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Russel: We need a code!
Domino: Try, uh... seven?
Deadpool: Calm down, Captain Lucky, it's not going to be one number.
[it works]
Deadpool: God, that's lazy writing.

The number seven, as a source of luck.

A Subtrope of Rule of Seven. See also Numerological Motif, Magical Seventh Son, and Magnificent Seven. Contrast 13 Is Unlucky and, in Asia, Four Is Death.


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  • When Lucky the Leprechaun added marshmallow Rainbows to his Lucky Charms, bringing the number up to eight, a few older leprechauns objected, saying seven was luckier, and he cereal couldn't have eight. They changed their minds after tasting it.

    Anime & Manga 
  • The seventh volume of the Lucky Star manga has a tiny "Lucky" beside the volume number.
  • Lampshaded by TOM when it was revealed that both Samurai 7 and Eureka Seven would be new additions on the revived Toonami.
  • In Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL, a duelist named Charlie McCoy uses a monster called "Number 7: Lucky Straight" which gives him supernatural luck.
  • Subverted in Fairy Tail — July 7th, x777 was when the dragons disappeared and Lucy's mother died. Played straight with the English release of manga volume 7, released on July 7th in 2009.
  • One Piece:
    • Seven Warlords of the Sea (七武海 Shichibukai).
    • There were also seven Straw Hat Pirates for a considerable length of time (then they gained more crewmembers).
  • In Jewelpet Sunshine, the Wise Ones, who are destined to save the world in its Darkest Hour, are seven people.
  • Gunslinger Girl. Triela's handler Victor Hilshire keeps giving her teddy bears as gifts, being Maternally Challenged and figuring that Girls Love Stuffed Animals. Eventually their relationship develops enough for him to ask what she wants, but she just asks for another bear so she'll have seven of them. To her annoyance, she gets another bear from someone else, leaving her with eight bears.
  • In Elfen Lied, Nana is Diclonius Subject #7, and the only Diclonius left alive in the end.
  • Subverted in Attack on Titan: Marco is ranked 7th in his class, and is the first one of them to die.
  • In Buster Keel!, the Seven are a group of seven powerful adventurers themed after the Seven Lucky Gods and in charge of protecting the world from the villainous Shikyou, the four most powerful monsters.

    Fan Works 
  • In Half Past Adventure, this trope is subverted when the numerology-obsessed character Vesper considers the number seven to be bad luck; apparently this is an aspect of "Breakfastian numerology".
  • Danny and Kara: Danny and Kara are each other's seventh date and they chose each other at the end of the program.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • Subverted in Unstoppable: Train #777 (888 in Real Life) is loaded with hazardous chemicals and speeding towards a populated area.
  • Referenced in the title of Lucky Number Slevin, which is a pun on the phrase and Slevin, the main character's name.
  • Snake Eyes: Referenced by Santoro when he sees the Pit Girl holding the sign for the 7th round in the boxing fight. She later unwittingly distracts Santoro when the Secretary of Defense is assassinated at the match, so she's probably not a very good token.
  • James Bond is agent 007 in MI6. The Spy Who Loved Me was first released on July 7, 1977, or 7/7/77.

  • Harry Potter: According to Word of God, seven is a lucky number in the Potterverse. Hence we have: seven books; seven years at Hogwarts; six Horcruxes plus the fragment of soul still in Voldemort's body or so he thinks - Harry is actually the seventh Horcrux, which proves his downfall. "Isn't seven the most powerfully magical number?"
    • There are also seven Weasley siblings. Until the seventh book, anyway...
  • IT: The last third of the book continually drops reminders that for their particular brand of magic to work, all seven members of the Losers club have to be present. In the film version, they actually refer to themselves a "Lucky Seven."

    Live-Action TV 
  • The first seven Kamen Riders are known as "the Seven Legendary Riders".
  • Survivor season seven winner Sandra Diaz-Twine became the first (and, so far, only) two time winner by winning season twenty, seven years after her first win.
  • Lucky Seven is among the longest running games on The Price Is Right. Just keep at least $1 out of seven given in rattling off the numbers in a car's price and it's yours (the car, that is).
  • Lucky Seven was also the name of the end game of Spellbinders, an unsold 1978 pilot for NBC from Goodson-Todman.
  • There was an ABC show called Lucky 7 that focused on seven gas station workers that won the lottery. It got canceled after two episodes.

  • The eurobeat song "777" by Fastway, unsurprisingly, is about gambling and winning big.
  • Dice of Hypnosis Mic has this all over his character, being the resident gambling man. Not only is his Character Song "3$EVEN", several sevens are hidden in his bio (with his weight even going up to 77kg).

    Myths & Religion 

  • Machine Robo, or Gobots: Four figures marked #7 are all Guardians (Friendly Gobots).
    • Turbo = MR7
    • Baron Von Joy = DX Scale Robo #7
    • Rest Q (Anime Reissue) = MRB7
    • Leader 1 (Also anime reissue) = MRJ7
  • Transformers probably hates this trope:
    • Bluestreak (later Silverstreak) was Diaclone Car Robo #7, but was not so popular as Prowl (Car Robo #13).
    • On the Microman side, Micro Change #7 was later re-released as the Decepticon Browning (though he did make a Heel–Face Turn later on).
  • In BIONICLE, all related characters were released in groups of six. This was reflected in the story as well, with six tribes, six leaders, and six Toa to protect them. Later on down the line, a seventh Toa is added into the mix. Lucky number, right? Wrong. Apparently, Toa groups can be any number. Two, six, fifteen, a hundred anything. Six is preferred, but it can be anything else. Except seven. Seven means bad juju is about to go down.

    Video Games 
  • All over the place with Punch-Out!! Wii's version of Aran Ryan. He always gets up from a knockdown on the seventh count, you can hit him seven times when he's stunned, and sevens pop up in his challenges in Exhibition Mode. He's Irish, so it's a "lucky seven"/"luck of the Irish" gag.
  • Final Fantasy:
    • Final Fantasy VII (figures) causes a character to go berserk if their HP hits 7777, attacking all enemies up to 63 times for 7777 damage per hit: the only enemies that can withstand this and not die are the Bonus Bosses. The Lucky Seven concept continues in the prequel Crisis Core, where getting three Sevens on the DMV (the battle system's slot-machine gimmick) will level up your character.
    • Final Fantasy IX contains the attack "Lucky 7s", a Shout-Out to the above.
    • In Final Fantasy VI, Setzer has a slot-machine-like attack, and getting three 7s kills all enemies.
    • In Final Fantasy X-2, getting all 7's on the Lady Luck dresssphere's slots skill will result in an attack called "CONGRATS!", which inflicts a One-Hit Kill to all enemies and yields many bonuses for the party.
  • The seventh Touhou game is the only one to feature the "Supernatural Border" system, which can and will save your life on occasion. It is also the first game in the series to have visible hitboxes.
  • In the original Star Fox, the alternate final boss is a Slot Machine. After a little bit of thinking, you'll realize that getting Triple 7s is how you beat it. Getting it is a whole different story.
  • Kingdom Hearts has the Seven Princesses of Heart, a group of seven young girls whose hearts are completely devoid of darkness. When brought together, they open the doorway that leads to Kingdom Hearts, which is the very reason why the Big Bad is after them... At least in the first game. In Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance it's revealed that their hearts were born from the seven fragments of light from the x-blade. When faced against thirteen darknesses, namely Xehanort's true Organization XIII, the resulting clash will ensure the recreation of the x-blade, which is exactly what Xehanort seeks. To protect the Princesses, the heroes instead decide to assemble seven Keyblade wielders as the Guardians of Light, even though they know that they are still playing into Xehanort's hands.
  • Kingdom Hearts III reveals that after fulfilling their duty, the Princesses (except for Kairi, who has retained her power) have passed on their power to a new set of maidens known as the "New Seven Hearts." Xehanort is aware of this and seeks to gather the New Seven Hearts in case the heroes fail to assemble the Guardians of Light. So far, Rapunzel, Anna and Elsa are possible candidates for the remaining six members.
  • Super Mario Bros.:
    • In the All-Stars and Advance versions of Super Mario Bros. 2, getting all 7's on the bonus reels nets you ten One Ups.
    • In Super Mario Galaxy 2, getting 77 stars will prompt Lubba to say "77 stars! How lucky!"
    • Mario Kart 7 features an item called "Lucky 7", which grants the player seven items at one time.
  • The Trickster class in Fire Emblem Awakening learns a skill called Lucky Seven. It raises hit and avoid rate by 20 for seven turns at the start of a battle, both stats returning to normal afterwards. Fittingly, Trickster is the default class of Anna, whose base luck stat is already high and is sure to get even higher as she has one of the highest Luck growths in the game. In the same game, Cordelia is recruited in Chapter 7, her starting level is 7, and her birthday is July 7th.
  • In Cookie Clicker, most of the numbers associated with the bonus Golden Cookies are strings of 7s (the bonus to cookies per second they can give is X7 and lasts for 77 seconds, the upgrades for them have costs in strings of 7s, the achievements for them involve clicking 7, 27, 77, 777, and 7,777 of them).
  • In Fortune Street, most Venture Cards with a 7 in the number have some very positive effects. Most notably Venture Card 7, which increases all the drawer's shop values by 7%.
  • Acquiring exactly 777G at any point in Monster World IV will earn you 7000G. If you're lucky to get this bonus as early as you can, then you can easily afford some good equipment early on.
  • In Fallen London, seven is widely known as "the number". An inversion, though, as it's "the number" for "Seeking Mr Eaten's Name", a sidequest most famous for being incredibly costly and deliberately unpleasant.
  • Idolish 7 The titular idol unit has Seven Members.
  • In Fallout: New Vegas, gambling starts being a viable way to earn money if you have a Luck stat of 7 or higher. Subverted in the Fallout series as a whole, though, as the nuclear holocaust occurred in 2077.
  • Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night: The Bonus Boss Millionaire's Bane is a living slot machine. Near the end of the fight, it starts spinning the slots, attacking you based on the results. If it spins all 7s, it dies instantly, is guaranteed to drop both its shard and item drop, and money rains from the ceiling.
  • Progressbar 95: 7 is considering a lucky number in Progressbar XL. Stepping on a cell with it grants 10 points.

    Web Original 

    Western Animation 

    Real Life 
  • As a homage to this trope, the highest jackpots on a slot machine is often assigned to three 7s (which, perhaps not coincidentally, add up to the ideal number in blackjack).
  • Seven is the most likely roll of a pair of standard 6-sided dice. In craps, you can win by rolling a seven (or eleven) first, and lose by getting seven on any subsequent roll. The fact that seven is the most likely sum for the outcome of rolling two dice (with a probability of 1/6) is likely the origin of the whole "seven is a lucky number" superstition.
  • Zayin is the 7th letter in most Semitic abjads (writing system). It is the source of both the modern "7" and "Z", and also meant "sword" (several proto-versions look like basic swords, and the Arabic derivation bears a slight resemblance to a scimitar).
  • NASA seems to have held this view of the number 7 during their Mercury program. There were seven pilots recruited to be astronauts for the program and, despite using a different numbering system internally, each manned capsule had the number 7 in their callsign.note  Considering the success of the program and their later track record with the number 13, they may have been on to something....
  • Vocaloid: Hatsune Miku, the most famous of the voice banks and the face of the franchise, chronologically was the seventh released overall.

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