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Garfield's raisin' a complaint. note 
Waitress: You can't have egg, bacon, spam and sausage without the spam.
Wife: Why not!?
Waitress: Weeeell, it wouldn't be egg, bacon, spam and sausage, would it?
Husband: Don't cause a fuss, dear; I'll have your spam, I love it! I'm having spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, baked beans, spam, spam, and spam!

When a food is said to be loathed by someone to the point of characterization. It's basically the Inverted Trope of Trademark Favorite Food.

Not to be confused with I Do Not Like Green Eggs and Ham, which is about someone refusing something (not necessarily food) that they assume they'd dislike. Also has nothing to do with junk e-mail (which many of us quite justifiably despise).note 

Sometimes these will fall under Stock "Yuck!". Otherwise, expect something either so universally loved that no-one understands their problem, or so rarely encountered that you wonder how they manage to build up such a hatred of it. A common hated food is fruit cake.

Sometimes, an Extreme Omnivore will have just that one item they don't like, and this trope will be played for laughs. In this case, it's usually something very mundane, so that while a character might be willing to eat disgusting and probably poisonous mixtures, they absolutely refuse to eat something everyone else enjoys.

(Ironically, although Spam is an acquired taste for most people, it still has its fans and is very popular in much of the Pacific, particularly Hawaii and South Korea.)

See also Picky Eater, Kids Hate Vegetables, Bizarre Taste in Food, and Only One Who Likes Spam. May result in requests to Hold the Unsolicited Ingredient. Related is Enmity with an Object.

Has nothing to do with hating Spammers, Beam Spam or Grenade Spam.

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    Anime & Manga 
  • The 100 Girlfriends Who Really, Really, Really, Really, Really Love You: Kurumi doesn’t like walnuts because her food obsession used to trigger so much from hearing her own name, which is Japanese for "walnut".
  • Case Closed:
    • On at least one occasion, a victim's intense dislike of eggs (he was allergic to them) was used against him in the murder method.
    • A heavy smoker who hates chocolate and any sweet food was killed by having his coffee laced with poison, with the only available antidote being "placed" in sweet layer cake.
  • Chainsaw Man: Power hates vegetables and starts gagging if she even comes into contact with them.
  • In Coffee & Cat, Kon has a distaste for bitter foods in general due to his grandfather forcing him to drink cup after cup of bitter tea and nothing else. Because of this, he nonchalantly adds several cubes of sugar and a load of milk to Hyoma's coffee, accidentally enraging him in the process. In time, Kon grows to appreciate Hyoma's coffee despite his dislike of bitter things, calling it delicious as he learns more about the specifics of coffeemaking.
  • Crayon Shin-chan: Shin-chan hates green peppers. Possibly the reason why he always asks older girls if they like them is to allow him to keep hitting on them.
  • In Cyberpunk: Edgerunners, David Martinez has a noted dislike of carbonated beverages. This becomes Hilarious in Hindsight in Cyberpunk 2077, where David has a drink named after him in the Afterlife bar. One of said drink's ingredients? NiCola, a carbonated beverage.
  • In Delicious in Dungeon, Marcille blanches at the thought of eating anything made from monsters. Fortunately for her, one of their group is a Supreme Chef who can make those same monsters taste delicious. Later on, Izutsumi picks out all the mushrooms from her meal and dumps them on the ground, much to Senshi's anger.
  • Delicious Party♡Pretty Cure: Kokone has an outright phobia of green peppers, as does Kome-Kome. However, the two are convinced to try them again, and they enjoy them.
  • Dante from the Devil May Cry series has pizza as his Trademark Favorite Food. But Devil May Cry: The Animated Series clarifies that he hates black olives as a topping. Whenever he orders a pizza, he always specifies "no olives".
  • Wendy Marvell, the young Sky Dragon Slayer from the titular guild in Fairy Tail, is so sensitive to the sour taste of umeboshi (pickled plums) that merely watching somebody else eat them is torture. Gray and Loke defeat her in the S-Class exam by this means in the Tenrou Island arc. Also, Bisca Mulan deeply dislikes sweet foods.
  • In Fresh Pretty Cure!, Love's least favourite food is carrots. In Episode 6, her mother has to scold her into eating them.
  • Kyo from Fruits Basket hates leeks, onions, and miso. His Involuntary Shapeshifter form is a cat, who can get sick and die from eating these foods.
  • Edward Elric from Fullmetal Alchemist really, really hates milk. Even when he's told drinking milk would help him grow up. ESPECIALLY so.
  • BT from .hack//SIGN named her character based on the removal of this from her favorite food. Here's a hint. It's not Bacon and it's not Tomatoes. Mimiru points out it has no taste upon being informed of this which leaves her bewildered as to why BT dislikes it.
  • JoJo's Bizarre Adventure:
    • Stardust Crusaders: Joseph enjoys drinking coffee, but he finds Japanese coffee tastes terrible.
    • Diamond is Unbreakable: Okuyasu doesn't like spicy food, he cites Vermont Curry's mild flavour as being as hot as he can stand. This means he initially has trouble with pasta due to its spiciness.
    • Golden Wind: When Formaggio makes fun of him for drinking milk instead of espresso, Pesci protests that he doesn't like espresso since it makes his stomach hurt.
    • Stone Ocean: Enrico Pucci mentions in a conversation with Donatello Versus that he's allergic to shellfish.
    • JoJolion: Josuke sings a little song about how he likes large fries, but not fried chicken.
  • According to Chapter 171 of Kaguya-sama: Love Is War, Fujiwara doesn't like tomatoes. Oddly, this didn't keep her from attending La Tomatina (the largest tomato fight on the planet) over summer break.
  • Akisame Koetsuji of Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple loathes bell peppers to the point that they're occasionally used as a threat for dinner if he doesn't do something or other. He always complies.
  • Yang Wen-li in Legend of the Galactic Heroes dislikes coffee very much, to the point that during the prequels when he was choking over some food and was saved by a cup of coffee offered by his future adjutant and wife Frederica Greenhill, the first thing he said was "I hate coffee. I wish you'd given me tea instead."
  • Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions!:
    • Sanae Dekomori like Ed Elric above, is short and hates milk — or dairy products in general, thinking it is being warm, slimy and stinky.
    • Rikka dislikes tomatoes.
  • Kanako Urashima in Love Hina doesn't like sweets at all. Naturally, she was adopted into a family of confectioners, and she crushes on her adopted brother, who is an expert even amongst the family at them.
  • Vivio initially dislikes green peppers in Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS. Nanoha even uses it as part of her Clones Are People, Too speech. According to Sound Stage M3, though, she got over it by the end of it.
  • Mobile Suit Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory: Kou Uraki and carrots. And it gets exaggerated in Super Robot Wars. In a meta-example, the same goes for his Japanese voice actor.
  • In most Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam fan works, Paptimus Scirocco loathes watermelon bars. It reminds him of how he was defeated.
  • Mysterious Joker: The titular character hates dipping sauce.
  • Similar to Sailor Moon, most of the cast of Naruto has a food they dislike, with the exception of Lee and Guy, who refuse to dislike any kind of food. Naruto in particular hates vegetables, and a brief flashback shows Kakashi appearing in his window to offer him some vegetables with his ramen.
  • One Piece:
    • In an SBS question, a fan asked Oda what each crew member's least favorite food was. Jinbe's was revealed later.
      • Monkey D. Luffy: A certain shop's cherry pie
      • Roronoa Zoro: Chocolate (It's too sweet)
      • Nami: Orangette (Prefers actual fruit)
      • Usopp: Mushrooms (Got sick once)
      • Sanji: Konjac (Not nutritious)
      • Tony Tony Chopper: All things spicy (It's not sweet)
      • Nico Robin: Gum (Can't swallow it)
      • Franky: Marshmallow (It's not hard)
      • Brook: Lemon (Can't make a sour face)
      • Jinbe: Parfait (It's hard to eat)
    • Luffy also really doesn't care for mochi at all, which quickly becomes problematic when he fights Katakuri, whose power is Logia-tier mochi manipulation; he can't take full advantage of the power's Logical Weakness of edibility (like he had against Cracker, whose biscuits were very much to his liking) in good part because he hates the stuff.
    • For a non-Strawhat example, when Sanji offers to make sandwiches for breakfast, Trafalgar Law (who is traveling with the crew as part of an Enemy Mine situation) casually admits that he doesn't like bread. Law then freaks out, realizing that he's being drawn into the Straw Hat's antics.
    • Devil Fruit is a universal Stock "Yuck!"; while nobody ever eats more than one in their lives (well, no one has and lived) they are known to taste absolutely horrid. Those who eat them feel as thought they've been poisoned, which they have seeing as the powers they bestow are technically curses.
  • Pokémon: The Series: Misty loathes carrots and peppers.
  • The Quintessential Quintuplets: The titular sisters all have their least favorite foods listed on their profiles. Miku is the only one for whom this poses a problem in the story, since she doesn't like chocolates, but as Valentine's Day approaches she wants to make some for Fuutarou and make sure he finds them tasty.
  • Sailor Moon: Each of the Sailor Senshi have a least favorite food listed in their profile. Usagi's is, ironically, carrots, her Kid from the Future Chibiusa shares this dislike, Ami doesn’t like Hamachi fish, Rei hates canned asparagus, Makoto is an Averted case as she loves all foods, Minako dislikes Shiitake mushrooms, Setsuna despises eggplants, Haruka’s not fond of natto soybeans, Michiru isn’t fond of Kikukage mushrooms and Hotaru doesn’t like milk.
  • Tenchi Muyo!:
    • Tenchi apparently hates miso soup. At least in the third movie.
    • In the manga, Ayeka has an aversion to carrots to go along with her general dislike of Ryo-Ohki. She gets over it and is quickly pounced by Sasami (who makes a very good carrot cake), who wants her to try more.
  • World's End Harem: Fantasia: Arc hates liver, but ends up having to eat it once a week as a Power-Up Food while preparing for the Macht ritual.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL: Yuma Tsukumo doesn't like tomatoes. In Episode 30, he is roped into a duel where each turn, the player has to randomly pull a vegetable from a basket and eat it to be allowed to attack. Yuma keeps pulling several variations on tomatoes and refuses to eat them, so he can't attack and is at a disadvantage. Eventually, Astral and Kotori convince him he has no choice but to eat one to win. He eats a tomato and realizes it is actually pretty good, then manages to win.

    Comic Books 
  • A CB Bears comic book story (Marvel Comics) had Bump Bear with an utter dislike for cole slaw. This was based on story writer Mark Evanier's similar dislike of cole slaw.
  • Gorilla Grodd of The Flash hates bananas. It's a bad idea to try and offer him one (a trait that carries over into most adaptations).
    • Bart Allen, better known as Impulse is known for being a Big Eater due to his hyper-accelerated metabolism caused by the Super Speed he inherited from his grandfather, the second Flash. However, the one thing Bart will not ever eat is raw fish, and practically begs to eat anything else when it's offered to him.
  • Spider-Man: Peter Parker may have loved his Aunt May's wheatcakes, but according to Uncle Ben, he didn't like her meatloaf at all. Another comic said that he couldn't stand corn fritters, something else she often made, but he never told her.
    • Aunt May uses this as a Bluff the Imposter in a Civil War-era comic, when The Chameleon was impersonating Peter. The real Peter apparently hated oatmeal raisin cookies ("Yes, even mine."), which Chameleon-Peter accepted without hesitation and ate with relish. (These particular cookies were also laced with sedatives.)
  • Spider-Man and Batman: Disordered Minds shows Batman having a long-lasting disdain for finger sandwiches, going back to childhood where he recounts trying to flush them down a toilet that Alfred spent three days unclogging.

    Comic Strips 
  • The titular character of Big Nate really hates egg salad. He's not a fan of any of the healthy snacks his father (who himself never eats any of it) tries to get him to eat, either.
  • Dennis the Menace (US) hates vegetables and milk — But not things made from milk, like ice cream or chocolate.
  • In one For Better or for Worse comic, Elly tries to feed Farley some scraps leftover from dinner. John tells her that he won't eat the peas. Elly says there's no way he could possibly know that they're in there, and proceeds to mix the food together in Farley's bowl. Sure enough, Farley ate the food, while somehow managing to spit out every single pea in the process.
  • Garfield, mostly due to bad cooking, holds a special disgust for snails, fruitcake, and raisins.note  Except, of course to mess with Jon's mind ("A Vacation from His Senses"). The fact that it worked says something. Shredded coconut — he says it resembles "tiny albino spiders." Also Spinach: "It looks bad, it tastes bad, it smells bad". (Turns bowl over, spinach splats on table) "It even SOUNDS bad." And, relevant because he's a cat, he won't eat mice (birds and fish, however, are fair game.)
  • There is Mafalda and her legendary hatred of soup.
  • Charlie Brown of Peanuts hates coconut — chocolates with coconut centers, in particular. So does Snoopy. And Linus. This is because Charles Schulz himself didn't like coconut.
  • Apparently, SPAM was so common (and disliked) in US military rations during World War II that it led to this comic strip in US military newspapers of the time.

    Fan Works 
  • Chapter 20, The Veggies, from Sister Floriana reveals that Sister Diana used to have a keen dislike for tomatoes.
  • In The Changeling Sequence, Damian Wayne decided he hated chocolate after getting sick from eating too much M&Ms.
  • In Chrysalis Visits The Hague, the lawyer protagonist Estermann evades coffee like the plague.
  • There is a The Dark Eye fanfic in which the protagonist's love interest doesn't like ham. Rhymes nicely with spam, and foreshadows an important plot point namely, that the character in question is a necromancer who is deathly afraid of the dead. Ham reminds him of dead bodies.
  • Klatchian Migratory Bog Truffles are a gourmet foodstuff on the Discworld. They are so prized by gourmets that they will pay vast sums for a meal where the chef has ensured there is no trace of bog truffles in it whatsoever. Johanna Smith-Rhodes, recently married Assassin, is happy for this state of affairs to continue with regard to her own diet. Until she gets pregnant and develops an inconvenient craving. For the foul-tasting Klatchian Migratory Bog Truffle. She discovers her taste buds have been out-voted by her foetus in Hyperemesis Gravidarum.
  • In If Them's the Rules Tom Riddle hates vanilla.
  • In the House fanfic Inferno Cuddy doesn't like coconut.
  • In The Worst Witch fancfiction Kitty, Pippa Pentangle and Hecate Hardbroom don't like cupcakes, and Miss Hardbroom doesn't like doughnuts either.
  • Kuyou Suou in Kyon: Big Damn Hero dislikes noodles since she almost choked in them.
  • A Not So Ordinary Day:
    Mad-Eye Moody: Lass, I'd eat tomato soup if Sirius made it and I cannot begin to describe how much I hate tomato soup.
  • In Not Your Usual Veela Mate after Dumbledore attempts to excuse a Slytherin student who cast the Cruciatus Curse on Harry, a portrait of Godric Gryffindor orders the elves to serve him all of his least favorite foods: liver, haggis, bubble and squeak, kippers and boiled cabbage.
  • Charlotte in the Making Fiends fic Paint It Green, Blue, Black hates strawberries. The red subconsciously reminds her of blood. She has Repressed Memories of her parents murder.
  • Princess Celestia Hates Tea. Title says it all. Even after drinking well brewed tea for over a thousand years, Celestia still can't stand it. Hilarity Ensues when Celestia confesses this since everypony "knows" that tea is her Trademark Favorite Food.
  • RainbowDoubleDash's Lunaverse: Cadence hates peas. So much so that when she was made Princess, her first thought was to have all pea farms in Cavallia destroyed. Then, after a moment, she decided this was unfair to all the pea-farmers, and decided at most she just wouldn't eat any ever again.
  • Zuko is okay with most Water tribe foods in Reluctant Hero...except stewed sea prunes.
  • In Rugrats and the Gray Plague, Tommy Pickles doesn't like grape juice.
  • In Secrets Draco's baby daughter Victoria hates any kind of potatoes.
  • In the Triptych Continuum, Pinkie Pie is established as hating lemons, or at least lemon flavored pastry. She also really dislikes a strong flavor of vanilla.
  • Played for Laughs in the Gritty Reboots movie trailer for Harvest Moon: Back To Nature. Karen hates eggs so much that when given one by Pete she screams "I hate eggs!" and throws it on the ground. She does the same thing when given milk.
  • In Of Quirks and Magic, Izuku abhors the taste of Dr. Strange's Tibetan butter tea, to the point that Strange recommends Inko pour it down her son's throat if she ever needs to wake him from a trance.
  • Subverted in Species Identity Disorder. Ruby hates tuna fish, not tuna as a food. She had a traumatic encounter with a fish as a child.
  • In Dragon Ball Z Abridged, Goku will eat just about anything: giant fish, baby dragons, pineapples on pizza... but he won't eat grapes or anything grape-flavored. That boy can't handle his grapes.
  • Infinity Train: Blossoming Trail: Chloe Cerise has a dislike for curry because it's a big reminder of how she and Goh used to eat it in the past. When her by-the-books curry for Home Economics class is considered unsatisfactory by the teacher that, and Mr. Mime cooking curries under Ash and Goh's request, contributes to her Rage-Breaking Point. In Arc 2, when Chloe is at a Curry Car, it's revealed that she doesn't hate curry; it's more that she hates how she can never spend time with Goh after he moved on to Mew and essentially forgot about her.
  • In Leave for Mendeleiev, Adrien isn't a fan of cheese. Notably used to highlight his self-absorbed attitude; since Adrien himself dislikes it, he doesn't understand why or how anybody else could possibly enjoy it, and stubbornly tells Plagg (who loves it, especially Camembert) that it's gross. Frequently while glossing over any other points his kwami is trying to make. This underscores his general refusal to consider anybody else's point of view or listen to anyone who isn't telling him what he wants to hear.
  • Ruby Pair: Gaz has hated pork ever since the events of "Gaz, Taster of Pork". So much so that in "Beefus Megabombus", when the pirate bees attack the Membrane house using meat products and hit her in the mouth with a sausage, that one little taste of pork instantly enrages her enough that she goes on a Roaring Rampage of Revenge against the offending aliens.
    Gaz: (with Fireball Eyeballs) You. Made me. Taste pork. Prepare to enter a nightmare world!

    Films — Animation 
  • Dr. Sweet from Atlantis: The Lost Empire admits in his long ramblings to Milo that he hates fish; He hates the taste, the smell, and all the little bones inside. He seems okay with crustaceans though, as he shows zero hesitation in digging into the bizarre animals the Atlantians serve that are vaguely crustacean.
  • In The Bad Guys (2022), among the many reasons Mr. Snake gives for being a Birthday Hater, he admits he doesn't like cake despite having a Sweet Tooth. When the Bad Guys throw him a small birthday party anyway, he encourages the rest of the team to eat the cake while he goes to the fridge to eat something else.
  • In The Emperor's New Groove, Yzma never liked Kronk's spinach puffs. Ever! (This is actually his Berserk Button and makes him turn against her.) She also apparently doesn't like gravy. Kuzco doesn't like cheese on his potatoes, and he also is disgusted by the giant pill bugs (which are eaten through a straw) that are served at the Greasy Spoon restaurant he goes to with Pacha, though Pacha finds them delicious, and Kuzco didn't actually try them and may have just been grossed out by the sight of it.
  • In How to Train Your Dragon, dragons hate eel. To the point where Hiccup intimidates dragons by having an eel under his shirt. In Dragons: Riders of Berk, a new species is introduced that actually likes eel. Apparently, Hiccup doesn't like eel much either.
  • In Ratatouille, Remy doesn't like the garbage that the other rats eat.
  • The Super Mario Bros. Movie: Mario, strangely enough, does not like mushrooms of all things. This becomes a minor Running Gag when he's transported to the Mushroom Kingdom, and he's mildly exasperated by all the mushroom stuff, including the Power-Up Food, which is also mushrooms. At one point, he throws up after having to eat many of them in rapid succession.
  • In Wreck-It Ralph. Ralph "never cared for chocolate" probably because it reminds him of the mud he's thrown into at the end of every game. Played With when he and Vanellope land in a chocolate puddle that saves their lives (well, his): "Chocolate! I LOVE CHOCOLATE!"

    Films — Live-Action 
  • Babe: At the Hoggets' Christmas dinner, the granddaughter is heard exclaiming, "Yuck! Chicken!". Earlier, when they planned to serve roast pork (i.e. Babe himself), she exclaimed "I hate pork!" so she's probably a Picky Eater in general (as well as a Spoiled Brat).
  • A Christmas Story has a scene where Randy complains about having meat loaf for dinner.
    Randy: Meat loaf, meat loaf, double beat loaf. I hate meat loaf.
  • Bad guy Professor Hathaway in Real Genius doesn't like popcorn. Guess what they use to destroy his house.
  • Marvel Cinematic Universe:
    • It seems that Peter in Spider-Man: Homecoming dislikes too much bread on his sandwiches. In an early scene in the bodega, Peter tells Mr. Delmar to smush down the sandwich. A later scene has him criticizing a different bodega for having too much bread in their sandwiches.
    • Captain Marvel, as part of a Something Only They Would Say test to make sure Nick Fury is not a Skrull, Carol Danvers requests he reveal a detail about himself so odd no Skrull could ever make it up. Reluctantly, he admits that he cannot stand toast that is cut diagonally. Carol smirks, and then admits she already had enough information to believe him and was just looking for a laugh.
  • Spock does not like Italian food, according to Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home, but gets convinced by Kirk pretty quickly. There's a little Fridge Brilliance to this, as Vulcans typically follow a vegan diet and even in San Francisco, odds aren't great that an Italian restaurant in the 80s would serve a lot of vegan cuisine.
  • Tallahassee, from Zombieland, can't stand coconut. It's not the taste, you understand... it's the texture.
  • In the film Freaked, the Worm makes it clear that he hates macaroons when the other freaks cheer over Ricky finding some macaroons and brining them back. He is understandably quite annoyed when it's revealed that the macaroons contained the mutation antidote and that he missed his chance to be returned to normal all because he dislikes macaroons.
  • In Escape from the Planet of the Apes, Dr. Zira accidentally breaks her charade of being a normal, unintelligent chimpanzee by angrily rejecting a zookeeper's offer of a banana.
    Because I loathe bananas!
  • On the DVD of Jackass: The Movie, the supplemental materials feature a stunt called "Mustard Assault." It seems Rake Yohn hates mustard so much he is willing to go to any lengths to avoid contact with the condiment, and won't even tolerate its presence anywhere he happens to be. Brandon DiCamillo tells a story about how Rake went apeshit just from his dinner partner putting mustard on something. So of course Bam Margera sneaks up behind Rake and squirts two bottles of yellow mustard on his back. He does not take it well.
  • Near the end of The Menu, Chef Slowik calls s'mores "the most offensive assault on the human palate".

  • Emma from Because of the Rabbit dislikes pickles so much that when playing Two Truths and a Lie, she uses "I like pickles" as her lie. Unfortunately, one of her truths — "I raised frogs in the bathroom" — grosses out the other girls, so she pretends that's her lie so they won't think she's weird. As a result, she finds herself forced to eat pickles at lunch and pretend she likes them.
  • In The Belgariad by David Eddings, Con Man and Loveable Rogue Silk absolutely despises gruel. Even Supreme Chef Polgara's gruel. Even if you call it "porridge". To the point that when he starts getting on her nerves more than usual, all Pol has to do to get him to straighten up is mention that she'll be making porridge for breakfast the next day.
  • In the Black Blade series, Lila and her mother were on an ice cream run when they ran into the attack on Devon, and Lila's mother later gets her to leave ahead of the Draconi's retaliation by sending her out for ice cream. Lila doesn't eat ice cream anymore because of the memories.
  • Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: Willy Wonka really doesn't like breakfast cereal. He claims it's made of pencil shavings.
  • Clarice Bean: the title character describes bread and butter pudding as her "worst utter pudding". The in-series fictional character Ruby Redfort hates tapioca pudding, to the point where she uses it as a code for "bad news".
  • The Crosses-Boy's Counselor: Mr. Bellamy hates yam, whole wheat bread, and milk in his coffee. The fact that his wife has prepared those as part of their breakfast one morning, despite well knowing that he hates those items, serves as an example of the growing disconnect between them.
  • Daisy: In "Eat Your Peas", it's revealed that Daisy doesn't like peas and her mom doesn't like Brussel's sprouts.
  • Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Greg doesn't like yams, beets, watercress salad,note  or a particular type of deviled eggs served at the Snellas' half-birthday party. He's also not fond of oatmeal raisin cookies, commenting, "I have a theory that oatmeal raisin cookies were invented as a practical joke and that they were never actually meant to be eaten," with an accompanying drawing of a Pilgrim at Thanksgiving dinner spitting out an oatmeal raisin cookie and a couple of Indians laughing at him.
  • Dirty Bertie:
    • Bertie doesn't like carrots or cauliflower.
    • Bertie's great-aunt Morag doesn't like pasta as she thinks it gives her wind. She also likes tea but not too hot or too cold.
    • Everyone except Bertie hates the school dinner rice pudding.
    • Eugene doesn't like carrots.
    • Darren doesn't like vegetables.
  • Discworld:
    • Susan does not like nougat.
    • King Verence detests custard, after having it dumped on him many a time during his youth in the Jesters' Guild. (It probably doesn't help that there's a custard actually called a fool.) He detests it so much that there's a national ban on custard in Lancre.
    • Makepeace Thomas Bounder, "The Poet of the Cabbages" in The Discworld Almanack, wrote a treatise on "The Hellish Root," aka the potato, believing its popularity to be directly responsible for people being uninterested in cabbages.
    • When first introduced in the series, Cohen the Barbarian hates soup of any kind. This is because his teeth have fallen out and dentures are unknown outside of Agatea at the time, meaning the only food he can actually eat any more is soup and mushed veggies, and so well-meaning people offer him dozens of different kinds of (and recipes for) soup. He stops grumbling about it later in the series because by then he has pure diamond dentures, meaning he can eat anything he wants to eat again.
    • In Making Money, Moist hates offal, having been served too much of it as a kid (his family were probably too poor to afford better meat). Of course, this comes up as they're the one note of One-Note Cook Aimsbury and the Trademark Favorite Food of Moist's fiancee Adora Belle.
    • In Maskerade, the famous opera singer Enrico Basilica from Brindisi is actually Henry Slugg from Ankh-Morpork. Everywhere he goes, people serve him pasta, and he's sick of it.
    • In Wintersmith, the instruction book Witch-Hunting for Dumb People, carefully written by travelling witch Miss Tick as a massive exercise in Briar Patching, says that giving a suspected witch a good vegetable soup will rob her of her powers, but tomato will make her even more powerful. Presumably, this is because Miss Tick doesn't like tomato soup.
  • In Endo and Kobayashi Live! The Latest on Tsundere Villainess Lieselotte, Endo hates eggplants. A funny moment that also shows how he's preoccupied with the Kuon Kirise thing involves him absent-mindedly ordering eggplant Bolognese during a date with Kobayashi, attempts to leave it all out, but finally having to eat what he calls his Achille's Heel because he thinks it's uncool to admit it to his crush.
  • Rhiow in Diane Duane's Feline Wizards series dislikes tuna.
  • Fire & Blood: Aegon III didn't enjoy sweet foods in general, which saves him from an assassination attempt via poisoned pies, since he didn't eat any. He also wasn't too fond of turnips, but in that case, he'd eat them if they were presented to him (which, thanks to an analogy getting out of hand, leads to Myrielle Peak getting the nickname "Lady Turnips").
  • FUDGE:
    • One of Fudge's friends Daniel doesn't like peas, which the adults think is unreasonable.
    • Peter doesn't like rice cakes.
    • Cousin Howie doesn't like artificial flavors in cereal as he thinks they're poisonous.
  • Dr. Seuss's Green Eggs and Ham—The protagonist spends most of the book declaring how much he dislikes it, though by the end he is persuaded to try it and discovers that it's actually quite good.
  • Ben from Gangsta Granny dislikes cabbage.
  • Garrett from the Garrett, P.I. series absolutely hates green bell peppers, to the point of ranting at length about how they're one of the few things humans eat that pigs won't. He also rebukes Morley for offering to serve him a cattail-heart salad, as that's mostly what his Marine unit had to live on for months when they were guerrilla-fighting in the Cantard swamps.
  • Harry Potter: Dumbledore, despite his general fondness for sweets, avoids Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans after coming across a vomit-flavored one in his youth. He tries them again at the end of the first book, and...
    "But I think I'll be safe with a nice toffee, don't you?" (eats bean) "Alas. Earwax."
  • Just: The main character Andy hates both Brussel's sprouts and custard. He also dislikes corn relish, claiming it "looks like spew, it smells like spew, it even tastes like spew."
  • The story The King Who Wouldn't Eat Porridge is about a king who dislikes porridge so much that he makes it illegal.
  • Tita in Like Water for Chocolate can eat just about anything except soft-boiled eggs.
  • Little Pea: The pea doesn't like candy.
  • Tolkien's Legendarium:
    • In The Hobbit, nobody likes cram, a biscuit-like K-ration made by the Lake Men, but then, the Lake Men didn't have taste in mind when they made it. Lembas bread, made by the elves, was an improved recipe with better taste.
    • However, Gollum from both The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings saga could not tolerate Lembas bread, as prolonged exposure to the One Ring made everything of elf-make anathema to him. Lembas bread tasted like dust when he tried to eat it.
  • In one of the short stories in Marcovaldo by Italo Calvino, Marcovaldo develops an absolute loathing for sausage after eating it every day for weeks.
  • Meg And Mog: The caterpillar from "Mog's Lunch Box" doesn't like spinach.
  • Mog: Nicky doesn't like eggs, so he's more than willing to let Mog eat his egg.
  • Nina Tanleven: Nine’s dislike of coffee is brought up more than once, and she notes that she can't understand how “something can smell so good and taste so gross”.
  • Pumuckl, the kobold protagonist of a German children's series hates cheese (which he calls "foul milk").
  • As shown in Rainbow Dash and the Daring Do Double Dare, Rainbow Dash does not like chili peppers.
  • Ramona Quimby: The girl in the title thinks fish is boring to eat. She and Beezus also don't like tongue (once they know it's tongue).
  • Ratburger: The main girl Zoe hates prawn cocktail crisps because she thinks they smell bad.
  • Retired Witches Mysteries: Book 3 reveals that Dorothy hates oranges, which is why turning someone into an orange tree (as she threatens to do at one point) is one of the worst fates she can think of for a person.
  • Roys Bedoys:
    • Roys doesn’t like strawberry icing, fried fish, broccoli, mushrooms, or barbecue sauce.
    • Flora doesn’t like plain yogurt.
    • Loys doesn’t like lettuce sandwiches.
  • Mississippi from Savvy doesn't like green beans, calling them "infamous".
  • Cassandra in the Secret Series absolutely hates raisins, and her survival mix recipe ends with, "no raisins, ever!" When her mother grounds her in the second book, she promises to put raisins in instead of chocolate chips after her mother forbids her from having chocolate.
  • In Mark Twain's "The Stolen White Elephant" the titular pachyderm eats anything except European butter and drinks anything except European coffee.
  • In The Stormlight Archives, Jasnah Kholin dislikes jams and jellies unlike her pupil Shallan Davar who has quite a Sweet Tooth. It's worth noticing because in Alethi culture food is split between masculine and feminine, so men are only allowed to eat certain flavors like spicy or savory while women mostly get sweets. This comes into play in The Way of Kings when an assassin tries to kill Jasna. He poisoned the bread he brought to share with the women and hid the antidote in a jar of strawberry jam.
  • In the Tommy and Tuppence story "The Sunningdale Mystery", Tommy is playing at being Baroness Orczy's Phone-In Detective, the Old Man in the Corner. When he orders a chop and fried potatoes at the ABC Tearoom, Tuppence quickly corrects this to a cheesecake and a glass of milk. Tommy protests that this may be the Old Man's Trademark Favorite Food, but it's not something he likes at all.
  • Treehouse: Andy and Terry both hate vegetables. So does Vegetable Patty but she eats them anyway because she thinks vegetables are responsible for the death of her parents. Alice (Mr Big Nose's granddaughter) doesn't like pickles.
  • Warrior Cats: None of the warriors seem to like "kittypet food".
  • Winnie the Pooh:
    • Picky Eater Tigger initially claims that he likes everything, but ends up hating every food the other characters give to him and adding it to an increasingly long list of exceptions (including honey, acorns, thistles, and more), until he finally finds a single food that he does like, which turns out to be Roo's strengthening medicine, extract of malt, which Roo himself hates. In the Disney adaption he only dislikes honey.
    • Pooh Bear doesn't like cheese, and wonders if heffalumps don't either.

    Live-Action TV 
  • In The Addams Family, Gomez doesn't like fudge.
  • Alex Rider: After finding out from Jack that Alex has been recruited as a spy, Tom visits him at the Friend estate under cover of delivering a pizza. With anchovies.
    Alex: I hate anchovies.
    Tom: They're all you deserve!
    Alex: I'm sorry. I completely deserved the anchovies.
    Tom: You know I hate anchovies too, right? I have to suffer, because you're a dick.
  • In the American version of Big Brother, Seasons 7 and beyond introduced the diet called Slop. The food is a mushy food that contains a lot of vitamins and proteins, and the contestants regularly express their dislike for being "Stuck on slop" and compete as hard as they can to not be the side that is forced to eat nothing but slop for a week. It is actually designed that way on the Peanut Butter and Jelly diet would make people sleep all the time...the Slop would have people awake for more drama and encourage people to play harder during the food competitions.
  • Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern: Andrew will cheerfully eat almost anything: bloody entrails, duck eggs with a fetus inside, pig brains preserved in aspic, etc. But in an episode about Hawaii, he was presented with a dish made of spam and could barely force himself to taste it. He even went on for about five minutes about how much he hates spam. He also has a strong aversion to durian (a fruit in which fellow travel host and chef Anthony Bourdain liked). He also does not like walnuts. When Zimmern guest starred on the Minneapolis episode of Man v. Food, he had host Adam Richman (who makes his living eating enormous amounts of fatty, sugary, and/or unearthily spicy foods) try some lutefisk. He couldn't stomach more than one bite.
    Andrew Zimmern: Mmmm. That's some good lutefisk.
    Adam Richman: (face contorted in disgust) How can you tell?
  • Bones: Brennan doesn't like pie, at least fruit pie, because she doesn't like cooked fruit.
  • Anya from Buffy the Vampire Slayer explained alternative universes. Bear in mind that her example is bound to be self-centered: "Suppose you don't like shrimp. Well, blahh, you say, I wish there was a world without shrimp." This is in addition to a dimension without bunnies, of course.
  • Damiano Carrara, a frequent judge on season 1 of Food Network 's Christmas Cookie Challenge, hates gingerbread of all things. He notably did not return for future seasons of that show.
  • Florian Bellanger, specifically acting as a judge for the Food Network show Cupcake Wars, hates Red Velvet Cake. However, he has admitted that there are rare instances where if it is made very well, he does enjoy it. As a result, many competitors on the show will make a red velvet cupcake, if only to get the bragging rights if they can get Florian to like their take on it.
  • Guy Fieri of Diners, Drive-ins and Dives isn't very fond of eggs, and will typically eat around any that happen to come with the dish the show is featuring at the moment. He also openly hates liver and anything made from it, like liverwurst. Any time liverwurst happens to be featured he treats the segment where it's shown how the cook prepares it as if he'd been sentenced to the gallows and he'll have to be reassured by the chef that he'll like it more than he's assuming.
  • Doctor Who:
    • Sarah Jane Smith hates ginger pop. It's how the Doctor recognizes her ginger pop-drinking android impostor in The Android Invasion. She also hates brandy, according to The Ark in Space.
      • This comes up again during Invasion of the Bane, where her distaste for the (implied, but never outright stated to be) orange-flavored soft drink, Bubble Shock, causes her to miss out on its mind-controlling effects. Perhaps Sarah Jane just doesn't like soda pop?
    • The Doctor isn't a huge fan of pears. The Seventh Doctor loathes pears, as does the Tenthnote , as established in both versions of "Human Nature", in which the Doctor doesn't want his companion to let him eat them while human. In the TV version, you still see him doing just that — Ten (as "John Smith") really got on Martha's nerves after a while. As it turns out, the Twelfth doesn't like them either: he tells his companion, Clara, not to eat them, and just before regenerating, he advises his next incarnation not to eat pears.
    • The Eleventh turns out, after much experimentation, to hate apples, yogurt, baked beans ("Beans are evil! Bad bad beans!"), bacon, and bread and butter. To be fair, he had just regenerated. He does, however, later demonstrate a strong distaste for wine, in contrast to a few previous incarnations who enjoyed the beverage.
  • Hornblower: Lieutenant Bush had to eat turnips as a boy, but he never touches them now.
  • Iron Chef:
    • Play-by-play announcer Kenji Fukui hates bell peppers. (Which is hilarious considering a yellow bell pepper is the symbol of his boss, Chairman Kaga.)
    • Chairman Kaga hates udon noodles. He was teased about it in one udon battle.
      Kaga: Leave me alone. (everybody laughs) I hate udon. (more laughter)
  • Yuto from Kamen Rider Den-O hates shiitake mushrooms, which is a pain, because Deneb always puts them on his rice because they are healthy.
  • Tsukasa from Kamen Rider Decade hates sea cucumbers. Daiki lampshades it at one point:
    Daiki: Hey, Tsukasa. So you just died . Maybe you can eat sea cucumbers now.
  • In an episode of Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers, the heroes discover that the current Monster of the Week, the Pudgy Pig, who was at first believed to be an Extreme Omnivore, has a dislike for spicy food. After tricking him into eating some hot peppers, it appears that he's actually somewhat allergic to such food, and they defeat him easily.
  • The famous Monty Python's Flying Circus "spam" sketch: "I Don't! Like! Spam!" The Trope Namer, this one is justifiable: rationing had forced Britons to eat the stuff for years after the War, and even after that, meat remained expensive, so by the time the Pythons came around, the whole island was heartily sick of it. The sketch plays on this. Lovely Spam! Wonderful Spam!
    • Even better, the first two options are Spam-free ("egg-bacon; egg-bacon-sausage").
  • Parks and Recreation features an entire town who dislike vegetables and salad. There was one business named "Sue's Salads" that was actively hated on by Leslie Knope, who is an otherwise cheerful person, and it went bankrupt in the course of a season. Ron Swanson exemplifies the trope, he also dislikes fruit (he can't bring himself to eat a banana until he smooshes it into a giant beef burger), diet versions of normal food or drink like skim milk. He also dislikes fish (claiming it is close enough to a vegetable) and invented the 'turf and turf' which is two giant steaks served side by side.
  • Red Dwarf Dave Lister hates Pot Noodles to the point of eating dog food instead when they're his only options. When stuck on a ship that is supposedly a perfected version of the Dwarf, he orders a Pot Noodle to see if it can make them any good. It does, and he's amazed. He also explains how miraculous the reconstruction capabilities of a certain nanobot swarm are with the phrase "They can take Pot Noodle and turn it into food!"
  • Newman on Seinfeld hates broccoli, calling it a "vile weed". Of course, it seems he probably hates all vegetables.
  • Sesame Street:
    • Big Bird doesn't like turnips.
    • Telly doesn't like lettuce.
    • Curly Bear is the only one in her family who doesn't like porridge.
  • Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis:
    • Rodney McKay with citrus fruits. Admittedly, it's because he's very allergic to them.
    • Teal'c once turned down a warm glass of he milk (or "bovine lactose", as he puts it) in "The Changeling", as a remedy to help him get to sleep. It may or may not be a Jaffa thing.
  • Star Trek: Deep Space Nine:
    • Quark doesn't like jambalaya, root beer or pancakes. Garak doesn't like root beer either.
    • Bashir doesn't like beets, although Sisko thinks he's just never had them prepared properly before.
  • Star Trek: The Next Generation:
    • Neither Pulaski, nor Geordi, nor Picard like the scrambled eggs Riker made. Worf found them delicious.
    • Riker doesn't like fudge, despite having a Sweet Tooth in general.
    • Data usually is emotionless, but when he temporarily got an emotion chip in Star Trek: Generations, he called a liquor "revolting". Then he asked for more.
    • Spot the cat has this variety of cat food she doesn't like.
  • Star Trek: Voyager:
    • Aside from Neelix and Kes, no one on the ship likes leola root, which is apparently a rather nasty-tasing but nutritional dish in the Gamme Quadrant. Unfortunately for everyone else, Neelix insists on putting as much of it in his cooking as he can get away with, and blows off all complaints from the crew.
    • Neither Neelix nor Chakotay like warm milk. Chakotay also dislikes carrots and steamed pudding.
    • The Distant Finale showed that the now-Admiral Janeway has been advised by her doctor to stop drinking coffee for health reasons. She's switched to tea as a substitute but is growing to hate it more each day. When Admiral Janeway shows up in Star Trek: Prodigy, she's gotten to the point of desperately looking for a doctor with a pro-coffee opinion.
  • Ted Lasso: Ted himself does not like tea, which is ironic, considering that he lives in the UK. When he first moved there, he was quite vocal about his distaste for the drink, and is absolutely baffled as to how it is so popular there.
    Ted: Be honest with me. It's a prank, right? The tea? Like when us tourist folks aren't around, y'all know this tastes like garbage.
  • Tumbletown Tales: Tumbleweed hates green seeds, or which he calls them "green things".
  • The Two Fat Ladies dislike that most British of condiments, malt vinegar.
  • In one episode of The West Wing, Charlie is asked by a reporter if there are any foods the President doesn't like. He answers (truthfully) that the President doesn't like green beans. This gets him in trouble, because it's an election year, and the staff is afraid it might put off green bean farmers. (This may be based on the George H.W. Bush example in Real Life, below.)
  • On True Blood it's established human blood is flavored by their diet; donors are often paid to eat a single food for a period of time, like oranges or almonds, so that their blood tastes like it. More to the point, Pam once said she avoids people who eat a lot of fish for this reason.

  • Alizée's song J'en Ai Marre is about people and things she dislikes. This includes zucchini, which she claims makes her vomit.
  • In the kids' song, A Sad, Bad, Terrible Day, the boy doesn't like liver or beets.
  • From Second City comes "I Hate Liver":
    I hate liver
    liver makes me quiver
    liver makes me curl right up and die
    it makes me cry.
    It gives you hives, it gives you scurvy
    turns my stomach topsy turvy
  • Songdrops: "I Don't Like Tomatoes" has the narrator not liking tomatoes. There's a Subverted Rhyme Every Occasion for "fart", but it's unknown if they do make him fart or if he's just doing that as a joke.
  • "Weird Al" Yankovic:
    • "Albuquerque": "I! HATE! SAUERKRAUT!" If you were force fed nothing but sauerkraut until you were twenty-six-and-a-half, you'd understandably hate the stuff too.
    • Averted when he sings about the Trope Namer in "Spam"; he pokes fun at it for being Mystery Meat, but seems to be genuinely pleased with its versatility.
    • Played straight in "Trapped in the Drive-Thru":
      I hopped up and I said: "I don't know, do you want to get something delivered?"
      She's like "Why would I want to eat liver? I don't even like liver!"
      I'm like "No, I said 'delivered'."
      She's like "I heard you say liver!"
      I'm like "I should know what I said..."
  • Amanda Palmer's "Vegemite (The Black Death)" is about how the speaker cannot understand how her lover likes Vegemite, which she absolutely loathes.
    "It tastes like sadness
    It tastes like batteries
    It tastes like asses
    I cannot hold a man so close who spreads this cancer on his toast
    It is the Vegemite, my darling, or it's me?"
  • King Crimson: In "Cat Food", the narrator makes no secrets about his hatred of the cheap, poor-quality supermarket food he has to eat every day, with the chorus consisting of him growling "cat food, cat food, cat food, again?!"

    Stand-Up Comedy 
  • Jim Gaffigan gets a lot of comedy mileage out of making fun of what may be his least favorite food: "Hot Pockets!"

    Tabletop Games 
  • Dungeons & Dragons:
    • The bulette (or landshark) is a vicious beast that usually preys on anything weaker than itself (which is usually anything. However, the 1st Edition description says it refuses to prey on elves, and dislikes dwarves.
    • In the 4th Edition, the nalfeshnee are demonic overlords portrayed as Villainous Gluttons. They regard most creatures weaker than themselves (including other demons) as potential food, but they can't stomach gnomes for some reason. (Not that gnomes that fall into their clutches are in any way safe of course.)
    • Beholders have (ironically enough, given the size of their mouths) virtually no sense of taste, meaning that any food without an interesting texture falls into this. In case the nalfeshnee thing was making gnomes feel safe, beholders consider them to have "interesting texture", and they're so conveniently bite-sized...
  • Greasus Goldtooth in Warhammer does not like cockatrice and has no desire to eat it again. This may sound odd, but given that ogres have been found with the skeletons of entire horses in their stomachs, and the Firebelly induction ritual involves drinking lava, for an ogre to not want to eat something a second time is virtually unheard of.
  • In Vampire: The Masquerade, the Flaw "Prey Exclusion" means the vampire will specifically avoid blood from a certain type of person and will be penalized if made to drink from that type.

  • Animal Crackers invokes this in one of Groucho's Strange Interlude-style asides: "This would be a better world for children if the parents had to eat the spinach."

    Visual Novels 
  • Da Capo II: Minatsu Akasame is a robot who requires regularly eating bananas in order to keep functioning. She doesn't like them at all.
  • Fate/stay night: Saber is well known for her large and nondiscriminatory appetite. However, she does not like octopus. At all. Not so much for the taste as the appearance; upon finding out that a food she did enjoy (takoyaki) was stuffed with fried octopus, she expressed horror that she'd been eating 'demonic fish of the underworld'. This is revealed elsewhere to be due to her confrontations with the Fourth War's Caster in Fate/Zero, who literally did try to kill her with summoned demonic fish of the underworld; the entire experience left her with a dislike for tentacled, squishy things. Saber also doesn't like potatoes because there was a time all she had to eat were potatoes, and they were poorly cooked; Namely that all the Knights of the Round Table took turns cooking and Gawian could only cook Potatos, and he wasn't very good at it. Cooking in general was lack luster in her time, causing her to prefer well cooked food in present day.
    • Later entries in the series and suplementerly material reveal Saber Alter is also a big eater (as she's still Saber), but while regular Saber prefers well prepared foods, Alter is happy with cheap and easy snacks and fast food.
  • In Fate/hollow ataraxia, Rider says she refuses to eat anything with snake or horse in it (understandable, since she's Medusa, she with snakes for hair, and her son Pegasus was a horse). Shirou points out people don't normally eat those anyway, but Saber points out they have snake wine. Rider also doesn't like most traditional Japanese foods and doesn't understand how Saber can eat them.
  • The Great Ace Attorney: Kazuma Asogi doesn't like chicken. This becomes a plot point when the cast is served a meal poisoned with a sleeping drug- but since it was a chicken dish, Kazuma didn't eat it, and so stayed awake.
  • In Higurashi: When They Cry, Shion doesn't like canned meat, Satako doesn't like pumpkins, and Hanyuu doesn't like spicy food and wine.
  • Roman's Christmas: Not even being locked in a cellar to almost starve can convince Vincel to eat liver. This comes back to bite him when a Vitamin A deficiency makes him night-blind, which causes him to kill someone who wasn't his target.

    Web Animation 
  • Blood Sun Vendetta: Adrian's bio states he dislikes salad without dressing.
  • Homestar Runner:
    • The King of Town in , while usually fond of anything he could conceivably fit down his throat, hates peas, according to the Strong Bad Email "different town". It is a fan in-joke that if he was served buttered peas, he'd eat the butter off the peas. Somehow.
    • The Mighty Warrior from Teen Girl Squad is a tiny samurai who is apparently the mortal nemesis of corn and corn-based products.
      Mighty Warrior: Corn is no place for a mighty warrior!
  • In a RWBY Chibi short, Ruby struggles to open a pickle jar to the point of slicing the jar to pieces with her scythe. Once she takes a bite, however, she recoils in disgust as the pickles turn out to be dill pickles. In a later sketch, Ruby's trying to open another jar of pickles that are clearly marked as sweet pickles.

    Web Comics 
  • In Boy and Dog, Rowan gets told a story where a troll was forced to eat liver despite disliking it, so he curses some villagers to believe everything tastes of liver. The villagers (except one) hate liver so much that they almost starve themselves to avoid tasting it.
  • Played for Drama with Kokkan in "A Broken Winter". After a year as a child spent around freshly slaughtered animals and dead bodies in Irihi slaughterhouse, he refuses to eat meat of any sort. It's also one of the signs of his ongoing battle with PTSD.
  • In The Inexplicable Adventures of Bob!, Molly the Peanut Butter Monster has expressed discomfort with eating peanut butter, saying it makes her feel vaguely cannibalistic.
  • Homestuck:
    • The show starts on John Egbert's birthday. As a result of all the cake he has been eating for the occasion, he is sick to death of baked goods — especially those by Betty Crocker. This nearly causes a Heroic BSoD when he realizes that his beloved Fruit Gushers are made by the "Heinous Batterwitch," but he decides that angsting over it is stupid. It's implied that his hatred of Betty Crocker products goes back much farther than that, since his adoptive great-grandmother was Betty Crocker herself and baking seems to be something his father does constantly regardless of the occasion, or lack thereof.
    • In the Alpha Session, John's counterpart, Jane Crocker, dislikes Fruit Gushers, ironically enough.
  • The Lead Nun in Little Nuns does not like broccoli, and is forced to eat it by the older and more mature Grumpy Nun, presumably because she did something wrong while her friends go out to play baseball. Later gets referenced in this panel where the Grumpy Nun is put in the same situation with tomatoes.
  • The Order of the Stick:
    • The Monster in the Darkness will eat anything except babies. Xykon keeps trying to feed live children to him, apparently thinking it will make him scarier, but the MitD just pushes them around on his plate until he can throw them out when Xykon's not looking.
      MitD: What about you? Is there any food you hate?
      O-Chul: Well, I was going to express a dislike of squid, but I suppose babies top my list as well.
    • Haley doesn't like pickles, leading her none-too-bright rival Crystal to think she can kill Haley by pelting her with pickles.
      Haley: So that's the kind of fight this is gonna be, huh?
  • Lt Ebbirnoth in Schlock Mercenary does not like the food at Panda Gonzales, home of Authentic Hong-Kong-Tex-Mex, at one point comparing a side dish to a little platter of germ warfare. Schlock isn't overly fond of it either, but given that Schlock can and will eat virtually anything, he doesn't really care that much.
  • Sonichu hates pickles because they remind him of a certain body part.
  • In Waterworks, Tubs does not like fish. Even the smell will keep him out of an area.

    Web Original 
  • In The Autobiography of Jane Eyre:
    • Grace Poole finds it difficult to describe Mr Rochester when Jane asks about him. She says he has a mild aversion to uncooked tomatoes.
    • Grace is somewhat obsessed with food and wouldn't dare to touch anything with glutens. (In one hilarious out-of-universe video, she's seen getting high on eating regular bread.)
  • Brad Jones cannot stand pickles or green beans.
  • Jake and Amir: Amir hates yams.
  • The Nostalgia Chick has a strong distaste for mayonnaise.
  • Kothorix has an entire video where he talks about how much he hates beer. He also mentions in the video that he doesn't like sea urchin.
  • In Achievement Hunter videos, several of their pranks involve this:
    • The gang love screwing with Gavin Free by using his hatred of wet bread against him, as he has a visceral gagging reaction to the mere mention of the subject. In their "Stink Jug" video, upon seeing the titular object, Gavin curls up in horror behind a bicycle and laments that it makes him not want to come into work.
    • Trevor Collins has an equally intense hatred of pickles and will be disgusted at the mere mention of them. Naturally, some of his food challenges involved the food much to his horror, having once ran away screaming after being forced to try a pickle covered in cotton candy. When the annual Extra Life event comes around, his punishments almost always involve him being forced to eat some form of pickles, usually gagging or vomiting afterwards.
  • Arin Hanson holds a special disdain for almonds, not because of taste, but because of their environmental impact on bees. A Running Gag in the "Whodunnit? episode of the Game Grumps Ten Minute Power Hour is Arin yelling at everybody to stop buying almonds.
  • Jeffy from SuperMarioLogan has a massive hatred for green beans. He won't eat them when they get served to him, often angrily chewing out whoever served them to him (usually Mario/Marvin) and/or throwing them away.

    Real Life 
  • President George H. W. Bush famously hated broccoli and once humorously declared at a news conference: "I do not like broccoli. And I haven't liked it since I was a little kid and my mother made me eat it. And I'm President of the United States and I'm not going to eat any more broccoli." Broccoli farmers sent 20,000 pounds of broccoli to the White House in protest and while Barbara Bush very graciously accepted the produce (as she personally loved it), President Bush simply doubled down and declared: "I still don't like broccoli".
  • Pythagoras (of Pythagorean Theorem fame) was known for his hatred of beans. To wit, Pythagoreanism was a religion based off his work and philosophy, and beans were verboten in said religion. Pythagoreans believed in reincarnation, and by their books beans were the main target for human souls to reincarnate into. Thus eating beans was, for them, something too close to cannibalism. Pythagoras had such an aversion to beans that as he was escaping from an angry mob, he came across a field of beans. Unwilling to trample across the field, he stood there and the mob killed him.
  • Yasuhiro Nightow, creator of Trigun and Blood Blockade Battlefront, abhors avocados. In an interview he has stated "I think avocados aren't fit for human consumption. If all the avocados were to disappear from the face of the earth right this very instant, it would not bother me in the least".
  • Mao Zedong was noted to dislike soy sauce, owing to being squicked by the moldy beans during a high-school field trip. So, the soy sauce used in red-braised pork — his Trademark Favorite Food — is substituted with caramel.
  • The Undertaker (or at the very least the man portraying him, Mark Calaway) absolutely hates cucumber, to the point that he (according to Paul Bearer in a shoot) threw up bad because he found some cucumber in his drink.
  • Humorist Dave Barry can't stand lobster and shellfish and wrote about it in his column (Lobsters are 'giant insects' (specifically cockroaches with claws) and clams and and oysters are 'snot in a shell', for example).
  • Gordon Ramsay hates Spam so much he learned to cook just so he wouldn't have to eat it again. The man hated a food so much it launched his career. He also will not touch airplane food. And he is on team anti-pineapple-on-pizza.
  • Moe Howard seriously did not like shellfish. When a sequence for A Pain In The Pullman called for all three Stooges to eat the shell of a Dungeness crab, Moe balked and couldn't bring himself to even lick the crab's claw. In the end, Preston Black arranged for the prop department to make a replica claw out of sugar for Moe to nibble on, but Moe was even squeamish about that (he even half-seriously suspected Black had merely had the prop department dip the actual claw in sugar to fool Moe). He finally did gnaw on the replica claw, but as he himself recounted, it was "gingerly".
  • Actress Jewel Staite is known to hate strawberries, which is the direct opposite of her Firefly character Kaylee and which had to make the well known Erotic Eating strawberry scene a challenge.
  • Madonna hates cheese, to the point that she never even had pizza before until she appeared on The Late Show with David Letterman and he offered her a (cheese-free) slice of it for the first time.

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