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Reader, Jane might use these tropes. Beware of unmarked spoilers, both from the book and the vlog!

Mr Rochester's funky striped socks
  • Given the amount of time they were shown and all the emphasis from Word of God how they went to buy the socks together, they will prove important for the story. They are Chekhov's Gun.
  • Mr Rochester is shown to be a bit of a geek, considering how he gushed about A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones. His striped socks show he's a fan of The Wizard of Oz. Let's just hope he doesn't identify himself with the Wicked Witch of the West.

Book Mr Rochester's crazy creepy wife hidden in the attic is vlog Mr Rochester's crazy creepy stalker chick
It would explain why he travels a lot and avoids staying in his house if he can help it. If his Stalker with a Crush lives nearby and comes harassing them when he's home, it's not safe.

Mr Rochester is legally bound to take care of the crazy person who lives in the house
The mysterious entity responsible for the weird noises and the injury is Mr Rochester's family relation of sorts, perhaps a sister, and he is legally bound to let them live in the house and take care of them.

Mr Rochester and Grace Poole are somehow related in this version
Grace seems to take a lot of crap from Mr Rochester to be a mere personal assistant. She organizes stuff in his company as well as in his household, she looks after his daughter (together with Jane), she lives in his house and Mr Rochester apparently holds her responsible for causing his wound because he immediately calls her on the phone and tells that "it" has to stop and that it "can't happen again". She is... something.

There is a real ghost in the house
The ghost's presence caused glitches on Jane's video and s/he also made Jane feel cold. The ghost is responsible for the weird noises and shadows. S/he is unfriendly towards Mr Rochester; that's why he prefers to travel a lot and avoids the house and his family. It was the ghost who knocked the vase and caused Mr Rochester's injury.

Mr Rochester is married to crazy Bertha Mason, and he can't or doesn't want to divorce her
Mr Rochester married Bertha Mason who suffers from serious mental illness and is violent. He has some complicated reasons as to why he can't or doesn't want to get divorced. This might include money and property issues, for example, his Thornfield Exports is bound with the Masons through investment or something similar. Or there might be some connection to Adele who is their biological daughter and divorce would be more harmful to her than the current state. If he divorced her, the Masons would become Bertha's legal guardians, and they might be cruel or irresponsible. Even though Mr Rochester doesn't feel affection to his wife, he still cares for her and would feel guilty to let her suffer. Bertha might have been treated for her illness, but it didn't help.

Adele is not Mr Rochester's biological daughter
Adele is clearly Mr Rochester's legal daughter in the webseries, but she's not really his. She's a Chocolate Baby which might explain his coldness towards her. In the novel, she was his ward and her mother claimed she was his daughter, but he doubted it with good reasons.
  • Jossed. She's his bio daughter.

There is someone operating Jane's camera beside herself
Some viewers commented that they could hear breathing behind the camera in episode 13. WMG explaining it? Mrs Rochester is the one operating it. That would explain Jane's struggling with the technology constantly. It's not that she's not tech-savvy, it's Mrs Rochester!

Bertha's mental illness will be swapped with drug addiction problem
Bertha may be a recovering substance abuser. Drug addiction can be stigma in posh families and they may have bad experience with rehab clinics and think they can handle it if she lives in the house. If drug addicts start using again, they can be violent. It would explain sneaking in the house and trying to get out to procure the drug. This situation can be potentially ugly and messy.

Blanche is going to cheat on Rochester
She loves to pose around in scanty clothing. This might imply she's an attention-seeker. Also she keeps on mentioning Warren and Rochester, so she will cheat on Rochester with Warren. This has to happen so that Blanche sounds really horrible, because she ignores Jane and doesn't appear to stab her back, Jane being a small fry. Besides, it's more realistic for her to ignore Jane. Rochester will break off with her and get on with Jane.

Warren is Mr Mason
He will expose Rochester's marriage just as the latter is to marry Jane.
  • It's unlikely that they are the same person because the name Mason gets mentioned by Grace in episode 4 "Grace Poole". In episode 22 "Charades", Warren is present in Rochester's house, yet Rochester is interrupted by a mysterious phone call.
    • Jossed in the video "A New Age of Aluminium", a video of Thornfield Exports' Rebranding Event when Benjamin Mason makes an appearance.

Warren is a blackmailer
Either for Rochester's mad wife, or for Blanche's shady past

Blanche and Rochester may form a merger
In this day and age marriage isn't a likely option, so the equivalent would be a joint merger between Blanche and Rochester. Blanche may have something not quite honest in her business dealings, hence losing Rochester's respect.

Blanche and Warren are accomplices
Blanche is using Warren to make Mr Rochester jealous of him. Warren might be pretending to fancy Blanche to get Rochester's attention, or he may really fancy her.

Bertha was at the rebranding party
  • Bertha lives in the house. She was the woman in the mask with black bobbed hair that held the tray with a glass and Grace slipped something into her drink. She looked weirdly mysterious.
  • Alternatively, she was the woman hiding behind the wall in a weird pose with ruffled dark hair.

Mr Rochester will NOT be maimed
Edface is too cute to get an eye gouged out and get an arm crushed. Who needs Goth-lit metaphorical/symbolical punishment in modern times, right? He suffers emotionally more than anybody would deserve anyway. That's enough of a punishment.

The characters corresponding to the Rivers won't be Jane's family
  • If Jane had any worthy living family members left, she would very likely know about them in today's world. Her cousins will be nice people who will become close friends to her.
    • Confirmed. The Rivers siblings are kind strangers who take Jane home and befriend her.
  • Jane's convenient inheritance will be swapped with a great job opportunity that will pay really good money and she will feel fulfilled creatively.
    • Jossed. Jane did inherit money from her uncle.


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