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Video Game / Legend (1998)

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The Legend Returns

Once Upon a Time, in another world, in another dimension...
The destiny of the universe was played in a battle between good and evil.
The legend would be born...
Sword, and blood.
Legend is a 1998 video game and the sequel to Legend (1994). Unlike it's predecessor, this sequel is made for the PlayStation instead.

Years have passed ever since the defeat of Prince Clovis. But Beldor the tyrant have returned from the netherworld he's banished from, summoned by a new villain, the Brother of the King of Tovakia, returning into the plane of mortals. And now Beldor's forces are on a rampage across the Kingdom of Tovakia, having captured their wise king and enslaving entire populations along the way.

It's worth noting that this follow-up has more fantastical elements compared to the first, where the mostly human-based mooks from the first game replaced by The Horde, consisting of various beast-men, skeletons, goblins, and gigantic monsters. You can also choose between three heroes - the warrior Axel, the barbarian Karo, and the agile female thief Tara.

Legend (1998) contain examples of:

  • Awesome, but Impractical: Using spells on enemies. They can deal ample damage, can home in on foes... and takes a painfully long amount of time to charge. Moreover, you need to stand completely still to cast a spell, giving enemies a chance to out-flank you. At any rate you'll be relying more on your weapons and save your magic for trickier situations.
  • Balance, Speed, Strength Trio: The three heroes, Axel (well-balanced knight), Kara (agile, fast-moving thief) and Karo (slow but muscular barbarian), in that order.
  • Beast Man: There are pig-men, wolf-men, lizard-men and dragon-men among the ranks of chaos. Save for the dragon-men, most of them are pretty mindless and not much of a challenge to slice up.
  • BFS: The Claymore (labelled in-game as "Long Sword") is the first new weapon available, several times longer and thicker than your default equipment. It deals plenty of damage as well, though it's not as fast.
  • Black Knight: The human enemies are chaos knights, clad in black armour accompanying the mindless beast men in battle.
  • Carry a Big Stick: Enemies, including the common pig-men mooks and some of your human foes, are often armed with spiked maces. The first boss, a giant, notably uses a spiked club to smash your brains out.
  • Cyclops: The first boss in the volcano level.
  • Dem Bones: Living armored skeleton enemies are a recurring mook in the game.
  • Draconic Humanoid: After more than halfway into the game, starting from the interior of the volcano stage, humanoid enemies with dragon heads and wings will start appearing. They are Elite Mooks a LOT stronger than the mindless beastmen and human-based mooks.
  • Dual Wielding: The dual sword pickup, which as its name states gives you two shorter, faster swords. Some of the mooks and bosses also use two weapons at the same time.
  • Evil Wizard: Evil mages working for the forces of chaos are a recurring Elite Mook enemy.
  • Game-Over Man: If you run out of life or chose not to continue, you'll be treated to a cutscene of various members of the forces of chaos surrounding you, bludgeoning you to bits with their weapons. From a first-person perspective.
  • Giant Spider: There are absolutely humongous arachnids that can take up half a room when they appear. Taking them down without ranged weapons can be really difficult thanks to their long, spindly legs giving them advantage in range.
  • Gladiator Games: The Arena stage have you fighting hordes and hordes of enemies in a gladiatorial colosseum, before a massive cheering crowd.
  • Grenade Launcher: The cannon serves as a medieval equivalent, being a portable cannon, you carry with both hands who fires exploding cannonballs on mooks. It can hold a surprisingly huge amount of ammunition (far more than it could contain), firing at least 15 shells without reloading even once.
  • Grievous Harm with a Body: When fighting large numbers of enemies, you can execute a grabbing move that lifts them above you, and then hit the punch button to throw them at their colleagues.
  • Half the Man He Used to Be: If a mook is defeated with the killing blow being a slash in the waist area, their death animation will have them splitting from the midsection. This can be pulled off easier with the twin short swords or if the player is using a faster character who tends to strike low (like Tara).
  • I Shall Taunt You: Mooks and even bosses would indulge in gloating, should you be knocked down during gameplay, or if you're being cornered by large numbers of foes all at once foes out of your reach will visibly chuckle at you while you attempt to fight your way out of a jam.
  • Lethal Lava Land: The stage where you fight the dragon boss is in an active volcanoe, with a lava river running around the area and platforms you need to jump on.
  • Lizard Folk: Crocodile-men armed with scimitars are another recurring enemy, putting up a stronger fight than the mindless pigmen.
  • Mana Potion: Magic Phials are recurring items (depicted as potions in blue bottles) which can be collected to boost your magic meter, allowing you to cast more spells.
  • Malevolent Masked Men: Mooks wearing scary, tribal-esque masks covering most of their bodies will start showing up more than halfway into the game. Those masks stays on even after they're defeated.
  • Map Stabbing: The game starts off each level with a cutscene of your character stabbing the level's map.
  • Night of the Living Mooks: One stage is set in a snow-covered graveyard, during winter. With zombies crawling out of their graves to attack, alongside the more common skeletons.
  • Our Dragons Are Different: You battle a fearsome red dragon at the end of the volcano stage, in a room full of treasure which is it's Dragon Hoard... with bones and skulls of past adventurers visibly mixed with the gold and gems.
  • Our Gargoyles Rock: Gargoyles are a recurring Airborne Mook enemy, alongside dragon-men. These grey-skinned reptilian humanoids usually fly out of your reach and tried swooping down to ambush your player, but if you land a hit they will be knocked out of the air and be vulnerable to your attacks while grounded.
  • Our Minotaurs Are Different: A humongous chaos Minotaur wielding a warhammer is a boss fought in the interior of the colosseum.
  • Panthera Awesome: The forces of chaos include various tigers within their ranks. These large cats first appear in the colosseum-like Arena stage, and later begins showing regularly in the wilderness levels.
  • Pig Man: The Goomba of the game, you start off fighting pig-headed humanoids wearing helmets and loincloth, armed with short swords or clubs.
  • Pivotal Wake-up: If you beat down an Evil Wizard mook but he's not killed yet, the wizard will arise vertically in this manner.
  • Playing with Fire:
    • The fire spell power-up you can use to incinerate enemies.
    • Some of the mages can use fiery attacks on you, launching flames from a distance.
  • Raptor Attack: Near the last few stages, you will be battling velociraptor-like giant lizards, one of the most unexpected choices of enemies in a medieval-themed action game.
  • Standard Power-Up Pose: Each time you cast a spell, the game will throw in a cutscene of your character going through a power-up sequence surrounding himself or herself with an aura of energy, before cutting back to the game where your spell is unleashed to devastating effect.
  • Sword Lines: When your power is at maximum, each and every weapon slash will leave behind lines, and in this state you can inflict double damage on enemies.
  • Wolf Man: Wolf men serves as archers of the forces of chaos, trying to snipe you from a distance with their crossbows.