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Nightmare Fuel / Meme House

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As hilarious as the town of Oasis Springs is with its residents, there's some outright disturbing, frightening, and creepy moments that come through the Meme house.

  • How Bonzi Buddy got his demonic powers. He basically agreed to sell his soul to the Demonic Painting that popped up in exchange for these powers. This means there's a demonic entity that many fans speculate to be Satan himself.
  • The Demons. Dear lord. They live up to their name as they pop up randomly with either blood splatters all over them, inhuman-like skin, or even missing facial textures. This is probably the tip of the Iceberg of what Bonzi's powers can do.
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  • Pretty much everything about Bonzi Buddy in Parts 8-12, from the demons he summoned, to the dark aura that surrounded him, to the fact that whenever he arrived in an area, thunder would rumble and lightning would strike, to his creepy Thousand-Yard Stare and the fact that he was able to corrupt the very skies. He was that powerful.
  • The Immortal Burglar from Part 11 was pretty terrifying seeing as he couldn't be killed and was dead set on stealing from the Squarepants household no matter what they did to stop him. He was able to beat Albert Wesker, one of the strongest and most powerful characters in the series, in a fight and was even shown to be immune to Wesker's BERZERK attack, and simply carried on walking around and stealing while having a gaping bloody hole in his chest and being on fire. All with a smile on his face. Thank goodness he never actually existed, and was just part of Jill's nightmare.
    • There's also the fact that the Immortal Burglar is responsible for Spongebob's long, drawn-out, painful death in part 11 after the burglar shot him and surgery to remove the bullet failed twice.
  • Bulk Bogan's murder at the hands of Madeline and Shaman Wario was incredibly shocking in how it seemed to come out of nowhere, was incredibly brutal, drawn-out and violent (even for this series' standards) and even genuinely horrified Joel.
  • The reveal in Part 7 that Madeline was a manipulative, dangerous Serial Killer and that with Shaman Wario's help, her entire relationship and interactions with Bogan and even their first meeting in Part 2 had been planned by her and Shaman Wario right from the beginning.
    • Not only that, rewatching Part 5 showed that she actually kills and cannibalises someone in a bar while Funky Kong is visiting, foreshadowing her actions in Part 7.
  • Vibe Check is one of the most downright creepy characters in the series, being a Humanoid Abomination with a swollen yellow head, bloodshot eyes with a Thousand-Yard Stare and a pretty creepy looking mouth that goes round "checking vibes", a process that involves entering someone's house regardless of whether they invited Vibe Check in or not and framing a giant, distorted picture of himself on their wall. It's implied that Vibe Check can see through these pictures and check vibes from afar too. Essentially he's something out of the Cthulhu Mythos meets 1984. Sweet dreams.
    • Not only that, it seems Vibe Check has done something to Bob Ross as well, as he's become a Mad Artist who, instead of painting landscapes, paints giant murals of Vibe Check's face that are so large they can be seen from space.
      • Although there is some Nightmare Retardant coming from Bob Ross' much more normal behaviour in Season 2, implying Vibe Check doesn't have a hold over him anymore.
    • In Part 17 Vibe Check managed to outright kill DoomGuy of all people. That's right, the badass space marine who was able to single-handedly wipe out the demons and defeat Bonzi gets killed by Vibe Check with a grilled cheese sandwich. Some Nightmare Retardant comes from how ridiculous DoomGuy's death was though.
  • Johnny's situation gets increasingly horrifying the more you think about it. Sure, it's played for laughs in the series, but from his point of view he woke up one day to find a bunch of murderous insane psychopaths had moved in across the road from him and had decided to make his life an utter misery, and as time went on more of his neighbourhood and eventually even the rest of his town became filled with similar freaks, nearly all of whom were hell-bent on making him suffer for no reason other than he's there and they can. To make matters worse, the world started being flooded with demons and seemingly normal sims becoming cannibals or murderers. All this at the hands of Joel, who from Johnny's point of view is a god that enjoys seeing him suffer and who he can do nothing to fight against. Cosmic Horror at its finest. No wonder the poor guy snapped.
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  • Bonzi Buddy's ghost cameo in Part 13 is special in how non-comedic it is. He appears out of nowhere within the bathroom of the Squarepants Household, with his signature purple aura radiating from his body. And he just...stays there, staring. Even Joel sounds pretty damn spooked!
  • Season 2 has the former Kong household become a Polluted Wasteland named The Cursed Lands, with the only thing remaining being the demonic painting that gave Bonzi his Satanic powers. What makes it scary is the lack of context, the hints that the demonic forces are still around, and the creepy low lighting that adds to the atmosphere of dread. Part 15 shows there's a mysterious cave there which leads to another wasteland, the Forgotten Grotto.
  • The complete Body Horror of the dogs glitching out during the Cookout in Part 14 is terrifying. One of them even twisted into a vaguely humanoid shape while 'mourning' one of the urns, before snapping back into a regular dog shape.
  • The whole of Part 16 is In-Universe Nightmare Fuel for Bulk Bogan, but it can get pretty disturbing in real life too at times.
    • After Grandma Martha Bullet is shot dead by Ralph Bullet in Part 16, we get a close-up of her blood-covered Nightmare Face with her eyes rolled into the back of her head and mouth frozen in a scream.
    • Grandma 2 Bullet is immortal ("older than time itself" in Joel's words) and longs for death, but not even Ralph or three Grim Reapers can kill her. Instead she gets the lovely fate of being sealed in a swimming pool tomb for all eternity.
    • When Mick is shot by Ralph he gets completely vaporised. No corpse, no blood, no gravestone, nothing. He's just gone. Death doesn't even bother to show up too, implying Cessation of Existence on Mick's part.
  • WacDonalds having security cameras everywhere in their bathroom can give some real Paranoia Fuel.
  • Life in Oasis Springs in general is this trope due to how chaotic the place is. You could be going about your daily business when suddenly you get killed horribly by a murderous lunatic simply because you were in the wrong place in the wrong time.
  • Liquid Bogan becomes rather creepy whenever he appears in Season 2, appearing in random places as a Meaningful Background Event, and almost never interacting with the playable Sims. Joel always acts unsettled when he sees that he’s around.
  • Strange legless, armless mannequins appear all throughout the city in Season 2, including most of the households of the characters. Joel himself seems to be startled by them, as whenever he spots a new one he focuses the camera on them and questions what the hell they are.
  • The strange floating cube seen in the Cursed Lands in Part 21 is, if not scary, at least very confusing. What makes it worse is that from the peek we see of the insides, we only see cobwebs and a pile of paper, and that's it.
  • Season 2 has also featured a mysterious and incredibly ominous room beneath the Pepsigym that was discovered in Part 13, but only opened in Part 18, revealing that it contained the grave of Shaman Wario in the middle of a pentagram.
    • To make matters worse, in the later part of Season 2, the Pepsigym has been regularly frequented by a horde of Guy Fawkes Mask-wearing Cultists with glowing eyes, who are implied to be trying to bring Wario back to life for as yet unknown reasons.
  • The cast singing at the end of Season 2 complete with head and lip movement is just as uncanny as it sounds.

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