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Nightmare Fuel / HowToBasic

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*insert scary music here*

Even as a source of debatable humour, there is much Nightmare Fuel to be had from this YouTuber.

  • The last seconds of "How To Get A Baby To Sleep." What... the... HELL just happened?
  • "How to Make Rainbow Cake". Just...Wow.
  • The baby doll in "How To Insert A Tampon" after inserting the tampon.
  • After mixing all the ingredients together in "How to Make a Rainbow Cake", the resultant mixture turns a dark black. After pouring it on the floor (and himself), Mr. Basic initiates a Satanic ritual, drawing an Illuminati symbol in the mess, snarling all the while.
  • In "How to Stop Snoring", Mr. Basic smashes a whole fish with his bare hands. It's worrying to say the least.
  • In 'How To Break a Brick With Your Hands', Basic's psychopathy seems to intensify, as he resorts to destroying much of his kitchen by throwing heavy objects at his appliances and cupboards, all the while roaring like a maniac. He also smashes each and every one of his kitchen tiles with a hammer, and hurls the appliances across the room.
    • "How To Open a Wine Bottle Without a Corkscrew" rivals this episode in terms of expensive destruction, if not outright surpasses it. Once again, his walls, cupboards, oven and washing machine fall victim to him, cortesy of dozens of wine bottles and plates.
  • The bestial grunting and snarling he lets out at times can be rather disturbing.
    • The ending of 'How to Delete Facebook Messenger'. Makes it worse when you let the ending set in.
    • How about when he goes all Laughing Mad, like in "How To Slow Cook Meat"?
  • In many of his newer videos, he has gone from just messing with food to destroying objects of value - This is a hallmark trait of a serial killer, who destroys inanimate objects to feel a sense of power.
    • To make matters worse, some of his recent videos involve fire, or even guns.
    • This is not helped by his Eldritch-esque moaning and growling throughout many of these videos.
  • "How to Make a Vegetarian Lasagna" is eerily normal by the series' standards. It's only after accidentally overcooking the lasagna does Mr. Basic veer back into his tumultous tendencies.
  • In halfway of "How To Make A Pancake Art", Mr. Basic gets suddenly attacked by Shrek and the video ends with Shrek jumpscaring the viewer.
  • "How to Make Candles". Good god, "How To Make Candles".
    • Although, the cute dog with a doll's head crudely taped on the top of its head that appears at the end could be seen as Nightmare Retardant to some
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  • "How to make Meatballs". It's a legitimate tutorial at first, until Mr Basic begins forming the meatballs. Then it begins switching periodically to an alternate shot where the meatball grows bigger, and bigger, and bigger, and the music gets more distorted, and the colors get muted. Eventually it's an ungodly pile of meat, and when he tries to cook it it causes a fire in his kitchen. The scene ends with Mr Basic going to Ikea to get some meatballs instead.
  • "How To Make a Chocolate Mud Cake" is quite possibly the most nightmare inducing video on the channel yet. Like "How to make Meatballs", it starts off as a proper tutorial until Pepe the Frog arrives, riding tricycle down the hallway. HowToBasic is absolutely terrified as he suddenly starts using telekinetic powers after a long staring contest and jumps onto HowToBasic's face, causing him to wake up from his bed the next day. Then HowToBasic proceeds to make the video again in a manner more traditional to his channel until the lights start flickering, Pepe shows up and attacks HowToBasic, once again causing him to wake up from his bed. And this time Pepe is there, waiting for him.

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