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Ninku is a shonen manga series that ran from 1993 to 1995. It was also given an animated adaptation in 1995-96. The series follows the adventures of Fuusuke, Aicho and Toji, along with Toji's sister and a penguin. Long ago, a civil war erupted between the imperium and the ninku clan. The ninku were a fierce group of ninja with classical majic ninjutsu, divised into 12 ninku corps. All three of the guys were captains of their respective corps. Eventually the ninku were disbanded as the war went sour and now the remaining three are trying to find a way to defeat the imperium.

Although the show was once dubbed it was never released in the US although it did run on AXN in asia. Only the dubbed movie was ever released in the US. Most the episodes can be found at Veoh but only a few of the beginning episodes will be subbed.


This series is notable for being the inspiration behind Naruto, although some would lean more towards plagiarism, seeing how similar the Rasengan and the Kuatsuken are. Masashi Kishimoto even initially drew Naruto in an outfit similar to Fuusuke.

Also has an ongoing sequel known as Ninku-second stage which started 2005.

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