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"Damn! He ain't gonna be in Rush Hour 3!"
Chris Tucker, Rush Hour 2

Outtakes from a pre-recorded show that someone deemed entertaining enough to stand on their own. Usually run over the credits of some Sitcom shows, but also a standard feature of the Clip Show, and sometimes included as extra material on DVDs.

They can involve:

Naturally, outtakes (sometimes also known as "bloopers", and professionally called a "gag reel"), are not always appreciated (or welcome) in all situations. Let's face it, at times it's downright embarrassing to screw up, and many actors feel that publishing a string of "goofs" is demeaning and makes them look unprofessional.note  Many directors don't want the tone of a drama changed by people remembering moments from the blooper reel when they watch the movie again. Peter Sellers is believed to have blamed the decision to include a gag reel to the end of Being There for his failure to win an Oscar for the film.

The viewers, however, love a good blooper reel. Everyone can identify with saying the wrong thing at the wrong time, or having to try something over and over again that is just not going right. Plus, with the general popularity of DVD and Blu-ray featurettes that pull back the curtain on film and TV production, outtake reels are considered a complimentary part of all that. Because of this many movies will toss in a blooper reel on the DVD, even if it isn't a very good blooper reel, and media in which outtakes are unlikely (such as animation) it's not uncommon for a reel of fake outtakes to be created from whole cloth — since these are created intentionally for comedic purposes, they're often even funnier. Most news stations run a blooper reel at the end of the year, and in this age of DVRs and Internet, many bloopers end up on YouTube before the nightly news is even over. TV shows and movies dubbed into another language always fall victim to these because the actors often need to perform to already-completed footage, which is difficult and heightens the chance of them royally screwing up a take. Bonus points if said actors have a background in improv and can make an outtake So Bad, It's Good.

Comedy series blooper reels aren't considered as "controversial" as those of dramas, since they often provide Funny Moments (see, for example, the extremely popular "Smeg Ups" videos from the making of Red Dwarf). They are also not considered so egregious for programs that are fantasy, SF or light-hearted in tone. Put another way, you're more likely to find a blooper reel for Doctor Who or Once Upon a Time than Saving Private Ryan.

There are also individual programmes made up entirely of outtakes, e.g. It'll be Alright on the Night (an ITV series hosted by Denis Norden), Auntie's Bloomers (taken from Auntie Beeb, an old-fashioned nickname for The BBC) and TV's Bloopers & Practical Jokes, a long running series hosted by Dick Clark.

Note that outtakes are not the same as deleted scenes: while outtakes consist of mistakes and flubbed lines, deleted scenes are removed from the final print for pacing or running time issues or because they either fall flat or simply don't add enough to the work to justify including them. However, it is common for the term "outtake" to be used to describe deleted scenes, and not uncommon for bloopers and genuine deleted scenes to be mixed together. A bunch of bloopers together are usually called a "blooper reel", even today when they were recorded digitally. A "gag reel" is similar, but usually is mostly the cast and crew goofing off. There is no hard definition, though, and the two terms are often used interchangeably. DVD Bonus Content will sometimes call what is a blooper reel a gag reel, and vice versa.

A Sub-Trope to Blooper. One of these can actually become a case of Throw It In!, if the mistake is minor, nobody else breaks their composure, and the director decides to keep it.

Super-Trope to Animated Outtakes, for when an animated medium (or work featuring animation) includes purpose-created "bloopers".

Compare No Fourth Wall.


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  • A well-remembered 1969 Alka-Seltzer ad spoofs the concept, with a film crew ostensibly trying to shoot a commercial for spaghetti sauce, and the lead actor repeatedly flubbing the line "Mamma mia, that's a spicy meatball!"
    • And when he does nail it at the end of the commercial... the oven door spontaneously falls open, ruining the take.
  • Orson Welles:
    • The now-infamous 1980 spot for Paul Masson wines. Welles had been doing ads for the company since 1978 without much issue, but for this particular one, he was genuinely and extremely inebriated for the shoot thanks to his penchant for lunchtime drinking, requiring the producers to edit his performance as best they could with Welles redubbing his own voice after the fact. Among other things, Welles misses his cue, heavily slurs his delivery, appears to forget his lines, and has to prop himself up with his arm because he was too drunk to sit up; you can even see the extras corpsing because of how ridiculous the situation was. After seeing the outtakes and rewatching the final ad, the overdubbing becomes incredibly obvious.
    • Then there's a series of radio commercials he did for Findus food products circa 1970, best known as the "Frozen Peas" tape thanks to an ad for those being the first one in the recording session. As taping proceeds, Welles, who apparently Took the Bad Commercial Seriously, repeatedly stops to mock the copy he's supposed to read, complains about the director's instructions, gets increasingly agitated, and finally leaves the studio in disgust. The incident was later spoofed in episodes of Pinky and the Brain, The Critic, and Futurama, all utilizing voice actor Maurice LaMarche's dead-on Welles impersonation.
  • Jim Gaffigan's Saturn commercial outtakes have made their way to the internet. They have a good ten minutes of trying to get this guy to focus.
  • The video magazine PlayStation Underground had an outtakes clip from a commercial where two older people mess up repeatedly during the filming of a Playstation commercial. It's hard to find by itself, but a few issues later PU let Mike and the Bots from Mystery Science Theater 3000 riff all of their opening segments, and MST3K's riffing made the already-funny segment funnier. You can watch it here, the outtakes segment starts at 2:30.
  • A GEICO commercial had the Gecko keep flubbing his lines, like saying "gecko" instead of "GEICO" or breaking into random laughter.
  • An in-universe example occurs with a commercial for insurance company Liberty Mutual, where a struggling actor tries to explain how the company helps him with financial breaks. Then he goes on to show why he's struggling through multiple takes which show him flubbing his lines or offering useless suggestions for the take. They finally get someone else to (conspicuously) dub over his line.
  • A TAG Heuer ad to celebrate its 60th anniversary featuring Ryan Gosling and Vanessa Bayer contains a gag reel that's almost as long as the ad itself. Highlights include Ryan repeatedly mispronouncing "Heuer" when he's talking to David Leitch, the many outtakes of Ryan and Vanessa's various interactions (as their scenes together were entirely improvised), Ryan learning that the coffee he's supposed to drink is actually just water, drinking it and suddenly spitting it out, causing Vanessa and the entire crew to burst into laughter, Ryan fumbling with the keys and struggling to put on his seat belt after getting into his car, and lots of Corpsing from the cast and crew.

    Comic Books 
  • Deadpool had some at the end of the last issue of the first regular series (the Gail Simone-penned 69th issue).

    Fan Works 
  • The fan-made tribute movie River City Rumble has an outtake reel of various mistakes, and some goofier takes on some scenes, including one where the actors are dancing in the background for no reason whatsoever (well, it might be a Shout-Out to God Hand...). Better yet, the last scene on the reel is when one actor (a black guy) accidentally gets his lip busted open and comments on the scenario, which makes everyone die laughing:
    "You got a bloodied black guy up against the wall, surrounded by a bunch of white dudes with a camera."
  • Neon Exodus Evangelion has Hilarious Outtakes in its Omake; it was so popular that a second installment was produced.
  • ToyHammer has one in the form of Madork Gunna, an Ork, trying to teach a Tau Red Shirt how to properly WAAAGH!, and to channel the power of the WAAAGH! to play with the formatting.
  • Clear Skies animates their genuine bloopers for Clear Skies 3.
  • Turnabout Storm animates the screw-ups of the voice actors in Turnabout Oops, which ends on a stinger of teasing nature.
  • Some credit segments of Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series feature these lately.
    • Mokuba says his line about what his previous kidnappers had all done, including Marik taking him on a pizza...wait; what; nooo; he didn't do that!
    • LittleKuriboh flubbing a line of Yami's saying "Usually I enjoy parties where women blablablubluuuh" having cracked his voice.
  • The Many Dates of Danny Fenton (Danny Phantom Western Animation, TV Series, and Comic Books.): The final chapter (59) involves a series of bloops and outtakes over the "filming" of the story, even involving an over-stressed director.
  • The Bolt Chronicles: When Penny and Bolt repeatedly flub their lines during a filming session in "The Cameo," Mindy Parker indicates that the footage will be used for an end-of-movie gag reel, saying "And the screw-ups? That's blooper gold right there. Perfect for the end credits."
  • A small sub-genre of the Alternate Universe Fic is the "Actor AU", usually a series of fanart/comics that portray the characters of a show as Animated Actors who are in the midst of pranking each other on set or screwing up.

    Films — Animation 
  • Aladdin: For the Blu-ray release, the Genie's supervising animator, Eric Goldberg, made an animatic of several unused snippets from Robin Williams' recording sessions. Watch and howl.
  • Pixar:
    • Toy Story had a compilation of animation errors put in as a bonus feature, such as a scene where Rex's head was swapped out with Andy's hand (yet still has Rex's teeth and eyes).
    • A Bug's Life, Toy Story 2, and Monsters, Inc. all had fully animated blooper reels (which were reels In-Universe as well) lasting 5 minutes each.
    • For The Incredibles, they put together a bunch of animation errors (like hair doing things it wasn't supposed to, clothes looking strange, and animators screwing around) in a DVD feature titled "Incredi-Blunders!"
    • Brave follows suit and has a compilation of animation errors included as a Blu-ray bonus feature titled "Wee Gaffes", such as Merida in a T-pose with her eyes bulging out of her head and her sleeves going perfectly straight at an angle below her arms.
  • DreamWorks Animation:
    • Shrek had a collection of test animation and rendering errors — including the hilarious fuzzy donkey clips when they did a batch of final renders with the wrong settings. The first two sequels also had compilations of "technical goofs".
    • Madagascar also showed animation bloopers on its DVD.
    • Shark Tale followed suit, with errors such as Oscar's mouth, eyes and fins moving without his body or face, or the jellyfish's tentacles being as straight as dry spaghetti.
  • Much like the Pixar and DreamWorks error compilations listed above, Tangled also had a Blu-ray feature of animation errors, specifically regarding the new program they used to animate Rapunzel's hair.
  • The Lion King: For the Blu-ray release, they animated some outtakes from the original recording sessions.
  • Brother Bear has Koda showing clips of the characters from the movie messing up their lines, including Stitch as a cameo. There also included a lot of falling and three moments of burp/fart jokes.
  • My Little Pony: Equestria Girls – Friendship Games released a blooper reel, with some outtakes based on actual line flubs by the cast members. Later, another blooper reel was released on the DVD for My Little Pony: Equestria Girls – Legend of Everfree.
  • Jonah: A VeggieTales Movie had a series of outtakes that ended the VHS release and were also included as a DVD and Blu-ray extra, including The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything messing up their "Nothing, zilch, nada" line, Khalil falling off a cliff, and a cameo by LarryBoy. There was also a DVD feature called "Digital Dailies" where Larry, Mr. Lunt and Khalil look at various animation errors and commentate on them.

  • Steven Brust included a bunch of outtakes in the back of Iorich. Much Out of Character Hilarity Ensues.
  • The Tough Magic trilogy of books each have a section of outtakes in the back; which are usually depicted as literal blooper reels, with the Author directing.
  • Fancy Apartments has a number of short outtakes in the back of the book, mostly just comedy and pop-culture references.

  • Five Iron Frenzy:
    • Their live album Proof That the Youth Are Revolting was edited together from 11 different live shows. The album's hidden track was a montage of mistakes from the performances that had been edited out.
    • On their second live album The End is Here, several bits of stage banter and nonsense songs were cut so the rest of the show would fit on one disc. The cut bits were then appended to the studio disc The End is Near.
  • Blind Guardian released fifty minutes of concert screw-ups for free on their website. (It's no longer there, but you can still find it online.)
  • Ayreon's DVDs about the albums' creations sometimes includes these: "Fuck it, I'm a fish! Yeah!"
  • On Great Big Sea's Great Big CD & DVD, Alan Doyle begins a song with the wrong verse, stops singing, asks the audience for "your amnesia to forget that ever happened", and has Sean ask if he plans to sing it right this time. On the DVD, you can see Darrell cuff him on the head.
  • Reel Big Fish's Our Live Album Is Better Than Your Live Album with a cover of The Cure's "Boys Don't Cry, subtitled "Trainwreck" as it falls to bits halfway through.
  • "Bob Dylan's 115th Dream" is already a silly song to begin with...but it begins with his backup band missing their cue, before Dylan stops playing and producer Tom Wilson bursts into about thirty seconds of giggly laughter. After Wilson composes himself, he gives Dylan and the band the go-ahead to start over, which they do with a flourish. This bloop was kept on the final cut. Dylan also chuckles in several other songs when a particular verse seems to tickle his fancy.
    • The instrumental "Suze" is even officially subtitled "(The Cough Song)" since Dylan starts coughing in the middle of the harmonica solo and immediately claims it's supposed to end like that.
  • In the version of "Know Your Rights" on their From Here to Eternity Live album, The Clash would like you to know that "you have the right to free money." Joe Strummer isn't entirely able to hold in a tiny giggle afterward.
  • The Beatles' Anthology 2 includes a vocal overdub session for "And Your Bird Can Sing" in which Paul and John...well..get a little silly.
  • From 1970, here's a legendarily contentious (and very much NSFW) session by UK rock band The Troggs (of "Wild Thing" fame). To make it even funnier, the song they're attempting to record is called "Tranquility". The argument is also a possible real life inspiration for Spinal Tap.

  • The web podcast Geek Brief concludes just about every episode with outtakes of Cali Lewis flubbing various lines or gurning during camera-rolling-between-takes moments.
  • The Star Citizen podcast Guard Frequency ends each episode with a blooper reel, with a 'bleep bleep' between each one. The hosts have started saying 'bleep bleep' in the bloopers themselves.
  • Random Assault: Sometimes used for the secret ending sound. The entire RECORDING for the Christmas Special was released the week after said special came out, which features a ton of outtakes.
  • Mission to Zyxx has an outtake after the end credits of every episode.

    Pro Wrestling 

    Puppet Shows 
  • The Muppet Show are known for staying in character after outtakes and having the puppets react rather than the puppeteer. This is especially funny when a puppet's head falls off and all the others in the scene react in utter horror.
    • This is reflected in the Zatanna comic where she appears in Sesame Street despite her fear of puppets; when she throws up in Oscar's trash can, the Vomit Discretion Shot shows horrified kids and and a Muppeteer, who is also taking the time to have his character react.
    • One time, Fozzie Bear's mouth jammed open and operator Frank Oz said, in character, "'y 'outh i' 'tuck!"
    • In the "Chicken in the Basket" sketch outtakes, the Swedish Chef repeatedly fails to get the chicken through the basketball hoop, and keeps rambling in his Mock Swedish gibberish all the way. At one point, the chicken says in perfect English "Oh, Jesus Christ!", and in another, its beak gets stuck in the hoop.
  • The DVD of Emmet Otter's Jug-Band Christmas has a blooper reel, consisting primarily of a repeatedly botched scene where a drum was supposed to roll out of a shop and fall in a very specific way. As the story goes, it went perfectly for the first test, while they weren't actually filming, and they kept trying over a hundred times to get it right, and it never fell the "right" way again. The puppeteers remained in character the whole time, resulting in some absolutely hilarious, laugh-until-you-pass-out outtakes. There's also:
    Porcupine: [after botching a line] Aww ffffffooey.
  • A Shari Lewis and Lamb Chop sketch has Lamb Chop with breasts made out of ping-pong balls; in an outtake one pops out and rolls away; the resulting horrified expression on the puppet is priceless.
  • From Sesame Street, we have this clip of Julia Louis-Dreyfus cursing in front of Elmo and Zoe.



    Tabletop Games 
  • One of the possible outcomes for The Stinger in Die Laughing has all of the players come up with a humorous outtake for a scene in the movie.

    Video Games 
  • Working Designs was (in)famous for including a lot of these in their games in general.
    • The US release of Growlanser II and III include a lot of them on big reels.
    • The Sega CD version of Popful Mail features this if you beat the game with a stellar time. The faster you do it, the more blooper clips you get to hear.
    • The Lunar games have voice actor outtakes which run after the end credits, starting from the original Lunar: The Silver Star with a grand total of one, and increasing dramatically as the series progresses. If you thought the Magic Emperor was a Large Ham before...
      Magic Emperor: Ohhhh, then my coming-out party can... finally... fffff[honking horn]
      Ramus: Now that the warm weather has melted the ice around the dragon's cage... he's not in a cage! He's in a cave!
      Magic Emperor: Haaaaaa, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha... These ha-ha's are sucking more and more every minute.
    • A particularly hilarious outtake is, in typical Working Designs fashion, hidden on the disc of Lunar: Eternal Blue if you try and access the outtakes through XA Audio instead of waiting to finish the game to listen to them. It can be listened to here.
    Psst. You. Yes, you. I see what you're doing. Ripping XA Audio from the CD, illegally listening to it without legitimately finishing the game. You wanted to hear those outtakes so bad, you couldn't wait. I like that. Cheating is good. You know when you cheated on that test in school and thought nobody was looking? I saw it and I remember. When you lied to your parents and you thought you got away with it — you didn't. But I liked it. And now you're cheating with XA Audio. Where does it stop?! It doesn't! That's the best part! I have a place just for you. A nice warm place right at my side. Hahahaha. MWAHAHAHA!
  • Mario Power Tennis featured two different sets of bloopers depending on the Cup finished and the credits rolling, based on the opening sequence. Both sets of bloopers can be seen here.
    Waluigi: (running over to an electrocuted and unconscious Bowser) Don't expect mouth-to-mouth!
  • Pac-Man World featured some pretty funny bloopers after the game's been beaten. They can be found here, starting at 4:53.
  • An Easter Egg in the Age of Mythology computer game features the animated actor for Arkantos, the main character of the campaigns, first mocking one of his lines ("Ajax! Black Sails! Limited time only!") and then hamming it up after the animators get him to be more serious...the same game has audio outtakes in the credits, too. Notable examples include Arkantos's voice actor getting a phone call in the middle of recording, and Gargarensis's voice actor parodying his character's tendency to speak poetry...twice.
  • Command & Conquer 3 actually has traditional bloopers, because of the sheer amount of traditional FMV it has, almost unique amongst video games nowadays. It's quite a sight seeing Kane, Supreme Nod Overlord, break into giggles.
    • Other notable moments include Michael Ironside (General Granger) lamenting that the "wardrobe broke the budget" on his cheap plastic shoes and Tricia Helfer (Killian Qatar) pointing at Joe while whispering "He's a diva!", only for him to exclaim "But I'm soooo good lookin'!". There's also both Blatant Lies of how Joseph got the role of Kane and him explaining the Nod Ring theft in that he planned to steal one of them but someone else stole them before he could.
    • Kane's Wrath also included quite a few flubs, particularly the dramatic moment when Alexa infects LEGION out of paranoia, the problem comes from when Joe wrestles Natasha away from the console, causing her prop handgun to fall out of her holster. It eventually reaches a point when Joe, in his tendency to make light of outtakes, goes "What have you done?! What have you done?! What have you, and you, and you, and what have you done?!", causing a crewmember to go "What have we all done?!".
    • Long before that, Frank Klepacki assembled a bunch of outtakes from the FMV's and voice clips of the original Command & Conquer and set them to music. Yes, it is as hilariously awesome as it sounds.
    • With the release of Command & Conquer: Remastered, we finally have behind-the-scenes looks of scrapped takes for the cutscenes, including the sources of the "C&C Outtakes" song.
      Joseph Kucan: "I hope I can trust you with this." [Joe ejects the magazine from his prop handgun] "GDI—-" [Loud slam from the magazine hitting the floor as he giggles] "Let's cut that, shall we?"
      Bill Collins: "We need backup, now! Nod troops are pouring out of their... [HONK]! I'm sorry...
  • The ending of The King of Fighters 2002 includes these, and features many character-based sight gags (such as Ryo and Takuma Sakazaki dropkicking Robert Garcia in the face after catching him hitting on Yuri).
    • And earlier, used by Art of Fighting 2 and Real Bout Fatal Fury Special as well with scenes like Terry's pet monkey nailing Yamazaki with a Power Geyser when Terry couldn't.
  • The Last of Us, the "Alternate Ending": While shooting mocap footage for the scene in the game's climax when Joel rescues Ellie from the Fireflies' hospital, as part of a joke on the part of the director, Merle Dandridge, the VA and mocap actor for Marlene, starts suddenly singing her lines. Joel's actor, Troy Baker, starts singing in turn. See it all here.
  • The Sam & Max games feature outtakes from the voice actors on their DVD boxsets, with the characters actually animated saying and flubbing the lines. They've gone to extra lengths to make it look like the characters are just acting on a set by showing Sam and Max standing in front of a Green Screen when saying bloopers in scenes from the future office and the text adventure.
  • An outtake from Wing Commander III included after the credits had Maniac ask Flint, "Isn't that [Blair, played by Mark Hamill] the guy from Star Wars?"
    • The official strategy guide for WC3 included a CD with, among other things, a section of outtakes, including the one mentioned above. Can be seen here.
  • The ending of Secret Files: Tunguska shows outtakes of events ingame (somehow makes it seems like that events in the game is actually a movie, or probably for Rule of Funny).
  • MechWarrior 4: Mercenaries features a part of the game where you as the main character can fight in the Solaris matches (think gladiatorial arenas with 100-ton mecha), this features a John Madden-esque announcer commenting on your progress based on how you're doing in the match. The voice actor released a 10 minute file of bloopers in the recording session, featuring him doing exotic voices, commenting on the rivals' sexualities, implying that the announcer character was a washed-up has-been, making fun of the recording script, and breaking the fourth wall with lines such as "Take them out of their Atlas and stick'em in a Camaro and I bet they will learn the main thing about humility. 'I have no weapon's!' *Explosion noise*" (There is even a joke in the session about leaving that line in there to see if anybody notices.) Have a listen right here.
  • One of the animated endings in the PlayStation port of Rival Schools: United by Fate is a blooper reel of the of the game's creation as if it were a movie being produced by the game's cast, with Large and in Charge school principal Raizo serving as the director.
  • Unlockable in Star Wars Bounty Hunter.
  • Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones includes an animated blooper reel that has the Prince fumbling up his acrobatics.
  • A tradition on the Tony Hawk skating games has been to include a short video of bails: namely, when the professionals (and sometimes the Neversoft programmers) attempt skating tricks and
  • Black & White has some downloadable voiceactor outtakes where, for example, the player's conscience characters warn the player against using the in-game MP3 player to play terrible music ("If you play Boyzone, your creature will vomit." "Believe me; if he plays Michael Bolton he'll actually *** himself. I know I will.") and demonstrating how both characters are played by the same actor by gradually having one character's voice morph to the other's, and back.
  • The game's voice files for FreeSpace 2 included a few outtakes
    • Into The Lion's Den:
      Snipes: "That was a little too close. We gotta wait fifteen minutes to change our shorts." (somebody starts laughing in the background) "Well we've j-..." (laughs) "...heh, stop laughing there co-pilot."
      Snipes: "Do not engage, I repeat-..."
      Background: (echoes) "Do not engage do not engage do not engage do not engage..."
      Snipes: "Dum dum dum dum-dum dum dum dum. Okay, you had your fun?"
    • Multiplayer Team-versus-Team Mission:
      Briefing: This team-versus-team mission pits your team against Zeta team with a Ganymede installation in between. Good luck pilots. Try and say that five times fast.
      [somebody laughs]
  • Jackie Chan Stuntmaster, which is pretty much a Jackie Chan movie in video game form, have Chan's character doing this in the end credits, from his Outside Ride in the opening FMV ending with him in a dumpster to his Final Boss battle where Chan's oversized opponent comically sits on him.
  • The latter Legacy of Kain games had some great blooper reels with just the voice actors, with, among other things, Michael Bell reading his lines as an old Jewish grandmother, Simon Templeman suggesting that Tony Jay, voice of the Elder God record his lines in costume, and this exchange:
    Rene Auberjonois (as Janos Audron): Raziel, save yourself! Janos, noooooo! (pauses, breaks character, turns to Michael Bell) Oh, sorry; that was your line.
    Michael Bell: Yes, but you did it really well. That's how I'm going to do it.
  • Another hilarious example in the Soul Reaver 2 outtakes:
  • Army Men: Sarge's Heroes.
  • Bungie occasionally posted Halo outtakes online. They are oftentimes very hilarious. Here's 10 minutes' worth.
  • The end credits for Mystery Case Files: Return to Ravenhearst includes footage of the ghost actors clowning around.
  • The original Silent Hill, of all the games in the world, ends with an "outtakes" reel after the main closing credits, featuring each of the CGI characters blowing their lines, tripping and falling, or just breaking character and mugging for the camera during the cutscenes. It actually worked well as a lighthearted breather after the various Downer Endings, but only the first game has them.
  • The ending of the Light Gun Game Confidential Mission consists of outtakes of the game's various cutscenes.
  • Some of the newer Nancy Drew games have had these.
  • Riot Games, creators of League of Legends, created 2 short blooper reel videos of their CG animated Season 1 trailer for their community's amusement, parodying everything from the Male Gaze inherent in the female character designs to their own company logo. Watch them here and here.
  • Mortal Kombat Mythologies: Sub-Zero has a blooper reel for the dialogue cutscenes, which can be watched here.
  • Done in Star Control II; during the credit sequence, most of the alien races give a humorous bit Animated Actor style, some of them breaking character and others just the fourth wall. They range from the Kohr-Ah being unable to properly say "annihilate" to the stereotypically new-agey Pkunk giving a phone-psychic pitch.
  • World in Conflict had a variation: odd glitches and bugs found during development. The most memorable were six humvees doing donut instead of going where ordered and a character missing from the game's final cutscene, resulting in the two coffe cups he was carrying flying back and forth through the air.
  • D.C. Douglas parodies this by making a Resident Evil 5 outtake reel for the resident Manipulative Bastard and otherwise serious Big Bad Albert Wesker.
  • The Matrix: Path of Neo has an unlockable video that showcases glitches the developers encountered during development.
  • While there is no gag reel in the game, Dead Rising invokes this with "Outtake" points, which come from funny images (such as zombies with objects shoved onto their heads, or Survivors doing funny poses upon being recruited) taken with Frank West's camera.
  • Destroy All Humans! has one of these for voice acting flubs in the extras menu, set to a montage of glitches and goofy pictures from development.
  • There's an Easter Egg in Freedom Planet where if you press the special attack button during certain parts of the cutscenes, you get an outtake of that part.
  • One of the extras in L.A. Noire is a blooper reel with the voice actors' emoting and flubbing being transferred to the in-game characters. Even the tongue motions.

    Web Animation 
  • The "Extra Credit" videos are made of of these from episodes of The Most Popular Girls in School.
  • A few of the downloadable "Quotes of the Week" on the main page at Homestar Runner were flubbed lines from the various cartoons, sometimes involving Matt corpsing.
  • The creators of Red vs. Blue created scripted outtakes and line readings as special episodes, including a character in white armor as a director giving suggestions to the actors.
    • There's also the genuine outtakes on the DVDs (albeit with machinima deliberately made for them), which are easily twice as funny.
      Sarge: A-deez nuuuuts.
      Grif: What? But I thought was illegible? I thought I was...what? Illegi... In-eli-gible. I thought I was inilligible... I thought... I thought I was illiterate. (gets sniped)
      York: Smoooooth jaaaaaaazz.
  • Audio-only version in Siblings. There are several voiceover outtakes in the post-"Runesuck" episodes that are taken from the recording session and added as bonus extras. You can click on any button in the "extras" menu on each episode and they will lead you to another menu that has a "play" button.
  • The Meet the Scouttakes video plays with this. They took the "Meet the Scout" video from Team Fortress 2 and, using video editing and in-game clips, make a fake blooper reel, trying to emulate what things would actually look like in a real round of TF2 if a scout tried to pull that stuff.
  • The end of Bowser's Kingdom episode 10 had a SEVERAL bloopers, all involving Paul Hammerbro saying "That's it! I'm throwing *insert item here*!":
    1. Paul: "That's it! I'm throwing mallets!"
    2. Paul: "That's it! I'm throwing screwdrivers!"
    3. Paul: "That's it! I'm throwing Goombas!"
    4. Paul: "That's it! I'm throwing muffins!"
    5. Paul: "That's it! I'm throwing up!" Paul vomits
    6. Paul: "That's it! I'm throwing a tantrum!" Paul subsequently throws a "tantrum"
    7. Paul: Says "That's it! I'm throwing hammers!" backwards
    8. Paul: "That's it! I'm throwing a party!" Music plays
    9. Paul: "That's it! I'm throwing ecologically designed hammers! Speaks gibberish after
  • Sev Trek: Pus in Boots (an Australian spoof of Star Trek: The Next Generation) had a phoney blooper reel in the credits involving the CGI actors.
    Lt. Barf fighting his shapeshifter: Do I get paid double time for this?
  • A fake outtake for one of the online BIONICLE videos features Hahli being decapitated and knocking over some equipment.
  • The credits of Water-Human episode two. Also include some incredibly obscure inside jokes that the author had to explain in YouTube comments.
  • Sonic for Hire has one for almost every episode at the end, where a line is said, and the voice actors are either stuttering or laughing afterwards.
  • Meta Runner: The "Deleted Scenes from Season 1" video ends with a brief montage of some... interesting animation errors, from creepy buggy eyes to a bizarre fusion of Lucks and Belle.

    Web Comics 

    Web Videos 
  • Echo Chamber, on a few levels.
  • The two Halo Legend videos feature the creator blasting through segments of the first Halo on the hardest difficulty level, almost without breaking stride. Both of them have blooper reels at the end which showcase what happens when the all-out offensive fails, or your timing for a particular trick is a bit off.
  • RPG Parade currently has two collections of outtakes from the series as a whole.
  • The Guild presently has a reel avalable on it's website, and includes things like Fawkes freaking out when a giant insect lands on him, Vork accidentally breaking the pendant as he gives it to Codex, and Vork also failing to drive the camper van away...only to drive into a dustbin when he manages to get it right!
  • A few Philthon Jones videos end in outtakes.
  • Chuggaaconroy has released at least one blooper reel from his Let's Plays, when he fails to beat his Rival multiple times in a row in Pokémon FireRed.
  • Channel Awesome sometimes post blooper reels of their stuff, including three hilarious videos of Kickassia bloopers.
  • The Nostalgia Chick's "Tribute to Bad Internet Acting" almost seems like reassurance that yes, she does love her job. As an added bonus, a third of it takes place in the Bratz episode where Doug successfully makes her giggle in nearly every take.
  • Epic Meal Time had two videos with outtakes so far, but one was included as a stinger:
    Harley: Changin' the game!
    [Harley slaps down a bottle of Jack Daniels... which is accompanied by a crack]
    Off-camera voice: [as booze starts leaking] OHHH!
    [Harley picks up the bottle, just as the bottom of the bottle falls out]
    Harley: Oh [vulture caw]
    Off-camera voice: NOOOOO!
  • The end of every episode of JourneyQuest has a brief blooper from the episode. The crowning one so far is Glorion's extended monologue on the honor of killing orcs in a village... and a retirement village. It's pretty clear he can't tell the difference between an orc and a chicken.
  • Episode #26 of A Couple Of Cunts In The Countryside.
  • Even Marble Hornets isn't safe from this, as demonstrated by the fact they had bloopers to include on the DVD. The Operator is conspicuously absent, mostly to preserve the main source of horror, but everything else is completely ruined. Highlights include Masky managing to get stuck in a tree three to five feet in the air just waving his arms around like a crazy person, various actors flubbing their lines, and Joseph walking into his room in the middle of the night in the middle of a take to see Troy just sitting there on his bed for no reason. Cue a completely in-character (maybe) "hey" from Joseph.
  • Roahm Mythril releases one Gag Reel every April Fools' Day. Each houses various outtakes from his recordings that take place after the last Gag Reel. He also includes outtakes from failed attempts at perfect-running Mega Man stages in those videos, in part to show the actual problems he had with the stages, and in part because some of those outtakes (or attempts at REVEEEEENGE!) are actually pretty amusing.
  • Ashens sometimes posts outtakes on his second channel, such as his flubbed attempt at reviewing a toy violin.
  • Formula 1 has posted Bloopers And Out-Takes videos for their Grill the Grid series.

    Western Animation 
  • In the Telltale-esque style episode of The Epic Tales of Captain Underpants, during the credits, a few outtakes with the puppet version of The Narrator are done (The Narrator appeared during the tutorial on how to choose a path during the episode.
  • My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic: In November of 2019, not long after the series' Grand Finale aired, someone leaked a number of audio files containing voice actor outtakes and bloopers, with some rather heavy on profanities (such as Tabitha St. Germain infamously muttering "Fuck me hard..." after flubbing a line as Rarity from "The Ending of the End").
  • Parodied in the "World's Most Hilarious Bloopers" segment of Robot Chicken.
  • Silverhawks features blooper reels, including Mon*star saying "I want to see your tits, my dear!" and Steelwill shouting "Tequila!"
  • The Looney Tunes short (blooper) Bunny! begins with a dance number to celebrate Bugs' "51 and a Halfth" Anniversary. The rest of the short consists of bloopers of said dance number. A highlight is Daffy chewing out Elmer for using live ammunition on a movie set.
  • The infamous ThunderCats outtakes have circulated around the internet, involving the original actors spouting off extremely profane language. The actors themselves have confirmed that the outtakes are real. Some of the more memorable moments include Lion-O, after a long-winded, nonsensical line suddenly bursting out laughing saying "What the fuck am I talking about?" and most of the cast wondering "What the fuck is a Samoflange?"
    Snarf: Lion-o... [the voice actor begins coughing unexpectedly]
    Lion-o: What's wrong, Snarf?
    Snarf: ... got a cold.
They have become so popular, that "Samoflange" is often referenced in numerous other works, including the remake.

    Real Life 
  • A Black Comedy -esque example happened in Chile a few years ago. There was a child TV program called El Mundo del Profesor Rossa note  where said professor (real name Iván Arenas), together with Guru-Guru note  and Don Cárter note  explain educative, fun and interesting facts about nature and society; expect your standard child fare here. But off the record, these same characters used to smoke, drink tons of whiskey and swear very loudly and in enough quantities to make a sailor hide his head in shame; the most hilarious part was that they even remained mostly in character, with Guru-Guru keeping his infamously thick speech impediment even as he went off on foul tirades. Some of the cameramen, together with some of the technicians, put out a videotape with some of the most dirty and hilarious outtakes and presented it to Arenas as a birthday gift. Bet you can imagine what would've happened were someone to upload the video to a public FTP.
  • YouTube is a wonderful place to watch bloopers and outtakes; however people who want to up their video hits will often say their video is bloopers or outtakes just to get people to watch their unrelated videos.
  • In 2006 to attack al Zarqawi's credibility, the US military released bloopers from Iraq's (then) Al Qaeda leader's films, showing clips that had not been released by Al Qaeda. It showed him incorrectly operating a machine gun, and then having to get help to clear the weapon when it jammed as a result. In the aftermath one of his subordinates came to carry the machine gun away, and grabbed it by the barrel - instantly burning his hand and causing him to drop it.
  • In 2017, the private rocket company SpaceX released a video titled "How Not to Land an Orbital Rocket Booster" which showed their various unsuccessful test attempts to land the first stage of their Falcon 9 rocket.
    "Look, that's not an 'explosion'. It's just a rapid unscheduled disassembly."

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