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The Other: Airi's Adventure, is, as the title notes is a game about Airi, and an adventure she has.

It is a RPG made in RPGMaker MV and was published on Steam, in 2019, by Rabbiton, with a demo available at the game's page.

In a modern-day setting, Airi, and her classmate, Luca, surprisingly meet in a park that they both use as a secret base, but, unknowingly, have walked into an Alternate Universe where Airi has an Alternate Self that's a guard captain, and her guards are looking for her, and mistake Airi for her instead.


And so, Airi and Luca start their adventure to try and get home from this world that looks like a Medieval European Fantasy.

The Other: Airi's Adventure contains examples of:

  • Alliterative Title: The Subtitle, anyway.
  • Confused Question Mark: Pictorial Speech Bubble of them are used when people get confused, like Airi, when she finds out that the Park has become an Unnaturally Looping Location.
  • Flavor Text: Most, if not all items, such as:
    • MP3:
      Listen to music whenever and wherever.
    • Uniform:
      School uniform.
    • School Shoes:
      Black leather shoes.
    • Pocket Money:
      ...Is it possible to use it here?
    • Mobile Phone:
      Airi's Phone, with her favourite phone charm attached on it.
    • Platform Shoes:
      Black leather shoes with slightly thick soles...
      It's tricky to tell if they break any school rules.
  • Hit Points: Part of the RPG system, the party members have HP, displayed in the battle screen and the party menu.
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  • Multiple Endings: There are some "Bad Ends", the first one is "Times Flies", if the party fails "Knight's Allies" get the Reputation needed to join Lillian on her quest:
    ...In the end, we didn't get the chance to travel with Lillian.
  • My Name Is ???: ??? is revealed as Luca after he and Airi talk for a little while and she remembers his name.
  • Painting the Medium: Multiple ways:
    • Large font for words with emphasis:
      • When Airi says "RUN!!" when fleeing the Knights(?), it's in much larger font, presumably to indicate she's yelling.
      • "Captain Lillian" is said in much larger font when the Knight(?) comes across Airi and Luca, presumably to get her attention.
    • Words in "()" are used for thoughts, in multiple places, such as:
      • When Airi examines a mysterious boy's books, she says:
        (He's indeed from our school.)
      • When Airi and Luca are facing off against a Knight(?):
        Luca: (It's impossible to fight an armored knight...
        Do we have anything useful?)
  • Palette Swap: For making variants of things, such as:
    • Making Underground Monkey variations, such as with the Tomatoes.
    • Fish variants: The Rainbow Trout icon is green and reddish, compared to the blue fish icon for Carp, Trout and Fish Fillet.
  • Party in My Pocket: The person listed the first in the party is who's displayed to represent the party when walking around.
  • Pictorial Speech Bubble: Happens when people react to things, sometimes, like when the Park becomes an Unnaturally Looping Location. After Airi goes through the loop once, she says a Confused Question Mark.
  • Save-Game Limits: Can save anywhere on the map once the menu becomes available. There's 30 save slots. Otherwise, saving happens at spots indicated by a magnifying glass.
  • Sweat Drop: Airi gets one at the second time she says Visible Silence if she tries to leave the Park without talking to the mystery boy.
  • Underground Monkey: The Tomatoes in the Southwoods of the first town. They come in regular-sized and Giant varieties, along with Palette Swaps to different expressions:
    • Regular Tomatoes have vertical lines for eyes, and a flat mouth. There's also have Anxious (Crosses Wingding Eyes), Angry (Downward slanting eyes and a mouth with two teeth / fangs?), Happy (Eyeless, and a smile), Sweet (Eyes and Blush Stickers), and the purple Poisonous (Eyeless with a flat line mouth). They act differently, based on their emotions. Anxious ones usually Wait and Flee, Sweet Tomatoes don't attack,
    • Giant Tomatoes come in Happy (Eyeless, and a smile) and Angry (Downward slanting eyes and a mouth with two teeth / fangs?), and have more Hit Points than regular Tomatoes.
  • Unnaturally Looping Location: The Park loops, if you leave from the top of the screen, you re-appear at the bottom, and Airi gets a Confused Question Mark Pictorial Speech Bubble. The only way forward is to move to the right.
  • Visible Silence: Multiple:
    • A string of 12 periods is emitted by Airi and the unknown boy, then Airi again with a Sweat Drop, in the Secret Base, if Airi tries to leave without talking to him.
    • Luca has a Pictorial Speech Bubble of "..." after the Knights(?) come on the scene.
    • Luca thinks "..." when fighting the Knight(?) presumably because he has no weapons.


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