctic world that was at the far end of their system's inhabitable belt in a star system with a dying sun. Their homeworld is actually freezing over to the point it will soon become inhospitable even to them, and they are struggling to figure out what to do. They also suffer the unusual racial curse that two thirds of their children are born either blind or deaf, with their other senses heightening to paranatural levels in compensation.
  • Warhammer 40,000 brings us the Wulfen, werewolves in space with guns and Powered Armor.

    Video Games 
  • Battle Realms: Berserkers can be given the Lycanthropy ability.
  • BlazBlue: Valkenhayn R. Hellsing is a member of the beastkin and can alternate between human form and wolf form. Most of the time, he's in human form and when he fights, he either transforms just his limbs or he fully transforms into a wolf. However, for his Astral Heat, he transforms into a wolf-man to absolutely kill his opponent, making it his strongest form.
  • Bloodborne: The Abhorrent Beast is a variant of Darkbeasts which retains human intelligence, stands with two legs and possesses a certain degree of sentience. The Afflicted Beggar found in Forbidden Woods is a living proof of their intelligence and sentience.
  • Contra: Hard Corps: Brad Fang looks like what might happen if The Terminator somehow suffered from lycanthropy, being a musclebound humanoid werewolf cyborg with Cool Shades and a Gatling Arm Cannon.
  • Dwarf Fortress: Wolf men, described as people with the heads and tails of wolves, are included in the multitude of bipedal animals found inhabiting Savage biomes. When dwarves like them, they will do so for their cunning. Dingo men (who will eat dorf babies) and coyote men are also present.
  • Elden Ring: There's a whole race of these known as Shadows, wolfmen normally given to particularly influential demigods of Queen Marika's family with the potential to become Empyreans and succeed her on the throne of her empire as bodyguards and friends. We meet two over the course of the game, Blaidd and Maliketh, both of whom are fanatically loyal to their charges, Ranni the Witch and Queen Marika herself, and both of whom are extremely skilled combatants.
  • Final Fantasy:
    • Final Fantasy V: The werwolves of Quelb are closer to this than typical werewolves, not having a human form to change back to. They are carnivorous and raise sheep for meat. In fact, for every free meal you get at the local inn, one of the sheep in town disappears. The werewolves' leader, Kelger, was the Token Nonhuman of the Warriors of Dawn.
    • Final Fantasy XIV: The region of Doma is home to a species of wolf-people called the Lupins, whose noses are the sharpest of any species yet seen in the setting. They are proud of their battle prowess and were deeply loyal to their country and rulers until many of them were forcibly conscripted by The Empire.
  • Gems of War: The population of Maugrim Woods seems to be mainly wolf-people (called Wargare), and there's conflict between them and a young woman called Scarlett. It's also available as a selection for the player character.
  • The first enemy encountered in Jiu Xiao are Yao-shou, grey-skinned, furry humanoids with wolf-like features. They attack either by biting or with their huge Wolverine Claws. The first boss is also a King Mook version of the regular Yao-shou.
  • Jitsu Squad: Frost's Praetorian Guard units are Stormwolves, bipedal humanoid wolves and an Elite Mook enemy.
  • Legend (1998) have wolfmen archers as members serving the forces of chaos as a recurring enemy.
  • The Path: Although most of the "wolves" are fully human in appearance, Robin's wolf takes this form.
  • Quest for Glory: There are canid-like humanoids such as the Jackalmen of Shapier, Kalb, the Pharaoh Dog-descended meat merchant, and the Canine Punjab merchant Wolfie.
  • Rampage: Ralph is a Kaiju take on the trope, being a giant bipedal lycanthrope-esque wolf. You could say he counts as a werewolf considering he used to be human and can turn back to that form when weakened fully, but that applies to all the other monsters.
  • Resident Evil Village: The Lycans are a group of primal, wolf-fur-clad savages armed with improvised weapons like machetes and billhooks, and their own fangs and claws. They represent a pretty classic Gothic Horror depiction of Our Werewolves Are Different.
  • Star Ocean: Tinek/T'Nique/whatever. Despite the series borrowing heavily from Star Trek he's the only thing that comes close to being a shapeshifter in any of the games.
  • Touhou Project: Kagerou Imaizumi is a Wolf-Woman, despite her masculine name. Despite having very prominent wolf nature, she's actually a calm person — she wears a long gown!
  • Trials of Mana: Kevin is a beastman that turns into a full wolfman at night. This effectively gives him two sets of moves to the other characters' one.
  • World of Warcraft has the Worgen, a race of Wolfmen that infects others through biting. Though most Worgen are feral, the Kingdom of Gilneas manages to create a "cure" that, while not removing the curse, allows the Worgen to retain their human minds while in Worgen form. The Gilnean Worgen were added to The Alliance as a playable race in the third expansion, Cataclysm.
  • Zelda II: The Adventure of Link: The Wosu enemies are humanoid wolves; their artwork gives them digitigrade feet as well.

    Web Animation 
  • In Helluva Boss, Hellhounds look like anthropomorphic wolves. If Loona is any indication, they tend to dress and act like punk teenagers.
  • hololive has Mio Ookami. If her own name isn't a giveaway (the kanji used for her last name translates to "great god" but is a homophone of "wolf" in Japanese), the fact that she sports wolf ears atop her head in a Little Bit Beastly manner and her occasional statements of being a wolfman and howling at the moon should solidify it. A more Noble Wolf interpretation for the trope is in play here, as she is described as a Team Mom among other streamers in the company who helps keep the peace during offline collaborations and generally acting as a Straight Man to the others' more wacky antics.

  • Freefall: Florence is an uplifted wolf who can speak and usually walks on two legs, though she resembled an ordinary wolf pup as a young child. She's also a deconstruction, since it took a lot of delicate genetic engineering to map a wolf to a human body shape, and her creator had to use genes from everything from bears to hero shrews.
  • Girl Genius has the fanged, green, and hairy Jagermonsters. They mix elements of the Wolf Man, Jekyll & Hyde, and Super-Soldier. On top of that, they're just plain goofy. Unt don' anybody forgetink ze silly German akzent! Und die hatszen.
  • Grim Trigger: There's one in book 4. If you click on him his name is "Wolf Thing" and he tries to fight Tage. He declines.
  • While Jade's God Tier form in Homestuck starts out as simply Little Bit Beastly with a few behaviors resembling those of a domestic dog, she's still mostly human... until the Condesce takes control and turns her Grimbark. While not changing in outward appearance except for the darkness of her skin and the stylistic effect of turning her irises into the Green Sun, her primal, canine rage has been brought out enough that there is a lycanthropic character to her transformation.
  • Lawrence Talbot himself appears as a recurring character in Nightmarish, being portrayed as the castle gardener looking like an anthropomorphic wolf (including a dog collar), while retaining a human personality and posture. Doesn't mean he acts completely human, though... In the 2020 reboot, he now follows abilities and tropes more associated with the traditional shapeshifting werewolf and is now explicitly referred to as such, no longer exactly following this trope. Also, his last name is changed to Lycan (as Silverpen discovered Universal's Wolf Man is not in public domain).
  • In The Specialists, what happened to one man they tried to make an ubermensch of.
  • Tower of God: There exists a species of wolf men in the Tower. We get to see one. He gets hit severely in the schnauze.

    Web Originals 
  • Averted in this Cracked article, when the campers are attacked by what is obviously Bigfoot Man.

    Western Animation 
  • Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs (2017): In "Mayornormal Activity", Mayor Shelbourne turns into a werewolf before getting sucked up by one of Flint's inventions, a Halloween bag with a vacuum attached to it. He is actually seen as a werewolf again, only for a second, in the episode "Swallow Fails".
  • Count Duckula is chased by one in a Monster Mash episode. It should be noted that this wolf man doesn't really look like a wolf, on the count of being originally an anthropomorphic bird.
  • The Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi segment "Were-Kaz" has Kaz drink hair growth formula and become a wolf-like beast, complete with a Shout-Out to the frame-by-frame transformation scene from 1941 film.
  • Mary Shelley's Frankenhole has one that's similar to Lawrence Talbot but a lot whinier and mopier. He's often used to transform a visiting character into a werewolf.
  • In Monster Force, one of the protagonists, Luke, is the grandson of the protagonist from The Wolf Man (1941) and assumes a similar "Beast Man with lupine features" look when he transforms. Strangely, Niles Lupon, who cursed Luke's grandfather in this continuity, looks like a hulking anthropomorphic wolf when he transforms.
  • Referenced in an episode of My Gym Partner's a Monkey, when Jake asks Windsor what's the difference between a werewolf and a wolfman.
  • Monster Loving Maniacs draws distinction between a werewolf and a wolfman, with the one werewolf we meet in the show being transformed into a wolfman as a way to "balance" his human and wolf sides. In practice, this means he goes from an average dude who transforms into a giant wolf to a bigger, hairier, and more muscular of himself with wolfish fangs and Super-Strength (though he does revert to werewolf form if he loses self-control).


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