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Nightmare Fuel / Web Original

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The internet has been responsible for bringing the world a visual medium where there is, for the most part, little to no censorship on any matter, including decency and taste.

This does, as you imagine, have some drawbacks.

NOTE: Weblinks Are Not Examples. Tropers are naturally curious, and having them stumble into links which scar them for life is not to everyone's tastes. Merely adding a link without a description is not enough for an example. Remember, even a description of what's behind the link is still scary on its own.


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Individual examples:

  • "Maid of Horror", a small (barely) interactive movie in the Neurotically Yours series. It starts out promising enough as goth chick Germain, decked out in a maid's uniform, starts giving you head, then goes straight into HONF territory when she practically eats your dick. Obviously, NSFW.
  • In the defuncted Take This Lollipop websites, you click on the lollipop and allow the app like you you usually do with apps on Facebook. You then see a man on what looks like an old 90's computer scrolling through YOUR facebook page. Then he looks up your location on google maps. Eek!
  • This gem, called "Play With Me". Muto is surreal with tons of body-shock horror; this is a moving child's doll, deep in the Uncanny Valley, with interactive body-shock horror. You just click on an object from the doll's house and the doll picks it up and plays with it. Whatever you choose, you're in for a horrific time.
  • There's an interactive web animation about how chocolate bunnies are made and you're given the choice of something to throw at the poor helpless bunny. When you click on said item something brutal happens to the poor bunny (he even screams in agony) and knocks him out- he is then dipped into a vat of chocolate and comes out as a chocolate bunny. Also the Hamster in the Microwave as well as many other Joe Cartoon ones.
    • Although the hamster's snarky remarks and exaggerated southern accent somehow softened the blow.
  • "The Hospital" is a game in which you visit interactive photographs of an "abandoned hospital". Make sure your sound is turned on and that you wait a few moments in each room before exiting because almost everything starts up after at least 30 seconds of looking around and clicking has passed and don't be shy to mouseover and click anything of interest because some of the scenes actually are interactive.
  • The 99 rooms is an online gallery featuring the extremely creepy art of Berlin artist Kim Köster displayed in the rooms of a broken down, decaying factory. Clicking on the pictures will cause them to move, and a couple of the rooms contain "jump scares" that will make you hit the ceiling. Not something to be viewed alone in a darkened room at night.
  • Watch and keep clicking "Next". It starts with a funny little animation of someone removing their flash drive before the computer says it's safe. Then it gets corrupted. Then the world gets corrupted.
  • Screamers, innocuous-looking websites that lull a casual viewer into a false sense of security by offering a game or some other activity which requires their concentration and then, Bam! Instant picture of a possessed Linda Blair with loud accompanying "train whistle". The internet equivalent of sneaking up behind someone with a scary mask and tapping them on the shoulder.
    • An example of this is "Find the ghost of Elvis in this picture", in which you have to try and spot the ghost of deceased rock icon Elvis Presley, his beautiful singing voice echoing in the background while you look around for him...and then all of a sudden, this monstrous ghoul thing appears on screen.
    • As parodied in one iCarly online video.
      Spencer: Okay, you may not believe this, but my robot can actually cry. Here, look into its eyes.
      (camera moves in closer)
      Spencer: Now just keep looking. You'll see the tears in about 15 seconds.
      (About 5 seconds later...)
      Spencer: RAGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Heh... sorry if that scared you, but that's kind of the point.
    • Even Lego gets in on the act - on the BIONICLE Piraka website, an innocuous join-the-dots routine flashes and roars when you get to the eleventh dot.
  • There's this educational website that has food expire whenever you roll over it—— and when you roll over some of it, the waiter turns into The Grim Reaper.

  • Screamers. Yeah, most are pretty harmless and simple (like the famous Scary Maze Game). Then you stumble across one that's a mix of gorn, mind rape and horror. It's worse if you come across one randomly on YouTube in the related videos section. If you're looking through the related for Fenton the dog or even 'try to watch this without laughing!'.
  • Z҉A҉L҉G҉O̚̕̚
    • I w͜ill ̕sin̶g th̷e ̷s̡Ãng͝ ̸t́h̸aţ e͏nd͜s͞ the e̷ar͘th.̨ H͔̃̌ͥe̴͚ ̿ͩ̿́͏̝͉̫͇w̲͔̽h̶̲͉͈̣̬ő̴̘ ̿ͩ̿́͏̝͉̫W̸̶̷ā̜̉͌́͂ͫ̉͛͟i̒̄̋̀͏̪ţ̗̱̲̖͎̪̔̋s͆́͂̑͐̾҉̼ ̞B̸̡̢̫e͚̺̘̬̲͇̘̜̍ͫḩ̦̝i̒̄̋̀͏̪̩n̡̽̈̈́dͩ͗͋ ̵̠T̷̢̟̳h̷̖̱̖̟̘̹́ͭe͊ͤͦͯ̈́̈͘҉̦̤ ͎̬̱̮͍̩͕̉W̶͙͚̬̠̩͈̊āͦ͂̾̓ͪ͏͇̫̖͉l͙̯͙̝̰͓͔̓l̫̜.̵̳
      • For those who are looking for actual information, Zalgo is a meme based around a fictional Eldritch Abomination representing decay and chaos through the use of scrambled images and corrupted characters similar to the above. The creepy thing about Zalgo mythology is that it does exist simply because people act like it exists. The moment you mention its name, it appears, in the form of everyone around you saying his words in his voice. Every time he is mentioned. He can't do anything to you if you don't want him to. He exists because you want him to exist. And there's nothing you can do about it.
      • The other creepy thing is that Zalgo's influence on people is generally rendered as Eye Scream, usually in the form of blood or some other discharge from the eyes.
  • The Shadowlurker, a.k.a Horrifying House Guest, Never Alone or Uninvited Guest, a being that could best be described as a mix between troll face and Kayako from Ju On / The Grudge.
  • The numerous online references to Brian Peppers.
  • Everybody knows of Suiseiseki because of 'DESU DESU DESU', yes? Well, another Suiseiseki-based meme has been unleashed onto the internet — the super-deformed (emphasis on the deformed) Jissouseki, which was introduced onto 2ch to much revulsion... until the frequenters started drawing fanart of the little things crapping on themselves and getting tortured in the most horrific ways possible. It's enough to make your skin crawl. DO NOT look for it if you've got an extremely weak stomach.
    • Related to this phenomenon are the yukkuris — blobby, deformed heads of Touhou Project characters that implore you to "TAKE IT EASY!" Unfortunately, for every cute yukkuri fanart on the internet, there's always one where the poor things are tortured and killed, among other atrocities. This is partly justified by the fact that Fanon has declared that they're filled with bean paste and not blood, but still...
  • In 2012, stories and art surrounding Fluffy Ponies began to arise, who are basically a Western equivalent to Jissouseki and Yukkuris. They are depicted as genetically-engineered "bio-toy" pets that are fully sentient and speak in "baby talk" English. Due to them not having any law protections because of them not being natural animals, they are frequently shown getting subjected to some of the most gruesome and nausea-inducing forms of torture and death that are beyond what one can imagine. As with Jissouseki, prepare yourself accordingly if you intend to look up anything relating to it.
  • Laina the Overly Attached Girlfriend. Just the Slasher Smile plus Creepy Blue Eyes are enough for a hell of a Nightmare Face, and add some Clingy Jealous Girl \ Yandere content...
  • And, of course, there's always Candle Jack. .... Oh Cr- ap.
  • While much newer then most of the other examples in this page, Obunga definitely deserves a mention. The image is essentially a image of Barack Obama photoshopped to look like the roach creatures from TerraforMARS, Nightmare Face abound. And if that wasn't bad enough for you, it talks...
  • "Void Memes", which practically thrive on the Nightmare Face trope. Basically they are video remixes similar to Zalgo and screamer memes where the subject of the video is edited into whatever Eldritch Abomination the editor can conjured up, as ominous music and/or Ear Rape plays over it. While mostly Played for Laughs, a lot of them can be downright creepy. Here's a compilation of them.
  • "Let me hear your war cry". An edited clip of a scene from Full Metal Jacket with Creepy Doll faces pasted onto the character's original faces with the sound of two people yelling and getting increasingly higher pitched.
  • The classic Rage Comics faces have gained a revival around the year 2020, but the mental toll the year took on people definitely shows in exactly how it happened. The result was Trollge, a nightmarish take on the step-by-step format of certain Trollface comics that generally end in plenty of Body Horror, Nightmare Faces, or even The End of the World as We Know It. For those who don't plan on sleeping, here's a complete list of "incidents" involved with Trollge.
    • On the Russian social network VK exists a phenomenon known as "polzet" ("it creeps"), which consists of distorted rage faces accompanied by Word-Salad Horror.
  • r/distressingmemes is filled with very edgy memes. Anyone can upload there, so there is a huge variety of nightmares given parodic spins.
  • Exposed Nerve has someone with a huge nerve coming out of their arm. The person on their left then yanks the nerve, causing the one on the right to scream in complete agony. The text above advertises this manuver as a silly prank and encourages the viewer to pull it on their friends.
  • Some Wojacks can be unsettling like the Withered, Pink, and Coomer.
  • GrotesqueSteve from a fake Content Leak for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. He was an ugly CGI version of Steve. This model was abused, creating videos ranging from Steve Fortnite dancing all the way to Steve eating Kazooie and then raping Banjo. The latter was often used as a shock video and linked to unsuspecting users.
  • Disaster Girl is a little girl staring at you, smiling as a house burns down in the background. (Though this had becoming a Nightmare Retardant until now)
  • Fukouna Shoujo 03 is a GIF of an anime girl getting Skinned Alive by a laser machine.
  • Untoons are realistically drawn versions of cartoon charcters. With all the finer details.

  • This story about how a little girl saw a horrifying demon in her window that had blood-dripping fangs. You may never hear Rick Springfield's "Hole In My Heart" the same way again after reading this story. From a website purporting to contain true ghost stories.
  • Sailor Nothing: Ami. Damn, even the mental image gives nightmares. A villain who seeks to refine evil as an artform abducts her, physically and mentally breaks her, and then presents her as his masterpiece to the rest of the cast.
  • Sam Hughes' Gorge is about humans happening upon a planet that happens to be a perfect sphere with no atmosphere. Kinetic probes find that the planet's substance is mostly magnesium. They send a drone down, and lose contact immediately. And with another. And another. Then they realize the planet was destroyed by a Grey Goo scenario. Then the planet starts launching rockets. The story ends with the flagship running for Earth, while all the other survey ships are consumed behind them, the nanoships expanding in all directions. The fastest human ship will take six months to reach earth, and the narration points out the nanomachines hadn't learned about spaceflight, not until they sent the drones down.
  • Ted's Caving Story Even with the misspellings and early internet aesthetic, it's still known to be very, very eerie.
  • John Dies at the End has plenty of examples, but in one of the earliest instances, there were tiny little white worms of supernatural origin. They could fly through the air and drill their way into a person's skin. Once inside a host's soft tissues, a single one could swiftly convert the body mass into a swarm, exploding out at any time. A swarm could infest a person's entire body, turning them into a mind-controlled meat puppet that can choose to act indistinguishably from the original person. Each worm has intelligence comparable to that of a human, and they also hate you so much that just being in the same room as them can cause you physical pain. Despite this, the book is quite funny.
  • In Cradleland, the ba'thulaz eat brains of living creatures. And no, they do not kill them before eating them, but use the razor-sharp teeth in their lamprey-like mouths to cut open the skull and extract the brain while the organism is still alive. And they prefer the brains of sapient organisms- like humans.
  • Cor has written hundreds of vignettes and short stories about invisible, amorphous, sociopathic tickle monsters and their victims. The stories range from Black Comedy, Porn and more often than not veer into outright horror. For anyone ticklish enough to be tortured by it this is about as scary as it gets. Here's a link.
  • Shadow Unit: the woman who makes people choke to death on their tongues, the man who can walk unseen in front of a camera and erase himself from human memory, the woman who can kill you at a distance through sheer freakish bad luck — and then there's William Villette, a serial rapist whose power is influencing people's emotions; some of his victims, years later, still believe that they deserved what he did to them, and that's only the backstory to what he does to Chaz, who incidentally happens to be his son. By his sister. Who he sexually assaulted before the anomaly took him over. Two sentences: "It's okay, baby. I just have to let the wings come out." (And that's just the major plot points — some of the cases mentioned in passing are... yeah.)
  • The Dionaea House Something along the lines of The Blair Witch Project meets House of Leaves, this 4 part web-based story will definitely make you uneasy of scary noises in your house. Crowning Moments of Scary goes to Mark's texts when he finds the second house, each getting faster and shorter culminating in "THE DOOR IS OPEN", and Danielle's blog and her experience with the rover red rover let Jenny come over.
  • The Shape of the Nightmare to Come. A fan created setting based in the Warhammer 40k universe, except it's the Fifty-first millennium instead of the Forty-first. And everything went to hell. Certain examples include the account of the Tersis's voyage into the Deep Warp, the Blood Angels giving into the blood thirst completely, the New Devourer, the Ophilim Kiasoz, and most notably, the Star Father. Imagine the Emperor ascended to godhood the day he died and decided the best way to protect humanity is to dominate it utterly, mind, soul, and flesh.
  • Ursula Vernon's Book of the Gear.
  • This short story, whilst not being as downright terrifying as some of the other things on here, may put you off of fried eggs for a while.
  • Meticulous is a short story that seems simple enough: a man interacting with his cleaning lady. But there's this overlying feeling that something's not quite right, and when she asks him to unlock the attic...
  • Whateley Universe: Jade Sinclair is a trans girl who should have been a Gender Bender, but due to her peculiar mutation, could not grow past the age of eleven, nor be altered surgically. Fortunately, she managed to fix this through Applied Phlebotinum, transforming into a fifteen year old girl in a matter of hours. Unfortunately, she manages to catch the Idiot Ball, and agrees to undertake a magical ceremony run by someone who is planning to sacrifice her soul to a demon. Because of a link she has to her roommate Tennyo, she survives, but reverts back to male form, with the side effect that she now has high-level regeneration. When she realizes she is male again, she snaps, and tries repeatedly tries to hack off her male genitals, which regenerate in a few minutes each time. She goes on doing this for several hours, until she passes out from blood loss despite the regeneration.
  • Dogscape. Imagine if everything on Earth except humans turned into dogs (or just one extremely mutated and deformed planet-sized dog). Including the ground. This sounds silly, but the story explores the effects this would have on humanity extremely well. For example, there are "trees" from which "puppyfruits" grow, which, as you may have guessed, are basically live puppies which the humans eat alive to survive. As the centuries pass, humanity becomes worse and worse due to the hostility of the world. If you want to see Body Horror applied to the entire planet, read this.
  • Escalation, a novella about a workplace prank war that... escalates into all-out armed warfare. The most terrifying part is it's never explained why the protagonist and Tammy are the only ones in the office who weren't driven to homicidal madness, or why the others succumbed to it.
  • This story, commonly referred to as "Follow the Arrows", which was posted to an otherwise humorous thread on Reddit by creative writer flossdaily. It's about a college student who sees some arrows graffitied in a bathroom and gets his friends and a blacklight to find out where they go. It turns out it's a trap set by a deranged serial killer, and it is really disturbing to read. Worse, it's posted in a thread that was meant for true stories, and is never actually stated to be fictional (although it's clear from the author's other work as well as the fact that the narrator dies in the bad ending).

  • Numerous websites we shall not name, where viewers can indulge in every single fetish art known, most of which are Not Safe for Work, and many are Not Safe For Sanity. We repeat: we are not going to link to these sites.
  • Mortasheen, Bogleech's attempt at making a Mons series. First off, the author apparently has a thing for horrifying parasites that reproduce through body horror, such as the Septiclown, Scumbat, Tachinoid, Fevile and Ragamuffet to name a few. Secondly, there are the Devilbirds, birds whom were subjected to negative psychic energy as eggs and feeding on those energies in the most horriffic manner possible, like driving people to murderous rage (Wrath); causing them to go insane from fear (Bonnagander), stealing their bodies (Envy), making them attached to a blood-red pearl that sucks their minds away and enslaves them to it (Greed), to name a few. Oh, and there is a whole class of Eldritch Abominations, including a tentacle rape monster. And most of the monsters in the "Zombie" class result from zombies attempting to copulate.
  • GameFAQs will occasionally have the front page themed for a recent game. Once, the "theme" was Condemned 2, and the home-page has a decapitated, fanged clown-head and a dead baby plastered all over the place. Who the HELL decided that this was a good idea?
  • There is a website where people wrote out various alternate history scenarios. Several of them were frightening, but the one that takes the biscuit the most basically had North Korea nuking the whole world and everybody dying, which was horrific enough, except that the writer described the Mars Rover Opportunity continuing to explore Mars and beaming back data of past life on Mars to a dead Earth.
  • The Speculative Dinosaur Project. An Alternate History that asks the question "what if the asteroid had missed and dinosaurs had continued to evolve to the modern day?" The answer, earth becomes a Death World. In Our timeline plants got a break of a few million years between the dinosaurs and the first large mammals. On this world they didn't, so there are many kinds of plants that contain deadly neuro-toxins that can kill you in seconds just by touching them. The classic dinosaur predators continued to evolve of course, giving us creatures like the Abelisaurs (convergently similar to T-Rex), the "Ninja" (an aptly named stealthy killer that descends from raptors), and the Imperial Saber Tyrant, the largest predator on earth that combines traits of Tyrannosaurs and saber cats. The giant crocodiles are still around, as are new groups like "cutter crocs" "cruncher crocs" and "croclions". There are many kinds of "near birds" still around, many of whom have sharp teeth. One of them sprays toxic puke when threatened. There are also many kinds of "true birds" that are just as bad. The "gobbler" is a lot like our timeline's terror birds, the "city finches" live in eusocial colonies (like ants, bees, mole rats) and swarm anything that threatens them, (killing even an Abelisaur in seconds), carnivorous "Penguins of death" in Antarctica (including one species called the "piranhakeet" that swarm giant squid-whales tearing them apart from the inside-out), and to top in all off, there are entire ecosystems of fish, parasites, and tadpoles living inside the colons of some dinosaurs, and a species off bird called the "rectal probe" that eat them.
  • Hyperbole and a Half, by Allie Brosh, is an illustrated web blog that nine times out of ten is absolutely hilarious. This, however, is apparently the missing tenth time. It begins as an innocuous enough tale, involving the blogger as a four-year-old child and the cake her mother made for a relative's birthday party. This lasts approximately as long as the second panel. It only gets worse from there. Especially jarring due to severe Mood Whiplash, as the Jacob's Ladder-esque drawings are interspersed with perfectly ordinary narration. Christ.
  • This interactive website about the Salem Witch Trials. Which is also part of at least one school's canon.
  • Some of the things on this very site, including the pictures for the various Nightmare Fuel pages. Hell, even some of the things outside of the pages, like the picture of the demonic Kermit that was once the picture for the Evil Twin page.
  • Exit Mundi. This website is dedicated to listing off some of the various ways that Earth could get destroyed. Some of the scenarios mentioned include the big crunch, epidemic diseases, nuclear wars, and supervolcanoes.
  • The defuncted Shaye Saint John's website is a truly disturbing website in spite of its crude design. The website has a lot of pages, all of which have creepy images and/or strange audio. One page has a paragraph of Shaye talking about herself above a large number of links and disturbing gifs, while another page has Shaye talk about some of the things that she is scared of. There is also a page that hosts a series of short films starring Shaye Saint John. View the archived site at your own risk.
  • A certain website (as shown by Web Pages That Suck owner Vincent Flanders in the linked video) is this because of one really bad choice in background sound effects. Why? Because the site (about guns) had the sounds of someone firing a gun playing automatically as the page was loaded. Basically, imagining loading a new tab, then having the sound of someone firing a barrage of gun shots from absolutely nowhere. As shown in the video, the guy viewing actually leapt underneath his desk because of it.
  • This Person Does Not Exist is a website that demonstrates an AI's ability to draw "photos" of people who don't exist. Naturally, you should expect plenty of Unintentional Uncanny Valley with that in mind...when it actually works. When it doesn't, you'll see plenty of horrific images of warped people that occupy a gap between Nightmare Face and Body Horror.
    • Going back to the of the "normal" faces, they fall into this as well, due to how normal and convincing they look, but they look very off, as you remind yourself that they don't exist, and that they're created by AI
  • The infamous Japanese Shock Site Fancy Island (also known as "ふぁんしーあいらんど") seems to be a normal cute pastel themed website at the title page, but when you open one of the links/pages in it, it will show you some horrifying Jump Scares of creepy faces on inhuman figures that cross the Uncanny Valley.
    • In January 2023, Lomando got a major update that came with another, nore disturbing, side to it: Deep Lomando.

  • The surprise at the end of's "Lost VGV Jack Golf" was simply pure evil.
  • After years of absurd humor, X-Entertainment served up some horror for the 2007 edition of its Advent Calendar feature. Hidden links led to cryptic clues, unnerving videos, and alarming images.
    • Then Leviathan finally appeared in person at the climax of the story. For those of us who assumed he'd be a giant sea-monster, the form he actually took on was different. It was worse.
  • Also from X-Entertainment: There was an article about a Teddy Ruxpin toy that a girl took to church with her and the toy suddenly became possessed- sprouting devil horns, eyes turning red and speaking in a demonic voice. Now that's a literally a Demonic Dummy!
  • The audio web series Zoolaplex is home to pretty disturbing imagery and situations for a show that's mostly a parody of consumer America. Probably one of the most notable examples is Charles Wickman, a son of old money and one of the most powerful and malicious people in the city the eponymous cineplex is in, on top of being a Straw Misogynist and a bigot in every single way imaginable. His very first appearance involves him opting out of paying for cab fare by revealing he knows the driver's name, his family, and his legal status in the United States and threatening to destroy his family's life by having the INS called, specifically drawing attention to the cab driver's daughter and what would happen if she was torn from the home she knew for six years. And the worst thing? When the cab driver drove away, he called the INS on his family anyways For the Evulz. He also shows he's willing to sexually extort one of the main characters in order to get leverage for the location of the real target of one of his infamous harassment campaigns, specifically the most innocent member of the entire main cast, and continues to destroy and shatter lives on the side without even really trying.
    • Other terrifying characters in particular include Norville Greenandbacher from The Montenegrin Job who's actually well-meaning in trying to get better rights for his union but his words are somehow so impactful that his entire union degrades into a murderous campaign of terror across the city, Ollie from Happy Hour, and Drake Moran's father who committed a murder-suicide that left Drake the only member of his immediate family alive.
  • This fanart of an alternative demise of Zira, there she didn't fell off the cliff but got clawed and bled to death, but not before going out with a laugh. After seeing this fanart, you'll thank God and the Disney suits for not coming up with this idea, 'cause it would put Light Yagami's Villainous Breakdown to shame.
  • Dead Ends. Zombies have never been more scary.
  • There is a lovely Canadian woman who has created her own YouTube channel called theLittleFears.
  • Protect and survive: A timeline by Macragge 1 on It's an alternate history involving a nuclear war in 1984 and it's effect on the North East of England. Of particular note is the update where A bomb scare turns out to be a dead baby. Nearly all of it is on a similar level though.
  • For some reason this site was considered creepy... by members of a British football forum! (with the trope name even being quoted - before the thread got pulled for being spam.
  • They're coming to take me away, ha haaa! No, not the song, but even scarier.
  • Anata wa � suki desu ka?
  • Fear Clinic gets progressively more terrifying. Especially as the patients don't survive being treated for their fears.
  • Euron 131: "BREEEEEDIIIIING"
  • Doomsday Arcade, when Cooking Mama appears, if her eyes don't scare the fuck out of you, then the part where she stabs someone while maintaining a sociopath's smile will.
  • British Website/YouTuber RandomDCE released a series of videos in response to the people who said he was too negative known as Percy Positive reviews, introducing a high-pitched penguin thing known as Percy Positive, who would deliver cheerful reviews of movies. Percy would go over the top however and say creepy lines such as "Isn't mass murder GREAT?" and "Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go take my pills.". Many fans said Percy was creepy and wished him dead. They all soon regretted this when DCE, for Halloween, made This.
    Percy Positive: Hello everyone. My name is Zombie Positive, and I love those organs in your nice warm bodies.
  • Arch Oboler, creator of the horror/suspense radio show Lights Out, issued an album called Drop Dead! An Exercise in Horror. One of the audio plays in this is called "The Dark," about a strange black mist that turns people inside out. Never, even in Customs, will a rubber glove ever sound so dire.
  • For that matter old time radio horror as a format. You have to go into it with the right state of mind since the overly melodramatic style and genre defining "over explaining things for the audience" can quickly turn them into Narm or Nightmare Retardant if you're not in the right mood, but go into some of them right state of mind and you will never be creeped out as much. Many websites have MP3 files of many of the old shows which have long since fell out of copyright like Lights Out, Quiet Please, Inner Sanctum, and the Mysterious Traveler.
  • The viral marketing for 2010's The Last Exorcism included a short online video that was circulated on chat sites like Chat Roulette and Facebook. In this clip, a young woman teases the other person chatting by unbuttoning the top of her blouse and smiling seductively, then she puts her head down for a moment. When she puts her head back up, her eyes roll into the back of her head, her mouth opens (revealing sharp fangs) and she screams as she lunges at the camera - and again right after the screen cuts to black. The worst part was that you could be a kid surfing innocently and just happen to come across this clip while randomly searching for people to chat with.
    • ... although the shock value for the child would probably be lessened after the fifty people masturbating they just sifted through.
  • On the Ask Ms. Fortune blog from Tumblr, when Skullgirls character Ms. Fortune was asked how she felt about Double, she said she wasn't too worried about her and seemed confident in fighting her. Next thing you know, she's not quite herself.
  • The Wikipedia page for Encyclopedia Horrifica used to be pretty creepy, with the hidden skull gif that would rotate and stare at you after a couple of seconds. Of course, it was justifiably taken out by an administrator.
  • This YouTube contributor's interpretation of the scene in which SpongeBob asked Squidward if he liked krabby patties [1].
  • There was once a GIF spread around on Tumblr that showed a normal-looking chick smiling, only to zoom in on her face and eerily distort it, making her eyes go sheer white. The effect was that of a normal woman suddenly turning into a ghostly creature and rushing at you.
  • This video is.....odd. It starts off with two guys doing the Fusion Dance from DBZ and end up "fusing" into another person. The way this person acts (and looks for that matter) is disturbing and completely disconcerting
  • In May 2014, a Vine became popular featuring a man wondering humorously who was running the water in his bathroom if he was alone. He then opens the door to find a bunny taking a bath in the sink. The bunny then jumped at the camera while the guy screamed. A pretty harmless Jump Scare with some Nightmare Retardant in the form of a cute bunny, right? Unless you watch it on a higher resolution and realize that that is an actual dead bunny rigged up on a string. We will not link to this.
  • Invoked in Becoming YouTube during the fictional "CheekTV" segment in "What YouTube Isn't."
    Crabstickz: "I just remember being really scared of the theme tune, when the theme tune came on I used to hide behind the sofa."
  • BuzzFeed Nifty has this DIY that gives ideas on how to spice up plastic drawers. For the third idea, we see a pair of hands heat up a toy giraffe with a hair dryer, slice it in half with a knife, and glue the front half to the drawer to use as a handle. Commenters have already made it known how unsettling this is.
  • The Birdhouse Motel Residence. It's only a 30 second clip of a supposed phone recording accompanied by a benign-looking business card but it's terrifying to imagine what it might mean...
  • The 500 Million Year Button. To sum it up, two friends come across an opportunity to get 1 million yen each time they pressed a button. Pressing this button would make the one who did it live through 500 million years in an endless void of absolutely nothing, all by themselves, where they would not die or even be able to sleep. However, once those 500 million years are over, they are returned to their physical state, with the same age as they had when they pushed the button, completely unscathed and all their memory of those long, painful 500 million years are wiped, making it seem like they really did nothing at all. After seeing his friend push the button twice, our protagonist goes for his turn. What happens next can only be described as philosophically horrifying.
    • What really hammers the nail in is the ending, where the protagonist ends up pushing the button 16 times in a row.
  • The Backrooms. If you ever were to somehow step out of reality, you end up in an endless maze of "rooms", that seemingly repeat to no end. There is no known clear way to get out, time there is basically non-existant, it stretches out for longer than a country and, to top it all off, there will be something there with you, somewhere, searching for you.
  • The signon from 2003 is 2 minutes and 45 seconds of pure unadultrated horror. It starts up with a walk through an empty hallway, accompanied by a piano rendition of O Fortuna. About 1 minute in, inhuman creatures start appearing. At a minute and 45 seconds, the creatures start attacking the camera. At 2 minutes, the words "THE MORNING SUN HAS VANQUISHED THE HORRIBLE NIGHT" appear. Finally, the logo appears at 2 minutes and 40 seconds.
  • Before he started playing Minecraft, Japanese male surreal artist nana825763's works were this, for containing lots of grotesque and disturbing imagery and content.
  • Almost anything created by Australian twins YouTuber RackaRacka, for containing lots and lots of bloody and gory content as well as lots of disturbing imagery.
  • Japanese claymation artist takena's videos are both this and a work of art, for showing a bunch of graphic content and grotesque imagery.
  • "Lights are off" is a TikTok / Instagram account that basically runs on this trope. They usually involve a cameraman (first person point of view) running afoul of bizarre looking eldritch beings that suddenly charge towards him, or teleport near him.
  • In the wake of the Mario Party DS Anti Piracy videos there's a YouTube trend of people creating their own hypothetical anti-piracy screens for various games. Some of them feature jump scares, direct callouts of the player, creepy faces, and other disturbing imagery. However, others prefer to forego the creep factor and instead opt to rip your heart out with no warning (such as the infamous Nintendogs one). Izzzyzzz did a video analyzing the trend and its brand of horror, but not without inserting some creepiness of her own when the video starts glitching...
  • Deji has Lost his Mind is rather nonsensical, but 36 seconds in, many hideous faces are shown appearing from left and right, and then his face abruptly changes, with it having one eye and abnormally thin, crooked teeth. And if that wasn't bad enough, a horrible static sound plays during this specific part of the video.
    • Also, at around 1:26, his face changes again, but this time he has multiple eyes. Plus, the sound that plays during that part sounds like it came straight from an old recording, only making it scarier. The scariest part about it is there is no build-up to this moment.
  • What happens if you decorate the Doki Doki Literature Club! with a Sonic.exe makeover?
    • All of the Dokis aren't cute anymore, instead they look like downright Humanoid Abomination, with all of them given a terrifying Nightmare Face.
      • Special mention goes to Yuri, who has gained a straight-up demonic face!
    • The MC is seen with black eyes and red screla with a Slasher Smile and a bloody handprint on his clothes, with a hanged Sayori, modified to have a knife penetrating her chest in the background. This implies that the MC has murdered his own fucking best friend in a twisted and heartwrenching betrayal!
  • The Noedolekcin Archives:
    • Kirk's transformation in "Nick Jr. Anomaly (2001, Found Footage)". "Nick" reveals himself to be Kirk Odd in disguise by unnaturally stretches out his limbs while Jr. watches in horror. Kirk's message accompanying this transformation doesn't help matters either.
    "what is stronger"
    "than thE humAn hearT"
    "which shatters Over and oveR"
    "anD stIll livEs?"
    • After the screen cuts to black Kirk, now revealed in all his glory, towers over Jr while a warning siren faintly plays in the background. As Jr. begins screaming, Kirk finally gives us the answer to his riddle: "ME."
    • In "Strange Nicktoons Network Anomaly (2007, Found Footage)", a faceless Jenny Wakeman ( the vessel containing Jenica Wakeman's soul) shows up in front of the credits along with text reading, "i want to see my mom again" while bloodcurdling screams are heard in the background.
    • The very end of the same video features a cropped photo of Jenica's corpse while a broken music box plays in the background. A message is written underneath the picture (implied to be from Kirk Odd himself) reads, "sweet dreams, Jenica" before the video abruptly ends.
    • Halfway through "December 30, 1999", the 1998 Klasky-Csupo Vanity Plate shows up, but the music slows down to a crawl as "Splaat's" eyes turn completely black. Over the course of few seconds, "Splaat's" eyes gradually gain red pupils as the staticky blue background fades into a blood red background filled with holes. Now fully born, Gabore's eyes roll up into the back of his "head" as the sounds of bones snapping are heard in the background. Near the end of the video, Gabore begins screaming while Kirk delivers this chilling line:
      "JOIN US"