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Recap / Doraemon V3C1 "A World Without Sound"

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More like a world without animation.

Doraemon opens the window to catch the breeze outside, but Noby shuts it upon hearing Big G's horrible singing. Noby tells Doraemon that he'll be have to go to Big G's concert. On the day of the concert, Noby and his friends are nervous about listening to Big G. Doraemon pulls out the "What if?" Box. Noby asks it what the world would be like if there was no sound, hoping to avoid hearing Big G.

When Doraemon and Noby enter the world without sound, they realize they have to write on paper to communicate. Noby takes a nap, thinking that there won't be any noise to bother him. Tammy pesters Noby to get up, study, and learn to read.

Noby walks outside to enjoy the outdoors. Noby almost gets hit by a car that he doesn't hear. He angers Mr. S due to his poor communication and handwriting skills. Noby begins to realize that life isn't as easy as he thought, and he plans to go back home after the concert.

Noby and Sue go to the concert, thinking that they'll be okay if they can't hear Big G. When the concert begins, Big G writes out his lyrics for everyone to read. The lyrics alone are enough to make everyone sick. Noby takes off his glasses so that he can't read the lyrics, but Big G catches him. Big G punches Noby as they run off into the distance.

Despite being one of the earliest chapters, this story has never received an Animated Adaptation for unexplained reasons. Some people think that it wouldn't gain anything from being animated. Animation is drawings put to sound, so if there's no sound, there's no point in animation.


  • Alternate Universe: The characters go to an alternate universe where there is no sound and everyone communicates through writing.
  • Ambiguous Ending: Noby and Doraemon speak to the "What if? Box" and tell it to take away the sound from the world. They plan to later tell the device to turn the world back to normal. However, the way Noby and Doraemon get home is left up to the reader's interpretation. They can't tell the "What if?" Box to bring the sound back because they can't speak to it. Some readers think the "What if?" Box can detect their handwriting, though this isn't stated anywhere in the comic.
  • Brown Note: This story establishes that Big G's singing goes beyond just Dreadful Musician right into this. Just looking at the lyrics he wrote is enough to give the audience a nausea.
  • Chased Off into the Sunset: In the final frame, Big G punches Noby while they run off into the distance.
  • Concert Climax: As Noby continues to spend time in the world without sound, he begins to realize how difficult it is to live there. The entire story leads up to the climax at Big G's concert. Reading the lyrics to Big G's songs is enough to make Noby feel sick.
  • Dreadful Musician: Big G's music is so bad, he can't even write good lyrics.
  • Full-Name Ultimatum: Tammy usually calls her son Noby. In this chapter, she's mad at Noby and she calls him by his real name, Nobita Nobi.
  • Multiple Narrative Modes: Usually, the comic only shows us their speech (objective narration). Once the sound is taken the way from the world in the middle of this chapter, the comic switches to an omniscient perspective showing the characters' thoughts.
  • The Place: The chapter is named after the world without sound that Noby and Doraemon visit.
  • Saying Sound Effects Out Loud: The Written Sound Effects might also be considered this. The characters write out sound effects on paper, which is the same way they talk to each other.
  • Silly Love Song: From what little we read of Big G's song, it appears to be a peppy love song. "My love is like..."
  • Snot Bubble: Noby has this when he's napping.
  • Speech Bubbles: The characters' thoughts are displayed in bubbles. Their thoughts are rendered in a different font than their spoken dialogue.
  • The Speechless: No one can speak at all due to the "What if?" Box taking away the sound.
  • Talking with Signs: Noby and his friends can't talk, so they communicate by writing on signs. Even this isn't enough to prevent Big G from sounding awful.
  • What If?: What if there was no sound?
  • Written Sound Effect: The characters write various sound effects on paper, such as "Whistle" and "CLAP CLAP".