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Nightmare Fuel / Pamtri

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And this is just his profile picture...

Pamtri. Deranged Animation? Check. Character designs that were ripped straight out of the Uncanny Valley? Check. A murderous eldritch madman who goes around shooting people because he's addicted to it? Checkeroo. Sounds like wholesome family entertainment, doesn't it?

  • One of Pamtri's earliest videos, "i_like_tomatoes", is a short little animation about a cannibalistic tomato. We'll just leave it at that.
    Tomato: I am a tomato. My favorite food is tomatoes. Tomatoes are the best. I eat them every day. I love to hear them scream.
  • One word: SANTIAGO. We don't know who this man is. We don't know where he's from. We don't know how the hell he keeps popping up everywhere (or in some cases, why he just is everywhere). All we know is that he's addicted to killing and that nobody in Pamtri's universe is safe from him. One way or another, he'll pop up out of nowhere and shoot you in cold blood, no questions asked.
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  • The Jump Scare at the end of the We Are Number One video, as well as the end of "The Legend 27" video.
  • While (SIRI IN SANTIAGO) DO NOT PLAY WITH SANTIAGO AND SIRI AT 3AM GONE WRONG! initially comes off as a parody of similar videos involving doing things at 3 AM, it goes wrong with the Santiago doll finding Colonel Sanders and Ronald. Luckily, the latter quickly spills salt water on the doll before they are harmed. "JUST KIDDING." After this, Santiago kills both Ronald and Sanders, with his usual "SANTIAGO," at the end.
  • The Gainax Ending of The Krusty Krab Pizza, with SpongeBob's Nightmare Face and the fish's bones being used on another pizza.
  • "Dying for Pie". Good GOD, "Dying for Pie". For starters, Squidward's eyes look much creepier here, while Spongebob (for some unexplained reason) is now a still image with demonic black eyes and a Synchro-Vox mouth. Then we see Squidward having Imagine Spots where he transforms into a tall, thin Eldritch Abomination that brutally slaughters the people that pissed him off. And then there's the ending, where Plankton blows up the Krusty Krab with an exploding pie for Squidward, in exchange for the secret formula. When he finally asks for the formula, however, Squidward shoots him dead... and then the camera pans over to reveal that he has turned into the same Eldritch Abomination from before and roars into the screen before the scene cuts to black. Holy shit!
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  • "Regular Show" (warning: incoming spoilers for the real Regular Show's ending). It starts off with a recreation of Pops's death, but then we Time Skip to Mordecai and Rigby's house to see that Pops has returned from the dead... and he appears to be possessed by a demon. At the end, Mordecai wakes up in a dark dungeon and comes face-to-face with Pops, who turns his head 180 degrees (a la Exorcist) and promptly shoots him dead. Then we get a pleasant shot of Pops's Nightmare Face, complete with a Synchro-Vox mouth and eyes to match.
  • "New Student Starfish": it's pretty much a standard Pamtri recreation of the titular SpongeBob episode, but once it gets the "I thought of something funnier than 24" line, it all goes to hell from there. Instead of finishing with "25" as usual, SpongeBob says "This", whips out a gun, and kills Patrick, then threatens to shoot Mrs. Puff if she doesn't give him a license and all the good noodle stars. And then Santiago barges in and kills everyone, before suddenly and apparently painfully expanding for some reason. The fact that the entire scene is eerily reminiscent of a school shooting is what makes it so damn disturbing.
    • Poor Gary is left alone at the end. Then, he dies.
  • In "The Snack That Smiles Back", the Goldfish Crackers prepare to embark on an adventure, only for Santiago to step in and devour them. Within the black empty abyss that is Santiago's stomach, one of the goldfish's eyes rolls back and bleeds while a distorted Goldfish theme plays. In true Pamtri fashion, it comes completely out of nowhere.
    "The snack that smiles back, Goldfiiiiiii..."
  • Just about the entirety of "Blue's Clues In a Nutshell", starting when giant and demonic versions of Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper corner Blue in the darkness after Steve leaves her for the night. The next day, a worried Steve walks in looking for her and sees a clue saying "Help me pls - Blue". Steve decides to shrug it off for later, and instead opens letters in an eerie Blank White Void. He opens a letter from the Shakers to find a picture of Blue's whitened and disemboweled corpse, then cries Tears of Blood before the video abruptly ends.
  • "Homer Needs A Beer" looks like something straight out of a nightmare. In the video, Homer goes to his fridge for a beer, causing a demonic, glowing version of Moe to appear in his fridge, which grabs Homer and drags him back into it. Three weeks later, Homer is telling the story to Marge, only for Marge to go past her Rage Breaking Point and beat him to death with a baseball bat. After Homer dies, Marge lets out a long, satisfied grunt and warps away into the darkness along with all of the furniture. Then it ends with the demonic Moe popping up into the screen.
    • The first few seconds have Homer phase up from the floor, stand in place for a few seconds, then suddenly stretch out right towards the camera so his face takes up almost all of the screen. The fact that there is little to no background music doesn't help.
    • Unlike every other character in Pamtri's videos, Marge does not have a text-to-speech voice, instead having a real voice actor. Her dialogue feels even more unnatural and off-putting because of this.
    • The animation of Marge as she says "Homie, this is, without question, the worst moment in our entire marriage!"
    • When Marge gets angry at Homer, instead of red static appearing and a loud noise playing, the screen turns red and shakes while Marge's pupils dilate and she lets out an even louder, longer grunt.
    • The house is almost completely dark, giving the video an even more haunting and cold feel. It feels like the video took place at night, which certainly doesn't help.
  • "The Grinch in A Nutshell":
    • The creepy smile the "Gronch" makes when he gets the idea for his Santa disguise.
    • He shoots and kills both Cindy Lou Who and the Lorax for getting in his way.
    • When the Whos begin to "sing" in a creepy, monotone voice with AcCENT upon the Wrong SylLABle, the Gronch blows up their town. When his heart grows three sizes and makes him realize he's all alone on Christmas, he kills himself.
    • The final scene is the Gronch endlessly floating in a black void on a toboggan with Max, singing the aforementioned song, the end has the pitch and speed of his voice drastically lower as he melts into a white blob vaguely in the shape of himself.
  • The 2019 Christmas Special, Frosty the Snowman features two kids bringing Frosty to life with the old silk hat, causing him to enlarge and shout, "Happy Birthday!", only for one of the children to say that it isn't their birthday. Frosty goes berserk and smashes them with the end of his broom, when Ronald McDonald kills him with the sun, Frosty lets out one final, slow cry of no, and it's pretty unnerving.
    • Also worth noting is Frosty's eyes, they sure are coals, but this time they appear to be hot, giving off an unnerving effect.
  • "Plankton!" is generally a pretty standard affair when it comes to Pamtri's Spongebob parodies... except for one key thing: Squidward is back to his "Dying for Pie" form. Halfway through, Plankton calls him a "mediocre clarinet player" just like in the original episode. This royally pisses off Squidward. He has another Imagine Spot of him turning into an abomination, which is so horrifying that causes Plankton and Spongebob to immediately shrivel up and die. After that, the video continues as normal... until the end. Squidward comes back to murder Plankton and Spongebob, and yells "I'm not mediocre" at their dead bodies. He then glares directly at the camera, then shoots it, ending the video immediately. You can also look exactly one frame before the Smash to Black to see his lovely abomination form again.


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