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Just For Fun / Recycled IN SPACE!

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Stories are often recycled from other stories every now and then, possibly with an added gimmick, with the setting changed with just enough of a gimmick to make it look different. The characters will have the same character types, sometimes even the same voice actors. Sometimes these will be direct spinoffs, with the same characters with one major time or setting change. Later varieties included "AS KIDS!"

Putting the series into space, though, is the big one. This is because space has captured the public's imagination at least since the start of the space race, and science fiction authors and fans have been fascinated even longer.

Western stories that can be about wagon trains settling the prairies can be transformed into stories about space travellers setting up Moon colonies.

Haunted House stories can be transformed into stories about an empty Ghost Spaceship drifting through the cosmos.

World War II military stories can be transformed into Military Science Fiction, with rifles becoming laser blasters and fighter planes becoming small starships.

Thus it's not unreasonable to think "Wouldn't that show be even better in outer space?"

Examples IN SPACE!

Alternative Title(s): Recycled In, In Space