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Most tropes are obviously either present or absent in a work, and can be added to a work page immediately after the work is released. Others, particularly Audience Reactions, tropes that involve the passage of real-world time, and those that span a large number of installments, can take a little bit to be sure that they apply. See also: Speculative Troping.

The following is a list of tropes and Audience Reactions that, for one reason or another, have a formal, mandatory waiting period before examples may be added to work pages, YMMV pages, or the main trope page.


Even where no formal mandatory waiting period is in place, before adding an example of an Audience Reaction, it's a good rule of thumb to ask oneself: "Will this still be relevant in a year? In a month? In a week?" If the answer is "no" or even, "I'm not sure," maybe hold off a little while and see what happens. Fan reaction can often be knee-jerk. It takes time for fan and critical consensus to form. Controversies that burn brightly often burn out quickly. Attempting to catalog every flash-in-pan Audience Reaction often results in pages that are cluttered and/or overly complain-y.

Not to be confused with Examples Are Not Recent, which is about why examples and descriptions should not have the word "recent" in reference to episodes, events, etc.

Note: Entries on this list have been agreed upon by consensus in this thread. Do not add or delete them without first reaching consensus there.


If not mentioned otherwise, the time listed is the mandatory waiting time after the work, or the relevant part(s) of the work, is released. For Real Life events, it is the waiting period after the event in question occurs or ends.

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