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Hilarious in Hindsight

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"Everything is funnier in retrospect, funnier and prettier and cooler. You can laugh at anything from far enough away."

"Funny Aneurysm" Moment is when events, either external or within a series, turn a joke into something disturbing, upsetting, or at the very least really uncomfortable. Harsher in Hindsight is when a tragic and serious event is even worse later.

This is the opposite. It's when a later event, such as a current event or something that happened in the series, is funnier than it originally was. This is what your literature teacher would call "Life imitating Art". There's a decent list in this College Humor feature and another one in this feature.note 


Note this is not merely something that seemingly predicts something else. For example, black US presidents in fictions are not this trope. A black US president in fiction who has an Embarrassing Middle Name would be.

Also note that some examples that might not seem funny to one, might seem funny to another. It depends on attitudes towards Black Comedy and Gallows Humor.

Additionally, "hilarious" doesn't just mean "BLAH-HAH-HAH! gut-busting," either. If you go by the word's original definition, it can mean "amusing" or "charming" as well. So any belated lighthearted coincidence would fit under this trope.

Almost all examples of Have a Gay Old Time are an example of this trope. Some examples of Actor Allusion and/or Role Association are.

Compare Fridge Brilliance, Heartwarming in Hindsight. Also compare Narm if this happens immediately.


Contrast "Funny Aneurysm" Moment (when something that was once amusing or awesome is now tinged with tragedy thanks to a Real Life or in-story tragedy), Dude, Not Funny! (when something is considered in bad taste to mock or even mention, no matter what the circumstance), Hilarious in Flashback (where a glimpse of the characters' past contrasts amusingly with their established personalities and situation), Harsher in Hindsight (when something dramatic or depressing is now worse due to a Real Life or in-story tragedy), Unintentional Period Piece (in the cases where a work that was current when made almost only makes jokes that no current reader can understand) and Two Decades Behind (when the writer thought it was current but wasn't), and finally If It Was Funny the First Time... (in cases where a Running Gag is overused or a joke is only funny once). A "dated reference" is when a single joke (or only a handful) in a series is no longer funny because nobody alive remembers why it was funny, but is Not a Trope as it is mostly covered by Unintentional Period Piece and Two Decades Behind.



Alternative Title(s): Reverse Funny Aneurysm


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