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Nightmare Fuel / Kamen Rider Ex-Aid: The Abridged Series

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  • As detailed under the Fridge Horror page, the implication that Emu and Poppy might see no problem with eating people puts a dark spin on the Cards Against Humanity stream revealing that Emu keeps prisoners in his basement (actually the CR’s operation room) and Poppy tortures them.
  • It’s often Played for Laughs, but Emu’s Comically Inept Healing as a doctor can be pretty worrisome at times, especially since he usually works with kids. Imagine a doctor neglecting your kid’s pain to play video games and the kid suddenly needs crutches after they finally come back. Or being operated on in a critical condition while the surgeon callously says, “It’s the thought that counts,” when you point out that the IV bag is full of Mountain Dew.
    • Emu's eagerness to deliberately inflict this "care" on Kuroto in episode 7 is also rather unsettling.
  • Kiriya’s And I Must Scream situation in The Stinger for episode 5. Courtesy of Fruit Jesus, his soul ends up trapped inside the Bike Gamer motorcycle, unable to communicate with Ex-Aid as he rides it.
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  • Takeru going ballistic on Alain and threatening to kill everyone when the latter tells him that friendship sucks. Just how badly has death messed him up?
  • YanderMage's appearance at the end of Chou Super Hero Taisen Abridged, especially the full monologue.
  • Some of the funny sounds Emu makes in certain scenes can be a bit unsettling in hindsight when you know the details about the Enforced Method Acting that Maddie subjected herself to while recording those sounds (e.g. jamming a fork into an electrical outlet to make an authentic buzzing sound when Drago Knight Hunter Z overwhelms Emu).
    • This extends to the other actors as well, as HyperJacob96 reportedly blacked out when he acted out the scene when Kiriya plugged in the Dangerous Zombie Gashat.
  • Anytime Nico shrieks in pain from being infected, especially in episode 5.
  • Parado's death in episode 11 is played completely straight, and Emu is downright terrifying while monologuing to him.
    Emu: I'm sorry I couldn't save you. Goodbye!

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