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Nightmare Fuel / FTL: Kestrel Adventures

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  • Although fake looking and obviously built using a Minecraft texture pack, the abandoned science facility in episode 5 is covered in blood, corpses, and the only survivor hid in a cupboard. what slaughter has Cremity lived through?
  • Tiedrich temporarily regains control from SAI-1, and apparently has no idea what is going on in Episode 11. This means that Tiedrich has been mind-controlled for TWENTY-FIVE YEARS.
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  • How similar the Rebellion seem to be to the Nazi party. They hang out in clubs, and it seen as the 'cool' thing to do, and some seem peer-pressured into doing it. In the meantime, many establishments are 'humans only'.
  • At the end of episode 15, whilst Liam is going through an identity crisis, it abruptly cuts to real life mantis footage. Due to the pixelated nature of the series, this is incredibly jarring.
  • At the end of episode 21, It looks like General Key is going to be turned into a robot slave by SAI-1. This seems to involve having your eye torn out, being mind raped, and having your body possessed by a hive mind. Not nice.
    Tiedrich: "Welcome to Simon's inner circle."
  • The Elite Soldiers in the Rebel army. They are faceless, with no consience, fear, or pain. During Sandoval's betrayal of the Rebellion, when the ordinary Rebel soldiers fight against the elite ones, it takes about five regular soldiers to take down an elite.
    • In Episode 25, it is revealed that they are under the same type of mind control as Peter Tiedrich. Apparently there is no cure.

  • Episode 35 Giant xenoarchonomorph, AKA giant Alien spiders, also doubles as an homage to the alien franchise.

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