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Fran: Earl Sneed Sinclair!
Earl: Oh God, my whole name.

In sitcoms, you can tell a parent, usually the mother, or an older guardian figure, is really mad at their kid when they call for them by their full name. Often serves as a good way of telling the audience the character's full name right away. If they just use first and last name, it's not as big an issue, but if the middle name is included, look out! In fact, you can gauge the amount of trouble you're in by the number of middle names used. And while it may seem intimidating to have one's full name yelled by a parent, the time you REALLY know you're in trouble is when they don't shout it, but instead say it in a soft, (barely) restrained voice.

This frequently happens when said parent finds out about the Zany Scheme the kids have been cooking up behind his or her back, either before or after the scheme has been attempted. In this case, it's usually followed by something like, "What are you up to this time?"


May be further accentuated by using true pronunciation if the name is non-English in origin; for instance, if your family is French, hearing your full name pronounced in proper French probably means big trouble. This is most commonly used by parents who are first or second-generation immigrants.

Can also be used on any guy by his annoyed or angry significant other, be it wife, fiancée, or girlfriend. For added punch, it can also be said With! Emphasis! On! Each! Word! OF THE NAME!

This trope isn't as common as it is for no reason; as almost anyone can attest to, it's Truth in Television on a massive scale.

A milder version involves a character's full first name being used when they're more commonly known by a diminutive form or a nickname. For example, calling Chris by her full name "Christina". Interestingly enough, a character who goes by their first name might experience the opposite by being called by their name's conventional pet form. This is more of an Embarrassing Nickname being invoked.


This trope may be the practical origin of I Know Your True Name; calling someone by their full name indicates intimate knowledge of that person, which can be used to exert power over them.

This only works if the person it is being used on isn't used to being called by their whole name, thus those on a Full-Name Basis won't feel as much of an effect, since they're always called that anyways.

Oh, Crap! is a common reaction to having your name called out this way. But you already knew that.

Compare First-Name Ultimatum. Occasionally used to expose an Embarrassing Middle Name. A subtrope of You Called Me "X"; It Must Be Serious. If a character is announcing their own name, it's likely My Name Is Inigo Montoya. Will sometimes overlap with Given Name Reveal.


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  • A cell phone company had an ad for a particular plan on the air a few years ago (a plan, presumably, that made it easier for talkative teenagers not to go over their limits) that involved various parents finding enormous phone bills and yelling out their children's full names. These started out as more mainstream American names, then hopped through a series of names from other cultural backgrounds, finishing up with a hippie mom yelling something like, "Sunshine Moonbeam Buttercup Smith!"
  • An Allstate car insurance ad, centering on Accident Forgiveness features a father discovering a dent in the side of the family car, realizing who did it, and yelling "MICHAEL JAMES!" The pitchman then lampshades this, insinuating that the son is in big trouble.
  • In a commercial for CiCi's Buffet, a young adult is astonished to be greeted by his grandmother at the restaurant with "Joshua David!"

    Anime & Manga 
  • The Big O: "R. Dorothy Wayneright!"
  • Used both as a form of respect and when battles are really about to get serious in Bleach.
  • Doraemon: Tammy usually calls her son Noby. In "A World Without Sound", she's mad at Noby and she calls him by his real name, Nobita Nobi.
  • The Major uses the full name when he talks about his Worthy Opponent: Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing.
  • In Mobile Suit Gundam SEED, Lacus combines this with rank.
    Lacus Clyne: You should kill me now, Athrun Zala, soldier of ZAFT.
  • In Muhyo and Roji, Muhyo calls Roji by his full name, Jiro Kusano, when Roji's reckless decision to go after a spirit with only Nana accompanying him (and without Muhyo, the one who can use magical law to sentence spirits), as well as misusing magical talismans, nearly gets Nana killed.
  • In Nabari no Ou, Raikou normally just calls Yukimi "sempai", but when he points his gun at Gau...
    Raikou: Kairoushuu executive branch group leader Yukimi Kazuhiko—! I swear on my sword that I will destroy you!
  • In One Piece, Robin calls Luffy by his full name when reminding him of his forcing her to live when she was willing to die. Usopp also does this when he challenges Luffy to a duel over the Going Merry after leaving the crew.
  • Pokémon: Misty refers to Ash as "Ash Ketchum" when she's really angry at him. This is only the case in dubs, as in Japan he's only known by "Satoshi".
  • In the first Tiger & Bunny audio drama, Tomoe refers to Kotetsu by his full name - Mysterious Middle Initial and all - in order to show her displeasure at his borderline-delinquent antics. After Kotetsu saves her from a warehouse explosion and she gets to know him better, Tomoe switches to a First-Name Basis for entirely practical and non-romantic reasons. It's not like she likes him or anything.

    Comic Books 
  • The Adventures of Aero-Girl: Aero-Girl's mother uses her full name (Jacqueline Eloise Mackenzie) when she catches her trying to sneak out to meet another superhero team.
  • Batwoman: Kate has shut herself up in her base after The Reveal, and her father is pleading her to let him so they can talk. As he delivers the Full-Name Ultimatum, it shifts into the past mid-sentence, with Kate's mother finishing the line to a sulking Kate and her late twin sister.
    "Katherine Rebecca Kane, you open this door right now, or so help me this really will turn into your worst birthdays ever!"
  • Fantastic Four: The Human Torch's full name is Jonathan Spencer Storm. It is generally only heard from Sue when Johnny makes a very big mistake.
  • Gaston Lagaffe: Prunelle gives one to cartoonist Yves Lebrac after his attempt to destroy the Gaffophone with termite backfires, infecting the whole building with the termites after they ignore the instrument entirely and leaving it as the only intact piece of wood in the entire company.
  • In Miles Morales: Spider-Man, Rio Morales addresses her son as "Miles Gonzalo Morales" while demanding to know what happened to him when she finds him trying to sneakily wash his costume while covered in cuts, scrapes, and bruises.
  • The Punisher has been known to do this to his intended victims.
  • Static: Virgil Ovid Hawkins gets this from his sister sometimes.
  • In Superman (Rebirth), Jon Kent is whaling on Manchester Black for mind-controlling him and forcing him to fight his own father. He's so angry that even Superman's cries for him to stop fall on deaf ears. Only when Lois shows up and addresses Jon by his full name does he pause, as he thought her leg had been sliced off earlier that evening.

    Comic Strips 
  • Dennis the Menace (US):
    • Dennis Mitchell would often be called by his full name by Margaret whenever she was angry at him.
    • Dennis' parents would also do this on occasion.
    • Discussed in this strip; Dennis tells Joey that he knows he's in trouble with Alice because she used all three of his names.
  • Early For Better or for Worse:
    Elly: Michael Thomas Patterson! Get downstairs and clean up your room!
    Mike: [to his sister Liz] See, Liz? Someday they'll call you by your real name.

    Fan Works 
  • Adventures of a Super Family: After revealing his mother's secret to Lana, Clark hears his mother's angry voice shouting his full name behind him.
    When the boy turned around to head back to the farm, he almost ran into the unyielding body of his mother, who was hovering half a foot off the ground just behind him and looked very angry.
    "Clark Joseph Kent!"
    Clark swallowed hard, apparently quite aware that he had done something rather stupid.
  • Anger Management: Rita yells, "Lynn Loud Jr!" for trying to anger Lincoln.
  • Angry Harry and the Seven:
    Hermione: Harry James Potter! And Neville Francis Longbottom!
    Harry: Oh, shite! She used our full names.
  • In Blood of the Phoenix Harry discovers during a school dueling competition that the defense teacher, who also happens to be his girlfriend, has given him more than one dummy to fight due to his advanced level of instruction.
    Harry: Alexandria Leah Martin, you are a dead woman!
  • In The Loud House fanfiction Boys and Girls, Lori says, "Lincoln Lionel Loud!" when she thinks Lincoln is planning to cheat on Ronnie Anne.
  • A Different Point of View:
    • Muffy's father calls her by her actual name (sans surname), Mary Alice, when he's called into school because she used her cellphone in class.
    • Fern's mother calls her "Fern Victoria Walters" when she catches her having broken into an up-for-sale house.
  • The Differentverse: Scootaloo Madeleine Doo is on the receiving end of one in chapter 2, which makes her nervous since it was done in public. There's a reason for her nervousness.
  • A Diplomatic Visit: Spoiled Rich lets loose with an angry "Diamond Dazzle Tiara!" when she sees her daughter trying to speak to Swift-Pad.
  • Don't Look Back in Anger:
    Harry: Ginevra, you drew your wand on my girlfriend when Hermione and Luna were trying to save my life. Those are not the actions of a friend, Ginevra Molly Weasley.
  • In The Dogfather, Harry Potter gets adopted by a muggle family after the Dursleys refuse to have him, and most of the wizarding world doesn't find out that Harry MacIntyre is the famous Harry Potter until after he's been at Hogwarts for months. Ron and Hermione find out earlier, but promise not to tell anyone, which gets Ron in a bit of hot water when his parents realize he's been keeping it a secret from them.
    Ron, Arthur realizes, is being suspiciously quiet.
    "Ronald," he says, "did you know?"
    "Er," says Ron.
    "Ronald Weasley!" says Molly.
  • In Do You Believe in Fairies?, Chloe's grandfather calls her "Chloe Anne Gravel" after she accidentally kicks the Red Bell into the chimney while playing Kick the Can.
  • In Earth and Sky, Pinkie Pie's relief that her daughter Tootsie has returned home safely is immediately followed by her anger over Tootsie leaving the house without telling anyone. She goes so far as to use Tootsie's full Overly-Long Name: Tootselina Margaret Esmerelda Gummy Pie.
  • In The Elements of Harmony and the Savior of Worlds, Megan gives this to her daughter, Danielle Wind Whistler Richards, when she decides to stay at Twilight's library home for a year to learn about Equestrian culture.
  • Everything Changes (Milkyway Scribbles) depicts Ash's name as "Ashton Ketchum". People only call him "Ashton" when they're serious.
  • Kingdom Hearts Ψ: The Seeker of Darkness: In Seven and Thirteen, Daisy Duck shows up to interrupt Donald casting Zettaflare. "Donald Fauntleroy Duck! Just what exactly do you think you were about to do?!"
  • The My Little Pony oneshot Eternal explains that Baby Ponies names are simply nicknames that everyone uses when they're foals. Baby Ribbon, Baby Buttons, Baby Gusty, Baby Fizzy, Baby Galaxy, and Baby Mimic are really named Ribbons, Button, Gusta, Universe, Sparkling, and Imitate. Their mothers use their true names when they decide to tell them the Awful Truth about unicorns.
  • Father Figures:
    Remus: Theodore Remus Lupin don't you dare open a single gift until Harry and I have our coffees in our hands!
    Harry: Now he knows you're serious—the dread middle name.
  • In Foundations, one of Draco's peacocks bites Harry.
    Harry: Draco Malfoy!
    Draco: What did I do?
    Harry: Why do you assume you've done something?
    Draco: Because you full-named me. My mother only full-names me when I've done something wrong.
  • Founders Heir:
    Hermione: Harry James Potter! Ronald Bilius Weasley! You will explain, properly how you got into this mess.
    Ron: You regretting letting her know our middle names as much as I am right now?
  • In the Back to the Future fanfic Homecoming, when Marty storms away after saying that Doc doesn't care about him anymore, Doc yells, "Martin Seamus McFly, you get back here!"
  • In Love of Quidditch:
    Molly Weasley: Fred Gideon Weasley and George Fabian Weasley, get yourselves out here this instant!
    George: It's bad when middle names come in.
  • In Imitation Steamrollers, David calls the Fat Controller "Sir Bertram Topham Hatt" while demanding that the latter do something about George the steamroller.
  • In the Star Trek: The Original Series fanfic Insontis, McCoy uses the age-regressed Kirk's full name for the first time when he turns two. "James Tiberius Kirk, we do not touch the laser scalpel!"
  • In general the Full-Name Ultimatum in Death Note fanfic "I Won't Say" carries deadly consequences particularly for the likes of Mihael Keehl, Nate River, and L Lawliet.
  • Happens in Jonathan Joestar, The First JoJo after Jonathan finds out Joseph left Tomoko to take care of Josuke by herself.
  • Light and Dark The Adventures of Dark Yagami: "DARCUS TAYLOR YAGAMI YOU ARE UNDER A REST!"
  • In Manchester Lost, God calls Crowley by his real name to get him to not run off before God is finished speaking to him.
  • In Mega Man Reawakened, Wily calls Bass by his full name, Bastian Lionel Wily, to get him to report back to him.
    • Robert calls Roll by her real name, Rebecca Light, in order to motivate her into beating Spark Man.
  • In My Huntsman Academia, Izuku and his mom fall into an endless loop of apologies over their past failings while speaking to each other over the phone. Inko only manages to stop this by addressing Izuku by his full name.
  • The N'awlins Connection:
    Hermione: Harry James Potter!
    Neville: You're in for it now. She used the middle name.
    Harry: Yeah, but I'm used to living dangerously.
  • Castiel runs into this in Not Quite The Devil You Know when he inadvertantly helps the Winchesters capture his older brother.
    Aziraphale: Young Seraph Castiel, Angel of Temperance, Travelling and Thursday!
  • In the Turning Red fanfic The Panda Chronicles chapter "Feeling Faint":
    Aaron T.: Do you think I enjoy hacking up a lung?
    Jesse: Aaron Camilo Talavera, do not start that with me.
  • In Perfect Diamond World series of Frozen fics, Iris' lover Tycho only calls her "Elsa" when he's angry.
  • A sidestory of Pokémon Reset Bloodlines has Grace say "Serena Yvonne Gabena!" to get her daughter to stay at Professor Oak's Summer Camp. According to Serena's thoughts, whenever Grace calls her by her full name, it's never good news.
  • A Possible Encounter for a Phantom: Chapter 69 features Bonnie's sisters receiving one from their mother.
    Mrs. Rockwaller: Consuela Marie and Leonarda Patricia Rockwaller! Stop this at once!
  • In The Power of the Press Hermione's mother calls her husband by his full name after he comments in reference to Harry and Hermione's romantic relationship that "I suppose he isn't that ugly."
  • In Reconciliation, Lilly gives this to Hanako when she suggests that she only kept the chess set around as a reminder of "how awful (she) was" for exploding at Hisao and isolating herself from him and Lilly
    Lilly:"Don’t you ever… EVER… say that. You are NOT, nor have you EVER BEEN an awful person, Hanako Ikezawa. We kept it as a reminder because we MISSED YOU.”
  • In Robb Returns, Eddard getting Bran to promise to never climb the walls of Winterfell again starts with this.
  • In the My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic blog The Royal Sketchbook, Twilight Sparkle's full name is "Twilight Velvet Sparkle", which her parents call her when they're mad. Twilight's mother is named "Twilight Velvet", and this is lampshaded.
  • RWBY: Scars: Weiss begins to call Blake by her full name Blake Belladonna, backtracks, and then uses her real full name Hozuki Blake when she wants to have a particularly serious talk with her.
  • In Second Chances Voldemort kidnaps Umbridge.
    Fenrir Greyback: My Lord, I believe when a partner/spouse/lover says your full name like that that you are in trouble.
  • Shirayuki uses Renji's full name in a rant when she's furious at him for attacking Rukia as he was trying to take her back to Soul Society in The Snow Has Stopped The Rain. It might have even had an affect on him if he'd had any way of hearing her.
  • In issue 227 of Sonic the Comic – Online!, Violet's grandmother comes home early and scolds her by calling her "Violet Millicent Witchbrew".
  • Stars From Home is very fond of this trope. Charles has used it with both Alex and Scott (usually for fighting with each other), at one point making up a middle name— Matthew Brian Xavier! Although it’s treated seriously when Charles says it, Alex also plays it as a joke and interrupts Ororo when she tries to mention his full name in passing. Lampshaded.
  • In Strandpiel (a Discworld fic by A.A. Pessimal), the daughters of career Assassin Johanna Smith-Rhodes and Wizard Ponder Stibbons know they're in deep trouble when their mother takes a deep breath and uses the full Famke Cornelia Smith-Rhodes-Stibbons, for instance. It is no consolation that their mother can still provoke the expanded Johanna Famke van der Graaf Smith-Rhodes from their grandmother.
    Charles: If you had a middle name you would know how deeply unamused I am, young lady!
  • A Very Black Plan:
    Neville: Come on mate, they're just little firsties. I bet at least one of them would faint if you smile at them.
    Hermione: Neville Franklin Longbottom, my boyfriend will not pick on the first years for you!
    Neville: Oh no, she used my full name! Safe me from your scary girlfriend Harry!
  • In the Animorphs fanfic War Games, Jean shouts out Tom's full name — Thomas Isaiah Berenson — when she sees him holding a Dracon beam.
  • In Weekend at Hisao's, Misha gives this to Hisao when she's calling him to find out more about his argument with Shizune. It's one of the few times she addresses him by his proper name, instead of "Hicchan".
  • What are you doing here, Ms Granger?:
    Hermione: Ronald Bilius Weasley! Harry is my boyfriend, he can kiss me as much as he bloody likes!
    Fred: Okay, full name, I think we need to separate you two.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh: Tilting the Balance: Vivienne's parentage is revealed when her father, having finally found her, yells, "VIVIENNE ST. JULIET ALLUMETTE!"

    Films — Animation 
  • Jenna from Balto III: Wings of Change yells at Kodi using his full name after he doesn't go with Balto to help save Duke because Kodi doesn't care about Duke's life. Since Kodi's a dog, he doesn't have a middle or last name, so she uses his full real name in the same fashion, Kodiak. Added embarrassment because its directly in front of his friends.
  • In Treasure Planet, by Jim's mother, though for mild exasperation as well as admonishment.
  • In The Boss Baby, Tim's Mom calls him "Timothy Leslie Templeton" just before she and his Dad ground him forever, or at least until he learns to get along with the Boss Baby.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • Attack of the Killer Donuts: John's mother uses his full name (John Blake Wentworth) whenever she's giving him an order. First at the start at the movie, and again at the end when she wants him to mow the lawn before seeing Michelle is in bed with him.
  • Spider-Man: "Harry Osborn!" (Uttered by Aunt May, after Harry blows up at Mary-Jane.)
  • Harry Potter:
    • In the epilogue of the same movie, though awkwardly, this trope is used to tell the audience what Harry's son's name is.
  • In The Parent Trap remake, after Elizabeth finds out Nick didn't know she was coming to the hotel, she storms down the corridor and yells out "Hallie Parker!" — cue both twins opening doors on either side of her.
    Elizabeth: Don't do this to me. I'm already seeing double.
  • In The Empire Strikes Back, C3PO seems to do this with his line "R2D2, you know better than to trust a strange computer!"—assuming that R2D2 is the droid's full name, and R2 is his "first" name.
  • Rita gets this in Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit.
  • Mike (still in his teenage form) gives his daughter Maggie this in 17 Again. "Margaret Sarah O'Donnell!"
  • In Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Clark's full name - "Clark Joseph Kent" is used as a Wham Line, as Lex uses it to reveal to Clark - and the audience - that he knows his true identity.
  • In Split, Kevin's mother did this whenever she was about to punish him for making a mess. One such session led to Denis appearing. His therapist mentions she can "summon" him past all the alternative personalities but refrains because it causes chaos amongst them. Casey briefly brings him back in the climax but ultimately the evil personalities push him back so that it no longer works...until Glass.
  • In Heart and Souls, Penny scolds Thomas as "Thomas Kenneth Reilly" in one particularly motherly moment.

  • In Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry by Mildred Taylor, the only time anyone refers to Little Man by his real name, Clayton Chester, is when he is in deep doodoo.
  • Mark Twain wrote: "Then she called me by my entire name, Samuel Langhorne Clemens — probably the first time I had ever heard it all strung together in one procession — and said she was ashamed of me. I was to learn later that when a teacher calls a boy by his entire name it means trouble." (Quoted in Mark Twain's Book for Bad Boys and Girls by R. Kent Rasmussen.)
    • And in Mark Twain's famous book Tom Sawyer, the title character knows he's in trouble whenever the schoolmaster refers to him as "Thomas".
    • Lampshade Hanging after being called "Thomas Sawyer": "She (Aunt Polly) calls for me like that when she wants to beat me, otherwise people just call me Tom"
  • Keeper of the Lost Cities: In the first book, when Sophie is trying to sneak out and is caught by her family, her mom calls her by her full name when demanding that she tell them what's going on.
  • In the Mercy Thompson novel Bone Crossed, Mercy is confronted by her mother.
    "Mercedes Athena Thompson," snapped my mother. "Explain to me why I had to learn about what happened to you from a newspaper."
    I'd avoided meeting her gaze, but once she three-named me, I had no choice.
  • Harry Potter:
    • Who could forget Hermione's: "You-complete-arse-Ronald-Weasley!" followed by Hermione screeching: "Don't you tell me what to do, Harry Potter!" when Harry tries to calm her down.
    • Then there's McGonagall shouting Harry's name at him after his broomstick stunt in his first month at Hogwarts. Harry thought he was going to be caned or expelled. McGonagall made him a Quidditch Seeker.
    • Middle names in Harry Potter only seem to come up on legal documents. Legal documents only seem to come up when characters are in trouble with the Ministry, which is pretty serious. Or during the reading of a will, which is serious, but not in the same way.
  • Lord Peter Wimsey: Lord Peter's nephew, Gerald, once gets into trouble and ends up in hospital. While there, he receives a letter from Wimsey. He nervously asks how it starts: with the usual nickname or with his real name. The letter not only opens with his title ("My Dear St. George", Viscount St. George being his title of nobility), but ends with Lord Peter's full name including middle names. Gerald winces and and says that his uncle must really be angry this time. The letter was sent when Lord Peter had heard about the trouble, which was entirely Gerald's fault, but not the hospitalization. After he learned that Gerald was hurt, the followup letter started with "Dear Jerry" and finished with "your querulous and rapidly decaying uncle, P.W.".
  • In The Dresden Files, a partial version of this is employed when Harry meets Ferrovax in Grave Peril. Ferrovax, using only part of Harry's True Name, brings him to his knees. This was meant to show just how powerful Ferrovax was.
    • A complete version is used by Uriel in Ghost Story, to discourage Harry from exercising his usual status as The Nicknamer. Or at least to get him to use a different nickname.
    • The first time Charity Carpenter is seen is when she bails her husband out of jail and proceeds to use this trope.(Note he has TWO middle names) In a subversion though he isn't disturbed with it, even greeting and kissing her after she does it.
  • In The Babysitters Club Series, Stacey McGill knew she was in trouble with her parents when they called her "Anastasia"; when they called her by her full name (Anastasia Elizabeth McGill), it was time to do some serious apologizing.
  • Toward the end of Heralds of Valdemar: Storm Breaking, Solaris tells off "Tremane Gyfarr Pendleson of Lynnai".
  • In Judy Blume's Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing, Grandma calls Peter by his full name, Peter Warren Hatcher, when he asks if his turtle survived being swallowed alive by his little brother.
  • In Animorphs, the first time Jake decides to put his foot down and insist Ax follow his "Prince's" orders (despite Ax's protests), he uses Ax's full Andalite name; usually, the human characters don't refer to him as anything other than just "Ax". In this case, Jake needed them to evacuate while Ax wanted to pull a Go Through Me against the Howlers, having run away in the previous battle.
    Aximili-Esgarrouth-Isthill, you call me your prince and act like you mean it and I am giving you a direct order. Morph. Do it. NOW!
  • The introduction to the first A to Z Mysteries book says Dink's mom calls him "Donald David Duncan" when she's upset.
  • In the Dinotopia spinoff Hand of Dinotopia, Sylvia does this to Will Denison a lot.
  • The Voyage of the Dawn Treader uses this in its oft-quoted opening line: "There was a boy named Eustace Clarence Scrubb, and he almost deserved it."
    • This is Clive Staples Lewis, who insisted on being called Jack from boyhood, mocking himself.
  • The Shadowhunter Chronicles:
    • A partial one in The Mortal Instruments. Magnus is the only person to call Alec Lightwood by his full name, Alexander (other than his parents). After Alec asks him not to, he only addresses him as "Alexander" when he's particularly annoyed.
    • Prequel series The Infernal Devices features a similar partial version of this trope; Will is the only one to call Jem "James", although it is a mark of affection more than anything.
    • Shadowhunters' full names are generally only revealed when they swear under the Mortal Sword, which forces them to speak the truth. This is the reason why Diana Wrayburn, the teacher of the Los Angeles Institute, always refused to be promoted to become head of the Institute. Applying for the position means she must swear under the Mortal Sword, and, considering she is a transgender, she will be forced to out her birth name (David Laurence Wrayburn) to the whole Clave, something she is not ready to do yet.
  • In Tough Magic, at one point, Yiltry Adler Wilven was called by his full name when his mother was annoyed with him.
  • Inverted in Captain Vorpatril's Alliance. Tej calls Ivan "Ivan Xav" as a term of affection, to differentiate him from all of his ancestors who were also named Ivan Vorpatril.
  • In Armed and Dangerous Zane is pissed at his partner, Ty, for leaving suddenly in the middle of the night without explanation and not contacting him for several days to let him know he was safe. When they finally see each other again, Ty doesn't seem to get the severity of what he did, which pisses Zane off further.
    Ty: Woah, full names? What the hell, Garrett?
  • In I Am J, when really mad J's mom calls him "Jenifer Juana Silver". It's doubly awkward because J is transgender and hates his legal name.
  • Journey to Chaos: Basilard Bladi uses the full names of his novices when they are being especially obstinate. For instance, when Eric is letting his hatred of Dengel get out of control, Basilard bellows "Novice Eric Watley!"
  • Orconomics: Kaitha's agent is angrily list off her Overly-Long Name, after she drunkenly signs an adventuring contract. The full name isn't revealed, since Kaitha uses the time to converse with Gorm, waiting for the agent to finish. The name includes the following parts: "Kaitha te'Althuanasa Malaheasi Leelana Ter'ethe", "Liliea Musanatila Bae Iluvia", "Yi'Nailn Loela Toranga Migracie", and "Asanti Tilalala nil Tyrieth".
  • Stray: June routinely calls her husband "Jim Harbottle" when she's angry on him (which is often).
  • In Shtum, Georg expresses his deepest disappointment in Ben by saying "Benjamin...." It's a painful reminder that Ben still cares what his father thinks.
  • Monster of the Month Club: Rilla's mom and aunt do this to her on occasion when she's in running late, or doing something they don't approve of.
  • The Easy Part of Impossible: When Benny is mad at Ria for diving into a flooded quarry, he calls her "Miss Victoria Marie Williams" while he hits her.
  • The One and Only Bob: Whenever Bob's in trouble, he gets called "Robert".
  • Tornado Brain: When Frankie shouts at her mom for sitting on her bed, her mom gasps, "Frances Vivienne Harper!"
  • The Turbulent Term of Tyke Tiler by Gene Kemp: Tyke's hated real name is revealed at the end by a teacher using this trope.
  • In Call Me Sunflower, Sunny's mom says "Sunny Carson Beringer!" and orders her to her room for insulting Grandma Grace on TV and then to her face.
  • Craig Shaw Gardner's Bride of the Slime Monster:
    Mrs. Gordon: Roger Aloysius Gordon!
    Louie: Aloysius?
    Roger: Family name. Never used.

    Live-Action TV 
  • Family Matters: Several occasions when Carl was scolding his son, Eddie – he'd refer to him as Edward Arthur James Winslow. At least once – and this was after Carl got done scolding Eddie – Harriette turned the tables on her husband, reprimanding him by beginning, "Carl Otis Winslow!"
  • The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air: Vy calls out "Hilary Violet Banks!" when Hilary becomes skittish about joining the women of the family in their search for Vivian, who was in the hospital giving birth at the time.
  • Clarissa Explains It All, where Clarissa's mom called her "Clarissa Marie Darling" when provoked.
    Clarissa: Uh-oh: she used the three-name call.
  • Used in the American revival of Whose Line Is It Anyway?, when Jeff grosses Aisha out with a finger-contortion trick. Twice.
    Aisha: Jeff Bryan Davis! I hate you!
  • Downton Abbey: O'Brien to herself (probably the only time we ever hear her first name, Sarah), after leaving the soap on the bathroom floor for Cora to slip on and lose her pregnancy. Unfortunately, her attack of conscience comes a moment too late.
  • Star Trek: "I, Mudd". Harry Mudd's fate is to be stranded with five hundred replicas of his estranged wife who close in on him shouting, "Harcourt Fenton Mudd, you miserable sot!"
  • Star Trek: The Next Generation has an episode where four characters are regressed to about twelve years old. When Chief O'Brien gets very awkward around his now adolescent wife, she yanks him down by the collar to her eye level with the statement "Miles Edward O'Brien, I am STILL your wife!"
  • Star Trek: Deep Space Nine:
    • In one episode, O'Brien subverts Rousing Speech after a Jem'hadar First has given his troops the standard "We are dead," "Victory is life," etc. speech with "I am Chief Miles Edward O'Brien, I am very much alive, and I intend to stay that way."
    • Another Deep Space Nine example occurs in the episode "Homefront," by Ben's father Joseph when Ben becomes convinced his father's been replaced by a Changeling.
    "Benjamin Lafayette Sisko, what the hell has gotten into your head? You actually thought I was one of them, didn't you?"
  • Lampshaded in Friends, "The One with all the Cheesecakes":
    Phoebe: Oh! Here's Joseph Francis!
    Joey: Woah, woah, what are you middle-naming me for?
    • In "The One Where Ross Can Flirt," Rachel borrows some earrings from Phoebe and tries (badly) to hide the fact that she's lost one. Phoebe says, "Rachel Karen Green, where's the other earring!?"
    • In "The One with the Stripper", Rachels tells her father that she's pregnant. He's happy at first... then he asks when is the wedding.
      Rachel: Who?
      Dr. Green: The wedding! There’s going to be a wedding. Young lady, don’t you sit there and tell me my first grandchild is going to be a bastard! Rachel Karen Green, tell me there is gonna be a wedding!
  • One episode of I Love Lucy had Ricky and Fred both admitting that when their wives address them by their full name, it's bad.
  • The Dukes of Hazzard had one in the episode where Roscoe got married. Roscoe initially told his fiancee it would be six months to a year before they could get married. She was not happy. The rest of the conversation went something like this:
    Roscoe: Three [months]?"
    Fiancee: Roscoe!
    Roscoe: "Two?"
    Fiancee: Pervis! note 
    Roscoe: "One?"
    Fiancee: Coltrane!
    Roscoe: "Tomorrow?"
  • On Corner Gas, two characters are failing to control a coworker's small child, and finally call in one of the characters' mothers, who promptly puts the kid in line with a Full-Name Ultimatum. The Aesop being? It can scare anyone.
    • Combined with the fact that Emma can scare anyone.
  • The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power: Nori's mother addresses her as Elanor Brandyfoot, after Nori says she wants to learn and explore the outside world, insisting that the Harfoots are wild folk that only concern themselves with their own lives.
  • As the relationship between Arthur and Gwen grows on Merlin, he calls her "Guinevere" with increasing frequency, instead of the more casual "Gwen."
  • Scrubs:
    • Parodied when Dr. Cox uses it on his ex-wife: "Jordan Godzilla Sullivan!"
    • Not to mention Carla saying Turk's full name:
      Carla: Christopher Duncan Turk!
      Turk: Christopher? You only call me Christopher when you're mad or... when we're having sex. Baby, are you mad when we're having sex?
      Carla: Sometimes.
  • Parodied in How I Met Your Mother: Barney uses the fake Full-Name Ultimatum "Ted Vivian Mosby!" Ted immediately says it's not his real name. Later in the episode, we find out (when his mother does it to him) his real middle name is Evelyn.
  • Humourously treated on This is Wonderland, when defense attorney James Ryder is trying to get his client's attention: "Alan Gold, sexual assault!"
  • Ellen calling Jo 'Joanna Beth Harvelle' on Supernatural.
  • Mystery Science Theater 3000:
    • In her first appearance as a regular, Pearl Forrester chides Dr. Forrester this way: "CLAYTON. DEBORAH. SUSAN. FORRESTER."
    • Played for Laughs in the Cave Dwellers episode: "Ator Thomas Peterson, you get down here THIS INSTANT!"
    • Also invoked in The Pumaman: "Brian Timothy Kobras, you land this helicpter RIGHT NOW!"
  • Spike realizes that Buffy's umpteenth break-up with him is the real deal when she ends it with "I'm sorry... William."
  • Inverted by Stephen Colbert, who said on Letterman that his mother had trouble remembering their names (he had ten siblings):
    "You'd be doing something you weren't supposed to do and she would go, 'Jimmyenniebibbynommy [unintelligible]... Number eleven!'"
  • The X-Files: Not an ultimatum, but in an unguarded moment between our two favourite FBI agents...
    Dana Scully: Fox...
    Fox Mulder: ... Even my parents call me Mulder.
  • The League of Gentlemen: "Don't you do it, Hilary Briss!"
  • Lampshaded in Charmed after Wyatt uses his magic to put his parents in a dollhouse to protect them. Piper decides he needs "a mother's touch", which means yelling at him.
    Leo: I've never heard you use his middle name before.
    Piper: I've never been this mad at him before.
  • In a very rare moment of drama in Jeeves and Wooster, the first scene delivers our protagonist's name thusly:
    Sir Watkyn Bassett: I find you guilty as charged, Bertram... Wilberforce... Wooster!
  • Home Improvement has Jill do this to Randy ("Randall William Taylor"), followed by Tim saying to Mark, "Uh-oh. The middle name. He's in trouble now." He's not the only one, though. Brad and Mark aren't immune to this, either.
  • Played with in Never Mind the Buzzcocks:
    Ed: I love that you called him "Snoop Doggy Dogg"... It's Snoop Dogg. The only person who'd call him Snoop Doggy Dogg is his mother and then only when he's in trouble... "Snoop Doggy Dogg! Clean these hoes out of your bedroom!"
  • A rare subversion occurs in Gossip Girl. Lily, Chuck's adoptive mother, is the only person who calls him Charles on a regular basis. She only calls him Chuck when voicing disapproval or addressing his more deviant qualities.
  • The Office had Michael once say, "Pamela Morgan Beesly, you need to apologize to your mother right now."
  • Subverted in the Henry Danger episode "Twin Henrys" when Jasper stops Henry complaining with "Henry Quincy Hart". Henry deadpans in response, "Not my name."
  • Full House: D.J. Tanner is only called "Donna Jo" in this kind of occasion. But once in season 1 episode "Sisterly Love", this exchange happened:
    D.J.: Give it back, Stephanie Judith!
    Steph: Don't even dream of it, Donna Jo Margaret!
    Uncle Jesse, to Joey:: Margaret?
  • From Reba:
    • "Kyra Eleanor Hart, out!"
    • "Jacob Mitchell Hart! Are you lying to me?"
  • Lampshaded a bit on Murphy Brown: Murphy chooses a name for her baby (Avery, after her mother), and Eldin asks what the child's middle name will be, because "How will you know what to call him when you're mad at him?"
  • Because of this trope, we know when Rory Joseph Hennessy from 8 Simple Rules is in trouble for misbehaving (or about to be if he doesn't restrain himself).
  • On Hangin' with Mr. Cooper, Mark gets fully called out by Geneva, who he compares to his aunties back when he was a kid.
  • In the Flashpoint episode "Shockwave," Ed greets Spike after Spike almost gets himself killed stopping a dangerous bomb with, "Michaelangelo Scarlatti, what were you doing?"
  • Degrassi, being a show about teenagers often in drama, has done this to several characters. The most notable examples would be two characters with mysterious initials being 'named' for the audience well after introduction: James Tiberius York and Holly-Jeanette Sinclair. Characters without initials just gain a middle name.
  • Larry lampshades this on The Brothers García:
    "Sometimes I think parents only give you middle names to let you know when you're in big trouble"
  • In the first-season finale of The Jeff Foxworthy Show Karen screams Jeff's full name while she's in labor delivering their newborn daughter and Jeff keeps getting called out of the room to serve as witness for Wayne's wedding.
    Jeff: I'm comin'!
  • Lampshaded in The Flash (2014) episode "Borrowing Problems From The Future" when Iris uses Barry's full first name when he's being evasive about the terrible nightmares he's been having.
    Iris: Don't change the subject, Bartholomew!
    Barry: Bartholomew... am I in trouble?
    • Later, in the Season 2 episode "King Shark", Caitlin notices that Cisco's been acting weird with her since they came back from Earth-2, and he doesn't spill the beans until she angrily calls him "Francisco Ramon", forcing him to tell her about his encounter with Killer Frost.
  • In one episode of Raven's Home, Raven tries to get Chelsea to admit to her pent-up anger about her ex-husband. After Chelsea uses her full name, Raven lampshades this trope.
    Chelsea: Raven Lydia Baxter, I am not holding in any anger, okay?
    Raven: Wow, now I know you're mad 'cause you're using my government name. I don't like it.
  • Out of This World (1987): Donna went "Evie Ethel Garland!" a lot -– often enough for the show to have episodes where Evie turned it back on her parents. And then there was a case where Chris was present and learned her middle name this way and couldn't help but laugh.
  • In one episode of The Honeymooners, Ralph is trying to avoid his mother-in-law by spending the night with his best friend Ed Norton. But Ed's wife Trixie worries that Ralph's staying with them will jeopardize his marriage with Alice. Ed ends up agreeing with Trixie, and when she leaves the room, Ed adds that his mother-in-law is even worse than Ralph's. Ralph gives in, and Trixie returns, telling Ralph that Ed gets along with his mother-in-law beautifully. Ralph accuses Ed of lying to him, that he just wanted to get rid of him, because he just told him that his mother-in-law is the meanest woman on Earth. An offended Trixie demands an explanation:
    Trixie: (sharply) Ed Norton, just what do you think of my mother?!
    Ed: (to Ralph) I think her mother is the meanest, the most miserable... (looks behind him to still see Trixie standing right there, hearing everything) ...the sweetest little old lady that ever lived.
    Trixie: (enraged) Ed Norton, I wouldn't stay another minute in this house with you! I'm going downstairs and spend the night with Alice! (storms out)
  • The Brady Bunch: Marcia gets a job at Mr. Haskell's Ice Cream Parlor and receives a promotion to manager after working so hard. She decides to hire Peter to take some of the load off her shoulders. Peter slacks on the job, and when Marcia's had enough...
    Marcia: Peter Brady, you're fired!
  • In one episode of Lizzie McGuire, Gordo tries to act grown up by calling Lizzie "Elizabeth", which inner animated self mentions her mom doesn't even call her by her full name. Which means in a later episode "Party Over Here" her mother Jo must have been really ticked off when she exclaims, "Elizabeth Brooke McGuire! That tone has grounded written all over it!"
  • In Danger Force episode "Test Friends", Miles chastised Ray by calling him Raymond Esther Manchester.
  • Young Sheldon: Mary does this to Missy in S4 E14 "Mitch's Son and the Unconditional Approval of a Government Agency" and S4 E18 "The Wild and Woolly World of Nonlinear Dynamics".
  • Abbott Elementary: In "Attack Ad", Barbara orders her former student Draemond into her classroom by sternly calling him by his full name. He immediately obeys, respectfully saying "Yes, Mrs. Howard" and following her with his tail between his legs.

    Puppet Shows 
  • Used in more than one episode of Dinosaurs, as quoted above.

  • Played for Laughs on The Stephanie Miller Show. When Stephanie or one of the other mooks says something inappropriate (well, more inappropriate than usual), Chris Lavoie will often shout out their full name, along with the middle name "Louise," regardless of their actual middle name. "Stephanie Louise Miller!" and "Jim Louise Ward!" are by far the most commonly heard ones, though "Hal Louise Sparks!" shows up much more frequently than one would think.

    Video Games 
  • At one point in Escape from Monkey Island, an exasperated Elaine refers to Guybrush as "Guybrush Ulysses Threepwood". Given his tendency to be shipwrecked, that also counts as a prophetic name.
  • In the seventh case of the Ben Jordan: Paranormal Investigator series, Ben's mother calls him "Benjamin Horatio Jordan" after a family argument.
  • In The Walking Dead: Season Four, sometimes when AJ does or says something that Clementine considers out of line, she'll sternly say, "Alvin Junior!"
  • The Sam & Max: Freelance Police episode Ice Station Santa is the only time we hear the full name of the rat Jimmy Two-teeth ("James Tiberius Two-teeth!") — when his wife has enough of him and leaves.
  • Guaranteed to occur at least once (with the reality being closer to "every time you fight a significant villain") in any given Super Robot Wars title.
  • Parodied in Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People: Homestar Ruiner:
    Strong Bad: Strong Sad Raymond Jenkins, you open this door right now or I'll— I'll— I'll..!
  • In The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, shouting a dragon's name is equivalent to challenging them to a duel... at least if you're not on friendly terms already.
  • In the Team Fortress 2 comic Ring of Fired, the Demoman's mother uses his full name (Tavish Finnigan DeGroot) to get him to open the door.
  • In Criminal Case: Grimsborough, at one point in case 35, we learn Jones' middle name when another character shouts "David Jeremiah Jones!" at him. Grace is angry because her fiance is a suspect in the case. He's not the killer.
  • In Yearning: A Gay Story, Hannah attempts to do this when her friend Jake tries to back out of coming out as gay to their other friends. Emphasis on "attempts", due to her not knowing what his actual full name is.
    Jake: Uh. That's not my name.
    Hannah: I know. But I don't know your real name.
    Jake: Nattasit.
    Hannah: Okay then. Nattasit John Jacobson!
    Jake: ...Close enough.
  • Subverted and parodied in World of Warcraftnote :
    Millificent Manastorm: Don't "Milly" me, Millhouse Jerimus Manastorm! I'm coming for you!
    Millhouse Manastorm: That's not even my middle name!
  • Disney Magic Kingdoms: Elastigirl pulls this on Dash while searching for him in "Find the Family".
    Elastigirl: Dashiell Robert Parr, you get over here this instant!

    Web Animation 
  • In the Homestar Runner cartoon "Halloween Potion-Ma-Jig", Homestar's on-again-off-again girlfriend Marzipan calls him "Homestar Michael Runner" upon discovering Homestar has drawn ducks and bugs all over her Halloween potion recipe.
  • Team Mom Kitty pulls the nickname version on Huey in the "Coyote and Rattlesnake" episode of No Evil, when Huey gets really worked up about the strange habits of Corn.
    Huey: He's doin' it to spook me!
    Kitty: He's doin' it 'cause he's a rattlesnake.
    Huey: He's not gonna outspook me! I got my own monkey-shine! [bolts]
    Kitty: (yelling) Huehuecoyotl, you stop pickin' on him!
  • During the Pizza Challenge episode of Barbie Vlog, Ken refers to Barbie by her full name (not her diminutive form) when she tries to make him eat bananas. It's one of the very, very few times that she's ever called it in the franchise's history:
    Ken: It's bananas.
    Barbie: (snickering) You hate bananas!
    Ken: Barbara... I can't do bananas. You know I hate bananas.
  • In the second episode of Subway Surfers: The Animated Series, Jake's mom yells at him and calls him "Jacob Bressier" after he escapes his room.

    Web Comics 
  • The warship of the protagonists of Schlock Mercenary mentions this when they turn the name IT calls itself into an abbreviation, and that into the name "petey", as seen here.
  • Khaos Komix:
    • Charlie gets one from her mother in Khaos Komix. "CHARLIE MOONBEAM TRUEMAN!"
    • Tom's mother also gives him one, using his deadname Maria.
  • "Abel Dimitri Rewanz!" in DMFA.
    "Oh crap... Middle name used! This only means bad!"
  • In the webcomic Li'l Mell (Spinoff Babies of Narbonic), Mell's father gives her a Full Name Ultimatum — her name is Melody Wildflower Kelly. You have to know the character to know exactly how uncharacteristic her middle name is.
  • This strip in Codename Hunter.
  • This Questionable Content strip. Also subverted here
  • In Sluggy Freelance, nobody in the main cast gets called by their full name. Ever. But the "full first name" variant appears when we find out Riff's biological mother calls him Riffington.
  • Played with in Long Term Roomies. Sooraya's full name is Sooraya Fatima Winona Massimari Katherine Habib-Johnson resulting in her aged mother fainting from trying to say it all before getting to yell at her.
  • In Eerie Cuties — "Layla Alucardia Delacroix!"
  • In the Penny Arcade D&D saga "The Vault of Winter", Lord Wynter gives one to Jim Darkmagic, whose full name is apparently James Christopher Darkmagic.
  • In this Shortpacked! strip, the creator gets one from his real-life girlfriend (later wife) while and because of pudding-wrestling Ethan. He responds in a canonical way.
    Willis: Sorry, Maggie. I mean, ma'am.
  • Precocious has a full arc about full-name ultimatums: The names of several kids are revealed, then some try to invoke the trope to learn more middle names...
  • Starslip: Oh no. She used the Delphius.
  • In one of Durkon's memories in The Order of the Stick, he recalls his mother calling him "Durkon Allotrope Thundershield!!" when he accidentally broke some dishes.
  • In Venus Envy Zoe's mother calls her "Alexander Carter" when she's mad at her. It's doubly annoying because her mother uses her old name.
  • Dumbing of Age has Robin call out "Becky Whateveryermiddlenameis MacIntosh".
  • A series of comics by Tumblr user Lantaniel posits that Batman has invented full names for his sidekicks so that he can issue Full Name Ultimatums without risking their secret identities:
    • Such as:
      Batman: Reddington James Hood Junior! What do you think you are doing?
    • And:
      Batman: Nightelangelo Wingcent von Robert! You are not going out dressed like that!
    • There's also one where Alfred full-name-ultimatums Batman himself as "Bathew Manchester".

    Web Original 
  • Zero Punctuation: "Shame on you, Benjamin Yahtzee Sebastian Godzilla Croshaw," spake he!
  • Whateley Universe:
    Anna grinned. “I know how that goes. When my mom gets mad at me, she calls me Anna Raquel Parsons. Real loud. Nobody ever uses my middle name except then.” She didn’t want to think about her mom never talking to her again.
    • Talked about in Written in Blood Part 1:
    The last thing I wanted was for my mom to realize that I’d been eavesdropping on her and then yell out with the dreaded, “Bryan Adam St. Claire.” Being called out by your full name was NEVER a good thing, and it NEVER led to anything good.
    • And then used:
    “Bryan Adam St. Claire,” Mom announced, using the dreaded full name. “You know we’re running late. You had better not make me wait on you when we leave…”
  • Kingdom Smarts: In episode 56, Jake is so thrown by Mickey revealing that Ansem the Wise and Ansem Seeker of Darkness are two different people that he sternly shouts "Michael!" at the mouse in exasperation.
  • Stellar Ranger Dark Star: In chapter 10, Novias gives one to Senine, revealing her real name:
    "Brunhilde Hildegarde Nokturne! We put the milk in a glass before we drink it in this house." He said sternly.

    Web Video 
  • Crossed Lines: In episode 3, From Dusk Till Dawn, Dawn has arranged a train for Clay to take up the incline. However, when he's late, she becomes so impatient that she takes it herself. As she leaves the station, Charles calls out to her by her full name, Dawnbreaker.

    Western Animation 
  • The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius: Jimmy's mom calls him "James Isaac Neutron" after discovering that another of his experiments has gone awry.
  • American Dad!: In one episode, a drunken Hayley calls Steve out at a party as "Steven Anita Smith".
  • American Dragon: Jake Long: In the episode "Jake Takes the Cake", Jake’s full name gets revealed to the audience as Jacob Luke Long when the mess a purple gremlin makes in the kitchen makes his mother Susan so angry that steam shoots out of her ears.
  • Amphibia: In "Truck Stop Polly", Hop Pop addresses Polly as "Polly Petunia Plantar".
  • Big City Greens:
    • The episode "Remy Rescue" combines this with Given Name Reveal when Remy's angry parents and bodyguard, Vasquez, find him and Cricket hiding in Vasquez's security room after they come bursting in:
      Rashida: Remy Remington! You're in big trouble, young man!
      Cricket: We can explain, I — wait. Your name's Remy Remington?
      Remy: Yeah, why?
      Cricket: No reason!
    • Bill does this to Cricket from time to time, the first time being in the episode "Bleeped". When he does this, you know he's not playing games!
      Bill: If you won't stop swearing, then you leave me no choice. Cricket Ernest Green, I hereby forbid thee from cursing ever again!
  • Bob's Burgers: In "Mother Daughter Laser Razor", Logan Bush gets one of these from his mother Cynthia.
    Cynthia: You're in big trouble, Logan Barry Bush!
    Linda: Logan Barry Bush?
    Cynthia: (angry, defensive) We didn't think it through!
  • Doug:
    • In one episode, Roger has just published a mean-spirited article using Doug's full name (copied from his press pass), and Doug hasn't found out what is going on yet. First Doug's mother gives him the Full-Name Ultimatum—and then he runs into the mayor, who does the same thing. This surprises Doug, since he didn't think the mayor even knew his middle name.
    • Several times when Doug's mother is angry with him, she'll call him by his full name. He even stated once that when she uses his middle name, there's no point in arguing with her.
  • Kim Possible:
    • Ron Stoppable always calls his friend K.P. or Kim. Evil Ron called her Kim Possible, and later overkills it by calling her by her full legal name, Kimberly Ann Possible.
      Evil Ron: Welcome, Kimberly Ann Possible.
      Kim: The middle name is so overkill.
    • Kim's parents do this on the rare occasions that she upsets them:
      Kim's Parents: She lied?
      Kim's Dad: Kimberly Ann Possible! Wherever you are, you are in big trouble!
    • The first time Ron takes Kim on a date, her father subjects him to the "full first name" version by calling him "Ronald".
      Kim's Mom: We want Kim to be happy.
      Ron: We do?
      Kim's Dad: If not, it's a one way ticket on a deep space probe.
      Ron: How deep?
      Kim's Dad: Black hole deep, Ronald!
  • Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts: In "Twin Beaks", this is Played for Laughs when Kipo rejects the idea of Wolf never joining a community and tells her that she will convince her otherwise by calling her "Wolfatha Christie the Fourth" — she doesn't know Wolf's name, only her nickname, so she made one up to make her statement sound more serious.
    Wolf: Wolfatha Christie the Fourth?
    Kipo: Well you don't have a full name and I needed one for emphasis.
  • Static Shock: A slight variation; it's Virgil's sister who uses his full name, Virgil Ovid Hawkins (much to his embarrassment, of course).
  • Arthur:
    • Lampshaded when Arthur strikes DW.
      Mrs. Read: Arthur Timothy Read, come here!
      Arthur: Uh oh... middle name.
    • D.W. got this twice, once after a temper tantrum in a restaurant, and again in "Go to Your Room!, D.W."
      Mrs. Read: Dora Winifred Read, go to your room.
      D.W.: But what did I do?
    • Grandma Thora also gives this to D.W. after finding out she faked having chicken pox for special treatment.
  • In Pepper Ann, it happens to both Pepper Ann and her sister Moose. (Of course, Pepper Ann always uses her middle name anyway...)
    Pepper Ann's Mom: Margaret Rose Pearson! Pepper Ann Pearson!
  • In an episode of The Secret Show, after Victor presses the switch in the meeting room that sends the entire base burrowing underground, Daily reprimands him while calling him by his full name; "Victor Thomas Jefferson Volt".
  • In Sonic the Hedgehog (SatAM), an angry Sally often calls the title character "Sonic Hedgehog". This raises the question of why he insists on having "The" before his last name... If you go by the contemporary comics, Sonic's name was actually "Ogilvie Maurice Hedgehog" early on.
  • A particularly over-the-top example is in El Tigre: The Adventures of Manny Rivera: Manny's full name is Manuel Pablo Gutierrez O'Brian Equihua Rivera. It should be noted that "Gutierrez" and "Equihua" are the last names of series creators Jorge Guitierrez and Sandra Equihua.
  • At least two episodes of The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3 had King Koopa being given an ultimatum addressing him as Bowser Koopa; this was notably the only way the character was referred to by his actual name in the cartoons. Though, depending on what country you live in, Koopa is his actual name.
  • Family Guy:
    • Christopher Cross Griffin! That's right, they named him after the guy who sang the Arthur (1981) theme and "Sailing."
    • Also, let's not forget "Stewart Gilligan Griffin", but he was calling himself that as a rallying call, so 50-50.
    • Several times when she's really angry with him after he's done something reckless or stupid, Lois will shout "PETER GRIFFIN!"
  • In The Flintstones, Wilma does this to Fred when she especially loses patience with him. However, it's a bit of a subversion since she just uses "Fred Flintstone".
  • Back to the Future, "Go Fly a Kite". The Browns and Marty discover Verne's video message that he's running away and Jules confesses that he was responsible, given that he falsely told Verne he was adopted. Clara tells him sternly, "Jules Erastothenes Brown, I'm ashamed of you."
  • This is the go to saying of Rath from Ben 10: Alien Force, Ultimate Alien and Omniverse. It goes "Lemme tell you something (insert full name or full title of person here, followed by threat of violence).
    • Benjamin Kirby Tennyson!
  • The Simpsons: This trope is how we find out Bart's full name is "Bartholomew J. Simpson!"
  • On Archer, Malory Archer seems to love yelling Sterling's full name at him. Just a sample of how screwed up their mother-son relationship is: his full name is Sterling Malory Archer.
    • Lana's father called her Lana Anthony Kane. Named after Susan B.
  • My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic:
    • Used by Princess Celestia in the episode "Lesson Zero". Though she commonly calls Twilight Sparkle by her full name, the tone she says it in, definitely constitutes as a full name ultimatum.
    • According to Pinkie Pie's flashback in "The Cutie Mark Chronicles", Pinkie's full name is "Pinkamena Diane Pie", as her parents call her when they find out she prepared her first party.
    • "Rock Solid Friendship" establishes Maud's full name as Maudalena Daisy Pie.
  • The Fairly OddParents!: In "Maniac Mom Day", Timmy's mom shouts from the other room, "Timothy Tiberius Turner!" while Timmy just plays his video games.
  • Transformers: Prime:
    • A grounded Raf in the episode "The Human Factor" is referred to as Rafael Jorge Gonzalez Esquivel as his mom checks up on him.
    • An earlier episode had Jack Darby's mom, June, refer to him as Jackson Darby when she expresses her less than impressed thoughts on him having a new "motorcycle".
  • Happens many times to Wicket from Ewoks. Aunt Bozzie does this to him a couple of times, Malani does it once and in "Wicket's Wagon", he does it himself.
  • In Codename: Kids Next Door, while Numbuh One's full name is mentioned causually in a few episodes. the episode Operation D.A.T.E. brings in this trope when Lizzie screams it at the top of her lungs after being chewed out by Numbuh One.
    Lizzie: "NIGEL! UNO! I'd like a word with you!"
  • Sofia the First: Wendell Herman Fidget III receives one from his mother in "Minimus is Missing".
  • In the Ninjago episode "Never Trust a Snake", Lloyd Montgomery Garmadon gets called out by Sensei Wu after the other Ninja capture him during one of his "evil" schemes (Lloyd's last before his uncle Wu convinces him to do a Heel–Face Turn).
  • In Season 7 of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2003) episode "Playtime's Over", Starlee calls Cody by his full name of Cody Augustus Jones when she appears in his penthouse after having seen his Turtle X armor.
  • Barbie's full name is almost never used. Not even her full first name is mentioned that often. She goes by "Barbie" even when she's the president of the United States. So, when Barbie refers to herself as "Barbara Millicent Roberts" in Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse, her sisters know she's determined. It's also lampshaded:
    Skipper: Wow, she used her full name. Last time she did that she climbed Mt. Everest in five inch heels.
  • On Rugrats, Phil's and Lil's full first names are only ever used A) by each other and B) when they're fighting.
    "You started it, LILL-I-AN!"
    "No, you started it, PHIL-IP!"
    "You were it, LILL-I-AN.
    "No, you were it, PHIL-IP!"
    "If they didn't make it, then how come they're not BACK, PHIL-IP?!!"
  • Hey Arnold!: Mr. Green does this in "Harold the Butcher" after Harold swipes a ham from his store.
    Mr. Green: Harold Berman, I cannot believe my eyes! You stole my beautiful ham, and now it's ruined!
  • In the Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum episode "I Am Jackie Robinson", Jackie's mom says his full name, Jack Roosevelt Robinson.
  • On Fancy Nancy, Claire calls Nancy by her full name, Nancy Margaret Clancy, when she gets in trouble. The episode "Spring Dress Mess" shows that Bree's full name is Breanna Rose James when she and Nancy get in trouble for taking shortcuts in spring cleaning.
  • In the Thomas & Friends special Sodor's Legend of the Lost Treasure, the Fat Controller shouts out the titular character's whole name, assuming that he was chasing Ryan with some trucks filled with dynamite, not realizing that Thomas the Tank Engine was saving everyone from the explosion.
    • Near the end of the episode Unscheduled Stops, Fat Controller does this again, only in a more stern manner.
  • Star Wars: Rebels: Hera Syndulla does this frequently to Zeb (Garazeb Orrelios), sometimes to Chopper (C1-10P), and in one instance to Kanan (Kanan Jarrus).
  • One episode of SpongeBob SquarePantshas SpongeBob address Gary as "Gary Wilson, Junior!"

    Real Life 
  • One hundred percent Truth in Television. Whose parents haven't done this at some point?
    • Doesn’t even have to be the full name. Some parents use the middle name instead and it works just as well
    • Often just as effective, though not literally a "full name" happens between friends that use nicknames. You know you pissed off your friend when "Ammy" suddenly becomes an angry "Amanda".
    • In fact, a humorous (maybe...) piece of advice for new parents picking their child's name goes like this: Step outside your front door and shout the prospective full name. If it feels good to shout, then it's a good middle name.
      • That's how Bindi Irwin's parents settled on her namenote . Mom Terri referred to it as the "yell up the stairs test", but still.
      • There's a funny clip of Josh Hutcherson at a red carpet where his fans are chanting his full name and he says it makes him a bit uncomfortable because that's what his mother calls him when he's in trouble.
  • This can also apply to couples who only ever call each other by pet names. If they use their SO's name instead, either they really need their attention or they're really upset.
    • New York Yankees great Yogi Berra once said he knew he was in trouble when his wife called him “Lawrence.”
  • Mandy Moore (given name Amanda Leigh Moore) said in a Marie Claire interview that when she was growing up, her parents only called her Amanda when they were angry with her.


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