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Nightmare Fuel / Strong Bad Email

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  • What may take the cake on Marshie's general horror is an easter egg from Strong Bad Email 149- Marshie in vapor form.
    Vapor Marshie: Youuuuu can't destroyyyy meeee!
  • In "licensed", we have Papa Cardgage's Puddin' Patch and the Strong Bad gellular pop.
    • The fact that Senor Cardgage sings both call and response to his song is somehow immensely comforting, as it suggests that he is alone in the building. Or maybe that's his Madness Mantra...Yikes!
      Where is Tompkins? Where is coleslaw? Here I am...
      • There's a body outline in chalk nearby.
      • And there's a painting of a more realistic Senor Cardgage on the side of the building as well, along with the phrase "I take kids."
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    • The email ends when Homestar turns up with shards of glass embedded in his bleeding face.
      • Of course, that mess was still his best birthday ever. So either everything else was f**king awesome, or Homestar has some seriously crappy birthdays.
  • "disconnected" features the not-quite regenerated versions of "Head Bad" and "Strong Body". "Euw! Go away, Head-Nub and Nub-Head!"
  • There's Marshie's bit at the beginning of "retirement"...
    "Just e-mail who you think done it on a 3x5 postcard, stick a Fluffy Puff on each corner, and just walk away, Mother..."
  • Don't forget Sweet Puttin' Cakes, the very deranged miniature golf course from "mini-golf". "Every bit as messed up as the cartoon on which it's based", indeed.
  • The sbemail "virus".
  • Strong Bad's pickled, talking corpse in the sbemail "Your Funeral."
    Zombie Strong Bad: Sorry, everybody. Funeral's over. Not even death can stop me from stopping my leotarded brother prancing around in my honor.
    Strong Sad: But you never got to see my Chaup au Fan!
    Zombie Strong Bad: You keep your chappy thong to yourself, mister.
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  • The end of "being mean" features Strong Bad's drawing of a nasty-looking shark. While the design can be a bit cheap in appearance, it expresses a desire to eat the sender's kids.
  • Strong Bad's little psychotic laughing fit at the end of "isp". Not helped is that the camera jump cuts closer to his face as he laughs.
  • The Body Horror present when Homestar gets stuck in the water cooler in "4 Branches".
  • Regarding the Easter egg on "imaginary": trying to imagine what Pumpy Clumpy looks like.
    • From that same sbemail, Coach Z shows us his imaginary friend, "Real Life Mister Blancaster Next Door." He's the most humanoid of the imaginary friends, and all he does is shiver and moan. It's really kind of unnerving, and reeks of Fridge Horror.
  • In the normally cheery world of Homestar Runner, it's incredibly unnerving when the series suddenly and abruptly switches tone. Such an occurrence happens in one of the Easter eggs available at the end of the Sbemail "rough copy". Homestar is shown sitting alone in a darkened room, apparently despondent. Nothing but the wind is heard for quite a while. Homestar eventually sighs and wearily mutters "DNA evidence..." This is part of a series of teasers for a later (and thankfully humorous) cartoon.
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  • The sbemail "current status" begins with a shot of Strong Bad's computer and no sound for the first few seconds, then the sound of running footsteps closer, which turn out to be coming from Strong Bad on the run for a reason he "really can't explain." It turns out he's running from Coach Z and Bubs because he somehow managed to switch their heads.
  • Senor Cardgage's character video.
    Strong Mad: Too many folds! TOO MANY FOLDS!
    • Not to mention the severe Uncanny Valley of seeing the characters with human mouths, even briefly.
  • Strong Sad's belly button apparently came from Li'l Strong Bad drilling a hole in his stomach.
  • Gelarshie from winter pool, particularly in a full-screen video.
    Gelarshie: I'M AN ABOMINATION! And I'm coming to your house after school!
    Strong Bad: Y'know, I really think those Marshie commercials ought to be rated NC-17. (Needlessly Creepy times 17)


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