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  • At least four Brazilian soap operas did this. O Cravo e a Rosa was The Taming of the Shrew IN 1920s SÃO PAULO! (the main characters were even still Catarina, Bianca and Julião Petruchio.) Mandala was Oedipus the King IN 1987 RIO! (the main characters retained their Greek names: Jocasta, Edipo, Laio and Creonte)note  And Pygmalion - best known by some as My Fair Lady - earned both the indicatively titled Pigmalião 70 (Pygmalion WITH A MAN IN 1970 RIO DE JANEIRO!) and the 2016 one Totalmente Demais (Pygmalion WITH MODELS IN 2016 RIO! And not only the makeover girl was still named Eliza, but the series was described by its writers as Pygmalion meets Top Model).