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Nightmare Fuel / Autistic Communist

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This page contains unmarked spoilers. You Have Been Warned!

Much like the game it was based on, the videos by the Autistic Communist have their fair share of frights.

  • In Yuri Kidnaps MC but she defiantly isn't normal and it ends kinda badly, Yuri lures MC to her house before knocking him unconscious an tying him to a chair. When Monika arrives to the house, Yuri takes her hostage as well. The two are then made to witness Yuri cutting herself with one of her knives as her way of blowing off steam. After the two succeed at escaping her house, they return later on to check on Yuri. To their horror, they discover that Yuri killed herself, having impaled herself with one of her own knives.
  • Natsuki becomes a cannibal is self-explanatory in itself. After being made to go without food for three days, Natsuki kills MC in desperation, and cannibalizes his left thigh. She also murders her father and giddily leaves his body to decompose on the floor upon failing to move his body.
    • Part-two sees Natsuki happily greeting her dead father and MC as if expecting a response.
    • Worse, Natsuki becomes curious as to what else she could do with MC's corpse...leading to her hand going down towards MC's crotch.
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    • Even Monika is freaked out by it.
  • In one video, Sayori returns in Act II despite being removed from the game by Monika. The description of Sayori's appearance is nearly Lovecraftian with her contorting as she was glitching. After being repaired by Monika, Sayori talks about what she learned from her experience being dead: how life itself was meaningless. As such, Sayori deletes Natsuki and Yuri (and MC possibly) from the game, saving Monika for last. However, it is then revealed that Monika only made Sayori believe that she was revived and gave her the illusion that she had command powers. Monika then redeletes Sayori, ending the video on Sayori's enraged tone of voice.
  • In Doki Doki literature Cult, MC is made a sacrifice by the deranged cult members after Yuri takes a sample of his blood and tastes it (she also implies that she had done the same to other potential members they lured into the clubroom). And then it turns out that they ultimately have no reason as to why they are sacrificing MC, other than they were bored. Worse, Sayori implicates that her partial motivation for luring MC was to spite him for making her feel bad that one time.