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  • From Lore Sjoberg's Online Book of Ratings written in 1998:
    "I'll limit myself to observing that with the increasing popularity of vampires, we're on the verge of the unicorn syndrome all over again. If it hasn't happened already, in a few months look for airbrushed posters of sad vampires in Wal-Marts everywhere, and in a decade look for female college students saying to each other 'Were you into vampires when you were nine? Me too! We were such dorks!'"
... nailed it (well, aside from being about ten years off), didn't he?
  • In 2012, Buzzfeed made an article called Occupy Emerald City, in which the flavor text read "The Wizard says the protestors are high on poppy." Five years later, there was a poppy addict in Emerald City, Mistress West, played by Ana Ularu, a self-admitted minor anarchist.
  • Cracked:
    • This article where the first item declared that the San Francisco Giants have a curse to never win the World Series. Oops.note 
    • Another article "The 2007 Lineup: 35 Soon to Be Canceled Shows" is this. Although most of the shows did get canceled soon after they premiered (and the joke is that every show of the 2007 season is represented), a few didn't, such as (in order of duration) Pushing Daisies (two seasons and critical acclaim), Chuck (which made it to five seasons), The Singing Bee (also five - one season on NBC, four on CMT), Gossip Girl (six), Private Practice (also six) and most notably The Big Bang Theory. A hilarious thing was they listed Heroes:Origins, which never aired because of the Writer's Strike.
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    • One entry for the Photoplasty contest 15 Ways They Could Get People to Actually Watch TV Again was a new season of Arrested Development. A few years later...
    • This entry in a Cracked photoshop contest became hilarious after Rock Band 3 introduced pro mode, which can be used with a 108-button guitar controller.
    • had a contest for "What campaign ads would look like if they were targeted to six-year-olds," written before the '08 election. Number 8 is an ad for Obama that parodies Sesame Street, and number 19 says "He'll bring back Mittens to life!" This was before his campaign linked themselves to Sesame Street and before Mitt Romney, "Mittens," was running for president!
    • An article about Seltzer & Friedberg has the writer write a hypothetical trailer about a vampire movie spoof. Then along comes Vampires Suck...
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    • During the huge success of The Avengers, they published a humorous vignette called "Why It Sucks to Be Ant-Man", which depicted Ant-Man, The Wasp, and The Falcon as a trio of desperate nobodies who weren't considered good enough to be included in the MCU. Since then, Falcon has debuted as a major character in Captain America: The Winter Soldier and joined the Avengers in subsequent movies, while Ant-Man got his own movie and a sequel called Ant-Man and The Wasp.
      • Though this could be a bit of a case of Harsher in Hindsight, since the movie is about Scott Lang, the second Ant-Man, not Hank Pym, the Ant-Man who was mocked in the article; and in the movie his wife Janet van Dyne died (presumably) and his daughter betrayed him.
      • Adding salt to the wound, the next Avengers movie was Avengers: Age of Ultron, which managed to take Pym's most notable recurring villain and change his backstory until it had nothing to do with him.
    • In early 2015, they ran an article called "5 Famous Movies That Are Getting Unspeakably Bad Sequels," and one of the movies highlighted was Creed. The writer proceeded to mock both Michael B. Jordan and Sylvester Stallone, and ultimately concluded that Adonis Creed sounded like an unlikable and unsympathetic character. Creed ended up opening to massive critical acclaim, with a good deal of the reviews praising Adonis as a complex and relatable protagonist, and Stallone ended up getting an Oscar nomination for his work.
    • In a 2011 article, 8 Absurd Jokes That Predicted Real Life Events, they discussed the Laugh In joke about President Ronald Reagan, before ending with: "So, has anyone done a wacky "Donald Trump as president" sketch yet? Laugh all you want, it may seem strangely prescient in, say, 2017."
  • When The Liam Smith Show flashed forward to New Years Eve 2999, Dick Clark promoted UPN: "For One Thousand Years, the Solar System's Number One Network."
  • What is the Internet for? That question was answered two years after that essay was published.
  • The Agony Booth review of Dean Koontz's Mr. Murder, written in 2002:
    You know you're in for some quality entertainment when the guy who played "Lowell" on the sitcom Wings is supposed to be the heavy.
  • In the Moshi Monsters Lady Goo Goo song "The Moshi Dance" one of the lines is "Lady Goo Goo's here to stay!"
  • On April Fools' of 2011, Boubouille of World of Warcraft news site MMO-Champion posted this joke article about the upcoming expansion pack being centered around the Pandaren race and introducing them as playable for both factions. Well... The next expansion is centered around the Pandaren race and introduces them as playable for both factions. Made even better when you know that the moderation team speculated and planned a few elaborate satirical jokes which were then denied for risk of causing bad press by forumgoers taking it seriously. The pandaren joke on the other hand was deemed obvious and cringeworthy enough for everyone to understand it was just a joke. Which they did. Since it was. At the time.
  • In March 2010, in the "general" forums of a fansite about import/European cars, someone posted a Fan Fic entitled... Two Broke Girls, though admittedly the motives were not clear (Word of God is not forthcoming, but speculation is it was a Take That! at the economy of the time). Made even more hilarious by the fact that a year later the show 2 Broke Girls (stylised as 2 BROKE GIRL$) launched, airing on CBS, and as of 2012, Channel 4 in the United Kingdom.
  • In 2008, Something Awful posted a front-page article which parodied a typical anime show's talk page at The Other Wiki. In particular, one "user" chided the other participants for thinking that the in-show credits were an acceptable source, saying that credits must come from IMDb or somewhere similar. As of 2012, the actual credits in a film, TV show or video game are no longer considered acceptable sources for Wikipedia articles.
  • This article and discussion here seem hilarious considering The Only Way Is Essex has come on air, as of 2009, although it's equally a "Funny Aneurysm" Moment too — as locality, and Essex FM, went in 2008.
  • The Onion has had its fair share. For example:
  • Famous internet troll Chad Warden made an attack on the Nintendo Wii for using a, pardon the language, "dildo," for a controller, it all becomes hilarious when Sony made the PlayStation Move and now have dildo controllers of their own.
  • In the 2007 internet game Bartender: The Right Mix, you can occasionally explode by shaking the drink too much. You can even cause an explosion if you only add lemons. Exploding lemons are referenced once again, in another game.
  • Duckyworth reviews:
  • A website called HeadlineSmasher, which is exactly that it mashes up headlines of news articles into nonsense, once made the headline, "Nintendo Steps Into Porn Biz," and then... they teamed up with playboy to promote Bayonetta 2.
  • In 2012, After Ellen posted an article titled "Miley Cyrus is a better lesbian than you". In 2015, Miley revealed that she actually had been in relationships with women.
  • An article on Random-ness Wikia entitled "How to Make Good TV Shows Bad" has a section for PriPara, which was added in the summer of 2016. One part of the section says that one way to make the episode "Youthful Jump In! Snap In!" worse was to replace the scene where Dorothy scares Jururu by imitating a video game she brought with her to her getting kicked out of Elmo's Eatery by a man named Ray Snails for using a portable DVD player that showed Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Five months later, the movie Sing gets released, and one of the characters in the film is a snail named Ray.
  • Things Mr. Welch Is No Longer Allowed to Do in an RPG has a rule that states Mr Welch is prohibited from using several types of Mix-and-Match Weapon, including shotgunchucks (958. No matter how practical, I can't have shotgunchucks). Then RWBY comes up with a character using shotgunchucks.
  • In May 2014, The Muppets' fansite ToughPigs reviewed every episode of The Jim Henson Hour for its 25th aniversary. The reviewers particularly liked the Bill Prady-scripted Miss Piggy's Hollywood, and wondered why Prady was wasting his time on The Big Bang Theory when he could be writing Piggy getting into feuds with celebrities. A year and a half later, that's exactly what he was doing.
  • A running joke on the Pokémon site Pokemopolis is that Togepi is evil. An episode of the anime years later focuses on "The Worst Togepi Ever!" From their guide to the episode: "Look I don't mean to sound like a broken record here but I TOLD YOU I FUCKING TOLD YOU ALL THESE THINGS ARE EVIL! EVIL! EVVIIIILLLLLLLL!!!!"
  • An AV Club article about a Marvel Cinematic Universe movie marathon held for Avengers: Age of Ultron had one user comment that they would like to see a movie where superheroes needed to rescue the world from endless comic book movies. That did happen three years after the article was published with the release of Teen Titans Go! To the Movies, where the climax reveals that Slade disguised himself as a Hollywood filmmaker named Jade Wilson, and he's been giving all the DC superheroes movies as an evil plot to mind control the world, leading Robin to try to stop his plan.
  • This thread on AnimeSuperhero has a fan of SpongeBob SquarePants sharing their ideas for a movie that's a Live-Action Adaptation of the episode "Band Geeks", but with normal humans instead of the SpongeBob characters. One part mentions that the film's version of the Sweet Victory scene would take place at the Super Bowl. In 2018, after Stephen Hillenberg passed away, someone made a petition for Maroon 5 to sing "Sweet Victory" during the halftime show that gained a million signatures. While the Super Bowl only showed the scene that occured before the song to introduce Travis Scott, the full song was played during a Dallas Stars halftime show that occurred on the same day as the 2019 Super Bowl.
  • TV Tropes:
  • Platypus Comix
  • This page on a wrestling website lists various disturbing search terms that have lead people to pages on that site. One of them is "Cowboys Humping".
  • In 2008, BP sent an angry email to the activist organization known as The Yes Men, complaining about usage of their trademarks in a half-finished parody website run by the group. In their response, the Yes Men argued that "BP does every bit as much damage to this planet as does Exxon" and deserved a fully realized parody site. Two years later...
  • The existence of the meme Pedobear, in 2012 the BBC stated that the charity mascot of "Children In Need", Pudsey, was no longer allowed to be alone with children and instead of hugging them had to either wave at them or shake their hands. Naturally, the two bears had been crossed over before.
  • The Princeton Review, a test-preparation service company, has long made use of a naive straw-man character in its lessons, who demonstrates what not to do on standardized tests by always choosing the multiple-choice option that only looks correct upon superficial reading. In American courses, this gullible patsy is named "Joe Bloggs", a surname that pre-dates the World Wide Web and the rise of blogging: a phenomenon which, if read superficially by the naive, can give people a very misguided notion of what's factual.
  • In 2008, someone posted this picture on Flickr
  • One that'll speak to theatre fans: The blog Everything I Know I Learned from Musicals featured a list of the worst musicals of the 2000s. Discussing the show Ordinary Days, he remarks that the Roundabout Theater's sub-par track record makes him automatically expect their shows to suck. Two years later, the Sutton Foster-led revival of Anything Goes, followed by similarly successful revivals of Cabaret, Violet, and She Loves Me, helped redeem their reputation in a big way.
  • CollegeHumor: In "The App That Does Everything... Poorly!", the site promotes Omni, a do-everything app. The narrator hooks the prospective viewer by asking, "How many times have you said, 'I like Instagram, but I wish it was more like Snapchat?' Or, 'I love Uber, but I wish it would deliver me food?' Or 'What if Facebook was YouTube?'" All three of those things have since become true. Instagram has added stories, while Uber now has Uber Eats, and Facebook has expanded their video features.
  • Twitter has an account called “Things That Aged Well”, which posts pictures and images relating to this kind of content.


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