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Nightmare Fuel / Carmilla the Series

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  • The person that Laura knew as Betty never really existed. Betty has no memory of Laura at all once she's free from the parasite's influence.
  • The library's records is only accessible by night. Fairly creepy. Said records took an innocent boy, possibly on its own accord, and managed to put him into a digital database years before it was ever established. Who wants to bet J-P wasn't the only person the library messed with in an unimaginable way?
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  • The Sumerian tome from the library is pretty creepy. The thing reveals information when blood is splattered across its pages, which begs the question of what its cover is made of. Laura was probably being hyperbolic when she said it was "from before time began", but one has to wonder how far off she is...
  • The Light, full stop. It's an eldritch abomination that is fed five people every twenty years by the vampires running Silas University, and it's implied those it takes are trapped with it in death as ghosts. It nearly gets a massive meal just from everyone viewing its hypnotic light in person.
    • But, oh yes, it actually can and does get worse. You know how five virgins are sacrificed to it? Try a several centuries old, very powerful vampire - given the regular seismic activity going on, it's implied it did not like the meal, and is waking up. And if that doesn't get the chills into you, it gets even ''worse''. Carmilla didn't actually kill the Light - all she did was annoy the eldritch abomination equivalent of an angler fish. She simply got the glowing bait. Suddenly the Dean's last words are starting to make sense...
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  • The Dean possessing Laura's body to speak to Carmilla. Elise Bauman's acting was chilling in that scene.
  • Just imagining the horror and trauma that Carmilla went through when she was punished by the Dean for her disobedience. Locked up in a coffin full of blood for about 70 years? And then released thanks to a bomb going off close to you (meaning that Carmilla woke up in the middle of a battlefield after decades of darkness and closed-in spaces)? Dude...
  • The Christmas Special is both sweet and creepy as hell if you think about if enough.
    • For a start, the situation the gang is in. Though we know Laura, Carmilla, Perry and LaFontaine are alive, we've got no idea about the rest of the cast from season 1. Worse, their escape involved escaping through huge snow filled mountains for around three weeks, with Laura's bear spray and Carmilla's vampiric nature keeping them safe from the many fierce animals that litter it. Consider how bad things are that this is the course of action the gang stuck with.
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    • Carmilla's implied to be starving during this time out of necessity; unlike at Silas where she could seduce any girl and have a drink of blood whenever she wants, travelling through the moutains requires her companions to be as fit as can be so as to not die, and not recovering from an open wound and blood loss when they have little to eat as it stands as well. It says something when she has to find and kill a badger to keep herself going. At least, until she gets a cannibal to chow down on, when she showcases a more traditional vampire's nature in less than half a minute than she did all of season 1...
    • The diner witch lady. Implied to be a literal and cannibalistic Miss Claus, she all but states she killed her husband and the workers at the diner, as well as the reindeer with them, and turned them all to gingerbread she then ate. Then there's the way she presents treats so fast not even Carmilla notices until they're there, and how she knows exactly what favorite treat each of the gang want. It kind of says something that the mob trying to kill the gang for attacking their mayor stay well away from the defenseless diner with large windows they're holed up in. To top it all off, in a frighteningly effective fx shot, Laura's foot turns to candy and breaks away from her, rendering her mostly immobile. Of course, then Carmilla comes in and demonstrates what a starving, tired, pissed off vampire is capable of doing. The combination from the above leaves everyone but Carmilla looking a little shellshocked by the end.
    • Word of God says it's slighty different but no less horrifying: that wasn't Laura's foot turning into candy; she tripped over a human foot left under the counter from Mama Klaus's last meal.
    • Laura confirms she's been unable to get in contact with her father by Christmas. Adult Fear does not begin to cover the situation on his end, especially with how over-protective he's been of Laura from the start. That said, if she has the wifi to access Twitter, one would expect she could make a phonecall.
  • Episode 1 of Season 2 mostly alternates between Carmilla and Laura snuggling and Laura filling in the viewers about what has happened since the Christmas Episode. Then at the very end, Perry walks in... covered in blood, before the episode ends.
    • Perry's promo picture doesn't help - while all the others are smiling or looking determined, Perry has a blank expression, her head at a strange angle and her hands hanging limply at her sides. A lot of people have commented that she looks possessed.
      • Even worse? Word of God says there's definitely an intended reason that she looks like that.
  • Perry's description of finding the corpses of the entire newspaper team and slipping in the massive puddle of their blood is pretty horrible, especially the soft, understated way she describes details like hearing what she thought was a dripping tap (but was likely the blood of the murder victims).
  • Poor Perry is having a rough time of it this season - in Episode 4, she walks in, clutching her stomach, and Carmilla instantly notes that there's blood in the air. After some coaxing, she opens her pajamas to reveal an ominous warning in Latin... carved into her torso
    • And Word of God confirmed it was cut into her, not just painted in blood as some originally thought
  • On several occasions when severely ticked off, Mattie lets lose with a banshee like scream so loud that not only is everyone in the room reduced to being doubled over clutching their ears in pain (including Carmilla), but it even makes the camera blur and distort, and is indicated to do some damage to an already ailing JP pre-transfer. It's especially jarring when for the most part Mattie is extremely dignified and held together.
  • As of Episode 22, Perry is officially going through a Sanity Slippage due to all the stress and horror going on. It says something when previously she was always the most sane and level headed of the group and yet she's cracking.
  • J.P. lunging at LaFontaine in 2.24 in a blood-hungry frenzy. This is coming from an honest, genuine Nice Guy — and it's a nasty reminder that, nice as he is, he's still a vampire, and starving a vampire will have consequences. Even worse since he and LaFontaine are a couple.
  • Perry reciting a Death prophecy in 2.28 to Mattie. Her demeanor completely changes from skittish to uncannily calm and deadpan, and she indicates that the unnerving message she passes on has been haunting her dreams for quite some time. Then the video just cuts out.
  • We've known all season that 'something' is wrong with Perry. Episode 34 gives us our strongest signal yet. When Carmilla calls Laura back to agree to help with the fight against Vordenburg, Laura isn't there, but Perry is. In a completely flat voice, Perry says "Sorry dear, she doesn't want to talk to you right now." and disconnects the call. Then Laura calls her from off screen, and Perry is instantly back to "herself", brightly calling that she's coming. Makes you wonder if Perry has been in control at all this season...
    • The season 2 finale gives us an answer: No. No, she hasn't. The Dean is fully in control of her body, and has gotten everything she wanted. And we do mean everything.
    • Word of God says that Perry has been possessed right from the moment the Dean died in the crater, but that she had three states of being during this time - 100% Dean (killing the newspaper club, the Summer Sisters, carving up Perry's stomach, etc), 100% Perry (helping with the Silas broadcasts, attacking Mattie, etc) and then a Dean/Perry split of about 70%/30% (probably reciting the Death Prophecy to Mattie). So while the Dean has been behind the wheel for most of the season, Perry has still sincerely been trying to work out what's been happening around her and trying to hold it together as everything crashes down, while slowly losing control of her own body...
      • It gets worse: Jordan Hall describes the possession process as like a rash. A slowly growing one...
      • Also, consider this: Perry being unconscious while the Dean is in control is actually the better option. The only other alternative is that Perry's still awake and aware somewhere in there while the Dean is doing God-knows-what.
  • The canting, uncanny way the theme music just peters out at the end of the finale. It's been loud, and it's been absent, but it's never sounded so wrong before. It really drives home the Nothing Is the Same Anymore vibe of this season.
  • The "Transmissions from the Pit" bonus podcasts for s3. First hand account of the conditions in the pit and it's horrifying. Especially as the one broadcasting Mel slowly breaks down over all the stress and awfulness around her.
  • That horrifying, guttural scream Kaitlyn Alexander lets out when the Dean rips out Lafontaine's eye. Who knew the human throat could make sounds like that....
  • "You want to mock me? I will show you what it means to grieve! I may not have my beloved but the gates are open! I will leave this world a wasteland of ash and bone! If he does not live, NOTHING WILL!"


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