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Nightmare Fuel / Web Animation

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The Internet has time and time again proven that animated shorts, series and films made for the web can be just as nightmare-inducing as their counterparts in other media. Below are some of the creepiest, most unsettling, and outright most terrifying animations made just for the net.

NOTE: Tropers are naturally curious. Having them stumble into links which scar them for life is not to everyone's tastes. Merely adding a link without a description is not enough for an example. Remember, even a description of what's behind the link is still scary on its own.


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    Other examples 
  • The beautifully deranged mind of AxemanCartoons gives us this beauty; an animated adaptation of ten of the creepiest two-sentence-long horror stories. The standout one is #10, which is the classic "I Heard It, Too" horror story, but it goes WAY beyond its source material to become even creepier, largely in part due to its Deranged Animation.
    • Axeman is now making a sequel. God help us all.
  • Jaiden Animations:
    • She gives us "Why I Don't Have a Face Reveal". The simple image of the normally sweet and upbeat avatar of Jaiden with a censor bar over her eyes is bad enough, but the video goes into graphic detail about Jaiden's struggles with depression, eating disorders, and thoughts of suicide.
    • The "eating disorder" part of the video goes into horrifying detail about how Jaiden would suffer from bulimia, even reducing the total amount of food she ate in one day to half an apple and ten Cheerios. And she was proud of that. This is accompanied by visuals of Jaiden's animated avatar tearing through things in rage and screaming while the censor bar over her eyes flashes blood red.
    • Another version of Jaiden (drawn in dark colors with a white outline) represents the eating disorders telling her that she wanted this. As Jaiden attempts recovery all on her own, words flash across the censor bar that get increasingly hostile.
    • Jaiden recalls how going to a con made her put on a brave face despite being in terrible mental shape. When she found out her face would be broadcast on video, she almost killed herself out of worry over what she looked like. It's a sobering look at what depression and an eating disorder can do to someone's mind. Thankfully, the video ends on an uplifting note, where animated Jaiden takes the censor bar off and throws it away, shattering it. The final second of the video is a shot of Jaiden's real life face, and she gives a thumbs up.
  • Pretty much anything by Llama Arts, who animates some of the horror stories told by popular YouTuber Mr. Nightmare. Check out her channel here.
  • Diemos is an animation about a man seeking the ultimate horror. He is contacted in his sleep by an entity that will give him this experience, in return for his legs. And other parts.
  • Broken Saints is loaded with this, but the best example: Chapter 22, Act 2. There WILL be nightmares.
    • The Wizard Of Oz-themed opening to Chapter 20. "We're off to see the Wizard / the Wonderful Wizard of—" OH MY SWEET FUCKING BAJEZUS!!
  • David Firth, creator of Salad Fingers, also did a claymation video with the subject "Hell". It starts of as a fascinating use of stopmotion/claymation, but as the video goes on... well... claymation has never been so disturbing. David Firth is decidedly not a liar when he goes as far as to put a disclaimer on his work.
    • Firth's Jerry Jackson cartoons are usually just a bunch of silly So Bad, It's Good, but his JJ cartoon "Life & Death" gets downright creepy with its random warbling keyboard BGM and casual violence.
  • Despite being a site focused mostly on weird animals, horror, and monsters, Bogleech's cartoons are typically very lighthearted. However, Ants and Abyssal could be considered a pure strain of this.
  • This Sonic The Hedgehog parody You'll never see him the same way again. Also, the creator's DeviantArt gallery has some pretty creepy stuff in it to.
  • Alfred's Playhouse. A dog with repressed memories of sexual abuse. And serious scarred for life warnings.
    • It's pretty great, but there are a couple genuinely frightening moments in the "popsicle" scene and all of Part 2 (also qualifies as Squick). Here's an antidote.
  • This YTMND meme. A red-eyed baboon is staring into a dark room, directly at you, whilst Silent Hill music plays.
    • After looking at that for a while, try this. The baboon is right up to the camera now.
    • But then this nice little video will make it much less scary.
      • The third is a foolproof method for getting rid of the baboon! The baboon stares in the window. The captioning recommends turning off the lights to make the baboon go away! After the lights go out, the glowing eyes stay there for a few seconds in the dark, then vanish... then there's a lightning flash, and now the baboon is inside.
  • Behold, the Youtube page bearing the Number of the Beast...
    • That same YouTube user (uh, the one who made the video, NOT 666) has quite a lot of creepy stuff to offer, a lot of it, like "none", combining pretty neatly with Mind Screw.
    • He (yes, HE) has recently made videos of ant farms. This was done after he visited an abandoned house and took with him a bloody doll with what looked like intestines hanging from her body. The contrast makes it even creepier and also the fact that THAT DOLL is present in all of those videos. What did that doll do to him?
  • VGFlash is an adorable little series about two cute little creatures in the world of video games. How could that be scary? Welcome to The Penitent. You may never eat shrimp again.
  • Spoilsbury Toast Boy is particularly full of this in all of its Mind Screw-y glory, especially during Toast Boy's freak outs, nightmares, and hallucinations. To give you a bit of perspective, this was made by the same guy who created Salad Fingers. Especially bad if you have a phobia of insects.
  • When viewed through the perspective of a normal human being who has NOT been subjected to several years of brutal psychological torture, almost every single part of Rejected is fucking terrifying. Especially the ending�
  • Let's Make a New Friend (WARNING: flashing lights at that link). It's also known as Agamemnon Counterpart. It's basically what would happen if Satan made a kids show. While the visuals themselves are relatively harmless (albeit very trippy), the video is punctuated by someone screaming in pain in the background, and the final scene is of a faceless child standing in a distorted landscape while ominous music blares. It'll definitely make the hairs on your back stand up.
  • The animation Suicide Mouse, based on an old creepypasta about a lost Disney cartoon so disturbing it made an employee commit suicide after watching the last two minutes. It first showed up on the /x/ (paranormal) board at 4chan, and is basically a long loop of Mickey Mouse walking down the street, badly animated in HyperCard with forlorn music. Then it cuts to black, and when it comes back the music is replaced by creepy sound effects and a woman screaming while the background goes berserk.
    • And then, along came a friendly, hyperactive user called kitty0706, who gave us a hilarious metric ton of Nightmare Retardant in the form of "The Gmod Suicide Mouse Survival Guide", which gave us a whole list of ways to make the video "A tad funnier". And it works, especially the last one - "This video is fake and so are you, BLAAARGH!"
  • The Pokemon video The Pokemon Hoarder. For a minute, it appears that the Pokemon Hoarder is simply a kid wearing a Jigglypuff costume who wants a Charmander. Humorously, Professor Oak makes his son choose Squirtle to give him an unfair advantage. Then we get to what happens to Bulbasaur when he is left behind. Professor Oak takes him to his basement where he not only discovers numerous dead Bulbasaur that had starved to death (or in one Bulbasaur's case, he hanged himself), the Pokemon are being forced to live in their own excrement, a Polliwag is living inside the carcass of a Tauros, three Pokemon have been made into a Pokemon Caterpie, including a malnourished Snorlax, and the Pokemon are being forced to resort to eating each other in order to survive (such as a Dragonair hiding numerous Water Pokemon from a ravenous Pikachu), and just when the Bulbasaur's situation couldn't get any worse, Professor Oak uses an Onix to barricade his only way out, and had stuffed the aforementioned Pokemon trainer inside his refrigerator because he knew too much. Appropriately, the Lavender Town 8-Bit theme song plays during most of the video.
  • Russian flash animation Selva, from Art-hur, based on the Slavic Mythology, with beautiful visuals and music from the russian group Theodor Bastard, is pretty scary from the beginning, but in the end... DEAR GOD.
  • Kol-Belov:
  • Neurotically Yours's Maid of Horror. (Warning: NSFW) This animation starts off promising enough, but the ending was so horrifying, the creator took it down.
  • Crooked (Orcus) Rot is a stop-action video made by David Firth, the mind behind Salad Fingers. The video is a frightening collection of mannequin heads exchanging brain fluid, powering lightbulbs and skating around on wheels protruding from the neck.
  • Of course, for the bronies, there's always HotDiggedyDemon's infamous PONY.MOV series. In this series, HDD takes all the characters you know and love, and tastefully redelivers them in rather twisted, albeit hilarious fashions. If you feel up to the challenge, check out the whole playlist .
  • Team Fortress 2 Machinima has a whole amusement park's worth of terrible creatures. Heavydile Sewer Medic, Dic Soupcan and the legendary Painis Cupcake are just a few examples. Most want to kill you, and despite the ridiculous names, they are all TERRIFYING.
    • Even those that aren't otherworldly, like our good friend Christian Brutal Sniper, are horrific in their own special way.
    • While the Vagineer (first known appearance here) is certainly a creepy Gmod version of the Engineer, there's two monstrosities that make the Vagineer tame: the Vagi-scorp and the Engina. The first horrific creature is the Vagineer with the build of a scorpion that stabs unsuspecting victims with its "stinger." It will then wrap you into a cocoon and feed you to the greater monstrosity, the Engina. This otherworldly demon is a Giant!Vagineer, who at first appears headless; however, victims are lowered into its body, and will find its head has at the bottom of the body's abyss! Oh, and then it eats you.
    • And speaking of Vagineer, Creepy is a bit of an understatement, really.
    • The video may be titled "bedtime doctor", but you will not sleep ever again after watching it.
    • Odd Engies: The Fall of Mann, an entry for the 2012 Saxxy awards, involves, as the title implies, the mercs fighting mutated Engineers in a bleak, no longer patched or maintained world, and these abominations want nothing but death and destruction. You know things are hopeless when a RED Medic is ubering a BLU Heavy, and even the robots from MVM want to save the mercs from these creatures. The creepy music also really adds to the hopeless feeling.
    • All of the above are terrifying, but all of them pale to possibly the scariest Team Fortress 2 monster of them all: HoovyDundy
  • Black & White creator Peter Molyneux discovered that one of his employees had created this Mario animation. He immediately fired the employee and uploaded the video to YouTube for everyone to see. Apparently, it was supposed to be a satire about Nintendo "changing" their characters after the launch of the Wii. That doesn't make it any less disturbing, though.
  • All three videos of "Two Minutes of Terror" from Newgrounds, but special mention goes to the second one, "The Watcher". Oh God... the killer's face after its pig mask fell off....
  • The Kryton from Threebrain.
  • Bear Bear is a nice little mixture of horror and Tear Jerker. What happens when a teddy bear who suffers from Seperation Anxiety? Well......
  • Red Minus:
    • Nyan Caxx. It initially starts out as a take on the Nyan Cat meme, but character Caxx is poisoned by a Malboro from Final Fantasy, at which point the video becomes nightmarish. Caxx appears surrounded corpses impaled on spikes, at which point a jump-scare occurs followed by: a boy bleeding from the eyes; a pile of skulls; a Slenderman-esque character murdering someone whilst another appears scared; a bloody knife; several hanged corpses; a screaming man with metal hooks under his skin; an arm with maggots burrowing out; and a creepy close up of an eye.
    • Justin Bieber eats a piece of Delicious Cake: An enormous spider climbs out of Justin Bieber's mouth, distending and stretching his head, before pulling cake into it's mouth and climbing back into him. His head re-forms, but he bleeds black goo from his ear and eye.
  • This video (from the creator of the infamous Jimmy Neutron Happy Family Happy Hour) which is supposedly a lost pilot for a Nick Jr. show called Gregory's Room. It starts out creepy enough with the ugly animation, robotic voice acting, and creepy dialog, but it gets worse at 0:43 when disorted backround music suddenly starts playing and the camera slowly pans into Gregory's face with flames burning in the backround. Sweet Dreams.
    Gregory: But no matter what we do, it will just be the two of us. Alone in this room. Just me and you.
    No parents.
    No police.
    No one can hear you.
    Embrace me.
    I. Need. Love.
    gReGoRy NeEdS lOvE...
    *Abrupt Cut*
  • This political cartoon depicts the NRA literally brainwashing people, with a quiet voice-over talking about how the world is full of bad people that are out to get you and the only way to protect yourself is to buy more guns.
  • "Breaking the Ice" by Oney NG. Basically what happens when Literal-Minded gets taken to a very horrifying degree.
  • Ukinojoe's "Mouse Fan Club" boasts creepy-looking and cheaply-animated CGI animations of the stars of the Classic Disney Shorts. (Close observation reveals some of them to have eyeballs inside their mouths!) They dance jerkily to looped electronic music from Super Mario Bros. 2, entertain a giant floating John Lasseter head, and boil Pete alive for asking for soup, according to the captions. By the end of the video, all the characters have inexplicably grown elongated flailing limbs and their disembodied heads are swaying around as if they were still attached. To say "holy crap" at that is an understatement.
  • fur displacement test. This simple animation test can come off as more than a little uncanny, with the slow and robotic lyrics of "Meow, meow, I am a cat..." being repeated and reversed in the background, and the fur of the cats spontaneously growing in size, making their appearances rather deformed.
  • The YouTube channel Hey Kids looks like just another one of the abundant childrens' educational channels on the site, but many of its videos feature Adolf Hitler or an Indian-accented man whose eyes and mouth are superimposed on an image of a cracked porcelain doll head.
  • Deforestation of Jerry. Not only does the animation look awful with a heap of Deranged Animation, it's also about how Tom is tired of Jerry's "degenerate antics". He then proceeds to cut Jerry's head off with a knife, blood and all. Then his angel shows up... And the ending?
  • Bill Wurtz's infamous "History of Japan" video, besides from being educational, is hilarious. However, when it comes to detailing the end of World War II, things get very ominous. The video, which up until this point was always filled with sound and comedic movement, changes to an unsettling quiet. The incident isn't passed over like much of Japan's history was, there's a long, realistic atomic boom, fading out into the deathly silence. For such a funny video, it's very unsettling and it doesn't help the entire thing ends abruptly less than 30 seconds later.
  • Poochee and Pansy. This web series looks like an innocent kids show, but there are jumpscares and disturbing imagery galore in all 7 episodes.
  • Animation Domination High Definition's Scientifically Accurate videos, which tear apart classic cartoons and other works of fiction by showing what they'd be like if they were a lot more realistic, are pretty scary stuff. The animations being done in an overly realistic style and featuring the observations of what the show would be like if it were accurate to reality being sung to the tune of the works' theme songs just add to how disturbing it is.
    • Scientifically Accurate Flintstones shows the prehistoric characters as realistic hominids and also depicts Fred raping Barney and eating his own daughter Pebbles.
    • Scientifically Accurate CatDog depicts the title characters as an ordinary cat and dog grafted together by an insane surgeon and also ends with Dog killing Cat and dying after dragging his decomposing feline half around. The end makes it double as Tear Jerker.
  • An asdfmovie deleted scene shows a man winding a jack-in-the-box while it plays an unsettling rendition of Pop Goes the Weasel as the camera zooms out to reveal he's standing in the middle of a crime scene with bloody corpses.
  • Something About Kirby Super Star, a parody abridged animation of Kirby Super Star, is pretty funny, but Marx himself looks really terrifying when he emphasizes his speech. He also turns into a very satanic looking bat creature near the end, and even for an abridged animation where Kirby curbstomped all of the other villains shown, he legitimately has a hard time against an abridged Marx.
    • Remember when Kirby gives all of the stolen food from Dedede back to Dreamland's residents at the end of Spring Breeze? In this one, all of that stolen food floods villages below and potentially kills people. We even get a terrifying shot of a bunch of rotten food being forced into one of the inhabitants! And before that, Kirby sucks up Dedede's insides!

  • BarfQuestion's animations are generally goofy and lighthearted, but the Sock Series (full playlist here) still has plenty of unsettling monster designs and genuinely gruesome body horror. And then there's The Closing Hour, which manages to fill you with existential dread despite the cute, cartoony artstyle.
  • Votetastic Voyage by Rotten Pie is a (somewhat tongue-in-cheek) Take That! towards vorarephilia and presents a brutal deconstruction of the fetish. A shrunken man asks his girlfriend to eat him and things... Quickly go down hill for him. The video is filled with Deranged Animation, grotesque backgrounds, and colossal amounts of Squick. Do NOT watch this video before eating.
  • The absolutely bizarre fever dream experience that is Crasy Cafe 2: Into the Abyss. It starts off being your regular shitpost, but as it begins to dwelve into untasteful humor territory, it goes from being something out of 4chan to something you'd see out of someone having a mental breakdown. NSFW.
  • Lumpy Touch is a pixel artist who has become infamous for his horrific reimaginings of beloved characters:
    • His main series, GameBoy Garfield, portrays the cat as a horrific shapeshifting Eldritch Abomination terrorizing Jon that holds Arlene captive, is immune to bullets, and eventually destroys the world.
      • He's now completed a set of videos of 12 additional Gorefields based on the Western Zodiac, all with monstrous abilities. Aries Gorefield can intrude and manipulate their Jon's dreams, Gemini Gorefield can create an exact clone of their Jon, Scorpio Gorefield flashes visions of death onto their Jon which then become reality, and so on. The complete Gorefield Horrorscopes can be found here.
    • Movie Sonic Wants to Talk portrays the hedgehog's film incarnation as a terrifying creature that ate the real Sonic and at one point makes terrifying sounds with his lips. The sequel, meanwhile, has the filmmakers running in fear from an even more horrific and dangerous redesign of Sonic.
    • Wooloo Has a Secret portrays the beloved Pokémon as a many-eyed demon that can see the future. And you're not in any of them.
    • Saving the absolute worst for last, his video based on Banjo-Kazooie has Mumbo's spell not work and fuse the two together. When asked if they can be turned back, Kazooie responds that they "like being together" before vomiting up eggs in the most graphic way possible that hatch into Jinjos that eat Mumbo alive.
  • Sr. Pelo's whacky series Mokey's Show falls under this. Particularly, the constant random faces accompanied with his shrill screechy voice throughout every episode.
  • "Best Friend" is set in a near-future where virtual friends can exist via an implant. Arthur, the protagonist of the short, is a desperately lonely man who has become addicted to the technology and his "friends". Halfway through the short Arthur runs into a homeless man, also an addict to the Best Friend technology, who violently rips out his implant with a shard of broken glass. The visceral assault, the feeling of isolation in a crowd Arthur feels afterword, to even just the way the "friends" Arthur values so much are unable to do anything more than smile blithely as they go offline from Arthur, is chilling.
  • nariomarudarkside is a particularly imaginative creator of Japanese short horror films, all of which are lovingly displayed in claymation. Whatever you do, don't watch "Saka-Men" or "Deformed Gecko" if you have tryponophobia.
  • There's a Man in the Woods has a very ominous feel throughout the whole video, as it follows a teacher's life (and sanity) being ruined by a Bratty Half-Pint student who makes up a lie about there being a gun-toting maniac lurking in the woods next to the school to scare the other kids, which whips the parents into a hysteria when they hear about it and gets the teacher fired for supposedly not doing enough to protect the kids (even though dealing with killers should be the job of the police, not him), all while his claims that the kid is lying fall on deaf ears. The end of the short has the teacher — now fueled by booze, cocaine, and rage — become "the man in the woods" and (implicitly) murder the kid who ruined his life as revenge.
  • Watermelon: A Cautionary Tale is a CGI animation that became infamous in mid-2020 because of how messed up it is. The short follows a kid who disobeys his mother's warnings and eats a watermelon seed. As the day goes on, the kid starts cartoonishly exhibiting traits of a Plant Person, such as growing leaves and vines. But the short quickly takes a turn for the dark when the kid gets sent to the principal, who yanks a vine out of his nose, causing what looks like blood to pour out (although it's quickly revealed to be watermelon juice). The kid manages to run from the principal in time for Phys Ed, but throughout the whole thing he starts exhibiting more and more watermelon characteristics. Eventually, he turns into a cartoony watermelon-person, and starts trying out his new abilities on the playground... until he's launched in the air, fully turns into a watermelon, and shatters as soon as he hits the ground. And as if it wasn't any more messed up, all the other kids in the playground run over to the broken watermelon-kid and start eating it...
  • "This tramuatisingly dark video" mixing "The Simpsons" up with "You're Next", involving Jimbo, Dolph,and Kearney wearing Animal masks to seal their look breaking into the Simpsons residence and pretty violently Slaughtering the family,only for Marge to attack and kill Dolph and Kearnery after they used a machete to slice Maggie. (Probably in half) Only for Jumbo to joust to her,sliting the machete onto her shoulder before Marge blows his brains out with a shotgun before dropping dead. Leaving the entire family and the bullies dead, With the exception of Lisa Simpson before getting shot by Officer Wiggum. prior to the ammount of drama, and the really depressing music. It doubles as a Tear Jerker.
  • The REAL Thomas the Trainman, a 3D animation of a fleshy-looking Thomas the Tank Engine. Several parts of his original train anatomy are replaced by a breast and a cylinder with a throbbing pore, and, at the end, his organs fall out of his body, while the screen constantly flashes red and a high-pitched drone plays. NSFW warning.


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