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"Butt-Head, I think I'm freaking out."

Super Hans: Jez, can you tell me, yeah? As a mate, someone who knows me really well; is the bottom half of me on fire?
Jeremy ...No.
Super Hans: Thanks. That's good.
Jeremy: Are you tripping?
Super Hans: The shit I'm seeing, I fucking well hope so.

Use of mind-altering substances distorts the world. Sometimes, the hallucinations are passed off as a side-effect of overconsumption of an otherwise legal and legitimate foodstuff such as sugar, ice cream, chocolate, or steak sauce.

What makes this trope generally different from Intoxication Ensues is the hallucinations. The narrative might jump back and forth between the hallucination and the real world to show they are holding a normal, intelligent conversation with a plant. Typically great comedic fodder with a believable setup. If it's animated, expect those affected to Open the Iris.

If it doesn't contain An Aesop about the dangers of drug abuse with, it tends to just show off a character's carelessness. May involve a G-Rated Drug. Hallucinations caused by alcohol go under the subtrope Pink Elephants. See Acid Reflux Nightmare for a food-related version. See Chemically-Induced Insanity for cases where the character is stealthily or forcibly dosed in order to cause derangement. This may be observed in tandem with Drugs Causing Slow-Motion. Sometimes leads to a Disney Acid Sequence. If it's a whole group of people experiencing it simultaneously, it's Everybody Must Get Stoned. See also Through the Eyes of Madness and Drunken Montage. Also often tied into Drugs Are Bad. Not to be confused with the Brazilian dance and music genre, Samba. Also not to be confused with an actual mushroom doing the samba (as is the case in Undertale).

Also not to be confused with Acid-Trip Dimension, where you're not actually tripping, the environment just looks like you are.

This trope is usually subject to Artistic License – Pharmacology, as writers tend to wildly exaggerate the effects of psychedelic drugs such as shrooms and LSD. While they do produce visual distortions, they won't make you see anything like talking unicorns. Ego death (the loss of your sense of self, creating the feeling of being connected to the Universe) has a much bigger impact in a psychedelic drug trip than hallucinations, but is rarely portrayed in this trope.


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    Anime & Manga 
  • In Air Gear, Ikki and Shiraume end up consuming some funny Matsutake mushrooms, with some rather interesting effects. They end up 'fixing' one of Ikki's trecks and turn it into a formula racing car. In the living room.
  • In the Bannertail: The Adventures of Gray Squirrel episode "Akācho and the Flying Mushrooms," Akācho, wanting his (perceived) rival Banner out of the way so he can spend time with Sue, happens upon him eating acorns and says he has something much yummier, leading him to some red mushrooms which he tricks him into eating. The unfortunate young squirrel promptly experiences a lengthy tripout sequences wherein he mistakes his friends for predators and viciously attacks them, needing to be subdued.
  • In Black Lion, Shishimaru sets a field full of marijuana on fire causing Gennai Doma to hallucinate that there are multiple Shishimaru's and mutant scarecrows everywhere that he continuously cuts down with his sword.
  • The chocolates in episode 15 of Brigadoon: Marin and Melan produce... interesting... hallucinations in both the title characters. Leads to Intimate Healing.
  • Cowboy Bebop features the Trope Namer episode "Mushroom Samba". Ed manages to stumble across a guy growing illegal hallucinogenic mushrooms after being sent out to look for food. Naturally, Ed being Ed, she tricks the rest of the crew into eating some. Spike ends up meeting a talking frog on an infinite stairway, Faye finds herself standing on the bottom of the ocean watching the fish go by, and Jet has a deep and meaningful conversation with his bonsai plants. At the end of the episode, the dealer tricks Ed into accepting a "very valuable" shipment of mushrooms that turn out to be ordinary edible Shiitake mushrooms that the dealer was going to dispose of anyway (although Ein's reaction to taking a bite indicates that there may be one or two of the "magic" variety mixed in with the regular ones). Hey, at least she succeeded in getting food!
  • In the Dragon Ball Z movie Dead Zone, Gohan eats an apple growing in Garlic Jr.'s garden. The minion guarding him goes nuts, telling Gohan that "Children can't eat those. They see things." Cue drug-trip montage.
  • A variant occurs in Eyeshield 21, where after the game against the Nasa Aliens, Sena starts hallucinating out of exhaustion.
  • The Highschool of the Dead filler OVA episode, Drifters of the dead has the group unintentionally drug themselves by burning toxic hydrangea leaves, causing them all to hallucinate. And this being High School of the Dead the hallucinations get a little explicit.
  • Kimagure Orange Road has the cast in a field trip searching for rare blue mushrooms that would force anyone who ate them to tell the truth or act as their true self; naturally with the intent on using it on each other. To prevent this, one of the ESPers (Kurumi, male lead Kyosuke's sister) uses her powers to turn EVERY mushroom blue. As the characters contrive to feed each other fungus, various zany situations crop up due to the apparently behavioural-altering effects of common mushrooms.
  • During the infamous island filler arc of Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water, Jean enacts this trope with actual mushrooms. During his hallucinations, he even visions Marie as a moving turkey dish. Hilarity Ensues.
  • Ninja Nonsense has a large-scale one when the ninjas get some bad mushrooms while mushroom hunting. Then Onsokumaru eats some. Insanity ensues.
  • One Piece
    • During the Alabasta arc, when the crew wanders through the desert, Luffy accidentally eats the wrong kind of cactus, and apparently hallucinates about enemies. He also hallucinates about a tidal wave (in the middle of a desert?!) and tries to beat it up.
    • Despite Luffy being the Idiot Hero, he has a considerable amount of useful (and questionable) knowledge. Some of the questionable knowledge was shown when he first arrived in Amazon Lily, where he shows too much knowledge about hallucinogenic mushrooms (and start eating them in speedball fashion to cope with the fact that he lost all of his crewmates and couldn't do anything about it).
  • In episode 4 of Queen's Blade, Reina tries eating a large, spotted mushroom for sustenance. Unfortunately, we don't get to see what she sees.
  • Samurai Champloo
    • There's an episode where a field of "grass" was set on fire, with... interesting results.
    • Another episode is closer in spirit to its Cowboy Bebop predecessor, where the heroes run into zombies and they and the viewer are partially left to question whether or not it was the result of some "wild mushrooms" they consumed at the episode's beginning.
  • In Urusei Yatsura the class eats Nabe and Cherry brings mushrooms which taste like Matsutake mushrooms...
  • Sato's delusions from Welcome to the NHK are heavily implied to be this in the manga. In the anime, they're implied to be schizophrenia. In the novel, they're explicitly attributed to drug use.
  • In the manga Yamada Taro Monogatari, Taro is given a bag of "flour" from a rich classmate, and uses it to cook pancakes for his family. Later, it is revealed that the huge bag of flour was actually narcotics made from magic mushrooms. However, due to being extremely poor and starved most of the time, Taro and his family were able to digest it with no problems or side effects.

    Comic Books 
  • All-New Ultimates: Black Widow was drugged during the first fight, but did not start to feel the effects until some hours later.
  • In Animal Man, Buddy and Dr. Highwater are led by a series of bizarre signs to the desert. On a mountain they find some peyote buttons and decide they are supposed to take them. When they do take them, a multiple issue trip involving talking animals, eyes appearing in the sky, and one of the characters 'killing themselves' ensues.
  • Batwoman gets multiple doses of fear toxin in the second arc of Batwoman (Rebirth), leading to horrific hallucinations.
  • At some point in one of the Cerebus the Aardvark story arcs, Cerebus is out and about with Prince Mick and Prince Keef, and Mick gives him... something which later causes Cerebus to observe, "... we're all PLANTS! Cerebus can feel it!" He spends the next few frames hallucinating that bits of his face are falling off, and scrambling after them to reattach them "before the sap freezes".
  • In Chassis, Chassis is given a bottle of perfume that actually contains a powerful hallucinogen. After outing it on, she suffers violent hallucinations while driving that cause her to crash her car.
  • In Druid City, the lead character Hunter experiences a mild hallucinogenic episode after drinking a dangerous amount of alcohol directly after it is implied that he smoked marijuana. This was done deliberately so that he would not recall an unpleasant experience. This little incident starts here
  • Happened to Hal Jordan in one of his back-up Green Lantern strips in The '70s with literal mushrooms, which he had picked wild and put into his chili.
  • Hourman apparently had one during a test run of an "improved" Miraclo pill formula in JSA: The Golden Age. He flatly denies it in his monologues.
  • In the Krusty the Clown special, Krusty has one when he drinks Krusty Burger's new "100% sugar, liquid-free" sodas.
    Krusty: Yaaah! This is just like that Grateful Dead concert all over again!
  • At the climax of League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Century: 1969, Mina takes tadukic acid in the hopes that the heightened awareness will help her find Haddo's cultists. Thus, she has a frightening drug trip that eventually leads to an out-of-body experience and a fight with Haddo's spirit. And the whole scene is set to a version of The Rolling Stones' "Sympathy for the Devil". The scene ends with poor Mina going temporarily insane and getting committed to a mental hospital, while Haddo goes on to possess a certain professor named Tom Riddle...
  • In the Lucky Luke episode The Ballad of the Daltons, an Indian witch doctor spikes the Daltons' drink with mushroom powder, giving them some pretty weird hallucinations.
  • In the hilarious yet short lived 2001-2 comic Pink Chickens there is a scene where the girls ingest large amounts of colourful sludge they find in the ship's fridge, after which they find out that it's actually liposuctioned alien fat. When they find out it's a hallucinogen too, hilarity and missing panels ensue.
  • Jesse takes some peyote to commune with genesis late into Preacher. The effects are... not pleasant.
  • In one issue of the French comic Rahan, the eponymous caveman gets a nasty nightmare after eating some unknown mushrooms while starving during a crossing of the desert. At first he believes himself to be dead and to have reached the afterlife, populated with winged serpents and a huge two-headed dinosaur that devours him.
  • The one and only full-color sequence in Sin City involves Wallace, the protagonist, getting drugged by an enemy. He then has to get in a gun fight and Car Chase alongside his former commanding officer. The landscape looks like Frank Miller was channeling Dr. Seuss. During this time, the commanding officer morphed into Hellboy, Rambo, and even a beautiful woman.
    Commanding Officer: Are you looking at my ass, son?
    Wallace: Sorry, sir.
  • The Superman storyline The Fall of Metropolis sees Metropolis afflicted with a gas that causes hallucinations to anyone exposed to it. However, the one most affected by its effects, Professor Hamilton, was done so indirectly — he lost an arm after a hooker shot him, thinking he was her pimp due to the gas, and it was too badly damaged to be saved by the time he got medical treatment.
  • In Superman & Batman: Generations, Dick Grayson as Batman is tricked into falling down a shaft lined with razor blades that are coated with hallucinogenics, so when he ends up fighting the Joker posing as Joker Junior, things get...really weird.
  • This is actually one of the mutant powers of X-Men member Pixie: secreting a hallucinogenic dust that makes people see bizarre things. It even made Wolverine run around the mansion trying to kill "freakin' unicorns!"
    • One of the Marauders (not to be confused with the Harry Potter prankster group) is Vertigo. Her power screws around with spatial perception, causing an absolute loss of perspective as well as intense vertigo.

    Comic Strips 
  • A story arc in Bloom County had Oliver extracting the hallucinogenic chemical from dandelions for testing, only for his father to drink the entire beaker. He ends up in the tool shed, yelling about Erik Estrada coming out of his belly button.
  • One censored Garfield comic which only appears as a rough sketch in the 25th anniversary book, features a half asleep Garfield as he watches a periscope emerge from his water dish, followed by a tentacle. Garfield then smiles and says, "Man, that was some gooooooood catnip!"
  • Zippy the Pinhead: Zippy, in Acapulco as an unwitting drug mule, is dragged off to a pool party full of jaded rich hedonists. He happily gobbles up all the recreational drugs scattered around like they were party snacks, and starts hallucinating wildly — but he seems his usual self.

    Fan Works 
  • All Guardsmen Party: One of the Occurrence Border's docking bays is covered in caustic, psychically-active warp fungus. Hallucinations ensue when a shuttle of Space Marines accidentally docks in it.
  • The Mist from Angel of the Bat is a potent hallucinogen that leaves those inhaling it in a state vulnerable to absolute horror. The Seraphim combines this with inkblots and violent imagery to try and break his captives. All that’s known about the drug for sure is it is very hard to detect and contains Scarecrow’s fear toxin.
  • In Black Queen, Red King, ordinary candy heartsnote  acts like a combination of weed and LSD for changelings. It also restores their sense of taste (much to their delight) and makes them involunarily secrete binding gel.
  • John Gage is injected by a druggie in the Emergency! fic Blind Faith and has one. Roy has to talk him out of swinging a fire extinguisher at the fires only he can see, thinking he's saving his crewmates.
  • In Bolt from the Blue, Xanna tried to prevent her little master's abduction and got hit with an hallucinogen-laced tranquiliser. She went Flame-Active as a result, messily killing the abductors and single-handedly rescuing Xanxus: when she tries to reminisce the facts, she can only remember flying, zombies, tentacle-flavoured purple and Xanxus with stripes and cat ears.
  • In the Empath: The Luckiest Smurf story "Smurfnip Madness", the Smurfs have various types of hallucinations when they end up eating smurfberry cookies that are laced with smurfnip, such as Smurfette imagining herself seeing Vexy and Hackus from The Smurfs 2 as real characters. Gargamel and Azrael themselves become similarly affected when they breathe in the fumes of concentrated smurfnip, with Gargamel seeing his mother chasing after him with a handbag and Azrael a big bulldog.
  • In Enlightenments, Dormin gently convinces Wander to eat some psychotropic mushrooms to try and shake him out of his depression by giving him some new sensations to mull over. It incidentally lowers his guard enough that he talks about what happened to lead the Queen to banish him to Dormin's land, and by the time the trip's over he's a little more inclined to be friendly towards Dormin.
  • In chapter 17 of ''Evangelion 303 Mari got some LSD as a party favor when she went to a strip club. We see part of her trip at the end.
  • In Farce of the Three Kingdoms, Lu Xun has one briefly after stumbling into Zhuge Liang's hotbox megalith.
  • Nick of the Warblers in Hunting the Unicorn has a really bad trip after coming out bisexual to his less-than-informed mother. He only remembers getting high to piss his mother off, going to Trent's place and getting drunk, then waking up in Jeff's room with glass in his boots. Flashbacks reveal that Nick and Trent kicked out Nick's mother's headlights. Thad later drove him to Jeff's place, where Nick thought he was turning into a bird, hallucinated that his cousin Sarah's fiance was a barn owl, and said "I love you" to Jeff.
  • I'm a Marvel... And I'm a DC
    • The Green Goblin has a really powerful sedative injected into him to numb the pain while his superpowered healing system deals with being run over by the Batmobile. He has some really funny hallucinations as a result.
    • When Batman does the same to Luthor, this results in the both of them hallucinating. And singing.
  • Luke Skywalker gets some Jedi-affecting shrooms that are presented as a gift when he's at an diplomatic dinner in the Star Wars fic It's A Jedi Thing, You Wouldn't Understand. He winds up on the roof of the building, with a stick as his lightsaber, totally naked, retelling Han and Leia about Bespin.There are also some defaced garden statues involved. Han stuns him with his blaster to get him out of there. Luke later vanishes and Mara Jade (in the era before she was his wife) finds him singing bad karaoke in a bar. She keeps him from wandering off again but he's also rather amorous while he's intoxicated. Oddly though, they do end up having an enjoyable encounter later, and want to get together again. She does make him promise not to eat anymore mushrooms though.
  • Dragons under the effects of Angel's Folly experience this in The Legend of Cynder Series, in addition to it locking their powers. Cynder herself states she sees three Sparx' when the sky pirates use it on her to keep her from escaping.
  • When Sister Pacifica faints after eating a mushroom in Sister Floriana her friends believe this trope is in effect and rush her back to the infirmary. Afterwards she reveals that she fainted because she accidentally ate a spider that was on the mushroom.
  • In Six Days the Animorphs Were Idiots, the brightly colored clouds on the Animorphs book covers are explained as being a result of Marco's illicit drug use.
  • Steven manages to get high off some Scorpion Powder in the first chapter of Starchild and wildly hallucinate about, among many things, a rabbit and the priestesses who helped raise his mother accusing him of Parental Incest. It takes being whacked across the head to snap him out of it.
  • Touhou Mother
    • A parody of the Tanetane Island sequence from Earth Bound has Marisa as the player character for that section because she's already used to the effects of magic mushrooms.
    • Satori gets infested by the confusion-inducing mushrooms, causing her to behave impulsively and spontaneously proposition Mima. Afterward, she's too embarrassed to even speak with the party.
  • Ultra Fast Pony.
    • In "To Kill a Firebird", Twilight and Fluttershy are trying to cure the bird Philomena, and Twilight forces a pill down the bird's throat. She thought it was medicine, but Fluttershy points out, "Oh no, that's my acid!" We don't get to see the bird's hallucinations, but she's high as a kite during the chase scene that immediately follows.
    • That raises the question of why Fluttershy had acid in the first place... and "The Penny and Clyde Show" hints at the answer. When Discord's wave of chaos overtakes Ponyville, the other ponies become distraught, but Fluttershy just stands in the chocolate milk downpour, looks at the rabbits transforming into long-legged monstrosities, and remarks, "Oh, this is just a normal day for me."
  • In Unsung Hero Harry sees a lime green sky with pink clouds and a black moon after drinking the potion that reveals Animagus potential. He also hears flitterbugs talking.

    Films — Animation 
  • In the Asterix movie Asterix Conquers America after the medicine man drugs Asterix and Obelix with a Peace Pipe so he can capture Getafix so he can make him the strength potion, after Obelix wakes up he hallucinates that Asterix is a giant fanged buffalo and he runs away when he approaches him.
  • In Beavis and Butt-Head Do America, Beavis eats some peyote for water and goes on a hallucinogenic trip seeing himself and Butt-Head as rotting zombies and freaky demons everywhere playing the guitar, driving mini cars, etc., set to some trippy music performed by Rob Zombie ("Ratfinks, Suicide Tanks and Cannibal Girls"). The scene was based on drawings of Rob Zombie's, the music was actually from Rob's now-defunct band White Zombie.
  • Boogie: After Boogie gets administered sedatives by Marcia, he gets a flashback to his Vietnam days, where he ends up in a Disneyland knockoff called "War Land", with a Tinkerbell parody blowing up a child with a grenade launcher, and the castle's spires turns into nuclear missiles. It's also filled with landmines, shooting range where Boogie gets to gun down theme park mascots with real bullets, and a Splash Mountain parody where the water is replaced by blood.
  • In The Dagger of Kamui, the progatonist Jiro and his newly found mother eat soup and then break into unexplained hallucinations. It was later revealed the soup was laced with poison by a minion of the film's baddie.
  • One of the most classic Mushroom Samba scenes was in Disney's Dumbo, where Dumbo drinks from a tub of water laced with champagne, and has a wild and disturbing musical fantasy sequence about "Pink Elephants on Parade". That must've been some champagne. In Real Life, zoopsia (the hallucination of animals, including Pink Elephants) is a symptom of sustained alcohol abuse. Although elephants are terrible at holding their liquor. Most elephant-related fatalities are also alcohol-related. On the elephant's part.
  • Happens literally in the movie The Elm-Chanted Forest when the hero is captured by talking mushrooms, who proceed to do a whole song-and-dance routine about how awesome it is to be a mushroom. At the end of the routine, they all suddenly grow fangs. It's loosely implied that this is because of something they gave him to turn him into a mushroom himself.
  • Happens in The Good Dinosaur to Arlo and Spot when they eat old fruit that fermented in the sun. Both giggle like they're high, Arlo grows extra eyes, they scamper around together each with the other's head on his body.
  • Hercules (Pure Magic) has the title character tricked into drinking nectar made for Hades. He then hallucinates himself turning into a Hydra, and then fighting against the Hydra and losing. When he wakes up, he discovers that the "Hydra" he was fighting was actually the entire town of Thebes.
  • Lucky Luke: La Ballade des Dalton has one after the Dalton Bros. drink mushroom-laced water.
  • Alex the Lion from Madagascar has a brief one after getting hit with a tranquillizer dart. Twice.
  • Heavily implied in The Road to El Dorado. While in the middle of singing "It's Tough to be a God", Miguel and Tulio smoke some cigars, and the song turns into a full-blown Disney Acid Sequence. They were also drinking "Punch" throughout the song, and getting weird looks on their faces after each drink.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • Across the Universe uses this. It's also taken to a greater level with all the visual imagery used and the fact that the music is by The Beatles...
  • Most of the movie Altered States consists of Mushroom Sambas... but they are hardly unintentionally induced, as the main character who undergoes them is researching the very drug behind the phenomenon.
  • In Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans, in what is probably the film's best-known sequence, the protagonist snorts some heroin that he thought was cocaine, snorts some actual cocaine to try to balance it out, and ends up hallucinating about iguanas. Later on, after a climactic shootout, he orders that a dead man be shot again because "his soul is still dancing!" And the camera switches to his perspective to show that, yes, he is hallucinating the man's spirit break-dancing over his body.
  • The League of Shadows' blue flowers and Dr. Crane's fear gas/spray from Batman Begins seem to qualify. Decidedly not played for laughs, and in fact is used as a panic-inducing plot point.
  • The Bear: The eponymous bear cub finds some toadstools and, curious, eats some. He spends the next few minutes tripping out and whimpering, which is to be expected given what he sees.
  • In Beverly Hills Ninja, Haru, interrogating a source, uses a powder made from the "laughing mushroom" as a Truth Serum. However, he sneezes on it, he and love interest Sally Jones also inhale a dose, and the three sit around laughing their asses off at the most frightening and depressing truths.
  • Billy Club (2013): One morning, Danny finds a bag of chocolates in the cabin and eats them all. After he takes off on a buggy, Alison informs everyone that Danny ate the chocolate-covered mushrooms she brought for them all to enjoy. Said mushrooms kick in while Danny is in the woods. First his vision gets all wavy, then the colours start to change.
  • When Jerry of Conspiracy Theory is first captured by Dr. Jonas, his system is pumped full of LSD to make torturing him easier. His hallucinations and distorted perception of the world are notably played for drama rather than laughs.
  • Central plot device in the black comedy Death at a Funeral, whereby a pharmacology student creates an experimental designer drug and stores it in an empty Valium bottle. Throughout the movie Mushroom Sambas occur when the hallucinogenic pills are accidentally taken by three characters attending a funeral service. Hilarity Ensues.
  • Doctor Strange (2016):
    • To prove that she did not drug him when she pushed Stephen's spirit out of his body, the Ancient One "opens [his] eye". What follows is Stephen (or his mind anyway) being flung across various dimensions in a manner that defies proper description. One could be forgiven if they thought she actually did spike his drink.
    • Any scene in the Mirror Dimension is trippy as hell in the "dream-based real-world parody Inception-style" kind of way.
  • Dora and the Lost City of Gold has a scene where the protagonists get sprinkled with strange spores, and have a hallucination in the art style of the original Dora the Explorer TV show. Dora hallucinates all of her friends from the show, and the hallucination gives their adult guide the idea to strip naked and run through the field.
  • Dracula vs. Frankenstein: Julia experiences one after after she has her coffee drugged at the coffeehouse. However, the whole thing is quite PG-rated and looks more like an amateur interpretive dance routine.
  • Empire Records: Mark eats Eddie's "special brownies" and proceeds to hallucinate himself into GWAR's video for Saddam A Go-Go from the album This Toilet Earth, then getting eaten by the World Maggot (the same thing that ate Jerry Springer when GWAR was on his show). He seems to find all this very funny.
  • Oscar's drug trip in Enter the Void which we see from his POV. It's probably one of the more realistic trips shown on film.
  • Subverted in Euro Trip where two of the movie's protagonists, predictably, decide to visit an Amsterdam bakery/coffee shop and trip out on hash brownies. Jenny gets the munchies while Scott simply freaks out (including the random, memorable confession "I saw a gay porno once. I didn't know until halfway in. The girls never came. The girls never came!"). When it gets really intense, the chef informs them that they do not serve hash brownies, meaning that the only thing they were high on was the placebo effect.
    • It doesn't help that the bakery was owned and operated by Jamaicans. Who claim the brownies are "magical."
  • In Father's Day (2011) Twink and Father Sullivan find Ahab's (toxic) berries and eat them, setting off a hallucination sequence. They even feed some to the passed out Ahab.
  • A Field in England features a twenty minute eye-bombing sanity-stripping example, with flash-cuts, mirror effects, swirly lenses, the works. Word of God states that a feature film normally has about six hundred cuts. This film has fifteen hundred cuts in the fifth reel alone.
  • In Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare, Spencer, played by Breckin Meyer, sees all kinds of trippy imagery coming out of the TV, set to Iron Butterfly's "In-a-gadda-da-vida", and ends up in a video game.
  • The Gingerweed Man: In the middle of the movie, The Gingerweed Man takes a hit from his bong, and then things get trippy. During the trip, Kaya the weed deity appears and tells him of how important Buddy is to the fate of the world, and that both he and Barbara were kidnapped.
  • In Go Manny takes two hits of ecstacy and while in a grocery store starts hearing 'Macarena' and hallucinates that he is dancing with the checkout lady and they are feeding each other bananas.
  • The Hunger Games: When Katniss is stung by the poisonous Tracker Jackers. This is admittedly Lighter and Softer than the book's presentation of the events.
  • In The Immortals, the mortally-wounded Tim is left alone in the nightclub and takes some special tabs of acid he has been saving: presumably both to kill the pain and because this is probably his last opportunity. He starts tripping, and while doing so, thinks Billy is the Angel of Death and tries to shoot him.
  • Played straight in Labyrinth, Sarah is given a "present" from Jareth — a peach which either causes her to hallucinate or actually transports her to a masquerade ball inside a crystal. There's also a possibility that the whole Labyrinth and such were hallucinated by Sarah, possibly because of a magical owl.
  • In Lethal Weapon 4 Riggs, Murtaugh and Detective Butters are trying to get a Chinese mob boss to talk, so they sneak in on him while he's at the dentist and give him a snort of nitrous oxide. Unfortunately Butters leaves the inhaler on, so everyone in the room gets a little loopy, leading to the reveal that Butters has gotten Murtaugh's daughter pregnant.
  • In The Mansion, Charlotte suffers through this after eating some mushroom-laden cupcakes, and Patrice suffers it later in the film courtesy of a Toad Licking.
  • The Canadian film Men with Brooms had a lead character whose father was a regular 'shroom user. There were plenty of jokes about it, though no explicit hallucinatory scenes onscreen.
  • The protagonists of Midsommar take mushrooms throughout their ill-fated trip to a Swedish commune, and the drug's effects are realistically depicted by subtly warping trees, people and objects in the background.
  • Monos: The Monos discover that mushrooms have started growing from the droppings of their late cow. A few of them take bites of them, and they all have a hallucinogenic trip.
  • The Northman: The rite of passage Amleth endures alongside his father begins with both consuming a potion prepared by Heimer called a "vision mead" which induces strange and trippy hallucinations while Amleth's will is tested.
  • Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief: The effect of the lotus blossoms, apparently.
  • Reefer Madness: The Musical, with the pot brownie scene.
  • In Revenge (2017), Jen takes a peyote bud as an anaesthetic to kill the pain while she conducts Self-Surgery. However, in the aftermath, she experiences a series of hallucinations, including a sequence where she seemingly wakes up only to be shot in the head by Michael, only to wake up again and have the sequence repeat.
  • In Road Trip after Barry's grandpa eats some of E.L.'s pot brownies he hallucinates that his dog is talking to him:
    Dog: Hey old man I got the fucking munchies real bad!
  • In Salvador, Doctor Rock (James Belushi) slips some LSD into an American TV journalist's cocktail. In the next scene she's talking to the camera, then suddenly sinks to the ground in a fit of laughter.
  • Save Yourselves!: While wandering through the woods with the baby, Su and Jack suddenly begin to hallucinate, seemingly a result of getting sprayed with some sort of gas by a pouffe earlier. The couple visualizes things such as bunches of baby bottles appearing in their hands, all while the screen acquires a blurry filter. They become too engrossed in their fantasy to notice the baby crawling away, and they're only able to recover when Su injects both of them with the epinephrine from their kit.
  • In A Serious Man, the protagonists son Danny becomes a Bar Mizvah stoned.
  • In Shrooms, the main characters all drink a tea brewed from hallucinogenic mushrooms so they can all experience a trip. As they wander through the woods, they all start hallucinating and get separated from one other. Things become worse as the hallucinations make it impossible for them to tell what is real and what is not while a Serial Killer seems to be stalking them.
  • Snow White & the Huntsman: The Dark Forest is feared as a hellish landscape with monsters, vermin, Body Horror, etc. The Huntsman, one of the only people to enter the forest and return alive, explains that while the forest does have a few monsters in it and is treacherous, the real danger is the hallucinogenic spores.
  • Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home: Kirk tries explaining off Spock's alien behavior on 1986 Earth by saying that he suffered brain damage from too much "LDS" back in the sixties. The whale scientist doesn't buy it.
  • In Suck, Joey mistakes two ecstasy tablets for aspirin before going out on stage. The result: an aptly titled musical number "This Is Your Brain On Drugs" with distorted colors and visions of three vampire band members leering at Joey.
  • Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny had JB eating mushrooms in a forest and going on an extended Dream Sequence in which he was the son of the Sasquatch. He ends up nearly drowning and falling off a tree.
    "Huh. This place is kinda.... JUICY."
  • In The Tripper, Samantha has no intention of taking any drugs at the festival, as the result of a previous bad trip. However, one of the other festival-goers sprays her with LSD, causing her to start hallucinating, which does not help when she is attempting to escape from the killer through the forest.
  • The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent has a downplayed example. At one point, Javi convinces Nick to take some LSD with him for the sake of inspiration for their screenplay. There's nothing trippy, the two are just incredibly laid back for awhile, until they suddenly become very paranoid that people are following them, and they end up panicking and driving like crazy to get away.
  • In Upstream Color, a woman is hypnotized by a thief who tells her that his face is made from the same substance as the sun, so she cannot look directly at him. From her perspective, we see her flinch away from bright light coming from the thief's direction.
  • In 1996's A Very Brady Sequel, conman Trevor Thomas is served hallucinogenic mushrooms in a plate of spaghetti by clueless maid Alice; the subsequent sequence features animation (including dancing pandas and a helicopter-tailed wizard bird from the Filmation The Brady Kids cartoon) and the trippy Sixties anthem "Good Morning, Starshine" from Hair.
  • In the 1996 film William Shakespeare's Romeo + Juliet, Romeo (Leonardo DiCaprio) is given an ecstasy pill right before going to the Capulet masked ball — putting Mercutio's "Queen Mab" speech in a different light altogether. Some seriously trippy imagery from his perspective ensues.
  • Theresa spends most of Woodshock under the influence of a powerful cannabinoid, though the directors use editing techniques (e.g. double exposure, flashbacks, framerate manipulation) rather than out-and-out hallucinations to portray her state of mind.
  • The World of Kanako: The narrator goes through a heavy one after having been drugged by Kanako.
  • Used as a murder weapon in Young Sherlock Holmes. Namely, the effect of a sedative dart results in a priest seeing a glass knight on a painted window coming to life and chasing after him.

  • In Book 4 of the Lone Wolf series, The Chasm of Doom, while in the Maaken Mines, breathing the spores of Calacene mushrooms can cause the hero to hallucinate of a fiendish monster (or a whole swarm of them). The "fight" that ensue cause real damage, however, since Lone Wolf keeps throwing himself against the sharp rocks of the tunnel.

  • The opium dream in The Alice Network involved talking lilies and curious distortions of space.
  • Jules Verne's Around the Moon involves an incident where the group on the space capsule begins having bizarre arguments about the "moon people" (whose existence has only been speculated on with no evidence at all). It ends with each of them claiming to be the true leader of the moon. Then one of them realizes that someone left the Oxygen valve open and they've been getting high off pure O2 for hours.
  • Bearheart: Bigfoot takes drugs and falls in love with a statue at a park.
  • In Bored of the Rings, Frito eats some mushrooms and pills provided by whacked-out wayside hippie Tim Benzedrine and hallucinates until he passes out.
  • Soma is a regular cause of Mushroom Sambas in Brave New World.
  • The late-1960s Hugo-nominated novel The Butterfly Kid by Chester Anderson involves a plot by pacifist aliens to take over the world by overdosing humanity with a drug that causes solid, physical hallucinations that can be seen by people other than the one taking the drug. The idea is that human beings will find this so confusing that they will be rendered helpless. This does not work; the humans are all hippy stoners who enjoy the experience, generating creative hallucinations.
  • Cryoburn opens with this. "Angels were falling all over the place... Ah, terrific. Auditory hallucinations, too."
  • In Dora Wilk Series, after the main character is drugged so that she'd stop fighting, she has a darkly comical trippy sequence which would be funny if it wasn't for the fact that she's in the middle of a rite whose purpose is to plant a demon in her soul.
  • In Robert E. Howard's The Hour of the Dragon, Conan the Barbarian sees Xaltotun using the black lotus.
    ''It was the pollen of the black lotus, which creates deathlike sleep and monstrous dreams; and he knew that only the grisly wizards of the Black Ring, which is the nadir of evil, voluntarily seek the scarlet nightmares of the black lotus, to revive their necromantic powers.'
  • The Hunger Games: A (mostly) extremely unfunny version thanks to Tracker Jacker venom.
  • In A Lion Among Men, The Lion meets some bears who act like stoners. On Honey.
  • In George Alec Effinger's Marîd Audran series, Bill the cab driver has had one of his lungs replaced with a container of a powerful hallucinogen, which continuously drips into his system. When he drives, he constantly swerves to avoid obstacles no one else can see, and holds conversations with the demons in the front seat of his cab.
  • A (Not So) Simple Fetch Quest: When Katie starts feeling sick from contaminated food, she knows she's likely to die and respawn soon, so she decides that she might as well test whether the nearby mushrooms are edible. When she awakens in the respawn chamber, she doesn't remember what happened, but she has gained 4 levels of Artistry, and judging by the state of the walls and of her previous body, she apparently finger-painted the walls with a monstrous spider's acid until her fingers dissolved down to nubs and dropped bones everywhere.
    Personally, I wouldn't call the... rather phallic images that now decorated the cave walls 'art', but whatever.
  • The Purple Pileus by H. G. Wells is a short story about a man whose crappy life is changed for the better after he trips out on some mushrooms he finds in a wood.
  • In Small Gods, Brutha meets a hermit, St. Ungulant, who lives in the desert, and occasionally eats mushrooms:
    St. Ungulant: The desert becomes really interesting after the mushroom season.
    Brutha: Full of giant purple singing slugs? Talking pillars of flame? Exploding giraffes? That sort of thing?
    St. Ungulant: Good heavens, yes. I don't know why. I think they're attracted by the mushrooms.
  • In Steppenwolf by Hermann Hesse the suicidal protagonist is rescued from his lonesome misery by some friendly strangers and their charming cigarettes. They take him to their 'Magic Theatre'(Not For Everyone/For Madmen Only/Price Of Admittance Your Mind) and they indulge in many drugs and Harry spends the last third of the novel reveling in hallucinatory adventures. At the end of the novel he snaps out of it briefly and is told that he has been in the Magic Theatre the whole time and making rather a fool of himself, but it's okay and they give him another hit.
  • In Tailchaser's Song, Tailchaser accidentally gets High on Catnip and has a weird dream.
  • Vainqueur The Dragon: Victor isn't entirely clear on what he did after drinking the mushroom wine, but apparently it involved exchanging bites with an entire city of vampires, wrecking heaven's reputation, and discovering that the gods play dice with the universe. Various characters are in awe of him afterward.
    Why were his fingers starting to look like snakes?
  • Bloody Jack in Viva Jacquelina! a starving Jacky discovers some mushrooms growing on some manure, with the predictable results (including seeing a White Rabbit and talking to Brer Frog). When she comes down, she picks up more of the mushrooms to experiment with on other people. Not What It Looks Like Ensues.
  • Wings of Fire:
    • Moonwatcher from Wings of Fire: Winter Turning warns her friends to not eat any colorful frogs in the rainforest. The reason? She once started having very weird dreams about newts and anteaters taking over the world after she ate one.
    • The previous book has Kinkajou mention eating smokeberries given by Rain Wing healers while her injured wing was being treated. They also made her see some wacky hallucinations. Some examples are "flying panthers, quetzals the size of dragons, [and] scavengers with superpowers."

  • The Black Angels: The song "I Hear Colors (Chromaesthesia)" is clearly from the perspective of someone tripping balls, with lyrics like: "I feel colors rushing through my veins / Making me invincible to pain / I can hear them everywhere / Screaming by and glowing bright"
  • Black Sabbath: The song "Fairies Wear Boots" from Paranoid is at least in part about someone who's tripping on LSD and having weird and fantastical hallucinations. Although it was also implied to be a Take That! to some skinheads that one of the band had violently encountered.
  • Hector Berlioz's Symphonie Fantasique has a scene in which the protagonist takes a large dose of opium to kill himself, he gets the dose wrong and proceeds to dream of watching his own execution after killing his love interest.
  • Mitch Benn's "Tea Party" details the effects of various illicit substances administered (initially accidentally) to his unknowing aunty and uncle, with appropriate accompanying music for each new substance/verse.
  • "5:15" from Quadrophenia documents the protagonist's drug-fueled train journey to Brighton.
  • The man on the chessboard get up and tell you where you go and you've just had some kind of mushroom and your mind is moving low...
  • This song chronicles the adventures of an LSD-addled Captain Kirk.
  • "Picture yourself on a boat by a river...." Although John Lennon credibly Jossed the theory that the title of the song (which, for tropers living under a rock, is "Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds") is a drug reference (apparently, he liked the phrase, inspired by a drawing by his son Julian), there's little doubt that the actual lyrics have are inspired by Lennon's psychedelic experiences. (Marmalade skies? Kaleidoscope eyes? Rocking-horse people eating marshmallow pies? Plasticine porters with looking-glass ties?)
  • Blonde on Blonde by Bob Dylan has "Rainy Day Women, #12 and 35," which is the Trope Namer for Everybody Must Get Stoned. Dylan allegedly said he could`t record the opening track with sober people, so he fired up a round of joints... Thus, everyone on the take is stoned out of their mind, making the recording a literal mushroom samba. The hysterical laughter in the background should be proof enough. Everybody must get stoned indeed.
  • The music video for "OD'd on Life Itself" from Imaginos II: Bombs Over Germany features Albert Bouchard taking "Imaginos 500mg" pills, which cause him to hallucinate himself as a puppet version of the rock opera's titular character.
  • One of the possible explanations for the plot to Job for a Cowboy's Sun Eater. If the protagonist isn't receiving visions from a bonafide seance, she's tripping balls on psychedelics (based on the nature of the visions and the album's flow itself, probably ayahuasca). "Worming Nightfall" is either where she gets trapped in a trip gone very wrong (if you believe it's drug-related) or in a dream world (if you believe it's supernatural). The band has intentionally left it ambiguous enough that both explanations are entirely plausible.
  • "And She Was" by Talking Heads was reportedly inspired by a girl David Byrne knew in high school, who would describe her experiences with taking LSD in a field near a Yoo-Hoo bottling plant. It certainly explains the song's narrative of a girl lying in a vacant lot when she suddenly flies off over her hometown while feeling a oneness with the universe.

    Music Videos 
  • The music video for "Learn to Fly" by the Foo Fighters depicts the results of a drug stash being kept in the reservoir of the coffee machine on a commercial airplane that the band is riding in, and then that coffee machine being used to brew coffee for the entire place without noticing said stash. Everyone on the crew gets high, along with nearly all the passengers (except for Our Intrepid Heroes, who declined the coffee) start to hallucinate wildly. It is left to the band members to take the plane in for a safe landing.
  • An innocent children's song about gathering mushrooms in the countryside... or is it? Mangez-moi, mangez-moi, mangez-moi...
  • In Pepe Deluxé's "Go Supersonic" music video, three guys each drink a "supersonic"-sized Hot Sauce coffee. They then hallucinate a strange go-cart race.


  • In the second act of Cirque du Soleil's Volta, Mr. Wow has a hallucinogenic trip of being lost in a jungle after nibbling a flower, which leads into the Hair Suspension scene.

    Web Animation 
  • Lez of The Big Lez Show goes through these frequently, but the longest one was the "flashback drug" sequence in Season Two.
  • Vegeta undergoes this in Ducktalez 7 after eating some special brownies and drinking some booze beforehand.
  • FreedomToons: Joe Rogan is consuming various drugs throughout the "Joe Rogan interviews Tim Pool & Jack Dorsey" cartoon. At the end, when he asks everyone if they've tried DMT, Joe himself is shown as a unicorn with a human face.
  • In the episode "Truth Seekers" of Helluva Boss, Blitzo and Moxxie are captured and held in a room that's filled with a Truth Serum gas. After some unintended and regretted Brutal Honesty at each other, they each go into a different hallucination where they confront their issues with other people, including each other. The scene shifts between the real world and each of their two hallucinations, with Moxxie's refined musical-style scene contrasting a bit comically with Blitzo's more straightforward scene, although Moxxie's refinement doesn't stop imaginary Blitzo from annoying him by saying a bunch of crude stuff. The aftereffect of these hallucinations is to make both of them a bit more open about their feelings and in their relationships.
  • In the second episode of The Most Amazing Story Ever Told, three stoners get high on mushroom pizza and start seeing things like faces coming from the palms of their hands and Satan himself visiting them.
  • Supermarioglitchy4's Super Mario 64 Bloopers
    • The episode "99.5% Crazy" revolves around Mario getting high off a Poison Mushroom and staying that way for the whole blooper until he is cured by a random 1-Up Mushroom that crawls into him.
    • Mario goes high from several more Poison Mushrooms (and even from an overdose of pills) over the course of the series, with one instance ("Yoshrooms") having Yoshi join him for the ride.
    • "A Dose of Dr. Mario" has a scene where Dr. Mario cosumes one of his own Megavitamins, which makes him allucinate and later convulse.

  • In Awful Hospital, Fern gets dosed with an unidentified gas by the Hospital's anaesthesiologist, Anna. The comic's artstyle changes to rough sketches on lined paper, and Fern's perception shifts drastically. Of course, since the comic makes a theme of various different perceptions being equally valid, this translates into Fern suddenly knowing the solutions to all puzzles and the path to take to the conclusion of her current quest.
    Fern: WALLACE! EYESACK! I see everything! The layers! The paths! Jordache! [jumps on Isaac's back] I know PRECISELY where to go!
  • In Blue Milk Special Leia thought the Ewoks were one of these. Han didn't discount the idea, since they both did share the 'weird cigarette' during the night before the Battle of Endor. (The Ewoks are real. And murderous. And possibly Xenomorphs.)
  • Bob and George: Mega Man goes on a trip after being attacked by Needle Man in which he encounters a spirit guide in the form of a yet to be created communist robot whom he proceeds to throw at the monstrous apparation of Needle Man in order to to defeat him. George later gets his own spirit guide in the form of X, when he finds himself hanging up in Wily's lab again and Wily dopes him to the eyebrows just to get him to shut up.
  • Ivy from Bobwhite snacks on some chips whose label warns, "High in cholesterol. May cause vivid fever-dreams." She then hallucinates a visit from Bootsy Collins.
    • Much later, getting lost and hungry on a fossil-digging trip causes Marlene to hear the voice of Alfred Hitchcock from her fern fossil. On the very next page, Ivy's spirit guide shows up, in the form of a fish wearing Bootsy Collins' glasses.
  • In Champions of Far'aus, Skye and Karla accidentally ingest a strange liquid that makes them see hypnolytic spirits as floating cat and lizard heads respectively while they are checking the House of Insanity.
  • The blue mushrooms of College Roomies from Hell!!! have this effect. Merely touching them can cause you to see tiny windows on them, with Smurfs inside.
  • Subverted in Jin Wicked's Crap I Drew on My Lunch Break:
    "But this is just herbal tea..."
    "I know, I just wanted to draw all this cool stuff."
  • El Goonish Shive: Supposedly, Grace and her catnip.
  • Girl Genius has a gas concoction that Master Payne's Circus of Adventure cooked up that they use to extricate Agatha and themselves from a brutal fight with Wulfenbach forces, simply by spreading it around and yelling "The Heterodyne Boys are here!"
    • Not to mention the effects of drinking coffee brewed by a Spark-created machine.
  • Homestuck has Act 6: Act 5: Act 2, in which Jane licks a giant magical lollipop, turns into a technicolor, creepily smiling version of herself. She then proceeds to turn all her friends into smiling technicolor versions (However, Dirk isn't affected, despite him turning technicolor), form a sex cult, dance around a poorly rendered JPEG Christmas Tree to the sound of Jingle Bells as played on bicycle horns interspersed by random sound effects, forge legendary garishly colored artifacts, and then flood the world with garishly colored fancy porcelain Santa figurines. Even the narrator compares the magical lollipop to drugs.
    Let us never speak of ACT 6 ACT 5 ACT 2 again.
  • In one Lackadaisy standalone comic, Rocky tricks Mordecai into drinking his special "space coffee", which apparently allows the drinker to peer into a Lovecraftian nether-dimension. Mordecai is absolutely horrified (one of the few times he shows genuine human emotion). There is absolutely no indication of what Rocky put in the coffee to achieve this effect.
  • Liquid Snake and Decoy Octopus of The Last Days of Foxhound decided to try some of Vulcan Raven's "medicine" to see if they can see the future... this happens.
  • Nodwick has a strip where the evil undead anti-paladin Count Repugsive ends up tripping on too much cough syrup. Don't ask us why the undead need to drink cold syrup.
    • It's because of their coffin.
  • Tai from Questionable Content apparently enjoys LSD from time to time. At work.
  • Whenever Sandusky or Kashmir do catnip in Sandusky.
  • In Scary Go Round, Shelley gets high on berry jam at the Tackleford Fair.
  • What Birds Know uses this metaphorically, if not literally (it's somewhat ambiguous in the story itself), when the female protagonists enter an Alternate Universe where they experience bizarre hallucinations and... lay golden eggs.

    Web Original 

    Web Videos 

    Real Life 
  • Truth in Television, possibly: Some scholars of Greek literature believe that the Ancient Greek Oracles obtained their visions and heard the voices of the gods because they inhaled steam from natural geothermal vents for hours every day.
  • Certain groups of people who are around even to this day owe their mythologies and legends to such experiences since they believed certain plants and substances had spiritual powers which could be tapped by eating or smoking them.
  • The hallucinogenic properties of lysergic acid diethylamide (better known as LSD or acid) were discovered by accident by research chemist Albert Hoffman when he unknowingly ingested some that he came in contact with. Hoffman realized that he had made a significant discovery, and so three days later he deliberately took 250 micrograms of the drug, which he estimated would be a minuscule threshold dose. He was wrong — the actual threshold is one tenth of that amount. Dr. Hoffman spent several hours terrified that he was possessed by a demon, that his next-door neighbour was a witch, and that that his furniture was threatening him, before relaxing into pleasant hallucinations of kaleidoscopic images in which every sound he heard became visible.
  • Dock Ellis pitched a no-hitter on June 12, 1970 for the Pittsburgh Pirates while under the influence of LSD. He later spoke of the whole event for No No: A Dockumentary, to which this video skillfully animates.
  • Ergot, a fungus which grows on some types of grain during wet winters... and is apparently not destroyed when baked into bread along with the rye, can have hallucinogenic effects (along with gangrene and/or dying). Ergot contains ergotamine, a precursor to LSD. Some scholars believe that those who testified at the infamous Salem Witch Trials and similar events in Europe as having witnessed "witchcraft" and the Devil, had in fact been the result of a combination of religious fervor (i.e. they already believed demons and witches were everywhere)... and hallucinating due to eating ergot-infected rye bread. It should be noted that Albert Hoffman was in fact researching ergot when he discovered LSD.
    • Ergotism is also suspected to be the cause of the dancing plague, a series of accidental medieval raves.
    • This could also be the reason madness was believed to be infectious in medieval days due to an ergot infestation in a town's bread supply.
    • It has been seriously suggested that St. John of Patmos, who lived as a hermit, could have unwittingly ingested lots of ergot in his bread. The last book of The Bible does read like a bad acid trip.
  • Bill Hicks frequently talked about taking mushrooms in his stand-up routines, and referred to their effects as "squeegeeing his third eye".
  • In Christopher Titus's special "Norman Rockwell Is Bleeding," he describes himself as being on this while hopped up on painkillers while also extremely hungover after going to a doctor to treat his hands after he fell hands-first into a bonfire.
  • Psychopharmacology posits that hallucinogenic substance predates history, which is supported by its common prevalence among existing tribal societies today. These tribes also use them for religious/revelatory applications, and some of more radical psychopharmacologists (such as Terrance McKenna) "theorize" that our evolution into higher order thinkers was due to revelation brought on by hallucinatory and psychoactive substances (see the "Stoned Ape" theory).
  • This can even happen without drugs, namely with high fever and sleep deprivation. And epilepsy. And comas. And semi-regular, nightly unconsciousness.
    • Hypnagogic and hypnopompic hallucinations are where people have various sorts of hallucinations (most commonly seeing spiders) while falling asleep or waking up, respectively.
  • In the 1970s, cops raiding an LSD factory in Wales failed to take into account that it had been making the stuff in large quantities for some time. The carpets, curtains, easy chairs etc. contained a significant quantity of spilled powder. They conducted a thorough search. Enough said...
  • Both the British and American armies have experimented with LSD.
  • The CIA experimented heavily with LSD during the Cold War, including the infamous MKULTRA mind control research. It got to the point where getting secretly dosed was a routine part of life as an agent.
  • Steve-O from Jackass once said his worst trip was on Magic Mushrooms.


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