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I Do Not Like Green Eggs and Ham

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"You do not like them, so you say.
Try them! Try them! And you may.
Try them and you may, I say."
Sam-I-Am, Green Eggs and Ham

The circus is in town! Or perhaps just the big Broadway play that everyone's been talking about recently. Or maybe it's just a big blockbuster movie. Whatever it is, the characters are all going to rush out to see it, perhaps on opening day.

However, there's one character who thinks — no, knows — that they are just going to absolutely hate it, despite — or perhaps because of — everyone else's enthusiasm. Nevertheless, they're dragged to the event anyway, and lo and behold, they love it! In fact, most of the time, they'll become the biggest fan of whatever it is that they didn't want to see. Bonus points if the other characters, the ones so enthusiastic to see it in the first place, end up hating it.

It doesn't necessarily have to be a movie or a play; it can be anything. It can even be a dish, like, eggs and ham.


Can happen in Real Life; see Hype Aversion and Audience-Alienating Premise. Then again, it can more often lead to Hype Backlash or a Lost Aesop where the "don't form an opinion about something you haven't tried" moral comes out as The Complainer Is Always Wrong. Often leads to Vindicated by History, And You Thought It Would Fail, and It Will Never Catch On when dealing with real-life attitudes towards a work.

Not to be confused with Does Not Like Spam, which is about someone consistently disliking a type of food as part of their characterization. Neither with Large Ham.

Compare to Instant Taste Addiction, where after they try it they become addicted to it.

By the way, don't eat eggs and ham which are literally green. You'll probably get food poisoning unless food coloring was involved. Or they're century eggs, though that may fall under Foreign Queasine for you instead.



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  • Done slightly differently in the old "Life Cereal" commercials where the other kids don't want to try the cereal, so they push it off on their younger brother named Mikey. Mikey, memetically, likes it.
  • Inverted with Oatmeal Crisp. Dad keeps trying to persuade Son that it is absolutely disgusting, when in reality, he just doesn't want to share.
  • When Lucky the Leprechaun added marshmallow Rainbows to his Lucky Charms, bringing the number up to eight, there was a commercial where a few older leprechauns objected, saying seven was luckier, and the cereal couldn't have eight. They changed their minds after tasting it.
  • Sonny the Cocoa Puffs Bird regularly has people reject his cereal at first, and then fall in love with it after just one bite.

    Anime & Manga 
  • Negima! Magister Negi Magi has an interesting variation in Chisame, who goes to extraordinary lengths not to accept the existence of magic, despite all the other characters telling her about how awesome it is. When she finally does get away from the madness, she realizes that her life is too boring, so she heads right back. And promptly starts complaining about it again.
  • In the New Doctor Slump, there's a couple of chained episodes which Arale, Katchan, Akane, and Peasuke visit King Nikochan's planet, where white radishes are the famous food. Peasuke, being very picky about what he eats, says he hate them, but after Akane forces him to eat one, he ends up loving them.
  • In an episode of Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL during the Duel Carnival, Yuma's opponent Housaku uses the Basket Rule for their duel, which requires each player to take one vegetable at random from his basket and eating it before attacking with a monster. Yuma is at a clear disadvantage because he claims he doesn't like tomatoes (which Housaku specializes in). After getting pounded by Housaku (and eventually making him angry for insulting his tomatoes) Kotori threatens to forcefeed them to Yuma if he doesn't eat them, so he is persuaded to try them... And finds them pretty good. He goes on to win the duel.
  • In Sword Art Online, Kirito's younger sister, Suguha, hated VRMMO games, particularly when one trapped her brother's mind inside of it, until she gave ALfheim Online a go. Afterwards, she became enamored with them, especially ALO.
  • ViVid Strike!: Despite practicing them for the sake of getting stronger, Rinne does not like martial arts, something noted by others and even herself. However during her rematch with Fuka, she starts to realize she actually did have fun working for her achievements, making Jill happy with her success, learning new techniques and being motivated by the crowd.
  • Averted in Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid. Tohru tries on multiple occasions to get Miss Kobayashi to taste her tail, which she states the very first time to find immoral. The series ends not with her finally giving it a try, but with Tohru wising up and preparing something without it for a farewell meal.
  • In JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Battle Tendency, Joseph Joestar has this reaction to being served squid ink pasta at a restaurant. He's initially mortified at the thought of eating what he assumes is writing ink, but after some coaxing from the waiter, he tries and really enjoys it.
    Joseph: [grabs the waiter by the collar, who is nonplussed] You expect me to eat spaghetti with ink in it?!
    Waiter: Well, sir, this is spaghetti al nero di seppia. It's made with fresh squid ink, so it is black.
    [Joseph releases the waiter and sits back down to reluctantly try the pasta; once he does, his pupils dilate in pleasure]
    Joseph: Yum! Isn't this a treat? [enthusiastically chows down as the waiter sighs in relief] I like it, it's good!
  • In the last episode of Lucky Star, Konata invites Kagami to join Patricia's planned event for their school's cultural festival. Initially, she passes, but then decides to join because her friends need her a lot more than do others. Next thing you know, she basically takes charge of the whole thing upon realizing how badly Patricia herself has been slacking off.
  • At the end of episode 4 of Digimon Adventure, the Pyocomon prepare a feast for the Chosen Children during a stay in their village. The kids initially find what's served, which resembles bird feed, unappetizing, but Takeru is the first to eat it anyway, followed by Yamato, breaking their aversion from there.
  • Early in Puella Magi Oriko Magica, Yuma expresses initial disgust towards a plate of curry, but Kyoko tells her not to waste food. Not only was she not shown to have actually eaten a bite yet, but it says something when Kyoko then tells her to slow down, followed by another panel with the plate all cleaned up and Yuma smiling rather widely.
  • In the first episode of Amagi Brilliant Park, after already seeing so much wrong with the eponymous park, Seiya initially turns down some croquettes that Isuzu offers him as he's about to leave. After being prodded into having a bite, he's actually impressed for the first time all day, and asks her if she made them, and she offers to introduce him to the actual chef, Queen Latifah Fullanza.

    Asian Animation 
  • Akis: In "The Guhr-Guhr Monster", Akis meets a boy who won't eat his vegetables because he thinks they're disgusting and invents the "guhr-guhr monster", which is weak against vegetables, to convince him otherwise. It works.

    Comic Books 
  • A young Hellboy is adamant that "I don't like pamcakes!", but it turns out he loves them when he tries them. Cue demons in Hell lamenting that he is lost to them forever. This was used as a Mythology Gag in the movie, where HB is brought a gigantic plate of what he at one point calls "pamcakes".

    Comic Strips 
  • Peanuts:
    • In one arc, Peppermint Patty is dragged to a classical concert expecting to hate it, only to find it beautiful. Then she turns to apologize to Marcie, who dragged her there... only to find that Marcie has fallen asleep.
    • Another time, Peppermint Patty's teacher assigns Hans Brinker and the Silver Skates for winter break. Patty doesn't like the assignment at first, but finds that she actually enjoys the book. When school starts again, she tells her teacher "Thank you for forcing us to read it!"
    • In an earlier arc, Sally is scared to death about the prospect of starting kindergarten. After one day there, she loves going. Unfortunately, Sally's enthusiasm for school didn't last.
  • FoxTrot:
    • In one arc, Paige is grossed out about having to dissect frogs in biology class, even to the point of having nightmares. After actually doing it, she thinks that it's so cool that she can't stop talking about the process at home. Even during dinner.
    • In another arc, the normally voracious Peter refuses to eat one of his mother's... unusual culinary inventions. He's forced to sit at the table for hours until late at night, in the dark, he grudgingly takes a bite. A pause, and then he thinks "Crud... I like it."
  • Dilbert: In one strip, Dilbert offers Dogbert some avocado dip to go with their chips; when the latter says he doesn't like it, Dilbert retorts that he doesn't know it until he's tried it. Dogbert argues that Dilbert has never tried cramming a potato chip up his nose; who's to say he wouldn't like that once he's tried it? Dilbert then agrees to do just that if Dogbert tries the dip. After all's said and done, Dogbert admits that he lied; he's always loved avocado dip.note 

    Fan Works 
  • Limpet AU: At first, Vader refuses to entertain Ben's persistent request to play flying with him, and does everything he can to distract the toddler with other activities so that he doesn't have to participate in the activity. When he eventually gives in and agrees to play fly with Ben, he gets so carried away in the game that he fails to notice Luke and Mara arrive to collect their son until they're right behind him.
  • The Mouse in the Walls: While Mirabel finds Ratón's telanovellas — in their execution and ridiculous, protracted storylines — rather dumb, it just takes one "episode" before she immediately becomes a fan of it, volunteering to help make costumes for the rats and throwing out fan-theories about the characters.
  • Pokémon Reset Bloodlines: The sidestory Oak's Summer Camp Gaiden expands on Ash and Serena's first meeting. When she first arrives to the titular camp, Serena isn't at all happy, and blames her mother for leaving her there. But after she meets Ash, the two quickly become friends and she grows to like it more.

    Films — Animation 
  • Zig-Zagged in Inside Out. Riley was fed broccoli as a baby and before being given it, was grossed out by it, but when she was fed she liked it, so now she likes broccoli...but not on pizza....and she's subconsciously afraid of giant broccoli.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • Angel's Project: Inspector Hu, assigned to watch after a witness, Chan-Wai, unintentionally gets stranded with Chan in the rural Malaysian countryside where they end up bunking at a village where Chan-Wai's local friend offers them a place to stay, and also dinner... which turns out to be deep-fried monitor lizard. Inspector Hu expresses her disgust, but after Chan goads her into taking a bite, she ends up loving it.
  • In Shakespeare in Love, there's a Puritan preaching against theatre outside the Globe, but is swept inside by the crowd on the opening night of Romeo and Juliet, and by the end of the play is cheering louder than anyone.
  • Sharktopus: One scene features a tourist who is extremely reluctant to give bungee jumping a try until her boyfriend promises that they can spend the rest of the day at the spa if she does. After bungee jumping, she enjoys it so much that she insists on going again. Unfortunately, a giant predator that is lurking in the ocean below makes a successful attempt to snatch her out of the air and eat her.
  • While spinach is well-known to be Popeye's Trademark Favorite Food, it was addressed in an odd way in the movie version starring Robin Williams. In the plot of the film, he always claimed to have hated it, much to the dismay of his father. At the climax, when Bluto sadistically forcefeeds it to him, he discovers his ability to gain strength from it, sends the villain fleeing with his tail between his legs, and becomes the hero that everyone knows and loves.note 
  • In Pitch Perfect, the protagonist dislikes movies in general and has never seen one the whole way through, apparently finding them too boring and predictable. Her Love Interest is shocked by this and tries to get her to watch The Breakfast Club but she refuses. After the pair fall out, she eventually does watch it and is visibly brought to tears by it. As such, she incorporates "Don't You Forget About Me" into the medley the Barden Bellas perform at the a cappella competition at the film's end, which her former beau correctly interprets as her way of apologizing.
  • Final Destination 3: Ashley and Ashlynn initially lament the lack of any "cool" music at the tanning salon and seem irritated about having to listing to a seventies R&B CD. However, once the music starts, the two girls quickly find themselves happily nodding and singing along.

  • Obviously, the trope namer comes from the classic Dr. Seuss book, Green Eggs and Ham, in which one of the main characters is constantly badgered to try the strangely colored breakfast concoction. He balks at first, but when he finally tries it, he ends up loving it.
  • In The Lord of the Rings, Gimli the dwarf is initially unimpressed with the Elvish waybread lembas, assuming it's similar to cram (an unpleasant type of hard biscuit used for long journeys). As soon as he tastes it, he changes his tune.
  • In A Brother's Price, Trini is adamant that no, she does not want a husband, least of all that stranger with whose pretty face her sisters fell in love. She eventually consents to marry him, because he'd otherwise have to marry into a family she thinks one shouldn't even give a dog to. Soon after the engagement, she is as fond of the fiancé as her sisters are.
  • The Relativity story "Movie Night" has a B-plot involving Michael being forced to watch John Wayne movies, even though he insists he won't like them.
  • Jonathan Swift once quoted "He was a bold man that first eat an oyster," and declined to explain it further, thinking it self explanatory.
  • Late in Please Stop Laughing At Me, author Jodee Blanco recalls meeting with a group of kids in preparation for college, who all shared similar experiences to hers of abuse they endured. One of them was instead a bully himself, and expressed originally wanting nothing to do with the "nerds and outcasts", but not only did he then realize what a bunch of jerks he and his own friends all were after hearing things from fellow victims' perspective to his, but he had also come to appreciated the opportunity to be true to himself instead of trying to be "cool" like his former friends.
  • Roys Bedoys:
    • In “Don’t Be a Picky Eater, Roys Bedoys!”, Roys doesn’t want to try some shrimp balls and dumplings, but once he eats them, he enjoys them.
    • In “Stop Being Stubborn, Roys Bedoys!”, Roys initially thinks rocky road ice cream looks terrible since he thinks it’s made of poop, but when he tastes some, he thinks it’s the “best ice cream ever”.

    Live-Action TV 
  • A episode of The Cosby Show has Vanessa dismissing blues as "whiny music" until she actually goes with the family to a concert given by the episode's Special Guest.
  • Happened to Dick Solomon of 3rd Rock from the Sun with American football in "Fourth and Dick".
  • Happened to Red Forman of That '70s Show, when he is made to watch Star Wars and is impressed against his will by the first big explosion.
  • A food example from Friends: Rachel's infamous Beef trifle strikes fear into everybody, but Joey actually likes it. He even eats the ones that everyone else discarded.
  • One episode of Taxi had a subplot where Reverend Jim was shocked that Alex hadn't seen E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial yet. Alex says he just doesn't like science fiction movies. He sees it to get Jim to quit pestering him, and afterward admits he liked it.
  • Star Trek: A well-known Klingon delicacy is Gagh, serpent worms that are traditionally served very fresh - in other words, live. It is far better than it sounds or appears, and is enjoyed by many races, including humans.
  • In Sports Night, Dana gets tickets to see The Lion King on Broadway with her young nephew. She thinks it's going to be silly but returns and raves about how awesome it was. Of course, since ABC is owned by Disney, this could also count as a blatant example of Product Placement.
  • In Angel, Gunn is angry that Angel got them ballet tickets, instead of tickets to a hip-hop concert. He's almost weeping with joy by the first intermission. And it's not even a magical compulsion.
  • In Top Gear's American muscle car roadtrip, James May hates his Cadillac CTS-V and is less than thrilled about the detour the other two presenters want to make on a winding backroad in Nevada. He promptly changes his tune once he sends the car through a few tight corners.
  • An episode of Just Shoot Me! has Finch pestered into seeing a performance of King Lear. By the end he's weeping and begging the others not to look at him.
  • After reviewing The Soloist on The Rotten Tomatoes Show, Ellen Fox realizes this:
    "Last week we were talking about seeing this movie and I thought I was going to hate it and you [Brett Erlich] were excited to see it. So it surprised both of us."
  • Londo Molari from Babylon 5 has a particularly notable example of this when he meets the comedy duo Reebo and Zooty (played by Penn & Teller). Their ubiquity and popularity confuses and annoys him throughout the episode. However, after meeting them in person, he seems to become a devoted fan.
  • In Power Rangers Zeo, a variant happens with class clowns Bulk and Skull in a more serious episode highlighting the latter. Skull is an accomplished pianist but hides it from Bulk who thinks classical music is for sissies, but when he finds out that Skull is the pianist, he gives it a chance and by the end is moved to tears by his performance.
  • Home Improvement: In one episode, Jill attempts to interest the men in the house in opera. As expected, they all claim to hate it, until she brings an opera singer in to sing for a party. One of the boys finds it incredibly fascinating and asks if he can go to the opera with her.
  • In the Corner Gas episode "Pandora's Wine", courtesy of Lacey, the Leroys get hooked on various expensive food that they initially claim not to enjoy before trying it. They also get "bumped up to a new bracket" on types of food they already enjoyed by trying a more expensive version and being unable to go back to the cheaper stuff. Bemoaning the high cost of feeding their new cravings, they plot a "revenge brunch" hoping to get Lacey hooked on expensive food in return, but end up getting her hooked on Emma's meatloaf instead: the cheapest, easiest thing they know how to make. Though the Leroys do get some satisfaction when Hank gives her a pen with expensive refills, bumping her up to a new pen bracket.
  • In an episode of The Lucy Show, Lucy concocts a large-scale scheme to pay for her new furniture by taking advantage of Bailey's Barbecued Beans' double-your-money-back guarantee, insisting that the beans couldn't possibly be better than what her mother used to make. Of course, she tries some at the end of the episode and loves them.
  • Iron Fist (2017): Davos has nothing but contempt for food in the world outside K'un-L'un and isn't afraid to say so. When Claire introduces him to New York pizza though, he admits it to be "not horrible."
  • Little Lunch: The episode "The Ya Ya" revolves around Atticus desperately trying to avoid eating the strange food his ya ya (grandmother) has made for him while his parents are away. Of course, once he gives in and actually eats it, he finds it absolutely delicious.
  • In The Wonder Years Kevin and Paul go to the theater to meet with a couple of girls to see the 1968 film adaptation of Romeo and Juliet. Paul, however, is very vocal about how he doesn't want to see the movie. Afterwards, he becomes obsessed with it, going back to see it several times.
  • Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: In the episode "Badda Bing Badda Bang", Captain Sisko dislikes the retro-Las Vegas holosuite program for being in-universe Politically Correct History and is only a reluctant participant in defending Vic Fontaine from the holo-gangsters extorting him. His attitude gradually softens and at the end of the episode he sings a duet of "The Best Is Yet to Come" with Vic.
  • The Golden Girls:
    • One episode has Rose starting to attend a positive thinking seminar group. She invites the other girls to come along, and Dorothy is entirely dismissive, thinking it's all a bunch of new-age hooey. Needless to say, she ends up believing in the power of positive thinking and talks about it nonstop, much to her roommates' chagrin. The end of the episode subverts the trope, though, as thinking positively stops working for Dorothy, and she feels like a fool for falling for it. In a show of solidarity, Rose decides to stop going to the meetings, leaving Dorothy genuinely touched and happy; the aesop is thus "Supporting your friends is more important than the latest fad."
    • Another episode has Rose, who, due to sheer insomnia, decides to make some Scandinavian dessert. Dorothy and Blanche are both repulsed by the horrid smell from said dessert (with Dorothy claiming that the Donner party would have STILL resorted to cannibalism if the foul-smelling dessert were offered to them as the only alternative), at which point Rose encourages them to try it out, suggesting "holding your nose with one hand and taking the dessert into your mouth with the other" as the trick to getting around the smell. Once Dorothy and Blanche try it out with Rose's tip, they genuinely appreciate the dessert in reaction.
  • Deconstructed to hell and back in the It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia episode "Gun Fever Too: Still Hot." Frank goes on the news after an attempted mugging and credits his guns for saving his life. He then urges the people of Philly to buy firearms at Gunther's Guns, a local shop, to protect themselves. The rest of the Gang is divided on the issue: Dennis and Dee claim that guns are terrible and should be banned from the streets; Charlie thinks guns are amazing; and Mac argues that swords are cooler than guns. After countless hijinks, all of the group (and indeed, most of the city) is swept up in Frank's fervor and think that gun ownership is awesome...and that's when Frank casually reveals that he doesn't care at all about firearms. He deliberately worked everyone in Philadelphia into a frenzy about their Second Amendment rights so they'd buy weapons at Gunther's Guns—which he recently invested in. He's now made a fortune, and decides that he's going to hawk water filters to capture more left-leaning, environmentally conscious customers.
  • On the Grand Finale episode of The Big Bang Theory, Penny tries pickled herring and ends up enjoying it.
    Penny: Sounds gross, looks gross, smells gross... IT'S DELICIOUS!
  • WKRP in Cincinnati: Arthur Carlson runs a rock-and-roll radio station, but prefers older music and is reluctant to listen to his DJs. However, when maintaining the station's public image eventually demands that he attend a rock-and-roll concert they're promoting, Carlson enjoys the band's music.

  • Sandra Boynton's song, "(Don't Give Me That) Broccoli" from the Dog Train album.
    I know I'm going to hate it! Uh, oh, I ate it!...yum.
  • "Weird Al" Yankovic's "Addicted to Spuds":
    I used to hate them, now they're all that I eat, oh yeah
    Whee, I've often seen then whipped, but they just can't be beat
    Now I'm gonna have to face it
    I'm addicted to spuds
    Might as well face it, I'm addicted to spuds
  • A common occurrence if a band has a New Sound Album, if an album has a different line up to the usual, or if they read a negative review by a biased critic is that the one person won't listen to it because they don't think they'll like it. A notable example is One Hot Minute by Red Hot Chili Peppers which is a good album that has only been avoided because it features Dave Navarro on guitar and has slightly more metal tracks than usual. Often these people are inherently biased towards the band's more frequent guitarist John Frusciante, and would probably praise the album had he played on it.
  • The song "Pink Fish", written by Alan Menken.
  • The Barenaked Ladies sang a partially rewritten rap song version of the original Dr. Seuss story in their first independent album.
  • In Moxy Früvous's version of the story, when the pestering Sam-I-Am is asked if he wants to share the verdant foodstuffs with the convinced protagonist? He's not keen on them.
  • The Ben Folds Five song "Do It Anyway" is about how we all have something we say we're never going to like but eventually come around to.
  • Julia Lee's "The Spinach Song" is (on the surface) about trying the titular greens and learning to like them: "I didn't like it the first time / but oh, how it grew on me". This is almost certainly about something other than vegetables, in an era where one didn't sing openly about such things.

    Puppet Shows 
  • In the Allegra's Window episode "The Zootabaga Caper", Allegra is convinced she won't like blue zootabagas, even though everyone around her loves them. But in the end she finally tries one and loves it.
  • An old Sesame Street skit has Ernie trying to play a rhythm game with Bert, who initially refuses... but then gets caught up in it, to the point where he wants to continue even after Ernie gets bored with it.
  • Under the Umbrella Tree: In the episode "Yuck!" Jacob is convinced he won't like zucchini or anything made with it, but when he finally tastes Holly's zucchini loaf, he loves it.

  • The Guy Who Didn't Like Musicals plays with the formula. Paul doesn't like musicals, so when everybody in his town starts singing and tries to force Paul to sing with them, he's confused, irritated, and frightened. However, Paul's reaction is justified because everybody in the singing mob has been infected with an alien virus. During the climax, when Paul finds himself singing and realizes that it might actually be nice to take the happier path of a mindless singing body, it's very much not a triumphant moment. By the end, Paul is gleefully one of the mob and sings to Emma, who shared his disdain for musicals, to join him.

    Video Games 
  • Horizon Forbidden West: One minor sidequest has Aloy gathering bird meat and eggs for a Tenakth cook, who's trying to get the warriors in her camp to try eating something other than red meat. It's only after Aloy gives her approval of the dish that one warrior in particular is willing to try eating "egg slime." The next time you visit that camp, she can be overheard talking about how great it is.
  • Happens in Red Dead Redemption when John Marsten takes his son Jack hunting. Jack originally believes he wouldn't like it, but in the end is commenting on how much he enjoyed it.
  • In Super Robot Wars Judgment, Domon Kasshu is apprehensive about watching Gekiganger 3. By the time they're done with it, he's so moved that he's crying.
  • Many characters in Saints Row: The Third, particularly the Boss, dislike the TV show Nyte Blayde, which the Boss calls "a shitty vampire show". However, Matt Miller's loyalty mission in Saints Row IV involves acting out a Nyte Blayde Self-Insert Fic he wrote and programmed into the simulation. While the Boss, naturally, hates the experience at first, they become intrigued by the fic's narrative and listens to Matt's explanation of the show's plot with genuine interest. By the end of the mission, the Boss is hooked on Nyte Blayde's premise, and, after a Rousing Speech to Matt, uses their authority as President and sole surviving human leader to assign him all rights and licenses to the Nyte Blayde franchise, on the condition that he keep making more stories.
  • In the Borderlands 2 DLC Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep, after the three still-living Borderlands 1 Vault Hunters discover that Tiny Tina has been subsisting on a diet of literally nothing but crumpets, they try to get her to eat a salad, which she aggressively fights against ("Why is it green?! That's not natural!"). When they finally manage to physically hold her down and force feed her the salad, she finds it tasty... but is disgusted with herself because only adults find salad tasty.

    Web Animation 
  • Subverted in Homestar Runner, with the Strong Bad Email concert. Strong Bad and Strong Sad go to a concert together. The opening act, an Alternative Rock band called sloshy, is Strong Sad's favorite band, but Strong Bad has no interest in them, only going to see the headliner, the Hair Metal group Limozeen. Limozeen never takes the stage, and sloshy ends up doing the entire show, but Strong Bad admits that their music is actually pretty good. He ends the email with the words "And that's how sloshy became one of my favorite metal bands", only to have Strong Sad tell him that sloshy is not metal. After Strong Bad breaks a record over Strong Sad's head for "tricking" him, he says "And that's how sloshy became one of my least favorite bands".
  • Parodied in KroboProductions' YouTube Poop Green Eggs and Eggs, where the main character eats the titular foodstuff halfway through, and hates it. He then spends the rest of the video demanding sex from Sam-I-Am Chadwarden.
  • In the Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse short "Another Day at the Beach", Summer and Midge each reluctantly participate in one of the other's favorite activities. Summer tries to make macramé, and enjoys it so much, she and Midge decide to have a "macramé-off". Midge goes cage diving, but doesn't have fun doing it.
  • One episode of Gorillaville has a Ramones-style song about how Manny should try quinoa, which he refuses to eat on the grounds that "it looks like boogers and tastes like sand." Once he takes a bite, he likes it to much that he ends up stealing everyone else's to gorge himself on. It ends up making him have to poop a lot.
  • Yahtzee had, for years, avoided the critically-lauded Dark Souls because he'd lacked the time to commit to it and the few times he'd made attempts to play it he'd struggled to really get started, what with its iconic extreme difficulty and deliberate obtuseness (comparing it to walking into a dark shed, treading on a rake and getting blatted in the face)note , but with Dark Souls II about to come out and a big enough gap in his gaming schedule he decided to gird his loins, study up on the stuff he needed to know, and give it one more proper go. He subsequently became a massive fan of the entire franchise.
    Yahtzee: Last chance — I'll just keep tanking the rakes and maybe I'll somehow become really psychotically into being rake-faced just in time to be prepared for the sequel. And I'll be blatted in the face with a rake if that isn't kind of what happened!

  • Both played straight and inverted at once in a Chuck and Beans comic. Chuck is skeptical about going to a Comic-Con convention while Beans is eager to go. When they actually make it to the convention, Beans comments that the attendees are weirdos while Chuck excitedly says "Beans... we're home!"
  • Shanna Cochran of Fans! started out as a vocal critic of sci-fi/fantasy fandom, but she eventually became a fan herself. For much of the comic's run she tried to conceal this, fooling no one. Justified, as Shanna's mother is insane and fandom was the point where she began detaching from reality. Shanna denies fandom because she's afraid she's going down the same road.
  • This strip of Freefall lampshades the Broken Aesop of this trope.
  • Misfile: Subverted with Ash and motorcycles. Despite James and Emily being convinced that he would like riding them if he just gave them a chance, when he's finally convinced to go for a ride on James' bike, he comes back hating the experience and providing several valid reasons for not liking it.
  • In El Goonish Shive, the "Pizza" storyline is nominally about this in regards to Kitty not liking pizza. It is intended to be a metaphor for people acting in this way in general.

    Web Original 
  • TV Tropes: A common plot involving real or made-up Game Show Appearance episodes: one character will think a Game Show or lottery drawing is stupid, silly, and/or pointless and will generally become the one to get obsessed by it.

    Web Videos 
  • The Nostalgia Critic:
    Critic: I know, it's weird! I'm defending Pinky, Elmyra and the Brain, and I'm not even defending it as anything that great!
  • One of the Bon Appétit videos has two kids along with Cookie Monster trying a variety of popular cookies from the past 100 years. When they get to the '60s with Nutter Butters, both kids are reluctant, claiming they don't like peanut butter. Cookie Monster encourages them both to try it. The girl gives it a lick and says, "I tried it." But then the boy takes a bite and says it was better than he expected. The girl, now curious, takes a bite herself, and then eagerly starts eating the rest of it.
  • When Ghostbusters (2016) came out, James Rolfe expressly refused to watch it, due to a mediocre trailer, the film's disacknowledgement of the original two films, and that film's entire history that he made the focus in lieu of a review. The second part of this trope is averted; he actually did acknowledge at one point that the movie itself might be good.

    Western Animation 
  • A mild example in one of the The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius shorts (before it became a full-blown series): Jimmy is very reluctant to try cream corn for supper, despite his mother reassuring him that it's good. So he scoops it into his Hypercube while his parents are busy talking. This backfires when his dad spots the cube, mistakes it for a brainteaser puzzle, and starts fiddling with it the until cream corn it was storing explodes all over the room. Some gets in his mouth and he comments in an offhand, pleasantly surprised tone, "Oh. That is good."
  • The Angry Beavers episode "Beach Beavers A Go-Go" has Daggett insisting that he and Norbert go to the beach, despite the latter's reluctance. Once they get there, lots of bad things happen to Dag, and Norb ends up having a good time.
  • The Animaniacs short "The Warners and the Beanstalk" not only parodies the classic fairy tale Jack and the Beanstalk, but also Green Eggs and Ham with the Warners trying to get the giant, who looks and sounds like Ralph the Guard, to try gold eggs and meat. It ends with the memorable exchange "Gold eggs and meat I do not hate!" "But now those clouds won't hold your weight", followed by the giant plummeting to Earth like a stone.
  • Arthur:
    • The episode "D.W. The Picky Eater" (adapted from a short story of the same name), where D.W. at first hates spinach, but after trying it in a pie served at a restaurant, she likes it. The original book ended with her looking horrified after learning she enjoyed spinach, while the animated version had her go on to proudly declare a love for the vegetable and saying she never had a problem with it.
    • In another episode, Muffy is invited to see her first opera with her dad, but doesn't want to go because she's worried she'll get bored and end up embarrassing them both. After some encouragement from her mom, who felt the same way about opera at first, she goes anyway and ends up really enjoying herself.
    • In "The Scare-Your-Pants-Off Club", the local kids all love the "Scare-Your-Pants-Off" books, a horror series for young readers (and thus an Expy of Goosebumps). Problems begin when Mr. and Mrs. Crosswire, Muffy's parents, begin a campaign to ban the books after Muffy claims she had nightmares from reading them. Thankfully, it turns out the author lives in Elwood City, and she challenges Mr. Crosswire to look at the books before making a snap judgment. He ends up enjoying them so much that he rescinds his efforts (especially after Muffy reveals that her nightmares actually came from eating too much ice cream).
  • Be Cool, Scooby-Doo!: In an incredibly rare turn of events, both Shaggy and Scooby (well established as Big Eaters with a taste for all manner of bizarre foods) are shown absolutely refusing to try an Irish dish of crubeens (batter-fried pig's trotters, sometimes deboned and stuffed with mashed potato) and farl (pan-cooked soda bread) in the episode "Giant Problems", despite the hounding of a chef determined to make them eat the dish. The usual Aesop is subverted at the episode's end; whilst they are forced to eat the dish, they still proclaim it tastes disgusting, in a Hard Truth Aesop that sometimes first judgments are correct.
  • Bob's Burgers: In "Bad Tina", Bob is dragged against his will by Linda to the theater, which is playing "CAKE", a troupe of "Stomp"-like dancers doing high-energy "Patty Cake". Bob gets completely absorbed to the point of obsession, driving friends to tears making them "cake" with him.
    • The same thing happens to Louise in the episode "Boyz 4 Now," when Tina drags her to a concert by the titular boy band. Louise develops a crush on one of the band members, and being Louise, is sure the only way to break his spell over her is to slap him in the face.
  • BoJack Horseman is usually disgusted by the sight of honeydew melon. In the final episode, he tries it and quite likes it.
  • The premise of the Cow and Chicken episode "Cow's Pie" has Cow create her own pie - Cow's Pie - and trying to get Chicken to try it. Not trusting what is in the pie, he refuses, but Cow insists he tries it, trying and failing to trick him into it. Such methods include: impersonating their Mom and Dad, hiding in the shower-spout, hiding in his locker, getting his attention from out the window (getting him in trouble), and replacing the football he was playing with the pie during recess. It is not until she empties out the entirety of their food stock does he finally concedes, discovering that it is actually pretty good. When he asks what is in it, she says that it is best that he didn't know.
  • Dexter's Laboratory: "Sister's Got a Brand New Bag" has Dexter spend most of the cartoon trying to get away from Dee Dee, who is insistent on showing him her new dance. He goes to such extremes like heading to the bottom of the ocean and outer space. In the end, he finally gives up and watches. This is Dexter's response to Dee Dee afterwards:
    "Hey, that was pretty good."
  • Doug:
    • In one episode, Grandma Opal tries to convince Doug to eat sushi. He's reluctant to do so as he horrified of the idea of eating raw fish. After being reminded of how as a baby, he initially resisted ice cream only to love it, Doug eats some sushi and discovers that he indeed likes it.
    • Another episode has Patti inviting Doug to a party she's hosting where the guests will be served liver and onions. Doug despises that dish (to the point where he once gave a presentation to the class on how much he hates it!), and so has to "train" for eating it at the party. When he finally starts liking it (or at least builds up a tolerance to it) and goes to Patti's house, she reveals that it was all a joke based on the aforementioned presentation Doug gave, and they're actually having something else.
  • In the animated special The Easter Bunny is Comin' to Town, the Bunny actually has a song that explains this Trope, which he uses to convince two city guards who are doubtful of trying anything new. (With a Shout-Out to Johnathan Swift which the target audience likely didn't get.). See it here at the 16:00 mark.
  • In The Fairly OddParents, Timmy wishes that his mom was a great chef so he wouldn't have to eat her nasty looking food. She ends up losing this gift after entering a cooking competition (the Fairy rulebook forbids magic being used to win competitions because it counts as cheating) and cooks up a disgusting looking meal. Not wanting his mother to be humiliated on national television, Timmy volunteers to eat it...only to find that the meal is absolutely delicious, so much so that it ends up winning her the competition! At the end of the episode, Mom cooks some of it for dinner and places a plate of it in front of a very enthusiastic looking Timmy.
  • In the Family Guy episode "Chick Cancer", Peter gets dragged by Lois to a Chick Flick. He enjoys it so much he decides to make his own. Hilarity Ensues.
  • In Frisky Dingo, rapper Ta'Quil becomes instantly hooked to NASCAR after watching his first race, sporting a racing jacket afterwards. This is Truth in Television: NASCAR tends to have that effect once people actually give it a chance.
  • Being that it's an animated adaptation based on the Trope Namer itself, it's obvious that Green Eggs and Ham (2019) is this with Guy Am I.
  • An episode of Hey Arnold! actually includes both a subversion and usage of this through and through. Some of Arnold's classmates are all raving about Ronnie Matthews, a singer who's coming to town, except for Helga and Phoebe. Helga isn't even into Matthews and thinks he's stupid, while Phoebe is actually a closet fan of his.note  Phoebe then wins a contest where she and a guest gets to go to his concert and meet him afterwards. She invites Helga to be her guest. After meeting Matthews as a person following the concert, Phoebe experiences Fan Disillusionment and starts to dislike him. Helga, on the other hand, becomes a huge fan of Matthews and thinks he's the greatest person ever, for the following reasons:
    • His accent is fake.
    • He can't play any of his instruments.
    • He doesn't write or even sing his own songs.
    • He's a huge Jerkass. This part amazes Helga, who's one herself.
    • Despite all of the above, he's made enormous amounts of money and fame for himself, and she views this as "the perfect scam."
  • Histeria!: Green Eggs and Ham is parodied in part of an episode, in which Loud Kiddington tries to persuade former President George H.W. Bush to eat some broccoli. He does, and, contrary to the trope, he hates it (it turns out, though, that Loud just wanted him to verify his distaste for it, because it provides an excuse for him and his friends to not eat it themselves).
  • Kim Possible: One episode has Kim, in order to buy a new jacket, applied for a job at the Bueno Nacho. Her partner in crimefighting, Ron, only gets dragged into the same job by accident and complains that he'll hate it when he realizes he's been roped in. Later, he almost leaves the crime-fighting to become a manager at the Bueno Nacho.
  • Subverted in the Let's Go Luna! episode "Stinky Fruit", where Leo is reluctant to try a durian fruit due to its awful stench, but is encouraged by his friends to try eating it anyway. Once Leo finally does work up the courage to eat the fruit, he ends up legitimately disliking its taste.
  • In the Looney Tunes short "Fin n’ Catty", there’s a cat that wants to eat a goldfish, but acts deathly allergic to water. That is, until he accidentally locks himself in a shower stall full of water. The goldfish points out that the cat is fully submerged; at first, the cat panics, but eventually realizes he loves water so much that takes the goldfish’s bowl for himself.
  • The Looney Tunes Show: The episode "Customer Service" has Bugs's cable getting switched to the soap opera network. Speedy comes in to see a Spanish soap opera on TV and reprimands him for watching "this garbage". The moment Bugs leaves, Speedy watches the show for a few seconds and becomes completely invested in it to the point where he blows off his job at Pizzariba so he can stay home and watch it.
  • The Magic School Bus: Traditionally, and indeed as expressed in the opening theme song, Arnold would lament the necessity of the day's field trip in most, if not all episodes. Ironically, the one he missed, where they went through his digestive tract, made him wish he'd gone with and swear to never miss another field trip again. This started after the next one, when he found it was going to deal with dinosaurs.
  • In an episode of The Mr. Peabody & Sherman Show, Mr. Peabody and Sherman travel back in time to see Marco Polo discover Chinese noodles to bring them back to Italy to give birth to Italian pasta, only to find that he refuses to even try noodles. Peabody even remarks that there was a specific story he always used to tell Sherman whenever he refused to try something new, but since he doesn't have the right to tell that exact story on the show, he has to make up his own version to tell Marco Polo.
  • Muppet Babies (2018): In "Kitchen Catastrophe", Gonzo makes pickled pineapple and sauerkraut sandwiches, which none of the other babies particularly like, but Sam the Eagle has a particular distaste for them as part of his status as a Picky Eater. When Animal accidentally brings Sam one of Gonzo's sandwiches instead of the burger that the Swedish Chef made for him, Sam tries the sandwich and discovers that he likes it after all. Just Sam's approval is enough to convince the other babies to try Gonzo's sandwiches.
  • My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic:
    • The episode "Read it and Weep" has Rainbow Dash realizing to her horror that she loves reading the Daring Do book Twilight gave her, especially after her earlier outburst about how books are only for eggheads. She then tries to hide her newfound obsession from her friends, which is quite hard to do when she experiences Just One More Page syndrome. Naturally, the Aesop of the episode was "I shouldn't knock something until I've tried it".
    • "Putting Your Hoof Down" begins with Angel Bunny refusing to eat his sliced vegetables, and demanding a fancy salad instead (which he also rejects because there is no cherry on top). At the end of the episode, Fluttershy finally gets him to eat, and he loves it.
  • The Nature Cat episode "Mud Love" has the group and their animal friends celebrating Mud Appreciation Day, a special occasion where they appreciate, discover, and have fun with all different kinds of mud. Nature Cat accidentally gets himself involved despite his refusal to participate in his friends' activities, to the point where his poem on not liking it references Green Eggs and Ham! However, by the end of the episode, he takes interest in mud painting, where it's less messy. He even admits that mud is fun and "mud-nificent".
  • Subverted in one episode of Pelswick. Hot new boy band N'Talented becomes the new favorite group of all the girls in town and the scorn of all the boys, including Pelswick. But after giving their music a try, he's shocked to discover that he actually likes them! Though that's only because they turn out to be lip-syncing to a washed-up (and much more talented) rock band from the '80s.
  • An episode of Rugrats had the characters going to the "Reptar on Ice" spectacular. Grandpa Lou was vehemently opposed to going. Once the show began, however, he was enthralled, and by the end, could only offer up this stunned observation:
    "Brilliance... sheer brilliance."
  • In an episode of Sam & Max: Freelance Police, Sam & Max go after a guy named Kent Standit, who has banned their favorite snack, Glazed McGuffins. Following several contrived misadventures, they manage to force feed it to him by literally throwing it down his throat. Shortly after he declares his fondness for McGuffins (and lampshades this trope), he tells Sam & Max that he will be going after another snack that the duo happen to love. Big mistake.
  • In one episode of The Simpsons, Marge is charmed by Ralph's mannerisms and pushes a reluctant Bart the next day to go play with him. Sure enough, Bart starts to enjoy being at his house, but not in and of itself; actually, he's thrilled mostly to have access to Chief Wiggum's master key that can open any door in Springfield.
  • SpongeBob SquarePants: Double subverted in the episode "Just One Bite". Squidward vehemently refuses to try a Krabby Patty, and when pressed by SpongeBob, theatrically declares how disgusted he is with the sandwich and goes so far as bury it in the sand. The double subversion comes when SpongeBob dejectedly leaves and Squidward frantically digs the Patty back up and devours it with gusto, revealing that he was immediately hooked on them, but pretends to hate them as a face-saving strategy and tries to keep his addiction a secret. He eventually learns that too many Krabby Patties at one time can have some very unfortunate side effects:
    "They'll go right to your thighs! ...And then you'll blow up!"
  • Sushi Pack: A minor version occurs in the episode "The Yam Yakkers". Tako insists he isn't excited about Vince Face, the actor who plays Aquabot-boy, showing up for the new movie's premiere, as he's a fan of the character only. Yet when face-to-face with Vince, he can't help asking for an autograph, and Maguro is quick to remind him of what he said earlier.
  • Timothy Goes to School has the episode "Yoko", where the students (except for Timothy) ick on Yoko for having her lunch being sushi. The only student who actually tries it and ends up enjoying it is Timothy.
  • Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum: In "I Am Neil Armstrong", Yadina thinks she won't like a cheese and marmalade sandwich, but when she tries it, she likes it.

    Real Life 
  • Practically everyone, at some point in their childhood, had some food that they absolutely could not stand, only to not mind it or even enjoy it once they grew up. Palates tend to expand and change as a person reaches adulthood, so it isn't limited to just children, either.
  • Often the case when "pretty boy" actors, such as Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt, are cast in serious, non-sexy roles to prove they are more than just a pretty face. This isn't too surprising when you consider that men like Paul Newman and Cary Grant were once considered pretty boy actors themselves.
  • Anne Rice was livid when she learned that Tom Cruise had been cast as the lead Lestat in Interview with the Vampire, the film adaptation of her novel, calling it, "so bizarre; it's almost impossible to imagine how it's going to work" and "the worst crime in the name of casting since Bonfire of the Vanities." Rice had no involvement in the production of the film and didn't attend its premiere. She finally watched it after one of the producers, on a whim, mailed her a VHS copy, and to her surprise she loved it. She was so impressed with Cruise's performance she wrote him a letter of apology and took out a two-page ad in Variety praising him and the film.
  • When Heath Ledger was cast as The Joker in The Dark Knight the general reaction from the media was that the casting was a massive mistake, as Ledger had never acted in a comparable role, and was best known for teen-fare like 10 Things I Hate About You and playing a gay cowboy in Brokeback Mountain. The internet reaction was even more toxic. The trailers leading up to the release were well-received and satisfied fans. Upon its release, critics were unanimous in praising Ledger's performance, and it won him a posthumous Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor.
  • Michael Bay initially turned down directing Transformers, thinking it would just be a two-hour toy commercial. Then Steven Spielberg convinced him to go to Hasbro's World Headquarters to learn more about the series (what they call "Transformers School"). This made him so much of a fan that he agreed to direct the film and the sequels.
  • This is actually an extremely common story for Bronies: In October 2010, Amid Amidi wrote an article for Cartoon Brew called "The End of the Creator-Driven Era in TV Animation", where they bemoaned Lauren Faust going to work on a franchise show rather than on an original work, and how this marked a death knell for creator-driven animation. The show she was working on was My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, and people on 4Chan decided to all go watch the show to see how bad it was. Instead, they liked it immensely for its fresh and surprisingly well-written take on a show about the magic of friendship, and the Brony fandom was born. Over the next decade, a large number of new original creator-driven animated works garnered large followings online.
  • Chocolate or vanilla? Vanilla is the world's most popular flavor, circa the 20th century. A good number of people have eaten foods made with vanilla, a good deal fewer have ever tasted chocolate but know cacao beans are a pain in the ass to cultivate. The work traditionally requires conscripts and slaves, but as the fair trade movement picks up during the 1960s and allows a few more workers to actually afford the final product, it turns out people tend to find chocolate less offensive after tasting it.
    • Alternatively ... "vanilla" is famously used as a synonym for "plain" or "run-of-the-mill". Who in their right mind would want vanilla when they could have some other flavor? Well, as it turns out, lots of people. Vanilla is actually the top-selling ice cream flavor in the US, and many other flavors include vanilla as an ingredient (chocolate, for example, often contains vanilla also, because it pairs well with the flavor of cacao).
  • NASCAR tends to have this effect on critics once they attend their first race in person.


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