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"What are we doing, Geoff?!"
— Former cast member Ray Narvaez, Jr. signaling the start of an Achievement Hunter Let's Play

Achievement Hunter is the comedic gameplay division of Rooster Teeth Productions, created on July 28, 2008 by Rooster Teeth co-founder Geoff Ramsey and fellow cohort Jack Pattillo. A very popular part of the company for much of its fifteen-year lifespan, they started with video how-to guides on acquiring various achievements in games for Xbox 360 and other platforms, but later became known for a collective of YouTube series that invoke a lot of nonsense, especially their Let's Play videos. In fact, they control the YouTube channel specifically titled Let's Play, although they later debuted an official Achievement Hunter YouTube channel, which is for their live-action and non-Let's Play videos.

On September 18, 2023, 15 years after its formation, it was announced that Achievement Hunter will dissolve but the YouTube channel will remain and Let's Plays will also continue but on a different brand.

As of the announcement of the group's dissolution, the last remaining main cast members are Michael Jones, Trevor Collins, Alfredo Diaz, and Joe Lee; after AH dissolves, the four will start a new RT brand called Dogbark. Achievement Hunter's Post Team have also made regular appearances in content and have their own streaming slot Post Team Does Stuff. Kerry Shawcross and Ify Nwadiwe are occasional guests, alongside occasional appearances from former members Jeremy Dooley and Fiona Nova.

    Past cast members 
  • Ray Narvaez, Jr. left in April 2015 to focus on an independent livestreaming career.
  • Geoff Ramsey was promoted to executive creative director of Rooster Teeth in September 2019, although he made recurring appearances afterwards until 2022. and prefers to focus on his two main podcasts, F**kface and ANMA.
  • Jeremy Dooley moved back to his home state with his wife during the COVID-19 Pandemic and decided to remain there and focus on a full-time livestreaming career. He does continue to make sporadic appearances remotely with occasional visits to Austin.
  • Ryan Haywood departed in October 2020 after allegations of misconduct led the company to part ways with him.
  • Fiona Nova departed to work for the revived G4, but continues to make occasional appearances.
  • Caleb Denecour left to focus on his Ultimate (Frisbee) career. He was one of only two cast members who was never promoted to the main cast.
  • Mica Burton left to focus on her hosting and acting career, namely with Critical Role.
  • Kdin Jenzen, the other cast member who wasn't ever on the main cast, transferred over to The Know and the Rooster Teeth Broadcast department in 2016 before leaving for other pastures.
  • Matt Bragg appeared on a part-time basis after his full-time position was dissolved in 2022.
  • Jack Pattillo and BlackKrystel moved to Inside Gaming in 2023.
  • Lindsay Jones moved out of the division to continue voicing their RWBY character Ruby Rose in VTubing.
  • Gavin Free also increased his focus on F**kface with Ramsey, among other things, reducing to a recurring cast in 2023. He was the only AH cast member to be part of AH since its founding, having been a contract member from 2008 to early 2012, which by then he was promoted to the main cast.
  • Ky Cooke had moved on to several projects within Rooster Teeth.

The many series of Achievement Hunter include:

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    Non-Let's Play 
Except where noted, the following were published on Rooster Teeth's YouTube channel, but are now on the new Achievement Hunter channel. Many have since ended, or update incredibly infrequently. After a slight rearrangement in April 2019, all current game series have moved to the main Let's Play channel while the Achievement Hunter channel is used for live action series.

  • Between the Games: Live action videos showing off the antics the Hunters and their friends get up to in the office. This spawned from the infrequent series Shenanigans, episodes of which are reserved for bigger, higher effort pranks played on other people in the office.
  • Fails of the Weak, where the Hunters (usually Jack and Geoff) comment on and laugh at players' submitted video mistakes as well as weird things related to latency in multiplayer sessions and AI mishaps in games. Originally, the series started exclusively with Halo: Reach fails until the 117th episode on December 14, 2012 which started covering Halo 4 fails. Later starting on Volume 178 they covered any Halo game on the Xbox 360, including Halo 4, Halo: Reach, and even the years-old Halo 3. Today, starting with Volume 200 on July 18, 2014, the series had combined with the GameFails channel. The series is now a replacement for the former GameFails weekly recap that ended the week before, and thus now covers all video games, no longer just Halo. Also, while they previously covered ten failures a week, the series later went through only five fails a week like the former weekly recap. The series was cancelled in May 2016, but returned in January 2020 with clips from the recently-released PC version of Halo: Reach.
  • VR The Champions, where the gang play various virtual reality games found on Steam. Episodes are infrequently shown due to the small range of games available.
  • Let's Roll, in which the gang sit down to play a card or tabletop game, similar to Funhaus's Board as Hell.
  • Off Topic, a weekly podcast hosted by Michael, in which the gang congregate around a bar set and chat about various topics while drinking. The show is recorded live on Thursdays and subsequently posted on Sundays (Saturdays for First members). The podcast also has Last Call, a Rooster Teeth website-only post show for First members.
  • AH Animated, animated shorts set to especially memorable moments from the Let's Plays or Off Topic. Animated by community members Shaun Cunningham, Jaime Aguilar, and Misty Townsend, as well as the Rooster Teeth animation department. note  Episodes appear weekly.
  • Theatre Mode, a take on Mystery Science Theater 3000, in which Geoff, Ryan, Jack, Michael, and Jeremy sit down, three at a time, and watch truly awful movies. Shown only on the Rooster Teeth website for First members.
  • Haunter formerly known as Achievement Haunter, a Paranormal Investigation show, Achievement Hunter-style. Two seasons have been filmed where the gang travels to known haunted sites to look for ghosts. Shown only on the Rooster Teeth website for First members, and after the first season was aired, the title was simply shortened to Haunter.
  • Hardcore Tabletop, in which the guys (minus Trevor and Gavin) play Monopoly with actual money on a special Achievement Hunter-themed board with Geoff as the banker, Lindsay as the bailiff, and Elyse Willems as the referee, with narration provided by Adam Ellis. Shown only on the Rooster Teeth website for First members. A second season was later played, with Geoff reprising his role as the banker, Jack replacing Elyse as the referee, Michael replacing Lindsay as the bailiff, and the winner from the first season returning to face new challengers from the extended Let's Play family.
    • Hardcore Minigolf, premiered June 2020, is a spinoff in which Achievement Hunter, RT Core, Chilled Chaos, and Chef Mike Haracz, play in a mini-golf tournament, complete with costumes and color commentary by Geoff and Jack.
  • The Weird Place, a four episode miniseries in which Lindsay, Trevor, Alfredo, and Gavin navigate an elaborate and bizarre dimension in order to rescue a lost Geoff. Shown only on the Rooster Teeth site for First members.
  • Ready Set Show: Also known under the working title of the Morning Show Show, where Jeremy and Trevor participate in weird challenges. New episodes are released on Mondays for First and Tuesdays on Youtube. Since 2020, the show alternates with This Just Internet and Let's Roll in 8-week cycles and has been on hiatus due to the pandemic and Jeremy moving back to Massachussetts.

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic in 2020 forcing everyone to work from home, several weekly streams have popped up in between their regular recordings and group stream slots on Mondays and Wednesdays. The streams are subsequently archived on the Rooster Teeth website.

  • Post Team Does Stuff, a weekly Thursday stream featuring the AH post-production and support crew where they play games and other things. The stream slot ended in March 2023.
  • Role Initiative, a weekly Friday stream where editor Alec Agabon runs a Dungeons and Dragons campaign, ended in November 2021

    Let's Play
Their videos on this YouTube channel have become a large chunk of their videos. Although AH still controls this channel, some shows not titled Let's Play that were published here (such as VS and GO!) are now published on the new Achievement Hunter channel.

For a period of time from 2016 until around 2019, this channel was used as a multi-channel network that was shared with other groups including Funhaus, ScrewAttack, Cow Chop, Sugar Pine 7, and others. However, since most people came to LetsPlay solely for Achievement Hunter, most of these groups either became independent or disbanded, and the channel is now solely focused on Achievement Hunter again. As of 2021, their schedule has changed to a 24-hour window for FIRST members before going public on YouTube the next day. They have since announced in March 2022, that their schedule will be more fluid to change and subsequent releases are subject to change.
  • Released on Mondays are new episodes of Let's Play Grand Theft Auto. Mondays used to be just for random Let's Plays, but in anticipation for Grand Theft Auto V they played Grand Theft Auto IV for a Let's Play. However, they've enjoyed GTA IV so much that they've made Monday the day they release a Let's Play involving the game until Grand Theft Auto Online opened up in GTA V and took its place. In addition, they played Red Dead Redemption before in July and August 2013, when it was not exactly certain if Let's Play GTA was a thing for them as it is now. As of 2021, GTA is still their public Monday release but FIRST members receive it on Sundays.
  • Wednesdays are reserved for their Garry's Mod videos and Let's Roll while Thursdays and Sundays are reserved for random Let's Plays that they have filmed.
  • On Fridays, the latest episodes in their Let's Play Minecraft series is released. They formerly duked it out in their Achievement City within Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition (later Minecraft: Xbox One Edition) to win the Tower of Pimps before moving over entirely to the PC version, which allowed them to expand the crew and gameplay.
    • Fridays have also now been reserved for a special First-only Let's Play series called Firt Plays, where they play what they want to play.
  • Previously on Sundays (usually), we got Game Time. It's a relatively infrequent series hosted by Burnie, where he brings someone along to play a game with him. If the game doesn't allow for multiplayer, Burnie has the guest play it in his place while he provides commentary, which usually consists of providing insight into the lives or jobs of the Rooster Teeth or Achievement Hunter members. After a brief retirement, the series was brought back for six episodes that will involve people who will work on the company's future film, Lazer Team, as a result of reaching $750,000 in their Indiegogo campaign.
    • Since December 2017 a Random game/games is played on Sunday and always changes when the month ends.
  • Also on Sundays are Podcast Crew Let's Plays featuring Rooster Teeth staffers who commonly star on the Rooster Teeth Podcast.
  • Since 2019, the group has been streaming on the Let's Play channel more frequently and on Rooster Teeth's website with scheduled slots on certain days with Off Topic streaming live on Thursdays. As of April 2022, their streaming slot is on Fridays subject to change.
  • Let's Watch: Some of the Hunters watch another one playing a single-player game, sometimes switching players mid-video.
  • Rage Quit, obviously named after the trope, which features a man who completely loses it while playing frustrating games. Watch Michael Jones go nuts over such tropes as Insurmountable Waist-Height Fence, One-Hit-Point Wonder and others! Broadcast infrequently now since March 8, 2017, with the bulk of Michael's rage now being taken out on Gavin in...
  • Play Pals, a series introduced in May 2014 that features Team Nice Dynamite (Michael and Gavin) playing a game together. Like a Let's Play, but heavily edited to a much shorter video. New episodes are published irregularly due to their busy schedules with other projects.
  • Things to Do in..., where a small thing to do in a game in shown off for viewers to try themselves. These can either come in the form of heavily-edited footage with commentary or a mini-Let's Play, depending on the nature of the "thing". Most of the videos in this series focus on the games played in their leading Let's Play series (Minecraft and Grand Theft Auto), and eventually became nearly solely-focused on those two, but have since spread out to other popular games. New episodes are published infrequently on Thursdays.
  • Challenge Accepted, where community members submit challenges in various games to Matt Bragg, and with his guidance and help, the group attempts to complete said challenges. A semi-Spiritual Successor to Michael's Rage Quit due to some of the challenges being rather difficult and frustrating to complete.

The channel also featured Game Kids, which was an infrequently-updated series where Burnie Burns plays games with his children, JD and Teddy. It later became its own channel with different shows but it has long since been discontinued due to low viewership.

    AH works with their own pages 
  • Let's Play Minecraft (also includes Let's Build and Things to Do in Minecraft)
  • Let's Play Grand Theft Auto (also includes Things to Do in Grand Theft Auto and Sunday Driving)
  • Uno: The Movie — One of their longest videos ever; an over two-and-a-half-hour-long Let's Play of Geoff, Gavin, Jeremy, Ryan and later Jack (replacing Ryan) playing Uno on Xbox One.
    • Uno: Infinite — The spin-off in which all the members of Achievement Hunter play the card game in real life for as long as they can, with the final running time being 37 and a half hours.

    Discontinued shows 
  • Achievement HUNT, implemented on October 30, 2013, pits the Achievement Hunters against one another in various challenges across multiple games under a best of seven format. It is the successor to Achievement HORSE and its Spin-Off, Achievement PIG, which kept the challenges strictly at user-created maps on Halo 4 (it used to be on Halo: Reach until episode 100) and Trials Evolution respectively. HUNT uses four letters instead of five for HORSE or three for PIG, making it shorter than the former, but longer than the latter, with more variety in the games and challenges. The last episode was broadcast on May 10, 2016.
  • Coming Soon, in which Kdin Jenzen explains about upcoming games of the current month as quickly as possible.
  • Countdown, a series created by Kdin that debuted in May 2014 where the Hunters go over a list of their top instances of a subject in video games.
  • The Daily Fail, where each weekday the Hunters covered three fails to comment on. Before this show, there was Recap of the Week on Fridays hosted by Michael and Ray, where they covered the five most viewed fails of the week before the week of a new episode's publishing. After the recap for the week of June 30, 2014, the series has since been replaced by the no-longer-Halo-focused Fails of the Weak.
  • Five Facts has the Hunters explain five different little-known facts about a video game (or occasionally five different video games) that they find interesting. The last episode was broadcast on May 17, 2016.
  • GameFails, a spin-off of Fails of the Weak that has its own YouTube channel, focusing on all sorts of failures from various games caused by glitches, player error or just flat out poor timing. The channel broadcast its last video on January 5, 2017.
  • Imaginary Achievements, where the community makes up achievements they think should be in games hosted by Jeremy Dooley. The last episode was broadcast on April 8, 2015.
  • MegaCraft, which was first a Community Hunter series, has Matt Bragg looking at various large Minecraft maps submitted by the community.
  • This Is..., where a newly released game's premise and its more interesting achievements are summed up and presented by two or three of the Hunters.
  • Trials Files has Jack and Geoff show off a community-created Trials map. The last episode was broadcast on November 4, 2014.
  • Game Night, in which Caleb Denecour and Geoff Ramsey explain about a custom Halo game they've played recently with the community while Gavin shouts, "WHAT IS GAME NIGHT?!" The last episode of the original Game Night was on Valentine's Day 2014. It has been replaced by a new Game Night that is livestreamed and is not strictly Halo-focused.
  • Let's Build, in which Lindsay, Kdin, Matt, and Jeremy—formerly Geoff and Gavin (and if it involved a lot of Redstone, Ryan)—showed off the creation of many Minecraft contraptions used in Let's Play Minecraft and Things to Do in: Minecraft. The series ended in its original format on February 24, 2015.
  • Technical Difficulties: A technology show hosted by Ryan which focused on MacGyvering together useful gadgets, reviewing weird tech items and modifying electronics For Science!. Canceled with all episodes subsequently removed in October 2020 due to Ryan's controversy and subsequent departure.
  • AHWU (Achievement Hunter Weekly Update), where user-submitted intros are used to begin a weekly round-up of video game news and releases as described by the Achievement Hunters on Mondays. From mid-2017, it has also been used to open fanmail sent to the office. Ended May 2021.
  • This Just Internet: Hosted by Fiona and Lindsay, the show recaps notable memes and funny viral videos of the moment. Ended with Fiona's departure.
  • F-ing Around with Ify and Fiona, a weekly stream hosted by Fiona and Ify Nwadiwe where they invite their friends to chat and play games. Airs Fridays, ended in 2020.
  • Keeping The Lights On, a weekly talk show-style stream hosted by Jack where he invites various people on to chat with him. Season 1 had Geoff cohost and Season 2 replaced him with guest cohosts. Due to Jack's busy schedule and evolving programming changes, the show ended in late 2020.
  • RouLetsPlay, a subseries in which games the Hunters have previously played are loaded into a tumbling drum and the gang play the randomly selected choice. Episodes originally aired on Youtube, but have since been moved to air on the Rooster Teeth website only. Discontinued in 2021.

The following shows were on the Let's Play channel, but moved to the new AH channel:

  • GO!, where all of the Achievement Hunters (sans Geoff, who runs the competition) all try to complete a specific goal in any game of their choosing — for example, Do a Barrel Roll. Whoever manages to achieve the set goal first gets a sticker, and once someone gets five stickers, they get a pizza party paid for by Geoff. The last episode was broadcast on August 28, 2016, though in Off Topic #177 in April 2019, Jack mentions that he has several ideas for it ready to go but the other Hunters keep procrastinating on filming it.
  • VS has each regular member of the Achievement Hunter crew go one-on-one against one another in a game to win a fake WWE Championship belt and a small rooster trophy for a week. In each episode, the challenger gets to pick which game that s/he and the current champion play. The last episode was broadcast on January 19, 2017. Not to be confused with the Let's Play channel of the same name by JoshJepson and Tyler Sederwall (formerly AttackingTucans). In 2020, it was announced that an eight-week season would return and temporarily cycle in place of Let's Roll, with the contestants this time being the group vs. RT Core.


  • Aborted Arc:
    • Subverted. It looked unlikely that the Mario Party 8 playthrough would be finished—and, indeed, AHWU #259 announced it had been canceled due to Nintendo's constant flip-flopping on Let's Plays—but then they finished 8 and released 9 and 10 videos as well.
    • Technical Difficulties ended quite abruptly due to Ryan being let go, and it's unlikely this series will find anything close to closure. Another show that was being hyped up at the time called Grudge Match, which would've involved Ryan and Alfredo settling their "feud" after the infamous Salt Raid video, was also taken off the schedule before it could premiere, and likely will never see the light of day.
  • Actor Allusion:
    • In various Let's Plays, whenever players are designated a color, Geoff will more often than not be orange (Grif's color).
    • When Michael, Jeremy, Ryan, and Lindsay played RWBY: Grimm Eclipse, there was a LOT of this, from the obvious Lindsay playing as Ruby, to more subtle nods like the gang telling Ryan to shut up when Professor Port spoke in-game.
  • Aerith and Bob:
    • Kdin's name stands out amongst everyone else's. Geoff may also count for his middle name, Lazer.
    • Also, among the main six guys' Gamertags (most prominently seen in Minecraft, though also applies to other Xbox games), we have BM Vagabond (Ryan), BrownMan, and FluttershySucks (both Ray), which are drastically different than the other four guys' more normal gamertags. At the very least, the other four guys have their own names somewhere in their gamertags - DGGeoff, JackP, MJones (formerly MLP Michael), and GavinoFree. Matt and Jeremy also had their real names in their gamertags of Axial''Matt'' and JDoolz.
    • In the Worms Revolution Let's Plays, Ryan's four worms are named Lust, Greed, Sloth, and Terry.
  • Annoying Video Game Helper: invoked In GO! episode 13, where the goal is to get three different Game Over screens, Ryan keeps yelling variations on this trope at the NPCs in Soul Calibur who keep reviving him. In the same episode, Michael has a similar problem with Payday 2.
  • Ascended Meme:
    • The "Free Edgar 2013" meme is actually a plot point in episodes 60 and 61 of Let's Play Minecraft.
    • The Tower of Pimps from Let's Play Minecraft has found its way into custom maps made for AH for Halo 4 and Trials Evolution.
    • As of Update 12, a Tower of Pimps is hidden in Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition's tutorial map. Amazing considering that the Tower of Pimps began as nothing more than one of Gavin's methods of trolling, and even more amazing considering that he was drunk when he made it. The guys were filming a Terrorist Hunt video in Rainbow Six Vegas 2 when they learned of it.
  • Alcohol-Induced Idiocy:
    • Quite a few times, the AH team, with the exception of Ray, Ryan, and, since 2017, Geoff, who don't drink, have played drunk and caused various mishaps that they likely would not have done when sober.
    • Gavin takes the cake in the second episode of Let's Play Minecraft. He's mentioned himself that editing the Let's Play afterward was painful to listen to. On the other hand, at the very least Gavin managed to steal gold then stack four blocks of it and declare "I've made the Tower of Pimps, everyone gather around and worship me" in his drunken buffoonery (even though they thought the idea was stupid initially).
    • Off Topic in general will see the gang get really drunk and wild during episodes. #200 saw everyone challenge themselves to drink 200 shots of liquor. The episode saw the gang minus Geoff and Ryan, get drunker and drunker as they doled out shots to the support crew, Broadcast, and anyone in their vicinity. The First-only post-show saw the gang get to 200 shots and then spun Jack around on a lazy Susan. Since that episode and switching to airing on Thursdays, the drinking has considerably calmed down.
  • The Artifact: The gang still uses the same Gmod sprays from much earlier let's plays.
  • Artifact Title:
    • Let's Play Grand Theft Auto is still published in a playlist called Let's Play Monday despite having completely taken over Mondays.
    • Also partially applies to the very division itself. Seriously, do most people still go to the website over other websites for their achievement guides and not their Let's Plays? They've fully admitted that they've strayed away from their name as the years have passed, simply due to changing creative directions.
  • Audience Participation: Occasionally, the audience will be allowed to participate and play along with them. They've had several GTA live streams and Let's Plays where they invited random players from the community to play alongside with them. Any time they play Quiplash or other party games that have an audience element, they'll encourage the audience to play along.
  • Beat Them at Their Own Game:
    • Attempted quite a bit in VS when the challenger gets overconfident. This rarely goes well for them.
    • And, by definition, any champion who manages to defend their title has done this to the challenger.
  • Beware the Silly Ones: When Gavin gets his shit together for games, you had better run. Doubles as Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass. This is perfectly demonstrated in almost all of his Assassin's Creed multiplayer showings.
  • Big Eater:
    • Michael and Ryan in particular really love food and talking about food on Off Topic. In fact, in the 2018 "Best Day Ever" holiday video, Ryan went to a fancy Brazilian steakhouse while Michael gorged himself on fast food.
    • Naturally, Michael, Ryan, and Jeremy decided to make "The Monster Mac" out of McDonald's menu items.
    • Food is such Serious Business that when Chad James had declined a taco from Michael because he had other lunch plans, the gang stole and hid his desk in retaliation while he and the bungalow team were trying to steal a microwave. Some time after that incident, they proceeded to drag Chad around the Rooster Teeth offices with 100 tacos for everyone.
  • Big "NO!":
    • Michael goes to town with three large ones in a row before going into the Punctuated Pounding mentioned below.
    • Jack gets his when he misses the last jump in an excruciating level of Cloudberry Kingdom.
    Jack: "NOOOOOO!!! Motherfucker!"
  • Big, Thin, Short Trio: Team Lads; Michael is the big guy, Gavin is the thin guy, and Ray is the short guy.
    • After Ray's departure, Jeremy replaces him as the short guy.
  • The Blade Always Lands Pointy End In: A point of debate. Gavin believes that holding a knife by the blade and throwing it will guarantee that it'll land point-first, since that's how it works in movies. Ryan points out the numerous problems to this, and it ultimately leads to a $20 bet: if Gavin manages to embed the knife into the wall, he wins. If not, Ryan wins. Ryan wins, and proceeds to casually throw the knife into the wall on his first try.]
  • Black Comedy Rape: Though generally avoided as one of the few subjects they consider too taboo to joke about, Michael's 'Gerki' persona from the Red Dragon Inn Lets Roll and its sequel is this trope personified. A Depraved Omnisexual who's after Anything That Moves, and is intentionally trying to get the other players drunk so he can have his way with them. The game somewhat invited this in the first place as some of Gerki's action cards were based around poisoning other players' drinks, but they take this and run with it until they start claiming Gerki is ejaculating into people's drinks because his semen is a sedative. They really aim for Crossing the Line Twice with this one.
  • Blatant Lies: Used for humor when the guys are playing a game and doing disastrous until they get their stride, then insisting that the successful session was the 'first game'.
  • *Bleep*-dammit!: Sometimes the sound bleeps or visual censorship will come out for the really bad words (usually politically incorrect or insensitive ones), but it's usually not difficult to figure out which word it was based on context. If it gets bad enough, sometimes entire verbal exchanges or conversations get cut (not that it stops anyone from referring to them). Michael has snarked that fans trying to guess the more ambiguous bleeps end up being more annoying than any actual backlash from leaving the words in.
  • Book Ends: The very first Achievement Hunter video was a video guide recorded by Jack on getting the Millionaire's Club achievement in Burnout Paradise. Michael has revealed on Off Topic #403 that the final AH video to be published (which had already been recorded by then) will be Jack, Geoff, Alfredo, and Michael himself trying to get the same achievement in Burnout Paradise Remastered.
  • Born Lucky: Marcus Gormley. It's the only explanation how he managed to survive Michael's incompetence all the way to Part 5 of Full Play - State of Decay with no less than three near-death experiences.
  • Brief Accent Imitation:
    • In most of their "Let's Roll" board game episodes, the players enjoy breaking into different accents and voices for the characters they play.
    • If any of the Let's Plays have character roleplay involved, expect someone to use a different voice or accent for their character.
  • Broke the Rating Scale: In "Let's Play Cloudberry Kingdom Part 7", a splash page appears indicating "The amount of failures that occurred have yet to be properly represented numerically."
  • Call-Back: The Achievement Hunters have a multitude of recurring self-referential inside jokes.
    • In the Survivors Beta 3 Let's Play, Ryan sees a car and Michael asks Gavin what kind of car he thinks it is. In the Slender Rage Quit Let's Play that Michael played with Gavin, Gavin spent several minutes trying to figure out the brand of the truck they saw with Michael angrily yelling at him that it didn't matter. All the funnier when you consider that Survivors is based on Slender.
    • Additionally, when they're talking about facts they have learned, and one of the points is oddly specific, odds are it's something that caused them much grief in a previous Let's Play, such as the fact that cacti in Minecraft destroy blocks, or that the GTA V fighter jets' bullets are explosive in nature.
  • Calling Your Attacks: "MOONBALL!" is always called out before throwing one in the office. It started as a safety measure for anyone to duck since the balls themselves are incredibly bouncy and can hit anyone and anything from different angles. The call has since evolved into the "[insert object here] -ball!" for throwing any sort of object and saying "Moonball!" in a bizarre accent. Failure to call "Moonball" and throwing one results in getting pummeled with them, as Matt quickly learned in an episode of AHWU.
  • The Cameo: Among others, LeVar Burton and Gary Sinise appear in AHWU #200.
  • Camera Abuse: Happens during live-action segments, more recently during the Between the Games videos Flinchless Kickie-Doo and Keepie Uppie.
  • Cassandra Truth: During a Let's Watch of Hitman (2016), the gang is tasked with assassinating Gary Busey. The mission starts with a briefing that Busey ran off from a film set, yelling that nobody can catch him because he's obtained the power of invisibility. The vast majority of the video is the gang completely unable to even find Busey anywhere on the map, let alone assassinate him, eventually leading them to conclude that he really did become invisible.
  • Catchphrase:
    • "LLLLLLLET'S PLAY!" — Usually said by Ray to signal the beginning of a video.
    • "Let's stop!" — The exact opposite, a signal to the viewer and to the editors that the actual video content is ending.
    • "Let's go ahead and roll on into it." — Let's Roll host Larry announcing the beginning of play after having explained the rules.
  • Chekhov's Gun:
    • In Left 4 Dead 2, near the beginning, Gavin pulls out a defibrillator and the guys laugh at how useless it is. Later, he uses the same defibrillator to revive Geoff.
    • During a Worms Revolution Let's Play, Ray declares a section of the map with most of his worms as his base and sets down a turret which is never used for the rest of the game. Later on, a Bunker Buster used by Gavin which would have blown up Geoff's remaining worm accidentally hits the turret and saves him.
    • In another Worms Revolution playing, Gavin tries to jump off a cliff and use his rope swing to catch his fall, but he discovers that once his worm starts tumbling after a second, he can't use the rope. Later on, this same problem causes Ray to accidentally drop his final worm into the water and win the game for Michael.
    • Same series, different game: In the first Worms Battlegrounds game, Gavin blows himself up with mortars after firing them straight up, claiming he was trying to account for the wind. That same wind blows Ray's penultimate worm into the ocean when trying to parachute onto the ledge with Geoff's last worm in sudden death.
  • Comic Trio:
    • The Lads at times embodied these roles during Let's Plays, with Michael as The Leader, Gavin as The Fool, and Ray as the Only Sane Man. That's not to say the Gents (Geoff, Jack, and Ryan) didn't have their moments.
    • As the group has expanded, there is also The Dusk Boys, consisting of Gavin, Trevor, and Alfredo. They particularly like to cause hijinks in GTA or Gmod.
    • After Joe Lee joined the team, he became part of a new trio with Michael and Alfredo, largely being the Butt-Monkey to Michael's Leader and Alfredo's Lancer. They particularly enjoy ribbing Joe during Gmod or Off Topic.
  • Conservation of Ninjutsu: Averted in their playthrough of Rainbow Six: Vegas 2. Though their 4 player-controlled operatives rack up a lot of kills, death happens very quickly in the game and they struggle to eliminate all 40+ terrorists before failing the mission. They even comment on the idiocy of sending a small squad after a small army of terrorists and expecting them to succeed.
  • Credits Gag: The credits of each episode of Off Topic always comes up with a new title for Gavin. Titles have included "International Douche Of Mystery", "Destiny's Favorite Player", "The guy from Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs", and "Smuggest Prick". A list has been compiled here.
  • Curb-Stomp Battle:
    • Achievement Hunter VS in general. The current titleholder not knowing the challenger's game doesn't help. Then again, sometimes the challenger picks a game they're far more experienced in, then becomes the recipient of a curb-stomping somehow.
    • Special mention goes to Gavin for challenging Ray to Call of Duty: Black Ops, which he never played before, while Ray, on the other hand, had already Prestiged six times in it. Michael notes that while Ray is good at everything, he's "The Black Ops Guy."
      • While Gavin did earn a respectable score of 11, Ray still held the lead the entire match.
    • Ryan just decimates Michael in VS episode two. In a first-to-twenty-kills deathmatch in Quake III: Arena, the final score was 20 to -4 in favor of Ryan, and Michael only got one kill on him.
    • In VS episode four, Geoff challenges Jack to Sega Bass Fishing, an old favorite of Geoff's, and one that Jack had never played. The goal? Catch the biggest fish. Jack not only catches the biggest fish (at 11 lbs. 7 oz.) 10 minutes in, but goes on to catch another 11 and 9-pounder, compared to Geoff's best fish barely topping 5 lbs. Final score, one bruised ego later: Geoff 13 lbs, Jack 43 lbs.
    • In Lindsay's very first appearance in VS, they challenged Gavin to Catlateral Damage. They got completely CRUSHED.
    • Another VS decimation came in Episode 60, with Ryan challenging Lindsay to Cat with Bow Golf. Ryan's final score was -34; Lindsay's was +60 - a difference of 94 strokes.note 
    • When Ryan played against Funhaus in Dead by Daylight as the Trapper, he flattens them. When they demanded a rematch after discovering he used a perk to boost his healing speed, he conceded....and destroyed them again without his perk.
    • AH as a whole got utterly destroyed during their Overwatch match against Fun Haus, to the point that they needed Millie to step in to have any chance at all. This was because FH had Cloud 9 (a professional esports team) secretly playing for them.
  • A Day in the Limelight:
    • AHWU #346 and #355 are presented entirely by the support crew. The description for #346 goes:
    Geoff knew it was AHWU day, so he decided to play hooky. Jack legitimately was sick, his runny nose running every which way. Gavin had to have an emergency slomogectomy. Jeremy was tongue tied after laying down some fresh new rhyme beats. Ryan has been forbidden from AHWU for a millennia. And Michael...Michael just didn't care. That means it's time for AHWU to be AHWU'd by your absolute favorite Achievement Hunters: Matt, Trevor, Andy, Shifty Larry, Kent, Steffie, Ashley, and Neal.
    • Let's Test Wipeout X is a drunk Matt and Jeremy dragging in the support crew to test out their Wipeout X course in Minecraft. Jarren, who was an intern at the time, is the only one to complete it.
    • Post Team Does Stuff is a weekly livestream featuring the support crew playing games and chatting with the audience.
    • Since Achievement Hunter started working from home during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, they have featured members of the support crew in their videos and streams, dedicating single weeks to specific members.
  • Damn You, Muscle Memory!: Most of the Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 LPs have this from everyone, since they've become used to more modern shooter controls. By the end, everyone had confused the function of the 'B' button.
    Gavin: "'B' is... 'B' is not cover, 'B' is grenade!"
  • Deep-Immersion Gaming: Done using the face-mapping feature of Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 (to hilarious effect) by Geoff, Gavin, Jack, and Ryan in their Let's Plays of that game.
  • Deep South: Geoff is Alabaman and Ryan is Georgian, so occasionally the stereotypes are brought up for laughs, usually by them. Matt is from South Carolina, and also not above snarking about his home state as well.
  • Despair Event Horizon: Geoff tends to hit this pretty quickly when golfing games are involved, as any lucky shots he might make are almost immediately cancelled out by an extremely unlucky event, usually more the fault of the game rather than being the target of anybody else. Case in point Dead Rising 4: Mini Golf Course 4, where having come in with a straight set of three last-place finishes from the previous three courses, he proceeded to double bogey the first hole, on the second hole he got his ball next to the hole and then swapped with Michael's (which was right back at the start again), the third hole features having his camera mostly obscured by a wall and hitting a suction tube which should have dropped his ball in the hole but didn't (which Michael subsequently copied and it went in), and on the fourth hole he sliced his first shot and then went out of bounds on what should have been a simple putt.
  • Disproportionate Retribution: Chad James asks for Achievement Hunter's help in helping the bungalow team steal a microwave. Michael, having brought tacos to the office, offered him one, but since Chad already had lunch plans, he declined the offer. So Achievement Hunter retaliated by stealing and hiding his desk during the theft.
  • Double Standard: When the British Gavin brings up something from his home country that doesn't necessarily apply to America, he is mocked for it and often nobody believes him; for example, the "Hero Turtles" fiasco. But if he questions anything about America, or is just confused by something in it, once again, he's considered the idiot. While this is supposed to be Played for Laughs, some people may take it the wrong way.
  • Down to the Last Play:
    • VS episode 18: Gavin challenged Michael to Marble Blast Ultra - first to win two rounds wins. At the end of the final round, Gavin is winning by 2 points, and Michael is about to reach a 2-point star - but the clock runs out just before he reaches it.
    • VS episode 23 is a double example, a best-of-7 match between Michael and Ray at the Banjo-Tooie minigames. Not only does it come down to the seventh game, but that comes down to the final seconds. Michael withstands a last-second charge by Ray and wins by ONE POINT, 61-60, taking the belt.
    • Another Michael/Ray example: "Let's Play Red Dead Redemption Races". The two end up tied in points at the end of the first round of races, so the winner is decided by total time over the 4 races. Ray wins by 0.11 seconds.
    • VS episode 33: Jack versus Geoff in MX vs ATV: Alive. In their five-lap bike race, Geoff takes a big lead early but ends up falling back after driving too conservatively, and the fourth lap is basically neck-and-neck the whole way around. During the final lap, Jack crashes, but is able to catch up to Geoff. Geoff does manage to hold the lead, barely winning the belt.
    • VS episode 39: Geoff challenging Gavin to QWOP. For what Geoff describes as an "awful game", the battle is close, with each taking one of the first two rounds. By the last round, Gavin has figured out the technique needed to run, but can't master it, while Geoff has adapted the "twerking" technique that Gavin used to beat Michael in their Rage Quit episode of 2-player QWOP. The lead switches back and forth several times, and the winner ends up being Geoff.
    • The Last of Us Remastered part 2 has the team play Interrogation mode for the first time. Both teams eventually manage to get the location of the opposing team's lockbox, and Michael is just barely able to unlock the Gents' just before Ryan can unlock the Lads'.
    • When playing Bowser Land on Mario Party 2, the board's winner came down to whether ProZD or Michael's team won the final minigame, the 1 vs. 3 "Look Away". ProZD manages to beat Michael's team easily due to them facing leftwards twice in a row, giving ProZD the board win via robbing Michael of the Minigame Star. Michael, usually The Ace when playing Mario Party, ends up in third.
  • Drinking Game: How the gang copes with the awful movies they watch in Theater Mode. Each episode lists off the rules and a counter pops up with the number of drinks that they've consumed.
  • The Dreaded: The main Rooster Teeth offices and departments tend get nervous around them due to their size, their tendencies for destruction and chaos, and the fact that they have a disturbing amount of weapons and projectiles stashed in their office. Individually, they are mostly harmless in non-AH videos, but as a group, makes quite a few people nervous. It's also been mentioned in RT Animation and STF's Minecraft videos that ever a company-wide shared Minecraft server was launched, they've been wondering when Achievement Hunter will start causing mischief on the other groups' islands.
    Miles: [holding up a Wolverine claw glove] Literally, this is not a goof, we just had to walk in to Achievement Hunter to do something and they just gave us weapons!
    Jon: They did not just give you weapons, the way you described it was that they pointed to a pile of weapons and said "Those are the ones we're giving away."

    Miles: Can I just say, every time I walk into the Achievement Hunter office, I feel like I'm going into the elephant graveyard from The Lion King. And while I'm there, I am in imminent danger if I like, say the wrong thing and someone were to let Michael loose? Like, it scares me.
    Kerry: You are.

    Drew: I knew it, I fucking knew it. They took Chad's desk.
    Andrew: What did I tell you?! This was gonna be the double-cross heist!
    Blaine: You never trust the Achievement Hunters!
  • Dude, Not Funny!: Michael and Ray's reaction to Gavin purposefully making them lose multiple rounds in Cops 'n Crooks Part 3. After it became apparent that his screw-ups were intentional (his excuse being that Team Lads always winning was "boring") they temporarily booted him from the team. This continued on into the next video where Gavin is visibly frustrated and cynical at Michael continuing to call him out for his meddling.
  • Early-Installment Weirdness:
    • You can see it within Michael's Rage Quit videos as they refer to him by his message board name on the video description and most of the videos up until the game for X-Men Origins: Wolverine had him just focused on one part.
    • The entire division itself was supposed to be mainly focused on creating video guides to unlock achievements or find Easter Eggs. Then their Let's Plays came along.
  • Epic Fail: While this is true of a lot of gaming videos to varying extents (as well as degrees of their difficulty), Michael in Rage Quit can occasionally lead to some gems, or in the Let's Plays, where he will TNT most of his team off the map, stand in the open while a Creeper is approaching, and so on.
    • In their first Worms game, Michael had one last character to use, so he used a jet pack to get to where Geoff was at... and then he fell into the water.
    • During their second Let's Play of Worms, Ray's last worm single-handedly fire-punched all four of Michael's worms to death through a combination of Michael's incompetence and a lot of luck to win the game.
    • Similarly, in the same game, Ray launched an air strike on two worms who were pretty close together, one belonging to Geoff, the other to Gavin, and due to several scant pieces of debris above them, the rockets from the air strike completely missed the two worms, causing almost perfectly placed explosions to go off around them but not deal even a single point of damage.
    • Speaking of Worms, nobody gets more of these than Gavin. He almost never goes a single move without hurting or killing one of his worms. There has been at least one round where he killed all of his worms. It's gotten to a point where Gavin is comparable to Zapp Brannigan of Futurama.
    • In VS episode 13, Gavin selected the 2012 Olympics game he showed competency in the previous Let's Play of the title. However in the second event, Gavin COMPLETELY FAILS TO SCORE, and Ray's utter domination in the Archery event leads to cries that Gavin "ruined the name of Mark Nutt."
    • Lindsay's involvement in "Splat X". In a game that's all about parachuting, they were not yet at a level where she can use parachutes. They kept freefalling to their death every time.
    • The Gents' performance on the 2014 Super Bowl Special. Jack (and later Ryan) play QB and manage to throw ten interceptions, mostly from Jack. They're easily the Lads' best offensive resource. At one point, Jack simply leaves the room. The best part about all this is that the Lads' quarterback was Gavin of all people, who managed to rout the Gents despite not only having a partial grasp of the controls, he has a weak knowledge of American football itself (a fact that Michael doesn't hesitate to rub in Geoff's face).
    Geoff: "Jack, I never thought I'd say this, but pay attention to what Gavin is doing."
    • Part 2 of their 7 Days To Die Let's Play has this happen at the end. After fighting off two hordes and spending an entire in-game day building a wall and digging a trench around the house that they claimed as their base, they found out that not only can the zombies just break through the wooden wall, but they can also dig, leaving both parts of their defense completely useless.
    • AH is no stranger to failure in Rainbow Six. One standout example of failure was part 2 of the original Rainbow Six: Vegas, where the crew's attempts at Terrorist Hunt disintegrate immediately, several times in a row.
    Ray: We've been recording for less than 4 minutes and we've managed to [all die immediately] 3 times. Note: 
  • Evil Is Not a Toy: Not evil so much as "Guys who love to play cruel pranks on each other and are sent deadly weapons by fans on a weekly basis," but when the main RT Offices group employed their help in distracting the Stage 5 crew so they could steal a microwave for their office, AH quickly turned the tables on them. While they were busy stealing the microwave, AH completely cleaned out their office of equipment and carried it back to their own. All of this because Chad didn't accept Michael's offer of buying him a taco.
  • Explain, Explain... Oh, Crap!: During Murder Elevator, Jack sees Jeremy in a room only accessible to traitors. He fails to process this until he has unwittingly sent Trevor to his death.
    Jack: Jeremy is below us. Jeremy is...wait, Jeremy's in the fucking traitor room! (Trevor screams and a gunshot is heard. Seconds later, the elevator emerges with nothing but his gun and blood inside) OH NO! IT CAME BACK EMPTY! IT CAME BACK EMPTY! OH GOD, WHY!?
  • Extra-Long Episode:
    • Uno: Infinite, the sequel to Uno: The Movie, clocks in at 37.5 hours, with everyone in AH rotating in shifts, plus a guest appearance by Armando from Funhaus.
    • Michael played the entirety of The Callisto Protocol for 15.5 hours, joined by Alfredo and Trevor on commentary. However, due to Youtube's hard limit of 12 hour streams, the last three and a half hours were uploaded separately from the stream.
    • Michael also played the Dead Space (Remake) in its entirety for 18 hours with Alfredo on commentary and jumping in if necessary.
    • The Resident Evil 4 (Remake) stream clocks in at about 28 hours, including Michael restarting the game on Normal after playing the first four hours on Hard and realizing he was in over his head on that difficulty.
    • Michael, Alfredo, Trevor, and Joe played Diablo IV for 14 hours.
  • Failure Is the Only Option: Pretty much all but one of the Worms Let's Plays end this way for Gavin, often due to his own stupidity. Likewise, it's been noted several times now that Michael can never officially best Ryan in a VS match
  • Fish out of Water: Despite their experience with gaming, once in a while they'll do a Let's Play of something where most or all of them have no experience in just to see how well they fare. Case in point, their skirmishes in League of Legends demonstrates that they are... not well-versed in the MOBA genre, to put it lightly.
  • Five-Man Band: After Ray's departure in 2015 and before Ryan's removal from the group in 2020, this broke down roughly as followed:
    • The Leader: Geoff. Runs Achievement Hunter and usually the one organizing things, giving instructions and trying to keep the others under control.
    • The Lancer: Gavin. Constantly ignoring Geoff's instructions (and screwing up in the process) and the two of them have a clear love-hate relationship.
    • The Smart Guy: Ryan. The most intellectual and academic of the crew (mocked by the others for having gone to college) and a skilled web designer.
    • The Big Guy: Michael. Louder and more aggressive than any other Hunter, and also tends to be the best at melee combat in game. Generally speaking.
    • The Heart: Jack. Usually a calming influence on his teammates, and tends to play as a female character.
    • The Sixth Ranger: Jeremy. Received a surge in popularity after Ray left and he became more prominently featured in videos; rewarded by being given a permanent spot on the team.
  • Foregone Conclusion: VS Episode 70 is this thanks to them accidentally skipping Ryan vs. Gavin. Since episode 69 is Ryan vs. Ray, Gavin has to lose.
  • For Science!: Ryan, Michael, and Jeremy creating the Monster Mac.
  • Freeze-Frame Bonus: The AH Animated shorts typically need rewatches as Shaun and Jaime like to sneak in layers of Visual Puns and other jokes and references.
  • Freudian Trio: Team Lads forms one with Michael as the Id, Ray as the Superego, and Gavin as the Ego. Though they are an effective group, on occasion when things go badly, the Ego isn't the one mediating between Id and Superego (as per tradition for this trope), the Ego is usually causing the problem to begin with.
  • Friend or Foe?: AH very frequently has this issue during any Let's Play: Rainbow Six video, often mistaking a teammate for a terrorist and gunning them down by reflex. There is even a video compilation of all the team kills from the first and second games.
  • Funny Background Event:
    • Every AHWU has something going on in the background. While Geoff and Jack are delivering the actual updates, the Lads will be seen behind them in the background climbing over each other and the furniture, making all manner of gestures, and often attempting to directly distract Geoff and Jack. Even with the addition of newer members and retooling of the show, there's always going to be something going on in the background as updates are delivered.
    • In the Let's Play of Worms, Geoff names his worms hilariously inappropriately (except for Steve). Thus, the on-screen text at one point, though not commented upon by the guys, reads:
    Never underestimate the power of The Faaaaaart!
    • When playing games with a text chat feature, the AH Lads will type amusing messages to each other, though said messages are almost never commented on by anyone playing the game. Then Jeremy started writing website puns...
    • Most of the regular videos have one of the other Achievement Hunters interjecting into the commentary that the main two guys are doing, such as Geoff laughing his butt off in Ray and Michael's Best of Fails videos.
    • In their YuGiOh game against Funhaus, Gavin is reading the game's instructions and looks increasingly confused as the match draws on. Geoff also pops in to watch only to be just as confused with Gavin glancing at his watch and wondering when it'll all be over.
    • In the Let's Watches of House Party, whenever Ryan's actions caused a loud enough reaction from Michael, Lindsay, and Jeremy, Alfredo will turn around in confusion to see what the hell the going on, due to the fact that his desk mirrors Ryan's. One of Ryan's actions in the game needed him to take topless photos of a character, so while Ryan and the others are preoccupied with taking the pictures, Alfredo sneakily pulls out his phone and takes a picture.
    • In several Let's Watches that are filmed from Ryan's computer, Alfredo will occasionally turn around in confusion to see the commotion and react accordingly to the chaos in front of him. One Let's Watch in Hitman had Gavin toss a moonball behind him, and it landed right on Alfredo's head.
    • Ever since the group pivoted to working from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic, their pets will wander into their cameras looking for attention and in the Joneses' case, their children can be heard screaming at random intervals.
  • Gaslighting: This video.
  • Gonk: Jack and Gavin's characters in both WWE videos, as well as Michael's in the WWE 2K14 video.
  • Got Me Doing It: Oftentimes the others will ridicule Gavin for his use of British slang (or his Neologisms) initially then end up incorporating it into their vocabulary. Examples include the words "gubs/gubbins" (general term for items), "bunce" (to hit something or knock it back), and "nob" (penis) as well as phrases such as "Tease it...".
  • Harmful to Minors: Geoff attempted to watch the infamous Dead Island trailer, despite being warned not to because... y'know, and having a little girl. He had to Rage Quit after twenty seconds before raging at developers Techland for the promotion of the game.
  • Hellish Copter: Anytime that Gavin tries to fly a chopper (especially in GTA), expect some hilariously bad performance.
  • How Do I Shot Web?: Geoff sometimes overlooks obvious in-game mechanics until someone points them out to him. The earliest and greatest example is when he played through all of Crackdown without knowing that it is possible to lock on to enemies.
  • Huge Guy, Tiny Girl: Ky, BK, and Fiona are all petite women around 5'4" and makes the 6' Jack look much larger by comparison when he stands or sits next to them.
  • The Hyena: You can guarantee at least one of them will devolve into hysterical laughter during a video. Geoff and Gavin easily have the most recognizable laughs and they're the ones that laugh the most too. Michael also has a distinctive cackle when he's not raging, and when Jack laughs, he can be wheezing with laughter to the point where he can't even speak. In her very first appearance on a stream before she got hired, BlackKrystel spent the entirety of it in hysterical laughter and continues to break into giggles whenever she's on Off Topic.
  • Hypocritical Humor: When Gavin gets annoyed during recordings and has a fit of rage, doing something such as throwing his controller or smashing his desk, the others will be quick to comment on it and say that only babies do that. Keep in mind that among the people saying this are Geoff and Michael, who are both very prone to their own freakouts far more often than Gavin is. Not to mention how Michael has actually broken controllers due to his anger.
  • Imperial Stormtrooper Marksmanship Academy: During VS episode 30, Gavin and Michael faced off in Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost and Damned in Chopper vs. Chopper, a mode where two players take turns as a motorbiker trying to reach checkpoints and a helicopter pilot trying to kill the biker. Mostly due to how hard it is to fly the helicopter and aim, both had some ridiculously long bouts of firing the minigun and hitting everything except the biker.
  • Incredibly Lame Pun: Jeremy's websites.
  • Killed Mid-Sentence: Enforced in the Fake Heists, Gmod Murder, and Trouble in Terrorist Town.
  • Killed Off for Real:
    • Whenever the guys have a GTA Heist, once the heist officially begins, they all stop talking whenever they respectively die in-game and do not rejoin the heist after they respawn.
    • Likewise, their Gmod:Murder videos will have those that have been killed remain silent.
    • After they completed Sky Factory in Minecraft, they created Minecraft YDYD, a miniseries in which all nine Hunters play Minecraft on Hardcore mode, where they don't respawn after dying. (Due to a combination of incompetence, dumb mistakes, and lack of perception it lasted a grand total of 3 episodes.)
    • Carried on in Minecraft YDYD season 2, but with a new twist: by constructing a Tower of Pimps on a dead player's grave, they can bring them Back from the Dead. The catch is that It Only Works Once, meaning this trope is still in effect should they die again.
  • Lampshade Hanging: Done all the time, especially when they say that they say that they totally didn't film the current segment 5 minutes after finishing another that was broadcast a week or more before.
  • Laser-Guided Karma:
    • In Worms Battleground, Ray jokingly tells Gavin to account for the wind, which leads Gavin to blow himself up with mortars while taking it into account, unaware that the wind doesn't affect it. In the final turn, Ray tries to parachute but said wind blows him into the ocean, giving Geoff the victory.
    • When Achievement Hunter faced off against Funhaus in Smite, they secretly had their B staff playing for them (who are much more competent) to cheat their way to victory. When they faced off in Overwatch, FH returned the favor by having an actual esports team (Cloud 9) annihilate AH.
  • Long Runner: At 14 years and going, Achievement Hunter is one of the oldest gaming groups on the internet.
  • Loophole Abuse: Ryan's AH persona was basically the incarnation of this rule. He also admitted to having always been this way, such as being "that smartass" in college who delivered exactly what the professor asked for. He calls it "Creative Thinking". Michael calls him "the loophole guy".
  • Marathon Level:
    • The Fuel Let's Play. It's almost two hours of racing from one corner of the in-game map to the other, with very little editing involved. There's facecams, pizza deliveries, box balancing, and Ryan's Xbox freezing about an hour and a half in. To add insult to injury, they were doing this to get an achievement, which Michael did not get when he won the race. Taken to its logical conclusion in the sequel Let's Play.
    • Uno: The Movie, which tops Fuel by being a two and a half hour game of Uno, complete with credits. After the first half-hour, their enthusiasm is draining; round about the two hour mark, Gavin's regretting insisting they play for 500 points.
      • And as of 2022, it has a spin-off in Uno: Infinite, a 37 and a half hour long stream with literally all of Achievement Hunter taking shifts in playing the card game.
    • While slightly shorter than Uno: The Movie by a few minutes, the Halo 3 LASO Let's Play also came in at over two and a half hours.
    • The longest non-livestream Let's Play as of 2021 is the four and a half hour long 50-turn Let's Play of Mario Party 6. The slightly shorter 50-turn Let's Plays of Mario Party 8 and Mario Party 5 were roughly three hours and 50 minutes while the one of Mario Party 4 is four hours.
    Gavin: 50 turns should come up with a warning: "Do you have plans today?"
    • While it wasn't posted on their site, Jeremy played the entire Spyro the Dragon trilogy for a full 16 hours on their Youtube stream. (However, due to Youtube's stream policy, the last four hours are missing.)
    • The Halo 5: Guardians LASO series starts at an hour and half, with each episode gradually becoming longer, with the most recent episode clocking in at nearly 4 hours.
  • Mathematician's Answer: Achievement Hunter plays Infinity Slayer in Halo 4, and this exchange occurs:
    Ray: (after Geoff kills him) "What?!"
    Geoff: "Uh, that was me killing you."
    Ray: "Yeah, thanks, but with what?"
    Geoff: "With a gun."
    Ray: "Thanks man."
  • Mean Boss: Played for Laughs with Geoff.
    Geoff: "I think I may have the three dumbest employees ever."
    Michael: "To be fair, you hired all of us."
  • Mondegreen Gag: Gavin is susceptible to hearing mondegreens.
    Gavin: But what about the delicious coconut chocolate bar?
    Ray: Almond Joy?
    Gavin: "Arm Of Joy"?
  • Mood Dissonance: Achievement Hunter Kidz! (aka Happy Space 3) is a masterpiece of the trope.
  • Mood Whiplash:
    • During the Satisfactory let's play, Matt manages to kill one of the native beasts in such an awkward position that it glitches into a crafting bench. Everyone is laughing about it... then Geoff comes up in the background and breaks the news of the April 2019 fire at Notre Dame which was at that point ongoing.
    • During the final part of the Star Trek Let's Play, Ryan and Michael are ready to watch the epilogue to the game, are listening in on Kirk's monologue before Lindsay bursts in and reveals Stan Lee's death.
  • Mugging the Monster: Every time on VS the challenger picks their game expecting the current belt-holder to be bad at it, only for them to show surprising competence and beat them at their own game. One example: Gavin wrecks Lindsay at Catlateral Damage since they forgot that his ability to mess everything up is second to none.
    • Sometimes this becomes Bullying a Dragon when the challenger knows that the current champion is better than them at a game but tries their hand at it anyway (usually with predictable results). Probably the most prominent example is Gavin challenging Ray to Black Ops 2 even though he was inexperienced and knew that Ray had prestiged the game six times.
    • It can even happen with a game that neither player has tried. In episode 51, Jack challenges Ryan to a round of You Don't Know Jack, a trivia game that neither had played before (though Geoff and Ray were familiar with it, and knew how crazy the matches would get), all while expressing confidence that he will be able win. After a few... surreal questioning sessions, JACK expresses confusion at the game's content, to the consternation of everyone.
      Jack: "Is this [even] a game?"
      Michael: "YOU PICKED IT!"
  • Necro Cam: Discussed. In the second match of "Let's Play - Titanfall Frontier Defense", Ryan attempts to hijack an Arc Titan, a Titan surrounded by an electrical field, only to comedically die. When another player attempts the same thing, with the same results, he comments that "[he] was just watching [himself] do it".
  • No Indoor Voice: These guys get loud, especially during intense moments, where even the less reactive cast members start screaming and swearing. In (rough) order from least to most loud: Jack, Matt, Joe, Fiona, Trevor, Lindsay, Alfredo, Jeremy, Ky, BK, Gavin, Geoff, then finally MICHAEL.
  • No, You: In one of the GTA V races, Ryan complains about how long it is.
    Jack: "You picked it."
    Ryan: "I'd never played it before."
    Jack: "That's the whole point."
    Geoff (at the time dead last): "'re the whole point."
    Jack: "Thanks, Geoff!"
  • Once an Episode: Before he stopped doing it, Ray would always yell out his "LLLLLET'S PLAY!" Catchphrase at the start of videos. Someone (usually Jack or Geoff) usually says "Let's stop!" at the end of Let's Plays as well.
  • Once More, with Clarity: Shenanigans: The Heist Double-Cross is one of these for RT Life: The Microwave Heist and Between the Games: The Microwave Heist: Team Distraction, showing how while the Bungalow's plan was going on, the rest of the Hunters were busy stealing Chad's desk.
  • One-Man Army: Halfway through their first Let's Play of Trouble in Terrorist Town, a random server denizen named Shadowiz guns down Ray, Michael, Ryan and Gavin. He also kills Geoff on account of blowing up and catching Geoff in the line of fire. Ray's body gets thrown around ragdoll style in the air and hanged for good measure. They were so impressed that they still Shout-Out to "Shadles", as they pronounce his name, much later.
  • Out of Focus: Based on video game coverage, Halo. A few years ago, there were three Achievement Hunter shows dedicated to the game franchise that help made Rooster Teeth: Fails of the Weak, Achievement HORSE, and Game Night. It was comfortably the most-focused game in the division. Then something happened.
    • First, Let's Play happened, especially two Let's Play series focusing on other popular games.
    • Next, Achievement HORSE shared its competition focus with Trials Evolution. Later on, it became Achievement HUNT, in which the Hunters decided that all games are welcome, reducing Halo's usage in the series.
    • Then, Game Night suddenly stopped, and so did several speaking appearances by a Hunter who became so reviled that he too became Out of Focus.note  When it came back, it became a livestreamed show that didn't have as much to do with Halo.
    • Finally, the last nail in the coffin, the Hunters finally reconsidered Fails of the Weak's long-standing Halo focus and decided to retool it as a series for the GameFails channel (which itself spun off from Fails of the Weak). This made it all-encompassing series for video game fails, no longer the Halo Fails of the Weak it once was.
  • Overly Preprepared Gag: Basically every episode of Shenanigans. Their favorite way of pulling pranks in-game and in the office is to dedicate lots of time and money for just a few seconds of payoff. It's best exemplified in "Jeremy Gets A Raise", where the gang spent 5 months planning out and raising Jeremy's desk and chair 20 feet in the air, just for his reaction and then filming a Let's Play with it. Bonus points for not even realizing that he just happens to be afraid of heights.
  • Paranormal Investigation: The Haunter pilot, in which the main seven look for ghosts in the abandoned Yorktown Memorial Hospital. Since then, they've filmed two seasons.
  • Person as Verb The crew often uses a certain employee's name as shorthand for a certain task:
    • Up until about 2013, getting good at a game, only to fall short at the very end was called "pulling a Jack."
    • Screen-looking is called "Caleb-ing."
    • Loophole Abuse was called "pulling a Ryan."
    • Rage quitting is often described as "pulling a Michael."
      • Michael also has one involving his name that doesn't relate to an actual AH video: Getting quickly obliterated by Exodia in Legacy of the Duelist, as quipped by former Hunter Ray when it happened to him.
    • Exhibiting Too Dumb to Live tendencies and making up words on the spot are usually addressed as "pulling a Gavin" or "Gavin-ing."
    • The group's Lets Plays of Assassin's Creed made the phrase "pulling a Geoff" signal a bad case of Did Not Think This Through. More recently, "Geoffing" has been used primarily in GTA racing videos to describe his uncanny ability to be driving at the front and then be screwed over completely, either by his own fault or just bad luck.
    • Let's Play Minecraft has seen Matt establish the phrase "pulling a Lindsay," which indicates creating an entire wall (or potentially any structure) out of the wrong material.
    • Halo 4 Let's Plays resulted in someone winning over and over again being called "pulling a Ray."
    • For non-employee instances, AH often uses "Austin Powers" as a verb referring to getting a vehicle utterly stuck in GTA. Due to their spectacular failures in the Let's Play Worms series, "Worms" (as in "Wormsed it" or "Wormsing it") in any game means either an Epic Fail at something that seems simple, accidentally killing off members of one's team, or most commonly both.
  • Power Trio: Team Lads (composed of Ray (later Jeremy), Michael, and Gavin) and Team Gents (Geoff, Jack, and Ryan).
    • Team Thugs (Lindsay, Kdin, and Caleb) and Team Mates (Kdin, Matt, and Jeremy).
  • Precision F-Strike: The Let's Play of Five Nights at Freddy's 3 has the distinction of replacing the usual title, going from "Let's Play - [Name Of Game Here] - Part X" to "F*** THIS GAME - Five Nights at Freddy's 3 - Part 1".
  • Persona Non Grata: Ryan Haywood after the allegations against him. After he "parted ways" with Rooster Teeth, and the rest of Achievement Hunter took a small hiatus, the division announced that they would remove as many videos involving him as possible (his entire Technical Difficulties show was canceled and deleted, for one), saying that he would never be welcome back to AH, and made it a point to cease mentioning him by name ever since.
  • Pun: In GO! episode 2, the Hunters are in Grand Theft Auto IV again, and are complaining about how horrible the game looks compared to Grand Theft Auto V. Gavin at one point says "This game looks like absolute garbage!" Cue a screen cut to him driving a garbage truck.
  • Punctuated Pounding: Geoff combines this with Rapid-Fire "No!" after he completely botches an otherwise great jump in the London Olympics Let's Play.
  • Rage Quit: Michael's raison d'être.
  • Recursive Acronym: From "Rage Quit: FIFA Soccer '10":
    Gavin: "I like that on the box, it's called FIFA Soccer."
    Michael: "Well, it's called 'soccer'."
    Gavin: "Well, what do you think the F in 'FIFA' stands for?"
    Michael: "FIFA Soccer".
  • Red Oni, Blue Oni: Michael is the Red and Gavin is the Blue. Doubles as Odd Friendship.
  • The Rival: Their Let's Play Worms episodes ultimately boil down to Ray versus Michael. Out of seven rounds, Michael won three and Ray won four. In fact, at different points, both won three in a row.
    • In a way, Ryan and Michael.
    • More recently, Michael and Jeremy. Many of the fiercest battles in Achievement Hunter are between the two of them.
  • Running Gag:
    • Gavin stealing all the gold and turning it into a four-block "Tower of Pimps" became the standard symbol for who won their Minecraft competitions, as well as a symbol for the division itself.
    • Ray is obsessed with roses in Minecraft. His house is covered in them, his chest has many stacks of them, before starting any competition he makes it a point to gather roses either from his chest or the environment; he just can't win without them. Sometimes he uses them as weapons. During the monster-catching challenge he tossed out roses to a zombie he was luring. Apparently, his hero is Tuxedo Mask. In fact, the Tuxedo Mask love has extended to Grand Theft Auto Online as well, as his GTAO character wears a tuxedo t-shirt and has been wearing a white masquerade mask after The Valentine's Day Massacre Special DLC was released in GTA V.
      • He also became obsessed with sponges after finding one in a chest during "Cloud Down", to the point where a sponge is now used as his base for the Tower of Pimps.
      • He has started to hate cake ever since he went "cakeless" in Let's Play Minecraft's "Wipeout" episodes. This hatred carries over to any video game cake, such as Layer-Cake Desert in New Super Mario Bros. U.
    • Jack constantly forgets the name of Halo vehicles, such as calling Ghosts "Banshees" or Falcons "Hornets".
    • Geoff seems to have a really hard time getting the Achievement Hunters to shut up and pay attention when he's explaining the challenge of the week and can usually be counted on to jokingly fire someone (or everyone), or at the least comment on how dumb his employees are.
    • Geoff will either feign ignorance or get angry whenever someone references Red vs. Blue.
    • Somewhat meta-example, but in their regular Fails of the Weak segment, at least one of the comments will complain about how they misspelled 'week'.
    • Whenever one of the guys fails in some way while making a guide, they insist in the commentary that it's very important that you screw up like they did. Naturally, it's Played for Laughs.
    • In party games or games where they don't need their gamertags, Jack will usually name himself "Gavin" or a variation on Gavin's name.
    • It is usually common to see them play Garry's Mod TTT, and someone usually have missing footage, whether it be gameplay or facecam, if it's the latter, a cutout version of the person will be provided. It got to the point where the Editors caught wind of this and nearly celebrated the fact that they got a perfect game, until they realize Ryan recorded on the wrong type of Facecam.
    • Referring to Alfredo and Trevor as twins, due to the fact that they look eerily alike aside from a difference in skintone. The two of them have played into this, having once swapped shirts and seats during an episode of Off Topic and nobody mentioned it.
  • Sanity Slippage: Episode 6 of Let's Play - Cloudberry Kingdom becomes this for all involved, especially Ryan. It produces a few nice musical moments, though.
  • Secret Handshake: Michael and Gavin have one for Team Nice Dynamite.
  • Self-Deprecation: Whenever Ray does an achievement guide, he will often say he's bad at games, despite having a crazy-high gamerscore of over 400,000 points (with over 350 games at 100% completion) and roflstomping everyone in Max Payne 3 multiplayer.
    • Michael frequently posts comments under his personal YouTube account LtMkilla, saying how much Rage Quit sucks or what a loser that Rage Quit guy is. Add in oblivious RT fans trying to defend Michael from LtMkilla and Hilarity Ensues.
    • Ray has taken it upon himself to do this with his own YouTube channel B1GnBr0wN on guides and videos that star him, usually saying "First!" before proceeding to insult himself with horrible grammar.
    • Geoff: "We can't even enter the game without failure!" During one of the Grand Theft Auto IV Let's Plays, when the guys had difficulty pressing ready to begin the match.
  • Screw Politeness, I'm a Senior!: The entire premise of Michael and Jeremy's Old Men shtick. The two of them don old men masks and go around yelling at the rest of Achievement Hunter and Rooster Teeth. RTX 2022 saw them causing chaos in the convention center.
  • Seinfeldian Conversation: Fails of the Weak sometimes becomes this, such an one episode where Geoff and Jack started thinking up nicknames for Russian strippers. These are also common in other Let's Plays, such as in Minecraft when there nothing exciting going on at the very start of a challenge; the ones that are deemed funny enough are left intact during editing. These are even more common in Let's Build.
  • Separated by a Common Language: The others, particularly Michael, often comment on British words Gavin uses, asking what they mean and accusing him of making them up. It doesn't help that, often times, he does.
    Gavin: See if you can get a packet of fags out.
    (gasps of shock from the others)
    Michael: Woah. This is America, Gavin! This is America!
    Gavin: CIGARETTES!
    • Used for comedic effect in a couple of episodes of Ready Set Show, where Gavin provides Jeremy and Trevor three examples of British slang, one of which he made up on the spot, and challenges them to work out which one is fake.
  • Ship Tease: Michael and Gavin are notorious for this, both being fully aware of Mavin shipping. It ranges from off-handed comments during Let's Plays to regularly invading one another's personal space. Doubles as Fanservice.
    Gavin: "Michael, I'm scared, Michael!"
    Michael: "Don't be."
  • Shout-Out: To anything. It's also a Running Gag.
  • Sound-Effect Bleep: Even with the amount of language they use that doesn't get cut, they sometimes have to resort to this to cover up really bad words or in the instance they have to edit out someone's personal information/messages. The written version of this occurs during Let's Play Minecraft Hunger Games episode.
    Jack: (reading sign) "' win be the last survivor and return to claim the Tower of *CENSORED*' ... huh, I guess you can't say 'pimps' on a sign in Minecraft."
    • Until Minecraft allowed more, ahem, bad language on signs, this showed up in a few other Let's Plays. The Shag Tent in "Creeper Census" was spelled vertically to avert the censor, and "Plimps" replaced "Pimps" in "The Most Dangerous Game" and the "Monopoly" three-parter.
    • As of the end of 2019 and going into 2020, this has become a lot more prevalent owing to Youtube's stricter rules on swearing in monetized videos, using voice clips of other Hunters rather than bleeps.
  • Spotlight-Stealing Squad: They are this to all of Rooster Teeth Productions, owing to the Let's Plays becoming a huge chunk of Rooster Teeth's content. It reaches the point where some watchers of the Let's Plays not knowing who Burnie, Gus, etc. even are. It even got to the point that Achievement Hunter needed its own character and YMMV pages because of how much they dominated the Rooster Teeth ones, and even that was not enough as Gavin and Michael needed their own Creator pages due to the amount of involvement they had in AH and non-AH projects.
  • Springtime for Hitler: GO! episode 74 for Ryan. The challenge was to see who could keep flying their GTA jet the longest without looking at the screen. Ryan declared his intent to crash his jet early on to avoid a certain running gag, but, well...
    Geoff: Ryan wins!
    Ryan: DAMMIT!
  • Squad Nicknames: They've formed so many duos, trios, and teams that The Rooster Teeth Wiki has an article just for covering team names. The most recurring set of squads are divided based on older and younger: Team Gents (Geoff, Jack, Ryan) versus Team Lads (Ray, Gavin, Michael). Since their debut in the "Capture the Tower" episode of Let's Play Minecraft it's become a standard to play team challenges this way.
    • Running up for second most common is the duo of Gavin and Michael, known in Minecraft as Team Nice Dynamite, but also known together as the Play Pals for separate videos.
  • Squee: In VS episode 5, the entire crew seems to squee at the various Cartoon Network characters showing up, with Geoff exclaiming at one point "Is that Captain Planet?!" when they see him on the character list.
  • Stealth Insult: Although he explains it when he says it, when Gavin calls Jack a "barstool" (bastard), Ryan explains as "It's a piece of furniture that deals with a lot of assholes."
  • Strange Minds Think Alike: Get them playing trivia or sports games and watch the parallel thinking come together. They'll even tell you that they've been working together for too long.
    • Let's Play WWE 2K14: the six created characters are Yarrgarita (Geoff), wearing a towel around his waist, Mr Diddlez (Ray), a champion of diddling ashamed of himself also in a towel, Gavin and Michael's...abominations, whose names of "Blue Anus" and "Dick Demolisher" both got censored, and Beardo V2 and An Inconvenience (Jack and Ryan) are fat and buff at the same time with weirdly coloured faces. The group regret that they didn't do a tag-team match.
    • RouLet's Play Quiplash 2 has two: "A weird thing for a baseball umpire to lean down and say to catcher." Jack and Michael respectively put down, "I want to lick your butthole," and "I want to lick your taint". The second example comes from Official Couple Lindsay and Michael: "The worst part about dating a magician", with "Pulling a rabbit out of their twat", and "Rabbits keep coming out of my vagina".
    Michael: (Upon seeing the answers) Fucking what?!
    • In a match in Rainbow Six Siege, one of the random players they were playing against, accused them of being impostors posing as Achievement Hunter. Ryan and Jeremy immediately correct him on his misspelling of "you're".
    • This even applies whenever they crossover with Funhaus- at one point while they were facing off with Jets versus Cars in GTA V, both Gavin and Adam inexplicably and completely independently had the idea of finding an enemy vehicle to hijack. They then proceeded to have an "idiot fight", ending with Gavin slaying Adam and stealing the other team's jet.
    Adam: It's like we had idiot telepathy!
  • Stylistic Suck:
    • AHWU is far from a quality production, especially with the vast majority of the fan-submitted intros they receive, most of which are, "Oh, look at me! I'm saying the latest episode number at some famous and/or scenic location!" Of course though, that's part of its charm.
    • The entire reason Garboman exists. He's a deliberately crappy character that's a literal trash bag, and any merch based around him is also deliberately poorly designed. Case in point: the Garboman coffee mug that holds maybe a shot glass of liquid and slightly unbalanced, and the Garboman puzzle, which is a 1000-piece all black jigsaw puzzle with a pair of googly eyes that can be glued on after.
  • Subverted Kids' Show: Achievement Hunter KiDz! (NSFW... or kids)
  • Take That, Audience!: VS episode 35 baits the viewers into think Michael and Ray were going to play Pokémon X and Y, which was something people had been begging for, before declaring that doing so would be boring to watch and showing off the real game.note 
    • This was done again in episode 101 involving a Donkey Kong-themed Jenga match.
  • Team Killer: Any of them, but the game that tends to attract this is Rainbow Six, and the culprit tends to be Gavin, for varying reasons. To the point where this was how Michael "initiated" Jeremy into the Let's Plays.
    • It has become a common gag in their Halo LASO playthroughs. If a team kill happens, the killer will most likely get the death point for it.note 
  • Team Spirit:
    • The guys notice that they are playing extremely well in "The Last of Gus", as they are playing a game which encourages teamwork. They absolutely dominate every match they play in through communication and support. Two fighters working together will kill a single opponent and survive 90% of the time, which they use to their massive advantage. They also diversify by dividing into roles:
      • Michael: short range and back-up spotter
      • Gavin: long range sniper
      • Gus: spotter
      • Ryan: medic
    • In their Dead by Daylight matches against Funhaus's Peake, they swiftly work together to get the generators going and rescue each other if they get caught. There was only one death out of both rounds because Michael allowed himself to get caught so the others could escape.
    Ryan: [after the gang successfully escapes] That's why teamwork is important!
  • Ten Paces and Turn: The team did this for one of their episodes of VS using Nerf guns. Unfortunately both were hilariously inaccurate and consistently failed to hit one another even after they cut the number of steps in half. Gavin finally won it with a headshot after multiple tries.
  • The Movie: Let's Play Live, a documentary about both the regular AH Let's Plays and the event "Let's Play Live", where they did several live Let's Plays.
  • The Stinger: Rage Quit: The Impossible Game Level Pack 4 has Michael's 16,537th attempt, where he finally beats the level.
  • The Teaser: A rare instance on Let's Play Minecraft Episode 56.
    Ryan: "The sheep is watching me sleep. It's creepy."
  • Tournament Arc: Achievement HORSE hosted one, using Halo: Reach as the hub. The contestants all do something in a custom Reach map (like using sniper rifles and shooting off places to ricochet towards their target). Those who make it past the most courses moves onto the next round.
  • Token Evil Teammate:
    • Geoff in the New Super Mario Bros U series - he is more of a hindrance than helpful.
    • Ryan in general is the one with the darkest commentary and is the most prone to betraying his allies whenever it amuses him.
  • Trash the Set: Between them, Achievement Hunter have broken so much stuff that Gavin once joked their budget should help pay for the damage they do to the rest of Rooster Teeth. Between their Between The Games skits, episodes of AHWU, and Geoff raging during minigolf games, it's a wonder they haven't burned the office down yet. Desks, monitors, glass objects, ceiling tiles - you put it in the AH office, it's going to get broken.
    • As of 2023, their newest office was destroyed by no fault of their own: a fire sprinkler erroneously went off and flooded it, displacing them again since returning to the studio from the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • The Unexpected: Due to Nintendo's policy toward Let's Players, their New Super Mario Bros. U Let's Play looked like an Aborted Arc until a third episode surprised everybody a year later.
  • Un-person:
    • Played for Laughs with Ray. After he left, the group avoided saying his name aloud or putting it in the descriptions of prerecorded videos they posted after he left. Whenever someone mentions him, they just look a little pensive and confused before moving on. This has also bled into the fandom, who playfully do the same.
    • Played seriously straight with Haywood after the sexual allegations against him came to light and he departed Rooster Teeth. Achievement Hunter is making it a point that he would never be mentioned by name again and that content featuring him would be wiped from their archives as much as possible.
  • Walking Disaster Area: Things just tend to break when they're around. Granted, 99% of the time, it's their fault for wondering how to break things and egging each other on, and because fans keep sending them dangerous and destructive things. This exchange sums it perfectly:
    Gavin: Should we separate some of our budget into damage control for the rest of the company? Like, we fix other things that we broke?
    Michael: That's just our budget; what else are we gonna spend it on?
  • We Are Experiencing Technical Difficulties: When video recordings encounter difficulties, whether technical or just through plain idiocy, and it would be funny enough to leave the bloopers in, the video cuts to a short clip of music with the words 'Technical Difficulties'. If enough problems occur, weird editing can start happening, like playing another section of the same track, the clip being played at twice the speed, or (once) Michael and Jeremy singing the theme.
  • We ARE Struggling Together: Anytime they play a game and are not on the same team but are still trying to accomplish the same goal, officially or unofficially. Sometimes it happens even when they are on the same team. A prime example is Let's Play Super Mario Wii U, which can be described as a complete clusterfuck of Gavin, Michael, Ray, and Jack unintentionally hindering each other (and Geoff intentionally hindering all of them). As Ryan put it at the start of the Call of Duty: Black Ops II Zombies Let's Play:
    Ryan: "Even when we're 'working together' we're still pretty dangerous to each other, so what difference does it make?"
  • Wham Shot:
    • In a meta sense, a lot of people were shocked when they saw Uno: The Movie pop up in their subscription feeds and noticed the length. TWO HOURS AND FORTY FOUR MINUTES.
      • And for those who did not see the sequel when it was live streamed, seeing its length of 37 HOURS AND 32 MINUTES.
    • In 2022, many people were shocked to see the Play Pals episode of Manual Samuel part 2 pop up in their subscription feeds five years after the first episode aired.
  • What the Hell, Hero?: An odd one - when Michael and Ray are doing a video showing off My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic mods for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, they're utterly shocked when the last clip is of the player, wearing Twilight Sparkle gear, getting beheaded. This leads to Michael flipping out and demanding to know why Ryan put that clip in.
  • Why Don't You Just Shoot Him?: Achievement Hunter has serious issues with finishing their opponents off in their Worms Let's Plays, mainly because they will attempt some spectacular death and screw it up horrifically instead of doing something simple. Played for Laughs.
  • "You!" Exclamation: Ryan has become known for this.

Geoff Ramsey: "Let's stop!"


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