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Nightmare Fuel / The Autobiography of Jane Eyre

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  • Episode 3. Jane has lost her mobile phone and is stranded at the bus stop in the middle of nowhere at midnight. Naturally she freaks out. It's very realistic Adult Fear.
  • Episode 13 "Crash". Jane's camera is old and records very creepy glitches. The lightning is greenish and disturbing. There are weird noises and sounds, and Jane's door opens on its own. Or is it anybody's doing? Then there is the moving shadow in her room and another one — very real one that can't be blamed on the glitches — coming from the corridor. Then the glass cracks... Seriously, what the hell?
  • Several commentators described Jane's suitcase in the background of episode 13 as particularly unnerving, mostly because its appearance reminds some of a weird and constantly smiling face. Jane had better put the suitcase under her bed or to the closet.
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  • "A New Age of Aluminium" is a rather unsettling video. There some creepy shots of mysterious ladies in masks, and there are cackling laughs. Mr Rochester is disturbing as a fortune telling clown who deliberately messes with his guests.
  • Episode 25 "Blood" was freaky. Spooky shadows, half-lit rooms, scary screams, nightmares, whispered conversations, glitches and static sounds and highly disturbing events. Jane comes back with bloodied hands in rubber gloves and her face is smeared as well. She's visibly shaken and not telling what happened. It might have been another weird accident, but it points to attempted murder in an isolated house.


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