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"I had bitmoji before anyone else."

Meet Lizzie McGuire, a completely normal 13-year-old girl, living a completely normal life. She goes to a completely normal school, with completely normal students (the Alpha Bitch Kate Sanders, ditzy hottie Ethan Craft), and completely normal friends (dependable but emotional Miranda Sanchez, and Teen Genius David Gordon, aka Gordo). Her home life is completely stereotypical, with a Nuclear Family that consists of her gnome-loving dad, Sam; level-headed mom, Jo, and bratty brother, Matt.

Also, Lizzie has an animated conscience inside her head narrating her every move.

Lizzie McGuire, created by Terri Minsky, is one of Disney Channel's biggest hit series, airing for a full 65 episodes from January 2001 to February 2004, and playing a role in the mainstream breakout of star actress Hilary Duff as well as her transformation into a successful Idol Singer. It is commonly misblamed for being the first of Disney's tween sitcoms geared toward a more suburban audience. That title belongs to That's So Raven, and even then, it wasn't the last show to be produced by It's a Laugh Productions (the last Disney Channel show produced outside of It's a Laugh was Phil of the Future). It also has the honor of being the first live-action Disney Channel series to gain a theatrical movie, a feat followed by Hannah Montana.

In August 2019, it was announced that a revival was in the works for Disney+, with Duff reprising the titular role. The new series would follow Lizzie as a thirty year-old living in New York City, with her animated asides remaining part of the show. It was going to begin streaming in 2020, but Creative Differences between Terri Minsky and Disney+ executives resulted in Minsky stepping down as show runner before production could finish. Duff has been vocal that she and Minsky wanted to tell stories about an adult Lizzie and all that entailed (with many articles reporting that the pilot would feature a sexual infidelity) but Disney+ insisted on a more family-friendly presentation, and fired Minsky when she refused to agree. This sent production into limbo, with Duff refusing to go along with Disney+ and hoping for a soft-landing on a more adult-friendly platform like Hulu, as had happened with Love, Victor. Whatever progress might have been made was halted altogether by the COVID-19 pandemic, and Duff announced the cancellation of the reboot series on her Instagram on December 16, 2020.

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"I! Want! A! TROPE LIST!"

  • Act of True Love: In The Movie, Gordo distracts Ms. Ungermeyer from discovering that Lizzie's been sneaking out during their trip to Italy, and in doing so ends up getting himself sent home.
  • Ascended Extra: Melina was originally going to be a one-time character, but she became popular enough to become a recurring character, even appearing in the movie.
  • Alternative Foreign Theme Song: An interesting example of this one. Instead of using the original opening, the Japanese dub uses a dubbed version of "I Can't Wait" sung by Chieko Kawabe.
  • Alpha Bitch: Played ludicrously straight with evil head cheerleader Kate. Complete with Girl Posse, right down to having a second-in-command Claire who's even more of an Alpha Bitch than she is. Just to elaborate on the point above. When Kate broke her arm, Claire not only had her removed from the squad to take her position at the top, she banned non popular girls from using the bathrooms, and wouldn't let non cheerleader students use tables for lunch forcing them to sit on the grass.......all of which could have been avoided if they told a teacher. She was doing it to every kid in school not just Lizzie or Kate, the teachers would have believed half the student body complaining about the same girl. Once Kate recovers though Claire breaks her wrist, but unlike her Kate treats her kindly.
  • Amazingly Embarrassing Parents: It varied from episode to episode, but Lizzie's parents would sometimes qualify for this trope depending on their actions, though Jo was usually embarrassing for being overly motherly while Sam was more consistently embarrassing for just being himself.
  • Animated Outtakes: The animated version of Lizzie, who narrates some parts of the show as a Talking Head, gets bloopers at the end of the episode with all the real characters, too. Given that some of the animated segments included in the episode deliberately portray the cartoon Lizzie as clumsy and frequently messing-up, the outtakes are typically messing up words, facing the wrong way, or being "pranked" by the crew.
  • Animation Bump: Animated Lizzie gets one in the feature film, as compared to her appearance in the series.
  • Annoying Younger Sibling: Matt seems to spend half the show annoying Lizzie with his pranks and insults.
  • Art Evolution: Lizzie's animated alter ego changed a lot as time went on. She started out as a sketch that a first-grader could draw and then evolved into her final form, which while simplistic, is leagues ahead of where she started.
  • Big Bad: Kate at first, though in the movie she had a Heel–Face Turn and the role is taken over by Paolo Valisari.
  • Bilingual Bonus: In the movie, Lizzie's doppelganger is named Isabella, the Italian version of the name "Elizabeth".
  • Bitch in Sheep's Clothing: From the movie, Lizzie's Romantic False Lead Paolo Valisari is a pop singer who befriends and woos Lizzie during her trip to Italy. He uses Lizzie's resemblance to his ex-girlfriend and singing partner Isabella, to have Lizzie sing in her place at an award show. It turns out he was actually planning to frame Isabella for lip synching and embarrass Lizzie in front of an international audience, just to get back at Isabella and avoid being sued for contract breach.
  • Black-Hole Belly: Toon Lizzie has been seen swallowing some pretty big (to her) food items whole without any change to her size except for maybe a split second of Dinner Deformation on occasion.
  • Blessed with Suck: After worrying about not being talented in anything, Lizzie finds out that she's a natural in rhythmic gymnastics....and absolutely hates it.
    Toon Lizzie: Well, that's just perfect. I find the thing I'm great at and it's the stupidest thing in the world.
  • Brainless Beauty: Ethan is the handsome target of affection for every girl in school, and is buffoonish to the point of being a Cloudcuckoolander, complete with "wooshing" sound-effects when he says dumb things. His stepmom is even dumber.
  • Bumbling Dad: Sam, a lot of the time. He has his moments, and isn't a Jerkass like many sitcom dads are, but he's a gnome-collecting doofus who has no concept of teenage issues.
  • Childhood Friend Romance: Lizzie and Gordo have been friends since they were one day old. The series finale and The Movie both imply that Gordo does in fact get the girl.
  • Chuck Cunningham Syndrome:
    • Danny Kessler, the original "hottie" character, was in only two episodes after the pilot. He and his replacement, Ethan Craft, even appear in one episode together (in which the latter is introduced for the first time, and his "wannabe gangsta" traits are played up a lot more). He then vanishes without a trace, though he is randomly name-dropped in the movie, two years later.
    • On the show, Matt's best friend was Lanny while Melina was a minor Recurring Character. In the movie, Lanny is gone and Melina seems to have replaced him.
  • Clip Show: "Bye Bye Hillridge Junior High" features flashbacks from the course of the series.
  • Comically Missing the Point:
    Gordo: Besides, I'm more into those classy European types of girls anyway.
    Ethan: Oh, you mean like Britney Spears?
  • Compressed Vice: Several, most notably Miranda's eating disorder, which consisted of skipping lunch.
  • Continuity Nod: One episode was dedicated to Lizzie discovering she was good at rhythmic gymnastics. In another episode, she uses those skills to teach Kate to do a cartwheel one-handed after she breaks her arm and her replacement Alpha Bitch turns out to be worse than she is.
  • Costume Porn: Lizzie in the movie gets a sequence where Franka the fashion designer forces her to try on several elaborate outfits. She also gets a Pimped-Out Dress for the concert climax.
  • Credit Card Plot: Gordo gets one...and tries to make a "big budget" movie with a $5,000 line of credit.
  • Cutaway Gag: A great amount of the humor in the show is based on this. Often, a main character (usually Lizzie, Miranda or Gordo) will discuss a offstage (or fantasized) situation, scenario or characterization, then the scene cuts to a very brief, humorous visual demonstration of who or what is being described.
  • Cute Clumsy Girl: Lizzie, strangely enough for a North American series. This was flanderized in the movie, where she causes Disaster Dominoes at her graduation ceremony.
  • Dark Horse Victory: An election between rivals Lizzie and Claire and icky geek Tudgeman...who do you think wins?
  • Deadpan Snarker: Most to all of the characters have their fair share, but this is practically the reason Animated-Lizzie exists.
  • Defrosting Ice Queen:
    • Kate in The Movie, in which she was built up to more-or-less replace Miranda.
    • The episode where a sympathetic Lizzie teaches a broken-armed, ostracized Kate how to do cartwheels and regain her status as head cheerleader plays with this trope.
    • She has a few moments in the series as well. Most notably when she is paired with Lizzie for a school project. The two wonder what happened to their relationship. In the end nothing changes in these episodes.
  • Does This Remind You of Anything?: Gordo's roleplaying game experience, which is treated like a drug addiction, complete with an "intervention" from his friends.
  • Doomed Autographed Item: In one episode, Lizzie is babysitting Matt when he and his friend accidentally destroy their dad's autographed football. They manage to trade for a different autographed football, but when their parents find out, they discover that their mother already destroyed the original ball- the one they destroyed was a forgery the mother had made.
  • Doomed New Clothes:
    • In one episode where Lizzie bought expensive jeans and spilled smoothie all over them, ruining her plans to return them after the school's "Best Dressed" contest.
    • Also in "Picture Day", you know after angsting on whether to wear her new blouse or her grandma's hideous sweater that that new blouse is going down in a Heroic Sacrifice.
  • Double Vision: Hilary Duff performs a duet with herself in The Movie, playing both Lizzie and Isabella.
  • Election Day Episode: Lizzie runs against Claire and Larry Tudgeman for student body president.
  • Entertainment Below Their Age: The episode "Lizzie and Miranda's Magic Train" shows that Lizzie and Miranda secretly still love their favorite childhood show, The Magic Train, a preschool show about a group of people dressed in animal costumes singing songs to small children. They become eager to see them perform live once they hear their band is coming to town. Deconstruction comes into play when Alpha Bitch Kate Sanders sees the duo of friends at their concert and makes fun of them for going there alone, while Kate was only there to chaperone her little cousin. Lizzie takes a stand towards the end when she tells the entire school that Clover and Daisy, the two protagonists of The Magic Train, can teach them a lesson in loyalty and confidence, ending the episode with the entire school (sans Kate) joining in a musical cover of a dorky song from the show expressing pride in silliness.
  • Every Episode Ending: Every episode in the series ends with a Hilarious Outtakes reel of the cast comically flubbing their lines or hilarious happenings on the set.
  • Evil-Detecting Dog; Downplayed; when Paolo brings Lizzie behind the scenes of a fashion show under the guise that Lizzie is actually Isabella, the hostess has a small dog who barks and growls at Lizzie, only to be admonished for barking at Isabella. Since Isabella and Lizzie would have vastly different scents, the dog is able to sniff right through the ruse.
  • Former Friend of Alpha Bitch: Lizzie and Kate. Actually addressed in a late season one episode when the two work together on a school project. Actually Lizzie mentions that she used to be friends with Kate in the pilot but "then she grew breasts" and blew her off. This fact is not pointed out very often afterwards.
  • "Freaky Friday" Flip: In "Those Freaky Mc Guires", Lizzie and Matt switch bodies for a day.
  • Freudian Trio: Miranda=Id, Gordo=Superego, and Lizzie=Ego.
  • Full-Name Ultimatum: During an episode where Lizzie wanted to go to Kate's unsupervised birthday party, Lizzie's mom uses it on her.
    Jo: Elizabeth Brooke McGuire!!
  • Guinness Episode: Matt and Lanny attempt to beat several world records, failing miserably at all of them. At the end, Jo tells them they beat the record for most failed record attempts.
  • Hard Truth Aesop: The episode with Lizzie's advice column teaches the often-ignored side effect of bullying. Lizzie tells Veruca to just stand up to the bully - and Veruca then reminds her that "bullies have friends" and those friends gang up on her. Media at the time loved to teach the Aesop that standing up to a bully will automatically make things better, but that is not always the case.
  • Height Angst: In "A Gordo Story", Gordo develops a case of this after Parker says she won't go to the dance with him because he's short.
  • Hidden Depths: Kate. One episode revolves around her and Lizzie having to work together and it lead to them remembering they used to be good friends. At the end of the episode Kate and Lizzie smile at each other briefly. While Kate doesn't stop being The Alpha Bitch, we do see her have some nice moments with Lizzie over the course of the series and The Movie.
  • Hypocritical Humor: There's an exchange in the movie when they're in Rome where Ethan gushes about different types of spagghetti, and Kate comments that this cultural experience is totally wasted on him. Then she spots an Italian with a Prada bag and gets excited about it.
  • I Wished You Were Dead: Lizzie once wished someone would "knock Kate off her pedestal" just before she fell off the top of the pyramid and broke her arm, prompting Lizzie's animated avatar to ask "Since when do I control the wind?" Lizzie winds up teaching Kate some rhythmic gymnastic moves she can do one-handed.
  • Idol Singer: Hilary Duff. This show started the long trend of the Disney Channel using its live-action shows as vehicles for its Idol Singers.
    • Image Song: A Western example being "I Can't Wait".
    • Lalaine also ventured into a singing career, recording an album, Inside Story, a few singles and some unreleased material.
  • Informed Attractiveness: Kate is portrayed as being the Queen Bee of the school, and much is made of her "bustiness". In a show like this, she's not any more attractive than most background girls. However, it is mentioned in the show that she developed earlier than the other girls, which probably explains why.
    • Also Ethan Craft.
  • Ironic Name: In "Bad Girl McGuire", Lizzie is led astray by a Goth girl named "Angel". The video Gordo and Miranda make for Lizzie's intervention Lampshades this, referring to her as "a devil named Angel".
  • Irony: Paolo gets a bit of this, not only because he's the one who can't sing while trying to "expose" Isabella as the one who can't sing by having a girl who is not a professional singer pretend to be her (without ever checking if she can sing), but when he's exposed and Isabella demands that he "sing to me, Paolo", he really steps up to miss every note in a screechy voice.
  • Is That a Threat?: Miranda responds this way to Kate, who says "You're gonna pay for this," after taking the blame for Lizzie accidentally spreading a bra stuffing rumor about Kate.
  • It's All About Me: Kate's cousin Amy hijacked her cousins birthday, invited only her friends, ignored Kate's request for what kind of birthday cake she wanted for something she liked, allowed her friends to break things in her aunts house note , then getting angry at Lizzie's Mom for breaking up the party because it was making Kate upset, because she cared more about the party than her cousins feelings.
  • I Want My Beloved to Be Happy: Gordo, who assists Lizzie in her pursuits of Ethan (in "Just Friends") and Paolo (in "The Lizzie McGuire Movie"), despite himself having feelings for her.
  • Just Friends: Gordo to Oblivious to Love Lizzie. She's so oblivious it takes The Alpha Bitch informing her before she realizes.
  • Kids Shouldn't Watch Horror Films: Matt gets scared watching a horror film, though it happens with his parents present. He ends up trying to Feng Shui the house to get rid of evil spirits.
  • Last-Minute Hookup: Lizzie and Gordo got to have their kiss in the last scene of The Movie.
  • Leitmotif: Whenever Matt is the focus of a scene, the same cheery, bouncy melody can be heard in the background.
  • Lighter and Softer: The Movie compared to the TV show, while the show dealt with serious real life problems that kids face, the film goes for straight-up teen-girl wish fulfillment.
  • Literal-Minded: Matt's jokes can be this. In the movie, on the plane to Italy, his father demands that Matt tell him "everything you know that I don't". Matt comments that the plane ride only lasts fourteen hours.
  • Little Boy Seeks Big Girl: Matt towards Miranda in "Working Girl".
  • A Lizard Named "Liz": In the pilot episode, Matt takes care for a lizard named Lizzie.
  • Moment Killer: In "Clueless", when Sam McGuire inadvertently interrupts Lizzie and Gordo to tell Lizzie about an eel-cooking competition on TV just as Gordo is finally about to ask her out.
  • Montages: Once an Episode. Usually a pop song with some relevance to the action at hand would play over the montage.
  • Mustache Vandalism: Discussed when the cast gets issued their school yearbooks. Gordo rhetorically asks his friends what the first thing anyone does with their new yearbook is. Miranda and Lizzie say it's to draw a mustache on the gym teacher.
  • Mysterious Woman: In "Just Friends", Ethan reveals that women who follow this trope are his type.
  • Nap-Inducing Speak: On a school camping trip that Lizzie's mom Jo is chaperoning for, she takes the girls' group on a hike and begins reading from the nature manual when they spot a specific type of bird. The scene then switches to B-plot of Matt and Sam at home, and when it cuts back to the camping trip, the group are all asleep as Jo finishes reading about the bird. The inner Animated!Lizzie segment shows her and said bird snoring against each other.
  • No Indoor Voice: As per Disney Channel sitcom tradition, most of the characters can get pretty shouty at times.
  • Oblivious to Love: Seriously? Lizzie. It's ridiculous that it takes her until the Whodunit episode to figure out Gordo loves her. And she needs to have it spelled out to her by Kate of all people.
  • Odd Friendship: In the last few episodes, popular but dim-witted Ethan tells Lizzie he considers Gordo a cool friend, such as being one of the first people he invited to his Murder Mystery party.
  • Once an Episode: Subtle, but for whatever reason Miranda wears some article of clothing (usually a shirt) with a British flag on it at some point in every episode.
  • Ooh, Me Accent's Slipping: In the movie, once Paolo is exposed for his poor singing, he storms off the stage. He's immediately confronted by his bodyguard, where at the end of the exchange he exclaims "You work for me!" in an audibly American accent.
  • Our Founder: Lizzie's school has a bust of the first principal, which Kate wrecks in the episode "You're a Good Man, Lizzie McGuire".
  • The Plan: Lizzie and her friends are actually joined by her mom to pull off a surprisingly masterful one in "Lizzie's Eleven".
  • Playing Sick: Matt does this in "Picture Day" to avoid a homework-less encounter with his teacher. He does a poor job making it look real and Jo sees through it, but keeps going along while trying to make his experience miserable. By the end of the episode he actually does end up sick.
  • Popular Is Dumb: Ethan, and to a lesser extent Kate. It's revealed in one episode that Kate got held back because she somehow flunked kindergarten.
    • Two drones Kate had in one episode left her because they were so stupid they thought Kate had wet herself even when they saw the drink splash on her.
  • Popular Is Evil: Kate and Claire, plus all their friends on the cheer squad. After all, they did agree to Kate’s plan of public humiliation in the pilot.
  • Raw Eggs Make You Stronger: Lizzie's mother serves her glasses of raw eggs as she trains for a rhythmic gymnastics competition, but Lizzie dumps the eggs into a frying pan instead of drinking them.
  • Romantic False Lead:
    • In the movie, Paolo.
    • Also, Ronnie the paperboy. This is before Lizzie and Gordo were an Official Couple.
  • Sequel Non-Entity: Miranda is missing from several of the last episodes of the series, and is only mentioned in passing as being "in Mexico with her family" during The Movie.
  • Series Fauxnale: "Bye Bye Hillridge Junior High" and The Lizzie McGuire Movie showed Lizzie and Gordo graduate middle school and grow closer romantically, but since Disney Channel aired several of their shows' episodes at this time in an order that often differed drastically from the production order, ten more episodes aired afterward. (This was likely done to conceal Miranda being Put on a Bus.)
  • Shaking Her Hair Loose: In the murder mystery episode, Larry starts chatting up Veruca, both of them dressed in Edwardian era clothes. Veruca shakes her hair down as some faux-dramatic music plays.
  • Shout-Out: The episode "Lizzie's Eleven" Matt and Melina have Gordo sing the yodeling part of "The Lonely Goatherd" as the secret code of The Plan.
  • Silent Bob: Lanny. The only times he ever talks are when he's on the phone and even then we never hear his side of the conversation.
    • Lampshaded once:
      Matt: Lanny's not talking to me.
      Sam: How can you tell?
  • Single Girl Seeks Most Popular Guy: Lizzie and Miranda are totally gaga for Ethan Craft, a dim-witted popular guy, though he is still very friendly.
  • Snapback: It seems that every two episodes Lizzie finds out Gordo likes her, but in the next episode she goes back to being completely oblivious.
    • Even after every episode where it seemed Lizzie and Kate were going to reconcile their differences and maybe be best friends again, by the end of the episode or by the next episode, they'd go back to being enemies.
  • Soft Glass: Averted in-universe when Matt decides he wants to be a stunt double and creates his own courses. He’s shown crushing hard candy pieces to bake to make a fake glass sugar piece to crash through. Sam later demonstrates it working like a charm.
  • Split-Screen Phone Call: Played straight throughout the series, but a three-way variant with Lizzie, Miranda and Gordo is also done.
  • Squashed Flat: Happened quite often to cartoon Lizzie as a visual metaphor for stress she was feeling.
    Lizzie, with a bowling ball rolling on her belly: I suddenly have a heavy feeling in my stomach...woah!
    *Bowling ball rolls over her entirely and flattens her*
    Lizzie, peeling herself off the bowling ball: I gotta stop having these talks with mom.
  • Status Quo Is God: Don't worry, Lizzie won't get over her crush on Ethan even after he rejects her, Kate won't be nicer even if she and Lizzie seemed to make amends, and Lizzie won't figure out that Gordo likes her no matter now many hints he drops.
  • Stockholm Syndrome: In "Bad Girl McGuire", Lizzie developed this towards Angel.
  • Straw Loser: One of Lalaine's reasons for leaving the show.
  • Suck E. Cheese's: Sort of, a western-themed tourist trap called Grubby Longjohn's Western Emporium.

  • Suspiciously Similar Substitute: Ethan Craft replaced Danny Kessler as the popular guy the girls fawn over. A bit of an odd example since, as mentioned above, Danny and Ethan appeared together in an early episode where the latter was presented as a Jerk Jock and so later got hit with some Characterization Marches On to fit Danny's role.
  • Taking the Bullet: Well, more like the "paint glob" when Lizzie jumps in front of Miranda to save her outfit that she shared with Kate.
  • Taking the Heat: Miranda in "Rumors" when she tells Kate that she started the rumor, when in fact Lizzie was the one who started it.
  • Took a Level in Jerkass: Kate prior to the start of the series as it's implied by her previous friendship with Lizzie that she was much nicer before hitting puberty and hanging out with the popular kids.
  • Totally Radical: Most of the kids indulged in this. Not to mention the veritable deluge of references to early-2000s celebrities and music.
  • Town Girls: Kate is a stereotypically high-maintenance Alpha Bitch (Femme), Miranda is a very blunt Deadpan Snarker with a deep voice and a punk style (Butch), and Lizzie is a nice Naïve Everygirl who also doesn't mind getting dirty (Neither).
  • Trope Maker: For the Disney Channel Kidcom formula. Something of an Unbuilt Trope as well, since Lizzie McGuire lacks many elements of the formula, most notably a Laugh Track or a High Concept premise.
  • Two Girls and a Guy: With Lizzie and Gordo ending up together, and no Love Triangle involved.
  • Two Lines, No Waiting: Matt would always have a sub-plot in every episode that didn't involve the A-plot; usually he would drag his parents along for the ride.
  • Uninvited to the Party: In one episode, Miranda is throwing a party at her house and wants it to be perfect. This means she invites everyone...except for the geeky Larry, who she fears will ruin her party. Larry is heartbroken to not get an invite while everyone else is excitedly preparing for the party, and Lizzie decides to sneak him inside. He's disguised as a cool and mysterious student named "Lawrence", who Miranda starts flirting with, claiming she'd have invited him if she saw him at school. Hurt, Larry breaks the disguise, and Miranda feels guilty enough to let him stay at the party.
  • Unlimited Wardrobe
    • Except Tudgeman. And animated Lizzie.
    • Lampshaded (kinda) in the movie, when Kate accuses Lizzie of being an "outfit repeater".
  • Unrequited Love Switcheroo: A few lines on the show and commercial spots stated that Lizzie had a crush on Gordo when they were in the fourth grade. Come junior high, Gordo is the one crushing on Lizzie, who instead has other crushes on her mind.
  • Very Special Episode: The episode "Inner Beauty" deals with Miranda thinking she looks fat in a music video and going on a crash diet. Lizzie and Gordo manage to snap some sense into her by the end of the episode.
  • We Want Our Jerk Back!: In the episode "The Rise and Fall of the Kate Empire", when Kate dislocates her shoulder and Claire takes her position as captain, Lizzie and friends consider Claire worse than Kate, which prompts Lizzie to help Kate gain back her popularity.
  • Wild Teen Party: Kate's unsupervised party was initially played up as this, however Kate didn't actually want a party and just wanted to spend time with her friends; her mother insisted she have a "grown up" party and then left town with Kate's older cousin Amy in charge, who hijacked it and invited only her friends, who proceeded to deliberately break stuff.
  • Witch with a Capital "B": The girls were fond of calling most of the bad girl characters "witches." The most memorable was Lizzie once calling Claire the "Claire Witch Project."
  • With a Friend and a Stranger: Lizzie (the main character), Gordo (the childhood friend and Love Interest of Lizzie) and Miranda (the stranger).
  • Women Are Wiser: Jo is much more savvy and wise to her kids' games than poor Sam is. Lizzie even says once "Come on- we're just fooling dad here! It's not like we're fooling mom!"
    • Inverted in one episode where Sam manages to get Lizzie to open up to him, which Jo has trying trying and failing at doing, by sitting there and letting her talk. It's meant as an aesop for Jo who learns she has to listen to whats wrong with her daughter rather than 'telling' her whats wrong with her "with words like 'Hormones'".
    • Inverted quite a lot when it comes to Lizzie, Miranda and Gordo. Gordo is often the mature and wise voice of reason among his friends and is appreciated by his friends because of that. In fact, after Parker's rejection of Gordo, animated Lizzy even asks how do you help someone who knows all the answers.
  • You Go, Girl!: "One of the Guys", when Lizzie turns out to be really good at flag football.
  • You're Just Jealous: Said of Miranda (by Lizzie) in "First Kiss" after she confronts Lizzie about her non-stop gushing over Ronnie.


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