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Shown: Jacorb, Aarex, despacit, Acamaeda.

The Communitree is an Idle Game made in The Modding Tree by ducdat0507 and released in 2021. You start in the Jacorb layer where you earn Jacorb points and gain access to a simplified version of the original Prestige Tree game, then play layers based on games by other modders, but with new content and rebalancing.

The game is playable on and GitHub.

Compare The Multitree, which also has representations of other mods, although it has several trees.

This game provides examples of:

  • Achievement System: After dealing with the Bait-and-Switch of the "real" Candy Tab, you unlock an achievement list in the Enhancers sub-tab that each provide a Not-Actually-Cosmetic Award.
  • Anti-Climax: In Giftcode Hunter, you can leave the room once you get a 1e12 multiplier. When you do so, the game just goes "ok, i'm not going to do anymore of this" and grants you a 1,000,000 multiplier to end it quickly.
  • Bait-and-Switch: Upon getting 1e1,500 candies, you can buy an upgrade that unlocks the real Candy Tab. Once you buy it, you get... a soda called the Candy Tab, rather than another tab for gameplay.
  • Cap:
    • After removing their softcaps, the "Initialize.", "Coding.", and "Release." upgrades have a hardcap of 1e1,000,000.
    • You can only have 100 buildings of each type in the Farming tab of the Acamaeda layer.
    • Quest difficulty caps at 999,999,999,999.
    • All the main and some other despacit upgrades have caps, mostly the ones that are based on intervals or would likely get too powerful otherwise.
    • Bonus special mergables are initially capped at 20. It'll eventually exceed 2,000, but you'll likely end up filling the entire merge field before maxing it out.
  • Color-Coded for Your Convenience: Each layer has its own color, though their nodes may combine several colors.
    • Jacorb: Purple
    • Aarex: Pastel lemon
    • Acamaeda: Camo
    • thefinaluptake: Periwinkle
    • despacit: Light green
  • Cooldown: Healing Candy and Spell Bonanza have a 60-second cooldown between uses. Time Reversal has a 90-second one.
  • Content Warning: You're warned that some parts of the game have flashing lights, but you can turn them off in the options.
  • Export Save: You can copy the 16KB+ save into the clipboard and paste it into the game.
  • Factor Breakdown: The Mergents tab in the Despacit layer writes your current multiplier and every sub-multiplier that comes from special mergables (other than accelerons from Accelerators, which is provided below).
  • Game Within a Game: Giftcode Hunter is a text adventure purchasable for 1e188 gift points, where you have to type in commands suggested by the game to progress the story about finding more giftcodes and ultimately finishing the section.
  • Gamer Chick: Your girlfriend in Giftcode Hunter is stated to regularly play games and you're friends with her in the game you play together anyway.
  • Loot Boxes: Upgrade two in the Mergents tab grants you one random special mergable (multiplier, accelerator, sinusoidal, etc.) at an increasing mergent cost, with a similar percentage chance for all types until you get a new type.
  • Lucky Seven:
    • The "Corpses as Fertilizer" upgrade costs 7.77e777 lollipops. It makes drop candies boost "Improved Fertilizer"'s effect.
    • The "IH777" upgrade increases the bonus mergable cap by 40, giving you way more chances.
  • Megamix Game: As indicated by the name, this game combines lots of major elements from Jacorb's original game and the community's other mods and even some other games.
  • Meta Twist: Unlike the original, trying to throw 10 candies on the ground in the Candy tab just makes the game decline the action.
  • Point of No Return: Happens a lot. Buy a next progress stage? You're not going back to see the previous one again unless you keep an exported save handy.
    • Buying the "Simplify things a bit" upgrade in the Aarex layer makes most upgrades and features from the Jacorb layer inaccessible, in exchange for easily letting you claim phantom souls and providing an insane boost to point gain based on time spent in the Jacorb reset.
    • Performing an Acamaeda reset renders the Aarex Dimensions minigame and all its upgrades inaccessible.
    • Buying The Modding Tree tab fully replaces the Candy tab in the Acamaeda layer.
    • Finishing a modder's section will render their layer inaccessible, as it soon gets replaced with another one.
  • Pun-Based Title: Titled after "The community" and "Tree".
  • Reset Milestones:
    • Acamaeda's layer has milestones for reaching 10, 100, and 1,000 Acamaeda points that let you automatically gain previous resources, make them boost the "Start... again?" upgrade, and have Jacorb upgrades be bought "automagically".
    • thefinaluptake's layer has several milestones based on Electricity and Coal that let you automatically replenish flames, claim those resources, upgrades, and provide several small boosts.
  • Rhetorical Question Blunder: Typing "find" in Giftcode Hunter without any other thing will make the game ask "Find? Find what? Girlfriends?" You can type that in and discover you already have one.
  • Self-Parody: The Acamaeda layer has one tab based on The Modding Tree itself, and it takes all of the features used in the engine (Upgrades, Reset Milestones, Challenge Runs, Buyables, etc.) and reduces them to just selectable updaters that gradually make the numbers go up, making fun of how there's a limit to the variety of designing idle games with the engine. Despite this, it's clearly an Affectionate Parody, not only due to the overall game being a celebration of Modding Tree games, but after a few in-game updates it provides plenty of proper examples of those features, particularly providing access to the majority of extra modder layers.
  • Shout-Out: Version 0.4 is named Highly Responsive to Modifications.
  • Skill Point Reset: You can reset all upgrades in Upgrade tree at the cost of component points, which is necessary sometimes as they increase the cost of all other upgrades in the same row.
  • Trade Snark: Your Aireagle Browser(tm) in Giftcode Hunter.